Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Swift James, packer, 153 Lake, h 316 Carroll

Swift Allen W., steam engine manufr, 215 W 2d, h 728 W 1st

Swift George W., shoemaker, h 171 Baldwin

Swift George W. Mrs., dressmaker, 171 Baldwin, h do

Sykes Emma J. B. Mrs., h 501 W Water

Sykes Jesse F., harnessmaker, h 209 Orchard

Sykes Jesse H., shoemaker, h 209 Orchard

Sykes John F., printer, Free Press, h 551 E Water

Sykes Millie Mrs., h 655 Dickinson

Sykes Orion V., shoemaker, h 209 Orchard

Sykes William, mason, h 709 Benjamin

Symonds Abigail, widow Ebenezer, h 402 Tuttle av

Symonds Alonzo D., stone quarries, h 402 Tuttle av


Taber Alfred B., clerk, 517 Railroad av, h 310 High

Taber Ida, teacher, h Horseheads

Taber Samuel C. (McGuire & Taber), h 452 W Church

Tabor James R., salesman, 102 W Water, h 315 Baldwin

Tackman Caroline Mrs., h 559 E 2d

Tackman Louis A., foreman, 417 Carroll, h 559 E 2d

Taggart Annie E., widow George L., h 206 W 5th

Taggart Frances C., teacher painting, h 206 W 5th

Taggart Lucius B., clerk, U. I. & E. R. R., h 206 W 5th

Tallet Nellie, housekeeper, 352 W Clinton

Tarbell Joseph W., harnessmaker, h 129 W Water

Tate John, lumber dealer, h 400 W Clinton

Taylor Abraham J., tanner, h 211 Ann

Taylor Alfred, gardener, h 540 Tuttle av

Taylor Benjamin W., laborer, h 527 E Union

Taylor Catharine, matron Elmira Surgical Institute, h do

Taylor Edlena, h 211 Ann

Taylor Elias W., hulled corn dealer, h 320 W 5th, h do

Taylor Eliza, h 705 Baldwin

Taylor Elizabeth B., h 511 Lake

Taylor Elizabeth R., music teacher, h 705 N Main

Taylor Ella J., dressmaker, h Reformatory av

Taylor Frank A., shoemaker, h 156 Sullivan

Taylor Frank B., clerk, 153 Baldwin, h 403 W 1st

Taylor George, laborer, Plank rd, n Southport Corners

Taylor Henry L., bookkeeper, 325 E Water, h 500 Lake

Taylor Isaac R., hatter, 204 E Water, h 320 W 5th

Taylor Jennie M., milliner, 112 N Main, h 705 do

Taylor John, servant, 218 Washington

Taylor John W., laborer, h Reformatory av n Davis

Taylor J. Wells, collector, h 500 Lake

Taylor Lewis P., puddler, h 705 N Main

Taylor Lockey, widow Thomas, h 519 Madison av

Taylor Lottie, housekeeper, 519 Madison av

Taylor Lura B. Mrs., h 916 College

TAYLOR MANSEL, gardener, h 540 Tuttle av

Taylor Mary A., widow John W., dressmaker, h 505 Magee

Taylor Russell, laborer, h Davis ab Reformatory av

Taylor Richard, laborer, h 508 E Clinton

Taylor S. B., commission merchant, h 403 W 1st

Taylor Samuel, boarding, h 500 Lake

Taylor Silas B., drayman, h 850 E Church

Taylor Silas G., carman, h 750 E Church

Taylor Sylvester S., lawyer, 120 Lake, h 225 William

Taylor Wesley, carpenter, h Reformatory av bel College av

Taylor William D., laborer, h 1320 Benton

Taylor William H., carpenter, h 211 Ann

Taynton James, fireman, h 213 W South av

Taynton John, machinist, h 414 S Main

Taynton Morton C., student, h 456 South av

Taynton William F., engineer, h 456 South av

Teal Martha L., widow William, h 718 Benjamin

Tears Lewis H., salesman, 340 E Water, h at Troy, Pa

Tedd John, boiler, h 858 Magee

Teed C. Francis, agent, h Walnut n Woodlawn Cem

Teed Colby F., traveling agent, h 508 Roe av

Teed Rodney A., clerk, N. Y. L. E. & W. R. R. shops, h 123 Lormore

Teeters Polly, widow Smith, h 801 Magee

Tefft Josiah S., tailor, h 127 W Water

Telephone Exchange, Masonic Temple, Lake cor Market

Temple Mary A., h 375 W Gray

Ten Broeck Fannie, widow Peter B., h 210 Washington

Ten Broeck Hattie, teacher, h 210 Washington

Ten Broeck William R., bookkeeper, 158 Baldwin, h 801 E Market

Tenny Martha A., widow DeWitt C., h 414 William

Terneur Henry, guard Reformatory, h 505 Madison av

Terwilliger Carr, laborer, h 1019 East av

Terwilliger James, carpenter, h Western Hotel

Terwilliger James, gardener Water Cure, h 1019 East av

Terwilliger John L., laborer, h Railroad av cor Market

Terwilliger Sarah C., widow Wyatt W., h 604 Pennsylvania av

Tewksbury Elizabeth, widow Moses, h 500 Oak

Thayer Nellie, operator, h 103 E Church

Theetge Oliver, laborer, h Boulevard n Lake


Thiele Godfrey, tailor, h 112 High

Thing Samuel B. (G. W. Ingalls & Co.), h at Boston

Thomas Albert F., shoemaker, h 317 W Water

Thomas Anna C., widow James L., h 372 W Water

Thomas Anson A., salesman, h 360 Columbia

Thomas Barbary Mrs., h 814 W 1st

Thomas Charles, machinist, h 209 Mt Zoar

Thomas Charles I., student, h 368 W Clinton

Thomas David, coal and wood, State cor E Clinton, h 513 William

Thomas Ellen, dressmaker, h 103 E 2d

Thomas Fanny M., h 668 Dickinson

Thomas Fawley, laborer, 352 N Main

Thomas Horace S., machinist, h Caldwell av cor Spaulding

Thomas Joseph, fireman, h 450 South av

Thomas Mabel E., matron, Water Cure, 1019 East av

Thomas Mary A. Mrs., seamstress, h 412 E Washington av

Thomas N. Spencer, extracts, h 368 W Clinton

Thomas Napoleon, shoemaker, h 814 W 1st

Thomas William B., machinist, h 513 William

Thomas William E., roller, h 905 Stowell

Thompson A. Edson, blacksmith, h 554 E 2d

Thompson Anna, widow John M., h 132 W Water

Thompson Bradly, polisher, h 416 E Washington av

Thompson Carrie Mrs., h 711 College av

Thompson C. Dwight, trav. agt. 111 E Water, h 417 E Market

Thompson David L., guard Reformatory, h do

Thompson Delia, widow James H., h 904 Lake

Thompson Edward, porter, h 664 Dickinson

Thompson Edward C., carman, h 104 W 1st

Thompson Emiline, widow Abram, h 531 W Church

Thompson Eugene, helper, h 416 E Washington av

Thompson Eugene B., puddler, h 916 Benton

Thompson Eva, domestic, 110 W Market

Thompson Frankie, dressmaker, h 202 Pennsylvania av

Thompson Fred, driver, Wyckoff House

Thompson Frederick A., lawyer, 312 Carroll, h 259 Baldwin

Thompson George, machinist, h 202 Pennsylvania av

Thompson George W., h 508 Jefferson

Thompson Headley, h 527 W Gray

Thompson Henry, h 223 Franklin

THOMPSON J. FREMONT, lawyer, 214 E Water, h 417 E Market

Thompson J. Oscar, carpenter, h 531 W Church

Thompson John, engineer, h 718 Day

Thompson John M., turner, h 202 Pennsylvania av

Thompson John R., traveling agent, h 902 Lake

Thompson Maria, widow Jeremiah, h 104 W 1st

Thompson Martha O., widow George, h 206 W Washington av

Thompson Mary A., domestic, 425 E Market

Thompson M. Emeline, nurse Orphans’ Home, Franklin cor Fulton

Thompson Minerva, widow John, h 902 Lake

Thompson Samuel E., boilermaker, h 215 Franklin

Thompson Samuel J., telegrapher, h 223 Franklin

Thompson Sarah, domestic, 208 Columbia

Thompson Susan A., teacher, h 904 Lake

Thompson Walter S., salesman, 111 E Water, h 417 E Market

Thompson William, heater, h 817 Canal

Thompson William J., notions, h 367 W Church

Thompson Zebard, carpenter, h 129 Judson

Thorndill John, mason, h 319 Roe av

Thornton Frank E., gardner, 414 Lake

Thorn John, salesman, h 371 Thurston

Thornton Lida, domestic, 153 Madison av

Thornton William, laborer, h 709 Dickinson

Thornton William, teamster, h 1004 Walnut

Thorp Frank B., teamster, h 513 W 2d

Thorp John, teamster, h 513 W 2d

Thrall Corydom W., carpenter, h 514 College av

Thro Charles D., jr., clerk, h 650 Lake

THRO JOHN J., grocer, 601 Pennsylvania av

Thro John M., clerk, 312 E Water, h 509 do

Thro Charles D., clerk, 310 E Water, h 650 Lake

Thro Francis J., steward, h 650 Lake

Thro Minnie E., student, h 404 High

Thurbur Delia, dressmaker, h 710 N Main

Thurston Albert J., packer, h 644 Baldwin

Thurston Alfred H., laborer, h 660 Baldwin

Thurston Ariel S. (A. S. & C. P. Thurston), h 413 N Main

THURSTON A. S. & C. P. (Ariel S. and Charles P.), lawyers, 115 Lake

Thurston Charles P. (A. S. & C. P. Thurston), h 1003 Lake

Thurston Clarissa, h 413 N Main

Thurston George, clerk, American Hotel, h do

Thurston Michael H., wheelwright, Hoffman cor West Hill, h do

Thurston Reuben, carpenter, h 1056 Walnut

Thurston William K., carpenter, h 1109 Elm

Tice Benjamin W., teacher, h 255 South av

Tice Elizabeth, widow Joseph, h 317 W 5th

Tice Elmira, domestic, 331 Centre

Tice Thomas E., machinist, h 360 Columbia

Tidd Charles, contractor, h 305 S Main

Tidd Edward, student, h 305 S Main

Tidd Horton, 308 E Water, h Wyckoff House

Tierney Hanora, widow Daniel, h 706 Hatch

Tierney Maggie, dressmaker, h 706 Hatch

Tierney Norah, nurse, 303 N Main

Tietser Sarah, widow Simon, washing, 723 Kinyon

Tillinghast Herbert, news agent, h 506 Park Place

Tillman John M., harnessmaker, h 218 High

Tillman J. O. M., student, h 218 High

TILLMAN & WAYMAN, (John M. Tillman and William Wayman), saddlers and harnessmakers, 144 E Water

Tillson Carrie E., teacher, h 613 Lake

Tillson J. C. Fremont, Lieut. U. S. A., h 613 Lake

Tillson James, machinist, h 613 Lake

Timm Carl, shoemaker, h E Water cor High

Tines George J., shoemaker, h 519 William

TIOGA & ELMIRA STATE LINE R. R., 501 Railroad av, F. N. Drake prest. H. H. Cook treas. D. S. Drake secy. L. H. Shattuck supt.

TOAN THOMAS H., clerk and steward Elmira Female College, h 862 N Main

Toaz Robert, hackman, h 210 Madison av

Toaz Sarah, domestic, 416 W Clinton

Tobin Edmund, heater, h 711 Davis

Tobin Edward, cooper, h 556 E Clinton

Tobin Edward R., cooper, h 115 E 1st

Tobin John, printer Gazette, h 115 E 1st

Tobin Maggie, domestic, 352 Maple av

Tobin Martin, cooper, h Clinton n DeWitt

Tobin Mary E., dressmaker, h 115 E 1st

Tobin Mary H., dressmaker, h 115 E 1st

Tobin Patrick, carpenter, h 502 Columbia

Todtman Julia, widow Isaac, h 708 E Church

Todtman Nathan, clerk, 4 Nicks, h 708 E Church

Toles Estelle M., h 327 Centre

Toles J. J. Mrs., h 814 E Market

Toles Louisa, seamstress, h 515 E Union

TOMLINSON CHARLES, photographer, 116 Baldwin, h 1007 Walnut

Tomlinson Charles H., lawyer, 150 Baldwin, h 854 N Main

TOMLINSON SOLOMON B., lawyer, 150 Baldwin, h 854 N Main

Tomlinson William, turner, h 513 Davis

Tompkins Charles M. (Lormore & Tompkins), h 1019 College av

Tompkins Cornelius B., bookkeeper, 414 & 416 E Market, h 138 E S Water

Tompkins Ray, student, h 1019 College av

Tompkins Solomon, painter, h 459 W 3d

Tompkins Tamerlane B., h 1019 College av

Tompkins William W., clerk County Clerk’s office, h 138 E S Water

Tongue Eli, farmer, Boulevard n Lake

Tongue Orlando, farmer, h Boulevard n Lake

Toner Alexander, carpenter, h 515 Harper

Tong Thomas W., carpenter, h 121 W S Water

Tooker Della, book folder, h 459 W 3d

Tooker Edward, blacksmith, h 652 Oak

Tooker Hyman, tailor, h 143 W Water

Tooker Jerry, shoemaker, h W 3d n Walnut

Tooker Joseph Y., clerk, cor E Clinton and State, h 459 W 3d

Tooker Reuben, h 215 DeWitt

Toole J. B. Mrs., grocer, 142 E Water, h 714 do

Tooley Clement, agent, h American Hotel

Toombs Ada, domestic, 607 W Church

Toomey Bridget, saloon, 500 E Clinton, h do

Toomey John, h 505 College av

Toomey Mary, widow Patrick, h 514 Baldwin

Topping Benjamin W. (Topping Brothers), h 623 W Water

Topping Bros. & Co. (Benjamin W. Topping, DeWitt G. Topping, and George E. Carpenter), notions, 104 Lake

Topping DeWitt G. (Topping Bros. & Co.), h at Odessa

TOWNER AUSBURN, editor, Free Press, h 411 E Church

Towner Maria, widow D. A., h 411 E Church

Townsend Alexander, foreman 657 Baldwin, h 622 do

Townsend Avis, widow Gideon, h 622 Baldwin

Townsend George W., peddler, h 151 High

Townsend Hezekiah, laborer, h 452 W Water

Townsend Jennie, widow Chester, h 330 Carroll

Townsend Newton, shoemaker, h 405 Railroad av

Tracey Charles M., shoemaker, h 432 Herrick

Tracey Sabina, domestic, 219 Ann

Tracey _____ Mrs., h 807 Canal

Tracy Charles M., shoemaker, h 432 Herrick

Tracy Julia A., h 210 W 3d

Tracy Minnie, h 750 John

Trainer James, laborer, h 825 Canal

Trainor Anna, h 605 S Main

Trainor James, cigarmaker, h 605 S Main

Trainor James, laborer, h Baldwin n Thurston

Trainor Owen, laborer, h Baldwin n Thurston

Traver Catharine, widow Solomon, h 409 Davis

Traver Edward, bottler, h Elmira House

Traver John, laborer, h r 108 W 1st

Traver Sarah, widow William, h r 108 W 1st

Traver William E., painter, h 409 Davis

Travis Almeda, widow John W, h 915 Lake

Travis Flora E., student, h 409 Pleasant

Travis Hulda A., housekeeper, h 606 Dickinson

Treadway Charles B., salesman, 120 Lake, h 501 do

Treadwell H. D., h 505 Magee

Treat Ansel, farmer, h College av cor Park entrance

Tregaskis Susan, dressmaker, h 454 Carroll

Tremain George W., h 603 West Hill

Tremain Warren H., bookkeeper, h 557 Coburn

Trembly Joseph H., porter Rathbun House

Trembly Riley, manager, Homestead Hotel

TREMBLY SARAH R., prop. Homestead Hotel, 425 E Water

Trent Daniel, laborer, h 670 Baldwin

Trescott Jonathan W., carriage trimmer, 211 W Water, h 360 W Gray

Trickey Hartwell M., blacksmith, h 1404 N Baldwin

Trimmer Josiah, brakeman, h 653 Lake

Trout George W., carpenter, h 59 Orchard

Trout Isaac L., brakeman, h 368 Pennsylvania av

Trout John, blacksmith, h 59 Orchard

Trout John M., blacksmith, h 368 Pennsylvania av

TROUT MILES, carriagemaker, 450 E Water, h 107 Madison av

Troy House, John M. Lynch, 419 Railroad av

TROY LAUNDRY, C. S. Keith proprietor, 153 Baldwin

Tschan Philip, saloon, 605 Lake, h do

Tubberty Ella, domestic, 312 Columbia

Tubbs Althea, dressmaker, h 223 Ann

Tubbs Harrison K., clerk, N. C. R. W., h 701 Kinyon

Tuberity Thomas, laborer, h 859 Davis

Tuch Isaac, dry goods, 324 E Water, h do

Tuch Louis, h 405 High

Tuly Clement, insurance agent, h 112 College av

Tunison La Grange B., carpenter, h 811 E Water

Tunison Ophelia, teacher, h 811 E Water

Turnbull Alexander Z. (Turnbull Brothers), h 360 W 4th

TURNBULL BROTHERS (Alexander Z. and William P.), boot and shoe manufrs, 201, 203 and 205 E Church cor State

Turnbull Michael A., salesman, 201 E Church, h 360 W 4th

Turnbull William P. (Turnbull Brothers), h 365 W 4th

TURNER A. S. & SON (Alexander S. and Lawrence A. Turner), lumber and coal 203 E 2d

Turner Alexander S., (A. S. Turner & Son), h 501 Baldwin

Turner Alonzo S., h 419 W Church

Turner Andrew, ironworker, h 414 Standish

Turner Edward, shoemaker, h St. James Hotel

Turner Edwin B., clerk, 203 E 2d, h 701 E Church

Turner Eva L., milliner, 112 N Main, h 414 Standish

Turner George, shoemaker, h 519 William

TRUNER GEORGE W., proprietor United States Hotel, 509 Railroad av

Turner John W., h United States Hotel

Turner Lawrence A. (A. S. Turner & Son), h 501 Baldwin

Turner Nancy Mrs., nurse, h United States Hotel

Turner Robert T. (Turner & Van Duzer), also (Gillet & Co.), h 419 W Church

Turner Susan A., domestic, 395 W Water

Turner Thomas H., laborer, h 717 Dickinson

Turner Thomas W., car driver, h 414 Standish

Turner William, shoemaker, h Elm n Fulton

Turner William, jr., shoemaker, h Elm n Fulton

Turner William J., teamster, h 414 Standish

TURNER & VAN DUZER (Robert T. Turner and Edward C. Van Duzer), lawyers, 218 E Water

Turney Lee, shoemaker, h 313 E Market

Turnery Levi P., shoemaker, h 132 W Water

Tuthill Francis G., farmer, h Lake n Norton

Tuthill John H., salesman, State n Water, h 751 E 2d

Tuthill Sarah J., widow David H., h 243 Lake

Tuton Ann J., widow George, h 501 Davis

Tuttle John H., clerk, h 751 E 2d

Tuttle Martha S., dressmaker, h 751 E 2d

Tuttle Sarah M., h 751 E 2d

Twining Lucy Mrs., h 517 W Church

Twomey John, policeman, h 505 College av

Tyler Amelia C., h 129 N Main

Tyler Jane A., h 129 N Main

Tyler Josepha, h 129 N Main

Tynes Joseph W., h 705 Kinyon

Tyrrell Miles O., carpenter, h 157 High


Ufford Daniel E., bookkeeper, 120 Lake, h 315 Madison av

Uhl William, farmer, h Luce bel Maple av

Ulrich Bernard, laborer, h 108 E 2d

Underhill George G., cloth finisher, h 450 Sullivan

Underhill Henry C. (Gridley & Underhill), h Maple av cor James

Underwood Edwin H, fireman, h 521 W Water

Underwood Kate, widow John, h 714 Baldwin

United States Express Co., h 152 Baldwin

United States Hotel, George W. Turner, 509 Railroad av

UpdeGraff Elbridge G., painter, Carroll n Lake, h 506 E Church

UpdeGraff Jacob B., painter, 329 Carroll, h 405 Walnut

UpdeGraff John J., physician, Elmira Surgical Institute, h do

UPDEGRAFF THAD S., Elmira Surgical Institute, h 114 W S Water

Up de Graff Thad. S., jr., student, h 114 W S Water

Updyke Cora, h 121 W Hudson

Updyke Edward D., ice man, h 102 S Walnut

UPDYKE LEWIS L., ice dealer, h 460 W Hudson

Updyke William M., carpenter, h 121 W Hudson

Ustick Martha, widow William F., h 656 N Main


Uttrich Adam, keeper, 1307 College av


Vail Delphina, widow August, h 312 High

Vail Margaret A. Mrs., nurse, h 626 W Gray

Vail Rufus C., cartman, h 310 W 1st

Valentine Mary C., widow Henry, h 830 Walnut

Valerius Cecil, widow John, h 417 S Main

Valiard Frederick J., shoemaker, h 321 S Broadway

Valley Hannah, widow William, h 412 N Main

Valois August, barber, 402 E Water, h 857 E Water

Valois Augustus, cabintmaker, 857 E Water

Valois Bertha, hairdresser, 218 E Water, h 857 do

Valois Frank, barber, h 857 E Water

VAN AKEN, ELISHA M., photographer, 120 W Water, h 529 W Gray

Van Allen Angeline, widow Leonard R., h 267 W S Water

Van Alsten J. S. (Whelpton, Seymour & Co.), h 247 W Water

Van Alstyne N., foreman, Reformatory, h do

Van Amburgh France, saleslady, 101 W Water, h 100 do

Van Atten Ellen C., widow John, h 507 E Church

Van Auken Joel D., butcher, h 131 W Henry

Van Buren William H., printer Gazette, h 449 W 5th

Van Cise Murray S., clerk Reformatory, h 1315 Lake

Van Cleaf George, coachman, 359 W Church

Vandebogert Emma L., domestic, United States Hotel

Vandemover A. Maria, saloon, 325 Railroad av, h do

Vanderpool Samuel, basketmaker, h 1021 Oak

Van Duyne John, h 350 Diven av

Van Duzer Edward C. (Turner & Van Duzer), h 510 Lake

Van Dyne James, carpenter, h 712 E Market

Van Dyne Oliver, clerk, 315 E Water, h 712 E Market

Van Dyke James M., bookkeeper 151 Baldwin, h 163 Washington

Van Gelder Henry, laborer, h 418 Perry

Van Gelder James, laborer, h 418 Perry

Van Gelder John, laborer, h 603 Howard

Van Gelder Miles, laborer, h 418 Perry

Van Gorden George W., shoemaker, h W 1st n College av

Van Gorden Phineas R., engineer, h 305 W Clinton

Van Gorder Mary, widow Samuel, h 372 S Main

Van Gorder Robert B., h 460 Maple av

Van Gorder Selah T., mason, h 401 W Clinton

Van Gorder Warren H., finisher, h 709 Canal

Van Horne Emery E., clerk, 126 W Water, h 370 W Gray

Van Houten Edward C., shoemaker, h 109 W Market

Van Houten J. Sanford, bookkeeper, 107 E Water, h 116 W Hudson

Van Houten Elizabeth, widow Jacob, h 116 W Hudson

Van Houten George, laborer, h 377 Railroad av

VanKuren Charles P., carpenter, h 510 Columbia

VanNorman Samuel S. (Park & VanNorman, h 1054 Lincoln

VanNorstrand Augustus C., salesman, 325 E Water, h 114 W 2d

VAN ORDER ALONZO, wines and liquors, also cigars and tobacco, 204 W Water, h do

Vanostrum Augustus, clerk, h 114 W 2d

VanOver Dorcas E., widow George, h 203 S Elm

VanOver James G., fireman, h 203 S Elm

VanPelt Aaron, shoemaker, h 232 Mt Zoar

VanScoy Cornelius, laborer, h Baldwin cor Thurston

VanSkiver Esther, widow Hiram, h 309 Norton

VanSkiver Mary, dressmaker, h 309 Norton

VanSteinberg John L., mason, h 366 Thurston

VanSyckle Sadie, domestic, Wyckoff House

Vantine Chester, traveling agent, h 316 W 7th

VanWagenen William H., express messenger, h 413 Grove

VanWagoner Alvin, expressman, h 626 W Gray

VanWagoner Charles, baggagemaster, h 113 Grove

VanWagoner Clarissa, widow Henry, h 374 W 5th

VanWagoner Cornelius, teamster, h 362 Hoffman

VanWagoner Jane, widow John P., h 626 W Gray

VanWagoner John, teamster, h 374 W 5th

VanWhy Joseph M., carpenter, h 467 Powell

VanWie Henry D., carpenter, h 100 Lake

VanWie Jerome B., tinsmith, h 518 Madison av

VanWie Joseph, carpenter, h 457 Franklin

VanWormer Theodore, engineer, h 515 W Clinton

VanWort William, brakeman, h 604 Pennsylvania av

Varian Charles F., shoemaker, h 315 High

VARIETY AND 99c STORE, N. A. Hughes, manager, 112 W Water

Vaughn Annie, domestic, Delavan House

Vaughn Charles, shoemaker, h 510 W 2d

Vaughn Charles D., shoemaker, h 220 W Gray

Vaughn Frank A., shoemaker, h 220 W Gray

Vaughn John A., carpenter, h 220 W Gray

Veazie Arthur, watchman, h 419 Walnut

Velder Tecklea, widow Lewis, h 115 Madison av

VERGUSON REED, carriage builder, 209 S Main, h 105 E Henry

Vermilya Edgar D., fireman, h 865 Magee

Vermilya Jane, nurse, h 655 E Church

Vermilya John J., tinsmith, h 106 Columbia

Vermilya Clara M., teacher, h 106 Columbia

Vermilya John L., tinsmith, h 106 Columbia

Vernooy Ephenetus, wagonmaker, h 751 E Washington av

Vernooy J. Edwin, carpenter, h 321 Norton

Vernooy Margaret, dressmaker, h 359 Norton

Vickery Albert J., bookkeeper, 161 Lake, h 711 do

Vickery Edmund, shoemaker, h 451 W 3d

Vickery Frank E., shoemaker, h 451 W 3d

Vickery Samuel, grocer, 711 Lake, h do

Victor Orion V., shoemaker, h 209 Orchard

Viele Jennie Mrs., nurse, h 854 N Main

Viele Mary S. Mrs., h 315 E Church

Viele N. V., peddler, h Eldridge Park

Vincent Clayton L., conductor, h 438 W Clinton

Vincent James R., jeweler, 212 E Water, h 614 Park Place

Vincent Julia, dressmaker, h 658 E Clinton

Vincent Rebecca Mrs., carpet weaver, h r 101 W 1st

VINCENT C. E. & CO. (Charles E. Vinton and James A. Adams), rectifiers and wholesale liquors, 128 Railroad av and 102 E Market

Vinton Charles E. (C. E. Vinton & Co.), 210 William

Virginia Mercy A., widow Andrew, h 522 Baldwin

VOLKEROTH FREDERICK, saloon and bottler, E Church cor Tuttle av, h do

VOLBRECHT HERMAN J., boots and shoes, 172 Lake, h 708 E Water

Voorhees Augustus, salesman, 325 E Water, h 628 Josephine

Voorhees Catharine, widow Henry, h 408 E Clinton

Voorhees Charles A., news agent, h 624 Josephine

Voorhees Fred E., printer Daily Bulletin, 624 Josephine

Vorhis Albert B., sash, blinds and doors, 211 and 213 S Main, h 309 do

Vorhis John T., h 126 N Main

Vought Henry, h 4 Erie

Vought Samuel W., shoemaker, h 4 Erie

Vought Sarah A., dressmaker, h 4 Erie


Waddell Anna L., operator, h 105 Columbia

Wade Joseph, laborer, h 50 High

WADHAMS SAMUEL D., druggist, 333 E Water, h 118 W Market

Wadley Amelia Mrs., h 218 Mt Zoar

Wadsworth Emanuel, laborer, h 717 E Oak

Wadsworth Joseph, grocer, 650 Dickinson, h do

WADSWORTH SAMUEL H., propr. Arbour Hotel, 110 Lake, h 417 E Market

Wageman Susanna, widow Albert, h Southport Corners

Wagner John, barber, h DeWitt c Water

Wagner John, jr., tinsmith, h 108 Washington

WAGNER JOHN J., stoves and tinware, 125 W Water, h 108 Washington

Wagner Mary, widow Peter, boot fitter, h 111 W 5th

Wagner Peter, h 108 Washington

Wagner Robert, gardener, DeWitt cor Water

Wagner Samuel H., shipping clerk, 111 Railroad av, h 108 Washington

WALDORFF LEWIS H., flour and feed, 215 W Water, h 528 W 1st

Waldron David T., salesman 135 W Water, h W Gray n Walnut

Wales C. M., widow Ira, h 619 Davis

WALES THERON A., physician, 403 William, h do

Wales Zippie Brooks, physician, 403 William, h do

WALKER ALBERT, carpenter and builder, 110 Walnut, h do

Walker Alvin A., bookkeeper, 605 Baldwin, h 523 E Union

WALKER EMMON T., imported and Key West cigars, 125 Lake, h 211 High

Walker Frank Mrs., tailoress, h 106 W Water

Walker Frederick H., bookkeeper, Railroad av cor E 2d, h 365 W Gray

Walker George, merchant tailor, 319 E Water, h 363 S Main

Walker J. A. Mrs., 365 W Gray

Walker James (James & R. H. Walker), h 121 E S Water

Walker James D., clerk, 336 E Water, h 121 E S Water

WALKER JAMES & R. H. (Robert H.), plumbers, steam and gas fitters, 336 E Water

Walker John, plumber, h 206 W Hudson

Walker John A., plumber, h 121 E S Water

Walker John P., confectioner, 456 W 6th, h 801 McDonald

WALKER MERRITT H., wholesale boot and shoe manufr, Railroad av and E 2d, h 365 W Gray

Walker Nancy, h 666 Baldwin

Walker Nancy, 115 Walnut

Walker Robert H. (James and R. H. Walker), h 100 Pennsylvania av

Walker Thomas, gardener, h 358 Davis

Walker Thomas, laborer, h 407 Railroad av

Walker Thomas, jr., plumber, h 2 Erie

Wall Elizabeth, widow Daniel, h 757 E Market

Wall James, laborer, h 211 Jacob

Wall Jennie, domestic, 363 College av

Wall Joseph B., cutter, h 757 E Market

Wall Lizzie, dressmaker, h 304 Pennsylvania av

Wall Maggie, domestic, 109 S Main

Wall Michael W., shoemaker, h 338 W 7th

Wall Thomas, laborer, h 206 W South av

Wallace Charles R., carriage painter, h 402 William

Wallace Dorcas, widow Richard K., h 402 William

Wallace Eliza A., widow William, h 671 Lake

Wallace George, laborer, h 853 Dickinson

Wallace George J., painter, h 671 Lake

Wallace George W., saloon, 671 Lake, h do

Wallace James, blacksmith, h 356 W 2d

Wallace James W., blacksmith, h 356 W 2d

Wallace Lizzie, domestic, h Benjamin n Dickinson

Wallace Mary E., widow James, h 415 Dewitt

Wallace Miles, salesman, 139 W Water, h do

Wallis John C., sawyer, h 313 W 4th

Wallis Thomas G., express messenger, h 621 W Church

Walsh Anna, domestic, 523 W Water

Walsh Margaret, domestic, 323 William

Walsh Maria, domestic, 356 W Water

Walsh Michael, traveling agent, h 205 Orchard

Walsh William. (Fallihee & Walsh), also grocer, W 5th cor Railroad av, h 818 Hatch

Walster Conrad C., shoemaker, h 362 W Gray

Walster Elizabeth, widow Joseph, h 210 W 3d

Walster George W., shoemaker, h 210 W 3d

Walter Al, bookkeeper, h 523 E Union

Walter Caroline, widow Edward, h 253 W 6th

Walter Estelle, h 263 W 6th

Walters Henry H., waiter Haight’s Hotel

Walters Milton, gardener, Willow Brook Farm, Lake ab Thurston

Walters Hurlbert, teamster, h 569 E Water

Walworth Emma, dressmaker, h John cor Sullivan

Walzer Mary A., widow Peter N., h 306 W Water

Walzer Peter H., clerk, 300 E Water, h 306 W Water

Wannamaker Manning F., speculator, h 216 Ann

Ward Anna, domestic, 600 W Gray

Ward Burton H., clerk, 208 E Water, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Ward Charles, clerk, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Ward Charles, puddler, h 808 E Church

Ward Charles A., conductor, h 356 Davis pl

Ward Charles B., clerk, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Ward Clarence I., bootmaker, h 519 W 2d

Ward Fred J., fireman and barber, W South av cor S Main, h 207 W South av

Ward George M., clerk, N. Y. L. E. & W. R., h 356 W Clinton

Ward George R., laborer, h 223 W Water

Ward George W., clerk, P. O., h 808 E Church

Ward Hannah, widow Edwin, h 808 E Church

WARD J. R., lawyer, 116 Baldwin, h 511 W Gray

Ward James N., lawyer, 218 E Water, h 369 W Water

Ward Laura A., widow Henry, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Ward Maggie, domestic, 352 W Clinton

Ward Mattie, domestic, 407 N Main

Ward Mercein, clerk, Railroad av cor W Market, h 356 W Clinton

Ward Milton C., machinist, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Ward Nellie, dressmaker, h 223 W Water

Ward William, boxmaker, 916 Benton, h do

WARD WILLIAM A., dealer in building, flag and paving stone, N Main, h 356 W Clinton

Ward William H., engineer, h 442 W Clinton

Wardell Charles A., painter, h 917 Benton

Wardner Delia R., portrait painter, h 412 W Clinton

Wardner William C., insurance, h 412 W Clinton

Wardwell Helen, nurse, 1019 East av

Wardwell Millie, cook, 1019 East av

Ware James D., rougher, h 852 Magee

Ware John S., blacksmith, h 615 Lake

Ware Theodore, hooker, h 615 Lake

Ware Thomas, shoemaker, h 204 E Gray

Ware William M., roller, h 801 Davis

Warrell Henry, yardmaster Erie freight depot, h 721 College av

Warner Augustus J., propr. Elmira Business College, 16 Arnot Block, E Water h 310 High

Warner Caroline, h 916 College av

Warner Cornelius, laborer, h Sherman House

Warner Edward A., driver, 111 Railroad av, h W Gray cor Hoffman
Warner Edwin, teamster, h 640 W Gray

Warner Jacob, salesman, h 1207 Hall

Warner Spencer, h 206 W Washington av

Warner William H., brakeman, h 653 Lake

Warren David H., blacksmith, 563 Coburn, h do

Warren Helen M., widow Horace, h 118 W Market

Warren James H., carpenter, h 1013 Oak

Warren Ozro M., machinist, h 422 Balsam

Warren Richard P., painter, h 422 Balsam

Washburn Charles E., hotel, 400 Railroad av

Washington Charlotte, domestic, 403 William

WASHINGTON HENRY barber, 428 E Water, h 658 Dickinson

Washington Hiram, teamster, h 353 E 5th

Washington Hotel, Gottlieb Hummell, 503 Railroad av

Washington John, policeman, h 667 Dickinson

Wasylewski Joseph, mason, h cor Pratt and Day

WATERHOUSE JOHN R., carriage builder, 301 W 3d, h 660 N Main

WATERS GEORGE W., artist, 313 E Water, h 360 W 1st

Waters Joseph, farmer, h Lake ab Thurston

Waters Mary, domestic, 1019 E av

Watkins Fred J., clerk, 335 E Water, h 262 W 4th

Watkins Harriet, widow Selim, h Luce bel Maple av

Watkins Jeremiah, hostler, h 52 S Main

Watkins Myra S., physician, 522 Pennsylvania av, h do

Watkins Samuel, laborer, h Day bel Pratt

Watros Frances, widow Rakes, h 220 Ann

Watrous Amelia S., widow Justin S., h 307 William

Watrous Eliza A., milliner, h 318 W 3d

Watrous John A., clerk, 120 Lake, h 309 Carroll

Watrous Levi, laborer, h College av n Reformatory

Watrous Nancy B., h 208 E Church

Watrous Richard N., foreman, 601 Baldwin, h 318 W 3d

Watson Andrew J., pawnbroker, 130 E Water, h 802 Madison av

Watson Estelle M., tailoress, h 608 E Church

Watson John, laborer, h 721 E Oak

Watson Lawrence H., student, h 608 E Church

Watson Mary J., widow David, h 608 E Church

Watson Stella, tailoress, h 602 E Church

Watson Susan, shirtmaker, h 120 W Water

Watson Thomas, clerk, 315 E Church

Watson William T., engineer Rathbun House, h 123 W Henry

Watts Harriet, h 106 E S Water

Watts Isabella P., operator, h 221 Dewitt

Watts John R., foreman Advertiser, h 213 Dewitt

Watts Richard, carpenter, h 221 Dewitt

Watts Richard P., printer Advertiser, h 221 Dewitt

WATTS ROBERT M., job printer, 10 and 11 Arcade Block, Lake, h 136 E S Water

Watts Stephen, laborer, h 427 W 4th

Watts William, storekeeper, Erie R R repair shops, h 427 W 4th

Watts William, Jr., laborer, h 427 W 4th

Waugh Elizabeth R. Mrs., shearmanufr., 215 W 2d, h 217 do

Wayman Anna, widow William, h 605 E Church

Wayman William, (Tillman & Wayman), h 111 Madison av

Weale Mattie, h 452 W Water

Weaver Emily A., vice principal, School No. 1, h 103 S Main

Weaver Erastus K., (Weaver & Ferguson), h 360 W Clinton

Weaver Frank, laborer, h 380 W Water

Weaver John E., physician, h 360 W Clinton

Weaver John W., physician, 141 W Water, h 360 W Clinton

Weaver Peter, shoemaker, h 51 Hoffman

Weaver Peter, jr., shoemaker, h 51 Hoffman

Weaver Peter F., shoemaker, h 51 Hoffman

Weaver Samuel G., machinist, h 521 Herrick

Weaver Sarah, domestic, 812 W Water

Weaver William W., baker, Rathbun House, h do

WEAVER & FERGUSON, (Erastus K. Weaver and William H. Ferguson), general commission, wool, hides, butter, eggs, tallow, &c., 131 and 133 W Water

Webb Frank W., printer Gazette, h 110 W Henry

Webb George F., yardmaster L. V. R. R., h 805 E Market

Webb John, clerk, 334 E Water, h 206 Baldwin

Webb Mortimer T., h 501 William

Webb William, commission, h 307 E 2d

Webber Lorenzo, real estate, h 615 Columbia

Webster Daniel, grocer, 311 E 5th, h 522 Baldwin

Webster Mary E., widow James W., h 506 W Water

Webster O. H., keeper, Bancroft rd n Davis

Webster Pauline, h 506 W Water

Weed J. M., trav agent, R. R. av., cor Market, h at Havana

Weed Julia A., widow William B., h 463 Powell

Weeks Albert C., drayman, 414 and 416 E Market, h 555 E Water

Weeks Charles R., clerk, 414 E Market, h 106 Dewitt

Weeks Eliza Mrs., h 460 W Church

Weeks Frank W., carter, h 555 E Water

Weeks Mary, widow Chauncey, h 555 E Water

Wegner Anton G., barber, 169 Baldwin, h 119 Orchard

Wegner Henry A., shoemaker, h 806 E Church

Wehnes Catharine, widow Michael, saloon, 665 Columbia

Wehnes Conrad, laborer, h 665 Columbia

Wehnes Lizzie, milliner, 112 N Main, h 665 Columbia

Weiben Harmon, gardener, 322 William

Weick Frederick, varnisher, h 211 Ann

Welch Alexander, carriage trimmer, h 426 W Church

Welch Heber F., painter, h 426 W Church

Welch John E., engineer, 406 W 1st

Welch Julia A., dressmaker, 114 Baldwin, h do

Welch Kate, domestic, 350 W Water

Welch Katie, domestic, 650 E Market

Welch Patrick, laborer, h 348 W 7th

Welch Patrick, brakeman, h 801 Walnut

Weldner George, shoemaker, h 55 Munroe

Weldner George jr., shoemaker, h 55 Munroe

Weldner Lizzie, tailoress, h 55 Munroe

Weldner Minnie R., domestic, 115 College av

Weller James M., clerk, restaurant Erie depot, h 606 N Main

WELLER LEROY, boots and shoes, 209 E Water, h 138 do

Welles Eliza S., widow George H., h 315 E Church

Welles Elizabeth, widow Charles F., h at Washington av n College av

Welles George A., clerk Elmira Gazette, h 315 E Church

Welles John C., salesman, h Washington av n College av

Welles Matthias H., h 861 College av

Welles Nelson A., student, h 861 College av

Welles Robert, salesman, h Washington av n College av

Welling John L., jr., salesman, 126 W Water, h 510 William

Wells Alice, tailoress, h 124 Lake

Wells George, painter, h 750 John

WELLS H. D. MRS., florist, 380 W Water, h 382 do

Wells H. Marvin (Wells & Loomis), h 510 William

Wells Horace D., insurance, h 380 W Water

Wells J. Emmet (G. E. Plumb & Co.), h at Syracuse

WELLS MARY E. MRS., boarding, 156 W 3d

Wells Sarah, boarding, 550 E Water

Wells William, carpenter, h 550 E Water

WELLS & LOOMIS (H. Marvin and William C. Loomis), hardware, stoves and tinware, 126 W Water

Welman Emma, h 206 W 6th

Welsh Abbie, widow Richard, h 104 E Henry

Welsh Annie, domestic, 302 William

Welsh Catharine, laundress, h 251 Henry

Welsh Catharine, widow Morris, h 251 W Henry

WELSH DAVID S., livery and boarding stable, h 238 W Water, h 238 do

Welsh Eliza J., trimmer, h 706 Benjamin

Welsh Elizabeth, widow Grafton, h 706 Benjamin

Welsh Ellen, widow Thomas, h 348 W 7th

Welsh George D., messenger, h 104 E Henry

Welsh James, brass finisher, h 217 Franklin

Welsh James, cigarmaker, h 251 W Henry

Welsh James, laborer, h 104 Park

Welsh James, laborer, h 818 Hatch

Welsh Johannah, domestic, h 363 Fulton

Welsh John, track boss, h 711 S Main

Welsh Maggie, domestic, 507 W Church

Welsh Mary, dressmaker, h 818 Hatch

Welsh Michael, cigarmaker, h 251 W Henry

Welsh Minnie E., saleslady, 139 E Water, h 104 E Henry

Welsh Patrick, laborer, h 407 Pennsylvania av

Welsh William, cigarmaker, h 251 W Henry

Weltner Mary C., domestic, E Church cor Tuttle av

Wentz Christine, domestic, Southport Corners

Wentz Wilbur F., coal, 101 E Gray, h 502 William

Werden John T., salesman, 102 W Water, h 111 W S Water

WEST CHARLES F., flour and feed mills, ft E Water, h do

West Elbert F., clerk Pattinson House, h do

West Emma E. Mrs., h 323 Baldwin

West Lottie M., widow Henry, h 421 W 1st

West Otto E., waiter Rathbun House

West William W., barber, 507 Railroad av, h 716 Dickinson

Westbrook Ann, dressmaker, h 418 S Main

Westbrook Betty, dressmaker, h 116 Baldwin

Westbrook Charles B., plumber, h 418 S Main

Westbrook William, mason, h 418 S Main

Westcot Gertrude M., widow Arthur, h 218 William

West End Hotel, Thomas Reed, 232 and 234 W Water

WESTERN HOTEL, Lew H. Shoemaker, 515 Railroad av

Western Union Telegraph Co, 150 Baldwin

Westlake Isaac, h 110 W Church

Westlake Arthur M. (J. Richardson & Co.), h 455 W Gray

Westlake Peter S., machinist, h 110 W Church

Westover Will G., h 1025 Lake

Wey Hamilton D., physician, h 359 N Main

WEY WILLIAM C., physician; office hours 1 to 3 pm, 7 to 9 pm, 359 N Main, h do

Weyer J. Philip, brickmanufr, Pattinson cor Sullivan, h do

Weyman Daniel J., ice cream and confectionery, 425 E Market, h do

WHEADON C. H. & SON. (Henry G.), saddle and harness manufr, 204 and 206 E Water

WHEADON CHARLES F., wholesale dealer in salt pork, hams, shoulders, dried beef, bacon, lard, etc, 611 & 613 Railroad av, h 218 W S Water

Wheadon Charles H. (C. H. Wheadon & Son), h 382 W Church

Wheadon Henry G. (C. H. Wheadon & Son), h 382 W Church

Wheaton Calvin S., conductor, h 221 Mt Zoar

Wheeler Anna M., widow Nathan J., h 469 W Church

Wheeler David R., engineer, h 550 S Main

Wheeler Elfie, student, h 550 S Main

Wheeler Eli, iron dealer, h 505 William

Wheeler Frederick R., painter, h 415 W Church

Wheeler John, tanner, h 514 W Hudson

WHEELER ORRIN H., book and job printer, also flour sack manufr., 327 Carroll, h 415 W Church

Wheeler Sheldon S., brakeman, h 361 Davis pl

Wheeler William, laborer, h 152 Fox

Whelpton Henry, carpenter, h 759 E 2d

WHELPTON, SEYMOUR & CO., (Henry Whelpton, Edwin C. Seymour and J. S. Van Alsten), manufrs sash, doors, blinds, 247 W Water

Whippy Carrie, domestic, 708 College av

White Abner, foreman, h 451 W 1st

White Belle, h 318 E Water

White Charles W., shoemaker, 443 W 5th, h do

White Elizabeth A., domestic, 111 W Market

WHITE JEROME B., lawyer, 306 E Water, h Maple av

White J. Frank, clerk, E 5th cor Baldwin, h 414 Baldwin

White James, farmer, h Pratt n city limits

White Jennie, student, h 557 E 2d

White Jessie, domestic, 308 William

White John, laborer, h 100 E Washington av

White John E., shoemaker, h 412 Elm

White John W., h 514 W Water

White Lewis, hostler, h 654 E Clinton

White Louis, coachman, 368 W 1st

White Margaret, widow Daniel, h 210 W Hudson

White Merritt P., restaurant, 425 Railroad av

White Peter D., engineer, h 612 E Clinton

White Robert H., h 119 E Henry

White Thomas, carpenter, h 758 Jay

White William, coachman, 356 W Water

Whitford David O., carpenter, h 206 Orchard

Whitford John B., farmer, h Boulevard n Lake

Whiting Chauncey C., shoemaker, h 379 W Water

Whiting Josie E., cutter, h 379 W Water

Whiting Mary E., widow Martin, laundry, 131 W Water, h do

Whitley Eugene, farmer, h 119 Sullivan

Whitley Ida, teacher, h 119 Sullivan

WHITLEY JOHN H., photographer, 201 E Water, h 119 Sullivan

Whitley William, brakeman, h 119 Sullivan

Whitlock Albert, hostler, h 407 W 6th

WHITLOCK GEORGE S., druggist, 111 W 3d, h 207 W 6th

Whitlock Guy, farmer, h 1329 College av

WHITLOCK ISAAC V., fruit dealer, 139 W Water, h 702 Lake

Whitman Albert G., confectioner, h 919 Benton

Whitman Frank A., machinist, h 121 Jacob

Whitmarsh James O., operator Erie depot, h 206 W 6th

Whitmore George, clerk, 305 E Water, h 417 E Market

Whitney Hannah, widow Leonard, h 703 Dickinson

Whitney Henry, laborer, h 418 Perry

Whitney John J., h 362 Diven av

Whitney Luana, paster, h 112 Sullivan

Whitney Milo E., shoemaker, h 112 Sullivan

Whitney Samuel A., shoemaker, h 112 Sullivan

Whitson John, teamster, h 505 E 3d

Wicker Mahlon C., telegrapher, h 212 Jacob

Wickham John, machinist, h 329 S Broadway

Wickham Thomas, carpenter, h 329 S Broadway

Wickham William H., machinist, h 329 S Broadway

Widler Charles A., cutter, 111 E Water, h 125 W Market

Widman Frank, machinist, h 121 Jacob

Wiegand Frederick H. (G. C. & F. H. Wiegand), h 212 Madison av

Wiegand George C. (G. C. & F. H. Wiegand), also (Shidlen & Wiegand), h 212 Madison av

Wiegand G. C. & F. H., hairdressers, 105 Baldwin

Wiegand Henry F., barber, h 212 Madison av

Wiegand Josie, h 212 Madison av

Wienecke Ferdinand, cabinetmaker, h 600 Jay

Wienecke Mary, grocer, 600 Jay, h do

Wiener Felix, barber, 327 Railroad av, h do

Wilbur Simeon, h 803 E Market

Wilburd William J., laborer, h 610 Baldwin

Wilcox Debbie J., widow Jacob, h 613 S Main n W South av

Wilcox Frank Z., clerk, h 376 W Clinton

Wilcox George W., painter, h 604 E Water

Wilcox Hezekiah D., lawyer, 216 E Water, h 613 S Main

Wilcox John W., shoemaker, h 703 Lake

Wilcox Mary C., h 114 Baldwin

WILCOX R. H. Mrs., clairvoyant physician, 415 E Church, h do

Wilcox Richard H., farmer, h 415 E Church

Wildblood Ambrose W., painter, h Walnut cor Water

Wilde Augustus, weaver, h 707 East av

Wilde Gustav, weaver, h 707 East av

Wilder H. Fayette, carpenter, 812 N Main, h do

Wilds Abram R., cutter, h 115 Lake

Wilferth John, pressman Gazette, h 121 Lormore

Wilferth William T., pressman Advertiser, h 121 Lormore

Wilie Hugh R., harnessmaker, h 219 Sullivan

Wilkey Eugene, h 110 Orchard

WILKEY JAMES A., tobaccos, cigars, snuffs and smokers’ materials, 117 Baldwin, h 854 E Market

Wilkin Moses B., carpenter, h 1001 Davis

Wilkins William E., physician, h 148 W Water

Wilkinson Joan, widow George, h 315 Lake

Williams Alonzo, drug clerk, 333 E Water, h 101 N Stowell

Williams Ann, widow Thomas, h 105 E Washington av

Williams Ann C., dressmaker, h 520 Lake

Williams Anna B., domestic, 113 W 2nd

Williams Benjamin, foreman, rolling mill, h 701 Davis

Williams Charles A., clerk, 112 W Water, h 101 Stowell

Williams DeVer W., boots and shoes, 212 E Water, h 108 Pennsylvania av

Williams Eliza, nurse, h 206 S Main

Williams Emory E., shoemaker, h 1212 Baldwin

Williams Frank C., fireman, h 620 Lewis

Williams Frank E., nurse, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Williams Henry, laborer, h E 1st n Baldwin

Williams Henry, laborer, h E 4th n Baldwin

Williams Hugh, horsetrainer, h Pattinson House

Williams James, clerk, h 640 W Water

Williams Jefferson, shoemaker, h 600 Baldwin

Williams John, hostler, 400 Lake

Williams John, puddler, h 105 E Washington av

Williams John D., bookkeeper, 731 Canal, h 520 Lake

Williams John F., driver, h E. R. R., n Stowell

Williams John O., granite works, N Main cor W 1st, h W 1st n Hoffman

Williams Joseph H., brakeman, h 518 Fulton

Williams Llewellyn, foreman Rolling Mill Co., h 410 W 5th

Williams Louis, coachman, 815 College av

Williams Marietta, weaver, h 811 East av

Williams Nora, domestic, 319 Carroll, h 309 do

Williams R. P., foreman Advertiser job rooms, h 856 E Market

Williams Rosa Mrs., h 520 Dewitt

Williams Samuel, laborer, h 705 Dickinson

Williams Sarah J., widow Edson, h 402 W Gray

Williams Sophia, widow Samuel, h 703 Dickinson

Willison Newlove, miller, h 562 Coburn

Wills James, carpenter, h 408 W 4th

Willsey Fred, farmer, h 1314 N Baldwin
Willsey George, farmer, h 1314 N Baldwin

Willsey Judson, farmer, h 1314 N Baldwin

Wilmot Thomas, jr., puddler, h 717 Walnut

Wilson Adam, carpenter, h 605 Magee

Wilson Augustus A., barber, h 716 Dickinson

Wilson Belle, widow Charles, h 111 Madison av

Wilson Benjamin, shoemaker, h 510 W 2d

Wilson Charles, shoemaker, h 510 W 2d

Wilson Edward, butcher, h 624 W Water
Wilson Emma, domestic, 401 Sullivan

Wilson Frances, music teacher, h Rathbun House

Wilson James, laborer, h 503 Madison av

Wilson James, watchman, h 317 W 2d

Wilson Jennie, domestic, 413 N Main

Wilson Jennie L., vestmaker, h 407 High

Wilson Julia, widow Charles, h Rathbun House

Wilson Malcolm F., plumber, h 317 W 2d

Wilson Theresa, dressmaker, h 605 Magee

Wilson Thomas, machinist, h 531 Pennsylvania av

Wilson Thomas A., tinsmith, h 317 W 2d

Windsor Lloyd D., h 723 College av

Wing Edson, baggagemaster Erie depot, h 602 Beach

Wing Lorenzo, carpenter, h 602 Beach

Wink John, peddler, h Sullivan ab Norton

Winkle John K., meat market, 601 E Church, h 707 E 5th

Winkle Mary, widow Charles, h 707 E 5th

Winkler Ferdinand, soap boiler, h 107 W 5th

Winn Katie, domestic, 401 W Gray

Winn Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

Winne Ella, domestic, 520 W Water

Winne George, teamster, h 524 W Clinton

Winne William, teamster, h 524 W Clinton

Winnie I. P., guard Reformatory, h do

Winslow John T., h 405 W Clinton

Winslow Willie A. P., express, h 405 W Clinton

Winsor Nicholas S., farmer, h 722 W Water

Winters William H., hairdresser, h 331 Carroll

Winterstein Dennis, carpenter, h 426 Herrick

Winterstone Solomon, peddler, h Exchange Hotel

Winton Henry C., cough medicine, 131 Railroad av, h do

Wipfler George, cigar manufr, 211 Judson, h do

Wise Daniel W., h 118 E Hudson

Wise James T., clerk, h 218 Washington

Wise John A. (& Co.), h Arbor Hotel

Wise John A. & Co., (Lewis H. Lenheim), cigar manufrs, 418 Carroll

WISEMAN EDWARD, passenger and freight agent, N. C. R. W., h 721 Columbia

Wisner Frank, brakeman, h 1103 Benton

Wisner Hammond, pressman, h 654 Baldwin

Wisner Jeffrey A., h 1103 Benton

Wisner Libbie, milliner, h 655 E Church

Wisner Maria, widow Henry, h 357 N Main

Wisner William H., harnessmaker, h 655 E Church

Wiswell Christian C., salesman, 615 Railroad av, h at Chemung

Witherell William, h 456 South av

Withian J. Franklin, brakeman, h 454 South av

Wittenberg Bertha, widow Samuel, h 461 E Water

Wittenberg Bertha S., h 112 Madison av

Wittenberg Joseph (L. Holzheimer & Co.), h 222 W Church

Wittenberg Rosa, widow Charles, h 112 Madison av

Wittkosky Simon, tailor, 355 Railroad av, h do

Wixon Onesimus M. (O. M. Wixon & Co.), h West Hill c Hoffman

Wixon O. M. & Co., (Onesimus M. Wixon and Charles Heller), grocers, Carr’s Corners

Woernley Augustus, sexton, h 925 Lincoln

Wohlgemuth Veneus, cigar maker, h 762 E Market

Wolcott Alvirah, widow Michael, h r 211 Ann

Wolcott Ella, h East av n city limits

Wolcott Nelson A., clerk, 126 Lake, h 109 W Market

Wolfe Harry F., train agent, h 415 N Main

Wollheim Aaron (A. Sellner & Co.), h 208 High

Wollheim Solomon, clothing, 112 E Water, h 219 High

Wolverton William G., meat market, 201 W Clinton, h 306 W 4th

Wood Charles M., shoemaker, h 313 W 4th

Wood Cora B., h 160 Baldwin

Wood Curtis A., conductor, h 209 Giltinan

Wood Eva G., widow Wilson E., h 422 E Water

Wood Jenny M., h 160 Baldwin

Wood John B., gardner, h 618 Dickinson

Wood John T., harnessmaker, 717 Lake, h at Addison

Wood Joseph, cabinetmaker, h 370 Diven av

Wood W. Mitchell, machinist, h 361 Grove

Wood Rosanna, h Hoffman n West Hill

Wood Sarah M. Mrs., h 751 E 2d

Wood Seymour B., tinner, h 105 W S Water

Wood Sophia Mrs., boxmaker, W Water cor College av

Wood Thomas, harnessmaker, h 104 Henry

Wood William M., machinist, h 361 Centre

Wood W. Lutton, music teacher Elmira Female College, h 464 W Church

Wood William H., carriagemaker, h 755 E Church

Wood William H., mason, h 369 W 5th

Woodarich Mary, domestic, 132 E Water

Woodford Charles W., h 459 W Church

Woodford Cora, domestic, 315 W 1st

Woodford James F., printer Advertiser, h 129 E Hudson

Woodford Joseph, foreman, 117 E Church, h 105 E Hudson

Woodhull Charles, laborer, h 203 Railroad av

Woodruff Abagail, widow Albert, h Lormore bel Spaulding

Woodruff Fred L., bookkeeper, E 5th cor Canal, h Lormore bel Spaulding

Woods Emma, h 111 E 1st

Woods James L., lawyer, 218 E Water, h 416 W Water

WOODWARD CHARLES M. D., physician and surgeon, 262 Baldwin, h do

Woodward Emaline, widow William, h 413 Baldwin

Woodward Henry F., chief clerk N. C. R. W., h 351 N Main

Woodward L. L. Mrs., physician, 262 Baldwin, h do

Woodward Luther L., baggage master, h 356 Davis place

Woodward William S. C., printer, Advertiser, h 262 Baldwin

Woolever Amanda Mrs., h 306 W 1st

Wooley Thomas T., clerk, h 454 W 1st

Woofter Royal R., express messenger, h 411 Walnut

Woolf Edward J., guard at Reformatory, h 447 W 5th

Woolf Ida A., dressmaker, h 447 W 5th

Woolf O. C., guard Reformatory, h do

Woolverton William G., meat market, h 306 W 4th

Wooster Seymour M., fireman, h 766 S Main

Worden John T., clerk, h 111 W S Water

Workman Andrew S., cigar maker, h Buckbee House

Works James W., clerk, 210 E Water, h 156 W 3d

Wormley Henry T., cooper, h 223 Ann

Wormley John, cooper, r 223 Ann, h 223 do

Worrall George, coal and wood, 135 E 2d, h 511 William

WORRALL JAMES L., coal and wood, 135 E 3d, h 511 William

Wright Ann Eliza, widow Nelson, h 406 Dewitt

Wright Augustus E., baggagemaster, h 511 Columbia

Wright Charlotte, widow Alfred, h 203 E Water

Wright Charlotte, widow Alfred L., h 203 E Water

Wright Eliza C., widow Luther, h 404 William

Wright George B., conductor, h 380 W 4th

Wright Henrietta, widow Thomas, h 381 W 4th

WRIGHT JAMES, lawyer, 4 Opera block, Lake h do

Wright John, hostler, h 504 Perry

Wright Lillie E., dressmaker, h 504 Perry

Wright Martha, widow William, h 504 Perry

Wright Monmouth E., teamster, h 361 Columbia

Wyckoff Peter, wheelwright, 237 and 239 W Water, h 451 do

Wright Robert, furnaceman, h 216 Park

Wright Sarah C., widow Allen M., h 716 E Oak

Wright Thomas S., brakeman, h Haslett ab Main

Wrightson Eliza, domestic, Rathbun House

Wrigley Isaac, weaver, h 409 Oak

Wrigley John, plumber, 664 College av

Wulff Diedrich, cabinetmaker, h 1000 Oak

Wyatt William, upholsterer, h 411 Railroad av

Wyckoff Albert P., shoemaker, h 256 W S Water

WYCKOFF ARCALOUS, wooden water pipe, 122 Railroad av, h 102 W Water

Wyckoff Charles W., pipemaker, h 256 W Hudson

Wyokoff Edward, clerk, h 207 W 6th

Wyckoff Ernest L., bookkeeper, 122 Railroad av, h 864 N Main

Wyckoff Frank T., shipping clerk, 122 Railroad av, h 122 E S Water

Wyckoff George W., pipemaker, 122 Railroad av, h 115 E S Water

WYCCKOFF HOUSE, formerly Pennsylvania House, B. B. Holliday, agent, 115, 117 and 119 W Water

Wyckoff Rhody, widow Elias, h 256 W S Water

Wyckoff William H., pipemaker, h 256 W S Water

Wylie Hugh R., harness maker, h 219 Sullivan

Wyllie Peter, baker, 200 S Main, h do

Wyman John M., shoemaker, h 118 Sullivan

Wymans Charles A., engineer, h 209 W South av

Wynn Hugh, laborer, h 811 Canal

Wynn James, helper, h 720 Hatch

Wynn Thomas, laborer, h 718 Hatch


Yarington George P., carpenter, h 319 Norton

Yates Horace G., lawyer, 338 E Water, h 117 W Market

Yates William P., watchmaker, 218 E Water, h 117 W Market

Yaw Lanie, domestic, 853 Magee

Yenger Bertram (Yenger & Schumacher), h 917 Lake

Yenger Frank J., marble cutter, h 361 Division

YENGER & SCHUMACHER. (Bertram Yenger and Peter Schumacher), stone works, 702, 704 and 706 Lake

Yeomans Jacob L., agent, 101 Water, h 102 do

Yewdall Joseph, peddler, h 553 E 2d

Yontz John V. B., baggagemaster, h 306 College av

Yorath William, helper, h 907 Stowell

YOUMANS EDWARD B., lawyer, 210 E Water, h 220 William

Youmans Milton, carpenter, 216 W S Water, h do

Young Charles W. (Young & Allen), h 406 Powell

Young Clara, tailoress, h Esty n Robinson

Young Emma, domestic, 327 Baldwin

Young Harriet, widow Jesse, h Esty n Robinson

Young Ida, tailoress, h Esty n Robinson

Young John C., shoemaker, h Fair n South Main

Young John (Stowell & Young), h 209 Gregg

Young John, jr., clerk, 155 Lake, h 209 Gregg

Young Men’s Christian Association, Opera Block, Lake

Young Sapphire, widow Peter C., h 205 High

Young Sarah, h 205 High

YOUNG & ALLEN. (Charles W. Young and Andrew J. Allen), tin, sheet iron and copper ware, 121 Lake

Youngs John C., shoemaker, h 116 Ferris

Yoxtheimer Crissie, domestic, 615 Park Place

Youngs Stewart, mason, h 1018 Oak


Zacchi Philip, scissors grinder, h 155 Fox

Zellner Israel, china, h 213 Gregg

Zillien John, tailor, h Hathaway House

Zimmer Jacob, blacksmith, h 210 Washington

Zimmerman Eugene, painter, h 303 S Main

Zimmerman Frank S., pianomaker, h 216 Harriet

Zimmerman John C., piano tuner, 116 Baldwin, h Lormore n Maple av

Zittinger John, clerk, h 52 Orchard

Zittinger Louis, clerk, h 52 Orchard

Zittinger Louis, tailor, h 52 Orchard

Zittinger Louis, jr., salesman, 325 E Water, h 52 Orchard