Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Bower Mary, Miss, h 140 E. Water

Bower & Walzer (George Bower and Peter H. Walzer), merchant tailors, 300 E Water

Bowers James, h 361 Railroad av

Bowers Sopha, domestic, 308 Williams

Bowles Soloman, h 381 W Church

Bowman Alice, h 109 E Henry

Bowman Bertha, h 711 E Church

Bowman Charles A., clerk, Chemung Canal Bank, h 507 Park Place

Bowman Charles A., Ninty-nine cent store and varieties, 112 W Water, h at Williamsport, Pa

Bowman Charles L., shoemaker, h 221 Mt Zoar

Bowman George R., boot and shoe manufacturer, 215 ½ W Water, h 507 Park Place

Bowman House, proprietor, Miles V. Bowman, 509 Railroad av. (See adv)

Bowman Nathan, hostler, h 5 Jones La

Bowman Wallace E., salesman, h 221 Mt Zoar

Bowman William J., brakeman, h 221 Mt Zoar

PENMANSHIP PRACTICAL & ORNAMENTAL at Allen Business College, Advertiser Building

Bowman William N. (Moody & Bowman), h 711 E Church

Bowne Frank C., h 1315 Lake

Bowne J. L., Mrs., h 1315 Lake

Boyd E. R., h 509 William

Boyd Hiram F., cigar manufacturer, 407 Railroad av, h 224 W Water

Boyd W. Harry, directory publisher, Preswick, Morse & Co, 313 E Water, h Pottsville, Pa

Boyer George, painter, h 435 W 5th

Boyer James, h 554 S Main

Boyer Maggie, Mrs., h 522 Baldwin

Boyle Carrie C., tailoress, h 711 E Market

Boyle George W., h 425 E Water

Boyle Richard, tailor, h 203 Dewitt

Boyle Stephen, blacksmith, h 107 Madison av

Boyne Aaron, clerk, 126 Lake, h Pagett block

Boynton A. C., postal clerk, 15 Arcade block, Lake

Boynton Rowena, Mrs., h 203 E Water

Boynton Sarah, h 410 William

Bradbury Daniel, machinist, h 456 W Gray

Bradbury Harry B., telegraph operator, h 456 W Gray

Braden I., carpenter, h 425 E Water

Bradford, Louise, seamstress, h 510 E Church

Bradley C., Mrs., h 429 W Clinton

Bradley Edwin W., gardener, h 623 Mt Zoar

Bradley Frank, brakeman, h 607 Magee

Bradley Fred P., h 623 Mt Zoar

Bradley John, laborer, h 361 Railroad av

Bradley Mary, laborer, h 763 E 2d

Bradley Naomi, Mrs., h 607 Magee

Bradley Thomas, h 122 E Hudson

Bradley William, ironworker, h 656 Baldwin

Bradshaw Aaron A., h 536 W Hudson

Bradshaw Alfred, laborer, h 536 W Hudson

Buy Michigan Pine in car loads of A. S. Turner & Son.

Bradshaw Floyd M., machinist, h 531 Pennsylvania av

Bradshaw George, h 8 Fox

Bradshaw George, laborer, h 116 W Water

Bradshaw John W., laborer, 536 W Hudson

Bradshaw Phoebe A., h 536 W Hudson

Bradstreet Merchantile Agency, manager, Charles H. Knipp, 210 E Water

Brady James E., clerk, h 150 S 2d

Brady, Kate A., saleslady, 326 E Water, h 150 Powell

Brady Mary, domestic, h 365 W 4th

Brady Mary A., Mrs., h 150 S 2d

Brady Mary C., teacher, h 101 W Chemung Place

Brady Peter, car repairer, h 101 W Chemung Place

Brady Rose, organist, h 150 S 2d

Brady Thomas, lather, h 559 E 3d

Brady William H., apprentice, h 150 S2d

Brainerd Bertha, h 760 E Church

Braisted John, h 111 E Hudson

Bran Maggie, domestic, cor College and Reformatory

Brand Anthony, farmer, h 335 Maple av

Brand George, clerk, 50 Pennsylvania av, h 335 Maple av

Brand John, jr. (John Brand & co.), h 462 Maple av cor James

Brand John, Mrs. (John Brand & Co.). h 335 Maple av

Brand John & Co. (Mrs. John Brand and John Brand, jr.), leaf tobacco, 50 and 52 Pennsylvania av

Brand Margaret, widow John h 335 Maple av

Brandt Fred, cutter, 111 E Water, h 373 W 2d

Brandt Mary, cook, 110 Lake

Brann Edward, laborer, h 705 E 5th

Brann John, laborer, h 705 E 5th

Brasser Nick, h 509 Fulton

Brassington William P., sign and banner painter, 101 E Water, h 303 S Main

Bravo C., Mrs., home for the aged

Breathwate Jacob, laborer, h 704 N Oak

Breck William, painter, h 1130 Lake

Breen Margaret, h 208 Orchard

Brees Alexander M., carpenter, h 957 Sullivan

Breese Herbert N., salesman, 340 E Water, h 465 E Market

Breese John E., clerk, 134 W Water, h 465 E Market

Breese LaMoyne, h 465 E Market

Breese N. H., Mrs., h 804 W 1st

Breitung Emil, cabinetmaker, h 408 Hart

Brennan James, foreman, h 315 E Market

Brennan Michael, foreman h 315 E Market

Brenner Fred, printer, h 319 Division

The Model Market, S. X. Metzger & Son, 409 & 411 Railroad Ave., Elmira.

Bresnan John, blacksmith, h 530 Elizabeth

Bresnan Mary, domestic, h 530 Elizabeth

Brewer Adelbert, teamster, h 802 Gray

Brewer Levi, laborer, h 816 W Gray

Bricker Charles W., shoemaker, h 371 W Water

Brickley Adda, student, h 458 Hart

Brickley Albert, h 456 Carroll

Brickwedde Catherine, h 763 E Chruch

Brickwedde C. Peter, clerk, 116 Lake, h 650 E Market

Brickwedde Ferdinand, stoves and tin ware 106 Lake, h 652 E Market

Brickwedde J. Jacob clerk, 106 Lake, h 650 E Market

Brickwedde Joseph, grocer, 763 E Church, h do

Brickwedde Joseph J., tinsmith, h 763 E Church

Brickwedde Peter C., h 650 E Market

Bridgeman Edward, student, h 909 Hoffman

Bridgeman John, farmer, 909 Hoffman

Bridgeman Lida, student, 909 Hoffman

Bridgewater, Mary E., Mrs., h 356 Walnut

Bridgeman Charles, F., clerk, 150 W Water, h 363 S Main

Bridgeman Ella A., fancy goods, 150 W Water, h 78 Penna av

Bridgeman Henry S., carpenter, h 127 W Hudson

Bridgman Lewis H., h 78 Pennsylvania av

Briesler George F., painter, h 703 Jay

Brigham Hattie e., book-keeper, 218 E Water, h 511 Lake

Briggs Albert, physician 508 Park Place, h do

Briggs Benjamin F., clerk, h 302 W Water

Briggs David, clerk, 301 E Water, h 430 Oak

Briggs George, hostler, h 429 E Water

Briggs George W., hostler, h 416 E Water

Briggs Hannah R., Mrs., h 308 W Water

Briggs Harriet, Mrs., h 508 Park Place

Briggs John B. (Briggs & Copeland) also business manager Elmira Advertiser Association, h 302 W Water

Briggs Sarah, h 416 E Water

Briggs Thomas (T. Briggs & Co.) Baldwin

Briggs T. & Co. (Thomas Briggs and John Arnot, jr.) brewers and maltsters, 121 E 2d

Briggs William, milk dealer, h 304 Pennsylvania av

Briggs William G., carpenter, h 430 Standish

Briggs Willie, h 416 E Water

Briggs & Copeland (John B. Briggs and Isaac S. Copeland), publisher Sunday Tidings, Avertiser building, Lake cor Market

Briles Preston, whitewasher, h 621 E 3d

Balusters, Stair Rails & Newel Posts at A. S. Turner &Son.

Brimmer Ada C., h 119 Lormore

Brink Alfred C., marble works, Water n Columbia, h 515 W Water

Brink Andrew J., shoemaker, h 466 Church

Brink Jerome W., livery, 255 W Water, h do

Brink Margaret, Mrs., dressmaker, h 418 E Water

Brink Mary, h 605 E Church

Brissett George, shoemaker, h 711 E Market

Brister Elmore, Mrs., h 210 W Henry

Brister Linus, h 210 W Henry

Britinbuker George, printer, h 1054 Walnut

Britton Emma, h 8 Perry

Britton Fred K., sign writer, h 220 W 3d

Broadhurst Jane, widow Joseph, h 122 E Hudson

Broadhurst Rosa A., h 122 E Hudson

Broadhurst Thomas, h 122 E Hudson

Broakman E. S., laborer, h 114 James

Broakman Elisha T., carpenter, 114 James

Broakman S. M., Mrs., h 114 James

Broakman Thomas M., carpenter, 114 James

Broakman William A., carpenter, h 805 E Water

Brockway Erastus J., cor Davis and Brancroft av

Brockway Hugh B., transfer officer, Reformatory, h do

Brockway John R., carpenter, cor Davis and Bancroft av

Brockway, Minerva M., Widow S. P., h 355 Division

Brockway Z. Reed, gen’l sup’t N. Y. S. Reformatory, h do

Broderick -------, cigarmaker, h 732 Baldwin

Brodie John, Mrs., h 48 Walnut

Brodie Thomas, mason, h 417 High

Brodman Charles, saloon, 827 Michigan, h do

Brodman Frank, ironworker, h 827 Canal

Brodman John, cigarmaker, h 827 Canal

Brodman Robert, ironworker, h 827 Canal

Brodt Harry, fireman, h 400 Railroad av

Brody Thomas T. Briggs, laborer, h 419 Railroad av

Brogan Joseph, shoemaker, h 106 W 4th

Brogan Ellen, domestic, h 106 W 4th

Broich Cornelius, saloon, 814 Walnut, h do

Bronson Mary Mrs., h 316 W Gray

Bronson William H., salesman, 108 W Water, h 316 W Gray

Brook James C., h 315 Hine

Brook Jennie B., teacher, h 518 W Gray

Brook John, h 518 W Gray

Brook Walter W., laborer, h 315 Hine

Brook William W., woodworker, h 315 Hine

Brooker John, h 705 Baldwin

TELEGRAPHY taught practically at Allen Business College, ADVERTISER BUILDING.

Brookler C. F. upholsterer, h 661 Baldwin

Brookman Elisha T., carpenter, h 166 Baldwin

Brookman Thomas M., carpenter, h 166 Baldwin

Brooks Charles B., book-keeper, 122 Railroad av, h 864 N Main

Brooks Charles S., commercial traveler, h 208 E Water

Brooks Eliza J., h 413 Columbia

Brooks Fannie, domestic, h 517 Clinton Place

Brooks George, laborer, h 517 Clinton Place

Brooks George, clerk, 134 W Water, h 54 S Main

Brooks Harry S., manager Telegram Company, h 503 E Union

Brooks Henry, laborer, h 508 Sullivan

Brooks Homer, carpenter, h 741 W Church

Brooks James, clerk, 310 Carroll, h 361 ½ W 2d

Brooks Mahula, domestic, 517 Clinton Place

Brooks N., h 610 Baldwin

Brooks Oscar, h 468 E Water

Brooks P. A., Mrs., widow Erastus P., h 815 College av

Brooks Porter D., carpenter, h 504 Roe av

Brooks P. L., Mrs., h 510 Lake

Brooks Seely, laborer, h 160 E Washington av

Brooks Solon H., cabinetmaker, h 1216 Maxwell av

Brooks Tracy B., lawyer, 208 E Water, h 815 College av

Brooks William A., butter dealer, 202 Baldwin, h 503 E Union

Brophy Emily H., saleslady, 101 W Water, h 217 W 2d

Brophy John (Brophy & McMahon, h at Rochester

Brophy Patrick, h 217 W 2d

Brophy & McMahon (J. Brophy and A. J. McMahon), clothiers, 115 E Water

Brosteski Herris, shoemaker, h 112 High

Brougham John H., clerk, Homestead Hotel, h do

Brougham William, clerk, 309 Carroll, h 307 Madison

Brown A. Clarissa, h 204 Main

Brown Ada M., Mrs., h 350 W 4th

Brown A. J., Mrs., h 109 W Water

Brown Albert, carpenter, h 200 Washington av

Brown Alexander G., clerk, 134 W Water, h 115 Columbia

Brown Amand H., h 667 College av

Brown Andrew J., clerk, 333 E Water, h 809 E Market

Brown August, shoemaker, h 51 Hoffman

Brown Charles H., barber, 407 Railroad av, h 519 Madison

Brown Charles W., carpenter, h 257 South

Brown Charles W., physician and surgeon, 312 W Church, h do

Brown Clara, nurse, h 751 E 2d

Brown C. W. M., physician and surgeon, 251 Baldwin, h do office hours until 8:30 a m, 1 to 3 and 6:30 to 7:30 p m

Brown Daniel J., saloon, restaurant and boarding house, 121 W Water, h do

Buy your Lumber from A. S TURNER & SON, 203 EAST SECOND STREET.

Brown David B,. insurance, h 212 W 2d

Brown DeWitt C., cigarmaker, h 555 E Water

Brown Drusilla, Mrs., dressmaker, 628 William

Brown Ebenezer E., salesman, 154 Lake, h at Owego

Brown Eliza, Mrs., h 716 Dix

Brown Ellen, Mrs., h 713 Railroad av

Brown Emily J., h 102 Orchard

Brown Frank, h 605 Beach

Brown Frank C., h 212 N 2d

Brown Franklin G., harnessmaker, h 219 Sullivan

Brown Frederick, coachman, 312 Lake

Brown Fred A., h 1213 Hall

Brown Fremont M., druggist, 224 W Water, h 350 W 4th

Brown Gardiner, clerk, 107 E Church, h 124 Lake

Brown George, carpenter, h 143 E Water

Brown George, janitor, 173 Lake, h 716 Dickinson

Brown Guy P., clerk, 109 Lake, h 11 Washington

Brown Hattie L., book-keeper, 318 Carroll, h 312 College av

Brown Henry, shoemaker, h 373 W 3d

Brown H. R., engineer, h 663 Baldwin

Brown Ida M., domestic, 709 Kinyon

Brown Jacob, carpenter, h 555 E Church

Brown James, laborer, 618 Baldwin

Brown Jefferson, whitewasher, h 402 Perry

Brown Jennie, operator, h Lincoln

Brown Jerry B., laborer, h 426 E Water

Brown Johanna, h 751 E Washington av

Brown Johannah, domestic, 511 W Water

Brown John, carpenter, h 713 Railroad av

Brown John, laborer, h 723 Lake

Brown John, laborer, h cor Park and Lincoln

Brown John C., h 607 Jay

Brown John W., laborer, h 323 Norton

Brown John Wilson (Brown & Baxter), h Rathbun House

Brown Joseph H., shoemaker, h 313 W 4th

Brown J. Lewis, tobacconist, 153 Lake, h 422 W Church

Brown Judson E., carbuilder, h 323 Norton

Brown Katie, tailoress, h 751 E Washington av

Brown Kittie, h 311 Washington

Brown LaFayette, carbuilder, h 363 Division

Brown Leroy, teamster, h cor College Ave and Reformatory av

Brown Lewis , architect and builder, 213 ½ W Water, also proprietor Queen City Steam Dyeing and Scouring Works, 213 do, h 471 W Water. (See adv)

S. X. METZGER & SON, Pork and Beef Packert, 409 & 411 Railroad Ave., ELMIRA, N. Y.

Brown Lewis J., carpenter, h 471 W Water

Brown Louis H., book-keeper, 153 Lake, h 523 W Church

Brown Louise C., music teacher, h 214 College av

Brown Maggie, h 313 W 4th

Brown Maggie, Mrs., dressmaker, 426 E Water, h do

Brown Margaret, h 311 Washington

Brown Mary J., h 402 Perry

Brown Melvina, Mrs., h 471 W Water

Brown Michael, h 429 W 4th

Brown Michale, machinist, h 110 S 2d

Brown Nelson, farmer, h West Elmira

Brown Oscar, h 667 College av

Brown Samuel, clerk, 200 W Water h 110 Columbia

Brown Sarah, Mrs., h 662 ½ Baldwin

Brown Sylvester, blacksmith, h 751 E Washington av

Brown Theodore F, clerk, 224 W Water, h 204 College av

Brown Thomas, linesman, h 110 S 2d

Brown William A., janitor, h 1213 Hall

Brown William D., h 813 W Gray

Brown William J., h 555 E Water

Brown & Baxter (John Wilson Brown and Archie E. Baxter), lawyers, 1, 3 and 5 Masonic Temple

Browne William H., engineer, 312 College av

Brownlow James, carriagemaker, h 458 E Church

Bryant George, puddler, h 150 E Washington av

Brundage James, Mrs., h 755 E Church

Brundage Katie A., domestic, 314 Reformatory av

Bruen John H., h 369 W 4th

Bruen Lucy D., h 309 W 4th

Go to A. S. TURNER & SON for Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Etc., 203 East Second St.

Bruds William, painter, h 1130 Lake

Brush George A., lawyer, 100 Lake, h room 17 Advertiser block

Bryan A., Mrs., dressmaker, Lake cor William, h do

Bryan Aaron G., clerk, 126 Lake, h 148 W Water

Bryan Aaron G., laborer, h 807 Washington av

Bryan Anna M., Mrs., tailoress, h 505 Fulton

Bryan Hiram R., butcher, 114 S Main, h 358 Fulton

Bryan Eliza, h 807 Washington av

Bryan Platt V., Elmira Gas Light Company, h 653 Park Place

Bryan Squire J., carpenter, h 807 Washington av

Bryan Ward R., carpenter, room 17 Pagett block

Buchanan A. G., salesman, 138 W Water, h 415 Elm

Buchanan James F., machinist, h 415 Elm

Buchanan Nelson G., salesman, 138 W Water, h 415 Elm

Bucher Mary C., seamstress, h 328 Baldwin

Buck Ahalidah, carpenter, h 126 W Henry

Buck Emma, domestic, 210 W Clinton

Buck G. W., law student, 100 Lake, h 416 College av

Buck Maggie, domestic, 270 W Water

Buck William, drayman, 122 Railroad av, h do

Buckbee Alanson, engineer, h 214 Lormore

Buckbee House, proprietor, Allen Cooper, 429 E Water

Buckbee Joseph, farmer, W Elmira

Buck L. P., h 214 Lormore

Buckhout John H., carpenter, h 400 Maxwell Place

Buckley Albert, railroader, h 208 Ann

Buckley Julia, Mrs., h 200 Harmon

Buckman Otis, Mrs., h 522 William

Budd Andrew, car driver, h 517 Harper

Budd Andrus N., box builder h 517 Harper

Budd Betsey, Mrs., hairdresser, h 458 Mt Zoar

Budd Caroline, widow Bryon, h 517 Harper

Budd Carrie, h 809 E Church

Budd C. B., peddler, h 458 Mt Zoar

Budd Cyntha, h 617 Jay

Budd David M., fish, h 617 Jay

Budd Eliza, h 809 E Church

Budd George B., car driver, h 517 Harper

Budd Loudon G., h 609 W Water

Budd Oscar H., painter, Lake cor Market, h 124 E Chemung Place

Budzichowski Marian, cigarmaker, h 354 Railroad av

Budzichowski Michael, shoemaker, 354 Railroad av, h do

Buel Nanderton, domestic, 452 W Water

Buftalsky Marcus, peddler, h 701 E Water

Bugbee Daniel, shoemaker, 306 W 1st


Bugbee Dexter, shoemaker, h 306 W 1st

Bugbee Frederick A., keeper at Reformatory, h 109 N Main

Bugshi, Antonia, spinner, h 750 Day

Bull William G., h 417 W 2d

Bullard Alice B., h 404 Hoffman

Bullard Almon B. (A. B. Bullard & Son), h 501 W Water

Bullard Almon B. & Son (Almon B.), leather and findings 103 W Water

Bullard Almon M. (A. B. Bullard & Son), h 501 W Water

Bullard Delia R., Mrs., h 363 Fulton

Bullard G. A., salesman, h 623 W Gray

Bullard George W., leather and findings, 147 W Water, h 623 W Gray

Bullard J. B., book-keeper, h 404 Hoffman

Bullard Edgar, laborer, h 665 Baldwin

Bullard Egbert, laborer, h 518 Baldwin

Bullard Lydia S., saleslady, 326 E Water, h 617 Lake

Bunce Emma R., Mrs., h 725 Walnut

Bunce Hawley, engineer, h 725 Walnut

Bundy Ella, h 128 E Chemung Place

Bundy Frank El, clerk, 127 Lake, h 267 Baldwin

Bundy Jabin A. (Bundy Bros.), h 269 Baldwin

Bundy Oscar F. (Bundy Bros.), h267 Baldwin

Bundy Brothers (O. F. and J. A.) grocers, 125 & 127 Lake

Bunnel Sol, hotel, also livery, 313 and 315 E Market, h do

Bunnell David K., boot cutter, h 512 John

Bunto Harrison, teamster, h 211 Gregg

Burbage Edward J., tinsmith, h 357 W Gray

Burbage John, shoemaker, h cor Jacob and Lewis

Burbage, Robert, assistant book-keeper, 301 E Water, h cor Jacob and Lewis

Burbage Sarah, clerk, 201 201 E Water, h 357 W Gray

Burbage Thomas, painter h cor Jacob and Lewis

Burbage Willliam H., plumber, h 357 W Gray

Burch Frances B., H 206 DeWitt

Burchell Hattie, fancy dry goods, 326 E Water, h river rd beyond limits

Burchell Mary a., saleslady, 326 E Water , h river rd beyond limits

Burchell Richard, h 429 E Water

Burdick W. P., real estate, h 210 W. South av

Burgess Fred S., tinsmith, h 123 E Hudson

Burgett A. R., conductor, h 401 Sullivan

Burgimam William, foreman, h 558 E 2d

Burhingham Mary, h 544 S Main

Buringen Jerry, track foreman, h 727 S Main


Burk Eli S., carpenter, h 209 Thurston

Burk Mary A., Mrs., h 521 Harper

Burke Anna, h 600 Baldwin

Burke Bartholomew, cigarmaker, h 312 Washington

Burke Frank J., brakeman N. C. R. R., h 709 Kinyon

Burke John, laborer, h 312 Washington

Burke Kittie M., clerk, 315 E Water, h 220 High

Burke Owen, student, h 515 E Union

Burke Jacob, baker, h 153 Washington

Burke Jacob, painter, 504 Elizabeth

Burless James, chairbottomer, h 725 Kinyon

Burley Kilburn, Mrs., h 408 W Water

Burley Levi, shoemaker, h 415 W 4th

Burlingame Elmer, editor Sunday Telegram, h 505 E Union

Burlingame Velours C., teamster, h 213 Thurston

Burnett Anna, h 607 Jay

Burnett Edwin L, penman, 118 W Water

Burnett Kittie, h 515 High

Burnett Mary El, Mrs., h 244 W 1st

Burnett Susie S., h 53 Orchard

Burnett Thomas, mason, h 515 High

Burnett Willard W., physician, 118 W Water, h do

Burnette Charles R. (Brunette & Ganung), h 53 Orchard

Burnette & Ganung (C. R. Burnette and C. C. Ganung), book and job printers, 133 E Water, (See adv bottom lines)

Burnham Kinny, car oiler, h 236 Mt Zoar

Burnes Maggie, domestic, 504 E Church

Burnes Mary, domestic, 760 E Church

Burns Michael, laborer, h 507 High

Burns Bridget, Miss, h 501 Pennsylvania av

Burns Catherine, domestic, 712 Baldwin

Burns Dennis, laborer, h 823 Hatch

Burns Frank, plumber, h 116 W Chemung Place

Burns Henry, laborer, h 501 Pennsylvania av

Burns Henry J., carpenter, h 501 Pennsylvania av

Burns James, blacksmith, 360 W 3d

Burns Joseph, h 501 Pennsylvania av

Burns Kittie, saleslady, 214 E Water, h 116 W Chemung Place

Burns Lizzie, domestic, 311 William

Burns Margaret, grocer, 404 E Water, h 116 W Chemung Place

Burns Mary, Miss, h 501 Pennsylvania av

Burns, Michael, hotel, 726 Lake, h do

Burns Patrick, fireman, h 501 Pennsylvania av

Burns Patrick, jr., cirgarmaker, h 458 High

Burns Patrick, laborer, h 458 High

Burns Thomas, laborer, h 320 Webber

S. X. METZGER & SON’S MODEL MARKET, 409 & 411 Railroad Av., ELMIRA.

Burns Thomas, manager 404 E Water h 116 W Chemung Place

Burr Charles, machinist, h 217 W Henry

Burr Esther T., operator, 118 Lake, h 100 Pennsylvania av

Burr Julie H., domestic, 914 Benton

Burr Libbie, seamstress, h 511 College av

Burr Mary, Mrs., h 217 W Henry

Burr Sara, dressmaker, h 217 W Henry

Burrow John, carpenter, h 215 S Main

Burrows -----, laborer, h 371 Thurston

Burrows Jabez T., tobacconist and barber, 104 N Main, h 212 W Water

Burt Garry, h 415 E Washington av

Burt George J., tanner, h 112 Pennsylvania av

Burt Henry J., conductor, h 622 Pennsylvania av, h do

Burt Joseph, laborer, h Elmira House

Burt Mark A., agent, h 119 Pennsylvania av

Burt V. W., h 425 E Water

Burton Nellie, Mrs., h 334 E Water

Burtrand Jennie, Miss, h 369 W Clinton

Burwell Cora, tailoress, h 752 Jay

Burwell Willie, h 752 Jay

Bush A. L., machinist, h 234 Mt Zoar

Bush Charles W., engineer, h 705 S Main

Bush Daniel B., flour, 412 E Market, h 112 Orchard

Bush John J., manager, R. G. Dun & Co., h 815 College av

Bush Lewis w., h 112 Orchard

Bush Sarah a., h 213 Orchard

Bush William W., carbuilder, h 607 N Main

Buss Anna, h 1 W 5th

Buss Barbry, tailor, h 219 S Main

Buss Peter W., cigarmaker, h 219 S Main

Buss Samuel J., tailor, h 219 S Main

A. S. Turner & Son MAKE THE BEST Mouldings and Brackets.

Butcher Anna, domestic, 713 W Main

Butcher Charles, tailor, h 425 E Water

Butcher Daniel, clerk, room 7 Pagett block

Butcher Edward, clerk, 103 Baldwin, h 205 Gregg

Butcher George, tailor, h 425 E Water

Butcher Kate, h 205 Gregg

Butcher Katie, Miss, h 610 Dickinson

Butler Bridget, domestic, 217 W 1st

Butler Colliery Co., Ferrel C. Dininny, president, coal miners and shippers, 109 W Water

Butler Edward, blacksmith, h 810 W 4th

Butler Edward, brakeman, h 611 S Main

Butler Emanuel, h 616 Dickenson

Butler James, laborer, h 926 Maxwell av

Butler Kate, domestic, 312 W Church

Butler Mary, laundress, h 616 Dickinson

Butler Mary, widow John, h 310 W 4th

Butler Patrick, blacksmith, h 359 W 3d

Butler Patrick, painter, h 813 W 4th

Butler Susie, domestic, 713 E Church

Butler William F., gardner, h 312 Sullivan

Butman Abe L., shoemaker, h Carroll cor Fox

Butman George W., shoemaker, h Carroll cor Fox

Butman William H., shoemaker, Carroll cor Fox, h do

Burman William J., shoemaker, h Carroll cor Fox

Butters Isaac, h 1319 Lake

Butters William, laborer, h 1319 Lake

Butts Charles E., brakeman, D., L. and W. R. R., h 919 Maxwell av

Buxton Edwin J., florist, h 107 W Market

Byrne Anna F., teacher, h 113 W Gray

Byrne Emma J., teacher, h 113 W Gray

Byrne George W., cooper, 521 Baldwin, h 404 Sullivan

Byrne James, h 801 Hatch

Byrne John C., clerk, freight depot N. C. R. R., h 424 W 4th

Byrne Kate, domestic, h 218 William

Byrne Rose, Mrs., h 426 W 4th

Byrne Sarah, h 203 Baldwin

Byrne Sarah, widow John, h 113 W Gray

Byrne Thomas G., blacksmith, 413 E Market, h 856 John

Byrnes Ann, Mrs., h 964 Magee

Byrnes Daniel, pedestrian, h 964 Magee

Byrnes John, barber, h 964 Magee

BOOK-KEEPING taught practically at Allen Business College, ADVERTISER BUILDING.


Cable Frank V., clerk, Erie depot, h Rathbun House

Cable Robert B., Division superintendent N. Y., L. E. and W. R. R. Co., h Rathbun House

Cadigan Ellen, domestic, 306 W Gray

Cadigan John, ironworker, h 916 Magee

Cadmus J. A., h 907 W Water

Cadoo James H., carpenter, h 417 S Main

Cadwell Frank, 316 E Water

Cadwell Frankie, room No. 3 Stancliff Hall

Cadwell Guy C., Musician, h 316 E Water

Cadwell Helen, h 207 S Elm

Cahill Edward, car repairer, h 425 W 4th

Cahill Ellen, h 1015 Oak

Cahill Ellen, Mrs., tailoress, h 372 Railroad av

Cahill James, h 711 Canal

Cahill James, tinsmith, h 425 W 4th

Cahill John, shoemaker, h 425 W 4th

Cahill Lizzie, Mrs, h 609 William

Cahill Maggie, domestic, 657 Park Place

Cahill Maggie R., dressmaker, h 408 S Main

Cahill Margaretta, dressmaker, h 462 W 6th

Cahill Martin, rolling mill, h 462 W 6th

Cahill Mary F., Mrs., 372 Railroad av

Cahill M. W., h 521 E Union

Cahill Michael, blacksmith, h 425 W 4th

Cahill Michael, h 304 Washington av

Cahill Michael, jr., clerk, 304 Washington av

Cahill Michael, saloon, Washington av op. Maxwell av, h do

Cahill Nellie D., Mrs., h 802 Madison av

Cain Ann, widow Dennis, 661 Columbia

Cain John, plumber h 163 Sullivan

Cain Josie, domestic, h 313 W Hudson

Cain Lizzie, domestic, 902 College av

Cain Katie, seamstress, 313 W Hudson

Cain Margaret, Mrs., h 313 W Hudson

Cain Mary, domestic, h 313 W Hudson

Cain Nellie, domestic, h 313 W Hudson

Cain Patrick, blacksmith, h 163 Sullivan

Cain Susie, domestic, 109 W Chemung Place

Calagan James H., h 551 E Water

Calaway Louis, laborer, h 668 Dickinson

Caldwell David, carpenter, h 203 S Main

Caldwell David, produce, 113 S Main, h 104 W Hudson

Caldwell Lewis D., letter carrier, h 305 E Market

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Caldwell Luther h 301 E Market

Caldwell Luther S., fireman, h 301 E Market

Calhoun Chesney, h 709 E Church

Calhoun Chesney) lawyer, 201 E Gray

Calkin Thomas, laborer, 924 Maxwell av

Calkins Edward B., clerk, 340 E Water, h 501 Lake

Calkins John W. D., book-keeper, 109 W Water, h 362 College av

Calkins Nathan, h 358 Norton

Calkins Nathan, laborer, h 508 E Clinton

Calkins Nathan S., clerk, 109 W Water, h 362 College av

Call Purinton B., carriage trimmer, h 708 W Water

Callahan James H., city editor Sunday Tidings, h 551 E Water

Callahan John, salesman, 139 E Water, h 109 Franklin

Callahan Partick, bartender, 121 Railroad av, h Maple av beyond city limits

Callahan Thomas, mason, h Elmira House

Calligan Kate, teacher h 515 Pennsylvania av

Calligan Maggie, Miss, 519 W Clinton

Calligan Maggie L., saleslady, 139 E Water, h 515 Pennsylvania av

Calligan Mary, dressmaker, h 515 Pennsylvania av

Calligan Michael, foreman mill, h 262 S Elm

Calligan Patrick, laborer, h 515 Pennsylvania