Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.

Callow Martin, clerk, h 130 W Water

Calrin Elizabeth, h 500 High

Camp Charles F., shoemaker, h 116 Orchard

Campbell Abijah, roof painter, h 640 Sullivan

Campbell Ada J., Mrs., dressmaker, 356 E 4th, h do

Campbell Albert, h 224 W 3d

Campbell Anna, Miss, h 356 E 4th

Campbell Annie, saleslady, 139 E Water, h 118 W Chemung Place

Campbell Andrew, laborer, h 118 W Chemung Place

Campbell Bernard, laborer, h 957 N Main

Campbell C. Ernest, resident physician, Elmira Surgical Institue, h do

Campbell Charles, Mrs., h 402 W Gray

Campbell Charles S., clerk, 134 W Water, h 229 Mt Zoar

Campbell Daniel M., h 103 Washington av

Campbell David, wireworker, h 409 Dewitt

Campbell DeWitt S., clerk, 134 W Water, h 229 Mt Zoar

Campbell Delphene, h 10 Fox

Campbell Edgar, coal dealer, 119 E Church, h 402 W Gray

Campbell F. A., engineer, Austin block

Campbell Francis, h 569 E Water

Campbell George H., varnisher, h 313 Roe av

Campbell Henry, tanner, 857 Factory, h 861 do

Campbell Henry J., mechanic, h 229 Mt Zoar

Campbell Henry L., machinist, h 414 E Washington av

Campbell James, laborer, h 605 E 2d

Campbell James E., h 605 E 2d

Campbell James, shoemaker, h 107 Sullivan

Campbell James A., plumber, h 224 W Water

Campbell Jefferson, machinist, h 1120 Elm

Campbell Jennie, milliner, h 118 W Chemung Place

Campbell J. F., h 313 Roe av

Campbell John, laborer, h 422 Standish

Campbell John, teamster, h 605 E 2d

Campbell John A., plumber, h 611 William

Campbell John J., cigarmaker, h 103 Washington av

Campbell Joseph A., machinist, h 611 William

Campbell Margaret, domestic, 168 High

Campbell Martin, laborer, N. C. R. R., 705 S Main

Campbell Mary J., Mrs., 509 S Elm

Campbell Mary J., Mrs., carpet weaver, 605 E 2d, h do

Campbell Michael B. car inspector, h 118 W Chemung Place

Campbell M. M., Mrs., h 313 W Water

Campbell Patrick, shoemaker, h 107 Sullivan

Campbell Patrick J., shoemaker, h 107 Sullivan

Campbell Richard, h 407 Dewitt

Campbell Richard, laborer, h Jones la

Campbell Sarah, Miss, h 317 Carroll

Campbell Stella, Mrs., h 407 Madison

Campbell Theodore, helper, h 157 Baldwin

Campbell Theodore, laborer, h r 461 W 4th

Campbell Thomas O., painter, h 424 W Gray

Campbell William, butcher, h Jones’ la

Campbell William E., fireman, h 213 Mt Zoar

Campbell William H., mason, h 754 E 5th

Campbell William H., servant, h 52 S Main

Campbell William T., clerk, 301 E Water, h 109 College av

Cane Nora, domestic, 603 Hoffman

Caney Harry C., h 312 William

Canney Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

Cannon Alice H., domestic, 306 Dewitt

CANNON BROTHERS & CO. (G. B. and J. Cannon, C. E. Chamberlain and James Gant), publishers and

booksellers, 116 Baldwin

Cannon Edmund M., collector, 116 Baldwin, h 517 W 1st

Cannon George B. (James H. Keefe & Co., also Cannon Brothers & Co.), h W Water n Elm

Cannon James (Cannon Brothers & Co.), h 517 W 1st

Cannon James, jr. (James H. Keefe & Co.), h 517 W 1st

Cannon Mott, h 517 W 1st

CANNON & CO. (---------), coal and wood, 627 Railroad av

Canny Hannah, domestic, 407 W Water

Canny John, groom, 407 W Water

Canny Kate, domestic, 423 W Church

Canon James, laborer, h 4th and Lake

Capwell Electa, saleslady, 120 W Water, h do

Carberry Michael, instructor, Reformatory, h Reformatory av

Carey Francis W., tailor, 317 E Water, h 316 Orchard

Carley H., Mrs., h 363 W 3d

Carey Matthew J., augermaker, h 418 E Washington av

Carey Mina B., tailoress, h 422 E Water

Carey Mina B., Mrs., tailoress, h 415 W Water

Carey Michael, h 519 W Clinton

Carey Phebe, Mrs., h 407 Railroad av

Carey William R. (Simons & Carey), h 460 E Church

Cargill R. G., organist, h 129 N Main

Carle Nellie, widow Harry, millinery, 335 E Water, h do

Carleson A., laborer, h 917 Main

Carley Thomas H., tinsmith, h 1309 Norton

Carlson C. John, h 105 E Washington av

Carman Gabriel S., carpenter, h 552 S Main

Carman John, laborer, h 265 W Henry

Carman Samuel E., carpenter, 314 South av

Carman Stephen A., h 718 Walnut

Carman Stephen H., carriagemaker, h 718 Walnut

Carman William A., carpenter, 552 S Main

Carmody Michael, expressman, h 912 McDonald

Carmody Simon, laborer, h 651 E Water

Carnochan Will E., student, h 325 Lake

Carpen Joseph, laborer, h 833 Canal

Carpenter Amos G., teamster, h 511 Harper

Carpenter Andrew J., h 115 Madison av

Carpenter Clara E., h 400 William

Carpenter Daniel, carpenter, Thurston, E of Lake

Carpenter Fred C., h 116 S Main

Carpenter George, h 437 E Water

Carpenter George C., laborer, h 437 E Water

Carpenter George E. (Topping Brothers & Co.), h 400 William

Carpenter George H., woodturner, h 762 E Water

Carpenter George M., grain dealer, 101 Henry, h 203 Penna av

Carpenter H. H., gauger, 121 Baldwin, h do

Carpenter Hiram, h Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

Carpenter Hugh, room 19 Opera block, Lake

Carpenter Isaac, room 19 Opera block, Lake

Carpenter John B., fireman, h 714 Oak

Carpenter John Y., letter carrier, postoffice, h 907 Lake

Carpenter Mary, domestic, 436 E Water

Carpenter Mary, Mrs., h 801 Hatch

Carpenter Nelson, clerk, 101 W Henry, h 203 Pennsylvania av

Carpenter William, h 229 Mt Zoar

Carpenter William (Argetsinger & Carpenter), h 139 W Water

Carpenter W. E., clerk, 651 Lake, h 405 E Union

Carpenter Zenus R., turner, h 532 Pennsylvania av

Carr Austin A., h 626 W Gray

Carr Bernard, blacksmith, h 726 Hatch

Carr Betsey, widow Austin, h 411 Baldwin

Carr Charles H., brakeman, h 456 South av

Carr Fannie E., teacher, h 411 Baldwin

Carr Fletcher, compositor, Husbandman office, h 516 William

Carr F. S., Mrs., book-keeper, 201 E Water, h 516 William

Carr Libbie Miss, 318 Baldwin

Carr Libbie Mrs., h 204 Chestnut

Carr LeGrand, blacksmith, h West Elmira

Carr Lettitia, book-keeper, 210 E Water, h 516 William

Carr Mary A., h 203 Pennsylvania av

Carr Mary Ann, domestic, 661 Park Place

Carr Nelson H., h 112 W 1st

Carr Samuel M., farmer, h West Elmira

Carr Silas T., carriagemaker, h cor Jay and Oak

Carr Stephen, h 806 Hatch

Carr Thomas, h 806 Hatch

Carr William S., book-keeper, Water cor Baldwin, h 909 W Water

Carrier Courtland F. (Pratt & Co.), h 511 E Union

Carrier Joseph, h 518 Lake

Carries George, barber, h 434 E Water

Carrigan James, laborer, h 924 Maxwell av

Carrigan Miles, ironworker, h 711 Michigan

Carroll Charles H., teacher, h 371 W Church

Carroll Delia, Miss, h 316 Hathaway

Carroll Delia, domestic, 357 Columbia

Carroll Delia, domestic, 361 W First

Carroll Henry, laborer, h 669 Baldwin

Carroll John, laborer, h 116 O’Gorman

Carroll Katie, h 462 W 6th

Carroll Patrick, h 853 Dickinson

Carroll Patrick, fireman, h 261 W Hudson

Carroll Patrick, machinist, h 451 Franklin

Carruthers John, farmer, h West Elmira

Carruthers Robert, farmer, h West Elmira

Carruthers Robert, butcher, h 619 Hart

Carruthers William, gardener, h 619 Hart

Carter Alvah, painter, h 112 College av

Carter Alvah S., jr., book-keeper, 127 W Water, h 112 College av

Carter Joseph F., printer, h 1051 Walnut

Carter Levi, h 604 Baldwin

Carter Lydia, domestic, 317 Dewitt

Cartledge James C., marblecutter, h 354 Pennsylvania av

Cartledge Joseph, marblecutter, h 402 Madison av

Cartwright Stephen, ironworker, h 367 Diven av

Cary James S. (Hallock, Cary & Co.), h 399 W Water

Caryle Amos C., foreman, h 663 Lake

Casady Fred, student, h 218 Baldwin

Casady George B., musician, h 468 E Water

Casady George W., barber, h 488 E Water

Casady John E., h 468 E Water

Casey Daniel, laborer, h 802 Sullivan

Casey Daniel S., 505 Park Place

Casey Maggie, domestic, 801 N Main

Casey Michael, laborer, h 209 Harmon

CASEY MICHAEL G., Elmira House, State n Water, h do

Casey Morgan, blacksmith, h 460 W 2d

Casey Timothy C., laundry, Park Place cor Main, h Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

Cass John, Recorder, City Hall, h 122 W Hudson

Cass S. A., foreman, h 807 Lake

Cassal Charles M., jeweler, 105 E Water, h 100 W Gray

CASSAL HENRY M., jeweler, 105 E Water, h 110 W Gray

Cassidy Nellie, h 405 Pennsylvania av

Cassin Martin, produce dealer, h 467 Powell

Castcline Anna M., dressmaker, h 707 E Market

Casterline Cyrus, h 208 Ann

Casterline Elmira, laundress, h 711 John

Casterline Ernest, h 208 Ann

Casterline Horace, gunsmith, h 754 John

CASTERLINE ISAAC, gunsmith 323 Carroll, h do

Casterline Jacob, cigarmaker, h 711 John

Casterline James, laborer, h 666 Baldwin

Casterline Jennie, dressmaker, h 508 John

Catlin Alice E., h 401 Railroad av

Catlin Eliza, Mrs., h 212 Partridge

Catlin Jane, widow Lucius, h 318 W 3d

Catlin Thomas, h 202 Harmon

Catty Joseph, laborer, h 4th and Lake

Caulkins Hiram L, printer, h 1305 College av

Caulkins Hiram W., collector, h 1305 College av

Caulkins Kittie D., music teacher, 1305 College av

Caulkins Thomas B., h 1305 College av

Cavanaugh Cornelius, laborer, 960 E Clinton

Caverly John, rolling mill, Roe av

Caverly Mary, domestic, 713 E Market

Central Express Company, Sutherland DeWitt, agent, 152 Baldwin

Central Railway of N. J. freight line (Carbondale route), T. B. Koons, general agent, 505 Railroad av

Cerlyon Mary, domestic, 125 E Chemung Place

Chadbourne Hattie, h 210 Washington

Chadbourne Joseph K., clerk, freight depot Erie R. R., h 413 W Clinton

Chadbourne William T., clerk, Rathbun House, h 210 Washington

Chair John, laborer, h 358 Railroad av

Chalker James, laborer, h 406 E Market

Chalmers Julia A., teacher, h 213 W 1st

Chamberlain A. B., h 713 Park Place

Chamberlain Burton S., h 713 Park Place

Chamberlain Charles D., h 713 Park Place

Chamberlain Charles E. (Cannon Bros. & Co.), h at Williamsport

Chamberlain J. W., h 212 W Gray

Chambers Edna, Mrs., h 408 N Main

Champion David, watchman, h 400 Railroad av

Chandler Amelia, widow John, h 1124 Elm

Chapin Theo. F., teacher, h 312 Webber

Chapin Zackery, teamster, h 417 Standish

Chapman Andrew F., manager, 901 Lake, h 917 Benton

Chapman Burke, farmer, h West Elmira

Chapman Charles, farmer, h West Elmira

Chapman Edgar, farmer, h West Elmira

Chapman Edith, h 312 E Water

Chapman Hobart M., grocer, 901 Lake, h at Penn Yan

Chapman, James J., machinist, h 110 W Henry

Chapman John L., h 308 Washington

Chapman Joshua, hostler, h West End Hotel

Chapman Laura, Mrs., dressmaker, h 404 W 3d

Chapman Louise, domestic, 414 William

Chapman Orrin, farmer, h West Elmira

Chapman Seely P., h West Elmira

Chapman Wilbur N., farmer, h West Elmira

Charles Oliver, h 106 W 2d

Charlson Andrew, laborer, h 400 Railroad av

Charlson Robert, laborer, h 400 Railroad av

Chase Ann M., Mrs., 509 Pennsylvania av

Chase C. B., machinist, h 609 Lewis

Chase Fred M., clerk, 301 E Water, h 502 W 1st

Chase H. H., mechanic, h 701 Winsor av

CHASE ZALMON F., physician, 760 E Church, h do

Chase Walter P., salesman, 307 E Water, h 113 Fox


CHEMUNG HOLLOW WARE WORKS, D. M. Thomas, Secretary, Reformatory

Cherry Anna, Mrs., h 108 Partridge

Cherry Electa, widow William, saloon, 218 E Market, h do

Cherry John, saloon, 361 Railroad av, h do

Cherry Mary, boarding house, h 361 Railroad av

Cherry Patrick, policeman, h 757 E Market

Cherry S. K., teamster, h 410 Standish

Cherry Thomas, h 361 Railroad av

Chester Jane, Mrs., dressmaker, h 310 Elm

Chidester Elizabeth, Mrs., h 327 Center

Chidsey George M., clerk, 114 W Water, h 366 W Gray

Chidsey George W., agent, 114 W Water, h 366 W Gray

Chrisler Hiram, blacksmith, s Broadway n Mt Zoar, h 410 S Broadway

Chrisler Monroe, blacksmith, h 410 S Broadway

Christ August, shoemaker, h 708 E Water

Christen Charles, barber, State n Water, h do

Christen Edward, harness maker, h 752 John

Christen George, upholsterer, h 752 John

Christen Joseph (Benjamin & Christen), h 143 E Water

Christen Joseph, tailor, h 752 John

CHUBBUCK HOLLIS S., physician, 258 Baldwin, h do

Chubbuck Lucy, h 713 E Church

Chubbuck Manley T., manager, 354 Pennsylvania av, h 713 E Church

Churchill Enoch, mason, h 377 Railroad av

Churchill F. G., Mrs., clerk, 325 E Water, h 415 N Main

Churchill Judd, mason, h 377 Railroad av

Churchill M. B., Mrs., dressmaker, 320 E Water, h do

Churchill William, policeman, h 307 Franklin

Churchill William, jr, 307 Franklin

Cilley, Joseph G., machinist, h 705 Kinyon

City Hall, Market n Lake

City Hotel, J. Frank Billette, proprietor, 507 Railroad av

Clair Kate, domestic, h 602 W Water

Claire John, laborer, h 422 W 2d

Clancy Edward, 564 S Main

Clancy Edward, flagman, h 508 E 3d

Clancy James, cigarmaker, h 372 W 1st

Clancy Mary, h 510 Lake

Clancey Thomas, shoemaker, h 369 W 2d

Clancey John J., book-keeper, 405 Railroad av, h 369 W 2d

Clapp Ezra A., h 418 Elm

Clapp George M., shoemaker, h 116 Orchard

Clapp James H., cutter, h 217 W Water

Clapp S. A., shoemaker, h 418 Elm

Clapp Stephen G. (Clapp & Co.), h 363 W 4th

Clapp Stephen G., jr., h 363 W 4th

Clapp & Co. (Stephen G. Clapp), four, etc., State cor Market

Clark Alfred E., teamster, h 59 1st av

Clark Alice, nurse, h 438 W 4th

Clark Alfonson, shoemaker, h 204 Harmon

Clark Annie, domestic, 108 Elm

Clark Annie, saleslady, 108 N Main, h 707 John

Clark Carrie, h 653 Dickinson

Clark Catherine, h 200 Dewitt

Clark Charles, blacksmith, h 718 Oak

Clark Charles H., h 661 Park Place

Clark Charles M., blacksmith, h 624 Baldwin

Clark Clara, dressmaker, h 754 John

Clark Daniel, agent, h 375 W Clinton

Clark Edward G., shoemaker, 318 Hine

Clark Edward L., commercial traveler, h cor Pennsylvania av and Elm

Clark Elisha, h cor Pennsylvania av and Elm

Clark Emma, dressmaker, h 322 W Water

Clark Eugene, brakeman, h 405 High

Clark Fannie, h 311 W Church

Clark Frank J., teamster, h 900 Oak

Clark George D., laborer, h 809 Davis

Clark George H., farmer, h 603 Hoffman

Clark George W., teamster, h 761 E Washington av

Clark Hattie, domestic, h 101 W Chemung Place

Clark Henry A., carpenter, h 422 Fulton

Clark Henry L., grain agent, W 3d n Railroad av, h 304 E Clinton

Clark Henry S., car repairer, h 359 W 5th

Clark Hobert W., h 371 W Church

Clark Horace, teamster, h 759 Day

Clark Jacob, teamster, h 1309 Hall

Clark James, car driver, h 700 Lade

Clark James, marble cutter, h 312 Orchard

Clark James, mason, h Elmira House

Clark James, watchman, h 715 Harper

Clark Joel N., cooper, Water n Columbia, h 323 Columbia

Clark John, cigarmaker, h American Hotel

Clark John, engineer, h 707 John

Clark John C., real estate, h 166 Dewitt

Clark John D., cigarmaker, h 109 W 2d

Clark John S., shoemaker, h 320 Hine

Clark Joseph, h 423 W 4th

Clark Joseph G., carpenter, h 307 Fulton

Clark Josephine S., h 311 W Church

Clark J. W. S., Factory n Sullivan, h 450 Sullivan

Clark Lizzie, domestic, 114 Lake

Clark Lulu M., Mrs., h 642 Baldwin

Clark Mary, waiter, 220 E Water

Clark Mary Dell, book agent, h 375 W Clinton

Clark Richard, farmer, h West Elmira

Clark Robert, heater, h 959 N Main

Clark Samuel J., salesman, 307 E Water, h 101 W Chemung

CLARK SAMUEL W., grain dealer, 200 E Water, h 352 Maple av

Clark Sarah M., widow William, boarding, h 505 Magee

Clark Stephen, hostler, 136 E Chemung Place

Clark Stephen C., h 353 E 5th

Clark Ward, blacksmith, h 718 Oak

Clark William, butcher, h 809 Davis

Clark William (Clark & Maby), h 809 Davis

Clark William, clerk, h 501 Lake

Clark William, manager, E. I. & S. R. Mill Co., h 661 Park Place

Clark William, manager, Factory n Sullivan, h 450 Sullivan

Clark William, jr., upholsterer, Pullman Shops, h 809 Davis

Clark William A., artist, h 458 E Clinton

Clark Will C., polisher, h 433 E Water

Clark William G., book-keeper, 419 N Main, h 505 Magee

Clark William J., clerk, 340 E Water, h 501 Lake

Clark William M., jr., timekeeper, E. I. & S. R. M. Co., h 378 W 5th

CLARK & MABY (W. Clark and G. Maby), meat market, 116 W 5th

Clarke Charles B., news agent, Erie Depot, h 959 Main

Clarke Edwin J., cashier, 310 Carroll, h 707 John

Clarke Harry M., clerk, Surrogate’s office, Court House, h 212 W Chemung Place

Clarke John, builder, 712 Park Place, h 709 Park Place

Clarke Mate I., h 507 Railroad av

Clarke Sylvanus M., builder, h 110 W Church

Clarkson James, farmer, h 816 W Gray

CLATWORTHY JAMES, flour, feed, etc., 225 W Water, h 901 do

Cleaves Elizabeth J., Mrs., h Park church

Clee Anna, h 669 Baldwin

Clemens Jacob, 600 Jay

Clementine Mary, h 717 Benjamin

Clendenney Harriet A., widow Theodore, h 720 Walnut

Clendennin Henry H., mechanic, N. C. R. R. shop, h 201 W South av

Cleveland Er. C., h 406 Oak

Cleveland Edward, clerk, 304 E Water, h 406 Oak

Cleveland H. E., clerk, h 708 E Market

Cleveland Herbert E., h 406 Oak

Cleveland Ida, domestic, 800 N Main

Cleveland James, foreman, Erie car shops, h 708 E Market

Cleveland Mary F., Mrs., dressmaker, h 505 Pennsylvania av

Cleveland Morgan R., laborer, h 905 E Market

Cleveland Reuben D., clerk, 304 E Water, h 406 Oak

Cleveland Sula, teacher, h 509 Park Place

CLEVELAND THURLOW W., wholesale fruit dealer, 304 E Water, h 406 Oak

Cleveland William, signs, 315 W Water, h 371 do

Cleveland William, laborer, h 656 Baldwin

Cline Caleb E., upholsterer, h 308 W 4th

Cline Charles, boxmaker, h 532 Pennsylvania av

Cline Elisha, carpenter, h 308 W 4th

Clinton Adel, widow William, dressmaker, 153 Baldwin, h do

Clinton Delia, h 405 High

CLIPPER CHILLED PLOW CO. (J. D. Bogardus, W. Strait, L. G. Abbott and E. B. Smith), agricultural

implement manufacturers, William cor Clinton

Cloak Mat., laborer, h 958 N Main

Cloake Thomas, teamster, h 8 Magee

Clock (See Klock)

Cloheny M., conductor, h 544 S Main

Cloke Katie, domestic, h 956 Magee

Cloke Lizzie, domestic, h 956 Magee

Cloke Mary, dressmaker, h 956 Magee

Cloke Thomas, laborer, h 956 Magee

Close Reuben H., Rev., h 370 S Main

Close R. H., Mrs., matron, Southern Tier Orphans’ Home, Franklin cor Fulton, h do

Clum H. A., scientist, room 25, Opera Block, Lake

Coakley Mary, cook, St. James Hotel

Coates David, farmer, h West Elmira

Coates George, farmer, h West Elmira

Coates I. F., farmer, h West Elmira

Coburn A. M., sashmaker, h 423 Washington av

Coburn Parley, teacher, h 215 Pennsylvania av

Coburn Willie D., h 423 Washington av

Cocoman Bridget, h 246 Lake

Cocoman Mary, domestic, 303 N Main

Cocornan Bridget, cook, Delavan House

Coddington Jane, Mrs., h 611 College av

Coddington Samuel, clerk, h 611 College av

Coelson Forest C., carriagemaker, h 710 Benjamin

Coelson Warren M., carriagemaker, h 710 Benjamin

Coety Joseph, laborer, h 105 E 1st

Coffee John, laborer, h 713 Michigan

Coffee Simon P., clerk, 149 W Water, h 713 Michigan

Coffey John J., clerk, 108 E Washington, h 163 Washington

Coffield Adaline, h 56 Orchard

Cognet Lucien, h 762 E 2d

Cohen Emanuel, clothier, h 164 Dewitt

Cohen Johnna, domestic, 110 Dewitt

Coke E. M., bakery, etc., 113 Lake, h 361 Elm

Coke Frederick, grocer, 1201 Benton, h do

Coke Levi, manager, 113 Lake, h 361 Elm

Coke William, cabinetmaker, 309 Davis, h 401 W 1st

Coke Willemina, Mrs., dressmaker, h 1201 Benton

Cole Calvin, laborer, h 706 Baldwin

Cole David, h 213 Madison

Cole Edward E., blacksmith, 70 Pennsylvania av, h 77 do

Cole Elizabeth, widow Silas, h 203 E Elm

Cole Elmer J., h 426 Balsam

Cole Jerusha, widow George, h 623 Mt Zoar

Cole John, mail agent, h 606 E 2d

Cole Richard D., carpenter, h 259 South av

Cole Samuel R., farmer, h 426 Balsam

COLE WEBSTER J., dry goods, groceries, flour, feed, boots and shoes, 600 Pennsylvania av, h do

Cole William P., flagman, h 417 S Main

Colegrove William, upholsterer, h 516 Dewitt

Coleman Eliza B., h 360 Columbia

Coleman Emeline, Mrs., h 324 W 4th

Coleman Hugh, laborer, h 317 Hathaway

COLEMAN ISAIAH B., engine and machinery repairer, Market cor State, h 685 Magee

Coleman James, h 317 Hathaway

Coleman John, heater, h 215 Broadway

Coleman Maggie, Miss, 511 E Union

Coleman Mary, h 515 E Union

Coleman Michael, laborer, h 604 Beach

Colgrove James, h 400 Clinton

Collagham Nellie, h 456 Oak

Colligan Laura, Mrs., h 106 High

Collin Charles A. (Rockwell & Collin), h 117 Walnut

Collin Frederick (Reynolds & Collin), h 117 W Market

Collingwood Esting Ward, h 113 W Chemung Place

Collingwood Robert, Jeweler, 129 E Water, h 113 W Chemung Place

Collins Ann, Mrs., saloon, 329 Railroad av, h do

Collins Burr, carpenter, h 412 E Market

Collins Dennis, laborer, h 705 E Water

Collins Dennis, varnisher, h 901 Railroad av

Collins Francis, h 527 W Washington av

Collins Hannah, Mrs., h 104 E Henry

Collins James, h 331 Railroad av

Collins Jeremiah, teamster, h 160 Harriet

Collins Jerry, h 306 Broadway

Collins John, hostler, h 464 W Church

Collins John, laborer, h 523 W Church

Collins John, tinsmith, h 822 Lincoln

Collins John M., plumber, h 901 Railroad av

Collins John T., card dealer, h 822 Lincoln

COLLINS JOHN W., harness manufacturer, 137 W Water, h 902 do

Collins Julia, domestic, 303 N Main

Collins Julia D., Wyckoff House

Collins Katie, domestic, 507 W Water

Collins Katie, domestic, 909 Hoffman

Collins Lemon W., clerk, 143 E Water, h do

Collins Maggie, domestic, 359 W Church

Collins Mamie, saleslady, 326 E Water, h 901 Railroad av

Collins Matie, tailoress, h 850 E Church

Collins Michael, h 527 W Washington av

Collins Morris, mason, h Elmira House

Collins Nicholas E., Rev., pastor Protestant Union M. E. Church, h 653 Dickinson

Collins Nora, domestic, 414 N Main

Collins Nora, domestic, 505 E Church

Collins Sarah, Mrs., grocer, 527 W Washington av, h do

Collins Thomas, laborer, h 160 Harriet

Collins Timothy, carpenter, h 256 W Hudson

Collins W. F., h 822 Lincoln

Collins William, tailor, h 207 Sullivan

Collson Minnie, Miss, h 710 Benjamin

Collson Myra M., saleslady, 102 W Water, h 123 W Henry

Collson Sarah B., h 123 W Henry

Colson A. P., carpenter, h 221 Thurston

Colson Maggie, Mrs., h 358 S Main

Colson William, h 152 E Washington av

Colson William H., h 664 Dickinson

Colton Albert, augermaker, h 905 Benton

Colton Arthur W., h 905 Benton

Colton Burt, polisher, h 905 Benton

Colton James, laundry, h 128 W Water

Colton Stephen, foreman, h 905 Benton

Colzen William, laborer, h 105 E Washington av

Comfort Eli C., physician, etc., 317 E Water, h 750 John

COMFORT PATRICK, proprietor Reformatory Hotel, College av cor Reformatory

Comley Nellie, domestic, 424 William

Commercial Express Line, C. G. Beers, agent, 505 Railroad av

Compton Carmy, florist, 1155 Hoffman, h 1157 do

Compton E. Allen, clerk, 203 E Water, h 109 W Market

Compton Frederick L., farmer, h West Elmira

Compton Jacob, farmer, h West Elmira

Compton John W., farmer, h West Elmira

Compton Richard A., h 708 Davis

Compton W. R., h 158 Baldwin

COMPTON ZERA, awning and tent maker, musical instruments, also sewing machines, 411 Carroll, h

Hoffman n city limits

Comstock J. D., Mrs., h West Elmira