Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Comstock Max, clerk, h 315 E Water

Comstock M. McG., clerk, 315 E Water, h 109 W Market

Comstock Samuel Ernest, h 669 Columbia

Comstock Samuel G., salesman, h 669 Columbia

Condal William, h 110 Railroad av

Condal William, waiter h 407 Railroad av

Condol Helen A., domestic, 525 Pennsylvania av

Condol Jane A., Mrs., laundress, h 525 Pennsylvania av

Condol Tuslus A., shoemaker, h 525 Pennsylvania av

Condol William H., whitewasher, h 525 Pennsylvania av

Condon Maurice, shoemaker, h 257 S Elm

Condit Ezra W., insurance, advertiser building, h do

Congdon Albert D., laborer, h 1014 Hoffman

Congdon Burt, driver, h 319 Sullivan

Congdon Charles F., carpenter, h 1017 Hoffman

Congdon George, maltster Market cor State, h 523 W Church

Congdon James R., h 1018 Hoffman

Congdon John, laborer, h 720 E Oak

Congdon Joseph, hackman, h 509 Railroad av

Congdon Joseph, h 523 W Church

Congdon Mary, weaver h 720 E Oak

Congdon Nicholas, ironworker, h 160 E Washington av

Conklin Alfred, ironworker, h 160 E Washington av

Conklin Charles, h 370 Pennsylvania av

S. X. METZGER & SON’S MODEL MARKET, 409 & 411 Railroad Av., ELMIRA.

Conklin David, farmer, h 1031 Hoffman

Conklin Frank, hostler, h 514 Lake

Conklin George H., h 405 Walnut

Conklin Helen M., tailoress, 330 E Water, h do

Conklin Irving N., farmer, h 1001 Hoffman

Conklin Jacob, cidar manufacturer, 505 Matthew, h do

Conklin James R., farmer, 1001 Hoffman

Conklin Lois, domestic, 315 W Church

Conklin Melvin M., baker and confectioner, 651 Lake, h do (See adv)

Conklin M. Louise, teacher, h 1001 Hoffman

Conkling Edward S., harnessmaker, h 330 E Water

Conley Emma, h 317 Railroad av

Conley Margaret, h 115 Harmon

Conley Michael, laborer, h 377 Railroad av

Conlin Martin, mason, h 801 Railroad av

Conlon Katie, tailoress, h 803 Railroad av

Conlon Kittie, domestic, 318 William

Conlon Mary, tailoress, h 803 Railroad av

Conlon Michael, cirgarmaker, h 803 Railroad av

Conlon Peter, machinist, h 803 Railroad av

Connell Kate, domestic, 450 W Gray

Connelly Anna, h 246 Lake

Connelly Corneilus, h 409 W Hudson

Connelly Cornelius, h 815 John

Connelly Cornelius, h 912 Stowell

Connelly Cornelius, mason, h 258 Partridge

Connelly Daniel, h 912 Stowell

Connelly Daniel, clerk, h 258 Partridge

Connelly Daniel, laborer, h 308 W Hudson

Connelly Daniel, laborer, h 452 W Hudson

Connelly Dennis, laborer, h 218 S Walnut

Connelly Dennis, laborer, h 511 S Walnut

Connelly Dennis, mason, h 224 Hine

A. S. Turner & Son MAKE the BEST Mouldings and Brackets.

Connelly Ella, cashier, 326 E Water, h 815 John

Connelly Eliza, tailoress, h 258 Partridge

Connelly Flora, Domestic, 467 W Hudson

Connelly Hannah, cook, h 258 Partridge

Connelly Hannah, domestic, 216 S Walnut

Connelly Hugh, saloon, 805 Michigan, h do

Connelly James, h 912 Stowell

Connelly Jeremiah, salesman, 108 W Water, h 815 John

Connelly Jerry, cigarmaker, h 452 W Hudson

Connelly Jerry, mason, h 805 E Market

Connelly John, clerk, 415 Carroll, h 258 Partridge

Connelly John, laborer, h 120 Fulton

Connelly John, laborer, h 912 Stowell

Connelly John, mason, h 224 Hine

Connelly John, shoemaker, h 120 Fulton

Connelly John, shoemaker, h 309 W Hudson

Connelly Katie, tailoress, h 511 S Elm

Connelly Maggie, tailoress, h 511 S Elm

Connelly Maria, domestic, 112 Pennsylvania av

Connelly Marice L., seamstress, h 258 Partridge

Connelly Mary, domestic, 322 W Church

Connelly Mary, domestic, 510 William

Connelly Michael, h 912 Stowell

Connelly Michael, laborer, h 200 Hine

Connelly Michael, shoemaker, h 309 Hudson

Connelly Nellie, domestic, 118 N Main

Connelly Patrick, laborer, h 216 S Walnut

Connelly Thomas, h 815 John

Connelly Thomas, book-keeper, h 258 Partridge

Connelly Thomas, expressman, h 156 W Clinton

Connelly Timothy, clerk, 139 E Water, h 216 S Walnut

Connelly Timothy, laborer, h 309 Hudson

Connelly Timothy, stripper, h 120 Fulton

Conner Ann S., restaurant, 110 N Main, h do

Conner George W., clerk, h 402 W Water

Conner Joseph H., clerk, 146 W Water, h 110 N Main

Conner Kate, domestic, 415 Main

Conner William W., meat market, 76 Pennsylvania av, h 113 E Henry

Conners Nellie, Mrs., h 325 Railroad av

Connerton Patrick, pictures, h 433 E Water

Connolly Dora, h 157 Harriet

Connolly Hugh, h 805 Canal

Connolly Timothy, drayman, h 157 Harriet

Connor Johanna, laundress, h 407 Elm

Connor Maria O., h 111 E Hudson

BOOK-KEEPING taught practically at Allen Business College, ADVERTISER BUILDING.

Connors Thomas, laborer, h 915 Davis

Connors Timothy, laborer, h 414 S Elm

Connors William, engineer, h 400 Railroad av

Conroy Bridget, domestic, 160 High

Conroy Daniel, h 361 Railroad av

Conroy James, laborer, h 856 Davis

Conroy John, mason, h 109 Washington

Conroy William, shoemaker, h Elmira House

Considine Anna, dressmaker, h 709 Davis

Considine Thomas, h 807 Railroad av

Considine Thomas, jr., h 807 Railroad av

Converse Charles, shoemaker, J. R. & Co., h 102 S Elm

Converse Edwin, shoemaker, h 102 S Elm

Converse Helen N., teacher, h 311 William

Converse M. S., collector advertiser and insurance agent, h 311 William (See adv nest page)

Converse Phebe, h 311 William

Converse William W., shoemaker, J. R. & Co., h 102 S Elm

Conway Edward saloon, 317 Railroad av, h do

Cook Abbie A., teacher h 262 Baldwin

Cook Alice, tailroess, h 314 Pennsylvania av

Cook Annie, domestic, 706 John

Cook Arthur J., upholsterer, h 219 Sullivan

Cook Charles, tailor, h St. James

Cook Charles, tailor, h 813 E Market

Cook Charles C., brakeman, h 415 N Main

Cook E. H. & CO. (J. H. Stedman), steam heating, plumbing, etc, 124 Lake (See adv first page cover)

Cook Elisha H. (E. H. Cook & Co.), h Rathburn House

Cook Ellen, h 327 Lake

Cook Ellen B., h Carroll cor Fox

Cook Emma, domestic, 110 Madison av

Cook F. J., collarmaker, h 219 Sullivan

Cook Fannie E., Miss, h 306 E Church

Cook Frank, fireman, h 104 College av

Cook G. N., Mrs., decorative needlework, 125 W Water, h 309 W Gray

Cook Jennie, Mrs., nurse, h 314 Pennsylvania av

Cook Kate, Mrs., housekeeper, h 415 N Main

Cook Mary, Mrs., laundress, h 413 Madison

Cook Mary K., clerk, h 415 N Main

Cook Maud, domestic, h 110 Baldwin

Cook Seth P., agent, h 606 Hart

Cook William, h 106 W 2d

Cooklin Thomas s., cigarmaker, h American Hotel

A. S. Turner & Son is the place to buy Building Materials.

Cooley Jarvis A., carpenter, h 308 Washington

Cooley Jesse L., secretary and Treasures E. I & S. R. Mill Co., h 912 Lake

Coon Earl T., laborer, h 224 Dewitt

Coon Isaac, engineer, h 224 Dewitt

Coon Jennie O., domestic, 605 Main

Coon M. L., Miss, h 1013 Benton

Cooney John, shoemaker, h 114 E Water

Cooney Mary, Miss, h 156 W 3d

Cooney W. W., agent, h 218 William

Cooper Allen, proprietor Buckbee House, 429 E Water

Cooper Frank E., shoemaker, h 1008 Walnut

Cooper Frank G., clerk, 50 Pennsylvania av, h Buckbee House

Cooper George, book-keeper, 52 Pennsylvania av, h 429 E Water

Cooper George F., clerk, h 404 S Main

Cooper John, gardener, h 420 W 5th

Cooper John, machinist, h 322 William

Cooper John L. (Cooper & Beach), h 361 S Main

Cooper John N. (Reid & Cooper), h 322 William

Cooper Josiah, patternmaker, h 319 Hathaway

Cooper Mary, Miss, h 317 Carroll

Cooper Mary, domestic, 213 Washington

Cooper Mate, agent, h 404 S Main

Cooper Sarah A., domestic, 512 Main

Cooper William, h 429 E Water

Cooper William R., carpenter, h 861 East av

Cooper & Beach (J. L. Cooper and J. D. Beach), blacksmiths, 209 S Main

Copeland Isaac S. (Briggs & Copeland), h 107 W Hudson

Copley John C., real estate and loan agent, 305 Carroll, h 259 Baldwin

Copley Laurence, h 212 W Chemung Place

Copp Etta, Mrs., nurse, h 458 E Clinton

Coppenger Ella, Mrs., dressmaker, h 365 Railroad av

Pork & Beef Packers S. X. Metzger & Son. 409 & 411 Railroad Avenue, Elmira.

Corbin Julius T., law student, 212 E Water, h W Market n Railroad av

Corbitt William G., Mrs., h 468 W Gray

Corcoran Johanna, widow Thomas, h 860 Magee

Corcoran John, track walker, h 857 Railroad av

Corcoran Nellie, dressmaker, h 860 Magee

Corcoran Thomas, h 860 Magee

Corell Harris A., law student, also stenographer, 308 E Water, h 212 W Chemung Place

Corey Andrew D., sample agent, h 256 Hudson

Corey William F., h 524 W Water

Corey William R., painter, h 460 E Church

Corkery Honora, domestic, 505 College av

Corkery Margaret, laundress, 505 College av

Cornell Charles, shoemaker, h 454 High

Cornell Edward R., clerk, Erie Depot, h 323 W Church

Cornell Ethelyn, Mrs., seamstress, h 1204 Baldwin

Cornell James S., farmer, h 232 Mt Zoar

Cornell John A., carpenter, h 252 South av

Cornell Oscar H., painter, h 727 Kinyon

Cornell Willie J., teamster, h 232 Mt Zoar

Cornish Frank L., brakeman, h 412 S Broadway

Cornitti C., imagemaker, h 103 E 1st

Corrigan, Bernan, laborer, h 400 Broadway

Cortright Albert A., salesman, 107 E Water, h 312 W Gray

Cortright James hostler, h 315 Baldwin

Cortright Marcus P., h 357 W 2d

Corwin Andrew D., blacksmith, h 431 Standish

Corwin H. H., carpenter, h 431 Standish

Corwin Walter F., clerk, 409 Railroad av, h 109 W Market

Cosgrove Michael J., salesman, 205 E Water, h 209 Washington

Costello Bridget, domestic, 114 W Gray

Costello James, laborer, h 266 W Henry

Costello James, plumber, h 224 W Water

Costello James H., plumber, h 569 E Water

Costello John, traveling agent, daily Advertiser, h 106 High

Costello Maggie, domestic, 1013 Lake

Costello Michael, plumber, h 267 W Henry

Costello Michael C., plumber, h 267 W Henry

Costello Nora, Miss, h 319 Carroll

Costello Patrick, engineer, h 653 ½ Lake

Costello Patrick, laborer, h 267 W Henry

Costello William, machinist, h 435 W 4th

Costello William E., plumber, h 267 W Henry

Cottrell Stephen H., carpenter, State n 2d, r 715 College av

Cottrell Willard J., clerk, h 715 College

Cotter John, coachman, h 852 Oak


Cotter John M., h 221 Lake

Cotter Richard, hostler, 211 Lake

Cotter William, h 420 Standish

Cotter William, coachman, h 512 College av

Cotton George H., steeltemperer, h 72 Pennsylvania av

Cotton George H., jr., drayman, h 72 Pennsylvania av

Cotton James W., Elmira Laundry, 128 W Water, h 106 E 2d (See adv)

Cotton Samuel, carman, h 72 Pennsylvania av

Couch Arthur S. (A. S. Couch & Co.), h 462 E Church

Couch A. S. & Co. (L. J. Couch), hair, Tuttle av n Church

Couch Charles W., foreman, h 710 E Water

Couch Lydia J. (A. S. Couch & Co.), h 160 Washington

Couch Stephen, hair, h 160 Washington

Cougan Frank, laborer, h 433 E Water

Coughlin James, laborer, h 342 7th

Coulson Eliza, h 1013 East av

Coulson Robert, laborer h 860 East av

Coulson Sarah, Mrs., cook, Water Cure, h 1013 East av

Coulton E. V., shoemaker, h 217 High

Courtney Mary L., domestic, 318 W Church

Covell Georginia, widow Edward, h 312 William

Covell H. A., law student, 308 E Water, h 212 W Chemung Place

Covell Henry C., book-keeper, 409 Railroad av, h 373 W Water

Covert Elmer A., printer, h 1210 Maxwell av

Covert Henry C., h 1210 Maxwell av

Covert Seward T. (Derby & Covert), h 114 N Main

Covert Sidney, h 213 Madison

Cowen H. Seaver, auctioneer, h 150 W 3d

Cowen Lucinda, h 267 W Chemung Place

Cowen Sarah, Mrs., dressmaker, h 611 College av

PENMANSHIP, PRACTICAL & ORNAMENTAL at Allen Business College, Advertiser Building.

Cowles Augustus W., Rev. D. D., president Elmira Female College, h 855 College av

Cox George, express messenger, h 303 W Clinton

Coykendall Andrew J., livery, h 109 S Main

Coykendall Catharine, h 505 Madison av

Coykendall Edward, h 109 S Main

Coykendall Emma A., confectioner, 112 S Main, h 109 do

Coykendall Isaac, shoemaker, h 109 S Main

Coykendall Isaac B., shoemaker, h 460 Maple av

Coykendall Jacob B., clerk, 116 Baldwin, h 109 S Main

Coykendall Jerry, laborer, h 315 E Market

Coykendall Moses, h 203 W Henry

Coykendall William, S. (W. S. Coykendall & Co.), h 203 W Henry

Coykendall W. S. & Co. (Thomas B. Delo), grocers, 300 S Main

Coyle Edward, h 610 Dickenson

Coyle James, laborer, h 515 E Union

Craft John M., corn meal, h 856 Main

Craig James, tinsmith, 340 Lake, h 370 Thurston

Craig Robert B., tinsmith, 204 S Main, h 117 W Hudson

Crainston Charles H., laborer, h 418 Carroll

Cram Emeline, Miss, h 308 Baldwin

Cram Evangeline, Mrs., h 667 Baldwin

Cramer William, organist, h 361 W 1st

Camp Margaret A., h 604 Beach

Crandall Erastus N., clerk, 134 W Water, h 106 Ferris

Crandall Frank, laborer, h 223 W Water

Crandall George, doormaker, h 1012 Walnut

Crandall G. M., guard, Reformatory, h 619 Davis

Crandall Mary, h 606 Hart

Crandall Spicer T., clerk, Delavan House, h do

Crane Adella, teacher, h 216 W Chemung Place

Crane Anna M., h 364 W 1st

Crane Bertha A., teacher, h 216 W Chemung Place

Crane Ira, h 320 Hine

Crane Sarah, h 510 Dewitt

Crane Sophia, dressmaker, h 133 W Water

Crane Theodore W. (J Langdon & Co.) h East Hill ab Water Cure

Cranmer Hannah, widow Jeremiah, h 1045 Walnut

Cranmer Isaac, doorfinisher, h 1045 Walnut

Crans Sophia, forewoman, 134 W Water, h 133 do

Crawford Fannie R., h 51 Fulton

Crawford J. F., minister, h 523 E Union

Crawford William H. shoemaker, h 401 Railroad av

Crawley David, finisher, h cor Jay and Sullivan

Crawley Ellsworth, wool sorter, h cor Jay and Sullivan

Buy Michigan Pine in car loads of A. S. Turner & Son.

Creagor Frederick, brickmaker, h 711 E Oak

Creaton Mary, domestic, h 206 W Washington av

Creaton Michael, tailor, h 211 Sullivan

Creed C. E. h 162 Sullivan

Creed James A., hotel, h 162 Sullivan

Creelman James, shoemaker, h 254 W Hudson

Creelman John, shoemaker, h 254 W Hudson

Creelman William, h 254 W Hudson

Criddle James W., clerk, 340 E Water, h 516 Madison av

Crippen Liberon R., insurance h 310 High

Crispin George A., miller, h 505 Magee

Criss Peter, salesman, h 263 W Clinton

Crittenden Albert W., machinist, h 407 Davis

Crittenden C., teamster, h 361 E 5th

Crittenden Judson, clerk, 406 E Market, h 361 E 5th

Crittenden Richard G., drayman, h 361 E 5th

Croake John, mason, h 312 Reformatory av

Crocker David (A. D. Slosson & Co.), h Union cor Baldwin

Crocker Margaret, Mrs., housekeeper, Delavan House

Crody William R., grain dealer, h Church and Baldwin

Crogen John, h 564 S Main

Crogger George, bartender, 121 W Water, h do

Crotty John, watchman, h 720 S Main

Crotty T., h 564 S Main

Cromer Augustus, hackman, h 156 W Clinton

Cromwell Alfred, h 307 High

Crone P. S., student, h 515 E Union

Cronin Daniel, laborer, h 151 E Washington av

Cronin James, laborer, h 413 High

Cronin James jr., cigarmaker, h 413 High

Cronin Jerry, cigarmaker, h 152 E Washington av

Cronin John, bartender, Elmira House

Cronin John, ironworker, h 914 Standish

Cronin John, shoemaker, h 413 High

Cronin John T., clerk, Elmira House, h do

Cronin Kate, Mrs., dressmaker, h 914 Standish

Cronin Stephen, shoemaker, h 413 High

Cronkright Clarissa, widow Grant, h 216 E Water

Cronley Thomas, laborer, h 514 Perry

Croop Josiah K. (E. A. Jones & Co.), h 307 E Clinton

Crosby P. L., shoemaker, h 105 Columbia

Crosley William R., clerk, W 3d n Railroad av, h 301 E Church

Cross Charles, livery, 200 E Gray, h 506 W 1st

Cross Elisha R., salesman, h 658 N Main

Cross Fred, h 153 Baldwin

Cross John C., tallyman freight depot Erie R. R. h 409 W Clinton

The Model Market, S. X. Metzger & Son, 409 & 411 Railroad Ave., ELMIRA.

Cross J. W., carpenter, h 516 W 2d

Cross Lydia H., h 407 W Clinton

Cross R, agent, h 202 Baldwin

Cross Samuel, coal and lumber, 513 Park Place, h 409 W Clinton (See adv)

Cross William T., teamster h 411 W 4th

Crossman L. E., h 623, W Gray

Crow Bridget, h 509 Magee

Crowe John, shoemaker, 302 Fulton

Crowe Margaret, domestic, 801 Railroad av

Crowe Michael, laborer, h 913 Maxwell av

Crowe Richard, shoemaker, 203 W Clinton, h do

Crowe Thomas, laborer, h 209 Park

Crowe Thomas, laborer, h 270 W Hudson

Crowell George, clerk, 154 Lake, h 118 E Hudson

Crowell Mary E., teacher, h 258 Baldwin

Crowley Catherine, domestic, h 951 Magee

Crowley Dennis, shoemaker, h 615 Jay

Crowley James, laborer, h 352 Railroad av

Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, h 520 Perine

Crowley John, laborer, h 615 Jay

Crowley John, laborer, h 951 Magee

Crowley John, mason, h 409 High

Crowley Katie, domestic, 380 W Gray

Crowley Maggie, domestic, 357 College av

Crowley Michael, cooper, h 111 W Gray

Cruikshank Charles S., salesman, h 204 Lormore

Cruise George W., clerk, 325 E Water, h 353 ½ W Clinton

Crundall Anna, widow Edward, h 306 W 3d

Cuddington Samuel J., clerk, 307 E Market, h 611 College

Cullin John, shoemaker, h 470 W 2d

Cullin Patrick, blacksmith, h 470 W 2d

Cullinan Danile, hooker, h 108 W Washington av

Cullinan John, saloon, 108 W Washington av, h do

Cullinan Thomas, shoemaker, h 108 W Washington av

Culliney Bridget, Miss, 243 Lake

Culp Ella, domestic, 138 W Water

Culp George P., h 314 E Water

Culp Harriet, Mrs., h 116 Fox

Culp Sophia, h 116 Fox

Culver Mary A., h 1314 Lake

Cummin George, h 116 Partridge

Cummin William, carpenter, h 116 Partridge

Cummings James, h 108 W 1st

Cummings James E., clerk, 130 E Water, h 323 Railroad av

Cummings Kate B., teacher, h 128 E Chemung Place

Balusters, Stair Rails & Newel Posts at A. S. Turner & Son.

Cummings Maggie, seamstress, h 323 Railroad av

Cummings Mark, h 752 Jay

Cummings Mary, h 418 Powell

Cummings Mary, widow Edward, saloon, 323 Railroad av, h do

Cummings Mead M., carpenter, h 1218 Maxwell av

Cummings Nellis, seamstress, h 323 Railroad av

Cunningham Andrew, shoemaker, h 267 W Henry

Cunningham Emily tailoress, h 224 w 3d

Cunningham Helen, Mrs., h 224 W 3d

Cunningham Isaac, carpenter, h 110 Baldwin

Cunningham Joseph, teamster, 156 Baldwin, h 659 Dickinson

Cunningham Mary, h 168 High

Cunningham Michael, Elmira Gas Light Co, h Buckbee House

Cunningham Thomas, blacksmith, h 718 S Main

Cunningham Thomas, Rev., pastor, St. Peter and Paul’s R. C. Church

Cunningham William, laborer, h 411 Railroad av

Curley Ella, domestic, 162 Dewitt

Curley John, h 429 E. Water

Curley Michael, letter carrier postoffice h 504 E Church

Curley Patrick, hotel, 161 E Washington av, h do

Curran Annie, dressmaker, h 613 E 3d

Curran Daniel, h 613 E 3d

Curran James, laborer, h 837 Michagan

Currna John, cigarmaker, h 613 E 3d

Curran Mary, widow Thomas, Baldwin n Hathaway

Currna Michael, mason, h 612 E 3d

Curran Nellis, h 613 E 3d

Curran S. A., Mrs., h 915 College av

Curran Thomas, cigarmaker, 652 E Clinton

Curran Thomas, salesman, 414 E Market, h at Watkins

Currie William, finisher, h 409 Oak

Curry Anna, domestic, Rathburn House

Curry Michael, laborer, h 105 E 1st

Curry Patrick, h 710 Magee

Curtin Andrew, salesman, 50 Pennsylvania av, h 654 College av

Curtin Charles, h 110 Spring

Curtin Daniel E., shoemaker, h 110 Spring

Curtin Dennis, salesman, 50 Pennsylvania av, h Burkbee House

Curtin Helena, Mrs., h 654 College av

Curtin John, h 110 Spring

Curtis Charles, brakeman, h 546 S Main

Curtis W. W., Miss, nurse, Water Cure, h 1013 East av

Curtis Dexter D., division clerk, Erie depot, h 205 Columbia

Curtis John J., book-keeper, 109 W Water, h 401 W Gray

Curtis Satie, h 111 Caldwell av

TELEGRAPHY taught practically at Allen Business College, ADVERTISER BUILDING.

Curtis Sidney B., clerk, Delavan House, h do

Curtis William, Mrs., H 446 S Main

Cushing John, h 558 E Church

Cushing Joseph W., shoemaker, 809 W 1st

Cusick John, tanner, h 411 Powell

Cusick Patrick, saloon, 700 S Main, h South av cor S Main

Custer Amanda, domestic, 517 W 1st

Cutler George O., book-keeper (J. Richardson & Co.), h 111 W 1st


Dabelstein Christina, widow Carl, h 963 East Av

Dacie Mary, widow Michael, h 315 E Market

Dahon Mark, h 208 Harriet

Dailey Charles, h432 5th

Dailey Daniel T., printer, h 200 E Washington av

Dailey Dennis, grocer, 715 Lake, h 317 Pratt

Dailey J., cigarmaker, h 614 E 3d

Dailey John, clerk, h Maple av

Dailey Patrick, h 667 Baldwin

Dailey Sattie, domestic, 509 Railroad av

Dailey Sarah, 418 Railroad av

Dailey William, conductor, h 400 Railroad av

Daily Mary, clerk, 325 E Water, h Jones n city limits

Daily Julia, cashier, 108 W Water, h Jones n city limits

Daken Charles B., teamster, Wilcox Park

Daken Edgar, Wilcox Park

Dale George W., mail agent, h 320 Dewitt

Dale John G., baggagemaster, 709 Kinyon

Dale Samuel S., assistant manager, Factory n Sullivan, h 503 Sullivan

Dale William E., conductor, h 706 E Church

Daley James, musician, h 357 W 3d

Daley John, shoemaker, h 808 E Market

Daley Mary, Mrs., h 808 E Market

Daley Robert, shoemaker, h 808 E Market

Dalrymple Silas, teamster, h 121 Sullivan

Dalton Michael, expressman, h 659 Magee

Daly Dennis, h 116 Washington

Daly Dennis, Jr., manager, 715 Lake, h 1317 Pratt

Daly John, h 614 E 3d

Daly Mary F., saloon, 715 Lake, h 1317 Pratt

Daly Patrick, h 614 E 3d

Daly William, h 614 E 3d

Danahas Michael, laborer, 955 Main

Danforth, Edward, Prof., 212 E Water, h 307 William

Buy your Lumber from A. S. TURNER & SON, 203 EAST SECOND STREET.

Daniels Albert J., cigar manufacturer, Magee cor 4th, h 312 S Main

Daniels Frederick M., domestic, 113 3d

Daniels Griffith R., tailor, h 410 E Water

Daniels Henry, express messenger, h 818 W Church

Daniels Henry, fireman, h 709 Lake

Daniels John, brakeman, h 653 ½ Lake

Daniels Joseph, Mrs., h 253 W 5th

Daniels Kate A., teacher, Elmira Female College

Daniels Mary L., Mrs., h 651 College av

Daniels Walter J., butcher, 116 S Main, h 312 do

Danks Edward, driver, h 167 Baldwin

Danks Orris, livery, Market n Baldwin, h 253 Baldwin

Dann Martha M., Mrs., dressmaker, 205 Dewitt, h do

Danolds H. S., h 307 William

Darby Frank B., dentist, 126 E Water, h 304 W Church

Darby Henry P., clerk, 611 Railroad av, h 605 Magee

Darcey Rose, clerk, 134 W Water, h 102 do

Darcy Margaret, domestic, 502 W Church

Darien J. R., h 517 Baldwin

Darling Joseph L., manager, 107 W Water, h 129 do

Darling Orisa, h 706 John

Darlington Bella, Elmira Female College