Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Darrin M. K., h 108 Elm

Darrow Bessie M., h 700 E 2d

Davad Harriet A., vestmaker, h 302 E Water

Davage John, laborer, 215 Sullivan

Davenport D. Romayn (Bement & Davenport), h 109 Columbia

Davey William M., conductor, 230 W South av

Davidson Elizabeth, Mrs., h 508 Park Place

Davidson Emiline, Mrs., h 113 W 3d

Davidson Ezik peddler, h 319 Washington

Davidson Isaac, peddler, h 708 E Church

DAVIDSON JOHN T., lawyer, also U. S. Commissioner, 338 E Water, h 222 Pennsylvania av

Davidson Julias, h 319 Washington

Davidson Lucy N., Mrs., h 416 W Clinton

Davidson Sarah, housekeeper, h 160 High

Davies Louisa, h 509 Park Place

Davies Mary J., Mrs., grocer, 664 Columbia, h 666 do

Davis A. B., teacher, h 706 E 2d

Davis Alfred J., cashier, 340 E Water, h 209 W Chemung Place

Davis Alice, Mrs., h 373 Railroad av

Davis Annie, domestic, 127 Harriet

Davis Alvin, Painter, h 656 Park Place

Davis Arthur W., foreman, h 113 E Church

Davis Benjamin, carpenter, h 1109 Elm

Davis Benjamin, printer, h 966 Magee

Davis Benjamin F., engineer, N. C. R. R., h 428 Pleasant

Davis Benjamin O., carpenter, h 1109 Elm

Davis C. E., fireman, h 652 Oak

Davis Charles, h 429 E Water

Davis Charles, brakeman, h 812 Lincoln

Davis Charles, h 225 Mt Zoar

Davis Charles, laborer, h 812 Lincoln

Davis Charles B., machinist h 225 Mt Zoar

Davis Charles H., book-keeper, h 509 S Elm

Davis Clarence, tinsmith, h Buckbee House

Davis Daniel, machinist, h 401 Columbia

Davis David W., saloon, 373 Railroad av, h do

Davis E. T., photographer, h Elmira House

Davis Edward H., h 418 W 2d

Davis Elizabeth, Mrs., dressmaker, h 127 Harriet

Davis Ellen, h 751 E Water

DAVIS FRANK, livery, 238 W Water, h 240 do

Davis G. L., lawyer, h 262 Baldwin

Davis George, machinist, h 225 Mt Zoar

Davis Gertie, Miss, dressmaker, h 206 Baldwin

Davis Gertie, Miss, 203 E Gray

Davis Henry A., salesman, 119 E Water, h 310 Hine

Davis Ida May, domestic, 630 W Water

Davis James, machinist, h 160 Baldwin

Davis James W., expressman, h 221 Gregg

Davis John, h 400 S Main

Davis John, shoemaker, 168 Lake, h 751 E Water

Davis John, laborer, h 710 Day

Davis Joseph, shoemaker, h 125 Harriet

Davis Levi, laborer, h 110 Broadway

Davis Lizzie, Mrs., h 656 Park Place

Davis Louise, teacher, h 751 E Water

Davis Maggie E., clerk, 315 E Water, h 751 E Water

Davis Manfred H., druggists, 312 E Water, h 314 Baldwin

Davis Margaret, domestic, 218 W 1st

Davis Maria E., widow Henry E., h 417 W 2d

Davis Mary, dressmaker, 127 Harriet

Davis Mary E., Mrs., clerk, 315 E Water, h 221 Gregg

Davis Mertie, Miss, h 652 Dix

Davis Reese, puddler, h 833 Michigan

Davis Robert, shoemaker, h 127 Harriet

Davis Robert, jr., shoemaker, h 127 Harriet

Davis Robert W., iron wagons, h 113 E Church

Davis Russell M., carpenter, h 552 S Main

Davis Samuel H., farmer, h town of Elmira

Davis Sarah, h 309 Dewitt

Davis Tippie, h 606 Baldwin

Davis Viola M., saleslady, 112 W Water, h 401 Columbia

Davis William, shoemaker, h 73 Pennsylvania av

Davis Wrought Iron Wagon Co, 110 E Church

DAVISON CHARLES S., book-keeper, also notary public, 121 E 2d, h 416 W Clinton

Davison Elmer, h 508 Park Place

DAVISON JAMES B., proprietor American Hotel, 113 W 3d

Davison Stella, Mrs., dressmaker, h 515 E Union

Davner William J., shoemaker, h 257 Baty

Dawes Elisha A., carriage trimmer, h 315 E Water

Dawes T. Albert, painter, h 107 E 2d

Dawsey Henry, laborer, h 605 E 2d

Day Henry, laborer, h 317 Washington av

Day Hiram, laborer, h Jones Lane

Day Stephen H., laborer, h 262 Jones’ Lane

Dayton Sinclair, real estate, h 860 E Church

Dean Anna, laundress, h 124 Lake

Dean Benjamin R., carpenter, h 6th cor Davis

Dean Camoren B., clerk, h 6th cor Davis

Dean Elmer, clerk, h 709 Park Place

Dean Hattie, domestic, Frasier House

Dean Ida C., seamstress, h 6th cor Davis

Dean Lansing, switchman, h 656 Lake

Dean Lena, Miss, dressmaker, h 609 William

Dean Libbie, clerk, 134 W Water, h 156 W 3d

Dean Susie M., Mrs., h 709 Park Place

Dearith Carrie, domestic, 763 E 2d

Decker Casper S (Palmer & Decker), h 507 W Water

Decker Charles E., teamster, h 167 Washington av

Decker David, tanner, h 302 Clinton

Decker Fred, teamster, h 309 Fulton

Decker Frederick, h 121 Lormore

Decker George, laborer, h 516 Sullivan

Decker George F., carpenter, h 428 E Water

Decker George W., tobacco agent, h 514 College av

Decker James, laborer, h 711 Harper

Decker James R., tobacconist, h 121 Lormore

Decker Jesse, teamster, h 309 Fulton

Decker John, ironworker, h 210 Orchard

Decker Mary, Mrs., h 808 Magee

Decker Mary E., h 309 Fulton

Decker Mary, Mrs., h 407 N Main

Decker Mary S., dressmaker, 203 E Water, h do

Decker Maurice S., h 407 N Main

Decker Nancie, h 6th cor Davis

Decker Nicholas C., laborer, h 808 Magee

Decker Peter, peddler, h 639 Windsor av

Decker Peter, h 813 E Market

Decker Philip, hostler, h 167 Washington av

Decker Sarah, widow Simon, h 460 W 2d

Decker Samuel T., boxmaker, h 511 W 3d

Decker Thomas, farmer, h West Elmira

Decker William, tanner, h 814 W Church

Decker William A., clerk, 105 W Water, h Mt Zoar n Broadway

DeCourcy Mott, brakeman, h 211 Franklin

Deeke Fred., bartender, 503 Railroad av, h do

Deemer Phillip, h 505 E Water

Degen Sophia, teacher, h 304 High

Degraw Andrew, h 758 Jay

Deicher Alexis, h 212 Gregg

Deicher Saul, h 212 Gregg

Deickert Henry, laborer, h 658 E Clinton

Deister Jacob, blacksmith, h 760 Jay

DEISTER JOHN, grocer, 801 E Church, h 803 do

Deister Matthew, coffee roaster, h 701 Jay

DEISTER MICHAEL, saloon, 322 E Water, h do

Deister Nicholas, policeman, h 214 Harriet

Deitzel Adam, laborer, h 213 Judson

Delam Charles A., cabinetmaker, h 213 Dewitt

Delamarter Eugene, tinsmith, h 1310 Benton

Delamarter Maud I., saleslady, 111 W Water, h 408 Walnut

Delancy Albert C. engineer, h 501 Columbia

Delancy Maria, widow John, h 501 Columbia

Delaney John, shoemaker, h 107 W 5th

Delaney John, shoemaker, h 517 Oak

Delaney M. W., conductor, h 405 Pennsylvania av

Delaney Michael J. baggagemaster, h 418 Powell

Delaney William, farmer, h 364 W 1st

Delano Sarah E., Mrs., 226 Chestnut

Delany Daniel, shoemaker, h 156 Judson

Delany John, shoemaker, h 156 Judson

Delavan House, proprietor, James M. Shoemaker, Railroad av cor W Clinton

DeLavergne William, brakeman, h 811 W 6th

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Express Co., James E. Hazard, manager, 121 Baldwin

Delo Thomas B. (W. S. Coykendall & Co.), h 310 Penna av

Delo J. Stanley, clerk, h 310 Pennsylvania av

DeLong Pertilla, Mrs., h 708 Davis

Delmarter Charles, clerk, h 653 Baldwin

Delmarter Charles, laborer, h 319 Sullivan

Delant Mary, widow Dennis, h 418 Dewitt

Delant Thomas, hackdriver, h 210 Madison av

Delant Thomas, jr., hackdriver, h 210 Madison av

Deming Daniel G., fireman, h 509 Jefferson

Demoschock Albert, h 703 Lake

Dempsey Bartholomew, laborer, h 323 River

Dempsey Bartholomew, shoemaker, h 123 W Hudson

Dempsey Dennis, mason, h 323 River

Dempsey Dennis, mason, h 265 W Hudson

Dempsey Fenton, laborer, h 469 W Hudson

Dempsey Daniel J., h 906 E Market

Dempsey James, machinist, h 368 Railroad av

Dempsey John, clerk, h 368 Railroad av

Dempsey John T., teamster, h 368 Railroad av

Dempsey Julia, Mrs., laundress, h 402 S Elm

Dempsey Kate, domestic, 111 W Hudson

Dempsey Maggie, domestic, Rathbun House

Dempsey Mary, h 123 W Hudson

Dempsey Mary, domestic, 107 Madison

Dempsey Minnie, h 402 S Elm

Dempsey Nellie, dressmaker, h 906 E Market

Dempsey Nellie, saleslady, 132 W Water, h 123 W Hudson

Dempsey Nellie, Mrs., h 364 Railroad av

Dempsey Patrick, laborer, h 449 W Hudson

Dempsey Patrick H., law student, 340 E Water, h 123 W Hudson

Dempsey Rick, machinist, h 364 Railroad av

Dempsey Thomas, laborer, h 723 Lake

Dempsey Thomas, laborer, h 906 E Market

Dempsey Timothy, laborer, h 906 E Market

Denig John, Mrs., h 415 E Church

Denio Emery, fireman, h 430 Pleasant

Denmark William, carpenter, h Balsam cor Broadway

Denneen John, laborer, h 206 Chestnut

Dennis Clark, engineer, h 430 Broadway

Dennis Isaac, jr., salesman, h 407 W Gray

Dennis William, barber, h 500 High

Denney Charles, laborer, 720 Baldwin

Denney Mahalla, h 652 Baldwin

Dennison Elizabeth C., Mrs., h 659 Magee

Dennison John, fireman, h 515 E Union

Denniston Libbie, weaver, h 813 Factory

Denniston Margaret, h 813 Factory

Dense Charles H., book-keeper, 340 E Water, h 509 S Elm

Densmore Joseph D. (Densmore & Garrison), h 79 Walnut

Densmore & Garrison (J. D. Densmore and W. L. Garrison), signs, 315 W Water

Denton Edgar (Murdoch & Denton), also notary public, 344 E Water, h 454 Roe av

Denton George, clerk, 130 W Water, h 1001 Davis

Denton Julius S., mail agent, h 373 W Clinton

Denton Lucretia, widow Seymour, h 373 W Clinton

Denyean Leary, laborer, Reformatory av cor College av

Derby Abner L., coal dealer, h 104 W Chemung Place

Derby Alden, shoemaker, h 75 Walnut

Derby Alden D. (Derby & Covert) h 104 W Chemung Place

Derby Charles S., meat market, 363 Davis, h 1st n Davis

Derby E. H., Mrs., dressmaker, 418 Carroll, h do

Derby Elmer H., painter, h 418 Carroll

Derby John M., carpenter, h 305 Hine

Derby Lauren W., shoemaker, h 331 Center

Derby & Covert (Alden D. Derby and Seward T. Covert), printers, 219 S Main

Deroche Louis, shoemaker, h 58 Orchard

Derry Annie M., h Lake cor Thurston

DeSales Mary F., h 717 Benjamin

DeShields Esther, Mrs., h 715 Dickinson

Desky Isaac, merchant, h 119 High

Desky Merris, h 119 High

Desmond James, city express, h 358 Elm

Desmond Josephine, domestic, 307 Madison av

Desmond Margaret, h 202 Clinton

Devens Martin L, h 444 E Water

Devine Edward, heater, h 415 Standish

Devine Edward, jr, h 415 Standish

Devine Maggie, dressmaker, h 415 Standish

Devine William, puddler, h 415 Standish

Deviny Timothy, h 163 Harriet

DeVinny Hettie, h 425 E Water

Devlin John, h 151 E Washington av

DeVoe Benjamin T., grocer, 472 W 2d, h 470 do

Devoe George, engineer, h 454 Carroll

Devoe George W., cutter, h 454 Carroll

Devoe Frederick A., h 313 Baldwin

DeWaters Algie, salesman, 154 Lake, h Southport Corners

DeWaters Wright (Grant & DeWaters), h 122 E Chemung Place

DeWitt Abram M., stoves, 155 Baldwin, h 213 Washington

DeWitt Benjamin H., peddler, h 335 S Broadway

Dewitt Charles G., clerk, 152 Baldwin, h 520 W Church

Dewitt Isaac, h 106 Main

Dewitt Jacob B., h 211 Dewitt

DeWitt M. F., Rev., h 114 Main

DeWitt Rascious S., gunsmith, h 159 Madison av

Dewitt Stephen H., plumber, h 217 Dewitt

DEWITT SUTHERLAND, agent United States, also Central Express Cos, 152 Baldwin, h 608 W Water

DeWitt Walter F., book-keeper, h 114 Main

DeWitt William F., peddler, h 335 S Broadway

DeWitt William P., gunsmith, 418 E Water, h 159 Madison av

Dexter Charlotte, widow Aaron, h 322 W Gray

Dexter Hamilton P., h 322 W Gray

Dexter J. M., h 207 W Gray

Dexter Seymour, County Judge and Surrogate, Court House, h 103 S Main

DEY BROS & CO. (John Donald and Robert Dey), dry goods, 134 W Water

Dey Charles, clerk, 134 W Water, h 657 Park Place

Dey Donald (Dey Bros & Co), h 351 N Main

Dey James, manager manufacturing department, 134 W Water, h 657 Park Place

Dey John (Dey Bros & Co), h 351 N Main

Dey Robert (Dey Bros & Co), h 351 N Main

Deyo James H., insurance, h 379 W Water

Dias Burton E., telegrapher, h 661 N. Main

Dias Louise M., saleslady, 134 W Water, h 661 N Main

Dias Sidney S., painter, h 661 N Main

Dibble Addie, domestic, 858 Main

Dick John, painter, h 713 E Market

Dickerman William H., cutter, 111 E Water, h 520 W 1st

Dickinson Alexander B., switchman, h 355 Center

Dickinson Charles S., student, h 209 College av

Dickinson E., Miss, h 100 Lake

Dickinson Ellen, tailoress, h 203 E Gray

Dickinson George B., Turner’s mill, h 355 Center

Dickinson George H. (George S. Dickinson & Son), h 209 College av

Dickinson George S. (George S. Dickinson & Son), h 209 College av

DICKINSON GEORGE S. & SON (G. S. and G. H.), grocers, 130 W Water

Dickinson Henry B. (Henry B. Dickinson & Co.), h 501 Lake

DICKINSON HENRY B. & CO. (Christian Neidhart), harness manufacturers, 302 E Water

Dickinson H. Burch, clerk, 301 E Water, h 133 E Hudson

Dickinson James A., book agent, h 421 Columbia

Dickinson Joseph, h 417 Madison av

Dickinson Joseph, h 604 Baldwin

Dickinson S. S., Mrs., h 703 Wisner av

Dickinson Sarah, h 355 Center

Dickinson William B., student, h 209 College av

Diedrich G. Harmon, restaurant, 417 Railroad av, h do

Diedrich William F., grocer, 562 E Church, h do

Diehl Jacob, baker, 151 Washington, h do

Diehl Jacob, jr., baker, h 153 Washington

Diehl John, baker, h 153 Washington

Diester Eliza, domestic, 254 Clinton

Diester Matt, engineer, h 701 Jay

Digby James, salesman, h 508 Madison av

Digman Thomas, laborer, h 442 W Clinton

Dildine Amelia, Miss, h 317 Carroll

Dildine Henry, laborer, h 857 John

Dildine James, carman, h 110 Partridge

Dildine Orra, domestic, 857 John

Dildine Parmelia, h 110 Partridge

Dilk Charles, h Clinton n Lake

Dill Charles H., butcher, h 122 W Water

Dill Edgar, clerk, h 509 Park Place

Dill Edward, clerk, h room 24 Pagett Block

Dillistin Edward E., h 315 Franklin

Dillman Cyrus, engineer, h 653 Lake

Dillon Daniel, policeman, h 419 Railroad av

Dillon Edward W., shoemaker, 819 Hatch

Dillon Edwin T., printer, h 706 Jay

Dillon Lizzie, domestic, 304 N Main

Dillon Mary, Miss, h 404 Lake

Diltz A. C., Mrs., nurse, h 380 W Gray

Diltz Emma, domestic, 365 W Gray

Diltz Lizzie, h 508 Park Place

Dimmock Henrietta, h 312 William

Dimond Robert C., cutter, h 381 W 2d

Dinan Martin, laborer, h 955 Oak

Dininny Ferral C., president Butler Colliery Co., also Pittston Coal Co., h 812 W Water

Dininny Ferral C., jr., secretary Butler Colliery Co., also Pittston Coal Co., h 812 W Water

Dininny Georgia, h Elmira Female College

Dininny Harper J. (Hart & Dininny), h at Addison

Dinneen Nora, domestic, 361 W Clinton

Disbrow Edwin, h 755 E Market

Disbrow Isabella S., teacher, h 755 E Market

Disbrow J. V., clerk, h 113 W 3d

Disbrow Mattie, Mrs., agent, h 113 W 3d

Disbrow Noah, shoemaker, h 755 E Market

Dismore James A., cutter, 111 E Water, h Gray cor Baldwin

Dismore Mannie, teacher, h 251 E Gray

Dismore William A., clerk, 313 E Water, h Gray cor Baldwin

Disney James, clerk, h 109 Spring

Disney Thomas A., packer, J. Richardson & Co., h 418 Elm

DIVEN ALEXANDER, superintendent LaFrance Fire Engine Co., also superintendent Elmira Water

Works Co., h 514 Lake

Diven Alexander S., president Elmira Water Works Co., 212 E Water, h Willow Brook Farm, Lake n limits

Diven Eugene, treasurer Elmira Water Works Co., also treasurer LaFrance Fire Engine Co., h 502 W


DIVEN GEORGE M. (Diven & Redfield), also president LaFrance Fire Engine Co., also vice-president

Elmira Water Works Co., also president Elmira and Horseheads Railway Co., h 957 Lake

DIVEN JOHN M., secretary, Elmira Water Works Co., h at Watkins

Diven William N., h 107 E 2d

Diven & Redfield (George M. Diven and Henry S. Redfield), lawyers, 212 E Water

Dixon M. L., Mrs., h 867 Magee

Doane Addison, lumberman, h 620 Oak

Doane Albert H., hackman, h 413 S Magee

Doane Clarissa C., widow Ezekiel P., h 418 W 2d

Doane Cornelia, domestic, 711 College av

Doane George, civil engineer, h 404 Hoffman

Doane Madison, teamster, h 951 Sullivan

Doane Roberson N., hotel, 317 E Washington av, h do

Doane Royal, wagonmaker, 915 Benton, h 917 do

Doane William H., student, h 317 Washington av

DOBBINS ANDREW J., proprietor Frasier House, Railroad av, cor W 3d

Dobbs Benjamin, laborer, h 211 Ann

Dobbs Isaac E., blacksmith, h 411 Pennsylvania av

Dobell Stephen V., car driver, h 1022 Oak

Doberstein August, carpenter, h Buttonwoods

Dobson Margaret, Mrs., boarding, h 653 ½ Lake

Dobson Thomas W., laborer, h 219 Park

Dobson William, rolling mill, h 220 W 3d

Dockstader Otis A., inspector masonry, N. Y. L. E. & W. R. R., Co., h 459 E Church

Dodd Alfred E., cigarmaker, h 123 Sullivan

Dodd Anna, Mrs., h 408 Main

Dodd Edward, moulder, h 323 Sullivan

Dodd Edward K., augermaker, h 411 Dewitt

Dodd James, bitmaker, h 323 Sullivan

Dodd James A., h 321 Orchard

Dodd Jennie, milliner, h 123 Sullivan

Dodd Thomas, moulder, h 323 Sullivan

Dodd William E., upholsterer, h 123 Sullivan

Dodge Charles G. (J. G. Birney & Co.), h Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

Dodge Julia H., Mrs., h 725 W 1st

Doherty Frank, shoemaker, h 217 Harriet

Doherty Margaret, h 202 Clinton

Dohoney John E., foreman, h 523 Jefferson

Dolan Ellen, widow Patrick, h 607 E 3d

Dolan Johanna, domestic, h 607 E 3d

Dolan John, cigarmaker, h 607 E 3d

Dolan Josie, waiter, Frasier House

Dolan Thomas, cigarmaker, h 607 E 3d

Dolaway George, helper, h 321 S Broadway

Dolling David, h 517 Dewitt

Dolmetch Henry, miller, h 505 Pennsylvania av

DOLSON CHARLES A., lawyer, room 4 Opera Block, h 216 William

Domaille Jenny, Mrs., saloon, 450 E Market, h do

Donahoe James, laborer, h 502 Madison av

Donahoe Patrick, h 502 Madison av

Donahue Bartholomew, h 233 Mt Zoar

Donahue Catherine, Mrs., h 375 W Clinton

Donahue Cornelius, laborer, h 210 Broadway

DONAHUE DENNIS, grocer, 301 S Broadway, h do

Donahue Florence E., salesman, 415 Carroll, h 156 Dewitt

Donahue Johanna, h 313 Lake

Donahue John, laborer, h 360 Railroad av

Donahue Mary, domestic, 756 Park Place

Donahue Michael, h 556 E Market

Donahue Timothy, laborer, h 233 Mt Zoar

Donavan Mary, h 311 Lake

Donavan Michael, shoemaker, h 505 E Market

Donley Margaret, Mrs., h 235 Lake

Donovan Annie, chambermaid, Frasier House

Donovan Daniel, h 360 Railroad av

Donovan Eugene, laborer, h 360 Railroad av

Donovan Jerry, puddler, h 360 Railroad av

Donovan Johanna, Mrs., h 719 Dickinson

Donovan John, flagman, h 340 W 7th

Donovan John L., h 340 W 7th

Donovan Richard, laborer, h 615 Jay

Donovan Timothy, saloon, 365 Railroad av, h do

Donnell James O., lawyer, h 709 Harper

Donnelly Luke, engineer, h 211 Franklin

Donnelly M., h 605 John

Donnelly Peter, boilermaker, h 459 Powell

Dooley James, laborer, h 515 E Union

Dooley James, foreman, h 807 Lake

Doolittle Frank E., motions, 111 W Water, h Wyckoff House

Doran Joh, h 103 Washington av

Doremus, Josie, Mrs., operator, h 305 Hine

DORMAUL ELIAS H., dry goods, carpets, etc., 325 E Water, h 406 N Main

Dornaul Morris, book-keepter, 325 E Water, h 132 do

Dorn Ella F., h 409 Baldwin

Dorn Johanna, widow George, h 211 W 1st

Dorn Melissa, tailoress, h 610 Jay

Dorr David S., shoemaker, 103 E Water, h 206 Dewitt

Dorr Edward, laborer, h 521 Harper

Dorsey Andrew, h 517 Clinton Place

Dorsey Frankie, h 413 Madison av

Dorsey Thomas, laborer, h 105 E 1st

Dorwin William, contractor, h 215 Madison av

Doty W. A., book-keeper, h 228 William

Dougherty Charles F., cigar manufacturer, h 319 Washington

Dougherty Charles H., polisher, h 319 Washington

Doughterty William J., clerk, 319 E Water, h 111 E Hudson

DOUNCE FRED N., coal dealer, 208 E Market, also 104 W Partridge, h 514 W Church

Dounce Oliver H. (Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co.) h 508 William

Dounce Will D. (William J. Dounce & Co.), h 522 William

Dounce William J. (William J. Dounce & Co.) also, (Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co.), h 514 W Church

DOUNCE WILLIAM J. & CO. (Will D. Dounce, pig iron and coal, E 5th cor Railroad av

Dove James, clerk, American Hotel, h do

Dove Mary, Mrs., h 4 E 4th

DOW ISAIAH C., physician, 1219 Lake, h do

Dow Louise, h Elmira Female College

Dower robin, h 505 E 3d

Dowling Ella M., clerk, 319 E Water, h 359 Noah av

Dowling James, laborer, h 359 Roe av

Dowling James, baker, h 164 Orchard

Dowling John, agent, h 164 Orchard

Dowling Katie, domestic, 713 E Church

Dowling Mary, Mrs., h 371 Fulton

Down Frank, Mrs., h 401 Railroad av

Down George, carpenter, h 358 Grove

Downs John, laborer, h 410 Magee

Downs John B., well digger, h 1409 Sullivan

Downs Nora, domestic, 875 Magee

Doxey Elizabeth, Mrs., housekeeper, 512 Main

Doxey H. H., ironworker, h 153 Broadway

Doxey Nicholas D., superintendent bar mill, 731 Michigan, h 655 N Main

Doyle Ellen, Mrs., h 660 Columbia

Doyle Fillmore N., h 209 W 1st

DOYLE GEORGE W., umbrella manufacturer, 318 E Water, h do

Doyle James, laborer, h 815 Magee

Doyle James, waiter, Rathbun House

Doyle Jennie, clerk, 325 E Water, h 815 Magee

Doyle Katie, domestic, 419 W Church

Doyle Michael, carpenter, h 660 Columbia

Doyle Michael, coachman, h 209 W 1st

Drake Andrew J., carpenter, h 410 Pleasant

Drake Charles C., freight and passenger agent Tioga and Elmira State Line R R, h 357 College av

Drake David S., secretary and treasurer Tioga and Elmira State Line R R, also secretary, treasurer and

general superintendent Blossburg Coal Co, h 423 Church

Drake Edwin F., clerk, 501 Railroad av, h 867 Magee

Drake George E., conductor, h 114 W Hudson

Drake Henry E., (Henry E. Drake & Co), h 315 E Water

DRAKE HENRY E. & CO. (W. H. Frost), jewelers, 335 E Water

Drake James H., carpenter, h 114 W Hudson

DRAKE LEON H., coal, wood and lumber, W 4th, cor Railroad av, h 902 College av

Drake Mary, h 2 Perry

Drake Robert B., conductor, h Frasier House

Drake Samuel, corn meal, h 856 N Main

Drake William I., h 856 N Main

Drake William J., carpenter, h 214 Baldwin

Draney John, laborer, h 663 Lake

Drath Carl, h 165 Baldwin

Drehear Rachel, Mrs., h 309 Railroad av

DREW EBENEZER D., fancy goods, 128 W Water, h 113 Grove

Driass Adam, shoemaker, h 710 Benjamin

Driass Barbara, domestic, 470 Maple av

Driass Valentine, weaver, h 700 Benjamin

Driscoll Charles, laborer, h 813 Dickinson

Driscoll Daniel, laborer, h 813 Dickinson

Driscoll James, blacksmith, h 414 Elm

Driscoll Julia, domestic, 266 W Chemung Place

Driscoll Lizzie, h 509 E 2d

Driscoll Maggie, h 246 Lake

Drummer Henry, florist, h 510 Madison av

Drummer John, shoemaker, h 510 Madison av

Drummer John G. (Drummer & Small), h 510 Madison av

Drummer & Small (John G. Drummer and Lafayette Small), saloon, 420 E Water

Drury Orlando A., salesman, h 143 E Chemung Place

Dryer Fannie S., widow Newman, h 360 W Clinton

Duguid Henry L. (G. E. Plumb & Co), h at Syracuse

Duhl Louis, ice, 950 Oak, h do

Dullin Emil, bookbinder, h 700 E Market

Dullin Fred, jr., bookbinder, h 554 E 2d

Dullin Frederick, h 554 E 2d

Dullin George, piano tuner, h 304 Washington

Dullin Thomas, h 313 E Water

DUMARS JAMES H., bookseller and stationer, 142 W Water, h 718 do

Dumars Joseph, h 204 E Gray

Dumars Robert R. R., secretary Elmira Advertiser Association, h 466 W Water

DUN R. G. & CO., mercantile agency, 208 E Water

Dunavon John E., fireman, h 375 W Clinton

Dunbar Fred, dyer, h 540 Tuttle av

Dunbar Jerome J., lumberman, h 540 Tuttle av

Dunbar Rose E., dressmaker, h 316 High

Duncan George, clerk, 134 W Water, h do

Duncan Mary, domestic, 360 W Clinton

Duncan William D., western ticket agent, 160 W Clinton, h do