Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Fitzgerald Ann, domestic, 348 W 4th

Fitzgerald Annie, domestic, Elmira House

Fitzgerald Dane, laborer, h 1015 Oak

Fitzgerald Frank, cigarmaker, 903 John

Fitzgerald Frank, cigarmaker, h 518 Clinton

Fitzgerald James, shoemaker, h 400 W Hudson

Fitzgerald John, h 407 Mt Zoar

Fitzgerald John, laborer, h 501 Oak

Fitzgerald John, puddler, h 817 Hatch

Fitzgerald Kate, domestic, Rathbun House

Fitzgerald Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

Fitzgerald Mary, h 518 Clinton

Fitzgerald Nora, domestic, Rathbun House

Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, h 159 High

Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, h 101 W Henry

Fitzgerald Patrick, car inspector, h 552 E 3d

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h 323 Webber Place

Fitzgerald Patsey, hostler, Elmira House

Fitzgerald Thomas, cigarmaker, h 507 Oak

Fitzgerald Thomas, shoemaker, h 407 Mt Zoar

Fitzgerald Thomas, jr., shoemaker, h 110 Fulton

FITZGERALD WILLIAM K., grocer, 123 W Water, h do

Fitzgibbon Bridget, dressmaker, h 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbons Catharine, Mrs., h 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbon Katy, domestic, 706 Jay

Fitzgibbon Maggie, saleslady, 201 E Market, h 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbon Michael, trackman, h 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbons James, laborer, h 809 Railroad av

Fitzgibbons Mary, Mrs., h 102 E 7th

Fitzgibbons Nellie, h 260 W Henry

Fitzmartin James, agent, h 202 Baldwin

Fitzmartin John, laborer, h 422 W 5th

Fitzmartin Michael F., clerk, h 516 Main

Fitzpatrick Bridget, printer, h 156 W 3d

Fitzpatrick Charles, clerk, 7th cor Michigan, h do

Fitzpatrick Charles, laborer, h 324 Railroad av

Fitzpatrick D. A., printer, h 218 Baldwin

Fitzpatrick Frank, cigarmaker, h 324 Railroad av

Fitzpatrick Hugh, h 509 Madison av

Fitzpatrick John, laborer, h 213 7th

Fitzpatrick John B., printer, h 324 Railroad av

Fitzpatrick Maggie, dressmaker, h 213 W 3d

Fitzpatrick Margaret, widow Patrick, h 805 Magee

Fitzpatrick Mary, dressmaker, h 805 Magee

Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, h 324 Railroad av

Fitzpatrick Thomas, h 213 7th

Fitzsimmons Ellen, dressmaker, h 1315 Lake

Flaggan Batt, laborer, h 916 Main

Flahave James, laborer, h 857 Railroad av

Flahave James, shoemaker, h 1400 Baldwin

Flahave John, h 857 Railroad av

Flahave Mary, h 1400 Baldwin

Flahave Michael, shoemaker, h 1400 Baldwin

Flahave Patrick, steamfitter, h 1400 Baldwin

Flanagan Anna, widow Patrick, h 123 W 1st

Flanagan John J., dry goods, 132 W Water, h 381 do

Flanagan Martin J., shoes, 111 Lake, h 758 E Water

Flanagan May, domestic, 218 W Chemung Place

Flanagan Michael, ironworker, h 915 N Main

Fleck Mary, tailoress, h 701 E Clinton

Fleming Robert J., cutter, h 403 Columbia

Flendroph Henry, painter, h 171 Railroad av

Fletcher George W., grocer, 210 W Water, h at Sullivan, pa

Fletcher Joseph, weaver, h 809 East av

FLETCHER OLIVER M., planing mill, State cor Gray, h 622 W Water

Flett Edgar R., clerk, 200 Baldwin, h 102 Ferris

Flett George, yardman, Rathbun House

Flett Henrietta C., h 102 Ferris

FLETT J. A., grocer, 200 Baldwin, h 102 Ferris

Flett James C., h 102 Ferris

FLOOD HENRY, physician, 403 Lake, h do

Flood John M., physician, 312 E Water, h 501 do

Flood Patrick, laborer, h 161 E Washington av

FLOOD PATRICK H., physician and surgeon, 505 E Water, h 501 do

FLOOD THOMAS S., druggist, 312 E Water, h 509 do

Fleehi John, h 367 Railroad av

Flynn Anna, dressmaker, h 501 Sullivan

Flynn Finnie, painter, h 617 E 3d

Flynn Henry, laborer, h 833 Michigan

Flynn James, shoemaker, h 512 Perry

Flynn James, shoemaker, h 607 E 2d

Flynn Jerome, laborer, h 813 Michigan

Flynn John, cigarmaker, h Elmira House

Flynn John, laborer, h 501 Sullivan

Flynn John, laborer, h 213 Park

Flynn John, laborer, h 58 Washington

Flynn John, laborer, h 607 E 2d

Flynn John, laborer, h 512 Perry

Flynn John B., fireman, h 924 Maxwell av

Flynn Lizzie, hairdresser, h 58 Washington

Flynn Maggie, domestic, 224 W 1st

Flynn Martin, blacksmith, h 372 W 3d

Flynn Mary, domestic, 150 Washington

Flynn Mary, dressmaker, h 103 E Hudson

Flynn Michael, janitor, h 103 E Hudson

Flynn Michael, laborer, h 924 Maxwell av

Flynn Patrick, h 103 E Hudson

Flynn Patrick, clerk, h 501 Sullivan

Flynn Patrick, laborer, h 617 E 3d

Flynn Patrick, puddler, h 213 Park

Flynn Stephen, laborer, h 813 Michigan

Flynn Thomas, laborer, h 833 Michigan

Flynn Thomas, laborer, h 471 W 2d

Flynn Valentine, fireman, h 924 Maxwell av

Foley Anna A., domestic, 154 W Clinton

Foley Jennie, domestic, 1004 Lake

Foley Jerry, gardener, h 413 Railroad av

Foley Johanna, housekeeper, h 408 Magee

Foley John P., h 413 Railroad av

Foley John R., cigarmaker, h 105 W 1st

Foley Mary, domestic, 115 N Main

Foley Mary, domestic, 129 N Main

Foley Michael, blacksmith, h 105 W 1st

Foley Patrick, shoemaker, h 164 Dewitt

Foley Sarah J., Mrs., milliner, 164 Dewitt, h do

Foley Stephen J., clerk, 413 Railroad av, h do

Foley William D., cigarmaker, h 105 W 1st

Foley William E., carpenter, h 102 Chestnut

Foley William E., shoemaker, h 105 E 1st

Follett Oscar, herb doctor, h 207 E 1st

Follett Ralph, h 207 E 1st

Foltz Eliza J., widow Christian, h 521 W 1st

Foltz Henry E., shoemaker, h 521 W 1st

Folwell Allie, h 901 Factory

Foot Frank, h 157 Fox

Ford Anthony, laborer, h 309 Washington av

Ford Darius R., Rev., D. D., teacher Elmira Female College, h do

Ford Edward, laborer, h 928 Maxwell av

Ford Ellen, domestic, Rathbun House

Ford James, laborer, h 309 E Washington av

Ford John, carpenter, h 918 Benton

Ford John, laborer, h 559 E 3d

Ford John, tobacco stripper, h 559 E 3d

Ford Katie, domestic, Rathbun House

Ford Martin (T. & M. Ford), h 362 W 3d

Ford Nora, h 309 E Washington av

Ford Robert W., salesman, 414 E Market, h at Wellsville

Ford Sarah, dressmaker, h 559 E 3d

Ford Thomas, cigarmaker, h 559 E 3d

Ford Thomas (T. & M. Ford), h 210 W Hudson

Ford Tracy C., lawyer, 214 E Water, h 423 W Water

Ford T. & M. (Thomas and Martin), saloon, 143 W Water

Forker Ada F., h 130 W Water

Forker Anna, Mrs., h 130 W Water

Forrest Albert, carpenter, h 1120 Elm

Forrest Alfred H., carpenter,, h 816 East av

Forrest Edwin, h 519 Madison av

Forrest Nellie, h 151 Lake

Forrest William H., baggagemaster, h 652 Oak

Forrester George E., salesman, 102 W Water, h 504 Pennsylvania av

Forrester J. Henry, salesman, h 504 Pennsylvania av

Forrester Mary E., h 504 Pennsylvania av

Forsman H. P., engineer, h 660 N Main

Forsyth Frank G., car builder, h 710 Benjamin

Forsyth Ira L., painter, h 211 W Gray

Forsyth Jeanie, Mrs., h 266 W Chemung Place

Forsyth John, carpenter, h 402 E Water

Fortner Lewis B., drug clerk, h 402 W Gray

Foster Annie, clerk, 134 W Water, h 307 Mt Zoar

Foster Annie H., Mrs., h 307 Mt Zoar

FOSTER CHARLES M., dentist, 131 W Water, h do

Foster Jennie B., h 668 Baldwin

Foster Joseph B., carpenter, h 106 W 2d

Foster Lillie, Mrs., h 119 Lormore

Foster Martha P., boarding, h 106 W 2d

FOSTER MARTIN L., musical instruments, 301 Railroad av, h 106 W 2d

Foster Mary, Mrs., dressmaker, h 668 Baldwin

Foster Mary E., farmer, h 722 W Water

Foster Michael H., h 1201 Lake

Foster Thomas, boilermaker, h 307 Mt Zoar

Foster William, carpenter, h 668 Baldwin

Foster Winfield S., printer, h 119 Lormore

Foulk William H., h 115 Madison av

Fountain Emma, Mrs., h 155 Lake

Fowler B. M., clerk, h 315 E Market

Fowler Harry, plumber, h 313 College av

FOWLER JOHN H., saloon, 124 W Water, h 313 College av

Fowler John H., jr., h 506 W Clinton

Fowler Joseph, driver, h 125 W Water

Fowler Sanford L., h 116 Baldwin

Fowler Susan, Mrs., h 506 W Clinton

Fox Alexander, laborer, h 256 W Henry

Fox Albert H., dentist, 310 E Water, h 218 Baldwin

Fox Charles S., h 511 W Gray

Fox Noble M., clerk, 126 Lake, h 158 W 3d

Fox Phoebe A., widow Alanson, h 158 W 3d

Fox Rosetta, Mrs., cigar manufacturer, 609 Lake, h do

Fox Simeon D., engineer, h 609 Lake

Fox William F., h 511 W Gray

Foy Lester, h 208 Orchard

Fraidley Kate, domestic, Rathbun House

Fral Jessie, saleslady, 139 E Water, h College av

Fraley Charles, mechanic, h 507 College av

Fraley Jessie, milliner, h 507 College av

Francis Clara, h 558 E Water

Francis Clay, h 154 W 4th

Francis David S., ironworker, h 966 Magee

Francis Gershon T., ironworker, h 101 Broadway

Francis Mariam, dressmaker, h 101 Broadway

Francis Thomas, puddler, h 101 Broadway

Frank Bernard, peddler, h 659 E Water

Frank Jacob, peddler, h 659 E Water

Frank Levi, peddler, h 659 E Water

Frankenfield Dallas J., brakeman, h 653 ½ Lake

Frankenstein Aaron, clothier, 130 E Water, h 709 do

Frankenstein Benjamin, clothier, 138 E Water, also second-hand clothing, 321 Railroad av, h do

Frankenstein Elias, clerk, 138 E Water, h 106 Dewitt

Frankenstein Frank, h 709 E Water

Franklin Byron A., mechanic, h 215 S Main

Franklin Clarence, h 450 High

Franklin Clarence, coachman, 403 Lake

Franklin Eliza, h 452 High

Franklin Ella, h 456 E Water

Franklin Henry M., barber, h 306 Sullivan

Franklin John, hostler, 359 N Main

Franklin John, hostler, 327 Lake

Franklin John M., barber, 424 E Water, h 456 do

Frantz John P., laborer, h 707 Michigan

Fraser Frances J., h 505 Magee

Fraser James, Mrs., h 505 Magee

Fraser Joseph C., clerk, 257 W 4th, h Davis n Webber

Frasier F. Augustus, h 418 Main

FRASIER HOUSE, proprietor, A. J. Dobbins, Railroad av cor W 3d

Frasier Joseph, book-keeper, h 830 McDonald

Frasier William, mason, h 830 McDonald

Frazier Adell, domestic, 807 Factory

Frazier John W., sewing machine repairer, 211 W Water, h Wyckoff House

Frauley Anna, clerk, 134 W Water, h 322 Pennsylvania av

Frauley Pearl, h 317 Railroad av

Frawley Kate, dressmaker, h 422 W 5th

Frawley Mary, clerk, 325 E Water, h 422 W 5th

Frawley Michael, h 422 W 5th

Freeborn Fred H., clerk, 340 E Water, h 209 W Chemung Place

Freeman Caroline, widow Edward, h 604 Dickinson

Freeman Charles, bartender, 110 Lake

Freeman Charles H., harnessmaker, h Homestead Hotel

Freeman Henry, tailor, h 708 E Church

Freeman James, h 8 (old No) Fox

Freeman James, shoemaker, h 713 Harper

Freeman John, barber, 371 Railroad av, h do

Freeman William H., shoemaker, h 106 W 2d

French Charles, teamster, h 850 Factory

French George W., builder, h 208 Washington

French Henry F., train agent, h Delavan House

French Horace C., paymaster, N. C. R. R., h 657 Davis

French Joseph, mason, h 760 John

French Margaret, Mrs., h 305 Fulton

French Mary B., h 501 E Market

French Norman B., bricklayer, h 358 Division av

French Philip, tinsmith, h 850 Factory

French Robert, police constable, Recorder’s office, h 209 Hoffman

Frey Ernest, bartender, 119 Lake

Freudenheim L. & Bro. (Marx), notions, 102 Lake

Freudenheim Louis (L. Freudenheim & Bro.), h 762 E Water

Freudenheim Marx (L. Freudenheim & Bro.), h 124 Harriet

Friday Lizzie, tailoress, h 813 E Market

Friday Louis, finisher, h 719 E Oak

Friday William, h 719 E Oak

Friday William, Sr., augermaker, h 719 E Oak

Friday William J., finisher, h 722 E Oak

Friedman Joseph, h 1016 Lake

Friedman Rinsend, laborer, h 1016 Lake

Friedman Theresa, h 154 Washington

Friend John (Friend, Metzger & Co.), h plank rd ab toll gate

FRIEND METZGER & CO. (John Friend, Jacob Metzger and John Roof), meat market, 116 W Water and

109 Lake

FRIENDLY BROS. (Theodore and Myer), carriages and agricultural implements, State n Water

Friendly Myer (Friendly Bros.), h Madison av n Water

Friendly Myer H., book-keeper, 216 Baldwin, h 753 E Church

Friendly Sampson J., boots, 216 Baldwin, h 753 E Church

Friendly Theodore (Friendly Bros.), h 657 E Market

Frink Mate E., Mrs., h 118 Ferris

Frisbey C. C., Mrs., dressmaker, 108 W Water h do

Frisbey Chester C., clerk, 134 W Water, h 108 do

Frisbie A., Mrs., dressmaker, h 316 W Gray

Frisbie Albert, express messenger, h 408 Main

Frisbie Eaton N., general coal agent, N. Y. L. E. & W. R. R., h 115 N Main

Frisbie Joseph A., coal dealer, 128 N Main, h 6 Aspin Ridge

Fritz Eliza, teacher, h 606 John

Fritz Gibbon, h 606 John

Fritz Marilla, operator, h 103 E Church

Fritz Thomas, engineer, h 606 John

Fritz William, h 114 Spring

Frost Eli C., general agent, 257 W Clinton, h 508 do

Frost E. S., machinist, h 309 S Main

Frost Florus H., bake oven builder, 257 W Clinton h 508 do

Frost Horton, h 700 E Church

Frost James A., laborer, h 515 Elizabeth

Frost J. G., shoemaker, h 763 E 2d

Frost William H. (Henry E. Drake & Co.), h 700 E Church

Frowley Annie, seamstress, 134 W Water, h 322 Pennsylvania av

Frowley Katie, h 322 Pennsylvania av

Frowley Mary, h 322 Pennsylvania av

Frowley Martin, laborer, h 322 Pennsylvania av

Fruin John, brakeman, h 860 Main

Frydenburg Christian, cabinetmaker, 917 Davis

Frye Joel E., shoemaker, h 210 Ann

Frylenburg Louisa, domestic, 308 William

Fudge James, machinist, LaFrance Co., h 234 Mt Zoar

Fudge Jennie S., h 214 Mt Zoar

Fudge William, mechanic, LaFrance Co., h 214 Mt Zoar

Fuller Daniel, carpenter, 114 W 1st, h 113 W 2d

Fuller Edward C., shoemaker, h 417 W Water

Fuller Elizabeth, laundry, 239 W Water, h do

Fuller Elon A., manager, 112 W Water, h 405 Columbia

Fuller Emma, h 219 Franklin

Fuller Frank, miller, h 466 Franklin

Fuller Fred, miller, h 219 Franklin

Fuller George, carpenter, h 353 Norton

Fuller Kate, Mrs., h 219 Franklin

Fuller Mary A., seamstress, h Fulton cor Tuttle av

Fuller Nettie, h 219 Franklin

Fuller Thomas W., clerk, freight depot, Erie R. R., h 353 Norton

Fuller W. H., h 216 W Chemung Place

Fuller William, h 605 Dickinson

Fuller William M., h 605 Dickinson

Fuller William M., planer, h Factory cor Tuttle av

Furdon Samuel, farmer, h 314 Reformatory av

Furhman Martin, conductor, N. C. R. R., h 521 Jefferson

Furmaie Frances, domestic, 116 W Chemung Place

Furman Sasan C., Mrs., h 906 Stowell

Furey Datie, h 703 E Clinton

Furey Michael, wool carder, h 702 Jay

Furey Patrick, h 702 Jay

Fury Bridget, domestic, 957 Lake

Fury Catharine, domestic, 463 W Gray

Fury Katie B., h 863 Lake

Fybush Casper, salesman, h 714 John


Gabriel Benedict, carpenter, 257 W Clinton, h 373 do

Gabriel De Ja, clerk, Pullman Elmira Car Works, h 400 W Clinton

Gage Susan A., widow George, h 223 W Water

Gager Anna, h 369 W Water

Gaiser Frederick, foreman sausage department, 409 Railroad av, h Mt Zoar beyond city limits

Cait Mary A., widow Sydenham, h 114 W 2d

Galatian Andrew B., lawyer, Notary Public and Justice of the Peace, room 4 Opera block, h 413 Standish

Galatian Cornelia, teacher, h 610 N Main

Galatian Francis J., teacher, h 610 N Main

Galatian George H., painter, h 413 Standish

Galatian Hattie B., teacher, h 610 N Main

Gale Michael, laborer, h 816 Factory

Gale Peter, laborer, h 816 Factory

Gales Edwin C., salesman, 414 E Market, h at Wellsville

GALLAGHER BROTHERS (T. E. and J. G.), groceries and queensware, 327 E Water

Gallagher Charles, foreman, h 711 E Market

Gallagher Hannah, book-keeper, h 711 E Market

Gallagher James G. (Gallagher Brothers), h 417 E Market

Gallagher John C., engineer, Rathbun House, h 711 Railroad av

Gallagher Mary, milliner, h 711 Railroad av

Gallagher Mary T., tailoress, h 711 E Market

Gallagher Michael, wood carpet manufacturer, State cor Gray, h 711 E Market

Gallagher Thomas E. (Gallagher Bros.), h 354 Maple av

Gallagher Timothy, h 711 Railroad av

Gallagher William, student, h 663 College av

Gallavan Edward, laborer, Erie car shop, h 115 Harmon

Gallavan James, h 265 W Hudson

Gallavan James, laborer, h 835 Michigan

Gallavan James, jr., farmer, h 265 W Hudson

Gallavan Matthew, engineer, h 374 Fulton

Galvin John, shoemaker, h 372 Railroad av

Gamper Madeline, widow John A., h 156 Sullivan

Gamper Minnie, h 156 Sullivan

Gamper William C., cigarmaker, h 315 High

Gamwell John C., tailor, 111 E Water, h 115 W 1st

Ganney Nora, domestic, 302 W 3d

Ganam Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

Gannon, Mary, Mrs., boarding, h 120 W Chemung Place

Gannon Thomas W., plumber, h 213 W 3d

Ganon Bridget, domestic, 209 Harriet

Ganon Bridget, domestic, 708 Park Place

Gant James (Cannon Bros. & Co.), h at Rochester

Ganung Austin C., teamster, h 812 John

Ganung Charles C. (Burnette & Ganung), h 171 W 5th

Ganung Elias K., h 520 W Clinton

Ganung George V., h 520 W Clinton

Gappe Martin, brickmaker, h 103 W 1st

Garahy Bartholomew, heater, h 806 N Main

Gardiner D., clerk, 102 W Water, h do

Gardiner Elizabeth D., widow Nelson W., h 452 W Water

Gardiner Francis H., printer, h 502 E Washington av

Gardner Amsi A., brakeman, L. V. R. R., h 653 ½ Lake

Gardner Edna M., h 1312 Benton

GARDNER EDWARD B., bottler, 420 and 422 Carroll, h do

Gardner Frank H., printer, h 504 E Washington av

Gardner Fred, salesman, h 413 W 6th

Gardner Hannah L., Mrs., h 605 E 2d

Gardner Henry (Gardner & McCann), h 529 W Water

Gardner H. L., Mrs., h 309 Washington

Gardner Horatio, farmer, h W Elmira

Gardner Jane H., Mrs., h 260 Baldwin

Gardner John B., conductor, h 1312 Benton

Gardner Lizzie, saleslady, h 205 Gregg

Gardner Lyman D., clerk, 116 Lake, h 612 E Water

Gardner Lysander, cartman, h 612 E Water

Gardner Rosa, domestic, 463 E Water

Gardner Rose, domestic, 1013 Lake

Gardner Samuel A., clerk, 301 E Water, h 420 Canal

Gardner Thomas, machinist, h 413 W 6th

Gardner & McCann (Henry Gardner and Joseph McCann), meat market, 208 W Water

Garland Michael, carriage painter, h 602 E Church

Garnet C. G. laborer, h 669 Baldwin

Garnet William, laborer, h 669 Baldwin

Garr Urena, widow Jacob, h 376 Norton

Garrabant Agnes, h 429 E Water

Garrett Ella B., teacher, h 625 W Church

Garrett Edward, shoemaker, h 923 E Church

Garrett Jacob, carpenter, h 851 E Church

Garrett James R., carpenter, h 625 W Church

Garrison William L. (Densmore & Garrison), h 79 Walnut

Garritt Albert C., shoemaker, h 651 E Church

Gartenschlager Charles, tailor, h 609 Dickingson

Gartland -----, Mrs., h 504 Sullivan

Gartland Annie B., teacher, h 504 Sullivan

Gartland Libbie, saleslady, 134 W Water, h 504 Sullivan

Gartland Nellie, saleslady, 134 W Water, h 504 Sullivan

Gatland Thomas, book-keeper, 134 W Water, h 504 Sullivan

Garvey John, blacksmith, h 332 W 7th

Garvey John, clerk, h 210 W Hudson

Garvey Maggie, domestic, 403 William

Garvey Thomas, h 262 Baldwin

Garvin John, h 60 Washington

Gashill Burt, tailor, h 103 W 5th

Gaskell Fannie H., dressmaker, h 317 Roe av

Gaskell Lorentus J., carpenter, h 317 Roe av

Gasson Bella, forewoman, h 133 E Hudson

Gates Henry P., salesman, h 657 Park Place

Gaudrau Norah, Mrs., boarding, h Railroad av, cor W Gray

Gavin Maggie, h 514 Main

Gaylord Sanford, engineer, h 461 Powell

Geary John, engineer, h 763 E Market

Geary Mary E., domestic, h 763 E Market

Geary Michael, wool sorter, h 763 E Market

Geary William F., brakeman, h 763 E Market

Gebhard Lucinda, seamstress, h 563 E Church

Gebhard Lucinda K., Mrs., seamstress, h 124 E Chemung Place

Gebbie John, plumber, h Tuttle av cor Water

Geer Charles J. M., brakeman, h 716 Columbia

Geiger Frederick, tailor, h Clinton and Dix

Geimert Amelia A., Mrs., nurse, h 663 Davis

Geisenheimer Oscar C., hotel, Tuttle av, cor Church, h do

Geisenhoff Anthony, pastor St. John’s R. C. Church, h 717 Benjamin

Genson Elizabeth M., h 224 Franklin

George Asenath R., teacher, h 205 W Henry

George Eliza, h 664 Dickinson

George Elvira C., teacher, h 205 W Henry

George Frederick P., clerk, 134 W Water, h 205 W Henry

George Henry, tailor, h 50 Orchard

George James, decorator, h 505 E 2d

George Jeremiah, shoemaker, 309 E 5th, h 664 Dickinson

George Susan, domestic, 115 Orchard

George William, agent, h 205 W Henry

Georgia Charles A., florist, h 607 Tuttle av

Deorgia D. Lamont, farmer, h 1006 East av

Georgia Roswell S., engineer, h 607 Tuttle av

Georgia William, farmer, h 1006 East av

Georgia William E., clerk, h 607 Tuttle av

Gerard Antoine, laborer, h 716 E Oak

Gerard Jacob, tanner, h 915 E Church

Gerard Minnie, domestic, 716 E Oak

Gerber Charles, brewer, foot of Church, h Tuttle av

Gerber Charles, jr., brewer, Tuttle av, n Church, h do

Gerber Pantalcon, brewer, foot Church, h Tuttle av

Gere Charles E., engineer, h 201 Thurston

Gerity Clayton R., clerk, 126 Lake, h 258 Baldwin

Gerity William S. (Gerity & Morrell), h 510 Baldwin

GERITY & MORRELL (William S. Gerity and Isaac Morrell), wholesale druggists, 126 Lake

Gerow Gardner A., machinist, h 503 Park Place

Gerow Hannah, widow James, h 503 Park Place

GERRITY THOMAS, contractor, h 511 Baldwin

Gerveis Joseph, shoemaker, h 460 W 2d

Getchell Earl, clerk, 310 Carroll, h 503 Sullivan

Getchel Edwin L., clerk, 327 E Water, h Lake cor Market

Getchell Frank, farmer, h 901 East av

Gevlot Georgiana, domestic, 650 E Clinton

Gibbons Thomas, laborer, h 861 Davis

Gibbs Almon H., clerk, 106 E Water, h Main cor Water

Gibbs Benjamin, laborer, h 1326 Pratt

Gibbs Eben N., shoemaker, h 368 W 5th

Gibbs Eda M., Mrs., h 655 Davis

Gibbs Edith M., dressmaker, h 368 W 5th

Gibbs Emma, h 507 E 3d

Gibbs Jane, clairvoyant, h 507 E 3d

Gibbs Jane E., Mrs., baker, 354 E 4th, h do

Gibbs Lucius S., printer, h 665 Davis

Gibbs Mary A., Mrs., h 368 N 5th

Gibbs Mary L., widow Levi, h 318 W 1st

Gibbs Mattie J., h 114 W Chemung Place

Gibbs Noah, cook, h 354 E 4th

Gibbs Thomas F., cutter, 111 E Water, h 380 W Water

Gibbs Thomas O. S., blacksmith, Exchange n Market, h 209 E Gray

Gibbs Vincent, carpenter, h 206 Mt Zoar

Gibbs William B., proprietor, Pattinson House, 164 Baldwin