Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Gibson A. Fowler, book-keeper, LaFrance Fire Engine Co., h 409 Baldwin

Gibson Martin, trackman, h 860 Magee

Gibson William A., printer, h 728 W 1st

Gibson William L., insurance, h 409 Baldwin

Giddings Albert C., carpenter, h 312 High

Gifford Europa D., Mrs., h Elmira Female College

Gilbert Edgar S., clerk, 159 Railroad av, h Elmira House

Gilbert Ellen, Mrs., Baldwin n 5th

Gilbert Esther, Mrs., 408 E Market

Gilbert George, painter, h 160 Baldwin

Gilbert Henry J., grocer, 413 Railroad av, h do

Gilbert Henry K., 454 W Gray

Gilbert Henry S., 459 W Church

Gilden Fred, laborer, h 721 Dickinson

Giles Charles D., salesman, h 1211 Hall

Giles H. T., machinist, h 102 W Water

Gilbes Joseph W., collector, Gazette and Free Press, h 1130 Hall

Gilford James I., h 262 Baldwin

Gilgon Ann, Mrs., h 815 McDonald

Gill Eliza, domestic, 322 William

Gill John, city express, h 609 E 2d

Gill William, cigarmaker, h 112 Columbia

Gilldea Erwin W., hackman, h 371 W 5th

Gilldea Marie, Mrs., h 317 W 5th

Gilldea William R., hackman, h 317 W 5th

Gillespie Alonzo, shoemaker, h 504 Madson av

Gilles Frederick, laborer, h 360 E 5th

Gillet Solomon L. (Gillet & Co.), h 208 E Church

GILLET & CO. (Solomon L. Gillet and Robert T. Turner), manufacturers augurs, bits, etc., 601 Baldwin

Gillett Abbie M., h 901 East av

Gillett Lewis W., book-keeper, also manufacturer carpet whips, 601 Baldwin, h 318 W Water

Gilmore Celia, Mrs., h 411 W 6th

Gilmore James, clerk, 315 E Water, h 114 W Market

GILMORE JOHN, proprietor Central House, 114 E Water

Gilmore Joseph, h 114 E Water

Gilmore Lewis C., salesman, 211 Baldwin, h 516 Dewitt

Gilmore Mary, domestic, 511 Railroad

Gilmore Norval, salesman, 211 Baldwin, h 509 Park Place

Gilmore Susan, Mrs., h 316 South av

Gilmore William, brakeman, h 411 W 6th

Gilsdorf Anton, tailor, 300 E Water, h 759 E Water

Gilson James A. (D. A. Morgan & Co.), h 219 Ann

Ginane Michael, shoemaker, h 355 W 3d

Ging Lawrence, blacksmith, h 605 S Main

Gingraw John, h 604 Jay

Gingraw Malveran, h 604 Jay

Gingraw Mary, h 604 Jay

Ginsberg Nathan, h 551 E 2d

Girolami Emanuel, imagemaker, h 103 E 1st

Givens Jesse B., clerk, 105 W Water, h do

GIVENS JESSE S., Temple Shoe Store, 105 W Water, h do

Gladke Joseph, h 162 Dewitt

Gleason Adele A. (Drs. Gleason & Co.), h 1019 East av

Gleason Drs. & Co. (S. O. R. B., and Adele A Gleason), physicians, Water Cure, 1019 East av

Gleason Edward B., business manager, Water Cure, 1019 East av, h do

Gleason Lizzie, h 752 E 5th

Gleason Margaret, h 752 E 5th

Gleason Mary, Mrs., h 304 Sullivan

Gleason Mary, Mrs., dressmaker, h 401 Railroad av

Gleason Michael, bottler, h 759 Jay

Gleason Rachael B. (Drs. Gleason & Co.), h 1019 East av

Gleason Silas O. (Drs. Gleason & Co.) h 1019 East av

Glines Helen A., h Baldwin n Church

Glynn William, cooper, h 108 W Hudson

GODDARD EDWARD, dentist, 310 E Water, h 662 N Main

Goodard Lucinda, Mrs., h 662 College av

Godfrey George L., shoemaker, h 308 W 3d

Godfrey Hattie B., teacher, h 712 E Church

Godfrey Joh, h 712 E Church

Godfrey Louise, h 712 E Church

Godfrey Marian E., operator, Tel. Exchange, h 234 Mt Zoar

Godfrey William H., Mrs., h 234 Mt Zoar

Goebel Joseph, h 416 Madison

Goetz Louis, shoemaker, h 114 Orchard

Gohring George E., tailor, h 112 E Chemung Place

Godburg Easter, h 503 Dewitt

Golden John, laborer, h 315 Washington av

Golden Joseph, mechanic, h 415 Lake

Golden Margaret, domestic, 369 W 4th

Goldsberry Harriet H., domestic, 712 E Oak

Goldsmith Albert, helper, h Spaulding cor Homer

Goldsmith Benjamin, farmer, h 103 Henry

Goldsmith Charles, mason, h 50 Monroe

Goldsmith Franklyn, carpenter, h 211 Ann

Goldsmith John J., clerk, 209 E Water, h 702 do

Goldsmith LeGrand, h 211 Ann

Goldsmith Margaret, h 702 E Water

Goldsmith Richard H. L., blacksmith, h 103 E Henry

Gole Charles, h 429 E Church

Gonzales Wayne O., h 214 Sullivan

Goode John P., carpenter, h 520 W Clinton

GOODELL DEBRUCE, general foreman, N. Y. L. E. & W. R. R. Co. repair shops, h 429 W Clinton

Goodenough Bessie L., dressmaker, h 454 Carroll

Goodenough Clementina L., dressmaker, h 454 Carroll

Goodenough Elizabeth, dressmaker, h 454 Carroll

Goodin Rachel, Mrs., laundress, h 653 Baldwin

Goodin Thomas, laborer, h 653 Dickinson

Goodin Sherman, h 107 E Church

Gooding Lucien T., conductor, h 612 S Main

Goodman Mary L., dressmaker, h 750 E 5th

Goodman Millie, Mrs., 308 E 5th

Goodman William F., physician, 750 E 5th, h do

Goodno Albert, carpenter, h 107 E Church

Goodrich Alvin, clerk, 200 W Water, h 601 W Water

Goodrich Chauncey S., toolmaker, h 374 W Gray

GOODRICH DWIGHT A., h 370 W Church

Goodrich O’Meara D. (A. B. Austin & Co.), h Water cor Grove

Goodwin Clarence B., miller, ft E Water, h do

Goodwin Francis B., h 709 Michigan

Gordon John, blacksmith, Clinton n Madison av, h 510 N Main

Gordon Lydia A., Mrs., baker, 510 N Main, h do

Gore Adolph K., salesman, 307 E Water, h E Chemung Place n Pennsylvania av

Gorman Eugene, clerk, 301 E Water, h 207 W 6th

Gorman James, heater, h 956 N Main

Gorman John, clerk, freight depot Erie R. R., h 408 S Magee

Gorman John, laborer, h 811 Hatch

Gorman Kate, domestic, 714 College av

Gorman Katie, domestic, 360 W Church

Gorman Mary, domestic, h 312 William

Gorman Patrick, laborer, h 451 W 6th

Gorman Sarah, domestic, 468 E Church

Gorman Simon, laborer, h 811 Hatch

Gorman Thomas, grocer, 519 Oak, h do

Gorman Timothy, h 109 Fulton

Gornee William H., carpenter, h 238 Mt Zoar

Gornovetch Anthony, laborer, 360 E 5th

Gorton Carrie E., Mrs., h 710 N Main

Gorton Robert, clerk, h 710 N Main

Gould Annie L, Mrs., h 322 W 5th

Gould Claude, foundry, Market cor State, h 6th n College av

Gould James R., painter, h 322 W 5th

Gould Nellie F., Mrs., h 322 W 5th

Gould Maria B., widow Frank, h 409 Walnut

Gouley John, laborer, h 365 Railroad av

Goundrey John D., clerk, h 520 W 1st

Gowenlock William H., clerk, Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel, h do

Gradwell Bridget, widow Thomas, h 606 E 3rd

Gradwell James, cigarmaker, h 606 E 3rd

Gradwell Robert, shoemaker, h 606 E 3rd

Gradwell Thomas, machinist, h 606 E 3rd

Grady Joseph, painter, h 419 Railroad av

Grady Michael, laborer, h 816 East av

Grady Michael, saloon, 319 Railraod av, h do

Grady Thomas, teamster, h 1311 Benton

Graham Alonzo, laborer, h 812 E Church

Graham Charles E., Telegram office, h Clinton cor Oak

Graham Charles N., h 302 W 1st

Graham Edward, candymaker, h 518 Oak

Graham Ettie, h Jones’ Lane cor 1st

Graham Jeannette, widow James A., h 511 W Clinton

Graham John, machinist, h 360 Division

Graham Thomas, h 214 College av

Graiser Frederick, butcher, h Mt Zoar

Grand Trunk Railway Freight Line, C. G. Beers, agent, 505 Railroad av

Grandin James L. S., Rev., h 123 W Hudson

Graner Charles H., upholsterer, h 217 Ann

Graner Frederick, cabinetmaker, h 217 Ann

Granger John, laborer, h 224 Dewitt

Grant Fred, clerk, h 452 W 1st

Grant Israel P. (Grant & DeWaters), h 452 W 1st

Grant Morris, h 115 Orchard

GRANT & DeWATERS (Israel P. Grant and Wright DeWaters), carriages, also agricultural implements,

154 and 156 Lake

Grantier G. W., conductor, h 460 South av

GRASER BROTHERS (Edward and William), agricultural implements, 158 Baldwin

Graser Edward (Graser Brothers), h Homestead Hotel

Graser William (Graser Brothers), h at Buffalo

Graul Charles G., cutter, h 317 W 4th

Graves Effie, h 514 Pennsylvania av

Graves Frank, h 313 Orchard

Graves Frank M., clerk, h 303 Orchard

Graves Fred, clerk, h 424 W Clinton

Graves Phebe A., widow Charles A., h 450 W Clinton

Graves William C., conductor, h 450 W Clinton

Gray Abba A., dressmaker, h 426 W Church

Gray C. B., student, h 501 Lake

Gray George L., coppersmith, h 406 Powell

Gray Guy H., carpenter, h 355 Grove

Gray John B., polisher, h 114 W Henry

Gray Stephen C. (Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co.), h 353 W 4th

Grealic John, tinner, h 200 Chestnut

Great Atlantic Tea Company, 209 E Water


Greatsinger William, h 751 E 2d

Greatsinger Smith H., teamster, h 1404 Baldwin

Greek Charles L., teamster, h 208 E Market

Greely John, tinsmith, h 164 Sullivan

Green Adelbert, mason, h 408 Ivy

Green Anna, Mrs., tailoress, 509 Harper

Green Augustus H., carbuilder, h 150 W 5th

Green Benjamin, laborer, h 715 Baldwin

Green C. E., h 102 W Water

Green Ella J., clerk, 163 Baldwin, h 169 do

Green Ellen, dressmaker, h 150 W 5th

Green Everit, clerk, Erie shop, h 507 W Clinton

Green Fannie E., clerk, 163 Baldwin, h 169 do

Green Frank H., painter, h 524 Baldwin

Green George G., carbuilder, h 150 W 5th

Green George H., janitor, h 524 Baldwin

Green Hannah, Mrs., h 5 Jones’ Lane

Green Hannah, Mrs., h 661 Columbia

GREEN HARRY C., assistant city editor Elmira Advertiser, h 111 W Market

GREEN HENRY C., seed grower and florist, 163 Baldwin, 214 and 216 E Market, also ft Catherine, h 169


Green Horatio N., clerk, 151 Lake, h 524 Baldwin

Green James, clerk, h Elmira House

Green James W., pipe line man, 1101 Benton

Green John, coachman, 306 Lake

Green Mary A., h 554 E 2d

Green Nora, h 458 Maple av

Green Patrick, shoemaker, h 524 William

Green Samuel, mason, h 115 W Hudson

Green Theodore B., railroader, h 661 Columbia

Greenberg Charles, tailor, h 119 Harriet

Greener Augustus, clerk, h 209 E Church

Greener G. Charles, salesman, h 209 E Church

GREENER JACOB, piano manufacturer and music dealer, 209 E Church, h do

Greenie Joseph, shoemaker, h 489 W 4th

Greenwood Jennie, domestic, 122 E Chemung Place

Greenwood Rose, domestic, 113 W Chemung Place

Greff Gertrude, domestic, 801 E Church

Gregg Byron, h Washington av cor Davis

Gregg Elizabeth, h 235 Lake

Gregg Ellen, h 235 Lake

Gregg Jane, h 150 Madison av

Gregg J. Leslie, civil engineer, h 409 William

Gregg Peter, laborer, h 708 Benjamin

Gregg S. C., farmer, h West Elmira

Gregory Alfred, clerk, 200 E Water, h 617 Lake

Gregory Bert, h 155 Madison av

Gregory Caroline T., domestic, 425 Baldwin

GREGORY EUGENE B., architect, room 1 Stancliff Hall, Baldwin cor Carroll, h 410 W 1st

Gregory Frederick N., book-keeper, 605 Baldwin, h 617 Lake

GREGORY ISAAC M., managing editor Gazette and Free Press, h 155 Madison av

Gregory Oscar, carpenter, h 111 W 1st

Greeves Ann M., widow John, h 357 Columbia

Greeves John C., clerk, Chemung Canal Bank, h 357 Columbia

Grey Elizabeth Ellen, domestic, 205 High

Gridding Kate, h 312 High

Gridley Charles H. (G. A. Gridley & Son), h 113 Walnut

GRIDLEY G. A. & SON (Charles H., hardware, 119 E Water

Gridley Grandison A. (G. A. Gridley & Son), h 108 E Chemung Place

Gridley Leonard C., salesman, 119 E Water, h 108 E Chemung Place

Gridley Will C., clerk, h 108 E Chemung Place

Gridley William G., salesman, 119 E Water, h 108 E Chemung

Grieneisen Louis, h 705 E 2d

Griff John (Griff & Miller), h 122 Sullivan

Griff & Miller (John Griff and Jacob Miller), meat market, 162 Washington

Griffees Wilbur G., salesman, 135 E Water, h 854 N Main

Griffin Edward, hostler, h 112 E Water

Griffin George H., laborer, h 808 Magee

Griffin Jennie, domestic, 371 Thurston

Griffin Johanna, h 340 W 7th

Griffin John H., blacksmith, h Washington av cor Davis

Griffin Margaret, h 435 W 4th

Griffin Mary, h 378 S Main

Griffin Michael, laborer, h 131 W Henry

Griffin Noble C., shoemaker, h 377 W Water

Griffin O. H., farmer, h West Elmira

Griffin Oscar, farmer, h West Elmira

Griffin Sarah, Miss, h 173 Lake

Griffith David H., saloon, 833 Michigan, h do

Griffith George, salesman, h 409 Walnut

Griffiths R., Mrs., h 502 Pennsylvania av

Griggs Mary, tailoress, h 158 Dewitt

Griswold Aaron, shoemaker, h West Elmira

Griswold Edward, laborer, h 161 Washington

Griswold George L., printer, h 423 Washington av

Grodzki Maximilian, cigar manufacturer, 616 Baldwin, h do

Grogan Mary, Mrs., domestic, 703 Park Place

Groone Lewis, h 614 Baldwin

Grover Henry, teamster, h 121 Sullivan

Grow Jennie, domestic, 110 W Chemung Place

Growell Charles, cutter, 111 E Water, h 317 W 4th

Grumme Henry (Grumme & Klippenstein) h 108 College av

Grumme Henry, jr., clerk, 222 W Water, h 108 College av

Grumme Joseph, stock clerk, J. Richardson & Co., h 108 College av

GRUMME & KLIPPENSTEIN (H. Grumme and E. Klippenstein), furniture, 218, 220 and 222 W Water

Gudmon Medor, peddler, h 558 E Water

Guernsey Lucius W., clerk, 501 Railroad av, h 110 Walnut

Guernsey Peter B., clerk, 501 Railroad av, h 110 Walnut

GUILFORD JAMES B., assistant editor Elmira Advertiser, h 417 E Market

Guinnip R. H., merchant, h 902 W Water

Guion Mary L., domestic, 515 Walnut

Guion Richard L., electrician, Telephone Exchange, h 359 W 2d

Guion Hogland B., creamery, h 214 Baldwin

Gulick John G., Rev., h 380 W Gray

Gulliver Clark D., car inspector, h 318 Hine

Gundel Morris, salesman, h 553 E 2d

Gundelsweiler Joseph, brickmaker, h 704 Dickinson

Gunderman Abraham B., butcher, h 665 Park Place

Gunderman Hattie, dressmaker, h 203 E Water

Gurley Emma, teacher, h 370 W Gray

Gustin John, h 612 Dickinson

Guthrie John, laborer, h 324 Webber

GUTHRIE JULIUS C., vice-president Tioga and Elmira State Line, also Vice-president Blossburg Coal

Co., h 412 N Main

Guthrie Sarah A., Mrs., h 423 Railroad av


Haas Frank J., clerk, 216 E Water, h 201 Columbia

Haas Magdalena, widow John, h 201 Columbia

Haase Ferdinand, grocer, 600 E Church, h do

Hackett Catherine, milliner, h 417 Powell

Hackett James, h 417 Powell

Hackett John, painter, h 417 Powell

Hackett Michael, boilermaker, h 417 Powell

Hackett Thomas, brakeman, h 417 Powell

Hackley Fred D., clerk, 152 Baldwin, h 817 W Church

Hackley Ralph G., clerk, 152 Baldwin, h 817 W Church

Hadden Arthur, shoemaker, h 224 Sullivan

Hade George W., fresco painter, h 1130 Lake

Hade Justus, grocer, 1130 Lake, h do

Hadley John J., shoemaker, 1118 Walnut, h do

Hagadorn Charles, student, h 128 E Chemung Place

HAGADORN M. B., MRS., milliner, 306 E Water, h 128 E Chemung Place

Hagar Fred, music teacher, h 450 Oak

Hagen Fred, butcher, h 1121 Elm

Haggany W. W., h 166 Baldwin

Haggerty Harry C., book-keeper, 101 W Water, h 112 Baldwin

Haggerty Heath J., salesman (J. Richardson & Co.), h 515 W Water

Haight Alice, h 321 Mead av

Haight Fannie, Mrs., h 107 W Hudson

Haight Joe K. (Haight & Taynton), h Wyckoff House

HAIGHT MAXWELL, proprietor Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel, 118, 120, 122 and 124 E Water

HAIGHT & TAYNTON (J. K. Haight and J. A. Taynton), fruits, confectionery and ice cream, 106 N Main

HAIGHT’S C. T. A. HOTEL, proprietor Maxwell Haight, 118, 120, 122 and 124 E Water

Hailstock David, laborer, h 518 High

Hainer Ezekiel, stonemason, h 160 Baldwin

Hakes Samuel B., shoemaker, h 316 High

Haley Frank, laborer, h 507 Magee

Haley John, laborer, h 507 Magee

Haley Mary, domestic, h 507 Magee

Hall Andrew, cooper, 357 S Main, h do

Hall Andrew P., cabinetmaker, h 1215 Maxwell av

Hall Benjamin F., 804 E Market

Hall Betsey P., Mrs., h 313 Lake

Hall Bray D., farmer, h 1201 Lake

Hall Catharine, h 606 E Clinton

Hall Charles L., shoemaker, h 619 W Gray

Hall Charles T., clerk, h 417 E Market

Hall Edward A., baker, h 507 Railroad av

Hall Emma, domestic, 441 E Water

Hall Emma, domestic, 914 Benton

HALL FRANCIS G., banker, Water cor Baldwin, h 500 Lake

Hall Frederic, h 213 College av

Hall Hiland S., manager The Great Atlantic Tea Co., h 500 Lake

Hall James A., mason, h 804 E Market

Hall James B., mechanic, h 201 W South av

Hall Jessie, h 121 Sullivan

Hall John, millwright, h 115 Columbia

Hall John T., physician, h 517 Dewitt

Hall Lafayette, brakeman, h 302 E Water

Hall Lucinda, Mrs., seamstress, h 440 W 4th

Hall Richard N., h 202 Harmon

Hall Robert A., clerk, 313 E Water, h 315 W Church

Hall Robert H., shoemaker, h 357 S Main

Hall Samuel, farmer, h 1201 Lake

HALL SAMUEL, real estate, Lake cor Oak, h Lake cor Division

Hall Samuel J., miller, h 1300 Lake

Hall Thompson, h 606 E Clinton

Hall William, cor Balsam and Broadway

Hall William H., engineer, h 713 Harper

Haller Albert, painter, h 316 S Main

Halliday Fred H., h 365 W 5th

Halliday I., polisher, h 601 Baldwin

Halliday Jesse E., polisher, h 365 W 5th

Halliday Rinaldo, mason, h 365 W 5th

Halliday Samuel B., h 110 Columbia

Halliday Sarah, widow William, h 211 High

Halliday Selah, mason, h 165 Sullivan

Halliday W. H., ironworker, h 668 Columbia

Halliday William H., mason, h 365 W 5th

Halliday William H., tinsmith, h 430 W 4th

Halligan Annie, domestic, 399 W Water

Hallo Leah, h 461 E Water

Hallock Alice, Mrs., h 314 N Clinton

Hallock, Cary & Co. (W. B. Hallock, J. S. Cary and W. H. Moody), clothiers, 111 and 113 E Water

Hallock Harland H., oil producer, h 393 W Water

Hallock Wallace B. (Hallock, Cary & Co.), h 399 W Water

Hallock William, painter, h 214 W Water

Halloran James, fireman, h 847 Oak

Halloran Mary, Miss, h 414 Lake

Halloran Patrick, foreman, h 719 E Washington av

Halloran Thomas, cigarmaker, h 719 E Washington av

Halste Frederick, butcher, h 216 Ann

Halter Jacob M., baggagemaster, h 508 College av

Hamahan Michael, laborer, h 706 Hatch

Hamer Ezekiel, stonemason, h 160 Baldwin

Hamer Howard S., music teacher, h 512 Madison av

Hame William, clerk, h Rathbun House

Hamer William F., tailor, 116 W Water, h 59 Sullivan

Hamilton Adelbert S., clerk, 435 Railroad av, h 109 W 2d

Hamilton Charles, clerk, 325 E Water, h Main cor Water

Hamilton Charles, foreman, h Austin Block

Hamilton Charles H., barber, h 403 Madison av

Hamilton Daniel S., watchmaker, 504 N Main, h 658 do

Hamilton Edward P., h 407 Railroad av

Hamilton Henry C. (Hevener & Hamilton), h 801 E Water

Hamilton Hiram B., h 317 Railroad av

Hamilton Joseph W., salesman, 122 Lake, h 913 Lake

Hamilton Margaret, h 425 E Water

Hamilton Margaret, Mrs., domestic, Home for Aged

Hamilton Mary, laundress, h 403 Madison av

Hamilton Peter, foreman, h 214 Judson

Hamilton Peter, jr., brickmaker, h 214 Judson

Hamilton Robert, h 214 John

Hamilton Samuel, brickmaker, h 214 Judson

Hamilton Thomas, brickmaker, h 214 Judson

Hamilton Walter, h 707 E Water

Hamilton William J., brickmaker, h 214 Judson

Hamlin Lydia, h 441 E Water

Hamlin Samuel T., h 313 Lake

Hammon George, laborer, h 500 High

Hammond Emery E., laborer, h 317 Washington av

Hammond Frank M., clerk, S Main cor Pennsylvania av, h do

Hammond W. H., engineer, h 919 Benton

Hampshire Elmer F., salesman, 327 E Water, h 417 E Market

Hancock Estella, h 741 W Church

Hand Henry P., oil dealer, h 132 E Chemung Place

Handich Julius, bottler, h 112 High

Handly Mary, h 300 Maple av

Handrafan Martin, laborer, h 104 Hatch

Handy A. J., Mrs., h 310 S Main

Handy Daniel W., painter, h 422 E Water

Handy Francis, carpenter, h 310 S Main

Handford Clay H., engineer, Reformatory

Hangan William, laborer, h 723 Lake

Hanifen John, h 308 E Washington av

Hanifen John, jr., stonemason, h 308 E Washington av

Hanifen Michael, stonemason, h 308 E Washington av

Hanifen Johanna, h 308 E Washington av

Hanison John G., photographer, h 624 Gray

Hankins Zachariah T., carpenter, State n 2d, h 719 College av

Hanlon Hugh O., h 914 Main

Hanley W. John, flagman, h 750 E 5th