Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Holtzapple Adam G., blacksmith, h 513 Pennsylvania av

Holzheimer Joe, h 461 E Water

Holzheimer Louis (L. Holzheimer & Co.), h 461 E Water

Holzheimer L. & Co. (Joseph Wittenberg), clothing, 141 E Water

Holzheimer Max, clerk, 141 E Water, h 461 do

Homer William H., engineer, h 417 W Clinton

Homestead Hotel, proprietor Sarah R. Trembly, 425 E Water

Honscheid William, machinist, N. C. R. R., h 702 Dickinson

Honshine Martin, h 911 Magee

Hooper Alice, laundry, h 403 Madison av

Hooker Catharine, Mrs., h 656 Baldwin

Hooper Charles, porter, h 164 Sullivan

Hooker Frank R., salesman, 126 Lake, h 309 W 2d

Hoonan Jullia, domestic, 406 Main

Hooper Martha, Miss, h 311 E 5th

Hopkinson, H. F., engineer, h 454 W 4th

Hopkinson William F., assistant civil engineer, N. C. R. R., h 348 W 4th

Hoppe Charles, h 244 W Water

Hoppe Louisa, hardresser, 128 E Water, h 244 W Water

Hoppe Louise E., saleslady, 128 E Water, h 244 W Water

Hoppe Nathan, h 108 Sullivan

Hopson George, grocer, 613 Dickinson, h do

Horan James, joiner, h 850 Market

Horgan John D., brakeman, h 605 John

Horgan Maggie, tailoress, h 605 John

Horgan Mamie, organist, h 605 John

Hornbeck Alfred S., barber, h 41 Railroad av

Horton Edmund D., laborer, h 907 Lake

Horton Mary J., widow Royal, h 334 E Water

Horton Royal H., clerk, Arbour Hotel, H 334 E Water

Horrocks Joshua, printer, h 405 W Gray

Hosenmier John, tanner, h 907 John

Hosford Seymour A., carpenter, h 415 Walnut

Hoskin Frank, h 166 Dewitt

Hoskins Francis D., Rev., pastor Grace Church, h 616 N Main

Hoskins Mary, domestic, Frasier House

HOTCHKIN SAMUEL, flour mill, 301 to 307 W Water, h 660 Park Place

Hotchkiss Anna E., teacher, h 315 William

Hotchkiss Thomas W., h 510 Water

Hotel Table Furnisher Manufacturer Association, 257 W Clinton

Hough William A., grain dealer, h Frasier House

Houghtaling A. Llewellyn, grocer, 667 Lake, h do

Houghtaling Albert P., Rev., h 408 Mathews

Houghtaling J. H., h 366 Diven av

Houghtaling P. N., laborer, William and 3d

Houlahan James, laborer, h 357 Reformatory

Houty Ophelia J., Mrs., housekeeper, h 102 Harmon

Hovey N. Charles, clerk, 436 E Water, h do

Howard Anthony, laborer, h 118 W 5th

Howard Dennis, laborer, h 367 W 3d

Howard Georgie A. H., saloon, 317 Railroad av, h do

Howard Jacob M., meat market, 500 N Main, h 158 W 3d

Howard John J., upholsterer, h 815 Walnut

Howard Joseph, farmer, h 261 W Clinton

Howard Josie, dressmaker, h 376 W 3d

Howard Kate, Mrs., h 216 Harmon

Howard Mary, Mrs., h 615 Lake

Howard Mary, dressmaker, h 216 Harmon

Howard Mary Jane, h 605 E 2d

Howard Sarah, domestic, 230 Lake

Howard Thomas, h 510 Park Place

Howard Thomas, h 5th and Magee

Howard William, laborer, h College av n city limits

Howard William P., salesman, 102 W Water, h Wyckoff House

Howard Zacheus, brakeman, h 709 Kinyon

Howe Frank L., shoemaker, h 636 Windsor

Howe Henry F., oil dealer, h 404 W Clinton

Howe Johanna, domestic, Rathbun House

HOWE SEWING MACHINE COMPANY (The), W. D. Cady, manager, 118 Lake

Howe Smith J., laborer, h 160 Sullivan

Howell Daniel E., cattle dealer, h 507 West Hill

Howell Frank T., h 502 W Clinton

Howell Fred M., book-keeper, 511 E Clinton, h 507 West Hill

Howell George B., laborer, h 502 Pennsylvania av

Howell Hannah A., h 507 West Hill

Howell Minnie B., h 401 Railroad av

Howell John V., machinist, h 502 Pennsylvania av

Howell Sarah B., widow Asa R., h 503 Lake

Howes Ephraim W., h 108 Madison av

Howes Lorenzo (Hudson & Howes), h 317 Madison av

Howes William H., clerk, Rathbun House, h do

Howland Cornelius, wagonmaker, Washington n Lake, h Dickinson n 4th

Howland Howard C., book-keeper, 2 Arcade Block, Lake, h 206 Sullivan

Howland Margaret, h 758 Jay

Howland Srah, domestic, 814 Walnut

Howland William D., polisher, h 255 W Hudson

Hoyt Charles, h 220 Ann

Hoyt Sarah, widow William, h 220 Ann

Huber Anthony, clerk, 116 W Water, h 118 W Henry

Hubbell Charles, clerk, 102 State, h 130 E Water

Hubbell Charles A., clerk, 102 State, h 319 W Church

Hubbell Ely P., printer, h 218 Baldwin

Hubbell Samuel B., jr., clerk, 102 State, h 378 W Water

HUBBELL SAMUEL B., furniture, also undertaking, State cor Water, h 315 W 1st

Huckell Thomas G., brakeman, h 955 Walnut

Hudson Adelbert (Hudson & Howes), h 410 Baldwin

Hudson Fred A., clerk, 340 E Water, h 410 Baldwin

Hudson Richard B., h 410 Baldwin

HUDSON & HOWES (A. Hudson & L. Howes), boots and shoes, 329 E Water

Huffman Anna, Mrs., domestic, 417 Railroad av

Huffman Jaco9b, baker, h 106 W 2d

Hufford Peter D., painter, h 711 Kinyon

Hughes Ann, Mrs., h 1207 Hall

Hughes Edward, blacksmith, h 663 College av

Hughes Henry C., blacksmith, h 663 College av

Hughes John, blacksmith, h 812 Oak

Hughes John H., brakeman, h 653 ½ Lake

Hughes Patrick, h 113 E 7th

Hughes Stephen H., manager, 112 W Water, h 405 Columbia

Hughes Thomas, laborer, h 162 Harriet

Hughes Thomas, laborer, h 718 Oak

Hughes Thomas, teamster, h 373 Washington av

Hughes William P., student, h 663 College av

Hulbert Mary, Mrs., h 704 Benjamin

Hulburt Luman D., constable, h 106 W Gray

Huligan Thomas, h 10 Fox

Hull Andrew, Rev., h 310 W Church

Hull George S., law student, 335 E Water, h 102 W Water

Hull John S., collector, h 505 Magee

Humiston Louise, Mrs., h 806 Madison av

Hummell Charles, clerk, 503 Railroad av h do

Hummell Gottlieb, proprietor Washington Hotel, 503 Railroad av

Humphrey John, cabinetmaker, h 701 E 2d

Humphrey John D., salesman, h 116 W Hudson

Humphrey J. Sanford, salesman, 107 E Water, h 116 Ferris

HUMPHREY LUCIUS A., boots and shoes, 107 E Water, h 51 S Main

Hungerford Elizabeth, widow John, h 604 Jay

Hungerford Harnson E., h 604 Jay

Hunt Alfred, carpenter, h 409 Pleasant

Hunt Augusta, h 159 Madison av

Hunt Charles D., rollturner, h 714 N Main

Hunt Charles W. (F. E. Selover & Co.), h 714 Main

Hunt Frank M., laborer, h 651 E Church

Hunt Franklin K., h 206 College av

Hunt George A., book-keeper, 104 Lake, h 107 Partridge

Hunt Julia, dressmaker, 107 Partridge

Hunt Lewis P., printer, h 9 First av

Hunt Norton, h 619 Pennsylvania av

Hunt Samuel D., rollturner, h 463 W 4th

Hunt William H., puddler, h 801 Magee

Hunt William P., clerk, Erie R. R. freight depot, h 378 W 1st

Hunter Charles, farmer, h 166 Harriet

Hunter Frank, h 381 W 4th

Hunter Harvey, h 166 Harriet

HUNTINGTON CHARLES E., merchant miller, 625 Railroad av, h 609 N Main

Huntington Richard J., bartender, 373 Railroad av, h do

Huntley Abner C., harnessmaker, h 418 Carroll

Huntley Elias S., collector, h 511 Lake

Huntley Ella R., milliner, h 418 Madison av

Huntley George W., h 418 Madison av

Huntley Hosea H., forger, h 521 Pennsylvania av

Huntley John E., blacksmith, h 108 Harmon

Huntley Rachel T., Miss, h 511 Lake

Hurbet William, laborer, h 416 Perry

Hurley Dennis, puddler, h 1010 Magee

Hurley Harmon, painter, h 923 Lake

Hurley James, painter, h 923 Lake

Hurley John, laborer, h 207 S Walnut

Hurley Kate, domestic, 710 E Market

Hurley Katie, Miss, h 316 Baldwin

Hurley Lawrence, laborer, h 416 W Hudson

Hurley Lizzie, domestic, h 218 Gregg

Hurley Mary, h 156 W 3d

Hurley Mary, domestic, 425 E Water

Hurley M. K., painter, h 212 W Water

Hurley Patrick, laborer, h 319 Roe av

Hurley Randall, blacksmith, h 416 W Hudson

Hurley Timothy, grocer, etc., 1001 N Main, h do

Hurth Amand F., tinsmith, h 108 Washington

Hurty Hiram, conductor, h Rathbun House

HUSBANDMAN ASSOCIATION, publishers and proprietors the Husbandman, Hoffman n limits

Huston A. S., Mrs., saleslady, 102 W Water h 112 E Hudson

Huston James C., printer, h 319 Sullivan

HUSTON JOHN W., hats and furs, 310 E Water, h 308 do

Huston Prudence, Mrs., h 657 N Main

Hutchinson Abraham, laborer, h Lake and 4th

Hutchinson Charles E., superintendent carriers, P. O., h 354 W 6th

Hutchinson Eliza, h 210 Orchard

Hutchinson F. W. (Clay W. Holmes & Co.), h 218 Pennsylvania av

Hutchinson Edward, farmer, h 354 W 6th

Hyatt George, blacksmith, h 557 E Church

Hyde Abram T., clerk, h 218 W Gray

Hyde Charles M., book-keeper, 501 Railroad av, h 756 Park Place

Hyde Frank H., book-keeper, 501 Railroad av, h 852 N Main

Hyde Frank P., blacksmith, h 121 Catharine

Hyde Louisa M., stenographer, 212 E Water h 218 W Gray

Hyde William F., machinist, h 209 Madison av

Hyer Charles, jeweler, h 1315 Benton

Hylen Sarah, widow Robert F., h 310 Baldwin

Hylen William L., book-keeper Elmira Advertiser, h 310 Baldwin

Hyler Kittie, h 305 William


Impson E. C., farmer, West Elmira

Impson Edward, mason, West Elmira

Impson Elijah, farmer, West Elmira

Impson Jacob, farmer, West Elmira

Impson John, laborer, West Elmira

Industrial Home, 107 W 2d

Ingalls Green W. (G. W. Ingalls & Co.), h at Syracuse

INGALL G. W. & CO. (S. B. Thing), boots and shoes, 108 W Water

Ingersoll O. N., h 703 W Water

Ingham James B., clerk, 126 Lake, h 212 W Chemung Place

Ingham Jennie, clerk, h 212 W Chemung Place

INGHAM JOHN Q., architect, room 8 Opera block, h 311 Madison av

INGRAHAM BROTHERS (Clark S. and Francis), druggists, 100 W Water

Ingraham Clark S. (Ingraham Bros.), h 357 Davis Place

Ingraham Francis (Ingraham Bros.), h 409 N Main

Ingraham Georgiana, Mrs., h 409 N Main

Ingraham William M., shipping clerk, Reformatory, h 160 W 5th

Ingraham William M., h 204 Baldwin

Inman George A., printer, h 218 William

Inscho Obadiah, jobber, h 713 E Water

Inscho P., Mrs. (Mrs. P Inscho & Son), h 120 W Water

Inscho P., Mrs. & Son (Cassius A Hibbard), millinery and dry goods, 120 W Water

Internal Revenue Department, room 3 Opera block

Ipson Peter, h Davis n 6th

Ireton Charles E., brakeman, h 319 Orchard

Ireton Cynthia S., Mrs., dressmaker, h 655 Columbia

Ireton Lottie E., silver polisher, h 655 Columbia

Irvine Orville G., salesman, 414 E Market, h 915 College av

Irving Gery C., painter, h 513 N Main

Irwin Charles, laborer, h 669 Baldwin

Isabell Elizabeth, 628 William

Isham Morris, shoemaker, 223 Sullivan, h 456 Oak


Jachson Charles E., book-keeper, 208 E Market, h 212 Hoffman

Jackson Cornelius W., h 1001 Hoffman

Jackson Daniel L., tinsmith, h 509 E Church

Jackson Dolly, h 215 Sullivan

Jackson Frances A., dressmaker, h 403 Madison av

Jackson Frances, h 716 Baldwin

Jackson Frances, h 716 Dickinson

Jackson Fred M., h 114 E Chemung Place

Jackson George W., salesman, 307 E Water, h 609 E Church

Jackson George W., upholsterer, h 661 College av

Jackson Harrison, porter, Frasier House, h 661 Dickinson

Jackson Henry, steward, Haight’s Hotel, h 403 Madison av

Jackson Henry L., (P. Bouton & Co.), h Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

Jackson James N., laborer, h 1118 Elm

Jackson John, laborer, h 1113 Elm

Jackson John J., h 610 Baldwin

Jackson John S., lumber, 501 E Church, h 505 do

Jackson L. D., salesman, 154 Lake, h at Canton

Jackson Leroy, h 716 Baldwin

Jackson Luther J., shoemaker, h 720 W 1st

Jackson Matilda, Mrs., h 653 Baldwin

Jackson Sarah A., Mrs., laundress, 700 E Oak

Jackson William, h 502 E 3d

Jackson William, laborer, h 1112 Ovid

Jacobs Adam, clerk, 116 W Water, h Plank road ab toll gate

Jacobs Edward, bartender, h 423 Railroad av

Jacobs Edward A., teamster, h 220 Harriet

Jacobs Henry, Mrs., laundress, h 612 Baldwin

Jacob J. G. C., upholsterer, h 371 W Water

Jacobs William E., saloon, 423 Railroad av, h do

Jacobson Reuben, peddler, h 701 E Water

James Bessie, laundress, h 815 East av

James Charles A., laborer, h 504 College av

James Harry H., clerk, 340 E Water, h 914 Lake

James John, clerk, 305 E Water, h 209 W Chemung Place

James Mary, Mrs., h 419 W 4th

James Susan, widow Edwin W., h 504 College av

James Sugden, h 419 W 4th

Jardine Frank R., boilermaker, h 307 Mt Zoar

Jarvis Joel, coal, 309 Washington, h do

Jeffers Aseneth W., nurse, h 458 E Clinton

Jeffers Harry, boilermake, h 458 E Clinton

Jeffers Mill (the Arnot estate), 620 William

Jeffers Samuel G., awning blocks, Clinton cor Madison av, h 458 E Clinton

Jeffers William M., carpenter, h 311 Division

Jenkins Alice M., h 360 W Water

Jenkins Alice, seamstress, h 158 W 3d

Jenkins Charles F., stenographer, LaFrance Fire Engine Co., h 108 Harmon

Jenkins E. P. (Bartlett & Jenkins), h 113 Lake

Jenkins Edward S., machinist, h 108 Harmon

Jenkins Hattie M., h 108 Harmon

Jenkins Isaac, porter, Rathbun House

Jenkins J. H., city express, h 619 W Church

Jenkins Leon, h 158 W 3d

Jenkins Lucinda, widow Calvin, h 155 W 3d

Jenkins Minerva, domestic, 1110 Walnut

Jenks Charles W., h 1213 Hall

Jenks Robert B., physician, 300 W Church, h do

Jenks William H., cement pipe, E Washington av, h 900 Oak

Jenks William H., sewer pipe , 1213 Hall

Jennings B. F., car driver, h 727 Lake

Jennings Benjamin F., h 900 Oak

Jennings Fred L., clerk, State n Water, h 109 W Market

Jennings Marshall, salesman, h 373 Thurston

Jennison L. Parker, shoemaker, h 619 Hart

Jennison Nathan B., shoemaker, h 911 E Church

Jervis Clarissa, widow James W., h 308 Washington

Jervis Timothy B. Rev., h 915 Lake

Jessey Henry W., cigarmaker, h 609 Lake

Jewett H. J., president Tioga and Elmira State Line R. R., also president Blossburg Coal Company, h New

York City

Jewett Thomas M., h 701 College av

Jewett W. Andrew, sales agent, 109 W Water, h 125 E Chemung Place

Jillette Frank R., h 102 W Water

Joerg Herman, lawyer, 210 E Water, h 710 N Main

Johns Nellie, h 204 Harmon

Johnson Alexander, laborer, h 668 Dickinson

Johnson Almenia K., Mrs., h 376 W Clinton

Johnson Alonzo J., shoemaker, h 605 Railroad av

Johnson Anna, Mrs., 706 E 5th

Johnson Arthur, laborer, h 665 Dickinson

Johnson Benjamin, laborer, h 365 Railroad av

Johnson Benjamin P., blacksmith, h 419 Davis

Johnson Caroline L., h 458 Spaulding

Johnson Clara, dressmaker, h 419 Davis

Johnson Della, domestic, 1104 Lake

Johnson Edward H., h 210 W Water

Johnson Emeline, Mrs., laundry, 223 W Water, h do

Johnson Emily, h 1417 Sullivan

Johnson Emily, Mrs., h 250 W Chemung Place

Johnson Emily, Mrs., h 615 Dickinson

Johnson Finley, milkman, h 810 Walnut

Johnson Florence, h 514 High

Johnson George, laborer, h 208 W Water

Johnson George W., boots and shoes, 122 W Water, h at Hornellsville

Johnson Henrietta, Mrs., 727 Dickinson

Johnson Henry, janitor, 501 Railroad av, h 376 W Clinton

Johnson Henry, Mrs., saleslady, 134 W Water, h 310 S Main

Johnson Henry S., clerk, h 310 S Main

Johnson Henry S., painter, h 376 W Clinton

JOHNSON HERBERT, druggist, 435 Railroad av, h 208 Columbia

Johnson Isabella, Mrs., h 665 Dickinson

Johnson James, farmer, h 301 Broadway

Johnson James, harnessmaker, h 434 E Water

Johnson James, mason, 1318 Pratt

Johnson Jance C., h 253 Baldwin

Johnson Jennie, Mrs., domestic, 154 S Elm

Johnson Jenny, h 442 W Clinton

Johnson Johannah, Mrs., h 605 Railroad av

Johnson Kimberly S., h 124 W 2d

Johnson Lizzie, Mrs., h 665 Dickinson

Johnson Louisa, h 667 Baldwin

Johnson Lucy, h 320 Dewitt

Johnson Maria, Mrs., h 419 Davis

Johnson Mary, h 810 Walnut

Johnson Mattie B., Elmira Female College

Johnson Millard G., machinist and engineer, 736 W 1st

Johnson Mary, Mrs., saleslady, h 310 S Main

Johnson Mary, Mrs., h 707 Benjamin

Johnson N., laborer, h 365 Railroad av

Johnson Richard, carman, 108 E Chemung Place

Johnson Richard, laborer, h 608 E Clinton

Johnson Silas J., manager, 122 W Water, h 307 William

Johnson Stella, h 810 Walnut

Johnson Thomas, assistant pastor, h 168 High

JOHNSON THOMAS, jeweler and optician, 218 E Water, h 511 Lake

Johnson William, clerk, h 109 S Main

Johnson William, laborer, h 317 Washington av

Johnson William H., mason, h 514 High

Jolls Jeremiah, dispatcher, Erie depot, h 613 College av

Jolls Mark, tallyman, freight depot Erie R. R., h 613 College av

Jones Addison, jr., brakeman, h 507 Columbia

Jones Albert, agent, h 507 E Church

Jones Alfred P., clerk, h 1207 Benton

Jones Amanda, tailoress, h 612 E Water

Jones Anna, h 154 Washington

Jones Caleb, puddler, h 659 Lake

Jones Catherine, Mrs., h 754 Harper

Jones David, h 458 E Clinton

Jones David, fireman, h 400 Railroad av

Jones David, telegrapher, h 913 Stowell

Jones E. A. & Co. (J. K. Croop), awning blocks, Madison av ab Clinton

Jones Edwin A. (E. A. Jones & Co.), also druggist, 531 Lake, h 521 E Union

Jones Elizabeth, dressmaker, h 111 Catherine

Jones Elizabeth, Mrs., h 913 Stowell

Jones Ella, 202 W Washington av

Jones Emma, Miss, h 667 Baldwin

Jones Frank, barber, 434 E Water, h 130 W Henry

Jones Frank D., book-keeper, h 109 W Market

Jones Furman, laborer, h 600 Baldwin

Jones Harry, brakeman, h 400 Railroad av

JONES HENRY B., billiard rooms, 108 Lake, h 154 Washington

Jones H. E., engineer, N. Y. L. E. & W. R. R., h 112 College av

Jones Jennie M., Mrs., h 502 Columbia

Jones John, h 304 Orchard

Jones John, laborer, 754 Harper

Jones John C., carpenter, h 518 Perry

Jones John D., h 913 Stowell

Jones John W., farmer, 1269 College av

Jones Joshua, steward, Rathbun House

Jones Kittie B., Mrs., h 211 W 3d

Jones Leonard, h 111 Catherine

Jones M. William, switchman, h 667 Baldwin

Jones Nettie, Miss, h 667 Baldwin

Jones Priscilla M., Mrs., nurse, h 211 W 3d

Jones William A., carpet layer, h 211 W 3d

Jones Richard, weaver, h 754 Harper

Jones Richmond, real estate, h 314 Clinton

Jones Sarah A., Mrs., h 314 Clinton

Jones Solomon, dispatcher, N. C. R. R., h 202 W Washington av

Jones Thomas, rolling mill, h 918 Stowell

Jones Thomas B., barber, Frasier House, h 150 Washington

Jones Wilbur H., salesman, 414 E Market, h at Wellsville

Jones William, laborer, h 406 Dewitt

Jones William, D., clerk, N. C. R. R., h College av n Clinton

Jones William H., shoemaker, h 273 Chemung Place

Jones William H., telegrapher, h 913 Stowell

Jordon Albert, laborer, h Pagett block

Jordan James, mason, h 314 Orchard

Jordan William M., carpenter, h 112 S 2d

Joslyn Edward, clerk, 134 W Water, h 414 E Water

JOSLYN JOHN R., lawyer, 208 E Water, h 758 E Church

Joy F. B., finisher metals, h 374 W Gray

Joy F. B., h 200 Harmon

Joyal Mary, Mrs., nurse, h 213 Mt Zoar

Joyce Frank, h 704 Baldwin

Joyce Laura, Mrs., h 704 Baldwin

Joyce Laura, domestic, 620 Baldwin

Judd Charles G., laborer, h 707 Railroad av

Judd Charles G., switchman, h 417 Standish

Judd Harib B., engineer, N. C. R. R., h 508 Pennsylvania av

Judd J. B., conductor, h 902 Lake

Judd Theodorus S., h 356 W 6th

Judson Eliza, Mrs., h 408 N Main

Judson Hulett, h Lake cor Diven av

Judson Lois R., widow William E., h 408 N Main

Judson William R., farmer, h 372 Diven av

Judson William R. (Judson & Strader), h Lake cor Diven av

Judson & Strader (William R. Judson and John P. Strader), grain cradle manufacturers, Lake cor Thurston

Junction Canal Company, Chemung Canal Bank Building


Kaczmarowski Michael, shoemaker, 310 E Clinton, h do

Kaelsan Charles, salesman, h 701 E Water

Kahl Anna, tailoress, h 760 E Water

Kahl John, cabinetmaker, h 760 E Water

Kahl Margaret, tailoress, h 760 E Water

Kaier Edward, grocer, 561 E 2d, h do

Kailson Yohan E., laborer, h 153 E Washington av

Kain Patrick, blacksmith, h 163 Sullivan

Kaine James, h 423 Railroad av

Kaine Martin J., telegrapher, 150 Baldwin, h Wyckoff House

Kalbus, Bernard, finisher, h 202 E Gray

Kally William, hostler, h 403 Lake

Kalzomaroski Julius, cabinetmaker, h 359 W 5th

Kammerer William, Rev., pastor German Lutheran Church, h 117 Orchard

Kanary Patrick, laborer, h 913 Stowell

Kane Ella, h 912 Lake

Kane Ellie, domestic, 850 W 4th

Kane Daniel, tanner, h 106 Spring

Kane Dennis, laborer, h 106 Spring

Kane Daniel, machine agent, h 419 Railroad av

Kane James, laborer, h 457 Pennsylvania av

Kane James, jr., boilermaker, h 457 Pennsylvania av

Kane Jeremiah, tobacco dresser, h 63 Washington

Kane Johanna, domestic, 323 W Church

Kane Josie, saleslady, 314 E Water, h 63 Washington

Kane Julia, domestic, 262 W Chemung Place

Kane Kate, h 114 S Main

Kane Katie, tailoress, h 106 Spring

Kane Mary, tailoress, h 211 Dewitt

Kane Maggie, tobacco packer, h 63 Monroe

Kane Margaret, widow Morris, h 63 Washington

Kane Mary, h 114 S Main

Kane Mary, domestic, 311 Columbia

Kane Mary, domestic, 614 Park Place

Kane Michael, laborer, h 721 E Oak

Kane P. E. clerk, 111 E 5th, h Wyckoff House

Kane Richard, telegrapher, 150 Baldwin, h Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

Kame Simon, laborer, h 1001 Main

Kanfelt Philip, shoemaker, h 828 W Church

Karatowitz Anthony, laborer, h 609

Karney Matthew, rolling mill, h 419 W 5th

Kast John, tailor, h 118 W Partridge

Katon Michael, laborer, h 711 Canal

Kaugman William S., clerk, freight depot Erie R. R., h 669 Columbia

Kavanaugh Andrew, rolling mill, h 801 Lake

Kavanaugh Martha, h 962 N Main

Kavanaugh Michael, coachman, h 527 Harper

Kaven Bartley, laborer, h 833 Canal

Kaye Charles T., salesman, 102 W Water, h 262 Baldwin

Kazmarouska John, laborer, h 823 Canal

Kazmarouska Michael, shoemaker, 310 E Clinton

Kean Patrick, laborer, h 915 Davis

Keane James, billiards, Carroll cor Lake, h 102 W Water

Keane Thomas, laborer, 745 Day

Kearney Martin, laborer, h 257 W Henry

Keating Stephen, track foreman, h 719 S Main

Keavin John, wiper, N. C. R. R. shops, h 255 W Henry

Keck Jacob, boilermaker, h 308 S Main

Keck Solomon G., boilermaker, h 306 S Main

Keef Mary, h 331 Railroad av

Keefe Annie, dressmaker, h 360 W 5th

Keefe Arthur, watchman, h 360 W 5th

Keefe Daniel, h 218 Gregg

Keefe Ellen, Mrs., h 668 Magee

Keefe James, laborer, h 808 Hatch

Keefe James H. (James H. Keefe & Co.), h 105 S 2d

KEEFE JAMES H. & CO. (George B. Cannon and James Cannon, jr.), coal and wood, 219 S Main

Keefe John, watchman, h 360 W 5th

Keefe Nellie, domestic, 652 E Market

Keefe Patrick, h 105 S 2d

Keefe Thomas, salesman, 205 E Water, h 118 South av

Keen Nora, domestic, 212 W Chemung Place

Keener James P., bootmaker, h 703 Windsor av

Keeton Frank A., grocer, 167 Lake, h 108 Elm

KEITH CHARLES S., Troy laundry, 153 Baldwin, h do

Kell Hans, blacksmith, h 354 E 4th

Kellen William, upholsterer, h 360 E 5th

KELLER WILLIAM, Proprietor Continental Hotel, 408 E Water, h do

Kelley Alvin, laborer, h 715 Clinton