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Directories of Chemung County, New York
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
 COMPTON, HOUSEHOLD andWhite Sewing Machines, No. 411 Carroll St.


Kelley Bridget, Mrs, h 809 Railroad av

Kelley Lizzie, widow John E., saloon, 1105 Davis, h do

Kelley Mary J., domestic, 363 W Clinton

Kelley Michael, laborer, 530 Franklin

Kelley Patrick, filecutter, h 315 Hathaway

Kelley William, h 661 Dickinson

Kellog Eli E., turner, h 111 Catherine

Kellogg E. J., Mrs., h 202 College av

Kellogg George W., shoemaker, h 111 Catherine

Kelly Albert F., clerk, 110 Baldwin, h 356 Columbia

Kelly Bridget, Mrs., 513 Sullivan

Kelly Clara, domestic, 551 E Church

Kelly Daniel, tinsmith, 116 Lake, h 114 Washington

Kelly James, police constable, h 751 Walnut

KELLY GEORGE H., house and sign painter, 130 Water, h 200 Dewitt

Kelly James, police constable, Recorder’s office, h 751 Walnut

Kelly James M., h 200 W 5th

Kleey John, boltcutter, h 212 Mt Zoar

Kelly John, laborer, h 315 Hathaway

Kelly John, shoemaker, h 105 E 1st

Kelly John A., engineer, 408 E. Washington av

Kelly John P., clerk, 122 Lake, h 212 Mt Zoar

Kelly John W., clerk, 329 E. Water, h 408 E Washington av____________________

BOOK-KEEPING taught practically at Allen Business College, Advertiser Building

Kelly Jeannette E., widow Luther, h 356 Columbia

Kelly Lizzie, Mrs., saloon, 1105 Davis, h do

Kelly Margaret, h 400 W Hudson

Kelly Mary, domestic, 212 Sullivan

Kelly Michael, clerk, 329 E Water, h 408 E Washington av

Kelly Michael, laborer, h 166 Baldwin

Kelly Michael, moulder, h 114 Washington

Kelly Michael, moulder, h 317 E Market

Kelly Sally, domestic, 703 Park Place

Kelly Sarah, Mrs., h 661 Dickinson

Kelly Simon, laborer, h 809 Railroad av

Kelly Seth, Mrs., 106 Market

Kelly Thomas, brakeman, h 221 W 3rd


153 Baldwin St., ELMIRA, N.Y.

Work done on short Notice and in First-Class Style. Clothes called for

And delivered in any part of the City.



All the Novelties in Printing at Watts’ Job Office, Arcade Block, Lake St.


Kelly William, driver, h 327 E Water

Kelly William, helper, h Dickinson

Kelly William, hostler, h 425 E Water

Kelly William, shipping clerk, h 114 Washington

Kelly William D., treasurer McIntyre Coal Company, 110 Baldwin, h 375 W Church

Kelso, Francis, gardener, 808 W Water

Kemble John F., batteryman, 150 Baldwin, h 313 Roe av

Kemp Christopher G., shoemaker, 321 E Water, h 217 High

Kemp Thomas, stenographer, h 217 High

Kemp William E., 217 High

Kempton Frank, shoemaker (J. Richardson & Co.), h 605 Jay

Kendall Horace S., conductor, h 450 South av

Kendrick John J. (Hickey & Kendrick), h 152 W Washington av

Kendrick Michael, cigarmaker, h 152 W Washington av

Kenfield Lorenzo, tinsmith, h 509 E Market

Kenfield Mary, dressmaker, 509 E Market

Kennaly John, farmer, h 363 W Clinton

Kennedy Bridget, domestic, 533 Oak

Kennedy Bridgit, Mrs., h 804 Lake

Kennedy Edward, keeper, Reformatory, h 615 W Church

Kennedy Freddie, h 751 Park Place

Kennedy Isaac, h Carroll cor Fox_

A.S. Turner & Son is the place to buy Building Materials

Kennedy Jacob H., plumber, h 612 Dickinson

Kennedy James, laborer, h 517 Oak

Kennedy Johanna, comestic, 105 E 1st

Kennedy John, grocer, 106 E Water, h 718 College av

Kennedy John R., fireman, h 105 E 1st

Kennedy John W., restaurant, Erie depot, h 154 W. 4th

Kennedy J.W., h 504 W. Magee

Kennedy Mary, domestic, 166 Baldwin

Kennedy Mary., domestic, 210 High

Kennedy Michael A. *Kennedy & Hassett), h 158 Washington

Kennedy Nellie E., domestic, 763 E Church

Kennedy Patrick, laborer, h 658 Magee

Kennedy Thomas, laborer, h 704 Hatch

KENNEDY & HASSETT (Michael A. Kennedy and Patrick Hassett) bottlers, 215 W Water

Kenning Charles W. (Kenning & Wagner), h 650 E Market

KENNING & WAGNER (Charles W. Kenning and John J. Wagner),stoves and hardware, 116 Lake

Kenny Mary domestic, 552 E 3rd

Kent Arthur, telephone exchange, h 761 E Market

Kent Agustus P., clerk, 325 E Water, h 761 E Market

Kent James O., boxmaker, 201 E Gray, h 703 W Water

Kent Minnie E., Mrs., h 511 W 3rd

Wells & Loomis, House Furnishing Goods, 126 W. Water St

Johnson, WATCHMAKER & OPTICIAN, 218 e. Water St_


Kent, Ralph, laborer, h 761 E Market

Keough Charles, saloon, 315 Railroad av, h 101 W 1st

KER RICHARD, dentist, 137 E Water, h 636 W Water

Kern Louise, h 106 Washington

Kern William P., bartender, 132 E Water, h do

Kerns Emma, saloon, 327 Railroad av, h do

Kershner William S., stenographer

Ketch Eliza A., widow William, h 720 Walnut

Ketcham E.C., mechanic, h 375 W Gray

Ketley Charles H., book-keeper, 111 E Water, h 114 Chemung Place

Keyes Emma H., Mrs., h 200 E Water

Kickbusch Albert, clerk, postoffice, h 220 High

Kickbusch Mary, widow John, h 220 High

Kidder A.E., widow George T.,1315 Lake

Kidder Alonzo, carpenter, h 57 Orchard

Kidder Hobert S., clerk, 501 Railroad av, h 373 W Clinton

Kies Charles B., bookkinder, h 210 High

Kies Fred W., bookbinder, Carroll cor Lake, h 210 High

Kies Jennie, bookbinder, j 210 High

Kies Louis, bookbinder, h 210 High

Kiff Della, domestic, 209 Washington

Kilburn Kate, artist, 317 E Water, h 505 Park Place

Kilmartin John H., clerk, 123 W Water, h do__

Pork & Beef Packers, S.X. Metzger & Son 409 & 411 Railroad Avenue, Elmira

Kilmer C.K., blacksmith, 404 E Washington av

Kilmer Fred, 962 East av

Kilmer Harry L., salesman, 311 E Water, h 962 East av

Kilmer John, blacksmith, h 962 East av

Kilstom John, cabinetmaker, h 441 W 4th

Kilatrom Robert, h 441 W 4th

Kimball John H., real estate, also insurance, 202 E Water, h 523 W Water

King Bert, h 554 E Church

King Edward J., organ builder. h 208 College av

King Emily, widow George L., h 321 W 1st

King Enos, salesman, h 412 W Gray

King Fred K., cutter, h 412 W Gray

King George, blacksmith, h 509 E Church

King George, shoemaker, h 58 Monroe

King G.W., Mrs., dressmaker, 107 W Water, h do

King James J., bartender, 103 State, h 376 W 1st

King Jane, dressmaker, 111 w Water

King John, laborer, h 664 Dickinson

King John C., machinist, h 229 Mt. Zoar

King John D., h 113 Catherine

King Joseph, shoemaker, h 52 Monroe

King Joseph, jr., shoemaker, h 52 Monroe

King Margaret, Mrs., h 504 Main_

Fine Job Printing done by Burnette & Ganung, 1133 East Water St., over H.M. Kent’s

Barker, Donce, Rose & Co., Manufacturers of Galvanized Iron Cornice, Water, corner Lake Street_


King Marietta E., widow John, h 113 Catherine

King Mary, 963 Easst av

King Mary, domestic, 302 Williams

King Mary Jane, Mrs., h 713 Davis

King Nellie A., clerk, 137 E Water, h 321 W 1st

King Nelson, h 504 Main

KING RUFUS, lawyer, 306 E Water, h 102 W Water

King Theron, harnessmaker, h 713 Davis

King Thomas, shoemaker, h 52 Monroe

King Tillie L., Mrs., h 713 Davis

King William, organ manufacturer, 107 E Church, h 208 College av

King William, shoemaker, h 52 Monroe

KING WILLIAM E., livery, 153 and 157 W Clinton, h 221 College av

Kingsbury Catherine, widow Horace, h 662 N Main

Kingsburg George W., tinner, h 114 Caldwell av

Kingsbury Henry, clerk, h 221 W Chemung Place

Kingsbury Jerry, mechanic, j 309 S Main

Kingsbury Joseph, fireman, 609 S Main

Kingsbury Lucius S., grocer, 143 W Water, h 370 W Gray

Kingsburt Sarah, widow John, h 305 S Main

Kingsbury William, assessor, h 118 Market

Kingsley Andrew, carriagemaker, h 321 Washington

Kingsley Ellen, teacher, h 321 Washington_


Kingsley Frank, h 361 Railroad av

Kingsley Hattie, dressmaker, 315 Lake

Kingsley Patrick, laborer, h 711 Canal

Kingsley Sarah B., book-keeper, 306 Lake, h 321 Washington

Kingsley Susan, Mrs., h 218 Baldwin

Kingston George, laborer, h 908 Magee

Kingston John, h 908 Magee

Kingston Mary, domestic, 657 Park Place

Kinkad Angelo, h 711 Columbia

Kinner Asa, laborer, h 606 Jay

Kinney Daniel, foreman, h 400 Powell

Kinner John V., machinist, h 416 College av

Kinskein Jennie, dressmaker, h 104 E Henry

Kinsman Bell, domestic, 163 Washington

Kinsman Emma, h 403 Fulton

Kinskera Jennie M., h 153 Baldwin

Kinsman Julia, domestic, 508 William

Kinsman Mary, h 163 Washington

Kinsman Merritt J., teamster, h 413 Fulton

Kinsman Porter, mason, h 215 Fulton

Kinyon Almon C., farmer, h 701 Kinyon

Kinyon Clayton, teamster, h 424 Herrick

YOUNG & ALLEN, Tin and Slate Roofers, 307 E. Water.



Kinyon Edith, teacher, h 424 Herrick

Kinyon Frank, h 424 Herrick

Kinyon Harrison A., opp 701 Kinyon

Kinyon William, teamster, h 422 Herrick

Kirch Barbara, h 335 Maple av

Kircher Albert, barber, h 151 W 3rd

Kirk M. William, brakeman, h 4th and Baldwin

Kirk William G., policeman917 E Church

Kirkland Frank, h 108 Spring

Kirkland James, painter, h 307 High

Kirsch Matthew, shoemaker, h 154 Mt Zoar

Kister John, h 959 Sullivan

Kitty Margaret, Mrs., h 806 Magee


Klein Charles, h 106 W 2nd

Klein Margaret, Mrs., saloon, 523 Baldwin, h do

Klein Michael, peddler, h 406 Dewitt

Klimkiewiez Michael, h 753 E Water

Kline Adam, brewer, h 763 E Church

Kline Fred, h 412 E Water

Kline John, laborer, h 654 Dickinson

Kline John, laborer, h 709 Benjamin

Kline Joseph, laborer, h 903 Lake_

PENMANSHIP PRACTICAL AND ORNAMENTAL at Allen Business College, Advertiser Building__________

Kline Samuel, milk dealer, h 720 Walnut

Kline Margaret, Mrs., h 529 Baldwin

Klippenstein Emil C. (Grummie & Klippenstein), h 109 College av

Klock George H, clerk 2nd Ward Hotel, 377 Railroad av, h do

Klock George W., 2nd Ward Hotel, 377 Railroad av

Klock Peter, mason, h 753 Harper

KLOCK SANFORD, farmer, h 516 Sullivan

Kluge Fred, tailor, h 752 E Water

Knapp C.H., clerk, Reformatory, h Park Church

Knapp Clara, teacher, h 310 High

Knapp Daniel P., h 723 W 1st

Knapp Ellis S., clerk, 143 E Water, h do

Knapp Elmira, h 310 High

Knapp Helen E., music teacher, h 616 Columbia

Knapp Henry V., machinist, h 413 W 2nd

Knapp John M., painter, h 211 W 2nd

KNAPP JOHN S., chief of Police, City Hall, h 367 W Water

Knapp L. Wellen, teamster, h 723 W 1st

Knapp Martha, h Park Church

Knapp Phoebe, h 708 E Market

Knapp Richard B., h 616 Columbia

Knapp William R., painter, h 524 William

Knapp Wilmot E., law student, 312 E Water, h 336 do_

Estimates Furnished by J.J. Mayott, for SLATE & TIN ROOFING, 202 E. GRAY.

Call on R.M. WATTS for all kinds of PRINTING, Arcade Block, Lake Street_


Kneahe George, h 509 Railroad av

Kneahe Michael, h 507 Railroad av

Kneale John, farmer, h West Elmira

Kneale Robert, farmer, h West Elmira

Kneale Stephen, farmer, h West Elmira

Knickerbocker Fred, hackman, 104 Fox

Knickerbocker Ice Co., secretary and treasurer, John J. Neagle, 604 E Water

Knickerbocker James, hackman, h 104 Fox

Kniffin Henry R., clerk, U.S. Express Co., h 361½ W 2d

Kniffin Phoebe R., widow Dennis, h 304 Baldwin

Knight Alverda, domestic, 913 Lake

Knight Belle C., saleslady, 108 N Main, h 361 w 2d

Knight John J., clerk, 500 N Main, h 361 W2d

KNIPP CHARLES H., law student, also manager Bradstreet Mercantile Agency, 219 E Water, h 403 W Water

Kniskern E. H., salesman, 310 Carroll, h 613 W Gray

Knott C.L., carpenter, h 106 W Water

Knott Robert, h 310 W Washington

Knott William, carpenter, h 260 W Henry

Knouff Amos, shoemaker, h 759 John

Knouff Jacob, shoemaker, h 759 John

Knowles Marcus M., ladder manufacturer, r 414 College av, h 414 do

Knox Albert, bartender, 417 Railroad av, h do

Buy Michigan Pine in car loads of A.S. Turner & Son

Knox Edwin, shoemaker, h 514 W 2d

KNOX JOHN H., lawyer, also life insurance agent 326 E Water, h 410 William (See adv)

Knox Joseph B., salesman. H 412 W Gray

Knox Minnie, teacher, h 410 William

Knox Morris H., teamster, h 214 Chestnut

Knox Robert J., lawyer, 326 E Water, h 410 William

Knox William, h 214 Chestnut

KNOX WILLIAM E., Rev., D.D., pastor First Presbyterian church, h 410 William

Knurr Michael F., coppersmith, h 263 Baty

Kohler George, farmer, h West Elmira

Kohnke Frederick, harnessmaker, h 524 Dewitt

Kolb Baldwin, h 402 E Water


Wells & Loomis, Paints, Oil and Glass, 126 West Water Street, Elmira, N.Y.

Diamonds, Pearls, Rubies, Etc., at Johnson’s 218 East Water Street


Kolb Charlotte, h 114 Orchard

KOLB JACOB, proprietor Exchange Hotel, 513 Railroad av

Konieczny Joseph, tailor, 852 John

Koons Tilghman B.,general western agent Central Railroad of N.J. freight line (Carbondale route), 505 Railroad av, h Frasier House

Koop August, roller, h 428 Standish

Koop Charles, shoemaker, 527 E Union, h 963 East av

Koop Henry, saloon, 527 E Union, h do

Koop Herman L., carpenter, h 381 W 3d

Koster Fred., tanner, h 2d ave n city limits

Koster Fred., jr., tanner, h 2d av n city limits

KRACKOWIZER EMIL W., M.D., teacher, h 215 W Church

Kraley John, tinsmith, h Sullivan

Krames John, h 793 E Water

Krause Katie, Mrs., h 556 John

Krause William, laborer, h 375 Center

Krause Charles E., printer, h 160 Harriett

Krause George, h 160 Harriett

Kraut Frederick, laborer, h 912 Carpenter

Kress Mary D., dressmaker, h 215 Dewitt

Kreule Andreas, h 922 E Church

Krueter Mathias, cabinetmaker, h 712 Baldwin

The Model Market, S.X. Metzger & Son 409 & 411 Railroad Ave.,


Krowl Abraham, veterinarian, also horseshoer, 818 E Market, h 218 Orchard

Krowl Abraham, jr., plumber, h 218 Orchard

Krowl Edgar E., h 218 Orchard

Krowl Frank, machinist, h 213 Baldwin

Krowl Frederick, vererinary surgeon, h 218 Orchard

Krowl George W., h 113 Dewitt

Krowl George W., plumber, h 218 Orchard

Krowl Jacob, plumber, h 218 Orchard

Krum Dana L., conductor, h 116 W 1st

Kruze Mary, domestic, 651 College av

Ksames John, h 763 E Water

Kuhn Arthur, varnisher, h 1000 Oak

Kulhane Thomas, h 361 Railroad av

Kuster A., cigarmaker, h 707 E 5th

Kuster Augustus, meat market, 601 E Church, h Lake n Harper


Labar Fannie M., Saleslady, 326 E Water, h 753 E 2d

Labar Louise, h 753 E 2nd

LaBarr Freeman D., carpenter, h 760 E Market

Fine Job Printing OVER  BURNETTE & FANUNG A SPECIALTY 133 East Water St., KENTS BARKER, DOUNCE, ROSE & CO., Manufacturers of TINWARE, Water, cor. Lake St.


Labarr George A., laborer. H 508 E. Clinton

LaBurt Charles, blacksmith, h 434 E. Water

LaBurt Jacob, barber, 434 E Water, h 130 W Henry

Lachkouskie Julius, h 518 Madison av

Lachkouskie Mox, h 518 Madison av

Lackmer Andrew, laborer, h 759 E Church

Ladd Nettie, Mrs., h 705 E Church

Ladue James F.,cooper, h 505

Lafever Eugene, carriage painter, h 762 E 2d

Lafever Sophia, h 559 E 2d

LaFrance Asa W., traveling salesman, LaFrance Fire Engine Co., h 709 N Main

LaFrance Everett, engineer, h 112 W Hudson

LaFRANCE FIRE ENGINE CO., George M. Diven, president; Eugene Diven, secretary and treasurer, E.R.R. junction N. C.R.R.

LaFrance Fred, coppersmith, h 112 W Hudson

LaFrance Lemuel L. (LaFrance & Wise), h 115 Catherine

LaFrance Peter A., painter, Exchange n Market, h 209 W Hudson

LaFrance Truckson S., inventor, LaFrance Co., j 112 W Hudson

LaFRANCE & WISE (L>L. LaFrance and J.T. Wise), jewelers and opticians, 136 W Water

Lagerboom Andrew, laborer, h 360 E Washington av

Balusters, Stair Rails & Newel Posts at A.S. Turner & Son.

Lakey Daniel, shoemaker, h 112 E 2d

Lakey Daniel, shoemaker, h 4th and Railroad av

Laidlaw Hattie J., h 217 Mt Zoar

Laidlaw John, meat market, 114 S Main, h 217 W Hudson

Laing Eugene, painter, h 452 South av

Lamb Harvey, conductor, h 408 W 2d

Lamb H.H., carpenter, h 805 E Market

Lambert Edward J., Reformatory, h 1001 Davis

Lambert John, laborer, mail at Park coal yard

Lambert Louisa, Mrs., h 52 S Main

Lambert Mary, Mrs., h 833 Carroll

Lamphier Annie, tobacco packer, h 608 Magee

Lamphier Ambrose, tobacco cutter, h 608 Magee

Lampkins W. Harry, telegrapher, Erie depot, h 708 College av

Lamont John S., tinsmith, h 6th cor Davis

Lancoo Dora, laundress, h Fulton cor Franklin

Lande Theodore, watchmaker, 107 W Water, h 106 Lake

Landers Garrett, manager, 256 W Hudson, h do

Landers Margaret, grocer, 256 W Hudson, h do

Landy William C., law student, 208 E Water, h 102 E Henry

Lane B.A., domestic, 917 E Church

Lane James B., janitor, Park church, h do

Galvanized Iron Cornice Work at Young & Allen’s 307 E. Water

Duck of Different Widths and Weights, Z. COMPTON, No. 411 Carroll St.


Lane Melville, laborer, h 958 N Main

Lane Thomas, gardener, h 808 W Water

Lane William, h 605 E 2d

LANEY SAMUEL H., tin, glass, crockery, earthen and wooden ware, stoves, paper and paper stock dealer, 605 and 657 Baldwin, also 200 E Water, also alderman 3d ward, h 617 Lake (See adv)

Lang Ann E., widow John, h 375 W Water

LANG LOUIS J., night editor Elmira Advertiser, h 310 Dewitt

TELEGRAPHY taught practically at Allen Business College Advertiser Building._

Langdon Charles J. (J Langdon & Co.), also president McIntyre Coal Company, 110 Baldwin, h 303 N Main

LANGDON J. & CO. (C.J. Langdon, J.D. F. Slee and T.W. Crane), coal miners and shippers, 110 Baldwin

Langdon Olivia, widow Jarvis, jh 303 N Main

Langford George A., clerk, 312 E. Water, h 509 do

Langford James , builder, 358 W Water, h do

Langstien Charles H, h 371 W Clinton

Langstien Jacob C., salesman, h 371 W Clinton


200 East Water St., Elmira, N.Y.

Constantly on hand new and Second Hand



Tin, Glass, Crockeryware, Earthenware, and Woodenware

Cash paid for all kinds of



NOS. 605 & 657 BALDWIN ST.,


The Slate and Tin Roofer, J.J. Mayott, 202 E. Gray.

Fine Printing a Specialty at Watts’ PRINTING HOUSE, Arcade Block, Lake St.


Langstien Thomas F., h 371 W Clinton

Langtry Charles F., telegrapher, 150 Baldwin, h 210 Gregg

Lappe Charles G., book-keeper, 361 Railroad av, j 551 Grove

Lariew Almeron, painter, 811 E Church

LARIEW E.A., spring beds and mattresses, 517 Baldwin, h 1020 Lake

Lariew J.J., cooper, h 505 Sullivan

LARIEW JOHN R., manager, 517 Baldwin, h 1020 Lake

Lariew Matilda, widow Alson, h 1024 Lake

Lariew Susie J., h 811 E Church

Larkin Hattie E., h 319 William

Larkin James E., clerk, 145 W Water, h 108 N Main

LARKIN JOHN E., (F.A. & W.H. Stowell & Co.), also photographer, 317 E Water, h 319 William

Larkin Nellis S., h 319 William

Larkin Robert, expressman, h 104 E Hudson

Larkins Bridget, h 114 Spring

Larrison Charles, h 429 E Water

Larrison Charles, tinner, h Homestead Hotel

Laskowaki Victor, h 505 Magee

Lathrop Anna M., h 411 Elm

Lathrop Harry E., clerk, 517 Railroad av, h Western Hotel

Latimer Henry, h 433 E Water

Latterman William, cigarmaker, h 420 W 3rd

Buy your Lumber from a.S. Turner & Son, 203 East Second Street

Lattimore Annie, domestic, 312 Reformatory av

Lattimore James, laborer, h 509 Sullivan

Lattimore John, laborer, 312 Reformatory av

Lawes George W., carbuilder, h 361 W 5th

Lawes John, blacksmith, h 1124 Elm

Lawrence Anna E., tailoress, h 619 Lake

Lawrence Frank R., painter, h 619 Lake

Lawrence Georgia, teacher, h 308 Washington

Lawrence Jennie K., h 307 High

Lawrence Nelson J., carpenter, h 954 Factory

Lawrence Stella M., h 307 W. Washington av

LAWRENCE THOMAS. Confectionery, 138 W Water, h do (see adv)


Manufacturer of and dealer in


Of Every Description


Country Orders and Orders by Mail Promptly Attended to.

WELLS & Loomis, Stove Ranges and Tinware, 126 West Water Street.

Watches, Clocks & Jewelry, Johnson 218 Est Water St.


Lawrence Warren, h 409 Walnut

Lawrence William R., h 307 High

Laws Elizabeth, Mrs, h 355 E 5th

Laws Harry L., laborer, h 1124 Elm

Lawton H.F., Mrs., h Elmira Female College

Layd Emma, waitress, Fulton cor Franklin

Layden Michael, truckman, h 807 Magee

Lazarus Abraham, peddler, h 506 Dewitt

Lazarus Isadore, salesman, h 506 Dewitt

Lazarus Julius, h 506 Dewitt

Lazsons Mark, peddler, h 400 High

Leach George, h 215 High

Leach Richard, peddler, h 215 High

Leach Robert, h 215 High

Leach Robert, hostler, h 112 Pennsylvania av

Leal Phillip, basketmaker, h 428 E Water

Leary Annie, h 616 E 3rd

LEARY ARTHUR, grocer, 56 Pennsylvania av, h do

Leary Barney, baggageman, Rathbun House

Leary Bat, mason, h 103 W Walnut

Leary C.C., carbuilder. H 405 Elm

Leary Dennis, mason, 103 S Walnut

S.X. METZGER & SON, Pork and Beef Packers, 409 & 411 Railroad av, Elmira, N.Y.____

Leary Eliza, h 502 Madison av

Leary Fenton, laborer, h 103 S Walnut

Leary John, h 616 E 3rd

Leary Josie, domestic, Rathbun House

Leary Isabell, h 304 E Clinton

Leary Libbie, h 305 William

Leary Margaret, domestic, 213 College av

Leary Mary, domestic, 303 N Main

Leary Mary, Mrs., boot sider, h 103 E 1st

Leary Patrick, h 56 Pennsylvania av

Leavenworth Sarah, Mrs., h 381 W 4th

Leavitt Charles, clerk, h 353 Columbia

Leavitt Fannie D., Miss, h 858 Lake

Leavitt John, plumber, h 858 Lake

Leavitt Milton T., engineer, h 352 Columbia

Lee Augusta, Mrs., h American Hotel

Lee Charles, h 307 W Washington av

Lee Charles M., cement pipe manufacturer, Washington av, n Rolling Mill, h 963 Davis

Lee Cornelia, Mrs., h 722 Columbia

Lee Edward C., laborer, h 418 Perry

Lee Elmira, h 506 William_

Burnette & Ganung, Wedding & Ball Printing, 133 E Water St., OVER KENT’S

Clothing House

BARKER, DOUNCE, ROSE & CO., Glass, Water St., cor Lake_____


Lee James, coachbuilder, h 711 Columbia

Lee Kate, saleslady, h 701 Railroad av

Lee Mary, h 410 Lake

Lee Mary A., clerk, 325 E Water, h 701 Railroad av

Lee Mary A., domestic, 654 E Clinton

Lee Mary E., h 410 Lake

LEE PATRICK J., groceries and provisions, wines and liquors, 701 Railroad av, h do

Lee Thomas F., clerk, 701 Railroad av, h do

Lee William, shoemaker, h 609 Jay

Lee William H., clerk, 701 Railroad av, h do

Lee William S., coachman, 654 E Clinton

Leeper Cordelia, tailoress, h 208 Ann

Leeper William J., h 208 Ann

Leese Ambrose, h 59 Monroe

Leesner Charles, laborer, h 708 E Oak

LeFevre Andrew J., agent, h 361 Norton

LeFerve Epenetus T., collector, 118 Lake, h 361 Norton

LeFerve Sarah, dressmaker, h 153 Broadway

Lehigh Valley R.R freight office (Waverly line), Samuel A. Bent, agent, 517 Railroad av

Lehman John, carpenter, h 319 High

Lehner Gotlieb, tinner, h 527 Lake

Lehr Jmes H., baggagemaster, h 653 ½ Lake

Go to A.S. TURNER & SON FOR Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Etc., 203 East Second St. __

Leishear Frank W., conductor, h 209 Mt Zoar

Leisner Charles, clerk, h 115 College av

Leisiner Caroline, domestic, h 718 E Oak

Leisiner Charles, laborer. H 718 E Oak

Leisiner Edward, laborer, 718 E Oak

Leisiner Elvena, domestic, h 718 E Oak

Leisiner William, laborer, h 718 E Oak

Leland Perry, h 204 Harmon

Leland Perry, foreman, h 109 W Market

Lemons Rosanna, h 660 Baldwin

Lemunyan Anna, h Carroll cor Fox

Lemunyan Edward, clerk, h 1306 Pratt

Lemunyan Edward L, clerk, 167 Lake, h 1306 Pratt

Lemunyan Jay, h Carroll cor Fox

Lemunyan Philip, constable, h 1306 Pratt

Lenheim Lewis H., cigar manufacturer, 153 Lake, h do

Lennon Anna R., music teacher, h 511 Pennsylvania av

Lennon Barney, blacksmith, h 750 S Main

Lennon Harry, fireman, h 511 Pennsylvania av

Lennon James, jr., machinist, h 511 Pennsylvania av

Lennon James, blacksmith, h 511 Pennsylvania av

Lennox Emma R., hairdresser, h 607 Magee

Lennox Lida, h 317 Railroad av

Young & Allen, Manf’s Tin, Sheet Iron & Cooper Ware, 307 E. WATER