Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Leonard Frank, ironworker, 917 Main

Leonard Frank, laborer, h 420 College

Leonard Fred, clerk, h 220 E Water

Leonard Geroge C., confectioner, also dining rooms, 220 E Water, h do

Leonard Jennie, domestic, 657 Market

Leonard Jennie, domestic, 114 W Chemung Place

Leonard Kate, domestic 209 College av

Leonard Velma, Mrs., h 420 College av

LeValley Demorest, h 101 E Henry

LeValley Frederick, steamfitter, h 101 E Henry

LeValley Nathaniel L., grocer, 101 E Henry, h do

Levein Austine, Mrs., h 553 E 2d

Lever Alice, MRs., h 456 Franklin

Lever Simeon B., Mrs. H 456 Franklin

Levergood Laura, domestic, 418 Fulton

Levergood Laura, h 209 Madison av

Levi Isaac, peddler, h 561 E Water

Levi Moses, peddler, h 104 Washington

Levi Simon, peddler, h 508 Dewitt

Levin Simon, shoemaker, 353 Railroad av, h do

Levinson Jacob, peddler, h 659 E Water

Levy A., cigarmaker, h 108 Lormore

Levy John, cigar manufacturer, h 204 Harmon


Levy Mark G. (Roseman & Levy), h 104 Washington

Lewis Arnold, grocer, 353 Davis, h 402 W 1st

Lewis C. Forney, clerk, 126 Lake, h 103 Pennsylvania av

Lewis Cornelia E., copyist, h 105 W Gray

Lewis DeWitt, brakeman, h 417 S Main

Lewis Edward L., laborer, h 910 Magee

Lewis Edward P., farmer, h 105 W Gray

Lewis Fay J., book-keeper, 325 E Water, h 115 Columbia

Lewis Harriet, h 713 Walnut

Lewis Horace, teamster, 711 Harper

Lewis Horace S., conductor, h 103 Pennsylvania av

Lewis James, manager, Clinton e State, h 706 Gray

Lewis J. H., cooper, h 400 High

Lewis James T., laborer, h 706 Day

Lewis John Q., puddler, h 713 Walnut

Lewis Joseph H., cooper, h 401 Railroad av

Lewis Lorenzo D., carpenter, h 509 W 3d

Lewis Jennie B., Mrs., h 401 Railroad av

Lewis Maggie, h 706 Day

Lewis Maggie, domestic, 950 Oak

Lewis Margaret J., Mrs., h 509 W 3d

Lewis Mary, Mrs., dressmaker, h 302 W Water

Lewis Mary H., Mrs., h 401 Railroad av

Lewis Mary I., dressmaker, h 326 Hine

Lewis May, teacher, h 311 W 6th

Lewis Minnie, h 713 Walnut

Lewis Nelson, laborer, 711 Harper

Lewis Obadiah, clerk, h 326 Hine

Lewis Sophia, h 910 Magee

Lewitzky Aaron, dray goods, h 108 High

Lewitzky Michael, dry goods, h 108 High

Libolt Abraham M., carpenter, h 855 E Market

Libolt George H., h 118 Ferris

Libolt William S., cabinetmaker, h 118 Ferris

Lichtman Samuel, peddler, h 550 E 2d

Lichtman Charles, peddler, h 567 E Water

Liddell Robert D., engineer, h 611 Lewis

Liddy Michael, grocer, 217 Fulton, h do

Liddy Michael, puddler, h 315 Washington av

Liddy Patrick, h 315 Washington av

Liesner Charles W., clerk, 216 E Water, h 115 College av

Liller Mary, tailoress, h 761 E Market

Lilley Sumner C., h 554 E Church

Lime A. J., tinsmith, h 113 W 3d

Limerick Kate, domestic, 262 W 4th


Limerick Mary, Miss, 230 Lake

Lince William, h 114 Spring

Lincoln Cynthia, widow A. B., h 202 Pennsylvania av

Lincoln Fred, salesman, h 504 E Washington av

Lincoln Fred J., clerk, h Washington cor Lake

Lincoln Hattie E., h 202 Pennsylvania av

Lincoln William A., clerk, 634 W Water, h 202 Pennsylvania av

Linderman Ira M., carriage manufacturer, 435 Carroll, also 153 Fox, h 151 do

Lindsay Robert H., salesman, 119 E water, h 527 Mt Zoar

Lindsey Ebenezer S., grocer, 200 E 5th, h do

Lindsey Eliza, h Jones Lane and 1st

Lindsey Elizabeth, h 200 E 5th

Lindsey Jennie, widow Joseph, dressmaker, 423 N Main, h do

Lindsey Laura A., Mrs., h 319 E Washington

Lindsey Luther, switchman, h 507 Railroad av

Lindsey William T., clerk, 200 E 5th, h do

Lindsley Darius D., Rev., h 527 Mt Zoar

Lindsley Robert, clerk, Gridley & Sons, h 527 Mt Zoar

Lineen Patrick C., stonecutter, h 439 W 4th

Lines Edwin B. (S. V. Lines & Sons), h at Buffalo

Lines Stephen V., (S. V. Lines & Sons), h at Canandaigua

Lines Stephen V., jr. (S. V. Lines & Sons), h at Rochester

Lines S. V. & Sons (E. B., W. H. and S. V., jr.), boots and shoes, 137 E Water

Lines William H. (S. V. Lines & Sons,) h at Rochester

Lingle George C., machinist, h 309 S Main

Lingle Joseph F., machinist, h 309 S Main

Lingle Lorenzo, machinist, h 106 S Main

Lippe Charles M., shoemaker, h 858 John

Liprits A. S., peddler, h 400 High

Litch Benjamin, bartender, 119 Lake, h do

Litch Lena, h 402 E Water

Little Enoch M., deputy sheriff, court house, h 211 William

Little Levi D., sheriff, court house, h 211 William

Little Monroe S., turnkey Chemung county jail, h do

Little William G., painter, 137 W Water, h do

Liveeney Maggie, dressmaker, h 261 W Hudson

Livingston E., peddler, h 53 S Washington

Lloyd Reese, roller, h 857 Magee

Lnadka Charles, h 716 E Oak

Lobdell Philip, butcher, h 313 Orchard

Locke Emily, Mrs., h 453 Maple av

Locke Hiram B., h 106 2d

Locke John B., law student, 308 E Water, h 453 Maple av

Lockwood Fred D., clerk, 335 E Water, h 500 Baldwin

S. X. METZGER & SON’S MODEL MARKET, 409 & 411 Railroad Av.,


Lockwood George, tinsmith, 325 Carroll, h Columbia cor 2d

Lockwood Gideon, drayman, h 156 Washington

Lockwood Jennie, h 156 Washington

Lockwood Jennie, h 630 William

Lockwood James, h 730 Hatch

Lockwood John, carpenter, h 630 William

Lockwood Louisa, widow Nathaniel, h 361 Columbia

Lockwood Louise, h 156 Washington

Lockwood Matthew, costumer, Opera House, h 630 Washington

Lockwood Nellie, clerk, 319 E Water, h 156 Washington

Lockwood Sarah J., h 156 Washington

Loden Michael, gardener, h 105 Chestnut

Lodine George, teamster, h 712 E Oak

Logan John, engineer, 726 S Main

Logan Rennie, housekeeper, h 378 W 4th

Logan Robert E., printer, h 119 W Chemung Place

Loggie Albert G., salesman, h 209 W 3d

Loggie Charles A., fireman, h 209 W 3d

Loggie Edward R., fireman, h 209 W 3d

Loggie John H., engineer, h 209 W 3d

Loggie John R., jr., engineer, h 209 W 3d

Loggie Russell O., engineer, h 209 W 3d

Loggie Thomas P., h 209 W 3d

Loghry George C., engineer, h 511 W 1st

Loghry Harvey N., salesman, h 259 Clinton

Loghry Isaac, shoemaker, h 511 W 1st

Long Alice M., confectionery, 655 Lake, h do

Long Charles R., h 108 Washington

Long Mary, h 708 Oak

Long Mary A., h 108 Washington

Long Nancy, h 708 Oak

Long Walter, laborer, h 925 John

Lonergan Garret, saloon, 963 Main, h do

Lonergan Patrick, laborer, h 456 W 2d

Longcoy Enos, coachman, h 463 W 1st

Longley J. F., foreman, h 215 Madison av

Longshore W. G., painter, h 110 Water

Longstreet Ada C., clerk, 116 Baldwin, h 455 W Water

Longstreet Libbie A., h 455 W Water

Longstreet Marshall N., telegrapher, h 455 W Water

Longstreet William H., pianos, organs and music dealer, 116 Baldwin, also Carroll cor Baldwin, h 455 W Water (See adv front cover)

Lonne H. R., h 613 E 2d

Look Charles T., salesman, 102 W Water, h 401 do

Loomis Addis, h 653 ½ Lake

A.S. Turner & Son MAKE the BEST Mouldings and Brackets

Loomis Anna, Mrs., h 712 Columbia

Loomis Edward A. (Loomis & Chubbuck), h 6 Aspen Ridge

Loomis Edwin E., clerk, 210 W Water, h 111 W Market

Loomis Eliza Ann, carpetweaver, h 1018 Lake

Loomis Laura, Mrs., h 211 Lormore

Loomis William C. (Wells & Loomis), h 417 E Market

Loomis & Chubbuck, coal and wood, 354 Pennsylvania av

Looney Mary, Mrs. Domestic, h 410 S Magee

Loonie James J., salesman, 132 W Water, h 923 Lake

Loonie Jeremiah J., mason, h 923 Lake

Loonie Michael B., salesman, h 923 Lake

Loony Annie, domestic, 317 Madison av

Loop Caroline, Mrs. boarding, 664 Dickinson, h do

Loop Hannah, domestic, 620 Oak

Loop Horace W., slater, h 569 E Water

Loop Jessie, h 569 E Water

Loop John B., laborer, h 569 E Water

Loop Samuel H., tinsmith, h 664 Dickinson

Loop William, blacksmith, h 358 Hoffman

Lord Elmer A., collector, h 323 W Church

Lord William J., painter, h 505 Park Place

Loring Harry R., student, h 318 W Water

Loring F. T., Mrs., h 318 W Water

Lormore Hugh r., tinsmith, h 613 E 2d

Lormore William J. (Lormore & Tompkins), h 456 Baldwin

Lormore & Tompkins (W. J. Lormore and C. M. Tompkins), wholesale grocers, 308, 310 and 312 Carroll

Losey Amos, h 715 John

Losie Arthur, tinner, h 157 Baldwin

Losie Chauncey B., rags, etc., Dickinson n N. Y. L. & W. R. R. depot, h 157 Baldwin

Losie Jane, widow Abraham, h 418 W 2d

Losie John M., real estate and insurance agent, 314 E Water, h 1105 Benton

Losie Thomas M. (T. M. Losie & Co.), h 157 Baldwin

Losie T. M. & Co., furnace, etc., also iron, tinware, slate and slate roofing, 157 Baldwin (See adv front cover)

Lott Georgiana, h 329 Railroad av

Lougher William, ironworker, h 912 Magee

Loughhead William H., moulder, h 105 W Hudson

Loughhead William H., jr., h 105 W Hudson

Love Annie, h 762 Jay

Love Annie, domestic, 215 High

Love Annie J., h 426 Pleasant

Love Charles E., salesman, 111 E Water, h 119 E Henry

Love Emma, h 212 Dewitt

Love John, city tower, h 212 Dewitt

Love James, laborer, h 426 Pleasant

BOOK-KEEPING taught practically at Allen Business College, ADVERTISER BUILDING

Lovejoy Robert H., h 628 W Church

Lovell Amos B., janitor, h 410 Elm

Lovell Eugene, laborer, h 319 Norton

Lovell Harrison T., machinist, h 308 E Clinton

Lovell J. B., Mrs., h 1305 Hall

Lovell John S., laborer, h 456 Sullivan

Lovell Lauren, clerk, Eastern Hotel, h do

Lovell Reuben (R. Lovell & Son), h W Water beyond limits

Lovell Romain, candymaker, h 410 Elm

Lovell R. & Son (William H.), leaf tobacco, Hatch n Washington av

Lovell William H. (R. Lovell & Son), h at Big Flats

Lowe Emma, domestic, 404 Hoffman

Lowe Luther, hostler, h 315 E Market

Lowery Margaret, Mrs., h 857 Dickinson

Lowman Charity B., Mrs., boarding, h 218 Baldwin

Lowman Charles W., fireman, h 518 Pennsylvania av

Lowman Estella, dressmaker, h 218 Baldwin

Lowman Grace, milliner, h 218 Baldwin

Lowman Lyman L., teamster, h 218 Baldwin

Lown Eugene, shoemaker, h 112 S Main

Lown Mary A., dressmaker, h 112 S Main

Lown William, shoemaker, 110 S Main, h 112 do

Lowrey Annie M., h 418 W Church

Lowrey Louise, h 418 W Church

Lowrey Mary E., h 418 W Church

Lowrey Mary W., Mrs., h 418 W Church

Lucas Richard, carpenter, h 416 Herrick

Luce Edward S., weaver, h 704 E Clinton

Luce Fred, stripper, h 818 Factory

Luce James, laborer, h 202 E Gray

Luce Joseph D., machinist, h 407 E Clinton

Luce Niles D., photographer, 137 E Water, h 636 W Water

Lucy Cecilia A., domestic, 318 W Gray

Lucy Celia, domestic, h 108 Pennsylvania av

Lucy Daniel J., mason, h 813 John

Lucy Ella, domestic, h 861 East av

Lucy Jeremiah, h 168 High

Lucy John M., machinist, h 813 John

Lucy Mary, h 405 Lake

Lucy Timothy, laborer, h 517 Main

Lucen Eugene, teamster, h 902 College av

Ludiko M, cigarmaker, h 815 Madison av

Ludlow Jennie, domestic, Home for Aged

Ludlow Walter W., foreman Telegram, b Wycoff House, room over 112 Baldwin

Lux Lena, h 757 E Water

A.S. Turner & Son is the place to buy Building Materials.

Lumbard Azro C., printer, 213 Judson

Lumbard Orra, h 213 Judson

Lumbard James M., printer, h 1050 Walnut

Lundargan Garrat, saloon, 963 N Main, h do

Lundergan John, laborer, h 217 Park

Lundergan John, jr., laborer, h 217 Park

Lundy Isaac, fireman, h 709 Kinyon

Lung Fred J., carpenter, h 118 Lormore

Lung Sophia, dressmaker, h 118 Lormore

Lungen James M., laborer, h 366 Thurston

Lungen Reuben H., h 366 Thurston

Lungen William K., laborer, h 656 Baldwin

Lunn John W., tobacconist, 113 W Water, h 515 do

Lunner Wiliam, laborer, h 601 Howard

Lunney James, laborer, h 361 Railroad av

Lupton Henry, carpenter, h 447 W 5th

Luqueer H. P. M., Mrs., h 320 Lake

Lush Catharine, h 507 Madison av

Lush Henry T., Mrs., h 52 S Main

Lutz Jacob, h 708 E Water

Lutz Jacob, bartender, 140 E Water

Lutz Jacob h 514 Madison av

Lutz Louis, h 200 Chestnut

Lutz Louis, butcher, h E Water

Lutz Michael, bartender, 431 Railroad av, h do

Lux Doris, h 257 E Water

Luydam Fred P., insurance, h 402 Magee

Lybolt A., cabinetmaker, h 855 E Market

Lydon Henry, h 752 E Water

Lydon Margaret, h 752 E Water

Lyddon Naomi, h 912 Magee

Lyddon Robert, puddler, h 912 Magee

Lydke Herman, h 519 Harper

Lyman Mary J., h 307 William

Lynch Anna, Mrs., h 406 W 6th

Lynch Bridget, h South av

Lynch Catharine, Mrs., grocer, 710 Davis, h 712 do

Lynch Daniel, carpenter, h 440 E Water

Lynch Dennis, laborer, h 217 Park

Lynch Donnell, h 1351 Baldwin

Lynch Ed., clerk, 418 Carroll, h 612 John

Lynch Edward, puddler, h 712 Davis

Lynch Edward, undertaker, h 612 John

Lynch Elizabeth, h 1351 Baldwin

Lynch Fred., laborer, h 118 High

Pork & Beef Packers, S. X. Metzger & Son, 409 & 411 Railroad Avenue, Elmira.

Lynch Jeremiah, laborer, h 1351 Baldwin

Lynch James, h 705 Railroad av

Lynch Jenny, h 615 Magee

Lynch John, laborer, h 812 Magee

Lynch John, undertaker, 418 Carroll, h 612 John

Lynch John, jr., machinist, h 419 Railroad av

Lynch John M., proprietor Troy House, 419 Railroad av

Lynch Julia, h 501 Lake

Lynch Julia, h 419 Railroad av

Lynch Katie, h 210 B Broadway

Lynch Katie, Mrs., h 812 Magee

Lynch Kittie, domestic, Rathbun House

Lynch Lizzie, Miss, h 306 Lake

Lynch Maggie, clerk, 134 W Water, h 215 O’Gorman

Lynch Margaret, domestic, 328 W 7th

Lynch Martin, laborer, h 215 O’Gorman

Lynch Mary, h 419 Railroad av

Lynch Mary, h 705 Railroad av

Lynch Mary, Mrs., boarding, 723 Lake, h do

Lynch Mary E., clerk, h 712 Davis

Lynch Mary E., Mrs., h 615 Magee

Lynch Martin, h 712 Davis

Lynch Michael, flagman, h South av

Lynch Nellie, domestic, 302 William

Lynch Nellie, domestic, Rathbun House

Lynch Patrick, helper, h 406 W 6th

Lynch Patrick, saloon, 363 Railroad av, h do

Lynch Pierce J., civil engineer, 218 E Water, h 615 Magee

Lynch Robert, Dr., h 456 E Water

Lynch Rosa, milliner, h 612 John

Lynch Sarah E., millinery, 108 N Main, h 612 John

Lynch Thomas B., stonecutter, h 712 Davis

Lynch Thomas F., bricklayer, h 606 John

Lynch Timothy, cartman, h 723 Lake

Lynn George, laborer, h 221 Park

Lyon Charles B., carpenter, h 1215 Benton

Lyon Frank, operator, h 118 E Hudson

Lyon Gilbert W. (G. E. Plumb & Co.), h at Syracuse

Lyon Harriet E., h 118 E Hudson

Lyon M E., brakeman, h 350 Center

Lyon Mollie M. assistant book-keeper, 203 E 2d, h 308 W Gray

Lyon Orvis, gardener, h 532 Perine

Lyon Silas, gardener, h 532 Perine

Lyon Will E., brakeman, h 1215 Benton


Lyons Abigail, Mrs., h 208 Baldwin

Lyons Abigail M., Mrs. 423 E Washington

Lyons Alonzo, h 261 Baldwin

Lyons Charles, helper, h 157 Baldwin

Lyons Ella, domestic, 117 College av

Lyons Elmer E., machinist, h 156 W 3d

Lyons Jennie, domestic, 315 W Church

Lyons Jesse, clerk, 217 W Water, h 317 do

Lyons Nellie, domestic, Rathbun House


Mabee George, teamster, h 551 John

Maby George (Clark & Maby), h East Hill ab Water Cure

Macenmary John, tailor, h 159 Madison av

MacGowan Louise, Mrs., boarding, 214 Baldwin, h do

Mack Anna, Mrs., seamstress, h 114 S 2d

Mack Catherine, Mrs., widow James, h 722 S Main

Mack Daniel, saloon, Main cor South av, h do

Mack James, brewer, h 424 W 3d

Mack James, rolling mill, h 713 Canal

Mack Jennie, domestic, h 507 E Water

Mack Jessie, h 507 E Water

Mack Kate L., dressmaker, 202 E Water, h 207 W 6th

Mack Katie, dressmaker, h 722 S Main

Mack Martin, rolling mill, h 154 E Washington av

Mack Matthew, helper, h 424 W 3d

Mack Michael, laborer, h 108 W Henry

Mack Nellie, clerk, 134 W Water, h 115 W 4th

Mack Patrick, laborer, h 617 S Main

Mack Peter, laborer, h 417 Standish

Mack Thomas, h 114 S 2d

Mack Thomas, brakeman, h 709 Kinyon

Mack Thomas, mason, h 706 Baldwin

Mack William, h 724 W 1st

Mackey Daniel M., keeper city hospital, Lake, h old jail

Macumber Adelbert, h 5th and Oak

Macumber Patience, Mrs., h 1012 Oak

Macumber Sylvester, laborer, h 461 Mt Zoar

Madden Catherine, Mrs., grocer, 801 John, h do

Madden William, h 110 W 5th

Madigan John, h 706 Magee

Magowan Horation W., tinsmith, h 104 Sullivan

Mahaffny Hattie, h 160 Baldwin

Mahar John, malteter, h 851 Lake

PENMANSHIP, PRACTICAL & ORNAMENTAL at Allen Business College, Advertiser Building.

Mahoney Anna, tailoress, h town of Southport

Mahoney Ellen, Mrs. H 851 Lake

Mahoney John, laborer, h 209 Broadway

Mahoney Matthew, coachman, h 219 W 2d

Mahoney Michael, laborer, h 105 E 1st

Mahoney Michael, laborer, h 358 Railroad av

Mahoney William, mason, h 315 W 5th

Mahony Minnie E., clerk, 315 E Water, h 3 Jones

Main Catherine, Mrs., inmate Home for Aged

Main Charles, building mover, 550 John, h do

Mainey Maggie, domestic, 864 N Main

Mainey Mary, domestic, 455 W Water

Mala Patrick, machinist, h 710 Giltannan

Malette William S., salesman, 145 W Water, h 214 High

Maellett Chloe, dressmaker, h 914 Benton

Malory Russell, Home for Aged

Malory Tempsey, Mrs., Home for Aged

Malone John, laborer, h 712 Dickinson

Malone John C., carpenter, h 116 Chestnut

Malone Michael, clerk, 105 E Water, h 518 W 1st

Malone Nellie, domestic, 306 W Gray

Malone Patrick, laborer, h 708 Benjamin

Maloney Anna E., saleslady, 132 W Water, h 429 W 4th

Maloney Annie, domestic, 721 Railroad av

Maloney Bridget, Miss, h 357 W 3d

Maloney Daniel T., clerk, h 408 Madison av

Maloney Dennis, machinist, h 385 Pennsylvania av

Maloney Ellen, domestic, h 502 W Water

Maloney James, cigarmaker, h 721 Railroad av

Maloney James, switchman, h 711 S Main

Maloney James J., tinsmith, h 304 Sullivan

Maloney Jane, domestic, Wychoff House

Maloney Johanna, h 806 Walnut

Maloney John, book-keeper, h 408 Madison av

Maloney John, coachman, h 408 Madison av

Maloney John, express messenger, h 154 Dewitt

Maloney John, laborer, h 459 Oak

Maloney John T., stonecutter, h 429 W 4th

Maloney Kate, h 519 Oak

Maloney Kate, dressmaker, h 406 Madison av

Maloney Maggie, h 509 E 2d

Maloney Margaret, h 760 E Market

Maloney Margaret, Mrs., fruit stand, h 311 Railroad av

Maloney Mary, seamstress, h 406 Madison av

Maloney Mary, Mrs., widow Peter, h 805 Magee

Buy Michigan Pine in car loads of A. S. Turner & Son.

Maloney Michael, h 721 Railroad av

Maloney Michael, puddler, h 805 Magee

Maloney Mary E., domestic, 955 College av

Maloney Owen T., bookbinder, h 350 Railroad av

Maloney Patrick, marblepolisher, h 808 Magee

Maloney Thomas, laborer, h 429 W 4th

Maloney Thomas, salesman, 340 E Water, h 406 Madison av

Maloney William, tanner, h Buttonwoods

Mame Harry, clerk, h Rathbun House

Manchester Alfred, teamster, h 514 Oak

Manchester Matthew, h 161 Washington

Manchester Matthew, laborer, h 161 Washington

Mander Adam, brewer, 1021 E Church

Mander George, teamster, 1021 E Church

Mandeville Abbie L., h 317 Washington av

Mandeville Carrie E., Mrs., h 458 E Church

Mandeville Horace, teamster, h 452 High

Mandeville Hubert, h 458 E Water

Mandeville Hubert C., h 1353 Lake

Mandeville James, laborer, h 452 High

Mandeville John, h 452 High

Maney James, laborer, 300 Washington av

Manford Mary, room 6, Academy of Music

Mangan Donald, laborer, h 370 W 3d

Mangan John, ‘busdriver, Rathbun House

Mangan Morris, trackwalker, h 409 W 3d

Mangin John, expressman, h 505 Park Place

Manley Arthur L., student, h 420 W Gray

Manley Charles, h 218 William

Manley Charles, jr., h 218 William

Manley Charles, clerk, h 318 W 1st

Manley Charles E., salesman, 323 E Water, h 437 do

Manley Charles G., drayman, h 539 Tuttle av

Manley Charles G., jr., clerk, 305 E Water, h 539 Tuttle av

Manley Dolson J., salesman, 211 Baldwin, h 420 W Gray

Mann Abraham, tailor, h 219 S Main

Mann Anna, hairdresser, h 709 Tuttle av

Mann George W., coachman, 313 Columbia, h 709 Tuttle av

Mann Hiram G., laborer, h 410 Standish

Mann James, machinist, h 105 E 1st

Mann Michael, boarding, h 105 E 1st

Manning Chapin S., clerk, 128 Railroad av, h 403 Grove

Manning Honora, laundry, h 100 E Water

Manning Mary, domestic, h 216 Henry

Manning Theoron, civil engineer, h 350 Center

Manning William, laborer, h 216 W Henry

The Model Market, S. X. Metzger & Sons, 409 & 411 Railroad Ave., ELMIRA.

Manns Phoebe, Mrs., h 718 Day

Manske John, h 114 Spring

Mantle Paul, foreman, h 100 Park

Mantle Thomas, laborer, h 258 Park

Manwaring Sidney A., salesman, 147 W Water, h 1013 Lincoln

Mapes Elizabeth, widow Samuel, h 112 E Chemung Place

Marean Mark, cigarmaker, 331 E Water

Mareane Martin, conductor, h 110 W Market

Margovan Kate, teacher, h 380 W 3d

Margovan Mamie, organist, h 380 W 3d

Margovan Nora, widow Anthony, h 380 W 3d

Maricle Adelbert W., filecutter, h 1216 Baldwin

Maricle Simon F., stonecutter, h 1216 Baldwin

Marion Charles T., painter, h 665 Magee

Marion Ed. J., fireman, h 665 Magee

Marion Frank W., painter, h 665 Magee

Marion William A., baggagemaster, h 665 Magee

Markele Catherine, Mrs., domestic, 428 S Broadway

Markele Catherine M., h 307 Mt Zoar

Markham John, freight depot, h 919 Benton

Markinson Isadore, peddler, h 109 Madison av

Markinson Satie, shirtmaker, h 650 E Church

Marks Bonnet, peddler, h 122 Harriet

Marks Isaac, jewelry, h 558 E Water

Marks Isaac, peddler, h 122 Harriet

Marks Levi, peddler, 112 Sullivan

Marks Sol., peddler, h 112 Sullivan

Marks Solomon, peddler, h 558 E Water

Maroney Hannah, domestic, Elmira Female College

Maroney Helen, Mrs., h 864 Lake

Maroney James, laborer, h 864 Lake

Maroney Mary, Mrs., h 107 McDonald

Maroney Nellie, h 709 McDonald

Maroney Thomas, laborer, h 864 Lake

Maroney William, printer, 406 E Washington av

Marra Con, h 806 Magee

Marra Martin, h 806 Magee

Marra Michael, laborer, h 669 Baldwin

Marsh Carson, cigarmaker, h American Hotel

Marsh Frank S., h 446 W Clinton

Marsh Fred, clerk, Pullman car shops, h 311 W 5th

Marsh Lamora E., Mrs., h 446 W Clinton

Marsh Linda, saleslady, 112 W Water, h 309 Dewitt

Marsh Michael, machinist, h 364 W 5th

Marsh Willis, clerk, Erie Depot, h 364 W 5th

Balusters, Stair Rails & Newel Posts at A. S. Turner & Son.

Marshall Issac S., h 507 W Church

Marshall James R., painter, h 423 Railroad av

Marshall Patrick, h 709 Davis

Martin Annis A., widow J. R., h 401 Railroad av

Martin Calvin C., h 218 Baldwin

Martin Charles, carpenter, h 217 E 7th

Martin Charles H., teamster, Main

Martin George W., engineer, h 536 Pennsylvania av

Martin Isaac, h 154 W 6th

Martin James H., conductor, h 303 Clinton

Martin Mary, domestic, h 418 Main

Martin Samuel L., butcher, h 317 E Clinton

Marvin Edward, salesman, 203 E 2d, h 409 Dewitt

Marvin Lyman, janitor, h 304 High

Mason Elizabeth, Mrs., h 114 Columbia

Mason George W., Mrs., h 114 Columbia

Mason Mary J., h 600 Baldwin

Masonic Temple, Lake cor Market

Master Henrietta, domestic, 160 Washington

Masters Julian, engineer, h 106 W 2d

Masterson Charles P., lawyer, 122 E Water, h 409 N Main

Masterson James, shoemaker, h cor Washington and John

Masterson William, shoemaker, h cor Washington and John