Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Mathews Charles S., teamster, h 959 Day

Mathews Frank, domestic, 171 Railroad av

Mathews Frank H., oil dealer, h 914 College av

Mathews Fred, waiter, Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

Mathews, Fletcher, jeweler, h 914 College av

Mathews Ida, clerk, 122 Lake, h 106 W Market

Mathews James E., book-keeper, 310 Carroll, h 304 Pennsylvania av

Mathews James F., waiter, h 610 Dickinson

Mathews John, blacksmith, h 316 Railroad av

Mathews John D., building mover, h 109 W 2d

Mathews Oscar, h 460 E Church

Mathews Robert, h 416 Perry

Mathews Robert E., h 704 Baldwin

Mathews Samuel S., farmer, h West Elmira

Mathews Sarah J., h 714 Baldwin

Mathews William, farmer, h West Elmira

Mathewson Elizabeth, domestic, 1001 Davis

Matson Matilda, cook, 220 E Water

Matson Sarah, domestic, 106 E 2d

Mattili Francisco, imagemaker, h 103 E 1st

Mattison Edwin, printer, h 151 Lake

Maxner Mary, domestic, 356 W Water

Maxwell Catharine, widow William, h 156 Dewitt

Maxwell Colista, dressmaker, h 310 Washington

Maxwell Jennie, dressmaker, h 415 Grove

Maxwell John C., tallyman, h 406 E Washington av

Maxwell Kate, dressmaker, h 415 Grove

Maxwell Spaulding, carpenter, h 206 College av

Maxwell William, lecturer, h 207 E Gray

May P. H., h 302 W Water

Maycumber Barney, laborer, h 706 E 5th

Maycumber Charles, printer, h 706 E 5th

Maycumber Helen, Mrs., seamstress, h 211 W 3d

Maycumber John, laborer, h 706 E 5th

Maycumber Richard, shoemaker, h 211 W 3d

Mayer Amelia, Miss, decorative art rooms, 117 E Water, h do

Mayer Ellis, photographer, h 301 E Church

Mayer Florence, h 113 Fox

Mayer John, laborer, h 711 Canal

Mayer Katie, clerk, 301 E Water, h 117 do

Maynard Monta B., teacher, Allen Business College, h 312 Baldwin

Mayo Lizzie, h 217 Gregg

Mayo William H., engineer, h 520 Jefferson

MAYOTT JOHN J., slate and tin roofer, 202 E Gray, h do

McAleer Stephen, h 110 Spring

McAlester Erastus, wagonmaker, h 105 E Henry

McAllister James, brakeman, h 653 ½ Lake

McAllister Mary, Mrs., h 114 S Main

McAlpin William D., clerk, Frasier House, h 154 W 3d

McAlsey Kate, Mrs., h 422 Balsam

McAndrew Agnes, Mrs., domestic, 860 Main

McArdle Katie, tailoress, h 110 Orchard

McArdle Nora, widow Patrick, h 110 Orchard

McAuley Mary A., Mrs., h 400 W Hudson

McCaaigne Isaac, fireman, h 220 High

McCaffery Ellen, h 509 Dewitt

McCaffery Peter, shoemaker, 202 S Main, h 358 do

McCaffery Emma, clerk, 120 W Water, h 358 S Main

McCaffery John, cigarmaker, h 505 Dewitt

McCaffrey Mary, housekeeper, h 705 Lake

McCaffrey Peter, bootmaker, h 358 S Main

McCaffrey Robert, h 705 Lake

McCaffrey Sarah, operator, h 705 Lake

McCaffrey Susan, boxmaker, h 705 Lake

McCaffrey William, clerk, 314 E Water, h 705 Lake

McCall Evan, cabinetmaker, h 850 John

McCallan Erway, shoemaker, h 458 E Clinton

McCann Ann, widow Owen, h 725 S Main

McCANN GEORGE S., farmer, cor Davis and Reformatory av

McCann James, carpenter, 953 Sullivan

McCann Joseph (Gardner & McCann), h 529 W Water

McCann Joseph P., traveling passenger agent, h 854 Magee

McCann Patrick, laborer, h 327 Webber Place

McCann Sarah E., domestic, 620 Oak

McCann Terrance, laborer, h 803 Factory

McCann William, restaurant, 408 E Market, h 516 Dewitt

McCanna Anna, tailoress, h 561 E 3d

McCanna Ella, dressmaker, h 561 E 3d

McCanna James, shoemaker, h 561 E 3d

McCanna James P., shoemaker, h 561 E 3d

McCanna Susie, domestic, h 107 High

MaCanna Susie, tailoress, h 561 E 3d

McCarn M. D., salesman, 104 Lake, h at Eldred

McCarthy Alice, domestic, Rathbun House

McCarthy Anna, dressmaker, h 410 Walnut

McCarthy Anna, tailoress, h 402 S Magee

McCarthy Bridget, saloon, 721 Lewis, h do

McCarthy Catharine, Mrs., h 402 S Magee

McCarthy Charles, shoemaker, h 410 Walnut

McCarthy Daniel, tinsmith, h 102 Chestnut

McCarthy Dennis, shoemaker, also saloon, 357 Railroad av, h 410 Dewitt

McCarthy Ella, dressmaker, h 107 Fulton

McCarthy Eugene, tailor, h 215 Walnut

McCarthy Felix, laborer, h 410 Walnut

McCarthy James, bricklayer, h 107 Fulton

McCarthy James, laborer, h 155 Washington av

McCarthy Jerry, laborer, h 714 Day

McCarthy John, h 554 S Main

McCarthy John, tailor, 144 E Water, h 215 Walnut

McCarthy Julia, domestic, 509 William

McCarthy Kate, h 500 Lake

McCarthy Katie, domestic, h 425 E Water

McCarthy Kate L., saleslady, 128 W Water, h 619 Lewis

McCarthy Libbie, dressmaker, h 155 Washington av

McCarthy Maggie, laundress, h 515 Dewitt

McCarthy Margaret, Mrs., saloon, 464 W 6th, h do

McCarthy Mary Miss, h 306 Lake

McCarthy Mary, domestic, h 158 W 3d

McCarthy Mary, domestic, h 425 E Water

McCarthy Mary, domestic, 528 W Water

McCarthy Mary, dressmaker, h 107 Fulton

McCarthy Matthew, painter, h 553 E 3d

McCarthy Matthew, shoemaker, h 410 Walnut

McCarthy Michael, h 102 Chestnut

McCarthy Michael, saloon, 1103 Davis, h do

McCarthy Minnie P., laundry, 515 Dewitt

McCarthy Patrick, h 102 chestnut

McCarthy Peirce, saloon, Giltanan n N. C. R. R. shops, h do

McCarthy Thomas, h 515 Dewitt

McCarthy William, flagman, h 515 Dewitt

McCarthy William, laborer, h 706 Hatch

McCartney Ellen J., nurse, 368 Thurston

McCartney Kate, Miss, h 415 Lake

McCarty Ann, widow John, 222 Sullivan

McCarty Daniel, cigarmaker, 200 S Walnut

McCarty Daniel, tinsmith, h 415 Fulton

McCarty Dennis, laborer, h 10 Fox

McCarty Dennis, shoemaker, h 410 Dewitt

McCarty Jerry, laborer, h 710 Day

McCARTY J. HENDRICKSON, REV. D. D., pastor, First M. E Church, h 322 Baldwin

McCarty John, laborer, h 159 E Washington av

McCarty John, laborer, h 860 Magee

McCarty John, mason, h 713 E 5th

McCarty John, musician, room 25 Arcade block, Lake

McCarty Julia, domestic, h 410 Dewitt

McCarty Kate, domestic, h 410 Dewitt

McCarty Mary, operator, h 222 Sullivan

McCarty Michael, saloon, 1101 Davis, h do

McCarty Minnie, domestic, Rathbun House

McCarty Patrick K., police, City Hall, h 402 S Magee

McCarty Thomas, laborer, h 915 Davis

McCay Kate, h 441 E Water

McCay Rose, domestic, Elmira House

McChrahan Maggie, domestic, 815 College av

McClary Maggie, domestic, Wyckoff House

McClave M. H., watchman, h 734 Harper

McClelland William H., drayman, h 703 W Water

McClinchy Mary, room 6 Academy of Music

McClintic Edwin, laborer, h 656 Baldwin

McClure Carrie, h 110 Lormore

McClure Eliza A., h 110 Lormore

McClure J. F., Mrs., h 912 College av

McColl Evan, cabinetmaker, Exchange n Market, h 850 John

McConnell Adren J., carriagemaker, h 328 Broadway

McConnell Frank, printer, h 309 Hathaway

McConnell George J., carpenter, h 328 Broadway

McConnell Henry, melter, h Elmira House

McConnell Patrick, h 309 Hathaway

McConnell Stephen, boilermaker, h 309 Hathaway

McCorogan Kate, domestic, Wyckoff House

McCormick Eliza, Miss, dressmaker, h 203 E Gray

McCormick Samuel S., laborer, h 518 Pennsylvania av

McCoy Lena, h 559 E 3d

McCracken Charles J., clerk, 111 Baldwin, h 755 E 2d

McCRACKEN JOHN R., gents’ furnishing goods, 111 Baldwin, h 115 E High

McCrea Mary A., dressmaker, h 511 E Union

McCrodden James, h 220 Franklin

McCrodden James, jr., h 220 Franklin

McCue James, laborer, h 704 Hatch

McCullen A. B., Mrs., h 661 Columbia

McCullen Catharine, tailoress, h 661 Columbia

McCumber Sylvester, laborer, h 461 Mt Zoar

McCurnen Anna, domestic, St. James Hotel

McCurnen Rose, domestic, 102 W Market

McDanolds Israel, postoffice inspector, h 350 W 6th

McDermont Mary, h 323 Baldwin

McDermott George, Mrs., h 224 Sullivan

McDermott Mary, tailoress, h 556 E Clinton

McDonald Daniel, cutter, 111 E Water, h 468 Gray

McDonald Ella A., tailoress, h 960 Oak

McDonald Frank, h 612 Dickinson

McDonald James, h 710 E Water

McDonald James B., h Pattinson House

McDonald James R., brakeman, h 115 W Hudson

McDonald John, h 105 E 1st

McDonald Lizzie, tailoress, h 114 Baldwin

McDonald Mary, domestic, 321 Madison av

McDonald Mary, widow Michael, h 439 W 4th

McDonald Nellie, h 114 Baldwin

McDonald Patrick, laborer, h 439 W 4th

McDONALD STEPHEN, office 330 E Water, h 214 W 1st

McDonnel James, carpenter, h 336 E Water

McDougall James, teacher, h 307 William

McDough, h 325 E Water

McDowell A. F., h 116 ½ Ferris

McDowell Boyd, law student, 212 E Water, h 408 W Water

McDowell Clara A., teacher, h 214 Sullivan

McDowell Clayton A., carpenter, 447 W 5th

McDowell Fayette, h 116 ½ Ferris

McDowell Ferris, Mrs., h 755 E Church

McDowell John, h 509 William

McDOWELL JACOB L., insurance and real estate agent, 206 E Water, h 408 W Water

McDowell Mary, dressmaker, h 208 Ann

McDowell Mary A., Miss, dressmaker, Carroll n Fox, h do

McDowell Robert M., civil engineer, h 509 William

McDuffee Charles, painter, h 408 High

McEllicott Timothy, laborer, 652 E Clinton

McElligott Edward, blacksmith, h 715 Davis

McElroy William H., milkman, Reformatory av, N of Davis

McEvett Delie, h 206 W Chemung Place

McEvett Delia, domestic, h 907 Magee

McEvett John, ironworker, h 907 Magee

McEvett Maggie, domestic, 866 N Main

McEvett Maggie, domestic, h 907 Magee

McEvoy James, carpenter, h cor College av and Reformatory av

McFarland Elmer E., agent, h 305 S Main

McFarland Frank, h 710 E Water

McFarland James, upholsterer, h 511 W Clinton

McFarland J. R., agent, h 305 S Main

McGally Ellen, domestic, 402 W Gray

McGarth Michael, teamster, h 554 John

McGary Rosa, domestic, 113 Madison av

McGayley Ellen, domestic, 410 William

McGee Hugh, student, h 515 E Union

McGill Kate, h 658 Baldwin

McGlone John, shoemaker, 710 E Clinton

McGourty Charles, machine agent, h Elmira House

McGovern George, law student, h 362 Columbia

McGovern James, foreman, h 920 Maxwell av

McGovern Lottie E., teacher, h 362 Columbia

McGovern Michael, carpenter, h 362 Columbia

McGowan Horace T., carpenter, h 214 Baldwin

McGowan John, baker, h 706 E Church

McGrath Michael H., architect, h 109 Grove

McGraw Dennis, carpenter, 333 Webber Place

McGraw Helen, dressmaker, h 319 Carroll

McGraw John, engineer, h 611 W Church

McGraw Kate, domestic, cor Lake and Diven av

McGreevy John, contractor, h 308 Orchard

McGreevy Owen, h 654 E Market

McGreevy Richard, h 308 Orchard

McGregor edward, artist, 313 E Water, h 437 do

McGuire Jeremiah (McGuire & Taber), h 262 W 4th

McGUIRE & TABER (J. McGuire & S. C. Taber), lawyers, 335 E Water

McHenry Abram, machinist, h 506 Baldwin

McInerney Michael, saloon, 710 S Main, h do

McINERNEY PATRICK, groceries, liquors, ale and beer, 422 W 5th, h do

McInerney Thomas J., salesman, h 216 Harmon

McInerny Ella, h 510 Lake

McInerny Michael, flagman, h 112 W 5th

McInerny Harry, h 105 S 2d

McInerny James, mason, 355 W 5th

McInerny John, blacksmith, h 315 W 4th

McInerny John, ironworker, h 326 W 7th

McInerny John, ironworker, h 917 Main

McInerny John, jr., ironworker, h 326 W 7th

McInerny Kate, Miss, h 209 Baldwin

McInerny Martin, laborer, h 315 W 4th

McInerny Mary, domestic, 300 Maple av

McInerny Mary, dressmaker, 330 W 7th

McInerny Michael, blacksmith, 330 W 7th

McInerny Michael, blacksmith, 448 E Water, h 117 Washington

McInerny Michael, laborer, h 335 W 7th

McInerny Michael, saloon, h 710 S Main

McInerny Minnie, Miss, h 243 Lake

McInerny Nellie, milliner, h 315 W 4th

McInerny Thomas, ironworker, h 330 W 7th

McInesly Mary, domestic, 415 E Church

McIntosh, Minnie, clerk, h 113 South av

McIntyre Annie, h 540 S Main

McINTYRE COAL CO., 110 Baldwin

McIntyre Edward, barber, h 111 W Water

McIntyre John, h 554 S Main

McIntyre Seaver D., butcher, h 214 Franklin

McKay G. C., engineer, h 401 Franklin

McKay John C., engineer, 513 Jefferson

McKeef Thomas, laborer, h 723 Lake

McKibbin Harriet, h 554 E 2d

McKinney Anna, Miss, machine operator, h 102 Lake

McKinney Angeline, widow Erastus, h 102 Lake

McKinney Bennie, h 206 Orchard

McKinney Charles, h 362 Hoffman

McKinney Edward E., packer, 414 E Market, h 412 W Gray

McKinney Hattie, domestic, 462 E Church

McKinney Matthew, carpenter, h 206 Orchard

McKinney Richard G., carpenter, 217 Judson

McKINNEY W. ARTHUR, city engineer, Masonic Temple, h 114 W Market

McKnight Arthur B., carpenter, h 637 Windsor av

McKnight Dolly, h 215 Sullivan

McKnight Ephriam, h 610 E Clinton

McKnight George H., D. D., Rev., rector Trinity Church, h 304 Main

McKnight Robert, laborer, h Washington av, opp Rolling Mill

McKnight Theodore M., book-keeper, 124 Lake, h 304 N Main

McKnight William P., student, h 304 N Main

McLaughlin Alex, h 1130 N Main

McLaughlin Edgar A., machinist, h 369 Diven av

McLaughlin Hugh, express messenger, h 367 W 2d

McLaughlin Josephine, teacher, h 421 1st

McLAUGHLIN SILAS H., grocer, 405 Davis, h 402 W 2d

McLean Andrew H., feed, etc., Lake cor William, h 366 Diven av

McLean James N., salesman, 321 E Water, h 813 Davis

McLoud William, law student, 216 E Water, h do

McLoughlin Kate M., housekeeper, h 311 4th

McLoughlin Patrick, steward, Reformatory, h 315 W 5th

McLoughlin thomas, watchman, Reformatory, h 315 W 5th

McMahon Arthur J. (Brophy & McMahon), h Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

McMahon Bridget, h 256 W Henry

McMahon Dennis, coachman, h 352 Maple av

McMahon George, clerk, 401 Railroad av h do

McMahon John, contractor, h 351 Railroad av

McMahon John, laborer, h 812 Hatch

McMahon John, tinsmith, h 655 Magee

McMahon John E., book-keeper, 115 E Water, h Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

McMahon John J., carpenter, h 431 W 4th

McMahon Patrick, blacksmith, h 380 W 3d

McMahon Patrick, carpenter, h 432 W 4th

McMahon Patrick, fireman, h 653 ½ Lake

McMahon Patrick C., blacksmith, 336 W 7th

McMahon Patrick I., carpenter, h 914 Walnut

McMahon Maggie, domestic, 407 E Church

McMahon Maggie, dressmaker, h 812 Hatch

McMahon Martin, laborer, h 806 Hatch

McMahon Mary, Mrs., h 527 Harper

McMahon Mary, domestic, 752 Park Place

McMahon Mary, domestic, h 816 Hatch

McMahon Michael, engineer, h 812 Hatch

McMahon Roxie, Mrs., h Jones’ Lane

McMahon Simon, laborer, 559 Beach

McMahon Thomas C., saloon, 108 W 5th, h 336 W 7th

McMahon Thomas J., manager, 117 E Water, h Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

McManey Lillie, Mrs., domestic, Rathbun House

McManns William, tanner, h 763 E Water

McManus Charles, h 905 John

McManus James, cigarmaker, 905 John

McManus John T., cigarmaker, h 905 John

McManus John, tanner, h 905 John

McMaster Mary, h 312 Webber Place

McMillan Albert, mail weigher, h 513 Railroad av

McMillan Frank, salesman, 201 E Water, h 706 W 1st

McMillan H. H., carpenter, h 605 Beach

McMillan John, h 605 Beach

McMillan John, boilermaker, h 301 Franklin

McMillan Stephen, fireman, h 663 Baldwin

McMillan William, laborer, h 1217 Maxwell av

McMillen Libbie, h 111 Pennsylvania av

McMillen David, brakeman, h 400 Railroad av

McMurry Robert A., clerk, h 667 Lake

McNair Andrew E., artist, h 418 Herrick

McNair Agnes L., milliner, 112 Main, h 418 Herrick

McNair Blanch W., milliner, 112 Main, h 418 Herrick

McNair Raphael G., fresco painter, h 418 Herrick

McNally Thad, brakeman, h 301 Franklin

McNally Rose, widow Thomas, h 301 Franklin

McNamara Anna, dressmaker, h 706 Baldwin

McNamara Delia, domestic, 353 W Clinton

McNamara Ella, clerk, 325 E Water, h 413 W 3d

McNamara John, h 413 W 3d

McNamara John, laborer, 714 S Main

McNamara Mary, domestic, 374 W Church

McNamara Mary, domestic, 412 W Clinton

McNamara Matthew, carpenter, Erie shops, 372 Railroad av

McNamara Peter, saloon, 671 Dickinson, h 413 W 3d

McNamara Thomas, stonemason, h 706 Baldwin

McName John, hooker, h 113 W 3d

McNamee Andrew, teamster, h 204 Franklin

McNamee Anna, saleslady, 201 E Water, h 204 Franklin

McNaney John, ‘bus driver, Rathbun House

McNaney Patrick, rolling mill, h 706 Magee

McNearing John, blacksmith, h 115 Washington

McNeely John, blacksmith, h 404 Franklin

McNeil Abby B., Mrs., h 615 Park Place

McNeil John H., h 356 W Water

McNeil Leverett B., restaurant, 664 Lake, h do

McNeil Rufus R., clerk, 118 W Water, h 100 W Chemung Place

McNeil Sarah, widow John, h 109 E Henry

McNerney Thomas J., clerk, 115 E Water, h 216 Harmon

McNerny James, h 451 W 3d

McNerny John, blacksmith, h 117 Washington

McNerny John, laborer, h 358 Railroad av

McNerny Maggie, h 117 Washington

McNerney Martin, h 367 W 3d

McNerny Martin, h 372 Railroad av

McNerny Michael, blacksmith, h 117 Washington

McNerny Michael, jr., blacksmith, h 117 Washington

McNevin John, tailor, 303 E Water, h 218 Park

McNiff Maria, Miss, h 258 Baldwin

McNulty C. J., student, h 515 E Union

McPherson Jennie, saleslady, 128 W Water, h 1130 N Main

McPherson John, foreman, h 1130 N Main

McPhilley Mary, domestic, 357 W 4th

McQue Margaret, Mrs., 1402 Baldwin

McQuhae A. B., Mrs., 1013 Lake

McQuinn George, expressman, h 515 College av

McQuinn Hannah, domestic, 514 W Church

Mead Edward H., clerk, 414 E Market, h 517 E Union

Mead Elizabeth, widow Isaac, h 420 W Water

Mead Feeney, laborer, h 258 Park

Mead Frank, cigarmaker, h 569 E Water

Mead Frank, shoemaker, h 559 E 2d

Mead Jacob, blacksmith, h 570 Logan

Mead Martin, laborer, h 258 Park

Mead Minos M., lawyer, 143 W Water, h 422 W 1st

Mead Morris, cigarmaker, h 569 E Water

Mead Nan, dressmaker, h 569 E Water

Mead Nan, Mrs., dressmaker, h 138 E Water

Mead William, cigarmaker, h 569 E Water

Meade Carrie V., widow Peter, h 410 W 3d

Meade Frank J., shoemaker, h 408 Walnut

Meade John, shoemaker, h 406 Elm

Meade John, shoemaker, h 652 Lake

MEADE SPENCER, superintendent E. and C. division N. C. R. R., 111 E 5th, h 703 Park Place

Meadowcraft Thomas, carpenter, h 200 Roe av

Mear Mamie, dressmaker, h 155 S 2d

Mear Thomas, switchman, h 155 S 2d

Mear William, machinist, h 155 S 2d

Meddaugh Chauncey G., landlord, 709 Kinyon

Meddaugh Frank W., clerk, 325 E Water, h Wyckoff House

Meeker F. E., agent, h 218 Baldwin

Meeker Harry W., salesman, h cor Giltanan and W South av

Meeker Samuel, h 613 S Main

Meeker William H., clerk, h 145 W Water

Meidler John, laborer, h 654 Dickinson

Meisfelder A., cigarmaker, h 417 Railroad av

Meissner Charles, harness manufacturer, 404 E Market, h West Hill n Hoffman

Mellotte Gabriel D., manager, State cor Gray, h 417 Columbia

Mellotte Last Manufacturing Co., State cor Gray

Mellotte William H., lastmaker, h 417 Columbia

Melville John C., lawyer, 300 E. Water, h 762 E Market

Melville Maggie, saleslady, h 762 E Market

Mengler Herman, cabinetmaker, h 117 E 7th

Menzies Frank B., fireman, h 1404 Baldwin

Meredith George O., salesman, 120 Lake, h 307 E 2d

Mermain Herman, brakeman, h 408 High

Mermain, Madam, milliner, h 109 W Market

Merrethen Grant, teamster, h 223 W Water

Merrick Clinton V., telegrapher, Erie depot, h 118 W Market

Merrill Edgar C., agent for spice and tea house, h 519 W Clinton

Merrill George V. R., book-keeper, 116 Baldwin, h 458 Spaulding

Merritt Andrew J., salesman, 122 Lake, h 466 W 2d

Merritt Lewis, carriage ironer, h 501 Davis

Merritt Peter, h 210 W 3d

Merwin John W., ticket clerk, Erie depot, h 367 W 4th

Merwin Mary, widow Lyman, h 214 Washington

Mescall Agnes, domestic, 758 E Church

Messing Sebastian, grocer, 716 John, h do

Messner Herman, clerk, h 113 High

Messner Hugo, laborer, h 113 High

Metler James, blacksmith, h 361 S Main

Metler Milton, painter, h 215 S Main

Metzger Alfred R., h Mt Zoar beyond city limits

Mtzger Jacob (Friend, Metzger & Co.), h at Southport corners

Metzger Seth X. (S. X. Metzger & Son), h Mt Zoar beyond city limits

Metzger Theodore G. (S. X. Metzger & Son), h Mt Zoar beyond city limits

METZGER S. X. & SON (S. X. and T. G.), meat market, 409 and 411 Railroad av

Meyer Harry J., h 859 E Water

Meyer John J., miller, 859 E Water

Meyer Joseph, h 52 S Washington

Meyer Joseph, shoemaker, h 706 John

Meyer Joseph, jr., druggist, 400 E Water, h 756 do

Meyer Leo, finisher, h 509 High

Meyer Peter E., barber, h 317 Carroll

Meyer William, weaver, 906 East av

Mick John, painter, h 406 E Water

Michael Mary, h 214 Pennsylvania av

Michael Henry I., Erie shops, h 509 W 4th

Michaelis Richard, tailor, 206 E Water, h 104 W Water

Hiddaugh Charles H., foreman, Reformatory, h 516 W 2d

Midgle John, mason, h 524 Dewitt

Midgle Emma, h 524 Dewitt

Miles Alfred, grocer, 1st and Grove, h 509 W 2d

Milford Henry A., ticket agent, Erie depot, h Delavan House

Millard Calvin A., conductor, h 714 College av

Millard E. T., painter, h 703 E Clinton

Millard Mary G., widow Ambrose, h 655 College av

Millard William, h 703 E Clinton

Miller Albert, butcher, 164 Lake, h 612 Dickinson

Miller Alfred L., shoemaker, h 270 W Chemung Place

Miller Anna, domestic, 105 S Walnut

Miller Andrew, carpenter, h 368 Thurston

Miller Caroline, widow Stephen, h 327 Baldwin

Miller Catherine, tailoress, h 758 E Water

Miller Charles, upholsterer, h 114 High

Miller Charles D., laborer, 536 W Hudson

Miller Christian, cabinetmaker, h 374 W 1st

Miller Christina, Mrs., h 357 E 5th

Miller Clara, domestic, 426 Balsam

Miller Curtis W., machinist, h 828 W Church

Miller Delia A., h 323 William

MILLER ELDRED B., five-cent store, also varieties, 140 W Water, h 420 E Market

Miller Ella, h 164 Orchard

Miller Emanuel B., shoemaker, h 759 John

Miller Frank, h 218 W Henry

Miller Frank, carpenter, h 433 Railroad av

Miller Fred, laborer, h 604 Beach

Miller George, h 315 E Water

Miller George, engineer, h 356 W 1st

Miller George, grocer, h 118 S Main

Miller George, shoemaker, h 137 W Water

Miller Hector L., farmer, h 460 W Gray

Miller Hester Ann, tailoress, h 214 S Elm

Miller Hetfield, butcher, h 612 Dickinson

Miller Jacob, clerk, 109 Lake, h Jay n High

Miller Jacob, clerk, h 118 S Main

Miller Jacob (Griff & Miller), h 221 S Main

Miller Jacob, helper, h 616 Jay

Miller Jacob, teamster, 714 E Clinton

Miller James, h 457 E Water

Miller James J., watchman, h 709 Lake

Miller James H., carpenter, h 351 Center

Miller J. C., engineer, h 414 W Church

Miller John, maltster, h 105 S Walnut

Miller John C., teacher, Allen Business College, h 328 Baldwin

Miller John H., roller, h 379 W 5th

Miller Joseph, expressman, h 361 W 2d

Miller Jossie, Miss, h 116 E 2d

Miller Judd, teamster, h 422 Tuttle av

Miller Katie, tailoress, h 758 E Water

Miller Lottie, tailoress, h 758 E Water

Miller Louisa, Mrs., saleslady, 306 E Water, h 618 E 3d

Miller Marcus, grocer, 118 S Main

Miller Marcus, grocer, 118 S Main

Miller Mary C., h 118 S Main

Miller M. C. Adell, dressmaker, h 368 Thurston

Miller Nelson A., teacher, Allen Business College

MILLER PHILIP, coal and wood, College av, c Reformatory, h 1309 College av

Miller Sadie, Mrs., h 664 Baldwin