Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Miller Samuel, shoemaker, h 270 W Chemung Place

Miller Samuel C., saloon, 104 E Water, h do

Miller sterling, h 356 W 5th

Miller Valentine, grocer, 221 S Main, h 218 W Henry

Miller Valentine, wireworker, h 616 Jay

Miller Wilkes, blacksmith, h 1007 Oak

Miller William, laborer, h 600 W Hudson

Miller William D., brakeman, h 707 Railroad av

Miller William M., teamster, h 914 Walnut

Milliken Patrick E., h 449 W 5th

Millis Carey J., clerk, 501 Railroad av, h 459 E Church

Millis Elben L., Rev., h 459 E Church

Millius Harry F., telegraph messenger, h 857 E Water

Millius Henry E., constable, h 857 E Water

Mills Artemus D., teamster, h 1110 Walnut

Mills Asa, clerk, 410 E Water, h 210 Dewitt

Mills Charles, accountant, h 4459 E Church

Mills Daniel, laborer, 1411 Sullivan

Mills Elizabeth, Mrs., h 106 S Main

Mills Elizabeth, Mrs., h 1411 Sullivan

Mills Frank H., foreman, 511 E Clinton, h 1110 Walnut

Mills Frank L., operator, N. C. R. R., h 717 Park Place

Mills George, laborer, h 1411 Sullivan

PENMANSHIP, PRACTICAL & ORNAMENTAL at Allen Business College, Advertiser Building.

Mills Hollis C., farmer, h West Elmira

Mills Fred D., farmer, h West Elmira

Mills Frederick H., chief clerk Reformatory, h do

Mills James H., clerk, 311 Carroll, h 464 W 1st

Mills J. Chandler, farmer, h West Elmira

Mills Jennie L., Mrs., h 717 Park Place

Mills Lellie B., printer, 116 Baldwin, h 208 Orchard

Mills Mabel, Mrs., h 512 Perine

Mills Millard F., h 912 College av

Mills Raymond, h 912 College av

Mills Rufus J., shipping clerk, J. Richardson & Co., h 210 Dewitt

Mills Sarah E., Mrs., h 215 Sullivan

Mills Scoville C., farmer, h West Elmira

Millspaugh Giles, clerk, 340 E Water, h 853 do

Millspaugh Howard, clerk, 142 W Water, h 853 E Water

Millspaugh Leander M., salesman, 340 E Water, h 108 Harriet

Millspaugh Margaret, widow Leander, h 853 E Water

Minch Christian (Palmer & Decker’s Tannery), h Buttonwoods

Minch Gotlieb, gardener, h Buttonwoods

Minch Steiny, h Buttonwoods

Minder Samuel C., clerk, h 418 W 2d

Minere Cora, domestic, h 410 W 1st

Minier Christian, farmer, S Broadway, n city limits

Minier Cora, dressmaker, E Clinton cor Oak

Minier Deborah A, h 712 E Market

Minier George, peddler, h 413 Powell

Minier Frank L. (Thompson & Minier), h S Broadway beyond limits

Minier James B., lawyer, 335 E Water, h 109 E Hudson

Minier Max, clerk, Nicks cor Exchange, h 502 W Water

Minier Samuel J., baggagemaster, h 462 South av

Minier Solomon, horse dealer, h 109 E Hudson

Minierstanton, h S Broadway, n city limits

Minier Thodore L., h 502 W Water

Minier William H., carpenter, h 462 South av

Mink Louis (Reitenbach Bros. & Mink), h at Somerville

Minor Alex, tanner, h Plank Road

Minor Henry, pattern maker, h 308 S Main

Minster John, slater, h 709 E Oak

Minster John J., clerk, h 709 E Oak

Minster Kate, domestic, 465 E Water

Minzie E. B., Mrs., h 211 Williams

Mirteenes David C., grocer, 321 S Main, h do

Mitchell Andrew B., engineer, h 727 Lake

Mitchell Alfred, mason, h 717 Davis

Mitchell Annie N., Mrs., h 218 W 3d

Mitchell Ebenezer, W., division superintendent U. S. Express Co., 152 Baldwin, h 412 W Clinton

Buy Michigan Pine in car loads of A. S. Turner & Son.

Mitchell John, street sprinkler, h 161 Orchard

Mitchell Mary Ann, Mrs., h 379 W 5th

Mitchell Sarah, h 417 Madison av

Mitchell Stella A., dressmaker, 304 E Water

Mitchell William, builder, h 1314 Benton

Mixter Horace, shoemaker, h 510 W 2d

Moan Thomas, h 439 W 4th

Moan Thomas, carpenter, h 470 W 1st

Mockery Edward, hostler, 202 E Gray

Moffat William, milk dealer, 417 Balsam

Moffett William M., foreman, h 109 College av

Mogenheim Joseph, cutter, 300 E Water, h 550 E Church

Molkopsky Ephraim, peddler, h 13 Dewitt

Molkopsky Harris, peddler, h 13 Washington

Molyneaux Joseph, printer, 1608 Maxwell av

Molyneaux Robert, laborer, 1608 Maxwell av

Monohan Mary, Mrs., h 820 Hatch

Monell Elrude, mason, h 423 Balsam

Monell George, engineer, h 412 S Broadway

Monell Samuel, carpenter, h 432 Balsam

Monkhouse Fred, trimmer, h 156 W 3d

Monks James R., professor Elmira Free Academy, h 104 College av

Monks Thomas, coffee, h 301 E 5th

Monroe Stella, h 115 Madison av

Monroe West P., brakeman, h 425 E Water

Montgomery Mary, h 554 E Clinton

Moody Warren L. (Moody & Bowman), h 423 Pleasant

Moody William H. (Hallock, Cary & Co.), h 350 W Water

Moody W. S., harnessmaker, h 328 E Water

Moody & Bowman (Warren L. Moody and William N. Bowman), grocers, bakes and confectioners, also wholesale cracker manufacturers, 421 Railroad av (See adv, page 122)

Moon C. Russell, laborer, h 716 Baldwin

Moon Lucy, h 659 Dickinson

Moonan James, grocer, 7th cor Michigan, h do

Mooney James, car inspector, h 410 Magee

Mooney Margaret, Mrs., varieties, 311 Railroad av, h do

Mooney Patrick H., coal dealer, 7th cor Railroad, also 151 W 3d, h do

Moora Edward, domestic, 406 Main

Moore Charles r., machinist, h 51 Fulton

Moore Clarence, student, h 102 W Water

Moore Edward, bartender, h 102 W Water

Moore Edward, painter, h 102 W Water

Moore Edwin, engineer, h 716 John

The Model Market, S. S. Metzger & Son, 409 & 411 Railroad ave., ELMIRA.

Moore Edwin, engineer, h 762 E Water

Moore Elizabeth, h 415 Pleasant

Moore Elizabeth, Mrs., h 408 W 3d

Moore Ellis E., retoucher, 116 Baldwin, h 128 E Chemung Place

Moore Emily D., Mrs., St James Boarding House, 102 W Water, h do

Moore Emma, dressmaker, h 512 John

Moore F. H., clerk, h 111 N Main

Moore Fred W., h 1219 Hall

Moore Frank, switchman, h 461 E 3d

Moore George C., cabinetmaker, h 268 W Chemung Place

Moore Grayson R., clerk 327 E Water, h 350 Center

Moore Horace D., carpenter, h 408 W 3d

Moore Irene, widow Harrison, h 518 Jefferson

Moore James G., laborer, h 406 E Market

Moore James J., laborer, h 101 Chestnut

Moore Jane, Mrs., florist, 51 Fulton, h do

Moore John, lawyer, 116 Baldwin, h 653 Davis

Moore John M., carpenter, h 1106 Lake

Moore Leverett D., h 102 W Water

Moore Mary A., saleslady, 201 E Water, h 708 Magee

Moore Michael, sexton, h 553 Franklin

Moore Olive, Mrs., h 268 W Henry

Moore Samuel T., stenographer, h 310 Pennsylvania av

Moore Susan, Mrs., domestic, 373 Railroad av

Moore Thomas, engineer, h 400 Railroad av

Moore Thomas, hostler, h 202 E Gray

Moore Timothy, teamster, h 708 Magee

Moore William, foreman, h 461 E 3d

Moran C. L., painter, h 433 E Water

Moran Edward, carriage painter, h 433 E Water

Moran Edward, laborer, h 813 Hatch

Moran J. N., h 113 W 3d

Moran John, jr., plumber, h Railroad av and Center

Moran Katie, domestic, 672 Magee

Moran Nellie, domestic, 152 W 5th

Moran Patrick, saloon, 704 Hatch, h do

Moran William, carriage ironer, h 433 E Water

Moran William, plumber, h 109 Washington

Moreau George H. (Moreau & Osborn), h 360 Norton

Moreau & Osborn (George H. Moreau and John H. Osborne), boot and shoemakers, 1134 Lake

Morehouse Charles, shipping clerk, 161 Lake, h 957 East av

Morehouse James W., salesman, h 957 East av

Moren James, laborer, h 554 E Clinton

Moren James, jr., h 554 E Clinton

Balusters, Stair Rails & Newel Posts at A. S. Turner & Son.

Morey Andrew, gilder, h 758 John

Morey Delia, Mrs., h 5th and Oak

Morgan Benjamin D., puddler, h 856 Magee

Morgan Charles, engineer, h 1319 Benton

Morgan D. A & Co. (James A. Gibson), saloon, 146 E Water

Morgan Demetrius A. (D. A. Morgan & Co.), h 106 Ferris

Morgan Eben T., engineer, h 422 Pleasant

Morgan Frank, apprentice, 1319 Benton

Morgan Jacob, laborer, 1319 Benton

Morgan John H., clerk, 200 W. Water, h 622 Winsor av

Morgan John T., puddler, h 905 Stowell

Morgan Joseph, h 856 Magee

Morgan Josie, h 651 E Church

Morgan Nancy, h 106 Ferris

Morgan Peter, peddler, h 1319 Benton

Morgan Walter, salesman, 311 E Water, h 622 Winsor av

Morgan William, h 651 E Church

Moriarty Eliza, widow Morris, h 358 Elm

Moriarty James, clerk, 108 E Water, h Sherman House

Moriarty John, h 554 S Main

Moriarty John D., letter carrier, postoffice, h 509 E 2d

Moroney John, physician, also coroner, 125 W Water, h do

Moroney Sarah, saleslady, 128 W Water, h Washington av n Lake

Morozowioz Von Adelbert, artist, h 77 Pennsylvaina av

Morrell Isaac (Gerity & Morell), also physician, 218 Madison av h do

Morris Albert, tailor, h 425 E Water

Morris George E., law student, 338 E Water, h 222 Pennsylvania av

Morris Isaac milkman, h 422 Broadway

Morris Isabel, h 446 E Water

Morris Richard, grocer, 410 E Market, h do

Morrison Dora, Mrs., h 155 Lake

Morrison George D., painter, h 508 College av

Morrison Harvey C., marblecutter, h 952 East av

Morrison Lydia, widow John, h 155 Lake

Morrison Robert, mail clerk, h 155 Lake

Morrison William, laborer, h 155 Lake

Morrissey Bridget, cook, 417 E Market

Morrissey James, hostler, 235 Lake

Morrissey Julia, Mrs., dressmaker, 211 Giltanan

Morrissey Maria, Mrs., housekeeper, 171 Washington av

Morse Barnett W., physician, 110 W 2d, h do, office hours 12 to 2 and 7 to 9 p. m.

Morse Carl S., operator, N. C. R. R., h 707 N Main

Morse Dudley, h 607 W Church

Morse Frank P., laborer, 1128 Lake

Morse George B., h 540 Tuttle av

TELEGRAPHY taught practically at Allen Business College, ADVERTISER BUILDING.

Morse Harry L., grocer, 1128 Lake, h do

Morse Jerome B., laborer, h 540 Tuttle av

Morse John C., h 540 Tuttle av

Morse Roscius (Preswick, Morse & Co.), h 210 W 1st

Mortimer George H., shoemaker, 508 W 2d

Mortimer Jacob, shoemaker, h 508 W 2d

Mortimer John, laborer, h 51 First av

Mortimer John, laborer, h 569 E Water

Mortimer John J., shoemaker, h 507 W 2d

Mortimer Robert, h 51 First av

Moseshan Abraham, peddler, h 166 Harriet

Moseshan Jacob, peddler, h 166 Harriet

Moseshan Solomon, peddler, h 166 Harriet

Mosley George, foreman, h 614 Baldwin

Mosley George, ironworker, h 821 Canal

Moseley John, laborer, h 406 Standish

Moseley John F., clerk, 106 E Water, h 406 Standish

Mosher Alvin J., drayman, h 970 Factory

Mosher George, grocer, 118 W Water, h 361 Walnut

Mosher Harry, painter, h 209 Fulton

Mosher Humphrey J., meat market, 311 Carroll, h 624 W Water

Moss Anna D., Mrs., h 114 Columbia

Moss Charles T., pastor S. Main M. E. Church, h 524 Pennsylvania av

Moss D., cigarmaker, h Pattison House

Moss Frank M., h 524 Pennsylvania av

Moss Nellie, teacher, h 524 Pennsylvania av

Moss Roswell R. (Youmans & Moss), h 114 Columbia

Morton James, waiter, 514 Balwin

Mould Elmira, h 166 Harriet

Moulton M. A., salesman, h 107 N Main

Mowbray George, shoemaker, h 424 Pleasant

Mowery Gertie, Mrs., h 106 Madison av

Mowry Theresa G., Mrs., h 61 1st av

Moyer Mary, h 405 High

Moynahan John, clerk, h 709 Railroad av

Mudrack Emma, domestic, 551 E Church

Mulcahy Maurice, flagman, h 908 Michigan

Muldoon Peter, h Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

Mulhall William, Mrs., h 554 S Main

Mullally Mary, h 357 4th

Mullen George, hostler, h 315 E Market

Muller Willliam L., lawyer, 308 E Water, h 217 Washington

Mungovern James, blacksmith, h 422 W 2d

Munroe Elias, transfer hack, h 211 Gregg

Monroe Eugene, h 41 Gregg

Monroe John T., h 617 Magee

Buy your Lumber from A. S. TURNER & SON, 203 EAST SECOND STREET.

Munroe Mary A., Mrs., h 617 Magee

Munroe Robert, carpenter, h 617 Magee

Munsell Charles E., engineer, h 513 Jefferston

Munsell George A., telegraph operator, N. C. R. R., h 513 Jefferson

Munson David W., clerk, 153 Lake, h 319 Carroll

Munson Mary, widow Joseph, h 514 W Gray

Munson Moses, h 112 W 1st

Murdoch Alexander V., lawyer, 344 E Water h 159 Madison av

Murdoch John (Murdoch & Denton), h 306 W Gray

Murdoch & Denton (John Murdoch and Edgr Denton), lawyers, 344 E Water

Murdock Milton L., sash, etc., 223 W Henry, h 711 N Main

Murdock Sarah N., widow Luther N., h 713 N Main

Murdock Julia P., Miss, h 413 Lake

Murdock Milton L., carpenter, h 711 N Main

Murphy Anderson, h 652 Baldwin

Murphy Charles, salesman, 127 Lake, h Market n Harriett

Murphy Charles, teamster, 127 Lake, h do

Murphy Charles A., teamster, h 209 Harriet

Murphy Charles T., salesman, h 403 W 1st

Murphy Cynthia, widow John B., h 403 W 1st

Murphy Daniel, jr., clerk, 530 N Main, h 155 W Clinton

Murphy Daniel, wholesale wines, and liquors, 530 and532 N Main, h 155 W Clinton

Murphy Darwin, collector, h 113 Washington

Murphy Dennis, carpenter, h 410 W 3d

Murphy Edward, laborer, h 808 Lincoln

Murphy Frank, tooldresser, h 957 E Clinton

Murphy Fred R., clerk, 130 W Water, h 113 Washington

Murphy Harry, printer, h 113 Washington

Murphy Harry S., printer, h 860 Magee

Murphy James, laborer, h 703 E 2d

Murphy James, lamplighter, h 316 High

Murphy Jennie, domestic, 416 Perry

Murphy Jeremiah, carpenter, h 511 Davis

Murphy Johanna, dressmaker, h 318 7th

Murphy John, h 459 Sullivan

Murphy John, shoemaker, h 308 Harmon

Murphy John, laborer, h 318 7th

Murphy John, laborer, h 411 Pleasant

Murphy John J., saloon, 427 Railroad av, h do

Murphy Julia, domestic, 411 Pleasant

Murphy Kate, domestic, 367 W Church

Murphy Maggie, h 305 S Main

Murphy Margaret, dressmaker, h 703 E Church

S. X. METZGER & SON, Pork and Beef Packers, 400 & 411 Railroad Ave., ELMIRA, N. Y.

Murphy Maria, domestic, h 103 S Main

Murphy Martin, laborer, h 352 N Main

Murphy Mary, h 703 E Church

Murphy Mary, dressmaker, h 113 W 2d

Murphy Michael, carpenter, h 419 Railroad av

Murphy Michael, laborer, h 459 Sullivan

Murphy Michael, laborer, h 857 Lake

Murphy Miles, stonecutter, h 519 Logan

Murphy Nellie, h 113 Washington

Murphy Nettie, h 316 High

Murphy Owen, h 914 Main

Murphy Patrick, laborer, h 328 Webber Place

Murphy Patrick, shoemaker, h 850 E Market

Murphy Patrick F., laborer, h 604 Beach

Murphy Peter, h 318 7th

Murphy Peter, clerk, 530 N Main, h 155 W Clinton

Murphy Peter, laborer, h 322 W 7th

Murphy Robert, printer, h 860 Magee

Murphy Thomas, blacksmith, h 914 Main

Murphy Timothy, laborer, h 716 McDonald

Murphy Timothy, shoemaker, h 308 Harmon

Murphy Ture J., ticket clerk, Erie depot, h 419 W 4th

Murphy William, blacksmith, h 808 Lincoln

Murphy William, switchman, h 423 W 5th

Murphy William J., brakeman, h Baty

Murray Agnes, Mrs., h 366 W 3d

Murray Alex, jr., carpenter, h 418 Fulton

Murray Andrew, hostler, h 405 Railroad av

Murray Bridget, Mrs., domestic, 918 College av

Murray James, bricklayer, h 861 Railroad av

Murray James, cigarmaker, h 861 Railroad av

Murray James, machinist, h 707 E Church

Murray James B., clerk, 301 E Water, h 115 Madison av

Murray Jennie F., h 408 Fulton

Murray John, h 217 Orchard

Murray John, laborer, h 655 Lake

Murray John, lawyer, 306 E Water, h Jones n Maple av

Murray John, mason, h Elmira House

Murray Lawrence, wines and liquors, also sample room, 103 State, h 217 Orchard

Murray Mary, tailoress, h 556 E Clinton

Murray Nicholas, engineer, h 210 East av

Murray Patrick, h 366 W 3d

Murray Patrick, contractor, h 861 Railroad av

Murray Patrick, switchman, h 358 Railroad av

Murray Patrick, tinsmith, h 811 John

Go To A. S. TURNER & SON for Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Etc., 203 East Second St.

Murray Robert B., dentist, 127 W Water, h do

Murray Schuyler R., carpenter, h 408 Fulton

Murray Theron L., machinist, h 1217 Hall

Murray Thomas, clerk, 200 E Water, h Wycoff House

Murray Timothy, shoemaker, h 556 E Clinton

Murray Walter, h 210 East av

Murray Walter, laborer, h 751 Day

Murray Walter E., h 751 Day

Murray Walter G., clerk, 311 Carroll, h 624 W Water

Murtaugh Michael, grocer, 400 S Broadway, h do

Murtaugh Patrick, clerk, 130 E Water, h 400 S Broadway

Musgrave Samuel G. H., carpenter, h 50 Harmon

Myers Aggie, Miss, h 503 Railroad av

Myers Allen L, agent, h 511 Columbia

Myers Emma, saleslady, 315 E Water, h 221 Gregg

Myers George, finisher, h 1316 Benton

Myers George W., carpenter, room 19 Pagett Block

Myers John, engineer, h 903 John

Myers Josie, Mrs., laundry, 110 E Water, h do

Myers J. S., h 429 E Water

Myers Maggie, teacher, h 400 E 2d

Myers MRs., MRs., h 5 Jones’ Lane

Myers Thaddeus, finisher, h 1316 Benton

Myers William, tailor, h 433 E Water

Myers William H., h 307 William

Mygatt Harriet, widow Horace, h 202 W Washington av

Myrick, Myra, Mrs., h 655 Park Place


Nafe William, painter, 115 W Gray, h do

Nagle Barbara, domestic, 205 Orchard

Nagle John, jr., h 608 E Water

Nagle Katie, h 326 Baldwin

Nagle Michael, policeman, h 704 John

Nagle Joseph C., teamster, h 166 Harriet

Nailson James, h 562 E Clinton

Nailson John, h 562 E Clinton

Nailson Maggie, h 562 E Clinton

Nailson Mary, h 562 E Clinton

Nalen Daniel, h 311 W 2d

Nalen James, saloon, Clinton cor High, h do

Nalen Michael, tanner, h 311 W 2d


Nalen William, h 311 W 2d

Nash Frank G., brakeman, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Nash Harvey, brakeman, h 213 W 3d

Nash Mary, Mrs., h 213 W 3d

Nash Patrick, finisher, h 712 McDonald

National Transit Co., W 3d, n Railroad av

Naupton Mary, Mrs., h 922 Maxwell av

Nares James D., U. S. Deputy Marshal, 338 E Water, h at Watkins

Neagle John, carpenter, h 411 E Church

Neagle John J., secretary and treasure Knickerbocker Ice Co., h 604 E Water

Neagle Patrick J., inspector Elmira Water Works Co., also president Knickerbocker Ice Co., h 109 W 1st

Neckermann Louis, tailor, 106 E Water, h do

Neef Mary, Mrs., milliner, 316 E Water, h do

Neely George W., carpenter, h 216 W 2d

Neff Antoinette S., Mrs., h 1306 Pratt

Negus Angeline, Mrs., dressmaker, Church cor Tuttle av

Neidhart Christian (Henry B. Dickerson & Co.), h 512 William

Neilson Allen, h 307 William

Neish Anna M., teacher, h 305 W South av

Neish John, boxmaker, h 609 John

Neish John W., brakeman, h 305 W South av

Neish William, carpenter, h 609 John

Nelson D. Brainerd, h 328 Baldwin

Nelson Fred D., manager, 202 E Water, h Wyckoff House

Nelson Patrick, engineer, h 215 Thurston

Nelson Thomas, h 215 Thurston

Neuer Jacob, tailor, h 456 Clinton

Never Eliza, h 562 E Church

Never John, tailor, h 456 E Clinton

Never Louise, h 562 E Church

Nevins J. C., salesman, h 305 W Clinton

Nevins J. c., h 507 Columbia

New Ella, weaver, h 715 E Clinton

Newbery Ed W., telephone operator, h 707 Main

Newcomb Emma, h 413 Lake

Newcomb Ella, Mrs., h 357 W 4th

Newcomb Margaret, h 211 Ann

Newcomb Peter, tanner, h 211 Ann

Newcomb T. Webster, h 357 W 4th

Newcomer Daniel, mason, h 538 S Main

Newcomer John, mason, h 538 S Main

Newell Baker, boilermaker, h 151 Franklin

Newell David H., h 380 W 5th

Newell Henry, watchman, h 1003 Oak


Newell James, h 151 Franklin

Newell Samuel M., h 151 Franklin

Newell Willard H., h 604 Beach

Newkirk Epenetus T., salesman, 101 W Water, h 112 Orchard

Newkirk, luman, carpenter, h 102 E Hudson

Newland Galeslsey, nurse, h 511 W 2d

Newman Albert, engineer, h 120 Lincoln

Newman Alexander, Rev., h 117 Orchard

Newman Charles, patternmaker, h 160 W 5th

Newman Charles H., patternmaker, h 306 W 4th

Newsom Thomas, heater, h 808 N Main

Newton Charles F., carpenter, h 605 W Hudson

New York Lackawanna & Western R. R. dopot, Hathaway n Dickinson

New York State Reformatory, Z. Read Brockway, general superintendent, Davis beyond limits

Nichols Carrie, h 452 High

Nichols Charles, clerk, 216 W Water, h 415 Elm

Nichols Charles C., brakeman, h 509 W 2d

Nichols Charles L., book-keeper, 2 Arcade block, lake, h 417 E Market

Nichols Charles M., clerk, freight depot N. C. R. R., h 855 Magee

Nichols Daniel M., book-keeper, 340 E Water, h 517 W 2d

Nichols Ernest C., shoemaker, h 218 W Gray

Nichols Evaline E., widow J. Q. A., h 416 W Clinton

Nichols Fred C., printer, h 120 W Gray

Nichols George, machinist, h 113 W 3d

Nichols Matilda, cook, 220 E Water

Nichols Sam, shoemaker, h 452 High

Nichols William F., salesman, 104 Lake, h Burkbee House

Nicks John E., foreman, 615 Railroad av, h 451 W Gray

Nicks John I., manufacturer tobacco and cigars, 615 Railroad av, h 358 N Main

Nilets Michael, brickmaker, h 207 Judson

Nimbs William M., sxpress messenger, h 425 W Clinton

Niver Benjamin, laborer, h 722 W Water

Niver Charls, filer, h 721 Oak

Niver Charles, laborer, h Oak cor Harper

Niver Charles H., augermaker, h Oak cor Harper

Niver James, filer, h 721 Oak

Niver James A., painter, h Oak cor Harper

Niver Rachael, h Oak cor Harper

Nivison William O., salesman, 154 Lake, h at Mecklenburg

Nixson John, laborer, h 910 Stowell

Nixson Patrick, laborer, h 910 Stowell

Nixson Thomas, laborer, h 817 Hatch

Nixon William F., Rev., h 1016 Hoffman

Nobel Edward M., printer, h 312 W 1st

S. X. METZGER & SON’S MODEL MARKER, 409 & 411 Railroad Av., ELMIRA.

Nobel Julia, widow William, h 312 W 1st

Nobles Nellie B., fancy work, 108 N Main, h Church n Main

Nolan Bridget, h 914 Lake

Nolan David, saloon, 625 Lewis, h do

Nolas Cornelius, saloon, 605 Railroad av, h do

Noll Harry baggagemaster, h 653 ½ Lake

Nolls August, laborer, h 604 Beach

Nolton Ida, h 368 Diven av

Nonn Frank, tinner, h 126 Harriet

Noonan Maggie, domestic, h 411 E Church

Nooney Annie, h 454 E Market

Nooney Josie, tailoress, h 454 E Market

Norcross A. D., h 355 W Clinton

Norman Alice, milliner, h 310 Washington

Norman Charles, h 806 E Church

Norman Cornelia S., teacher, 210 Sullivan

Norman Fred, clerk, h 550 E Market

Norman George M., h 310 Washington

Norman Jennie L., h 210 Sullivan

Norman John G., livery, 432 E Market, h 550 do

Norman Maggie, chambermaid, Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

Norman Mary A., widow Prentice, h 210 Sullivan

Norman Prentice P., city chamberlain, Masonic Temple, also book-keeper 2d National Bank, h 212 Sullivan

Normile John, shoemaker, 318 Washington av

North Ann B., widow Theodore, h 527 W Water

North Norris, tinsmith, h 216 W Gray

Northrup Addie A., teacher, h 317 Baldwin

Northrup Clara, Mrs., h 106 S Main

Northrup Phay S., painter, 149 W Water, h do

Northrup Phoebe, Mrs., h 314 Harmon

Northrup T. T., carriage trimmer, h 409 Walnut

Norton A. Wellington, teacher, h 801 N Main

Norton Alfred F., freight agent, N. Y. L. E. & W. R. R. also U. I. & E. R. R., also Tioga R. R., h 152 W 5th

Norton Annie, domestic, h 206 William

Norton Charles D., clerk freight depot E. R. R., h 152 W 5th

Norton Ellen, widow Patrick, h 117 W 1st

Norton Elmer K., farmer, h 1003 Walnut

Norton Hannah M., saleslady, 138 W Water, h 226 W 2d

Norton Isodora, Mrs., h 152 W 5th

Norton Jane E., h 1003 Walnut

Norton Mary, domestic, 306 W Church

Norton Mary, housekeeper, 760 E Church

Norton Mattie E., Mrs., h 801 N Main

A. S. Turner & Son MAKE THE BEST Mouldings and Brackets.

Norton Norman R., superintendent, h 226 W 2d

Norton Stella M., h 1003 Walnut

Norton Susie, h 760 E Church

Norton Theo, teacher, h 152 W 5th

Norwood Clarence L., tinsmith, h 105 Partridge

Norwood Hattie H., h 1207 Hall

Nourse Charles, blacksmith, h 908 Benton

Noyes Eccleston B., druggist, h 868 N Main

Nuckell Gerchum T., laborer, h 953 Walnut

Nunn Frank, tanner, 122 Sullivan

Nurss A. J., engineer, h 412 S Broadway

Nye George M., h 470 W Water


Obach Marie, domestic, 758 E Church

Oberton Adolph D., shoecutter, h 213 Orchard

Oberton Adolph J., book-keeper, 157 Baldwin, h 213 Orchard

Obion Maggie, chambermaid, Frasier House

O’Brien Cornelius, mason, h 261 W Chemung Place

O’Brien Daniel, laborer, Railroad cor Park av

O’Brien Daniel, grocer, h 450 High