Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.

O’Brien Daniel, jr., laborer, h 456 High

O’Brien Dennis, laborer, h Pine N of Franklin

O’Brien Fannie, domestic, 709 E Water

O’Brien Humphrey, mason, h 261 W Chemung Place

O’Brien Humphrey, jr., h 261 W Chemung Place

O’Brien James, h 456 High

O’Brien James, drayman, h 383 W 1st

O’Brien Jerry, laborer, h 107 Fulton

O’Brien John, marbleworks, 432 E Water, h 758 E Market

O’Brien John, mason, h 259 W S Water

O’Brien John, mason, h 224 Chestnut

O’Brien John, painter, h 383 W 1st

O’Brien John, salesman, h 348 W 7th

O’Brien Julia, domestic, h 224 Chestnut

O’Brien Julia, domestic, 382 W Church

O’Brien Kate, domestic, 111 W Henry

O’Brien Kate, stitcher, h 383 W 1st

O’Brien Lizzie, domestic, Rathbun House

O’Brien Maggie, domestic, h 456 High

O’Brien Maggie, domestic, Wyckoff House

O’Brien Margaret, h 606 Jay

O’Brien Margaret, Mrs., laundress, 650 E Clinton

O’Brien Mary, h 758 E Market

BOOK-KEEPING taught practically at Allen Business College, Advertiser Builder.

O’Brien Michael, bricklayer, h 107 Fulton

O’Brien Michael, laborer, h 102 E 7th

O’Brien Norah, h 402 E Union

O’Brien Nora, domestic, h 224 Chestnut

O’Brien Thomas, clerk (J. Richardson & Co.), h 383 W 1st

O’Brien Peter, helper, rolling mill, h 548 7th

O’Bryant Charles, dancing master, h 113 W 3d

O’Bryon Bartley G., h 448 W 5th

O’Bryon Lida A., Mrs., h 448 W 5th

O’Connell Anna, Mrs., h 435 W 4th

O’Connell Daniel, painter, h 435 W 4th

O’Connell William M., shoemaker, h 264 W Henry

O’Connor Charles, track foreman, 720 S Main

O’Connor Daniel, laborer, h 803 Magee

O’CONNOR JEREMIAH J., wines and liquors, 108 E Water, h 163 Washington

O’Connor John, clerk, 142 E Water, h 111 Sullivan

O’Connor John, teamster, h 412 E Washington av

O’Connor Joseph, h 533 Oak

O’Connor Julia, clerk, 325 E Water, h 163 Washington

O’Connor Julia, domestic, 803 Magee

O’Connor Mary, widow David, h 371 W 2d

O’Connor Minnie, milliner, h 803 Magee


All the Novelties in Printing at Watts’ Job Office, Arcade Block, Lake St.

O’Connor Michael, shoemaker, h 504 Madison av

O’Connor Patrick, saloon, 600 Baldwin, h do

O’Connor S. L., Mrs., boarding, h 120 W Chemung Place

O’Connor Terrance J., h 533 Oak

O’Connor Thomas, laborer, h Railroad cor Park av

O’Connor Thomas, laborer, h college av cor Lake av

O’Connor Timothy, laborer, h 533 Oak

O’Daniels Charles, laborer, h 412 E Washington av

O’Day Anda, stone quarry, h 115 Washington

O’Day Annie, domestic, 318 William

O’Day John, h 805 Davis

O’Day John, agent, h 368 W 4th

O’Day John, spinner, h 450 High

O’Day Michael, laborer, h 612 Jay

O’Dea Anna, domestic, 469 W Church

O’Dea Andrew, blacksmith, h 337 7th

O’DEA ANDREW, grocer, 658 E Water, h 117 Washington

O’Dea Cornelius, laborer, h 458 Powell

O’Dea Jennie, operator, h 114 W Henry

O’Dea John, laborer, h 111 S 2d

O’Dea John,. laborer, h 458 Powell

O’Dea Kate, h 324 W 7th

O’Dea Maggie, h 117 Washington

A. S. Turner & Son is the place to buy Building Materials.

O’Dea Margaret, h 417 High

O’Dea Margaret, Mrs., h 267 Baldwin

O’Dea Mary, dressmaker, h 458 Powell

O’Dea Mary, Mrs., h 114 W Henry

O’Dea Michael, laborer, h 328 W 7th

O’Dea Patrick, laborer, h 513 Harper

O’Dea Patrick, switchman, h 414 Powell

O’Dea Simon, mason, h 805 Davis

O’Dea Thomas, h 458 Powell

O’Dea Thomas, laborer, h 324 W 7th

Odell Abraham, mason, h 816 W 5th

Odell Isaac, grocer, 316 W 5th, h 312 do

Odell James, ironworker, h 709 Baldwin

Odell Jennie, h 129 W Water

Odell John, fireman, N. C. R. R., h 419 Pleasant

O’Dey Katy, h 322 W Clinton

O’Donnell Anna, shoemaker, h 420 S Main

O’Donnell Bridget, h 429 S Main

O’Donnell Bridget, h 313 Baldwin

O’Donnell Bridget, Mrs., h 420 S Main

O’Donnell Byron, shoemaker, h 753 E Market

O’Donnell Charles, laborer, h 165 E Washington av

O’Donnell Frances M., h 165 E Washington av

Wells & Loomis, House Furnishing Goods, 126 W. Water St.

O’Donnell Hannah, domestic, 501 William

O’Donnell Hannah, domestic, h 420 S Main

O’Donnell James, laborer, h Harper n Oak

O’Donnell James, laborer, h 109 W Market

O’Donnell Mary, seamstress, h 420 S Main

O’Donnell Matthew, h Baldwin and 7th

O’Donnell Matthew, h Baldwin and Dickinson

O’Donnell Matthew, jr., h Baldwin and Dickinson

O’Donnell Morris, laborer, h 104 Walnut

O’Donnell Patsey, shoemaker, h 420 S Main

O’Donnell Sarah, h 753 E Market

O’Donnelly Katy, domestic, 412 Main

O’Driscoll Deborah M., domestic, h 1018 Factory

O’Driscoll Michael, h 655 Lake

O’Dwyer Mary L., h 224 Franklin

O’Dwyer Michael, Rev., pastor St. Mary’s R. C. Church, h 224 Franklin

O’Farrell Emma, h 422 Herrick

O’Farrell James, h 422 Herrick

O’Farrell Kate, h 422 Herrick

O’Farrell Mary, h 422 Herrick

O’Farrell Michael, laborer, h 422 Herrick

O’Flaherty John O., guard, Reformatory

Ogden Alexander, h 317 Baldwin

Port & Beef Packers, S. X.. Metzger & Son, 409 & 411 Railroad Avenue, Elmira

Ogden George H., fireman, h 518 Jefferson

Ogden Grace A., h 406 Lake

Ogden William, h 406 Lake

Ogle H. J., brakeman, h 417 S Main

O’Gorman Bridget, saleslady, 132 W Water, h 350 Railroad av

O’Gorman Mary, tailoress, h 350 Railroad av

O’Gorman Thomas, h 350 Railroad av

O’Gorman Thomas, jr., brakeman, h 350 Railroad av

O’Halloran Maria, domestic, 468 E Church

O’Hara Ellen, saloon, 151 E Washington av, h do

O’Hare Adelaine M., h 420 Balsam

O’Hare Dennis, carpenter, h 420 Balsam

O’Hare Ellen, h 312 Lake

O’Hare Lizzie, domestic, 318 W Water

O’Hare Mary, domestic, 665 Davis

O’Hare Thomas, mason, 955 E Market

O’Laughlan Margaret, Mrs., saloon, 104 W Washington av

O’Laughlan Patrick, laborer, h 104 W Washington av

O’Leary Cornelias, laborer, h r Clinton bet Dickinson and Baldwin

O’Leary Daniel, laborer, h 919 Stowell

O’Leary John, nightwatchman, h 553 S Main

O’Leary Lizzie, Miss, h 919 Stowell

O’Leary Mary, domestic, h 225 William

The Job Printing done by Burnette & Ganung, 133 East Water St., over H. M. Kent’s

Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., Manufacturers of Galvanized Iron Cornice, Water, corner Lake Street

O’Leary Patrick, carpenter, h 320 Webber

O’Leary Patrick C., watchman, h r 360 W 5th

O’Leary Timothy, laborer, h r Clinton bet Dickinson and Baldwin

O’Leary Timothy, carpenter, h 211 Giltannan

Oliver George, ironworker, h 408 Standish

Oliver Minnie, h 327 Lake

Oliver Minnie, h 519 E Union

Oliver Susan E., h 702 Oak

Oliver Thomas, teamster, h 702 Oak

Oliver Thomas R., teamster, h 702 Oak

Olivery James, tailor, h 507 E Water

Olivet Alonzo, engineer, h 129 Judson

Olivey William, tailor, h 56 S Washington

Olivey Will A., tailor, h 56 S Washington

Olmstead Waller, h 109 E Hudson

O’Loughlin Patrick, saloon, 104 W Washington av, h do

Olsen John, tailor, h 112 Ferris

Oltz Ella, h 210 Mt Zoar

O’Maher James, Sherman House, 372 Railroad av

O’Neil Bridget, h 727 Lake

O’Neil Daniel, boilermaker, h 606 S Main

O’Neil Daniel, watchman, 111 E 5th, h 727 Lake

O’Neil Jennie M., saleslady, 140 W Water, h 156 Sullivan


O’Neil Jerry, engineer, h 109 S 2d

O’Neil John, brakeman, 360 W 3d

O’Neil Katie, domestic, h 523 Jefferson

O’Neil Mary, h 727 Lake

O’Neil Mary A., machine operator, h 101 Chemung Place

O’Neil Michael, boilermaker, h 606 S Main

O’Neil Michael J., teamster, h 156 Sullivan

O’Neil Owen, saloon, 705 Railroad av, h do

O’Neil Owen, laborer, h 509 High

O’Neil Thomas, watchman, h 360 W 3d

O’Neill Annie L., h 101 Chemung Place

O’Neill Hattie O., teacher, h 659 Magee

O’Neill William, engineer, h 657 Magee

Oppenheim Sundel, salesman, h 13 Washington

O’Reilly Dennis, stonecutter, h 961 Oak

O’Reilly John, laborer, h 961 Oak

O’Reilly Patrick, shoemaker, h 850 E Market

O’Riley Edward, h 150 E Washington av

O’Riley John, saloon-keeper h 150 E Washington av

O’Riley Joseph, h 150 E Washington av

O’Riley Mary, h 150 E Washington av

O’Riley William, laborer, h 150 E Washington av

Orr Levi, sashframer, h 808 N Main

YOUNG & ALLEN, Tin and Slate Roofers, 307 E. Water.


Orr Levi J., sashframer, h 808 N Main

Orwan Charles, clerk, 117 E Church, h 212 High

Osborn Adelia, h 760 E Market

Osborn Carrie, h 324 E Water

Osborn David M., shoemaker, h 350 Center

Osborn John E., shoemaker, h 521 Pennsylvania av

Osborn John, Mrs., h 350 Center

Osborn Katie M., saleslady, h 350 Center

Osborn Kate S., h 521 Pennsylvania av.

Osborn Mary A., dressmaker, h 350 Center

Osborn Oscar H., tailor, h 324 E Water

Osborne George P., assistant clerk, Reformatory, h do

Osborne John H. (Morgan & Osborne), h 362 Norton

Osborne Sylvester W., carpenter, h 223 Thurston

Osburn Linda, seamstress, h 463 South av

O’Shea John, grocer, h 727 S Main

O’Shea Timothy, grocer, h 361 Franklin

Osman Alice, dressmaker, h 372 S Main

Osman J. B., Mrs., h 513 Jefferson

Osman James, blacksmith, 450 E Water, h 752 Jay

Osman Maria, Mrs., housekeeper, h 401 Franklin

Ostely John, laborer, h Michigan, north end

Osterhout Lewis W., clerk, Frasier House, h do

PENMANSHIP, Practical & Ornamental at Allen Business College, Advertiser Building.

Ostrander Addie E., Mrs., h 511 Columbia

Ostrander Charles, railroader, h 108 High

Ostrander Cornelia, Mrs., h Jones’ Lane

Ostrander Oscar, shoemaker, h 511 Columbia

Ostrander William, h 108 High

Oth Fred, machinist, h 114 Orchard

Oult John L., laborer, h 212 W 3d

Outt Theo. W., switchman, E. R. R., h 619 Lake

Overshire Barney, h 161 Baldwin

Owen George H., farmer, h 316 Lake

Owen Henry W., h 410 W Church

Owen Joseph, sawyer, h 378 Norton

Owen Joseph, janitor, h 712 Oak

Owens Ann, Mrs., housekeeper, h 515 Fulton

Owens Annie, Mrs., dressmaker, 106 W Church, h do

Owens George, grocer, h 557 E Church

Owens Ida, domestic, h 412 Oak

Owens Maurice, h 839 Canal

Owens Morris, saloon, Michigan n Washington av, h do

Owens William, news agent, h 106 Church

Estimates Furnished by J. J. Mayott, for SLATE & TIN ROOFING, 202 E. GRAY.

Call on R. M. WATTS for all kinds of PRINTING. Arcade Block, Lake Street.


Packard Anna E., saleslady, 201 E Water, h 308 W Gray

PACKARD H. HOBART, butter, State n Water, h 409 Baldwin

Packard Kate W., dressmaker, h 308 W Gray

Pagett Lucy D., h 518 Baldwin

PAGETT THOMAS A., pianos, organs, etc., 145 W Water, h 408 do (See adv)

Pagett William, real-estate, h 407 W Water

Paige Celena A., Mrs., dressmaker, 383 W Water, h do

Paine Ella C., Mrs., h 115 E 1st

Paine John, laborer, h 855 Dickinson

Paine Samuel, shoemaker, h 151 High

Paine William C., laborer, h 115 E 1st

Painter Richard, messenger, h 206 E Church

Painton George, h 200 S Main

Painton George, Mrs., bakery and confectionery, 200 S Main, h do

Paladini Romoazo, imagemaker, h 103 E 1st

Paley George, harnessmaker, h 431 Railroad av

Palmer Adelbert, teamster, h 753 Day

Palmer Albert B., salesman, 104 Lake, h at Havana

Palmer Charles H., cashier, 414 E Market, h 131 Lormore

Buy Michigan Pine in car loads of A. S. Turner & Son

Palmer Charles W., h 1505 Lake

Palmer Eden, h 812 John

PALMER EDWARD H., (Palmer & Decker), h 360 W Water

Palmer Edwin P., watchman, h 504 Columbia

Palmer Emma J., h 603 Hoffman

Palmer Fannie, clerk, 325 E Water, h 109 W Market

Palmer Fanton M., foreman, h 330 Center

Palmer Frank H., Mrs., h 57 Sullivan

Palmer Fred C., clerk, h 212 W Chemung Place

Palmer George, stovemounter, h 106 Orchard

Palmer George A., painter, h 424 W Gray

Palmer George A., shoemaker, h 504 Columbia

Palmer George W., h 509 Park Place

Palmer Griff D., clerk, 414 E Market, h Lormore cor Spaulding.

Wells & Loomis, Paints, Oil and Glass, 126 West Water Street, Elmira, N. Y.

Diamonds, Pearls, Rubies, Etc., at Johnson’s 218 East Water Street.

PALMER HENRY T., house and sign painter, dealer in wall papers, 216 W Water, h 424 W Gray (See adv)

Palmer Hannah, h 1505 Lake

Palmer Jennie, music teacher, h 106 Orchard

Palmer John, brakeman, h 607 S Main

Palmer Judd, telegrapher, h 519 Lewis

PALMER M. DWIGHT, blacksmith, 311 W Water, h 312 do

Palmer Mary R., Mrs., h 509 Park Place

Palmer Martin S., manager, W. U. Tel. Co., 150 Baldwin, h 212 W Chemung Place

Palmer Martin W., wheelwright, 227 W Water, h 235 do

Palmer Sarah, Mrs., boarding 109 W Market, h do

Palmer W. J., h 204 Fulton

PALMER & DECKER, (E. H. Palmer and C. S. Decker), tanners, Pennsylvania av cor Ann

Panama Joseph, h 106 Lake

Pardoe Jennie, dressmaker, h 953 Oak

Pardoe Thomas, gardener, h 953 Oak

Park Edward, printer, h 1024 Lake

Park Edwin J., printer, h 1029 Lake

PARK WAT, spring beds and mattresses, 203 E Church, h 1024 Lake

Parker A. A., h 307 William

Parker Austin B., printer, h 670 Magee

Parker Clarence, clerk, 143 E Water, h 110 W Water

Parker Edmund V., job printer, 223 W Water, h 604 W Gray

The Model Market, S. X. Metzger & Son, 409 & 411 Railroad ave., Elmira

Parker Edward, carder, h 306 Sullivan

Parker Ellen J., h 230 W South av

Parker Ephraim J., laborer, h 916 N Main

Parker George, agent, h 600 Pennsylvania av

Parker Hattie E., h 402 Hoffman

Parker Jennie, h 450 South av

Parker John, h 569 E Water

Parker R. Daniel, carpenter, h 624 Baldwin

Parker Richard T., carriagemaker, h 402 Hoffman

BURNETTE & GANUNG, Fine Job Printing A Specialty, 133 Est Water St., Over Kents

Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., Manufacturers of TINWARE, Water, cor,. Lake St.

Parker Thomas, auctioneer, h 159 Madison av

Parkhurst Gabriel H., clerk, 301 E Water, h 417 E Market

PARKHURST LEWIS D., physician, 332 E Water, h Rathbun House

Parkhurst North, clerk, Pattinson House, h do

Parkinson James G., foreman, h 513 W 4th

Parkinson Thomas, clerk, h 407 W 3d

Parks Edward S., weaver, h 503 Sullivan

Parks George M., clerk, h 505 Baldwin

Parks Samuel, driver, h 903 Benton

Parmenter Charles H., clothier, 106 W Water, h 257 Baldwin

Parmenter Frank, puddler, h 418 W 1st

Parmenter Frank, shoemaker, h 206 E Church

Parmenter Maggie, Mrs., domestic, 413 Main

Parmenter Robert N., hats, 106 W Water, h 458 W 1st

Parry Anna D., dressmaker, 138 E Water, h do

Parsett Thomas, tailor, h Elmira House

Parsons Ada, h 669 Park Place

Parsons Eliza, widow James, h 312 William

Parsons Elizabeth H., Mrs., h 321 W 4th

Parsons Granville D., clerk, 152 Baldwin, h 321 W 4th

Parsons Hattie, h 403 William

Parsons Ida E., h 321 W 4th

Balusters, Stair Rails & Newel Posts at A. S. Turner & Son

Parsons Jennie, Mrs., h 699 Park Place

Parsons Mary M., Mrs., h 309 Mt Zoar

Parsons Theodore, carpenter, h 715 Davis

Parsons W. Amos, clerk, 202 E Water, h 400 Pleasant

Partridge Charles R., student, h 311 Lake

Partridge Emily, Mrs., h 447 W 5th

Partridge Emily, Mrs., h 333 Webber Place

PARTRIDGE HENRY M., lumber, 117 E Church, h 311 Lake

Parynette Marie, h 201 Railroad av

Pautz William, tinner and slater, h 157 Baldwin

Pautz Lewis, tinner and slater, h Lake

Patrons Aid Society, insurance, Hoffman n city limits

Pattengill Atticus A., conductor, h 363 College av

Pattengill Evan L., clerk, 122 Lake, h 363 College av

Pattengill M. E., operator, h 205 W 3d

Patterson Abe, h 106 Partridge

Patterson Abraham, teamster, h 714 E Clinton

Patterson Abram, laborer, h 714 E Clinton

Patterson Betsy, Mrs., h 150 W 5th

Patterson Frank, h 714 E Clinton

Patterson Frank, laborer, h 106 Partridge

Patterson George, publisher, 601 Baldwin

Patterson H. M., Mrs., h 960 Oak

Galvanized Iron Cornice Work at Young & Allen’s, 307 E Water.

Duck of Different Widths and Weights. Z. COMPTON, No. 411 Carroll St.

Patterson Helen, h 106 Partridge

Patterson James Q, laborer, h 717 McDonald

Pattinson House, proprietor, William B. Gibbs, 164 Baldwin

Pattinson Thomas S., real estate, 222 Baldwin

Pattinson William, clerk, h 222 Baldwin

Pattinson William E., yardmaster, h 508 Columbia

Pattinson William B., salesman, 102 W Water, h 222 Baldwin

Paul William, driller, h 719 Columbia

Paulman Charles, printer, h 415 Powell

Pautz Lewis, tinsmith, h 657 Lake

Pautz William, slater, h 102 W Water

Paxson John K., overseer, h 701 Davis

Paxson Joseph, bricklayer, h 701 Davis

Payne Charles, coachman, 652 Park Place

Payne Cora, cook, h 311 E 5th

Payne Emeline, Mrs., h 311 E 5th

Payne Emma, Mrs., domestic, 652 Park Place

Payne Fred A., clerk, 301 E Water, h 501 Lake

Payne Georgia, Mrs., h 610 Baldwin

Payne Henry, h 608 E Clinton

Payne H. W., tinner, h 209 Madison av

Payne John, h 429 E Water

Payne John, porter, h 610 Baldwin

TELEGRAPHY taught practically at Allen Business College, Advertiser Building

Payne Matilda, washerwoman, h 608 E Clinton

Payne Sandy, porter, Rathbun House, h 311 E 5th

Payne Thomas, laborer, h 729 Baldwin

Payne Wesley, hostler, h 306 Lake

Paynton Ernest, engineer, h 307 Franklin

Pearne Nellie J., teacher, h 614 Park Place

Pearsall Clara B., dressmaker, h 215 Baldwin

Pearsall Ella B., Mrs., dressmaker, h 215 Baldwin

Pearse Charles W., foreman, h 359 College av

Pearse Franklin, polisher, h 359 college av

Pease Adeline, h 716 Walnut

Pease Daniel, tinsmith, h 716 Walnut

Pease S. B., clerk, 410 E Market

Pease Solomon D., h 710 E Oak

Pease Willis A., painter, h 516 Herrick

Pease Williston, painter, h 516 Herrick

Peck Charles H., clerk 301 E Water, h 320 do

Peck John, laborer, h 1306 Baldwin

Peck John D., salesman, 111 E Water, h 669 Columbia

Peck Kate A., teacher, h 614 Park Place

Peck Minnie, h 206 Sullivan

Peck Robert, laborer, h 1306 Baldwin

Peeters Daniel, student, h 515 E Union

The Slate and Tin Roofer, J. J. MAYOTT, 202 E. Gray.

Fine Printing a Specialty at Watts’ Printing House, Arcade Block, Lake St.

Pelbrough Thomas G., grocer, 309 W 4th, h 311 do

Pelham Austin C., carpenter, h 320 W 3d

Pelham F. Harvey, carpenter, h 813 W Church

Pelham Henry, carpenter, 744 W Church

Pelham Isaac, real estate, h 606 Walnut

Pellerin Theophilus, shoemaker, h 809 E Market

Pelta Joseph, second hand furniture, 359 Railroad av, h do

Pelta Paulina, h 415 W 3d

Pemberton Nellie, h 665 Park Place

Penny Ira, farmer, College av cor Reformatory

Penny Lena, tailoress, h 155 Lake

Penny Lydia J., Mrs., h 508 Pennsylvania av

Percival Alexander W., blacksmith, h 353 Davis

Perkins Jacob D., carpenter, h 509 E Elm

Perkins Susan, Mrs., h 412 s Broadway

Perpetua Mary, h 717 Benjamin

PERRAULT MITCHELL G., saloon, 121 Railroad av, h Wyckoff House

Perry Anna, h 160 High

Perry Aseneth, Mrs., h 716 Walnut

Perry Edward M., clipper, h 1305 Benton

Perry Ellen C., h 714 Walnut

Perry Guy, h 160 High

Perry Helen J., teacher, h 211 Pennsylvania av

Buy you Lumber from A. S. TURNER & SON, 208 East Second Street.

Perry Henry, laborer, h 714 Walnut

Perry John K., druggist, 317 E Water, h 211 Pennsylvania av

Perry Nathan, laborer, h 714 Walnut

PERRY THEODORE B., druggist, 317 E Water, h 211 Pennsylvania av

Perry Thomas (Perry & Scott), h 160 High

Perry William H., assistant editor, Gazette and Free Press, h 211 Pennsylvania av

PERRY & SCOTT (Thomas Perry and Edwin A. Scott), insurance and real estate agents, 342 E Water

Perrault Etta, h 454 E Market

Peterman Flora V., h 463 Franklin

Peterman Hiram M., clerk, h 463 Franklin

Peterman James C., dispatcher, h 463 Franklin

Peterman James C., jr., dispatcher, h 455 Pennsylvania av

Peterman John B., clerk, h 463 Franklin

Peterman Lizzie V., h 463 Franklin

Peterman Minnie V., h 463 Franklin

Peters Franc L., dressmaker, h 502 W Clinton

Peters George, engineer, h 1219 Hall

Peters George, jr., fireman, h 1219 Hall

Peters George C., clerk, 110 W Water, h 368 W 1st

Peters Harry J., machinist, h 309 S Main

Peters Henry W., mason, h 430 W Clinton

Peters Horace H., contractor, h 430 W Clinton

WELLS & LOOMIS, Stove Ranges and Tinware, 126 West Water Street.

Watches, Clocks & Jewelry, Johnson 218 East Water St.

Peters William H., conductor, h 430 W Clinton

Peters William H., station agent, N. Y., L. and W. R. R. depot, h 515 W Clinton

Peterson John A., blacksmith, h 433 Railroad av

Peterson Mary, h 415 W 3d

Peterson Robert, tanner, h 123 Partridge

Peterson Sarah, laundry, h 653 Dickinson

Petrie William S., clerk, freight depot Erie R. R., h 510 Dewitt

Petronella Mary, Mrs., h 717 Benjamin

Pettingill Philander M., h 458 South av

Petts Jane, domestic, h 322 William

Pfohl Peter (Pfohl & Bancher), h 117 Lake

PFOHL & BANCHER, (P. Pfohl and B. Bancher), restaurant and sample room, 117 Lake

Phelps Andrew S., salesman, 204 Baldwin, h Rathbun House

Phelps Henry A., book-keeper, Second National Bank, h Spaulding ft Catherine

Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company’s Express, James E, Hazard, manager, 121 Baldwin

Philbin Omer, domestic, h Aspen Ridge

Philips Adella, teacher, h 557 Coburn

Phillips Alathea M., widow H. A., nurse, h 557 Coburn

Phillips B., jeweler, h 112 Sullivan

S. X. METZGER & SON, Pork and Beef Packers, 409 & 411 Railroad Ave., ELMIRA, N. Y.

Phillips Cassius A., law student, 206 E Water, h 220 Mt. Zoar

Phillips Charles A., salesman, 111 E Water, h 140 E Chemung Place

Phillips Ed., salesman, h 532 W Clinton

Phillips Edward, clerk, 325 E Water, h 102 W Water

Phillips Fred, candymaker, h 518 Oak

Phillips Frederick, h 218 High

Phillips James B., clerk, Erie railroad freight depot, h 206 W 5th

Phillips James L., h 665 Davis

Phillips Jennie, domestic, 160 W Clinton

Phillips Joseph, h 112 Sullivan

Phillips Lucy, h 223 Gregg

Phillips Mary, student, h 218 Baldwin

Phillips Samuel, clerk, 118 W Water, h Wyckoff House

Phillips Samuel, laborer, h 364 Reformatory av

Phillips William, h 361 Railroad av

Phillips William, clerk, 118 W Water, h Reformatory av n Davis

Phillips William, harness manufacturer, 426 E Water, h 54 Orchard

Phillips William, train agent, h 518 William

Phillips William, jr., lamplighter, h 365 Reformatory av

Phillips William J., clerk, 118 W Water, h Wyckoff House

Phoenix Mary, Mrs., h 709 Tuttle av

Burnette & Ganung, Wedding & Ball Printing, 133 E. Water St., Over Kent’s Clothing House.

Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., glass, Water St., cor. Lake.

Pickel Augustus, h 416 Madison av

Pickering Adele, widow James W., h 358 Columbia

Pickering Edward, Mrs., h 500 E Church

Pickering Mary E., Mrs., h 260 Baldwin

Pickering John, carpenter, 216 Madison av, h 500 E Church

Pickwick Fred L., h 455 Sullivan

Pickwick Jesse V., weaver, h 455 Sullivan

Pierce Almira W., Mrs., Home for Aged

Pierce Charlotte P., milliner, 112 N Main, h do

Pierce Elizabeth, domestic, Davis cor Reformatory av

Pierce Floyd, student, h 507 Harper

Pierce Frank, polisher, h 359 College av

Pierce H. S., collector, Opera Block

Pierce John C., carpenter, h 724 W 1st

PIERCE JOSEPH H., architect, 118 Lake, h do

PIERCE JOSEPH R., hat and bonnet bleacher, 112 N Main, h do

Pierce R. C., teamster, h 507 Harper

Pierce Rebecca A., h 102 W Hudson

Pierson Amanda M., Mrs., boarding, h 554 E Church

PIERSON CHARLES E., justice of the peace, 314 E Water, h 1105 Benton

Pierson George, carpenter, h 1215 Maxwell av

Pierson S. F., brakeman, h 326 Hine

Go to A. S. TURNER & SON for Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Etc., 203 East Second St.

Pierson Silas J., h 212 Partridge

Pike Alvah W., mason, 1020 Hoffman

Pilbrough Gaymer S., h 811 W 4th

Pilbrough Thomas, grocer, h 811 W 4th

Pilkington John, h 355½ W Clinton

Pinall P. B., shoemaker, h 714 Park Place

Pincus Solomon, clerk 319 E Water, h Water n Fox

Pine Charles, machinist, h 414 S Main

Pine Squire, musician, h 414 S Main

Pineus Solomon, h 433 E Water

Pinkney George V., book-keeper, 126 W Water, h 109 W Market

Piper Mary E., domestic, 900 W Water

Pippett Sarah, tailoress, h 118 Harriet

Pitcher H. D. H., agent, h 211 Ann

Pittston Coal Company, Ferral C. Dininny, coal miners and shippers, 109 W Water

Platt George H., agent, h 858 Main

PLATT HARRY D., meat market, 669 Lake, h 1207 Hall

Platt John H., butcher, 669 Lake, h Sullivan ab city limits

Platt Hosea L., butcher, h Sullivan ab city limits

Pletts Thomas, coachman, h 224 W 1st

Plowman William H., salesman, h 419 W Gray

Plum Hiram A., (Plum & Pulford), h 128 E Hudson

Plum John E., carpenter, h 213 W 3d

Young & Allen, Manf’s Tin, Sheet Iron & Copper Ware, 307 E Water

AWNINGS AND TENTS Manufactured by Z. COMPTON, No. 411 Carroll Street.

PLUM & PULFORD (H. A. Plum and C. A. Pulford), contractors and builders, 128 E Hudson. (See adv)

Plumb George E. (G. E. Plumb & Co.), h 307 Dewitt

PLUMB G. E. & CO. (Henry L. Duguid, J. Emmet Wells and Gilbert W. Lyon), saddlery hardware, 120 Lake

Poisal F. A., printer, 175 Lake, h Pattinson House

Polak Adelina, Mrs., h 211 Ann

Polak Isaac, Mrs., h 108 Lormore

Polak Judah, clerk, h 108 Lormore

Polak Rebecca, Mrs., h 108 Lormore

Pollack Lewis, cigar manufacturer, 332 E Water, h 106 Penna av

Pollak Julius, salesman, h 608 E church

Pollock Charles E., h 3 Broadway

Pollock Robert, founder, Elmira Blast Furnace, h 158 Broadway

Pollock William, weighmaster, h 3 Broadway

Pollock William, jr., helper, h 3 Broadway

Pond Ashley, train agent, h Frasier House

Poppino Clarence, h 908 Main

Poppino Frank, puddler, h 913 N Main

Poppino Richard, laborer, h 908 N Main

Poppino William M., puddler, h 908 N Main

Porter Daniel, engineer, h 510 Jefferson
Porter Hannah M., h 510 Jefferson


Porter Tabitha, Mrs., h 715 Baldwin

Posey Belle, h 664 Baldwin

Posser Harris, h 13 Washington

Post Benjamin, h 72 Pennsylvania av

Post Cora, h 72 Pennsylvania av

Post David, h 206 W Chemung Place

Post Garry, clerk, h 315 E Market

Post James, Mrs., dressmaker, h 1104 Walnut

Post James H., conductor, h 914 College av

Post Kate, h 206 W Chemung Place

Post Leonard, h 1120 Elm

Post Leonard, doormaker, h 1104 Walnut

POSTOFFICE, H. B. Berry, postmaster, Lake cor Market

Post Sarah, dressmaker, h 1104 Walnut

Plain & Ornamental Slate Roofing, J. J. Mayott, 902 E. Gray.

Watts has the Finest Printing Office in the City, Arcade Block, Lake St.

POST WILLIAM T, real estate, 101 E Market, h 118 W do

Post William H., clerk, h 306 College av

Potter Aaron F., clerk, 101 E Gray, h 364 W 1st

Potter Charles H., agent, h 814 W Church

Potter Cranston T., livery, 439 Carroll, h 411 William

Potter Elizabeth, h 651 E Market

Potter Elmer E., conductor, h 409 W 5th

Potter Fernando D., clerk, County Clerk’s office, h 651 E Market

Potter George F., Rev. (Baldwin & Potter), h 364 W 1st

Potter Hattie M., clerk, 169 Lake, h 411 William

Potter Henry, h 651 E Market

Potter John, h 305 Carroll

Potter John G., book-keeper, 118 Lake, h 651 E Market

Potter John M., salesman, 119 E Water, h 411 William

Potter Lydia, h 651 E Market

Potter Martha A., Mrs., h 409 W 5th

Potter Mary, teacher, h 651 E Market

Potter Sallie A., widow Bradford A., h 411 William

Pound William H., carpenter, h 359 Norton

Powell Burt, clerk, 353 Davis, h 402 W 1st

Powell Charles, puddler, h 857 Railroad av

Powell Frank, laborer, Erie railroad, h 916 E Church

Powell Jennie, milliner, h 318 W 6th


Powell John G., drayman, h 908 E Church

Powell Katie, dressmaker, h 916 W Church

Powell Lizzie, dressmaker, h 857 Railroad av

Powell Maggie, domestic, 158 Washington

Powell Margaret, domestic, h 916 E Church

Powell Martin, laborer, h 318 W 4th

Powell Martin, laborer, h 916 E Church

Powell Mary, h 607 Jay

Powell Mary A., dressmaker, h 908 E Church

Powell Michael, laborer, h 428 W 5th

Powell Michael, laborer, h 318 W 4th

Powell Nancy, h 205 E Church

Powell Patrick, tallyman, h 914 Main

Powell Susan, Mrs., h 428 W 5th

Powell William, engineer, h 916 E Church

Powell William, puddler, h 819 East av

Power John, h 304 Orchard

Power Luke, laborer, h Lake n 4th

Powers Martin, laborer, h 206 W 6th

Powers Mary, domestic, h 423 Pleasant

Powers Richard, laborer, h 861 Railroad av

Powers Robert, h 429 E Water

Powers Robert, bartender, Arbor Hotel, h do

Wells & Loomis, Hardware and Cutlery, 126 W. Water St.


Prall Benjamin F., express messenger, h 467 W Church

Prall Justus H. R., stairbuilder, h 467 W Church

Pratt, Mrs., h 517 Clinton

Pratt Arthur, clerk, 306 Carroll, h 326 W 1st

Pratt Charles R., cashier Second National Bank, also treasurer Elmira Advertiser Association, also lawyer, room 2 Opera Block, h 318 William

Pratt David M., student, h 413 Lake

Pratt Daniel T., student, h 413 Lake

Pratt Daniel R., (Pratt & Co.) also president Second National Bank, h 413 Lake

Pratt Frank D., h 361 W Clinton

Pratt Gaylord A., clerk, 126 Lake, h 501 do

Pratt George E., lawyer, room 2 Opera Block, h 326 W 1st

Pratt George E., shoecutter, h 233 W Water

Pratt Harden DeV., h 652 Park Place

Pratt Harry W., clerk, billiard rooms Wyckoff House, h do

Pratt Harriet, Mrs., h 415 Lake

Pratt James P., h 367 W Gray

Pratt Kitty, widow George, h 414 College av

Pratt Lycurgus D., (Pratt & Sturdevant), h 360 W Clinton

Pratt Ray B., clerk, 301 E Water, h 367 W Gray

Pratt Sarah, widow Ransom, h 318 William

Pratt Sarah E., physician, 367 W Gray, h do

S. X. METZGER & SON’S MODEL MARKET, 409 & 411 Railroad Av., ELMIRA.

Pratt Timothy S., (Durland & Pratt), h 308 William

Pratt Willard N., merchant, h 652 Park Place

PRATT & CO., (Daniel R. Pratt and Courtland F. Carrier), wholesale hardware, 414 and 416 E Market

PRATT & STURDEVANT (Lycurgus D. Pratt and Lewis J. Studevant, insurance agents, 135 E Water

Prechtel Bartholomew, laborer, h 1412 Sullivan

Prechtel Henry, milkman, h 1412 Sullivan

Prechtel Jacob, laborer, h 1412 Sullivan

Predmore John H., express messenger, h 307 W Clinton

Prescott Joseph, tanner, h 160 Baldwin

Prescott Joseph S., liquors, 309 Carroll, h 307 Madison av

Prescott Rose, Mrs., h 116 E 2d

Prescott William, tobacco and cigar maker, 424 E Water, h 113 Dewitt

Preston Benjamin, shoemaker, h 316 Orchard

Preston Benjamin G., shoemaker, h 119 Sullivan

Preswick Amelia, h 308 Washington

Preswick Jennie, h 308 Washington

PRESWICK CHRISTOPHER (Preswick, Morse & Co.) h 102 S Main

PRESWICK, MORSE & CO., (C. Preswick, R. Morse and H. E. Baker), books, stationery and wall papers, 313 E Water. (See adv. fourth page cover)

Price Albert A., clerk, 305 E Water, h 306 Dewitt

Burnette & Ganung, Job Printers, 133 East Water Street.

Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., ARTISTS’ MATERIALS, Water, Corner Lake.

Price Charles A., h 858 Main

Price Dorcas, domestic, 405 Railroad av

Price E. William, tinsmith, h 668 Baldwin

Price Edward, shoemaker, h 369 W 5th

Price Eunice, Mrs., h 668 Baldwin

Price George, polisher, h 601 Baldwin

Price Jennie, h 1021 Oak

Price John B., foreman, h 858 Main

PRICE JOHN H., physician, 202 E Water h do

Price Mary, h 306 Dewitt

Priest William R., expressman, h Hoffman cor Water

Pringle Lizzie, h 657 Lake

Primer Willie, h 401 Sullivan

Prutzman George, h 425 E Water

Prutzman M. A., Miss, h 311 Baldwin

Puff Fred, laborer, h 1320 Benton

Pugh Daniel, salesman, h 705 E Church

Pulford Arthur D., carpenter, h 402 W 2d

Pulford Charles A., (Plum & Pulford), h 128 E Hudson

PULLMAN PALACE CAR CO., Elmira Car Works, bet N. Y. L. E. & W. R. R. and State and E 4th and E 5th

Punsoloski John, laborer, h 897 Canal

Purcell Fred, clerk, h 714 Park Place

A. S. Turner & Son Make the Best Mouldings and Brackets.

Purcell H. Libbie, Mrs., h 714 Park Place

Purcell John, Mrs., h 304 Orchard

Purcell Stephen, police, E Market, h 362 5th

PRUDY HENRY H., physician and surgeon, 201 Baldwin, h 203 do, office hours 8 to 9 a. m., 12 to 2 and 5 to 8 p. m.

Purple Gilbert E., clerk, 153 Baldwin, h 214 do

Purple James D., carpenter, h 166 Harriet

Purple Jessie C., h 611 Pennsylvania av

Purple Julia, widow Gerald, h 610 S Main

Purple William, fireman, h 610 S Main

Purple William, fireman, h 611 Pennsylvania av

Purtell John R., (John R. Purtell & Co.) h 506 W Gray

PURTELL JOHN R. & CO. (J. R. & R. M. Purtell), teas and coffees, also grocers, 148 W Water

Purtell M. Fannie, music teacher, h 506 W Gray

Purtell Martin, ironworker, h 326 W 7th

Purtell Michael, laborer, h 105 E 1st

Purtell Patrick, laborer, h 326 W 7th

Purtell Robert M., (John R. Purtell & co.), h 506 W Gray

Putkins Lucien, clerk, h 408 W Church

Putnam Elizabeth A., Mrs., dressmaker, 216 W Church, h do

Putnam William M., h 200 W 5th

Putney Jedediah M., engineer, h 356 W 4th

Economy Wrought Iron Furnaces a Specialty at Young & Allen’s, 307 E Water.

Z. COMPTON, Household and White Sewing Machines, No. 411 Carroll St.

Putney William W., teacher, h 358 W 4th

Pyman Henry, carver, Rathbun House


Qualey James, puddler, h 166 Washington av

Qualey John, laborer, h 166 Washington av

Quick Eunice, Mrs., h 308 W Hudson

Quigley Alvah, h 116 S 2d

Quigley Lizzie, domestic, 854 Magee

Quigley Michael, machinist, h 383 Pennsylvania av

Quinn Ellen, widow William, h 221 W 3d

Quinn Maurice, brakeman, h 221 W 3d

Quinn Mary, saloon, Michigan n 7th, h do

Quinn Simon, mason, h 803 John


Rabonowitsh Joseph, peddler, h 503 Dewitt

Rachel Adolph, painter, h 114 Orchard

Rachel Henry, fresco painter, h 111 Madison av

Rackett Arthur H., musician, h 813 Davis

BOOK-KEEPING taught at Allen Business College, Advertiser Building.

Rackett Arthur H., jr., musician, h 813 Davis

Rackett Harry J., musician, h 813 Davis

Radin Joseph L., cigar manufacturer, 607 John, h do

Radin Lewis, peddler, h 123 Sullivan

Radway Maggie, dressmaker, h 157 Lake

Rae James H., clerk, h 408 S Main

Rae James M. (James M. Rae & Co., also Belknap & Co.), h 367 Pennsylvania av

Rae James M. & Co. (George E. Belknap), wholesale butter and salt, 156 and 159 Baldwin

Rafter Thomas, saloon, 718 Hatch, h do

Rage Charles T., h 262 Baldwin

Rahelly Maggie, domestic, 211 High

Rahill Mary, tailoress, h 211 Dewitt

Rahilly Katie, h 420 E Market

Rainow James, fireman, h 653 ½ Lake

Randall Benjamin L., painter, h 1122 Walnut

Randall Catherine, widow Richard, h 1053 Walnut

Randall Fannie, Mrs., h 356 E 4th

Randall Florence, dressmaker, h 126 W Water

Randall George H., h 670 Columbia

Randall John, millwright, h 925 College av

Randall Lydia J., Mrs., dressmaker, 126 W Water, h do

Randall Reuben W., book-keeper, h 925 College av


All the Novelties in Printing at Watts’ Job Office, Arcade Block. LAKE St.

Randolph John B., baggagemaster, h 653½ Lake

Bank James, printer, h 207 Dewitt

Ransom Henry, hostler, h 616 Baldwin

RANSOM HENRY V., justice of the peace, also notary public, 304 E Water, h 459 W Water

RANSOM REUBEN H., lawyer, 304 E Water, h 459 W Water

Rapalyea Caroline M., widow Daniel, h 322 W Clinton

Rapalyea Charles E., manager, 5th cor Canal, h 322 W Clinton

Raphael Louis, clerk, 109 E Water, h 560 do

Raphilly Ellen, domestic, 318 W Water

Rathbone Henry W., president E. I. & S. R. M. Co., h 352 N Main

Rathbone James B., superintendent Elmira Blast Furnace, h 221 Lake

Rathbone William H., book-keeper, E. I. & S. R. M. Co., h 352 N Main

Rathbun House, George Hayt & Son, 211 E Water

RATHBUN JOHN T., real estate, 121 Baldwin, h 414 Lake

Rathbun Louis G., insurance, etc., 121 Baldwin, h 414 Lake

Rathbun Simeon B., real estate agent, 316 W 7th

Rathbun W. Alexander, telegrapher, 150 Baldwin, h Southport Corners

Rathbun William B., driver, h 201 E Gray

Rathbun William R., real estate, h 465 W Church

Rathrock Charles, brakeman, h 653½ Lake

Ratcliffe William L., clerk, Railroad av cor W 4th, h 365 do

A. S. Turner & Son is the place to buy Building Materials.

Ran Charles, tailor, h 565 E Water

Rauck James C., printer, h 612 E Water

RAWSON GROVE P., florist, 107 and 109 W Market, h 107 do

Ray James, laborer, h 205 E Church

RAYMOND J. H., MRS., milliner, 328 E Water, h 408 E Clinton

Raymond Abraham, teamster, h 204 Chestnut

Raymond John H., machinist, h 408 E Clinton

Raymond Laura, h 204 Chestnut

Raymont Lizzie, h 719 Railroad av

Raymont Reginald, machinist, h 719 Railroad av

Razey James, artist, 203 E Water, h do

Read Lola, Mrs., h 372 W Water

Read N. C., Mrs., h 503 W Church

Ready Larry, switchman, h 751 S Main

Ready Leander, collector, h 999 Magee

Ready Maggie, domestic, 925 College av

Ready Nellie, Mrs., h 514 Main

Reagan Margaret, h 213 Chestnut

Reagan Timothy, carpenter, h 914 Walnut

Reagan Thomas, laborer, h 213 Chestnut

Rean Peter, laborer, tannery E Hill, h 707 Railroad av

Reardon Hannah, clerk, 134 W Water, h 106 E Henry

Reardon James, clerk, 381 W 2d, h do

Wells & Loomis, House Furnishing Goods, 126 W. Water St.

Johnson, WATCHMAKER & OPTICIAN, 218 E. Water St.

Reardon Jerry, engineer, h 404 South av

Reardon Johana, h 106 E Henry

REARDON JOHN F., grocer, etc., 381 W 2d, h do

Reardon Maggie, domestic, 425 E Water

Reardon Margaret, h 106 E Henry

Reardon Mary, dressmaker, h 461 E 3d

Reardon Thomas, engineer, h 106 E Henry

Reardon Thomas J., plumber, h 106 E Henry

Reddy Leander, notary, 816 N Main, h do

Redfield Calvin W., carpenter, h 509 Harper

Redfield Cornelius V., team ter, h 113 Harriet

Redfield Elizabeth, Mrs., tailoress, h 113 Harriet

Redfield Estella M., h 351 N Main

Redfield Henry S. (Diven & Redfield) h 668 Park Place

Redfield Levi, teamster, h 113 Harriet

Redfield Minnie, tailoress, h 113 Harriet

Redington Edward L., fireman, h 104 E Hudson

Redington John, h 104 E Hudson

Redington Volney, blacksmith, h 104 E Hudson

Redner Henry B., shoemaker, h 106 Lake

Redner Lansing, shoemaker, h 314 Harmon

Reed Charles, laborer, h 111 5th

Reed Edward, guard, Reformatory

Pork & Beef Packers, S. X. Metzger & Son, 409 & 411 Railroad Avenue, Elmira.

Reed E. W., carpenter, h 214 Baldwin

Reed Elbridge G., carrier, postoffice, h 109 W 2d

Reed Fred, bit filer, 601 Baldwin, h E Clinton n Oak

Reed James B., waiter, h 409 Railroad av

Reed John, teamster, h 753 Day

Reed Lizzie, Mrs., dressmaker, 421 N Main, h do

Reed Richard D., engineer, 124 Lake, h 112 Lormore

Reed Roxana, h 121 W Chemung Place

REED THOMAS, West End Hotel, 232 and 234 W Water, h do

Reeder John, h 606 Baldwin

Rees John W., h 112 College av

Ress William H., tinsmith, h 227 Franklin

Reese Fred G., painter, h 1222 Elm

Reese John, laborer, h 400 Railroad av

Reese Rachie, operator, Telephone Exchange, h 359 W 5th

Reese William, laborer, h 359 W 5th

Reeve Fanny, widow James, h 206 Sullivan

Reeves Charles S., clerk, 310 Carroll, h 266 W Chemung Place

Reeves David A., clerk, 502 N Main, h 266 W Chemung Place

Reeves Frank, clerk, h 266 W Chemung Place

Reeves Mary, grocery, 502 N Main, h 266 W Chemung Place

Reformatory Hotel, proprietor, Patrick Comfort, College av cor Reformatory

Fine Job Printing done by Burnette & Ganung, 133 East Water St., over H. M. Kent’s.

Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., Manufacturers of Galvanzed Iron Cornice, Water, corner Lake Street.

Regan Cornelius, painter, h 721 Kinyon

Regan Daniel, laborer, h 915 Davis

Regan Fannie, dressmaker, h 721 Kinyon

Regan Jeremiah, h 721 Kinyon

Regan John G., grocer, 429 Railroad av, h do

Regan Mary Ann, dressmaker, h 721 Kinyon

Regan Patrick, engineer, h 728 S Main

Regan Patrick, laborer, h 915 Davis

Regan Richard, laborer, h 200 Park

Regan Timothy, carpenter, h 721 Kinyon

Reich B. F., brakeman, h 653½ Lake

Reid Jane E., widow James B., h 1003 Lake

Reid James R. (Reid & Cooper) h 243 Lake

Reid Mary, Mrs., h 807 Magee

Reid William D., salesman, 103 W Water, h 1003 Lake

REID & COOPER, (J. R. Reid and J. N. Cooper), iron and brass founders and machinists, W Church cor Railroad av

Reidinger Philip F., clerk, h 550 E Church

Reidy James, stonemason, h 308 E Washington av

Reidy James, laborer, h 412 Elm

Reidy James h 511 Logan

Reidy James, wiper, h 807 Magee

Reidy Patrick, laborer, h 706 Magee


Reilly Alice, Mrs., grocery, 804 Lake, h do

REILLY EDMUND A., physician, 804 Lake, h do

Reilly James, shoemaker, h 372 Railroad av

Reilly Roe, oil gauger, h 804 Lake

Reilly Will, h 250 E Chemung Place

Reily Mary, domestic, 109 High

Reimer Charles, laborer, h 603 E Church

Reitenbach Bros & Mink (J. M. & F. Reitenbach and L. Mink) tanners Tuttle av n Water

Reitenbach Frederick (Reitenbach Bros. & Mink), h at Somerville, Mass

Reitenbach John M. (Reitenbach Bros. & Mink), h at Somerville, Mass

Remington John C., book-keeper, 161 Lake, h Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

Reuben Robert, tailor, h 118 Harriet

Revael Michael, butcher, h 709 E 5th

Rew James, tailor, h 56 Orchard

Rew James, jr., printer, h 56 Orchard

Rew Samuel, barber, h 101 Railroad av

Reynolds Adna H., lumber, h 323 Baldwin

Reynolds Bridget, h 914 Lake

Reynolds Charles F., builder, 307 Mt Zoar, h 318 Hine

Reynolds Charles K., salesman, 112 Baldwin, h 918 College av

Reynolds Dora, music teacher, h 416 Jefferson

YOUNG & ALLEN, Tin and Slate Roofers, 307 E. Water.


Reynolds Flora, h 762 Jay

Reynolds Florence, h 103 E 2d

Reynolds Fred P., h 113 Caldwell av

Reynolds Gardner G., h 113 Caldwell av

Reynolds Gusta B., domestic, 415 Railroad av

Reynolds Harlem, architect, h 416 Jefferson

Reynolds H. A., Mrs., h 918 College av

Reynolds Isaac H., produce dealer, h 404 W 2d

Reynolds John A., (Reynolds & Collin), h 312 Lake

Reynolds Joseph, h 903 Market

Reynolds Joseph L. (Satterlee & Co.) h 223 Baldwin

Reynolds Lena E., Mrs., h 918 College av

Reynolds Lizzie E., h 504 E Church

Reynolds Milton H., book-keeper, 301 E Water, h 351 N Main

Reynolds Minerva, Miss, dressmaker, 101 W Water, h do

Reynolds Peter, laborer, h 670 Baldwin

Reynolds Peter H., physician, 262 Baldwin, h do

Reynolds Samuel N., flour, 159 Railroad av, h Market n Main

REYNOLDS SAMUEL T., capitalist, 306 Carroll, h 246 Lake

REYNOLDS SCHUYLER C., lawyer, 206 E Water, h 351 N Main

Reynolds Stephen, h Lake cor Church

Reynolds Stephen P., laborer, h 903 Market

PENMANSHIP, Practical & Ornamental at Allen Business College, Advertiser Building.

Reynolds Thomas, laborer, h 924 Maxwell av

Reynolds Viola, h 407 Madison

Reynolds William A., salesman, h 918 College av

Reynolds William B., knifemaker, h 504 E Church

REYNOLDS & COLLIN (John A. Reynolds and Frederick Collin), lawyers, 340 E Water

Rhinesmith Mary, h 324 E Water

Rhoades Isaac E., laborer, h 223 Franklin

Rhodes Bertie, h 804 W 1st

Rhodes Carrie, domestic, h 422 S Broadway

Rhodes Charles, salesman, h 422 S Broadway

Rhodes Christian G., drayman, h 113 E Church

Rhodes Frank (Rhodes & Strader), h 804 W 1st

Rhodes Hannah, teacher, h 307 W Washington av

Rhodes Lena, h 804 W 1st

Rhodes Nathaniel, drayman, h 422 S Broadway

Rhodes Nathaniel, jr., h 422 S Broadway

Rhodes Sarah, Mrs., Home for Aged

Rhodes Silas R., carpenter, h 54 Hoffman

Rhodes Stephen G., laborer, h 213 Railroad av

RHODES & STRADER (Frank Rhodes and Alfred Strader), meat market, 419 N Main

Rhymer Henry, filecutter, h 706 John

Estimates Furnished by J. J. Mayott, for SLATE & TIN ROOFING, 202 E. GRAY.

Call on R. M. WATTS for all kinds of PRINTING, Arcade Block, Lake Street.

Rhymer Henry, filecutter, h 119 Sullivan

RHYMER HIRAM B., file manufacturer, State cor Church, h 261 Baldwin

Ribble Eugene H., fireman, h 400 Franklin

Ribel Annie, h 414 E Water

Rice Daniel E., (D. O. Rice & Son), h 112 W Church

Rice Daniel O. (D. O Rice & Son), h 112 W Church

RICE D. O. & SON (Daniel E.), grocers, 101 E Church cor Railroad av

Rice Edwin W., brakeman, h 709 Kinyon

Rice Elijah J., carpenter, h 530 Perine

RICE FRANK S., lawyer, 336 E Water, h 323 William

Rice Hannie E., saleslady, 112 N Main, h 530 Perine

Rice Irvin, bottler, h 752 Jay

Rice Jolin, shoemaker, h 305 S Broadway

Rice Lawrence, shoemaker, h 765 E Water

Rice Lewis E., carpenter, h 505 Broadway

Rich Mary E., h 743 W Church

Rich Richard H., carpenter, h 743 W Church

Richards Charles H., laborer, h 361 Railroad av

Richards Clarence S., bartender, Rathbun House, h do

Richards Frankie H., h 1308 Pratt

Richards Josiah H., machinist, h 412 W 1st

Richards Philip, brakeman, h 653½ Lake

Buy Michigan Pine in car loads of A. S. Turner & Son.

Richards Thomas, blacksmith, h 425 E Water

Richards Vina, domestic, h 315 E Market

Richards William A., machinist, h 357 Elm

Richards Richard, clerk, Erie Freight depot, h 414 W 1st

Richardson Anna, h 408 Mt Zoar

Richardson Anna, h 356 W Clinton

Richardson Anna, domestic, 157 Magee

Richardson Daniel, shoemaker, h 368 Fulton

Richardson Daniel, jr., salesman, 139 E Water, h 368 Fulton

Richardson Dell Fay, h 959 College av

Richardson Ellen, h 408 Mt. Zoar

Richardson Francis, h 368 Fulton

RICHARDSON J. & CO. (J. Richardson, C. H. Hawkes and A. M. Westlake), boot and shoe manufacturers, Railroad av, cor Market

Richardson Jackson (J. Richardson & Co.), h 359 W Church

Richardson James, fireman, h 368 Fulton

Richardson John, mason, h 368 Fulton

Richardson Larry J., h Haight’s C. T. A. hotel

Richardson Maggie, Mrs., h 410 Railroad av

Richardson Thomas A., salesman, h Rathbun House

Richardson William H., salesman, 135 E Water, h 395 W Water

Richardt George, laborer, h 721 Benjamin

Wells & Loomis, Paints, Oil and Glass, West Water Street, Elmira, N. Y.