Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Seipel H. G., news agent, h 653 ½ Lake

Sellen Amos S., dentis, 109 W Water, h 929 College av

Sellen Charles S., dentist, 109 W Water, h 927 College av

Sellen Eva, book-keeper, 200 E Water, h 114 E Church

Seller Mary, h 755 E 2d

Sellner Augustus (A Sellner & Co.), h 116 High

Sellner A., & Co. (A. Sellner and A. Wollheim), clothiers, 101 E Water

Sellner Barney, tailor, h 219 High

Sellner Harris, clerk, h 118 High

Sellner Isreal, china dealer, h 213 Gregg

Selover Abram J., printer, h 306 Sullivan

Selover F. E. & Co. (C. W. Hunt), jewelers, 109 Baldwin

Selover Frank E. (F. E. Selover & Co.), h 714 N Main

Selover John, h 102 Harmon

Senger -----, h 112 High

Senrick Fred, tailor, h 760 E Water

Sergeant Henry W., car inspector, h 369 Fulton

Serat Moses W., h 657 Park Place

Serat Seth S., coal dealer, 106 W 4th, h Park Place n 4th

Seward Phoebe, h 465 E Market

Seymour Howard L., scroll sawyer, h 820 W Church

Seynuir E. D., brakeman, h 400 Railroad av

Pork & Beef Packers, S. X. Metzger & Son, 409 & 411 Railroad Avenue, Elmira.

Shafer Anna, Mrs., h 416 Jefferson

Shaffer Charles F., engineer, Blast Furnace, h 103 Broadway

Shaffer Josiah G., Rev., h 434 W Clinton

Shahan Anna, dressmaker, h r Clinton bet Baldwin and Dickinson

Shahan John, laborer, h r Clinton bet Baldwin and Dickinson

Shahan Maggie, domestic, h 710 E Church

Shahan Patrick, cigarmaker, h r Clinton bet Baldwin and Dickinson

Shahan Thomas, h r Clinton bet Baldwin and Dickinson

Shanegan Anna, h 308 Orchard

Shanoff Fred, h 429 E Water

Shannon John, h 717 Railroad av

Shannon John, laborer, h 101 Park

Shannon Marvin W., carpenter, h 374 W 5th

Shannon Martin, grocer, 703 Railroad av, h do

Shannon Martin, roller, h 312 W 1st

Shannon Michael M., dispatcher, N. C. R. R., h 717 Railroad av

Shannon Patrick, laborer, h 717 Railroad av

Shannon Thomas J., teamster, h 415 W 5th

Shannon Timothy, rolling mill, h 415 W 5th

Shannon Timothy P., clerk, 703 Railroad av, h do

Shannon Wilmore Clarence, carpenter, h 374 W 5th

Shavlain Jacob, h 53 Washington

Shapcott William, bootmaker, h 216 W Henry

Shappee Fred, h 429 Standish

Shappee G. Clark, bartender, 412 E Water, h Buckbee House

Shappee Jacob V., tanner, h 710 John

Shappee Knapp, teamster, h 810 Maxwell av

Shappee Lafayette, laborer, h 810 Maxwell av

Shappee Lewis, laborer, h 810 Maxwell av

Shappee Thomas B., teamster, h 429 Standish

Sharp Benjamin F., barber, South av, h 109 Partridge

Sharp Eunice, h 217 Mt Zoar

Sharp Edward, butcher, h 618 E 3d

Sharp John, moulder, h 109 Partridge

Shattuck C. L., conductor, h 464 W Gray

Shattuck Levi H., superintendent Tioga and Elmira State Line railroad, h at Blossburg

Shattuck Smith M., traveling agent, h 265 W Clinton

Shaughnassey John, expressman, h 315 W 2d

Shaughnessy John, laborer, 859 Railroad av

Shaughnessy John, laborer, h 175 E Washington av

Shaw Alexander, express messenger, h 208 W 6th

Shaw Augustus L., h 208 W 6th

Shaw Cornelius, clerk, Exchange Hotel, h 822 Lincoln

Shaw Delinda, Mrs., housekeeper, 235 Lake

Shaw Frank G., shipping clerk, h 375 W Water


Shaw James, ironworker, h 911 Main

Shaw James, student, h 515 E Union

Shaw John H., tinsmith, h 507 E Union

Shaw Mary, h 106 Madison av

Shaw Sheldon, sashmaker, h 423 Washington av

Shay Bennie, painter, h 269 W Henry

Shay Daniel, cigarmaker, h 651 E Water

Shay David T. (W. & d. Shay), h 108 Spring

Shay John, mason, h 435 W 5th

Shay John H., h 269 W Henry

Shay Kate, tailoress, h 317 E Water

Shay Nellie, tailroess, h 317 E Water

Shay Philip, laborer, h 322 1st

Shay Robert, carpenter, h 269 W Henry

Shay William H. (W. & D. Shay), h 651 E Water

Shay W. & D. (William and David), tobacconists, 318 E Water

Shea Fanny, dressmaker, h 273 W Chemung Place

Shea John H., shoemaker, h 273 W Chemung Place

Shea Kate, domestic, 668 Park Place

Shea Margaret, Mrs., h 100 E Washington av

Shea Mary, Miss, h 417 E Market

Shea Michael, h 452 E water

Shea Timothy, grocer, Franklin cor Jefferson, h do

Shea William Henry, shoemaker, h 273 W Chemung Place

Sheafe James S., freight agent L. V. R. R., h 502 Baldwin

Shean William, laborer, h 515 Elizabeth

Shearer David, foreman, h 425 E Water

Shearer Vance, brakeman, h 53 Orchard

Shearer William W., clerk, 340 E Water, h 53 Orchard

Shedman Alice, Mrs., h 330 Carroll

Sheehan Bridget, dressmaker, h 408 S Elm

Sheehan Bridget, dressmaker, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan Catherine, milliner, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan Daniel, heater, h 915 Railroad av

Sheehan Kate, saleslady, 180 N Main, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan Thomas, h north end of Baldwin

Sheehan Thomas, ironworker, h 408 S Elm

Sheehan William, ironworker, h 408 S Elm

Sheehan William, puddler, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan William, teamster, h 513 Elizabeth

Sheehey Edward, laborer, h 504 College av

Sheehy Theresa, milliner, h 167 Orchard

Sheehy William, telegraph repairer, h 167 Orchard

PENMANSHIP PRACTICAL & ORNAMENTAL at Allen Business College, Advertiser Building.

Sheely Charles, h 500 W Hudson

Sheely Charles H., salesman, J. Richardson & Co., h 102 W Water

Sheely Daniel, tanner, h 602 W Hudson

Sheely Edward V., clerk, 129 W Water, h 500 W Hudson

Sheely Fred, tanner, Hine cor Hudson, also hides, leather, and she findings, 129 W Water, h 500 W Hudson

Sheely George K., tanner, h 500 W Hudson

Sheely John C., clerk, 129 W Water, h 500 W Hudson

Sheeley William T., tanner, h 500 W Hudson

Sheefer Nellie A., Mrs., h 260 W Chemung Place

Shehan John, laborer, h coal basin near Rolling Mill

Shehan Patrick, cigarmaker, h Baldwin

Sheive Geroge, real estate agent, h 208 S Main

Shell Abraham Neil, h 358 W 3d

Sheltz Christopher, laborer, h 203 E Church

Shepard A. D., Mrs., h 312 W 5th

Shepard Christopher C., salesman, 111 E Water, h 750 Park Place

Shepard David, whitewasher, h 663 Dickinson

Shepard Eliza J., Mrs., h 752 Park Place

Shepard John, waiter, h 363 E Washington av

Shepard John, laborer, h 303 E Clinton

Shepard Mary E., nurse, h 303 E Clinton

Sherman Arthur, carpenter, h 359 Grove

Sherman Cyrus A., augermaker, h 1205 Hall

Sherman House, 372 Railroad av

Sherman L. D., Miss, dressmaker, 320 E Water, h do

Sherman Samuel, laborer, Sullivan cor Thurston

Sherry Edward, mail agent, h 417 Railroad av

Sherwin Castello E., Mrs., elocutionist, h Rathbun House

Sherwin Florence E., h Rathbun House

Sherwin Marshall P. W., salesman, 120 W Water, h 401 do

Sherwin N. P., clerk, h Wyckoff House

Shewin William F., traveling agent Michigan Central R. r., 152 Baldwin, h Rathbun House

Sherwood Edsall, engineer, h Rathbun House

Sherwood George, peddler, h 500 High

Sherwood Ida, h 712 E Church

Sherwood Ira, farmer, h 500 High

Shewman C. E., cornetist, h 423 Washington av

Shidlen Ernst, manager, 132 E Water, h do

Shidlen L. (Shidlen & Wiegand), h 132 E Water

Shidlen Louis, sample room, 132 E Water, h do

Buy Michigan Pine in car loads of A. S. Turner & Son.

Shidlen & Wiegand (L Shidlen & George C. Wiegand), furniture and upholstery, 132 and 134 E Water

Shies John, laborer, h cor Sullivan and Thurston

Shields John J., bricklayer, h 508 Oak

Shields Kate, dressmaker, h 508 Oak

Shields Peter, bricklayer, h 508 Oak

Shields Peter F., bricklayer, h 508 Oak

Shields William P., bricklayer, h 508 Oak

Shipman Chauncey N., book-keeper, 110 Baldwin, h 517 W Church

Shives William E., insurance, h Wyckoff House

Shoeler John M., painter, 661 Magee, h do

Shoemaker George S., engineer, h 1312 Benton

Shoemaker Guy, h 505 Lake

Shoemaker James M., proprietor Delavan House, Railroad av cor W Clinton

Shoemaker J. Monroe, oil dealer, h 505 Lake

Shoemaker Lew H., proprietor Western Hotel, 515 Railroad av

Shoemaker Lida, saloon, 313 Railroad av, h do

Short Charles, actor, h 502 E 3d

Short Ellen, washerwoman, h 502 E 3d

Short Olie, domestic, 119 High

Short Pearl, seamstress, h 502 E 3d

Short Viola, domestic, h 502 E 3d

Shorter Alsie, laborer, h 706 Dickinson

Shreffler L. S., Wooden Carpet Company, h 360 W Gray

Shumway Charles, h 759 E 2d

Shumway Fred A., machinist, h 104 E Henry

Shumway James C., traveling agent, h 422 W Gray

Shurtz Henry, h 607 Magee

Shurtz William H., teamster, h 607 Magee

Shyman Moses, peddler, h 508 John

Sickles Abby, Mrs. H 101 E Henry

Sickles Charles, h 406 Standish

Sickles Daniel, carpenter, h 719 Dickinson

Sickles George, driver, h 512 Main

Sickles J. G., peddler, h 255 W Hudson

Sickles Lettie, dressmaker, h 411 Pennsylvania av

Sickles Lottie, dressmaker, h 255 W Hudson

Sickles William H., h 406 Standish

Sidney John, h 506 William

Sigison Maria, widow William, h 316 W Gray

Sigison William R., h 307 W 1st

Sill Charles, hostler, h 425 E Water

Sillick F. N., h 657 Park Place

Sillis John, shoemaker, h 113 W 5th

Sillwood Eliza, h 660 Baldwin

Silva Vasco a., dentist, 126 E Water, h 389 W Water

The Model Market, S. X. Metzger & Son, 409 & 411 Railroad Ave., ELMIRA.

Silverman Joe, h 212 Gregg

Silvernail Alfred J., ticket broker, also accident insurance, Eastern Hotel, 511 Railroad av, h 357 W 4th

Simpkins James, h 105 Partridge

Simmons Albert S., music teacher, h 1001 Davis

Simmons Clarence J., finisher, h Pattison House

Simmons Dennis, h 667 Baldwin

Simmons George, queensware, etc., 107 W Water, h 151 W Clinton

Simms Anna, h 500 E Water

Simon Morris, clothing 375 Railroad av, h 551 E 2d

Simons Augusta, shoemaker, h 100 E Hudson

Simons Mary, Miss, h 208 E Church

Simons Noah W. (Simons & Carey), h 100 E Hudson

Simons Pike, h 551 E 2d

Simons Richard M., grocer, 504 E 3d, h do

Simons Susan, h 500 E Water

Simons & Carey (Noah W. Simons and William R. Carey, painters, 421 Carroll

Simpson Alex, shoemaker, h 301 Franklin

Simpson Henry, deputy collector Internal Revenue, room 3, Opera Block, h 121 Caldwell av

Simpson Lucy, domestic, 923 Lake

Simpson Wellesley B., clerk, W 3d n Railroad av, h 223 Gregg

Simpson William, agent, h 223 Gregg

Simpson William boilermaker, h 301 Franklin

Simpson William, clerk, Erie R. R. freight depot, h 1011 Oak

Sims Mary, 160 W Clinton

Sinclair Charles, carpenter, h 200 Fulton

Singer Manufacturing Co., George W. Bartlett, manager, 101 W Water

Singerhoff Charles, music hall and saloon, 114 Lake, h do

Singerhoff William, proprietor Singerhoff’s Hotel, 431 and 433 Railroad av

Sinnicht Joseph, butcher, h 606 Baldwin

Sipher, Moses, engineer, h 356 W 3d

Sisk Michale, helper, 167 Baldwin

Sisk Michale, laborer, h 315 Hathaway

Sittenfield Joseph (S. Sittenfield & Son), h 113 High

Sittenfield Solomon (s. Sittenfield & Son), h 113 High

Sittenfield S. & Son (Joseph), hides and pelts, 110 E Water

Skehan Edward F., laborer, h 725 W Church

Skehan Bridget, Mrs., laundress, h 101 W Henry

Skidmore George H., messenger, h 110 College av

Skidmore Harry, expressman, h 110 College av

Skinner Charles W., wholesale wines and liquors, 413 and 415 Carroll, h 318 Baldwin

Skinner William, hostler, h 411 William

Baluster, Stair Rails & Newel Posts at A. S. Turner & Sons.

Slack George W., farmeer, 104 Hoffman

Slade Mary J., machine operator, h 812 John

Slaight William, clerk, 107 W Water, h 151 W Clinton

Slair George W., conductor, h 201 South av

Slater Anna, cloakmaker, h 466 Hudson

Slater Catherine, widow Isaiah, h 466 Hudson

Slater Dorrus M, watchmaker, 213 E Water, h 523 E Union

Slater James, hostler, h 327 Lake

Slater James, hostler, h 466 Hudson

Slatterly William, blacksmith, h 356 W 3d

Slattery Lizzie, domestic, 109 High

Slattery Cornelius, shoemaker, h 904 E Market

Slattery John, shoemaker, h 904 E Market

Slee John D. F. (J. Langdon & Co.), h 218 W 1st

Sleeper James, horse dealer, h West End hotel

Sletts Jane, domestic, 322 William

Slosson Abram D. (A. D. Slosson & Co.), h E Union cor Baldwin

Slosson A. D. & Co. (David Crocker), grocers, E Union cor Baldwin

Sly Catherine M., h 300 Maple av

Sly James M., general insurance agent, 116 Baldwin, h 453 Maple av

Small Lafayette (Drummer & Small), h 137 E Water

Smead Florence H., Mrs., h 657 Main

Smead Maria, widow Edwin M., h 315 Baldwin

Smead Sarah E., Mrs., h 657 Main

Smead William B., clerk, h 657 Main

Smeads J., rolling mill, h 505 Magee

Smedes Frank W., ironworker, h 652 Lake

Smedes L. Worden, sashmaker, h 652 Lake

Smedes Sarah, widow Levi, h 652 Lake

Smelleger John, carpenter, h 315 Washington

Smith Albert, laborer, h 423 Standish

Smith Albert, laborer, h 1315 Benton

Smith Andrew, packer, h 562 E Church

Smith Anna, h 248 W Water

Smith Augustus B., salesman, h 104 E Hudson

Smith Benjamin T., carpenter, h 654 Main

Smith Benjamin D., foreman, h 1313 Hall

Smith Benjamin, salesman, 325 E Water

Smith Catherine, Mrs., dressmaker, h 108 E Hudson

Smith Charles, baggageman, h 400 Railroad av

Smith Charles, engineer, h 400 Railroad av

Smith Charles, porter, h 429 E Water

Smith Charles A., Rev., pastor Zion A. M. E. church, h 715 Dickinson

Smith Charles B., shoemaker, 111 College av, h do

TELEGRAPHY taught practically at Allen Business College, ADVERTISER BUILDING.

Smith Charles W., printer, h 205 S Elm

Smith Charles W., steamfitter, 122 Lake

Smith Chauncey L., carpenter, h 214 W Hudson

Smith Clement H., clerk, 412 E Market, h 1332 Pratt

Smith Daniel, builder, h 516 William

Smith Daniel, merchant, h 351 Grove

Smith Daniel, confectioner, 321 Carroll, h 351 Grove

Smith Daniel B., jr., clerk, 321 Carroll, h 351 Grove

Smith David J., h 373 Center

Smith Dix W., lawyer, 312 E Water, h 517 W Gray

Smith Edgar C., clerk, 305 E Water, h 604 do

Smith Edward, h 214 Baldwin

Smith Effie, saleslady, 128 W Water, h 714 College av

Smith Elijah B (Clipper Chilled Plow Co.), h 360 W Church

Smith Elizabeth, h 657 Dickinson

Smith Ernest A., clerk, 317 E Water, h 369 W do

Smith Eva S., Mrs., h 309 S Main

Smith Everett, druggist, h 369 W Water

Smith Ezekiel, fireman, h 376 W Water

Smith Ezra J., carpenter, h 652 N Main

Smith F. B., brakeman, h 422 E Washington av

Smith Florence, teacher, h 361 W 1st

Smith Florence E., Mrs., artist, 117 E Water, h 816 N Main

Smith Frances C., h 211 William

Smith Frank, barber, h 116 Washington

Smith Frank, clerk, 317 Carroll, h do

Smith Frank, salesman, 113 Lake, h 116 Washington

Smith Frank E., manager, Elmira Bell Telephone Exchange, h 868 N Main

Smith Fred M., h 752 Park Place

Smith Frederick, teamster, h 433 E Water

Smith Gabriel L. (Smith & Robertson), h 863 Magee

Smith George, Mrs., h 418 Dewitt

Smith George B., carpenter, h 230 Mt Zoar

Smith George W., h 669 Baldwin

Smith Georgiana, h 612 Baldwin

Smith Hanford, h 505 Grove

Smith Harriet M., widow Martin, h 950 Oak

Smith Harvey, h 106 S Main

Smith Hiram T., foreman, 5th cor Canal, h 304 E Clinton

Smith Hiram W., teamster, h 422 Tuttle av

Smith H. Boardman (Smith & Fassett) h 380 Pennsylvania av

Smith Henry, conductor, h 530 W Church

Smith Henry, insurance agent, h 863 Magee

Smith Henry B., h 260 Baldwin

Smith Henry B. (Ayres & Smith), h 863 Magee

Buy your Lumber from A. S. TURNER & SON, 203 EAST SECOND STREET.

Smith Henry T., money order clerk, postoffice, h 225 William

Smith I. S., Mrs., dressmaker, 108 E Hudson, h do

Smith Isaac S., carpenter, h 108 E Hudson

Smith James H., quarryman, h 604 Beach

Smith Jane, Mrs., h 616 Baldwin

Smith Jessie, saleslady, 134 W Water, h 108 Hudson

Smith J. Kirke, salesman, 131 E Water, h 306 Spaulding

Smith John, h 608 E Clinton

Smith John, coachman, 502 W Church

Smith John, laborer, h 616 Dickinson

Smith John E., expressman, h 204 Chestnut

Smith John G., shoemaker, h 117 Partridge

Smith John S., real estate agent, h 226 Mt Zoar

Smith John T., carpenter, h 121 Harriet

Smith John W., drayman, h 604 E Water

Smith John W., laborer, h 1308 Pratt

Smith Laura B., teacher, h 445 Pennsylvania av

Smith Lewis M., president Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Bank, h 313 Columbia

Smith Luella, h 1217 Benton

Smith Maggie M., dressmaker, h 1215 Hall

Smith Malinda, Mrs., h 522 Baldwin

Smith Maria, Mrs., laundress, 217 W Water, h do

Smith Mary, h 204 Madison av

Smith Mary, cook, cor Fulton and Franklin

Smith Mary, Mrs., h 320 Lake

Smith Mary J., Mrs., embroidery, h 214 W Hudson

Smith Mary K., domestic, 372 Railroad av

Smith Mattie, stampmaker, h 218 W Gray

Smith M. B., h 615 W Gray

Smith Mildred C., h 509 Lake

Smith Minerva R., seamstress, h 108 E Hudson

Smith Monroe, laborer, h 116 E 2d

Smith Myron A., auditor U. I. & E. R. R., h 816 N Main

Smith M. Shatauc, h 420 W Clinton

Smith Nancy D., Mrs., widow Hiram, h 118 E Hudson

Smith Nellie C., h 1314 Lake

Smith Olive J., seamstress, h 652 Main

Smith Orlando N., h 114 E Chemung Place

Smith Oscar N., teamster, cor State and Market

Smith Owen, laborer, h 160 Washington av

Smith Philip, laborer, h 1215 Hall

Smith Robert J., agent, h 106 W Gray

Smith Robert T., machinist, h 1128 Oak

Smith Robert V., laborer, h 716 Dickinson

Smith Rose, Mrs., h 357 Railroad av

Smith Ruth, Mrs., laundress, 110 E Water, h do

S. X. METZGER & SON, Pork and Beef Packers, 409 & 411 Railroad Ave., ELMIRA, N. Y.

Smith Sarah B. H., Mrs., h 325 Lake

Smith Sarah M., widow John F., h 512 Perine

Smith Seymour, master carpenter, N. C. R. R., 1115 E 5th, h 658 College av

Smith S. M., Mrs., h 655 Clinton

Smith Solomon P., h 312 W 3d

Smith Theodore G., clerk, 154 Lake, h 124 E Hudson

Smith Thomas, blacksmith, h 715 Walnut

Smith Thomas, clerk, 321 Carroll, h 351 Grove

Smith Thomas, laborer, h 357 Railroad av

Smith Tillie, Mrs., h 159 Madison av

Smith Walter Lloyd, lawyer , also notary public, Masonic Temple, h 380 Pennsylvania av

Smith William A., laborer, h 1217 Benton

Smith William B., h 118 W 2d

Smith W. Charles, bill poster, room 9 Opera Block, h 114 W Market

Smith W. Hudson, book-keeper, Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Band, h 118 w 2d

Smith William H., engineer, h 1217 Benton

Smith William M., farmer, h 607 Tuttle av

Smith William S., wheelwright, 207 W Water, h 115 Caldwell av

Smith W. K., h 468 W Gray

Smith & Fassett (H. Boardman Smith and Newton P. Fassett), lawyers, Masonic Temple

Smith & Robertson (Gabriel L. Smith and Andrew J. Robertson), lawyers, 216 E Water

Snider Lena, h 759 E Church

Snowdon Mary, h 657 Dickinson

Snowdon Philip, laborer, h 654 E Clinton

Snowdon Stella, domestic, h 654 E Clinton

Snyder Alyose (Snyder Brothers), h 808 E Market

Snyder Benjamin, h 528 W Hudson

Snyder Benjamin F., salesman, 209 E Church, h 709 do

Snyder Brothers (Aloyse and Derry), coach painters, 452 E Water

Snyder Charles, proprietor Eastern Hotel, 511 Railroad av

Snyder Delia, Mrs., h 521 Harper

Snyder Derry (Snyder Brothers), h 709 John

Snyder Eli, h 528 W Hudson

Snyder Elias, carpenter, h 751 E Market

Snyder F., salesman, 209 E Church, h 203 E Gray

Snyder George, blacksmith, h 751 E Market

Snyder Jackson A., laborer, h 409 Standish

Snyder Jacob L., salesman, 310 E Water, 753 do

Snyder Jennie, domestic, 709 Giltanan

Snyder John, Mrs., h 709 John

Snyder John, weaver, h 811 Factory

Snyder Maggie, Mrs., h 418 Jefferson

Go to A. S. TURNER & SON for Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Etc.. 203 East Second St.

Snyder Minnie, h 755 E Water

Snyder Rose, dressmaker, h 709 John

Snyder Rose, widow Jacob, h 511 Railroad av

Snyder Russell W., commission, 104 Lake

Soble Betty, physician, h 222 Harriet

Soble E. B., jewelry, h 222 Harriet

Soble Naman, clerk, 216 Baldwin, h 222 Harriet

Soble N. W., jewelry, h 222 Harriet

Soloman Fred, h 53 S Washington

Soloman Joseph, h 53 S Washington

Soloman Saba, peddler, h 453 Washington

Solomon Fredia, domestic, 162 Dewitt

Soper David M., laborer, 102 S Walnut

Soper Royal R., secretary and treasures, Elmira Gazette and Free Press Co., h 364 W 6th

Sore A. K., clerk, h 307 E Water

Sorsfield Maggie, saleslady, 325 E Water, h 314 Washington

Southern Tier Manufacturing Co. (Clay W. Holmes & Co.), druggists’ specialties, 122 Lake (See adv, next page)

Southern Tier Masonic Relief Association, secretary, H. B. Berry, Masonic Temple, Lake cor Market

Southern Tier Orphans’ Home, Franklin cor Fulton

Southport Plank Road Co., Chemung Canal Bank building

Souvey Alexis, carriage painter, 501 College av, h Lincoln cor Park

Spalding Clarence M., physician, 389 W Water, h do

Spalsburg Edward, machine agent, h 208 Gregg

Spalsbury Edward F., salesman, 101 W Water, h 208 Gregg

Spaulding Charles C., policeman, h 607 E 2d

Spaulding Frank, carpenter, h 355 Norton

Spaulding Henry, h 203 Pennsylvania av

Spaulding Henry C., lumber, sash, blinds, etc., E 5th cor Canal, h 357 N Main (See adv, second page)

Spaulding Henry C., jr., h 203 Pennsylvania

Spaulding Ida, milliner, h 650 Dickinson

Spaulding Kate, Mrs., nurse, h 650 Dickinson

Spaulding Mary C., widow Charles, h 203 Pennsylvania av

Spaulding Rosa, Mrs., nurse, h 650 Dickinson

Spaulding Thomas S., lawyer, 302 E Water, h College av cor Broadway

Spaulding William H., carpenter, h 331 Norton

Speck John, varnishmaker, h 410 High

Spence David, shoemaker, h 117 Grove

Spence Thomas, City Clerk, Masonic Temple, h Wyckoff House

Spencer Burdett, guard, h 1212 Hall

Spencer Charles, laborer, h 382 W Water

Spencer Charles M., book-keeper, 625 Railroad av, h 422 W 4th

Spencer Charles T., h 900 Oak


Spencer E., h 157 Baldwin

Spencer Ernest, laborer, h 623 Baldwin

Spencer Ernest, tinner, h 133 W Water

Spencer Fanny, Mrs., h 660 Baldwin

Spencer George L., builder, h 422 W 4th

Spencer John L., painter, h 108 W 4th

Spencer Newell H., painter, h 900 Oak

Spencer O. D., oyster dealer, 133 W Water

Spencer Theo C., carpenter, h 1307 Pratt

Sperl John, butcher, h 311 Washington

Sperl J. Willie, bartender, h 311 Washington

Spickerman Levi, carpenter, h 223 Dewitt

Spier Anthony, laborer, h 400 Maxwell Place

Spilene Jeremiah, dyer, h 436 E Water

Spillan Anna, nurse, h 113 Walnut

Spillane Anna, Mrs., grocer, h 208 W Hudson

Spillane Daniel, h 208 W Hudson

Spillane David, clerk, 106 E Water, h 104 S Walnut

Spillane Jerry, laborer, h 104 S Walnut

Spillane John, shoemaker, h 208 W Hudson

Spillane William, laborer, h 256 W Hudson

Spillon Mary E. clerk, 319 E Water, h Hudson n Main

Sprague H. Oscar, clerk, freight depot N. C. R. R., h 951 Walnut

Sprague Merena, widow Donald, h 121 Judson

Sprigg Charles B., carriagemaker, h 651 Lake

Spring Madison, enameler, h 355 Reformatory av

Springer Anna, widow Vincent, h 719 Dickinson

Springer, Sylvester, soda water, h 755 E Water

Springer Theresa, h 118 W Henry

Squire Charles L., physician, 409 E Church, h do

Squire Evaline M., widow Reuben F., h 106 W 2d

Squire Truman H., physician, 409 E Church, h do


Squiers Edna, clerk, 122 Lake, h 221 Chemung Place

Squiers Montgomery N., superintendent, 104 W Partridge, h 221 W Chemung Place

Squires William F., policeman, h 517 W 2d

Stage Converse (Bosworth & Stage), h Hoffman n West Hill

Stage Delphine, domestic, 455 Pennsylvania av

Stage Howard, slater, h 157 Baldwin

Stage Isaac, carpenter, h Sullivan and Thurston

Stage Jacob, drayman, h 156 W 3d

Stage James, barber, h 100 Ann

Stage James M., carpenter, Sullivan and Thurston

Stage John, shoemaker, 363 Davis, h Church n Davis

Stage Rexford J., carpenter, h 1051 Lincoln

Stage Samuel, conductor, h 500 Columbia

Stagg Charles E., telegrapher, 105 Baldwin, h 213 W Chemung Place

Stagg William E., sr., book-keeper, 1011 Sullivan, h 904 Lake

Stahl Jacob, Rev., h 108 High

Stahl Nathan J., tobacconist, 138 ½ W Water, h 213 Gregg

Stamp Peter P., barber, Wyckoff House, h 101 W Water

Stampp Adam (Schornstheimer & Stampp), h 524 Lake

Stanard Maria, h 307 Dewitt

Stanard William, h 559 S Main