Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Stanchfield J. King, physician, 111 N Main h do

Stanchfield John B. (Hill & Stanchfield), also district attorney adjoining Court House, h 111 N Main

Stanchfield, Mary K., Miss, h 313 Lake

Stancliff Edwin, h 246 Lake

Stanley George E., salesman, h 454 W 1st

Stanton Delia, Miss, h 908 William

Stanton Victoria, Mrs., dressmaker, room 17 opera Block

Stanton Wilbur F., carpenter, h 1207 Benton

Stapleton Clarence, machinist, h 463 Powell

Stapleton John, laborer, h 102 S 2d

Stapleton John J., bartender, Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel, h 603 E Church

Stapleton Michael R., plater, h 102 S 2d

Stapleton Patrick, plater, h 102 S 2d

Stapleton Patrick, teamster, h 463 Powell

Stapleton William E., fireman, h 102 S 2d

Stark Brom H., clerk, Railroad av n 5th, h 514 W Church

Stark Eva C., dressmaker, h 257 South av

Stark Tryphena, Mrs., h 257 South av

Starke Karl, upholsterer, h 1002 Oak

Starkweather George, guard, Reformatory

States Edith M., machine operator, h 853 E Market

States Mary E., machine operator, h 853 E Market

States Sylvester, physician, 429 E Water, h do

Staub Frank, domestic, 425 E Water

Staub John, painter, 135 W Water, h do

Stauch George H., clerk, 600 Pennsylvania av, h 569 Coburn

Stedge C. H., slater, h 50 High

Stedman James W., carpenter, h 509 W 2d

Stedman J. Harry (E. H. Cook & Co.), h at Rochester

Stedwell Frank W., clerk, 134 W Water, h 118 Lake

Steele Frederick C., h 355 W Church

Steele J. D., Prof., h 302 W Clinton

Steen Arminious G., book-keeper, Second National Bank, h 557 E 2d

Steeples Martha, widow John, h 605 E Church

Steiger Michael, laborer, h 656 E Clinton

Stein Henry F., carpenter, h 1212 Baldwin

Steinberger George, car repairer, h 407 Herrick

Steinhauser George, tailor, h 108 Orchard

Steinhauser George, jr., tailor, h 108 Orchard

Steinhauser Sophia, dressmaker, h 108 Orchard

Steipel Jacob, casemaker, h 732 E Water

Stephen Kate, h 515 William

Stephen Maggie, h 752 E Church

Stephens Charles, h 331 E Water

Stephens Daniel, h 230 Lake

Stephens Emma, h 153 Baldwin

Stephens Emma, h 306 Sullivan

Stephens F. D., h 362 W 2d

Stephens Harriet, Miss, h 230 Lake

Stephens Harry E., 418 E Washington av

Stephens Hezekiah, brakeman, h 306 Sullivan

Stephens Margaret, Miss, h 230 Lake

Stephens Robert, lawyer, 336 E Water, h 327 Lake

Stephens William H., clerk, Rathbun House, h 752 E Church

Stephenson Helen J., Mrs., h 417 E Market

Stephenson Laura, h 505 William

Stephenson Norman, h 470 W 1st

Stephenson Norman W., varnisher, h 219 Park

Stephenson William, h cor Jones’ Lane and 1st

Stephenson William J., fireman, h 417 E Market

Sterling Charles, teamster, h 925 Lincoln

Sterling Charles H., h 825 Lincoln

Sterling Charles H., laborer, h 450 Hart

Sterling Henry H., salesman, 310 Carroll, h Henry n Main

Sterling John, fireman, h 711 Perine

Sternberg Emeline A., Mrs., h 116 W Hudson

Stevens Alonzo C., dispatcher, N. C. R. R., h 370 W 4th

Stevens Charles, clerk, J. Richardson & Co., h 79 Walnut

Stevens Fenton D., clerk, 340 E Water, h 363 W 2d

STEVENS LAFAYETTE, chiropodist, 135 E Water, h 416 W Gray

Stevens Samuel R., h 359 ½ W 2d

Stevenson E. Sarah, Mrs., h 656 Baldwin

Stevenson Leander, h 656 Baldwin

Stewart Cornelia F., h 607 Dickinson

Stewart Fred L., mailing clerk, h 607 Dickinson

Stewart James, engineer, h 469 W Gray

Stewart Martin, laborer, h 710 Dickinson

Stewart Nettie, Miss, h 505 Baldwin

Stewart Nettie A., h 607 Dickinson

Stewart S. C., salesman, 209 E Water, h 307 William

Stewart Theodore, porter, h 607 Dickinson

Stewart Thomas H., janitor, h 607 Dickinson

STEWART WILLIAM C., dentist, 310 E Water, h 106 Madison av

Stewart William E., architect, h 214 Franklin

Stewart William J., machinist, h 469 W Gray

Stewart William W., union news agent, cor Railroad av and Clinton

Stickels Clinton E., conductor, h 652 Main

Sickles Albert, teamster, h 106 W 5th

Stiles George, news agent h 102 S Elm

Stiles Isaac, boot and shoemaker, 207 W Water, h 102 S Elm

Stiles Isaac, jr., shoemaker, h 102 S Elm

Stiles Lovine, milliner, 128 E Water, h 102 S Elm

Stiles M. D., clerk, 301 E Water, h 115 do

Stiles Maria, Mrs., dressmaker, h 305 Fulton

Stiles Oliver D., druggist, Davis cor 2d, h do

Stiles Samuel S., printer, 123 Lake, h 107 E Market

Stiles William, h 668 Dickinson

Still Charles, h 670 Baldwin

Stillman Claude L., clerk, 110 Baldwin, h 657 Park Place

Stilson William, shoemaker, 406 E Market, h 506 E Church

Stilwell Mary, h 216 Ann

Stitt Charles C., fireman, h 201 W Henry

Stitt John W., woolen mill, Factory n Sullivan, h Franklin, N. J.

St. James Boarding House, Mrs. Emily D. Moore, 102 W Water

St. John Charles W., conductor, h Frasier House

St. John Edgar, book-keeper, h 407 W Church

St. John E. R., Mrs., h Frasier House

STOBO JOHN, boots and shoes, 207 E Water, h 111 Harmon

Stock Annie, Miss, h 403 Lake

Stock Fannie, h 505 Lake

Stoddard George H., brakeman, h 705 Davis

Stoddard Holmes, roller, h 705 Davis

Stoddard Robert L., agent, h 705 Davis

Stoll Aaron C., carpenter, h 813 E Church

STOLL ABRAM, grocer, S Main cor Pennsylvania av, h do

Stoll Adam, shoemaker, h 459 Oak

Stoll Donlevy F., foreman, h 813 Church

Stoll Frank, shoemaker, h 459 Oak

Stoll Joseph O., h 409 High

Stoll Minnie, domestic, h 459 Oak

Stone Charles, clerk, 110 E Water, h 113 do

STONE ERR, superintendent Elmira Car Works, Pullman Palace Car Company, h 381 W 4th

Stone Grace, Mrs., h 381 W 4th

Stone Lorin J., foreman, h 369 W 1st

Stone Martha W., teacher, h 621 W Gray

Stone Myron C., machinist, h 357 Walnut

Stone Newton A., carpenter, h 466 W 1st

Stone Pollva, Mrs., h 381 W 4th

Stone R. O., carbuilder, h 373 W Gray

Stone Roland L., mechanic, h 703 E Market

Stone Wyatt C., book-keeper, Pullman Car Works, h 381 W 4th

Storms Albert, blacksmith, h West Elmira

Story Charles, architect and builder, h 115 Fox

Story Jennie E., domestic, 565 E Water

Story Sarah, Miss, h 652 Dickinson

Story William E., Mrs., h 59 Sullivan

Stout S. O., painter, h 102 W Water

Stover Nancy, h 215 Sullivan

Stover William, undertaker, h 755 Jay

Stow Adelia, h 321 Orchard

Stow Minnie, teacher, h 321 Orchard

Stowe David J., carbuilder, h 405 W 2d

Stowell Abel, carpenter, h 319 William

Stowell Alexander D., Rev., h 919 Stowell

Stowell Charles, carpenter, h 319 William

Stowell Charles M. (F. A. & W. H. Stowell & Co.), h 319 William

Stowell Curtis A., h 919 Stowell

Stowell Delos B., baker, h 114 W 1st

STOWELL F. A. & W. H. & CO. (F. A., W. H. and C. M. Stowell and J. E. Larkin), hardware, paintes, oils

and glass, 307 W Water

Stowell Florence A., Miss, h 919 Stowell

Stowell Francis A. (F. A. & W. H. Stowell & Co.), h 551 E Church

Stowell Henry, porter, h 425 E Church

Stowell James H., h 710 N Main

Stowell John, h 319 William

Stowell Rufus R., salesman, h 553 E Church

Stowell William D., Dr., h 919 Stowell

Stowell William H. (Stowell & Young), also (F. A. & W. H. Stowell & Co.), h 319 William

STOWELL & YOUNG (William H. Stowell and John Young), merchant tailors, 155 Lake

Strachen John, blacksmith, h 1124 Lake

Strader Alfred (Rhodes & Strader), h 804 W 1st

Strader Hannah, h West Elmira

Strader Horatio S., cradle maker, cor Lake and Thurston

Strader John P. (Judson & Strader), h 1553 Lake

Straight David, teamster, h 261 Baldwin

Straight Emily J., Mrs., boarding, 261 Baldwin, h do

Strait William (Clipper Chilled Plow Co.), h 154 W 4th

Straney Emma, domestic, h 401 Maple av

Strang Henry W., salesman, 129 E Water, h 397 W Water

Stratton A. B., brakeman, h 468 South av

Stratton David, blacksmith, h West Elmira

Stratton Robert, mason, h 603 Dickinson

Strauss Clinton D., bartender, 162 Lake, h do

Strauss Herman, clothier, 205 E Water, h 112 Madison av

Strauss Louis (Strauss & Samuels), h 463 E Water

Strauss & Samuels (Louis Strauss and Albert Samuels), dry goods, 139 E Water

Streeter Elizabeth, Mrs., h 623 Baldwin

Stringer Gertrude, h 460 Franklin

Strobe Edwina, domestic, 709 E Market

Strode Anna M., h 410 S Main

Strode James, master mechanic, N. C. R. R. shop, h 410 S Main

Strode William A., h 410 S Main

Stroman Charles, painter, h 363 E Water

Strong Emma, Miss, h 608 Baldwin

Strong Ida M., domestic, 107 E Hudson

Strong Parmelia, boarding house, h 437 E Water

Strong Sarah J., h 615 Baldwin

Strong William, laborer, h 154 W 6th

Strough Monroe A., driver, h 359 ½ W 2d

Strouse George, hostler, h 154 Judson

Strouse Harvey A., farmer, h 521 West Hill

Strouse Harry W., farmer, h 521 West Hill

Strouse Joseph, carpenter, h 154 Judson

Strouse Joseph V., h 521 West Hill

Struppler George A., h 1126 Oak

Struppler George L. C., polisher, h 329 Webber

Struthers Daniel, h 711 Dickinson

Struthers Mary, Miss, h 609 Baldwin

Struthers Robert, laborer, h 819 East av

Struthers William, h 670 Baldwin

Stryker Samuel G., salesman, h 410 College av

Stryker Simon, upholsterer, h 109 Orchard

Stuart Charles B. (Stuart & Beach), h 418 William

Stuart Rye H., conductor, h 863 Lake

STUART & BEACH (C. B. Stueart and W. A. Beach), merchant tailors, also hats and caps, 309 E Water

Stull William, clerk, h 906 Factory

Stumpfle Frederick, machinist, h 512 Dewitt

Stumpfle John, tin peddler, h 512 Dewitt

Stumpfle John D., h 512 Dewitt

Sturch William, boilermaker, h 208 Franklin

Sturdevant Alva B., carpenter, h 419 Herrick

Sturdevant Charles A., hotel, College av cor Reformatory

Sturdevant J. E., brakeman, h 415 Pleasant

Sturdevant Lewis J. (Pratt & Sturdevant), h 753 E 2d

STURGES DON L., fruits and groceries, 146 W Water, h 408 W 2d

Sturges J. Ranney, clerk, Water cor Baldwin, h 376 W Water

Sturs Charles, shoemaker, h 127 W Water

Stuver J. W., Mrs., saleslady, 1201 Benton

Stuver Martin B., h 1201 Benton

SUESS PHILIP, barber, 169 Lake, h 214 Orchard

Suffern James, farmer, h 314 W 3d

Suffern James E., clerk, 421 Railroad av, h 314 W 3d

Sullivan Andrew, laborer, h 409 High

Sullivan Annie, domestic, h 700 E Church

Sullivan Annie, domestic, Elmira House

Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, h 311 S Broadway

Sullivan Bridget, domestic, 210 W 1st

Sullivan Bridget, domestic, 367 Pennsylvania av

Sullivan Bridget, operator, h 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Cornelius, grocer, 851 Dickinson

Sullivan Cornelius, printer, h 123 Lake, h 851 Dickinson

Sullivan Cornelius, sr., saloon, 851 Dickinson, h do

Sullivan Cornelius, stoves and tinware, 526 N Main, h do

Sullivan Cornelius C., watchman, h 156 W Washington av

Sullivan Daniel, cigarmaker, h 156 W Washington av

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h 403 S elm

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, 407 Washington

Sullivan Daniel, trackwalker, h 370 W 3d

Sullivan Daniel J., h Elmira House

Sullivan Daniel J., salesman, 132 W Water, h 370 W 3d

Sullivan Della, domestic, 860 East av

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Dennis, jr., blacksmith, h 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h 707 S Main

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Dennis, mason, h 411 W Washington av

Sullivan Dennis C., cigar manufacturer, 528 N Main, h do

Sullivan Ellen, h 511 Baldwin

Sullivan Ellen, Mrs., between Baldwin and Dickinson

Sullivan Ella, domestic, 127 W Market

Sullivan Ellen, domestic, 902 Lake

Sullivan Ellen, housekeeper, 611 Magee

Sullivan Florence, books, 321 E Water, h 710 E Church

Sullivan Florence, hackdriver, h 166 Baldwin

Sullivan Florence, hackdriver, h 216 Chestnut

Sullivan N., cigarmaker, h Baldwin

Sullivan Humphrey, cigarmaker, h 156 W Washington av

Sullivan Humphrey, mailing clerk, 123 Lake, h 156 W Washington av

Sullivan James W., policeman, h 670 Columbia

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h 729 Walnut

Sullivan Jeremiah, shoemaker, h 216 Chestnut

Sullivan Jerry, laborer, h 508 Elizabeth

Sullivan Johanna, domestic, 1033 Lake

Sullivan John, h 409 High

Sullivan John, h 508 Elizabeth

Sullivan John, laborer, h 519 Oak

Sullivan John, mason, h 420 Standish

Sullivan John, mason, cor Oak and Harper

Sullivan John, saloon, 865 Davis, h do

Sullivan John, shoemaker, h 110 Fulton

Sullivan John, shoemaker, h 216 Chestnut

Sullivan John, shoemaker, h 311 S Broadway

Sullivan John, shoemaker, h 319 River

Sullivan John, shoemaker, h 451 W 3d

Sullivan John, tinsmith, h 156 W Washington av

Sullivan John D., salesman, 108 E Water, h Wyckoff House

Sullivan John H., blacksmith, h 463 W 3d

Sullivan John H., machinist, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan John M., laborer, h 670 Columbia

Sullivan John W., policeman, h cor 4th and Columbia

Sullivan Julia, h 400 Lake

Sullivan Julia, domestic, 411 Pleasant

Sullivan Julia, dressmaker, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Julia L., dressmaker, h 403 S Elm

Sullivan Kate, Mrs., domestic, 801 Davis

Sullivan Lizzie, domestic, 112 Madison av

Sullivan Lucy, domestic, 355 W Gray

Sullivan Margaret, h 10 Fox

Sullivan Margaret, tailoress, h 611 Magee

Sullivan Mark, cigarmaker, h 710 Dickinson

Sullivan Mark, mason, h 413 Fulton

Sullivan Mark, mason, h Elmira House

Sullivan Mark, watchman, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Mary, clerk, 201 E Water, h 611 Magee

Sullivan Mary, cook, 518 Railroad av

Sullivan Mary, domestic, 217 W Gray

Sullivan Mary, domestic, 461 E Water

Sullivan Mary, domestic, 815 College av

Sullivan Mary, dressmaker, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Mary, weaver, h 500 E Church

Sullivan Mary A., h 215 S Main

Sullivan Mary E., Mrs., h 803 Magee

Sullivan Matthew, cigarmaker, h 725 Dickinson

Sullivan Michael, cigarmaker, h 731 Dickinson

Sullivan Michael, cigarmaker, h 725 Dickinson

Sullivan Michael, cigarmaker, 331 E Water

Sullivan Michael, laborer, h 105 E 1st

Sullivan Michael, printer, h 851 Dickinson

Sullivan Michael, saloon, 500 E Clinton, h do

Sullivan Michael, jr., shoemaker, h 500 E Clinton

Sullivan Michael J., printer, h 610 E Water

Sullivan Minnie, dressmaker, h 725 Dickinson

Sullivan Mortimer B., law student, 300 E Water, h 317 Carroll

Sullivan Murty, Mrs., h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 611 Magee

Sullivan Patrick, shoemaker, h 311 S Broadway

Sullivan Patrick, telegraph operator, h 851 Dickinson

Sullivan Patrick C., cigar manufacturer, 908 N Main, h 156 W Washington av

Sullivan Patrick H., clerk, 156 Lake, h 215 S Main

Sullivan Patrick K., mason, h 408 Mt Zoar

Sullivan Patrick M., foreman, h 370 W 3d

Sullivan Patrick R., laborer, h 1007 Main

Sullivan Roger, expressman, h 102 W Water

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h 319 River

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h 507 Oak

Sullivan Timothy, shoemaker, h 411 Elm

Sullivan Timothy G., cigarmaker, h 156 W Washington av

Sullivan Timothy J., saloon, 369 Railroad av, h do

Sullivan William, tinsmith, h 611 Magee

Sullivan William, wagonmaker, h 610 E Water

Sullivan William, jr., wagonmaker, h 610 E Water

Sumner Louis, peddler, h 550 E 2d

Sunday Telegram, 318 Carroll

SUNDAY TIDINGS (Briggs & Copeland), Lake cor Market

Sunderlin Charles D., carpenter, h 422 W 2d

Surganty Augustus, tailoress, h 433 E Water

Surganty Fred, carriagepainter, h 433 E Water

Surganty George, augermaker, h 433 E Water

Surganty Joseph, tailor, 321 E Water, h 433 do

Surganty T. Hortense, Mrs., boarding, 433 E Water h do

Susemihl Charles, barber, 100 E Water, h 258 W Hudson

Susemihl Eda, domestic, 501 E Water

SUSEMIHL HERMAN, bottler carbonated beverages, mineral waters and lager, 100 E Water, also 258 W

Hudson, h do

SUSEMIHL ROBERT, barber, 169 Baldwin, h 556 John

Sutliff Harriet K., Mrs., h Home for Aged


Suttner John, laborer, h 317 E Clinton

Sutton Amery, woolfinisher, h 223 Gregg

Sutton Cassius M., clerk, 216 W Water, h 214 do

Sutton Henry, boilermaker, h 408 W 4th

Sutton John, fireman, h 604 S Main

Sutton Lida M., saleslady, 139 E Water, h 223 Gregg

Sutton Maria, Mrs., h 218 Washington

Sutton William W., cabinetmaker, h 907 W Water

Swails Johanna, h 610 Jay

Swails Stephen, laborer, h 700 E Oak

Swain George, mason, h 315 E Market

Swain Murray, driver, h 509 Lake

Swan Alfred M. (C. F. Swan & Son), 323 E Water

Swan Charles (Charles Swan & Son), h 463 W Church

SWAN C. F. & SON (Chares F. Swan & Alfred M. Swan), hardware, 323 E Water

Swan Charles, jr. (Charles Swan & Son), h 463 W Church

Swan Charles C., book-keeper, Chemung Canal Bank, h E Church cor Dewitt

Swan Charles & Son (Charles, jr.), insurance, 335 E Water

Swan Charles F. (C. F. Swan & Son), h 323 E Water

Swan C. Joseph, clerk, 323 E Water, h do

SWAN ERASTUS A., builder, 613 Baldwin, h 419 E Washington av

Swan Henrietta, Mrs., h 421 E Washington av

Swan James V., station agent, h 364 Fulton

Swan Louisa M., h 312 W 3d

Swan Matthew B., h 309 S Main

Swank John, salesman, 310 Carroll, h 375 E 1st

Swarthout Clara, h 214 Baldwin

Swarthout Clara, saleslady, h 602 E Church

Swarthout Clara, saleslady, h 906 Oak

Swarthout James E., clerk, 211 E Water, h 511 Lake

Swartz Alfred T., clerk, 336 E Water, h 709 E Church

Swartz Manuel, brakeman, h 709 E Church

Swartz Rachel, Mrs., h 411 Railroad av

Swayne A., clerk, 106 N Main, h 109 W Market

Sweeney Edward, peddler, h 602 Beach

Sweeney George P., peddler, h 902 East av

Sweeney Josie, Mrs., domestic, 410 W 1st

Sweeney John, mason, h 602 Beach

Sweeney Mary, h 400 W Hudson

Sweeney Minnie, h 902 East av

Sweeney Patrick, laborer, h 753 S Main

Sweeny Edmund, h 759 Jay

Sweeny James, h 759 Jay

Sweeny Joseph, h 759 Jay

Sweeny Owen, h 759 Jay

Sweet Charles H., clerk, Erie car shops, h 272 Baldwin

Sweet Frank B., slater, 157 Baldwin, h 818 Walnut

Swift Alice, dressmaker, h 171 Baldwin

Swift Allen W., lubricator manufacturer, 730 W 1st, h 728 do

Swift Edwin A., h 728 W 1st

Swift George, shoemaker, h 171 Baldwin

Swift G. W., Mrs., dressmaker, 171 Baldwin, h do

Sykes Jesse F., harnessmaker, h 209 Orchard

Sykes Jesse H., shoemaker, h 209 Orchard

Sykes John F., printer, h 209 Orchard

Syler Joseph, butcher, h 606 Baldwin

Symonds Alonzo D., stone dealer, 402 Tuttle av


Taber Alfred B., clerk, h 213 W 1st

Taber Ida, h 115 Columbia

Taber James R., clerk, 102 W Water, h 315 Baldwin

Taber Samuel C. (McGuire & Taber), h 452 W Church

Tackman Caroline, Mrs., h Home for Aged

Tackman Louis A., wireworker, h 616 Lake

Taggart Annie E., widow George L., h 206 W 5th

Taggart Frances C., artist, h 206 W 5th

Taggart James A., traveling salesman LaFrance Fire Engine Company, h 108 W Chemung Place

Taggart Lucius B., clerk, h 206 W 5th

Tallett Nellie B., h 352 W Clinton

Tallman Solomon, carpenter, h 454 W 1st

Tanner Ada, h 408 E Water

Tanner Alonzo, shoemaker, h 408 E Water

Tanner Jane, Mrs., domestic, h 663 Davis

Tanner Kaney, boot whipper, h 408 E Water

Tanner Lydia, dressmaker, h 214 High

Tanner Mina, shoemaker, h 100 E Hudson

Tanouski Daniel, h 165 Baldwin

Tanouski John, h 165 Baldwin

Tanouski Julius, h 165 Baldwin

Tarbell Joseph W., harnessmaker, h 418 E Water

Taylor Abraham J., tanner, h 211 Ann

Taylor Alfred J., h 457 Sullivan

Taylor Benjamin, cartman, h 750 E Church

Taylor Benjamin W., laborer, h 307 E Clinton

Taylor Catherine, Mrs., matron, Elmira Surgical Institute, h do

Taylor Charles, h 403 W 1st

Taylor Edlena, h 211 Ann

Taylor Elias W., h 320 W 5th

Taylor Eliza, Mrs., h 705 Baldwin

Taylor Fannie, domestic, h 112 Madison

Taylor Fannie, Mrs., h 112 High

Taylor Frank B., clerk, 153 Baldwin, h 403 W 1st

Taylor Henry L., book-keeper, 321 E Water, h 423 W do

Taylor Jennie M., saleslady, 112 N. Main, h 705 do

Taylor J. Rood, h 320 W 5th

Taylor John R., harnessmaker, h Homestead Hotel

Taylor John W., tailor, h 217 S Main

Taylor J. Welles, salesman, 158 Baldwin, h 126 N Main

Taylor Laura B., Mrs., h 352 W 4th

Taylor Laura J., h 457 Sullivan

Taylor Lawrence, h 126 N Main

Taylor Lewis P., puddler, h 705 N Main

Taylor Lizzie R., Mrs., domestic, 901 E Market

Taylor Mansel, gardener, h 457 Sullivan

Taylor N. Allen, laborer, h 366 Pennsylvania av

Taylor Sarah E., h 352 W 4th

Taylor Samuel, laborer, h 126 N Main

Taylor Samuel B., auctioneer, h 403 W 1st

Taylor Silas, cartman, h 750 E Church

Taylor Sylvester S. (Taylor & Bacon), h 437 E Water

Taylor William D., cradle-maker, h 1320 Benton

Taylor & Bacon (Sylvester S. Taylor and James Bacon), lawyers, 120 Lake

Taynton John A. (Haight & Taynton), h 414 S Main

Taynton Newton C., fireman, 456 South av

Teal Martha L., widow William, h 718 Benjamin

Tedd John, puddler, h 858 Magee

Teed C. Francis, traveling agent, h 508 Roe av

Teed M. Elijah, clerk, 423 N Main, h 657 Columbia

TELEGRAM COMPANY (H. S. Brooks, C. Hazard and J. Hill, proprietors and publishers Sunday

Telegram), 318 Carroll

Telephone Exchange, F. E. Smith, manager, State cor Nicks

Telouski Levi, peddler, h 558 E Water

Ten Broeck Fannie, h 210 Washington

Ten Broeck Floyd, h 208 Madison av

Ten Broeck Hattie, teacher, h 210 Washington

Ten Broeck William, h 208 Madison av

Tenny Martha, h 414 William

Tenny Robert, h 414 William

Terneur Henry, agent, h 505 Madison av

Terry Eb, horseman, h West End Hotel

Terwilliger C. L., h 112 E Chemung Place

Terwilliger Carr, hostler, h 1013 East av

Terwilliger Edgar B., farmer, h 864 Hatch

Terwilliger James, bridgebuilder, h 515 Railroad av

Terwilliger John, carpenter, h 210 W Water

Terwilliger W. W., Mrs., h 604 Pennsylvania av

Thayer Ese B., weaver, h 503 Sullivan

Thayer Nellie, machine operator, h 103 E Church

Theresa Mary, h 717 Benjamin

Thiele Godfrey, tailor, h 112 High

Thing Samuel B. (G. W. Ingalls & Co.), h at Boston

Thomas Benjamin, helper, h 918 Stowell

Thomas Charles I., h 368 W Clinton

Thomas Daniel, shoemaker, h 507 Clinton Place

Thomas Daniel M., secretary Chemung Hollow Ware Works, 204 Baldwin, h 651 College av

Thomas David, h 513 William

Thomas Hannah A., Mrs., h 368 W Clinton

Thomas Horace S., machinist, h Spaulding cor Caldwell av

Thomas Joseph, fireman, h 517 Herrick

Thomas Lottie, clerk, h 410 W Gray

Thomas Mary, h 507 Clinton Place

Thomas N. Spencer, h 368 W Clinton

Thomas Napoleon, coachman, h 350 N Main

Thomas Nathan, laborer, h 814 W 1st

Thomas Phoebe, h 517 Herrick

Thomas Rebecca I., Mrs., h 368 W Clinton

Thomas Sarah, h 416 Perry

Thomas William, h 507 Clinton Place

Thomas William, h 513 William

Thomas William, puddler, h 833 Canal

Thomas William E., h 905 Stowell

Thompson Anna, Mrs., dressmaker, h 307 W Washington av

Thompson Bradley, polisher, h 416 E Washington av

Thompson C. Dwight, traveling agent, 111 E Water, h 316 Baldwin

Thompson Carrie, Mrs., h 711 College av

Thompson D. L., clerk, 118 W Water, h 391 do

Thompson Delia, Mrs., h 508 Main

Thompson Edson A., blacksmith, h 104 W 1st