Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Thompson Ella, dressmaker, h 611 College

Thompson Ella J., h 307 W Washington av

Thompson Eva, h 1105 Benton

Thompson Eugene B., clerk, h 917 Benton

Thompson Edward E., laborer, h 508 Main

Thompson Frank L., assistant engineer, Masonic Temple, h 205 S Elm

Thompson Franklin, h 127 Partridge

Thompson George, machinist, h 127 Partridge

Thompson George W., laborer, h 110 Ferris

Thompson H. A., h 391 W Water

Thompson Headley, salesman, h 527 W Gray

Thompson Henry, h 223 Franklin

Thompson J. Fremont (Thompson & Minier), h 409 N Main

Thompson James, clerk, h 301 E Church

Thompson John, drayman, h 127 Partridge

Thompson John, laborer, h 806 Madison av

Thompson John, laborer, h 150 E Washington av

Thompson John R., shoe agent, h 902 Lake

Thompson Julia, Mrs., h 415 Main

Thompson Maria, widow Jeremiah, h 104 W 1st

Thompson Mary, domestic, h 425 E Market

Thompson Mary C., h 215 Franklin

S. X. METZGER & SON, Pork and Beef Packers, 409 & 411 Railroad Ave., ELMIRA, N. Y.

Thompson Orpat W., teacher, h 207 W Washington av

Thompson Oscar, carpenter, h 531 W Clinton

Thompson Samuel E., boilermaker, h 215 Franklin

Thompson Samuel J., telegrapher, h 223 Franklin

Thompson Sue, teacher, h 415 Main

Thompson Susie A., teacher, h 902 Lake

Thompson Walter S., shipping clerk, 111 E Water, h 316 Baldwin

Thompson William, laborer, h 817 Michigan

Thompson William C., h 104 W 1st

Thompson William J., notions, h 367 W Church

Thompson & Minier (J. Fremont Thompson and Frank L. Minier), lawyers, 215 E Water

Thorn John, salesman, 154 Lake, h 371 Thurston

Thorndill John, mason, h 317 Roe av

Thornton E. Frank, h 713 Lake

Thornton Ellison E., h 430 Pleasant

Thornton Frank, teamster, h 107 ½ E 2d

Thornton Harry A., broom-maker, h 430 Pleasant

Thornton Julia, Mrs., domestic, 323 Railroad av

Thornton Maggie, h 501 Baldwin

Thornton William, laborer, h 709 Dickinson

Thrall Corydon, carpenter, h 523 W Clinton

Thro J. Carrie, Miss, h 650 Lake

Thro Charles D., jr., clerk, 310 E Water, h 650 Lake

Thro John F., steward, h 650 Lake

Thro John J., h 619 Lewis

Thro Minnie E., h 404 High

Thruba Adelia, Mrs., h 407 Main

Thurston Ariel S. (A. S. & C. P. Thurston), h 413 N Main

Thurston A. S. & C. P. (Arial S. and Charles P), lawyers, 151 Lake

Thurston Charles P. (A. S. & C. P. Thurston, h 1003 Lake

Thurston J. Albert, laborer, h 600 Baldwin

Thurston Michael H., wagonmaker, h West Elmira

Thurston Moses, barber, h 434 E Water

Thurston Reuben, carpenter, h 1056 Walnut

Thurston Richard H., student, h 413 Main

Thurston William K., clerk, h 1053 Walnut

Tibbitts George W., fireman, h 1105 Benton

Tice Benjamin W., school teacher, h 254 South av

Tice Elmira, domestic, 331 Center

Tice Emma, Mrs., h 665 College av

Tidd Charles, contractor, h 305 S Main

Tidd Grant W., h 305 S Main

Tidd Horton, editor, 308 E Water, h Wyckoff House

Tierney Catherine, h 125 Judson

Go To A. S. TURNER & SON for Lumber, Lath, Singles, Etc., 203 East Second St.

Tierney Daniel, ironworker, h 706 Hatch

Tierney Hannah, Mrs., h 706 Hatch

Tierney James, ironworker, h 706 Hatch

Tierney Joseph, stonecutter, h 125 Judson

Tierney Maggie, dressmaker, h 706 Hatch

Tierney Nora, domestic, 303 N Main

Tiffany Owen, shoemaker, h Elmira House

Tillinghast Dell W., clerk, Church cor William, h 159 Madison

Tillinghast Herbert, news agent, h 506 Park Place

Tillinghast Lizzie H., Mrs., h 506 Park Place

Tillman John M., harness manufacturer, 144 E Water, h 218 High

Tillman John M., jr., salesman, 137 E Water, h 218 High

Tillson James, machinist, 613 Lake

Timm Carl, shoemaker, h 412 Elm

Tinklepaugh Simon P., brakeman, h 709 Kinyon

Tioga and Elmira State Line Railroad, 501 Railroad av, H. J. Jewett, president; J. C. Guthrie, vice-president; D. S. Drake, secretary and treasures; L H. Shattuck, superintendent.

Tisdale George M., foreman, 203 E 2d, h 304 do

Toan Thomas H., steward, Elmira Female College, h 862 N Main

Toaz Robert, h 569 E Water

Tobey Martin A., laborer, h 514 W Hudson

Tobin Alice, domestic, h 407 E Chruch

Tobin Alice, tailoress, h 914 Magee

Tobin Edward, cooper, h 556 E Clinton

Tobin Edward, laborer, h 915 Railroad av

Tobin Edward, printer, h 115 E 1st

Tobin Edward J., printer, h 914 Magee

Tobin Edward R., cooper, h 914 Magee

Tobin John, printer, h 115 E 1st

Tobin Maggie, domestic, 352 Maple av

Tobin Martin, cooper, h 556 E Clinton

Tobin Martin, cooper, h 615 Lake

Tobin Mary, dressmaker, h 914 Magee

Tobin Patrick, carpenter, r 502 Columbia

Todtman Julia, widow Isaac, h 708 E Clinton

Todtman Nathan, salesman, h 708 E Clinton

Toles Edward, h 714 E Water

Toles Louise, student, h 506 William

Toles Mary, h 714 E Market

Toles Stella M., Mrs., dressmaker, h 327 Center

Toles William, h 714 E Water

Tomasky Charles, varnisher, h 114 Orchard

Tomlinson Charles, photographer, 116 Baldwin, h 1007 Walnut

Tomlinson Genie, operator, Telephone Exchange, h 513 Davis


Tomlinson Slo. B., lawyer, h 854 N Main

Tomlinson William, bitmaker, h 513 Davis

Tompkins Cornelius B., superintendent public schools, 110 Baldwin, h 108 Pennsylvania

Tompkins Ray, student, h 124 w 2d

Tompkins Sherman D., clerk, h 108 Pennsylvania av

Tompkins Solomon P., h 456 W 3d

Tompkins Stewart D., clerk, 110 Baldwin, h 108 Pennsylvania av

Tompkins Tamerlane B., h 124 W 2d

Tompkins William W., book-keeper, 211 Baldwin, h 108 Pennsylvania av

Toner Alexander, carpenter, h 515 Harper

Tong James, teamster, h 640 W Gray

Tong Jonathan, carpenter, h 640 W Gray

Tong Thomas W., carpenter, h 121 W Chemung Place

Tonney James, laborer, h 717 Dickinson

Tooker Hiram, painter, h 127 W Water

Tooker Jared Y, shoemaker, h 510 W 2d

Tooker Joseph Y., farmer, h 510 W 2d

Toole Edward J., book-keeper, 142 E Water, h 417 do

Topping Benjamin W. (Topping Bros. & Co.), h 617 W 1st

Topping Bros. & Co. (Benjamin W. Topping, DeWitt G. Topping and George E. Carpenter), notions, 104 Lake

Topping DeWitt G. (Topping Bros. & Co.), h at Odessa

Torpy John, laborer, h 705 Railroad av

Torrence Susan, Mrs., h 370 W 4th

Touch Morris, cutter, h 319 High

Touch Theresa, music teacher, h 319 High

Toughey Margaret, Mrs., h 213 W 3d

Toughey Mary, domestic, 115 College av

Touchey Mary, domestic, 407 W Gray

Toughey James F., conductor, h 357 W 2d

Towl Forest M., h 866 N Main

Towl Thomas M., h 866 N Main

Towner Arthur, book-keeper, h 336 E Water

Towner Ausburn, journalist, h 411 E Church

Towner Cyrus F., teamster, h 309 Fulton

Townsend Alexander, foreman, 567 Baldwin, h 622 do

Townsend Fred B., clerk, 120 Lake, h 622 Baldwin

Townsend H. D., farmer, h 104 Lake

Townsend John W., salesman, 104 Lake, h at Townsendville

Townsend Newton, h 403 Railroad av

Townsend Thomas, h 115 E Chemung Place

Tracy Charles M., shoemaker, h 497 W Hudson

Tracy Julia, Mrs., h 210 W 3d

Tracy Minnie, domestic, 750 John


Trainor Anna F., clerk, 315 E Water, h 603 S Main

Trainor James, cigarmaker, h 605 S Main

Trainor James, laborer, h 1402 Baldwin

Trainor James, laborer, h825 Canal

Trainor Owen B., brakeman, h 508 College av

Trauger Clinton B., brakeman, h 508 College av

Traut Mary Mrs., h 658 Baldwin

Traven Alex., laborer, h 715 Clinton

Traver Catherine, widow Solomon, h 409 Davis

Traver Edward, h 420 Carroll

Traver John, bricklayer, h 409 Davis

Traver John B., clerk, 143 W Water, h 409 Davis

Traver William E., clerk, 148 W Water, h 409 Davis

Travers Edwin, bottler, h 406 E Water

Travers John, laborer, h 108 W 1st

Travis Almeda, Mrs., domestic, 915 Lake

Travis Flora E., teacher, h 409 Pleasant

Travis Maria, Mrs., h Home for Aged

Treadway Charles B., salesman, 120 Lake, h 307 E 2d

Treadwell Hezekiah D., shoemaker, 505 Magee, h do

Tremain Anna J., milliner, h 450 Hart

Tremain Eva M., Mrs., music teacher, h 557 Coburn

Tremain John, farmer, h 450 Hart

Tremain Warren H., book-keeper, h 557 Coburn

Trembly Frank, painter, h 425 E Water

Trembly Joseph H., porter, Rathbun House, h 381 Pennsylvania av

Trembly Riley, manager Homestead Hotel, h do

Trembly Sarah R., proprietress Homestead Hotel, 424 and 427 E Water

Tremmel Peter, h 514 Madison av

Trescott Jonathan W., carriage trimmer, 211 W Water, h 360 W Gray

Triggs Robert, laborer, h 271 W Hudson

Trimberg Moses, peddler, h 465 E Water

Trost George, shoemaker, h 763 E 2d

Trout Andrew J., printer, h 121 Sullivan

Trout George M., laborer, h 812 E Church

Trout George M., printer, h 256 W Chemung Place

Trout George M., printer, h 103 Columbia

Trout George P., h 812 E Church

Trout George W., carpenter, h 812 E Church

Trout Isaac L., brakeman, h 368 Pennsylvania av

Trout John, blacksmith, h 708 E Church

Trout Miles, blacksmith, h 107 Madison av

Troy House, John M. Lynch, proprietor, 419 Railroad av


Troy Laundry, C. S. Keith, 153 Baldwin (See adv, page 176)

Tschan Bridget, Mrs., h 4th n Grove

Tschan Murice, h 4th n Grove

Tscahn Philip, saloon, 605 Lake, h do

Tubberty Martin, laborer, h 859 Davis

Tubberty Thomas, laborer, h 859 Davis

Tubbs Altay, seamstress, h 223 Ann

Tubbs Harriet, Mrs., h 701 Kinyon

Tubbs William C., creamery, 153 Baldwin, h 214 do

Tuch Isaac, dry goods, 324 E Water, h 1 Dewitt

Tuch Morris, clerk, 324 E Water, h 1 Dewitt

Tuener Simeon, bell boy, Frasier House

Tumpopsky Isaac, traveler, h 13 Washington

Tumpsky Julius, h 509 Dewitt

Tunison Lagrange, carpenter, h 811 E Water

Tunison Ophelia, teacher, h 811 E Water

Turnbull Alexander Z. (Turnbull Brothers), h 360 W 4th

Turnbull Angelo, salesman, h 360 W 4th

Turnbull Brothers (Alexander Z. and William P.), boot and shoe manufacturers, Railroad av, cor W 4th

Turnbull Michael A., salesman, Railroad av, cor W 4th, h 360 do

Turnbull William P. (Turnbull Brothers), h 365 W 4th

Turner A. S. & Son (Alexander S. and Lawrence A.), lumber and coal, 203 E 2d (See adv, center lines)

Turner Alexander S. (A. S. Turner & Son), h 501 Baldwin

Turner David, laborer, h 610 Jay

Turner Edward, shoemaker, h 314 Harmon

Turner Emma, operator, h 314 Harmon

Turner Eva E., milliner, h 414 Standish

Turner Fred, engineer, h 417 S Main

Turner John, puddler, h 414 Standish

Turner Julia A., Mrs., 717 Dickinson

Turner Lawrence A. (A. S. Turner & Son), h 501 Baldwin

Turner M. J., Mrs., h 248 W Water

Turner Pamelia, Mrs., h 501 Baldwin

Turner Robert T. (Turner & Van Duzer, also, Gillet & Co.), h 419 W Church

Turner Robert U., student, h 419 W Church

Turner Thomas H., laborer, h 717 Dickinson

Turner Thomas W., policeman, h 607 William

Turner William J., teamster, h 414 Standish

Turner & Van Duzer (Robert T. Turner and Edward C. Van Duzer), lawyers, 218 E Water

Tuthill Francis G. (Tuthill & Sample), h Lake n Norton

Tuthill John S., Mrs., h 243 Lake

Tuthill Misinda E., Mrs., h 417 E Market


Tuthill & Sample (Francis G. Tuthill and Robert Sample), blacksmiths, Washington n Lake

Tuton Mary, seamstress, r 365 W 5th

Tuton Anna J., widow George, h 501 Davis

Tuton George, clerk, 340 E Water, h 501 Davis

Tuton Robert S., h 501 Davis

Tuttle John H., salesman, State n Water, h 208 Dewitt

Tuttle Nellie, h 159 Baldwin

Twining Lucy H., Mrs., h 517 W Church

Twomey John, policeman, h 505 College av

Tyler Amelia, h 129 N Main

Tyler Jane A., h 129 N Main

Tyler Josepha, h 129 N Main

Tymes Joseph, 705 Kinyon

Tyrell Mary, h 211 Lake

Tyrrell Miles, carpenter, h 157 High


Ufford Daniel E., book-keeper, 120 Lake, h 315 Madison av

Ulrich Bernhart, druggist, h 200 Washington

Ultrich Adam, superintendent, h 1329 College av

Ultrich Betha, domestic, 1329 College av

Underhill Henry C., plumber, gas and steam fitter, 336 E Water, h 108 E Chemung Place

Underwood Augustus H., conductor, h 521 W Church

Underwood James, h 709 Baldwin

Underwood Mary Jane, Mrs., h 709 Baldwin

Underwood Edwin H., engineer, h 521 W Church

Union News Company, Delavan House

United States Express Company, agent, Sutherland DeWitt, 152 Baldwin

Updegraff Jacob, painter, h 405 Walnut

Up De Graff Thad S., Elmira Surgical Institute, h 114 W Chemung Place

Up De Graff Thad S., jr., student, Elmira Surgical Institute, h do

Updike Frank, harnessmaker, h 402 Baldwin

UpDyke Carrie E., teacher, h 460 W Hudson

UpDyke Cora L., h 121 W Hudson

UpDyke Lewis L., ice, 114 W Water, h 460 W Hudson

UpDyke Mercy, Mrs., h 208 W Chemung Place

UpDyke Sarah, h 208 W Chemung Place

UpDyke William M., carpenter, h 121 W Hudson

Upham Clara A., dressmaker, h534 N Main, h do

Upham Clarissa A., dressmaker, h 516 Main

Ustick Benjamin M,. clerk, h 656 N Main

Ustick William, h 656 N Main

Utica, Ithaca & Elmira R. R. Co., 601 Railroad av

BOOK-KEEPING taught practically at Allen Busniess College, ADVERTISER BUILDING.


Vail David L., carpenter, h 416 W 4th

Vail Margaret A., Mrs., nurse, h 214 W Hudson

Vail Rufus, cartman, h 310 W 1st

Valentine Cora, domestic, 1113 Elm

Valentine Mary C., domestic, 830 Market

Valerias Rosa, h 214 Orchard

Valliard Fred, shoemaker, h 132 W Henry

Valois August, barber, h 402 E Water, h do

Valois Augustus, cabinetmaker, h 504 E Water

Valois Bertha, hairdresser, 306 E Water, 504 do

Valois Frank, barber, h 504 E Water

Valois Julia, milliner, h 504 E Water

Van Aken Charles L., h 529 W Gray

Van Aken Elisha M., photographer, 120 W Water, h 529 W Gray

Van Allen Angeline, widow Leonard R.,, h 267 W Chemung Place

Van Auken, Maggie, dressmaker, 109 S Main

Van Bergan D., student, h 515 E Union

Van Buren William H., printer, h 449 W 5th

Van Buskirk Eugene, armorer, h 210 Mt Zoar

Van Campen Mary E., h 1312 Benton

Van Campen Nathan, h 806 Madison av

Van Campen Nathan, brakeman, h 1312 Benton

Van Carr Ezra, laborer, h 1006 Pratt

Vanderhoff C. F., farmer, h West Elmira

Vanderpool Samuel, laborer, h 1021 Oak

Van Dusen Jane E., widow Udolpho, h 412 W Clinton

Van Duyne Nellie L., cashier, 319 E Water, h 350 Diven av

Van Duyne John R., carpenter, h 350 Diven av

Van Duzer Edward C. (Turner & Van Duzer), h 510 Lake

Van Dyke George R., brakeman, h 615 Pennsylvania av

Van Dyke James M., clerk, h 369 W Clinton

Van Dyke James M., book-keeper, 200 E Water, h 369 W Clinton

Van Dyne James, carpenter, h 712 E Market

Van Dyne Oliver, clerk, 315 E Water, h 712 E Market

Van Dyne William, h 712 E Market

Van Gedder Henry, laborer, h 516 Perry

Van Gelder James, laborer, h 901 E Church

Van Gelder Miles, laborer, h 601 Howard

Van Gleet Amelia, Mrs., h 114 W 2d

Van Gorder Frank E., h 418 Fulton

Van Gorder George W., shoemaker, h 408 Walnut

Van Gorder Henry B., carpenter, h n city limits

Van Gorder John, laborer, h 414 Standish

A. S. Turner & Son is the place to buy Building Materials.

Van Gorder John S., h 460 Maple av

Van Gorder Mary, Mrs. h 105 S Henry

Van Gorder Robert B., janitor Masonic Temple, h 460 Maple av

Van Gorder Selah T., mason, h 401 W Clinton

Van Gorder H. Wallace, letter carrier P. O., h 460 maple av

Van Gorder W. H., brakeman, h 615 Pennsylvania av

Van Gorder Warren H., mechanic, h 709 Michigan

Van Horne Emory E., clerk, 143 W Water, h 112 Columbia

Van Houten J. Sanford, book-keeper, 107 E Water, h 116 W Hudson

Van Kirk James L., grocer, h 238 Mt Zoar

Van Keuren Frank E., printer, Advertiser Job Rooms

Van Kuren Charles P., carpenter, h 510 Columbia

Van Natten Eleanor, h 507 E Church

Van Ness Harman W., h 118 Ferris

Van Norman Samuel S., insurance, h 1051 Lincoln

Van Nort John F., jr., druggist, 144 W Water, h Main cor Gray

Van Over Elinda D., h 368 Pennsylvania av

Van Over James S., h 358 Pennsylvania av

Van Pelt Aaron, shoemaker, h 232 Mt Zoar

Van Scoy Cornelius, restaurant, 248 W Water, h do

Van Skiver Esther, widow Hiram, h 309 Norton

Van Skiver Mary J., dressmaker, h 309 Norton

Van Vliet Morris, superintendent Advertiser Job Rooms

Van Wagenen Henry, telegrapher, h 413 Grove

Van Wagenen William H., express messenger, h 413 Grove

Van Wagner Alvin, h 365 Davis

Van Wagner Alvin, laborer, h 212 W 3d

Van Wagner Charles, baggagemaster, h 306 College av

Van Wagoner Charles, jobber, 362 Hoffman

Van Why Joseph M., carpenter, h 335 S Broadway

Van Wie Joseph, carpenter, h 457 Fulton

Van Wormer Theodore, engineer, h 515 W Clinton

Van Wort W. H., conductor, h 422 Fulton

Varian Charles, shoemaker, h 550 John

Vaughn Charles D., shoemaker, h 404 W 3d

Vaughn Erie F., farmer, h West Elmira

Vaughn Festus, h 166 Harriet

Vaughn Frank A., shoemaker, h 404 W 3d

Vaughn John A., carpenter, h 404 W 3d

Vaughn Mary, domestic, 501 W Water

Vaughn Miles, farmer, h 166 Harriet

Vaughn William K., farmer, h West Elmira

Veal Amanda, Mrs., h 324 E Water

Veazie Arthur, watchman, h 419 Walnut

Pork & Beef Packers, S. X. Metzger & Son, 406 & 411 Railroad Avenue, Elmira.

Veddes Jacob, laborer, h old gas house

Velder Julius, clerk, h 114 Orchard

Velder Tecklea, widow Lewis, h 114 Orchard

Verguson Mary, h 514 High

Verguson Reed, agent, carriage manufacturer, 450 E Water, h 105 E Henry

Veringlie Jane, h Home for Aged

Vermilyea Clara M., teacher, h 106 Columbia

Vermilyea D. Edgar, fireman, h 665 Baldwin

Vermilyea John J., tinsmith, h 106 Columbia

Vermilyea John L., tinsmith, h 106 Columbia

Vernooy Amelia, dressmaker, h 512 Madison av

Vernooy Clara, dressmaker, h 512 Madison av

Vernooy J. Edwin Capenter, h 321 Norton

Vernooy William, h 115 Sullivan

Vernoy Margaret C., dressmaker, h 359 Norton

Verrian Josiah, engineer, h 554 E 3d

Vickery Albert J., salesman, 161 Lake, h 218 Washington

Vickery Edmund, shoemaker, h 608 Walnut

Vickery Samuel, grocer, 711 Lake, h do

Vickery Susie, Mrs., h 608 Walnut

Viele N. V., carpet weaver, h 828 McDonald

Vicent Frances J., widow Clayton, h 438 W Clinton

Vincent James R., jeweler, 213 E Water, h 614 Park Place

Vincent Julia, dressmaker, h 658 E Clinton

Vinton Charles E., rectifier and wholesale liquors, 128 Railroad av and 102 E Market, h 210 William

Vinton Harrison W., traveling salesman, 128 Railroad av, h 429 W Clinton

Virginia Mercie A., Mrs. h 522 Baldwin

Vogt Casper, h 408 Hart

Volbrecht Herman J., boots and shoes, 172 Lake, h 708 E Water

Volker William, laborer, h 1008 Oak

Voekeroth Fred, bottler, h 416 Madison

Voorhees Andrew, clerk, 209 E Water, h 119 W Henry

Voorhees Augustus, salesman, 117 E Water, h 124 do

Voorhees Charles, printer, h 624 Winsor av

Vosburgh Orlando, h 400 Pleasant

Vosburgh William L., clerk, 134 W Water, h 400 Pleasant

Vredenberg Kate, h 225 W Henry

Vredenburg Kate, domestic, h 119 High

Vrdenburg William M., painter, h 315 E Market


Waddell Mary H., h 421 Columbia

Wade James E., tanner, room 19 Opera block


Wade Joseph, laborer, h 50 High

Wade Mary, Mrs., h 670 College av

Wade Willis, painter, h 670 Columbia

Wadhams Samuel D., druggist, 333 E Water, h 118 W Market

Wadsworth Emanuel, clerk, 717 E Oak

Wadsworth Joseph, grocer, 650 Dickinson, h do

Wadsworth Melinda, Mrs., h 417 E Market

Wagner Anton, barber, h 550 E Water

Wagner Henry, shoemaker, h 550 E Water

Wagner John, shoemaker, h 550 E Water

Wagner John J. (Kenning & Wagner), h 108 Washington

Wagner Peter, tinner, h 108 Washington

Wagner Robert, h old gas house

Wagner Samuel H., salesman, 310 Carroll, h 108 Washington

Waldorf Lewis H., carpenter, h 528 W 1st

Waldron David T., clerk, 135 E Water, h 420 W Gray

Waldron Henry B., h 420 W Gray

Wales Theron A., physician, 403 William, h do

Wales Zippe Brooks, physician, 403 William, h do

Walker Albert, carpenter, 110 Walnut, h do

Walker Arthur C., stonecutter, h 814 E Market

Walker Crissie A., h 121 E Chemung Place

Walker Ellen C., Mrs., h 801 Johnson

Walker Emmon T., superintendent mailing department postoffice, h 210 High

Walker Frederick H., book-keeper, W 4th cor Railroad av, h 425 do

Walker Hattie E., h 214 Harmon

Walker James (James & R. H. Walker), h 121 E Chemung Place

Walker James D., clerk, 334 E Water, h 121 E Chemung Place

Walker James F., cutter, 216 E Water, h 359 ½ W 2d

Walker James & R. H. (Robert H.), plumbers, steam and gas fitters, 332 and 334 E Water

Walker John, Mrs., clerk, 421 Railroad av, h 801 Johnson

Walker John A., plumber, h 214 Harmon

Walker Merritt H., wholesale boot and shoe manufacturer, W 4th cor Railroad av, h 365 W Gray

Walker Robert H. (James & R. H. Walker), h 100 Pennsylvania

Walker Thomas, plumber, h 101 Erie

Wall Delia, h 650 E Market

Wall Jennie E., h 558 E Church

Wall Joseph, cutter, h 757 E Market

Wall Lizzie, domestic, 151 Franklin

Wall Maggie, domestic, 109 S Main

Wall Mary A., domestic, 211 Franklin

Wall Michael, shoemaker, h 338 W 7th

PENMANSHIP, PRACTICAL & ORNAMENTAL at Allen Business College, Advertiser Building.

Wallace Casper D., h 509 College av

Wallace Charles, painter, h 402 William

Wallace Cornelia, Mrs., dressmaker, h 208 Fulton

Wallace George, jr., h 423 Standish

Wallace George W., saloon, 671 Lake, h 423 Standish

Wallace James W., blacksmith, LaFrance Co., h 208 Fulton

Wallace Lizzie, Mrs., h 709 Benjamin

Wallace Minnie, h 418 E Water

Wallis Thomas G., express messenger, h 621 W Church

Walster C. C., shoemaker, h 362 W Gray

Walster George, shoemaker, h 210 W 3d

Walsh James, laborer, h 818 Hatch

Walsh James, line man, h 1404 Baldwin

Walsh James, telegraph repair, h 374 W 5th

Walsh Kate, domestic, 108 Madison av

Walsh Kate, domestic, 510 W Church

Walsh Lizzie, milliner, h 130 E Water

Walsh Lizzie, milliner, h 205 Orchard

Walsh Lenna, waiter, 515 Railroad av

Walsh Maggie, Mrs., milliner, 130 E Water, h do

Walsh Mamie, cook, 515 Railroad av

Walsh May, Mrs., saloon keeper, 351 Railroad av

Walsh Mary, domestic, 408 S Elm

Walsh Michael, laborer, 1404 Baldwin

Walsh Michael, jr., gardener, h 1404 Baldwin

Walsh Michael, salesman, h 130 E Water

Walsh Thomas, bartender, 351 Railroad av

Walsh Thomas, oyster dealer, 110 Lake

Walsh William, wines and liquors, 149 W Water, h 818 Hatch

Walter Alvin A., book-keeper, 605 Baldwin, h 617 Lake

Walters Estelle, h 224 W 1st

Walters Hulbert, packer, 414 E Water, h 166 Dewitt

Waltz George, laborer, h 853 Dickinson

Walzer Peter H. (Bower & Walzer), h 306 W Water

Wannamaker Manning F., meat market, 68 Pennsylvania av, h 216 Ann

Ward Anna, clerk, 134 W Water, h 753 Day

Ward Charles A., conductor, h 220 W 2d

Ward Charles B., machinist, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Ward Charles J., h 1305 Benton

Ward David, laborer, h 753 Day

Ward Fred J., barber, South av cor S Main, h 203 S Elm

Ward Fred J., engineer, h 203 Elm

Ward George M., clerk, h 814 W 1st

Ward George w., assistant postmaster, postoffice, h 502 E Church

Ward Hannah, clerk, h 753 Day

Ward James, laborer, h 107 Washington av

Buy Michigan Pine in car loads of A. S. Turner & Son.

Ward James N., lawyer, 218 E Water, h 403 W Water

Ward Katie, domestic, 143 W Water

Ward Mercien, shipping clerk, h 523 W Water

Ward Milton C., laborer, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Ward Willett M., h 356 Clinton

Ward William, boxmaker, h 916 Benton

Ward William, cartman, h 916 Benton

Ward William A., stone yard, N Main n 1st, h 356 W Clinton

Ward William E., clerk, 101 E Water, h 223 W do

Ward William H., engineer, h 412 W Clinton

Wardell Charles A., painter, h 102 Dickinson

Ware Harry, ironworker, h 615 Lake

Ware John S., blacksmith, h 615 Lake

Ware J. Theodore, ironworker, h 615 Lake

Ware Minnie B., saleslady, 113 Baldwin, h 204 E Gray

Ware Thomas, shoemaker, h 24 E Gray

Ware William, shoecutter, h 204 E Gray

Ware William M., ironworker, h 801 Davis

Warfield E. W., h 510 E Church

Warn Cornelius, engineer, h 650 Church

Warner Augustus J., proprietor Elmira Business College, Water cor Lake, h 416 W Gray

Warner Carrie, h 352 W 4th