Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1882 Directory
FOR 1882-84.
Warner Charles L., clerk, 106 N Main, h 107 do

Warner Edward A., expressman, 152 Baldwin, h 627 Winsor

Warner Jacob, foreman, Washington av n rolling mill, h 1207 Hall

Warner William, brakeman, h 653 ½ Lake

Warner Uri A., carpenter, h 108 W Hudson

Warnick C. E., salesman, h 116 Harriet

Warnwright Peter, laborer, 1224 Woodlawn av

Warrell Henry D., h 721 College av

Warren Archie J., carpenter, h 907 Lake

Warren Cornelius, keeper, New York State Reformatory, h do

Warren David H., blacksmith, h 553 Coburn

Warren D. Edward, h 907 Lake

Warren Leon A., h 907 Lake

Warwick Charles E., salesman, 201 E Water, h 116 Harriet

Washington George, hostler, h 664 Baldwin

Washington Henry, barber, 428 E Water, h 658 Dickinson

Washington Hiram, teamster, h 353 E 5th

Washington Hotel, Gottlieb Hummel, proprietor, 503 Railroad

Washington John, policeman, h 667 Dickinson

Wasilewski Joseph, laborer, h 750 Day

Wasson Lydia, Mrs., h 663 Lake

Waterbury George, laborer, h 915 College av

Waterhouse John R., carriagemaker, h 660 B Main

The Model Market, S. X. Metzger & Son, 409 & 411 Railroad Ave., ELMIRA.

Waters A. J., laborer, h 248 W Water

Waters George W., artist, 313 E Water, h 360 W 1st

Watkins Samuel, laborer, h 756 Day

Watkins Fred J., clerk, 335 E Water, h 262 W 4th

Watkins Jerry, laborer, h 606 E Clinton

Watkins Myron S., physician, 552 Pennsylvania av, h do

Watrous Ada, h 307 William

Watrous Amelia S., widow Justin S., h 307 William

Watrous Frances M., widow Riggs, h 220 Ann

Watrous John A., law student, 120 Lake, h 309 Carroll

Watrous Nancy, Miss, h 208 E Church

Watrous Richard N., superintendent, 601 Baldwin, h 318 W 3d

Watson Andrew J., pawnbroker, 136 E Water, h do

Watson Charles, contractor, h 109 W Market

Watson George, laborer, h 400 Maxwell Place

Watson John, laborer, h 1415 Sullivan

Watson John, machinist, h 204 E Gray

Watson John J., laborer, h 721 E Oak

Watts John, switchman, h 372 Railroad av

Watts John R., printer, h 116 Lormore

Watts Richard, printer, h 221 Dewitt

Watts Richard, jr., carpenter, h 221 Dewitt

Watts Robert M., job printer, 10 and 11 Arcade block, Lake, h 136 E Chemung (See adv, top lines)

Watts Stephen, laborer, h 427 W 4th

Watts William, foreman, Erie R. R. repair shops, h 427 W 4th

Watts William, jr., switchman, h 427 W 4th

Waugh Elizabeth R., widow John, sears manufacturer, 215 W 2d, h 217 do

Wayland Beardsley, h 555 E Church

Wayman William, saloon, 412 E Water, h do

Wetherall William, flour, h 421 Main

Weaver Alexander, moulder, h 317 E Market

Weaver Elmer E., h 211 W Hudson

Weaver Erastus K. (Weaver & Furguson), h 360 W Clinton

Weaver Etta M., clerk, 319 E Water, h 51 Hoffman

Weaver Henry, farmer, h West Elmira

Weaver John E., physician, 141 W Water, h 51 Hoffman

Weaver Peter, policeman, h 51 Hoffman

Weaver Robert, moulder, h 317 E Market

Weaver Samuel G., machinist, h 521 Herrick

Weaver Sarah, h 214 Madison av

Weaver William, moulder, h 315 E Market

Weaver Willliam W., cook, Rathbun House

Weaver & Ferguson (Erastus K. Weaver and William H. Ferguson), general commission merchants, wool, butter, eggs, tallow, etc, 131 and 133 W Water

Balusters, Stair Rails & Newel Posts at A. S. Turner & Son.

Webb Frank, h 504 E Washington

Webb Frank W., job compositor, Advertiser Job Rooms, h 255 W Henry

Webb George F., foreman, h 803 E Harriet

Webb Henry A., car inspector, h 803 E Market

Webb House, R. H. Fish, proprietor, 807 Lake

Webb John, speculator, h 208 Baldwin

Webb Libbie S., cloakmaker, h 803 E Market

Webb Louise, h 111 W Chemung Place

Webb Mortimer T., printer, 123 Lake

Webb Myra, h 501 William

Webb Sarah R., teacher, h 307 W Washington av

Webb W. M., real estate agent, h 111 W Chemung Place

Webber Lorenzo, real estate, h 615 Columbia

Weber Phillipine, domestic, 1012 E Church

Webster Arthur F., clerk, 103 W Water, h 209 Fulton

Webster Daniel, grocer, 311 E 5th, h 522 Baldwin

Webster O. H., foreman, h Reformatory and Davis

Weed Julia M., h 463 Powell

Weed William M, salesman, h Wyckoff House

Weeks Albert C., drayman, 414 E Market, h 415 do

Weeks Charles, laborer, h 205 E Market

Weeks Charles R., clerk, 414 E Market, h211 Dewitt

Weeks Eliza, Mrs., domestic, 460 W Church

Weeks Fran W., driver, h 415 E Market

Weeks James S., clerk (O. M. Wixon & Co.), h West Hill cor Hoffman

Wehnes Catharine, widow Michael, h 665 Columbia

Wehnes Conrad, car inspector, h 665 Columbia

Wehnes Lizzie, milliner, h 665 Columbia

Weick Fred, finisher, h 211 Ann

Weider Nicholas, maltster, h 420 W 3d

Weidman Joseph, carpenter, h 416 Jefferson

Weidman Joseph, carpenter, h 458 Franklin

Weiland Charles, clerk, 601 E Water, h do

Weisner Frank, conductor, h 367 W 4th

Welby Martin, h 716 John

Welch Anna, domestic, 385 W Water

Welch Carl, marble polisher, h 442 E Water

Welch Hannah, h 216 Dewitt

Welch James, laborer, h 104 Park

Welch John, h 407 Pennsylvania av

Welch John C., engineer, h 406 W 1st

Welch John, laborer, h 104 Park

Welch John, laborer, h 723 Lake

Welch Julia A., dressmaker, 155 Baldwin, h do

Welch Lottie, clerk, 134 W Water, h 406 W 1s

TELEGRAPHY taught practically at Allen Business College, ADVERTISER BUILDING.

Welch Margaret, Mrs., domestic, 221 W 3d

Welch Mary, domestic, h 553 E Church

Welch Mary, seamstress, h 104 Park

Welch Mary E., clerk, 134 W Water, h 104 Park

Welch Michael, laborer, h 357 N Main

Welch Michael, laborer, h 723 Lake

Welch Patrick, laborer, h 407 Pennsylvania av

Weldner Anna, h 660 Baldwin

Weldner Christince, Mrs., h 654 Lake

Weldner George, shoemaker, 428 E Water, h 55 Monroe

Weldner George, jr., h 55 Monroe

Weller James M., clerk, h 154 W 4th

Welles Eliza S., Mrs., h 861 College av

Welles Jessie, h 397 W Water

Welles John C., h 397 W Water

Welles Mathias H., lumberman, h 861 College av

Welles Nelson A., h 861 College av

Welling C. Elizabeth, Mrs., h 316 W 5th

Welling John L., salesman, 126 W Water, h 419 Walnut

Wellman Emma, domestic, 206 W 6th

Wells Charles, laborer, h 161 Washington

Wells Ella, saleslady, 102 W Water, h 217 W Gray

Wells George, painter, h 551 John

Wells George, printer, h 325 Lake

Wells George A., printer, 123 Lake, h 325 do

Wells H. D., Mrs., florist, 380 W Water, h 382 do

Wells Henry B., law student, h 325 Lake

Wells Henry M. (Wells & Loomis), h 510 William

Wells Horace D., insurance, 382 W Water, h do

Wells J. Emmet (G. E. Plumb & Co.), h at Syracuse

Wells Jennie, h 551 John

Wells Mary E., Mrs., h 611 William

Wells Sarah, boarding house, h 551 John

Wells William, stripper, h 507 Dewitt

Wells & Loomis (H. M. Wells and W. C. Loomis), hardware, stoves and tinware, 126 W Water (See adv. bottom lines)

Welsh Alexander, carriage trimmer, h 420 W Church

Welsh Ann, operator, h 251 W Henry

Welsh Catherine, Mrs., laundress, h 251 W Henry

Welsh Charles H., h 426 W Church

Welsh Hannah, laundress, h 251 W Henry

Welsh Heber F., painter, h 426 W Church

Welsh James, brassfinisher, h 217 Franklin

Welsh James, cigarmaker, h 251 W Henry

Welsh Maggie, domestic, 615 Park Place

Buy your Lumber from A. S. TURNER & SON, 203 EAST SECOND STREET

Welsh Mary, Mrs., saloon, 351 Railroad av, h do

Welsh Patrick, h 101 7th

Welsh Patrick, augermaker, h 859 Railroad av

Welsh Patrick, laborer, h O’Gorman

Welsh William, bookbinder, h 706 Benjamin

Wencel Herman, laborer, h 355 E 4th

Wendling John, shoemaker, h 759 John

Wentz Charles W., h 502 William

Wentz Wilbur F., coal, 101 E Gray, h 502 William

West Charles F., flour mill, ft E Water, h do

West Emma, Mrs. h 323 Baldwin

West End Hotel, Thomas Reed, proprietor, 232 and 234 W Water

West George, h 306 Dewitt

West William H., organist, h 461 W Church

West William W., barber, 507 Railroad av, h 407 do

Westbrook Ann, dressmaker, h 418 S Main

Westbrook Charles B., plumber, h 418 S Main

Westbrook Frank, h 418 S Main

Westbrook Margaret, Mrs. h 203 W Henry

Westcott Carrie B., h 634 W Water

Western Hotel, proprietor, Lew H. Shoemaker, 515 Railroad av

Western Union Telegraph Company, M S. Palmer manager, 150 Baldwin

Westervelt James C., farmer, h West Elmira

Westervelt Reuben, farmer, h West Elmira

Westervelt Reuben, telegrapher, 150 Baldwin, h 750 John

Westlake Arthur M. (J. Richardson & Co.), h 455 W Gray

Westlake Isaac, h Home for Aged

Westlake Peter S., machinist, h 110 W Church

Wey Hamilton D., physician, 359 N Main, h do

Wey William C., physician, 359 N Main, h do

Weyer J. Philip, brick manufacturer, Pattinson cor Sullivan, h do

Weyman Daniel J., confectioner and caterer, 425 E Market, h do

Weyman Robert, confectioner, h 425 E Market

Wheadon C. H. & Son (Henry G.), harness manufacturers, 204 and 206 E Water

Wheadon Charles F., wholesale dealer in salt, port, hams, shoulder, dried beef, bacon, lard, etc., 611 and 613 Railroad av, h 218 W Chemung Place

Wheadon Charles H. (C. H. Wheadon & Son), h 283 W Church

Wheadon Henry G. (C. H. Wheadon & Son,) h 382 W Church

Wheat William S., ice cream manufacturer, 123 Baldwin, h Carroll cor Lake (See adv)

Wheaton Calvin S., conductor, h 221 Mt Zoar

Wheeler Anna M., h 469 W Church

Wheeler Burt, machinist, h 218 Baldwin

S. X. METZGER & SON, Pork and Beef Packers, 408 & 411 Railroad Ave., ELMIRA, N. Y.

Wheeler David, engineer, h 550 S Main

Wheeler Eli, iron dealer, h 505 William

Wheeler Fred R., printer, 327 Carroll, h 415 W Church

Wheeler John P., laborer, h 422 S Broadway

Wheeler Marvin, printer, h 551 E Water

Wheeler Orrin H., book and job printer, 327 Carroll, h 415 W Church

Wheeler Sheldon S., painter, h 410 W 1st

Wheeler William, laborer, h 620 William

Wheeler William, teamster, h 610 William

Whelpton Charles, clerk, h 718 College av

Wherett John G., nickel plater, h 307 Divan av

Whetherill W. M., h 456 South av

Whippy Carrie A., domestic, 708 College avenue

White Abner, foreman, h 451 W 1st

White Anna, Mrs., hairdresser, h 107 E 2d

White Bessie, h 406 Dewitt

White Burton C., law student, 218 E Water, h 403 W Water

White Charles A., h 371 W Gray

White Charles W., shoemaker, 5th n Walnut, h 443 W 5th

White Edwin, confectioner, h 150 Madison av

White Ella, music teacher, h 1002 Lake

White George A., clerk, freight depot, Erie R. R., h 451 W 1st

White John, laborer, h 100 E Washington av

White John E., shoemaker, h 509 Logan

White J. Frauk, superintendent, 5th cor Baldwin, h 414 do

White J. Robert, h 670 Magee

White John W., h 514 W Water

White Lewis, h 714 Baldwin

White Lewis, laborer, h 406 Dewitt

White Merritt P., book-keeper, 119 E Water, h 425 Railroad av

White Merritt P., dining saloon, 425 Railroad av, h do

White Peter D., h 612 E Clinton

Whitford David O., carpenter, h 208 Harriett

Whiting Chauncey C., shoemaker, h 417 W Water

Whiting Mary E., h 227 W Water

Whiting S. F., Mrs., h 528 W Water

Whitley William, brakeman, h 316 Orchard

Go to A. S. TURNER & SON for Lumber, Lath, Shingle, Etc, 203 E Second St.

Whitley John H. (Whitley & Harrison), h 316 Orchard

Whitley & Harrison, (John H. Whitley and John G. Harrison), photographers, 303 Railroad av

Whitlock Albert C., coachman, h 213 High

Whitlock George S., druggist, 111 W 3d, h Frasier House

Whitlock Nellie, clerk, 111 W 3d. h Frasier House

Whitlock Guy, farmer, h 1329 College av

Whitman Wenzel, h 700 Jay

Whitmarsh James O., telegrapher, Erie depot, h Clinton n Columbia

Whitmore George, clerk, 305 E Water, h 417 E Market

Whitney Frank, peddler, h 157 Baldwin

Whitney Frank, peddler, h 820 W Gray

Whitney F. L., laborer, h 664 Lake

Whitney Frank L., h 508 Perry

Whitney Henry, laborer, h 555 E 3d

Whitney John J., carpenter, h 362 Diven av

Whitney Lorenzo, laborer, h 555 E 3d

Whitney Milo C., shoemaker, h 200 E Water

Whitney Samuel A., shoemaker, h 200 E Water

Whiton Emily, student, h 117 W Market

Whitson James, fireman, h 424 Standish

Whitson John J., grocer, 503 E 3d, h 505 do

Whitson Thomas, driver, h 424 Standish

Whitson Thomas, jr., laborer, h 424 Standish

Whittaker A. R., agent, h 425 E Water

Whittaker Benjamin, h 515 Grove

Whittaker John C., postal clerk, h 313 Grove

Whittney John, chairmaker, h 362 Diven av

Whismer Mattie, h 437 E Water

Wicker William, clerk, 325 E Water, h 212 South av

Wickham Alice D., teacher, h 311 W 6th

Wickham John, machinist, h 329 S Broadway

Wickham Thomas, carpenter, h 329 S Broadway

Wickham William, machinist, h 329 s Broadway

Wickman Carl, laborer, h 361 Railroad av

Widler Charles, clerk, 111 E Water, h 167 Baldwin

Wiegand Fred H., barber, h 317 Carroll

Wiegand George C. (Shidlen & Wiegand), also barber, 105 Baldwin, h 527 W 1st

Wienecke Mary, Mrs., grocer, 600 Jay, h do

Wienecke Ferdinand, cabinetmaker, h 600 Jay

Wight Jipvi, tobacco, h 409 W 4th

Wight Thomas, carpenter, h 409 W 4th

Wightman William H., clerk 144 W Water, h Main cor Gray

Wilbur Perry, salesman, 154 Lake, h at West Windham

Wilcox DeWitt C., clerk, Buckbee House, h do


Wilcox F. M., h 805 E Water

Wilcox F. Z., secretary R. R. Y. M. C. A., Railroad av cor Church, h 376 W Clinton

Wilcox George, painter, h 604 E Water

Wilcox Hezekiah D., lawyer, also justice of the peace, 218 W Water, h 406 Fulton

Wilcox Mary, seamstress, h 700 E Market

Wilcox Myra E., teacher, h 156 Sullivan

Wilcox R. H., Mrs., clairvoyant physician, 415 E Church, h do

Wilcox Richard, tanner, h 415 E Church

Wilcox William, hostler, h 509 E Water

Wildblood Ambrose, manufacturer advertising signs, 315 W Water

Wilde Gustave, weaver, h 814 Factory

Wilder H. F., carpenter, h 407 W 4th

Wilder Kate, h 164 Orchard

Wilds Abraham, cutter, h 213 Dewitt

Wilferth John P., pressman, h 121 Lormore

Wilferth William, pressman, h 121 Lormore

Wilkes Clark F., tinner, h 210 W Water

Wilkey Eugene H. (James A Wilkey & Son), h 854 E Market

Wilkey James A (James A Wilkey & Son), h 854 E Market

Wileky James A. & Son (Eugene H.), tobacco, cigars, snuffs and smokers’ materials, 117 Baldwin

Wilkin Abby, teacher, h 1001 Davis

Wilkin Anna M., physician, h 1001 David

Wilkin Moses B., car carpenter, h 1001 Davis

Wilkins Jennie, h 160 Baldwin

Wilkinson W. C., Mrs., h 657 Park Place

Wilkinson George, Rev., h 211 W 1st

Willard Clayton H., clerk, 208 E Water, h 408 S Main

Williams A. F., carpenter, h 100 E Hudson

Williams Ann, Mrs., h 417 Walnut

Williams Anna, Mrs., h 708 Baldwin

Williams Belle, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Williams Benjamin, foreman, h 701 Walnut

Williams Carrie E., h 206 S Main

Williams Charles W., clerk, 505 Railroad av, h 853 Magee

Williams DeVer W., boot and shoes, 103 E Water, h 370 W do

Williams Edward, h 653 Baldwin

Williams Elizabeth R., h 853 Magee

Williams Emory E., shoemaker, h 1212 Baldwin

Williams Frak, Mrs., nurse, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Williams Frank C., fireman, h 620 Lewis

Williams Frederick, h 502 E 3d

Williams Fred, printer, 175 Lake, h 8565 E Market

Williams Henry, h 200 E 1st

Williams Henry, h 653 Baldwin

Williams Henry, h 713 Baldwin


Williams James, timekeeper, rolling mill, h 640 W Water

Williams Jane, Mrs., h 402 W Gray

Williams Jeff, h 600 Baldwin

Williams John, coachman, 515 Madison av

Williams John, puddler, h 105 Washington av

Williams John D., book-keeper, 731 Michigan, h 520 Lake

Williams John F., h Erie R. R. n Stowell

Williams John O., stonecutter, h 706 W 1st

Williams Llewellyn, foreman, h 410 5th

Williams Louis, clerk, h 705 Dickinson

Williams Nora, domestic, Wyckoff House

Williams R. P., printer, 175 Lake, h 856 E Market

Williams Sarah W., h 853 Magee

Williams Thomas, h 410 5th

Williams William h 450 High

Willison Newlove, miller, h 562 Coburn

Willmont Thomas, boilermaker, h 713 Walnut

Willmot Edward, blacksmith, h 378 W 5th

Wills Ellen, dressmaker, h 507 Dewitt

Wills James, carpenter, h 507 Dewitt

Wills William, cigar shop, h 50 Dewitt

Willsey Fred, teamster, h 1312 Baldwin

Willsey George, teamster, h 1312 Baldwin

Willsey Judson, laborer, h 1312 Baldwin

Willson Frone, h 868 Main

Wilson Adam, h 605 Magee

Wilson Alfred A., h 959 College av

Wilson Benjamin, laborer, h 109 E 2d

Wilson Charles F., shoemaker, h 416 W 3d

Wilson Chester, brakeman, h 417 S Main

Wilson Emily Y., teacher, h 305 S Main

Wilson Emma, domestic, 401 Sullivan

Wilson Harriet, Mrs., boarding, h 605 Magee, h do

Wilson Henry, h 602 Baldwin

Wilson James, h 503 Madison av

Wilson James, watchman, h 317 W 2d

Wilson James W., h 503 Madison

Wilson Jennie, Miss, h 317 Railroad av

Wilson Jennie F., vestmaker, h 407 High

Wilson Jesse, fireman, h 400 Railroad av

Wilson Julia A., Mrs., h Rathbun House

Wilson Maggie A., saleslady, 214 E Water, h 317 W 2d

Wilson Thomas, machinist, h 529 Pennsylvania av

Wilson Thomas A., tinner, h 317 W 2d

Wilson William, laborer, h 669 Baldwin

Wiman Florence, saleslady, 335 E Water, h 118 Sullivan

Windsor Lloyd D., insurance, 100 Lake, h 723 College av

S. X. METZGER & SON’S MODEL MARKET, 409 & 411 Railroad Av., ELMIRA

Winfield Jennie, Mrs., h 107 Partridge

Wing Edson, baggagemaker, h 511 College av

Wing Lorenzo, carpenter, h 602 Beach

Wing Thompson R., tinsmith, h 668 Magee

Wink John, peddler, h 1413 Sullivan

Winkel John K., meat market, 529 Lake, h 707 E Oak

Winkel Mary, widow Charles, h 709 E 5th

Winnie George, drayman, h 522 W Clinton

Winnie Irving P., keeper Reformatory, h 520 W Clinton

Winston Newell, farmer, h 214 Sullivan

Winter Carrie, h 527 W Gray

Winterstein Dennis T., builder, h 426 Herrick

Winterstein Solomon, spectacles, h 513 Railroad av

Wise Daniel W., h 118 W Hudson

Wise Fred H., h Haight’s C. T. A. hotel

Wise, Gus, laborer, h 959 Sullivan

Wise James T. (LaFrance & Wise), h 814 Baldwin

Wise James W., clerk, h 262 Baldwin

Wise John, clerk, h 404 E Water

Wise John A., clerk, 331 E Water, h 753 E Market

Wise Zachariah U., adjuster, 118 Lake, h 118 Ferris

Wiseman Edward, passenger and freight agent, N. C. R. R., h 705 College av

Wisner E. M., h Haight’s C. T. A. Hotel

Wisner Mattie, saleslady, 126 E Water, h 437 do

Wisner William H., h 1161 Ferris

Wisner William H., harnessmaker, h 655 E Church

Withian J. Franklin, flagman, h 454 South av

Wittenberg Albert, clerk, h 222 W Church

Wittenberg Bertha, h 112 Madison av

Wittenberg Joseph (L. Holzheimer & Co.), h 222 W Church

Wittenberg Rosa, Mrs., h 112 Madison av

Wittisen Christian, h 361 Railroad av

Wittkoski Leo, h 355 Railroad av

Wittkoski Simon, second-hand clothing, 355 Railroad av, h do

Wixon Onesimus M. (O. M. Wixon & Co.), h W Hill cor Hoffman

Woaraley George, clerk, h 925 Lincoln

Wolcott Ed. S., clerk, 204 Baldwin, h 610 W Gray

Wolcott Ella L., h 1018 Factory

Wolcott Miller, clerk, h 5 Fitch

Wolcott Nelson A., clerk, 204 Baldwin, h 610 W Gray

Wolcott W. A., book-keeper, h 218 William

Woldorf George H., carpenter, h 413 W 3d

Wolfe Diedrich, cabinetmaker, h 1000 Oak\

Wolfe Edward J., engineer, Reformatory, h 1008 Walnut

Wolfe O. C., keeper, Reformatory, h do

A. S. Turner & Son MAKE the BEST Mouldings and Brackets.

Wollheim Aaron (A Sellner & Co.), h 208 High

Wollheim Solomon, clothier, 112 E Water, h 219 High

Wolsey Philander, farmer, h 559 E 2d

Wood Adele, h 105 W Chemung Place

Wood Alonzo, brakeman, h 709 Kinyon

Wood Benjamin S., tinsmith, h 105 W Chemung Place

Wood C. F., h 805 E Water

Wood Charles F., salesman, 103 E Water, h 370 W Water

Wood Charles M., shoecutter, h 509 Magee

Wood Curtis A., conductor, h 209 Giltanan

Wood Eva, h 433 E Water

Wood Franklin J., clerk, h 750 E 5th

Wood George F., book-keeper, State cor Market, h 509 Magee

Wood George P., printer, h 815 E Market

Wood Harriet, Mrs., h 713 Park Place

Wood Jennie, h 107 E 2d

Wood Joseph, cabinetmaker, h 370 Divan av

Wood Lewis D., laborer, h 851 E Church

Wood Sarah A., Mrs., h 375 W 5th

Wood Sarah E., cook, h 354 E 4th

Wood Seymour, h 105 W Chemung Place

Wood Thomas, harnessmaker, h 627 W Gray

Wood W. Luton, music teacher, h Rathbun House

Wood Mitchell, machinist, h 459 W 2d

Wood William H., mason, h 375 W 5th

Wood William H., carriage builder, h 755 E Church

Woodford Caroline, h 105 E Hudson

Woodford Charles N., h 459 W Church

Woodford Joseph, mechanic, h 105 E Hudson

Woodhull Fred, h 710 Baldwin

Woodhull Henry, laborer, h 710 Baldwin

Woodlawn Cemetery, Davis n limits

Woodruff Abigail, Mrs., h 118 Lormore

Woodruff Fred L., book-keeper, 5th cor Canal, h Lormore below Spaulding

Woodruff James, printer, h 129 E Hudson

Woods Emma, Mrs., h 111 E 1st

Woods James L., lawyer, also U. S. Commissioner, 218 E Water, also President Board of Education, h 416 W Water

Woodward Charles, physician, 203 E Gray, h do

Woodward Emeline, Mrs., h 413 Baldwin

Woodward Eva, Mrs., h 422 E Water

Woodward Frank H., h 351 N Main

Woodward Henry F., chief clerk N. C. R. R., h 409 N Main

Woodward Laura L., physician, 203 E Gray, h do

Woodward William S., printer, h 262 Baldwin

BOOK-KEEPING taught practically at Allen Business College, ADVERTISER BUILDING.

Woofter Royal R., express messenger, h 411 Walnut

Woolever Amanda, servant, 73 Pennsylvania av

Worden Leonard B., bricklayer, h 207 Chestnut

Wormley Frank, Mrs., h 310 High

Wormley Henry T., cooper, h 223 Ann

Wormley John, cooper, r 223 Ann, h 223 do

Worrall Fida, h 721 College av

Worrall George, coal and wood, 135 E 2d, h 511 William

Worrall James L., coal and wood, 135 E 2d, 511 William

Worth Gustavus A., civil engineer, h 372 Pennsylvania av

Worth Harry J., assistant engineer, Masonic Temple, h Pennsylvania av cor Elm

Worth Helen M., h 372 Pennsylvania av

Wray James, laborer, 119 E Water

Wren Michael, boarding house, 709 Railroad av

Wright Alonzo M., brakeman, h 439 W 5th

Wright Augustus E., baggagemaster, h 324 W 4th

Wright C. E., carpenter, h 408 Herrick

Wright Charlotte, widow Alfred, h 316 E Water

Wright Edwin, agent, h 515 Railroad av

Wright Eliza, city missionary, h 404 William

Wright Emma E., Mrs., h 324 W 4th

Wright Frances C., Mrs., h 439 W 5th

Wright Fred B., h 380 W 4th

Wright George B., conductor, h 380 W 4th

Wright George N., h 662 Magee

Wright George W., salesman, h Rathbun House

Wright Hannah, h 408 High

Wright Joseph A., tinsmith, h 429 E Water

Wright John S., waiter, h 363 Washington av

Wright Lucy, h 363 Washington av

Wright Lucy, h 653 Baldwin

Wright Lydia E., h 363 Washington av

Wright Peter, wheelwright, 237 W Water, h 451 do

Wright Rachel J., Mrs., h 380 W 4th

Wright Robbins D., h 404 William

Wright Robert, keeper, h 216 Park

Wrightson, Eliza, domestic Rathbun House

Wrigley Isaac, weaver, h 409 Oak

Wrigley John, plumber, h 664 College av

Wunna John, blacksmith, h 740 Baldwin

Wyatt Richard, h 727 Dickinson

Wyatt William, h 727 Dickinson

Wyckoff Albert P., h 256 W Chemung Place

Wyckoff Arcalous, wooden water pipe, 122 Railroad av, h 100 W Water

A.S. Turner & Son is the place to buy Building Materials.

Wyckoff Charles N., pipe manufacturer, h 255 W Hudson

Wyckoff Ernest L., book-keeper, h 864 N Main

Wyckoff Fannie J., h 256 W Chemung Place

Wyckoff George W., wooden water pipe, h 115 E Chemung Place

Wyckoff House (formerly Pennsylvania House), B. B. Holiday, 115, 117, 119, 121 and 123 W Water (See adv, page 163)

Wyckoff William H., h 256 W Chemung Place

Wylie Hugh R., harnessmaker, h 505 E Water

Wylie Thomas, dyer, h 809 Factory

Wyman Florence, milliner, h 118 Sullivan

Wyman John N., shoemaker, h 118 Sullivan

Wynkoop Ada B., h 127 W Hudson

Wynn Alfred, h 720 Baldwin

Wynn Annie, dressmaker, h 107 Washington av

Wynn James, laborer, h 720 Hatch

Wynn James j., puddler, h 107 Washington av

Wynn Katie, domestic, 401 W Gray

Wynn Mary A., domestic, h 718 Hatch

Wynn Patrick, laborer, h 107 Washington av

Wynn Thomas, laborer, h 718 Hatch

Wynn Thomas K., puddler, h 107 Washington av