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1891 Elmira Directory

Page 064

Abbot Aaron B., real estate, 407 N Main

Abbot Catharine A., widow of Charles, h 102 W Hudson

ABBOT CHARLES, supt Woodlawn cemetery, h do Davis entrance

Abbot Charles F., laborer, h 112 N Elm

Abbot Charles W., conductor N Y L E & W R R, h 510 Park pl

Abbot James M., conductor N C R R, h E s Southport n limits

Abbot Maggie, bds Woodlawn Cemetery n Davis st entrance

Abbot Stephen P., laborer, bds Woodlawn Cemetery n Davis st entrance

Aber George A., h 580 Penna ave

Aber George J., (Aber & Flanders), bds 380 Penna ave

Aber & Flanders, (George J. Aber and John Flanders,) barbers 380 Penna ave

Abraham Mollie, bds High cor Second

ABRAHAMSON NATHAN., propr Elmira steam dye works 231 W Water (See bottom lines)

Page 065

Abramson Isadore, (Freudenheim & Abramson), h New York city

Academy of Our Lady of Angels, Sisters of St. Mary, E Market cor High

Ackerman James V., h 400 Maple ave

Ackerman Sarah A., Mrs., dressmaker, 400 Maple ave, h do

Ackley Alfred F., salesman Hallocks, h 401 W First

Ackley Anson N., h 361 W Second

Acton William, gardener, h 406 E Water

Adams Alfred R., boilermaker, h 609 S Main

Adams Allen O., (Elmira Portrait Co.), h 613 Grove

Adams Athlestain, emp N C R R, bds 609 S Main

Adams Asa A., clerk 322 Carroll, bds 414 Madison ave cor Third

Adams August, laborer, h S s Esty n Robinson

Adams Christopher, boilermaker, bds 609 S Main

Adams Dayton, brakeman D L & W R R, h 106 Reformatory

Adams Edward L., managing editor Elmira Advertiser, also deputy collector U S Int Rev, h 669 Park pl

Adams Edwin W., teamster, h 108 State

Adams Ellen laundress, bds 609 S Main

ADAMS EXPRESS CO., H G Spaulding agent, 115 Baldwin

Adams Fred A., h 501 Davis

Adams F. L. Mrs., housekeeper, 531 W Gray

Adams George W., carpenter, h 227 Mt Zoar

Adams Henry L., carpenter, h 839 E Second

Adams Jacob J. Rev., h 413 Madison ave

Adams James R., harness maker 204 E Water, h 1003 1-2 Pratt

Adams Jeanette, bookkeeper Sullivan's book store, bds 624 W Water

Adams John, clerk, h 905 W Water

Adams Joseph R., janitor R Y M C A bldg Railroad ave cor Church, h 411 Dewitt

Adams Kate A., widow Foster L., h 531 W Gray

Adams Kittie, student, bds 512 Walnut

Adams Mary, widow James, bds 422 Pleasant

Adams Mary, bds 609 S Main

ADAMS ROBERT W., whitewasher and janitor, 418 Madison ave cor Third

Adams Sarah Mrs., h 905 W Water

Adams William, (Millard & Adams), bds 220 E Water

Adams William H., conductor h Southport Corners

Adamshak John, laborer, h 811 Hatch

Addison Washington, laborer, h 652 Dickinson

ADRIANCE FRANK W., physician 306 Lake, h do. Office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p m

Agard Eaton J., carpenter, h 423 W Fourth

Agold William G., carpenter, bds 554 S Main

Aheam Michael, mason, h 211 Fulton

Page 066

Aiken Thomas H., com trav., h 403 W Gray

Aker Alvin, (A. Aker & Co.,) h 509 Railroad ave

AKER A. & CO., (Alvin Aker and Fred Watkins,) hotel 509 Railroad ave

Albertson Charles W., fireman D L & W R R, h 711 Day

Albertson John V., driver, h Davis n Reformatory

Albertson Virgil, farmer, h Davis n Reformatory

Albright Adalaine, dressmaker, 507 E Water bds do

Albright Belle, milliner, 306 E Water bds 507 E Water

Albright Cady S., brass moulder, bds 507 E Water

Albright Frank J., photographer, bds 507 E Water

Albright Joseph, harness maker h 507 E Water

Albro Frank, engineer, h 104 Fox

Aldous Alfred G., clerk, 417 Carroll

Aldrich Alice, widow Henry, h 902 Benton

Aldrich Alice, teacher, school No. 3, bds Horseheads

Aldrich Alice, waitress, Buckbee House, bds do

Aldridge Charles, painter, bds 908 Benton

Aldrich Charles D., (Gitch & Aldrich,) h 404 Madison ave

Aldrich E. A., (foreman sash and blind factory) h 509 E Second

Aldrich Emily M., h 509 E Second

Aldrich Oscar E., (foreman Fitch & Aldrich), h 402 Madison ave

Aldrich Vanderlyn W., sash and blind maker, Fitch & Aldrich, h 216 Madison ave

Aldridge Charles, painter, bds 216 Pennsylvania ave

Aldridge Franklin F., (Bacon & Aldridge,) h 216 Pennsylvania ave

Alexander Minor, watchman, h 103 Partridge

Alexander Robert, farmer, h 460 W Gray

Alexander Levi, laborer, h 656 Baldwin

Alger Alfred E., student, bds 110 Brand

Alger John A. W., shoemaker, h LaFrance n Lake ave

Alger William O., shoe cutter, h 110 Brand

Allen Almina, widow Enos, h 417 S Elm

Allen Ann E., widow Thomas O., h 124 E Chemung pl

Allen Annie S, domestic Maple Ave Club House

Allen A. Palmer, flagman N C R R, h 273 Baty

Allen CHARLES A., marble and granite works 304 to 312 State, h 417 S Elm, (See page 8)

Allen Charles J., harness maker 204 E Water, bds 105 N Main

Allen Daniel J., clerk Holmes & Hayes, h 112 Penna av

Allen Fred L., student, bds 112 Penna ave

Allen George, brakeman N C R R, bds 370 Baty

Allen George W., (G. W. Allen & Co.), h 317 W Fourth

Allen George W & Co., second hand store and junk shop, 374 Railroad av

Page 067

Allen Harry, draughtsman, bds 115 Catharnie

Allen Ida E., box factory, bds 124 E Chemung pl

Allen Issac S., conductor N C R R, h Southport Corners

Allen James O., laborer, h 144 W Water

Allen J. E. Mrs., clairvoyant, h 155 Baldwin

Allen John, conductor D L & W R R, h 1101 Lake

Allen John J., bookkeeper 101 E Market, h 369 Thurston

Allen John L., conductor N C R R, h 713 Kinyon

ALLEN JOHN S., job printer 307 E Market, h 215 Dewitt See adv page 13

Allen Joseph, carpenter, h W s S Main, n Payne shops

Allen Lou E., stenographer 159 Lake, bds 112 Penna av

Allen Myra, domestic Maple Av Club House

Allen Nancy, dressmaker, bds W s S Main n Payne shops

Allen Noah D., carpenter, h 354 S Main

Allen P. A. brakeman h cor Baty and Herrick, N E cor

Allen Ptolmey T., carriage maker, bds 554 E Church

Allen Sophia, widow Oliver, bds 358 Division

Allen Theresa J., bds 124 E Chemung pl

Allen Thomas J., canvasser, 441 E Water

Allen William S., bookkeeper Elmira and Horseheads Railway Co., h 116 Ferris

Allgeier William, carpenter, h 320 Orchard

Alliger Justus, mason, h 511 College av

Alliger Mable, dressmaker, h 511 College av

Alliger Mary A., Mrs., ins agt, 511 College av

Allerton Frank H., clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co., h 604 Park pl

Allerton George C., bds 604 Park pl

Allington Augustus, laborer, h 609 Washington

Allington Calvin, expressman, h 609 Washington

Allington Eugene E., teamster, h 969 E Water

Allington Grace, bds 313 W Gray

Allington Hannah, bds 313 W Gray

Allington Jacob (Jacob Allington & Sons) h 313 W Gray

ALLINGTON JACOB & SONS, (Jacob, John and Wm C) contractors and builders, Railroad av., Cor W Seventh (See page 3)

Allington John J., (Jacob Allington & Sons) h 456 W Gray

Allington Katie, widow Joseph, h 223 W Water

Allington S May, bds 313 W Gray

Allington William C., (Jacob Allington & Sons) h 535 W Water

Allison Burr D., painter, bds 622 W Water

Allison Oscar W., painter, h 516 W First

Allison William B., h 622 W Water

Almy George, carpenter, h Walnut bel Fifth

Alson John, merchant tailor, 112 Ferris h do

Page 068

Alvord George, clerk, h 237 W Water

Alvord George H., clerk 101 E Church, h 500 Columbia

Alvord Sarah F., tailoress, bds 511 W First

Amann Eliza, widow Jacob, h 217 Gregg

Amann Emma, bds 520 Jefferson

Amann Joseph, h 407 Railroad av

Amann Rosa, dressmaker, bds 217 Gregg

Amberg Fred, grocer, 601 Lake, h do

Amberg John H., carpenter, h 616 1-2 Windsor av

Amberg Sophie, bds 602 Lake

AMBERG WILLIAM, confectionery and manf Elmira Ice Cream Co., 603 Lake h do

Ambrose David, emp Elmira Bridge Works, h 625 Lewis

Ambrose John, yardmaster Erie R R., bds 518 College av

Ambrose Julia, domestic 315 W Clinton

Ambrose Michael, laborer, h 518 College av

Ameigh Bertha, domestic E s Southport n limits

Ameigh Lawrence, bds 203 DeWitt

AMERICAN EXPRESS CO., Frank Smith agent, 153 Baldwin

American Hotel, Martin Crowley prop., 113 W Third

Ames Lamott, master mechanic, h 322 W Church

Ames Obed, brakeman D L & W R R, h Driving Park Grand Central av

Ames Thomas, carpenter, h S s Soper n S Main

Anderton Austin, bds Davis n Reformatory

Anders Frank L., barber, 707 1-2 Lake, bds 129 W Henry

Anders Julius W., malster, bds Elmira House

Anders William, malster, bds Elmira House

Anderson Frank, dresser Elmira Woolen Mill, bds 505 1-2 Sullivan

Anderson Harry, stone cutter; bds 617 Lake

Anderson Harry O., machinist h 256 South av

Anderson J. J., emp Gazette, h 408 W Third

Anderson John, painter, h 217 Giltanann

Anderson John R., pressman Gazette, bds Buckbee House

Anderson Mary C., dressmaker, Lake cor 2nd, h do

Anderson Maud, dressmaker, 463 South av, bds do

Anderson Susan, widow Westly bds 210 High

Anderson Theodore, clerk, 139 E Water, bds 1013 Benton

Anderson Thomas, painter, h 10 Burdick

Anderson Washington, laborer, h 652 Dickinson

Andrews Benjamin, (Andrews Bros)., h 406 Lake

ANDREWS BROS., (Benjamin and John H.,) saw manufacturers, 110 E Market

Andrews Charles, agent, h 397 Maxwell Pl

ANDREWS EDWIN W., (Elmira Incubator Co.,) bds 463 W Water

Andrews Emery, draughtsman, bds 766 S Main

Andrews Emma M., copyist County Clerks office, bds 463 W Water

Page 069

Andrews Eliza, h 463 W Water

Andrews Frank M., bookkeeper 501 E Clinton h S Main cor Elm

Andrews Jessie L., bds 397 Maxwell pl

Andrews John H., (Andrews Bros)., res Cleveland Ohio

Andrews Mary A., Mrs., widow John, bds 463 W Water

Andrews Minnie, domestic 623 W Water

Andrews Oliver H., miller, h 383 S Main

Andrews Sarah E., clerk, bds 463 W Water

Andrews William L., laborer, h 615 Lake

ANDRUS ANDREW D., gold silver and metal electro-plater 215 W Water, h 316 S Main (See page 16)

Andrus Ella M., student, bds 227 Mt Zoar

Andrus Frank L., h 369 W Second

Andrus Henry M., tailor, bds 369 W Second

Andrus L. Monroe, carpenter, h 361 W Second

Andrus Nelson, emp Singer Sewing Machine Co., h 309 Hine

Andrus Seth C., carpenter, h 504 College av

Andrus William, laborer, h 615 Lake

Andrus William B., carpenter, h 309 Hine

Angle Lillie, bookkeeper bds 118 W Market

Anglin Mary E., stenographer bds 110 Second

Anhalt Abraham tobacco cigars etc., 109 E Water, h 104 Dewitt

ANNABEL CHARLES E., (Annabel & Williamson) physician and surgeon, bds 111 W Hudson

ANNABEL FREDERIC C., physician and surgeon, office 202 Penna ave cor E Hudson h do

ANNABEL & WILLIAMSON., (C. E. Annabel and O. S. Williamson), medical and surgical institute 111, 113 W Hudson

Anson Edward, laborer, bds 120 W Miller

ANTES CHARLES Jr., saloon 523 Baldwin, h do

Antes Harry D., iron worker, h 103 Penna ave

Antes James, barber 105 Baldwin

Antes James M., moulder, h 1338 College av

Antes Wilbor M., carriage painter, bds 1338 College av

Anthony Peter, laborer, h 812 Madison ave

Appleton Charles, bootblack, bds 507 High, river bank

Appleton John L., slater, h 50 High, river bank

Apt Joseph, shoemaker, 157 High, h do

Aransohn Jacob, peddler, bds 119 Harriet

Armitage Charles H., emp Telegram office, bds 217 W First

Armitage Lucy A., Mrs., h 217 W First

Armstrong Byron, brakeman E C & N R R, h 602 Dickinson

Armstrong George F., brakeman N C R R, h 308 1-2 S Main

Armstrong Henry L., (H. L. Armstrong & Co.), h 310 E Church

Page 070

Armstrong H. L. & Co., (H. L. Armstrong, C. L. Mather and B. H. Parkhurst), wholesale leaf tobacco 207 and 209 Baldwin

Armstrong Hudson C., carpenter, bds 458 E Clinton

Armstrong John, laborer, h 714 Baldwin

Armstrong Theodore B., com trav 207 Baldwin, h 312 E Church

Arnold Della, helper 157 Baldwin, h 603 W Gray

Arnold Della B, emp Empire Printing office, bds 630 W Gray

Arnold Fred C., candy maker 155 lake, bds 630 W Gray

Arnold Hattie Mrs., dressmaker, bds 113 Fox

Arnold Henry W., pressman Telegram, h 307 Mt Zoar

Arnold Jacob F., clerk 400 W Church, bds do

Arnold James E., carpenter, h 156 Orchard

Arnold Kate, bds 400 W Church

Arnold Melissa D, widow Edwin G., h 630 W Gray

Arnold Phillip, grocer 400 W Church, h do

Arnold William H., printer Telegram, bds 307 Mt Zoar

Arnot Charlotte, widow Stephen, h 211 Lake

Arnot Elizabeth, widow John, h 254 W Clinton

Arnot Gussie, bds 806 E Market

ARNOT JOHN H., vice-president Chemung Canal bank, h 254 W Clinton

Arnot Matthias C., student, h 254 W Clinton

ARNOT MATTHIAS H., treasurer Elmira Gas and Illuminating Company, president Junction Canal company, Chemung Canal bank and Plank Road company and treasurer State Reformatory, h 235 Lake

Arnot Noah, collar Maker Plumb & Sheldons, bds 406 Standish

Arnot-Ogden hospital, Roe av

Arnot Susie J., dressmaker, 806 E Market h do

Artes Samuel R., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 350 Center

Asher George, confectionary Railroad ave cor W Gray, bds 200 Railroad av

Ashley Henry Clay, Rev., pastor A M E church, h 653 Dickinson

Ashton William A., cigarmaker, bds 436 E Water

Aspinwall Angeline, teacher Elmira college, bds do

Assauer Christian, real estate, h 215 Penna av

Atchison Mary J., widow Michael, saloon 313 Railroad ave, h do

Atkins Eugene, county superintendent of poor 151 Lake cor Carroll, h 109 Lormore

Atkins Fannie L, bds 358 W Water

Atridge Jane, domestic, Elmira college, bds do

Atridge Maggie, domestic, Elmira college, bds do

Atwater Burton W, shipping clerk, h 468 W Second

Atwater Charles A., clerk Barker, Rose & Gray, bds 955 Walnut

Atwater Darius A., (D. A. Atwater & Co.), h 955 Walnut

Atwater Frank D., clerk Barker, Rose & Gray, h 664 College av

Page 71

ATWATER D. A. & CO., (D. A. Atwater and Gertrude Harris), flour, feed and hay 109 E Market cor State (See adv)

Atwater Harriet, widow Uriah E., h 360 W Third

Atwater Mary, widow Dwight, h 659 College av

Atwater Snyder P., clerk, h 113 Horner

Atwood Henry J., engineer D L & W R R, bds 313 E Center

Audinwood Mary A., milliner 107 W Water, bds 104 Brand

Ault Cora B., clerk 102 W Water,] bds 627 do

Austin Charles A., com trav, h 309 W Gray

Austin Charles T., mason, bds 522 Penna av

Austin Deborah C., widow Augustus, h 119 College av

Austin Edwin R., h 611 W Gray

Austin George, moulder bds 268 W Hudson

Austin Jacob H., emp Elmira Bridge Works, h 619 Lewis

Austin Martie E., bds 522 Penna ave

Austin Peter, contractor and builder, 522 Penna, bds do

Austin Walter P., bookkeeper, Glue Factory, bds 213 High

Austin William C., flagman N C R R., bds 508 Herrick

Austin Alfred C., carpenter, h 114 Partridge

Austin Charles, laborer, h 401 Powell

Avery Clarence L., janitor school No 1, h 813 E Market

Avery Eliza, widow Edward, h 967 E Clinton

Avery George W., emp Rathbun House, h 143 E Water

Avery John W., doormaker Fitch & Aldrich, h 414 Standish

Ayer Frank O., draughtsman Elmira Bridge Co., bds 305 S Main

Ayer Frank W., clerk Baldwin & Co., 200 Penna av cor E Hudson, h 505 E Church

Ayer William, clerk 200 Penna av, cor E Hudson, h 410 Maple ave

Ayers Albert M., blacksmith, h 501 College ave

Ayers Alden W., engineer D L & W R R, h W s Davis n Reformatory

AYERS A. W. & SON, (F. C. Ayers;) marble works 442, 446,458, 462 E Water

Ayers Casad, wholesale stock, h 364 Fulton

Page 72

Ayers Cornelia, widow A. W., h 110 W Chemung pl

Ayers Decker E., clerk 104 E State, h 311 W Seventh

Ayers Decker E. Jr., produce, butter and eggs 201 W Water, h 720 W Water

Ayers E. Willis, clerk, h 466 Franklin

AYERS FREDERICK C., (A. W. Ayers & Son), h 110 W Chemung pl

Ayers Gertrude A, 110 W Chemung pl

Ayers Henry, clerk Erie shops, h Ivy n Walnut

Ayers John B., harness maker, h 808 W Gray

AYERS JOHN T., carriage manufacturer College av cor W Third, h 408 College av (See back cover)

Ayers William, laborer, h 106 W Church

Ayres Emily, widow Jehial, bds E Hudson cor Penn av

Ayres Frederick S., (S Ayres & Son), h 320 Lake

Ayres Socrates, (S Ayres & Son), h 320 Lake

AYRES S & SON, (S. & F. S. Ayres), insurance agents and jewelers 138 W Water (See top lines)

Ayres William W., plumber 124 Lake, h 166 DeWitt


Babcock Clara E., domestic, 860 Magee

Babcock Charles E., emp Richardsons Shoe Factory, h 355 Hoffman

Babcock Eleanor, widow Lorenzo, bds 303 S Main

Babcock Erastus F., lawyer Robinson Building, 159 Lake, h 322 W Church

Babcock George, machinist, h 206 Franklin

Babcock Helen bds 634 Winsor av

Babcock Henry L., h 53 Hoffman

Babcock Herbert N., general insurance 210 E Water, bds 53 Hoffman

Babcock John F., lawyer 159 Lake, bds 322 W Church

Babcock Layman W., police constable, h 634 Winsor av

Babcock Minier, h 322 W Church

Babcock Roxey Mrs., 158 Baldwin

Babcock Samuel, bookkeeper, Payne shops, bds 206 Franklin

Babcock Sylvester P., cartman, h 860 Magee

Back George F., fireman D L & W R R, h 217 Thurston

Backer Elmer, musician, West End Hotel

Backer Elmer R., real estate agt, h 429 W Clinton

Backer Fred, h 508 Sullivan

Backer George, star carpet cleaning works 450 Sullivan, bds 508 Sullivan

Backer George E., wholesale butter commission house, 127 W Water, bds 429 W Clinton

BACKER MARTIN, (star carpet cleaner), grocer 508 Sullivan, h do

Page 73

Backus Eliza, widow, George, h 204 College av

Backus Maria D., 301 Penna ave

BACON & ALDRIDGE, (J. Bacon and F. F. Aldridge) layers 120 Lake

Bacon Charles H., laborer, 559 E Water

Bacon George FE., clerk 100 Lake, h 551 E Union

Bacon Harriet E., h 514 W Gray

BACON HENRY L., cashier mechanics bank 122 E Water, h 651 College ave

Bacon James, (Bacon & Adridge), h 350 W Sixth

Bacon John L., h 219 W First

Bacon Kate M., teacher Elmira college, bds do

Bacon Mary A., bds 159 Madison av

Bacon William O., trav agt Gazette 707 Main

BACON EZRA G., veterinary surgeon, h 407 W Sixth

Badger Charles, emp I. B. Coleman, h 426 W Fourth

Badger Harriet I., dressmaker, h 516 Euclid pl

Badger Harwood M., farmer, h 901 East av

Badger Ida H., h 516 Euclid pl

Badger J. Ward, principal school No. 5, h 446 W Clinton

Bagley Wayland O., student, bds 112 Ferris

Bagley William A., machinist, h 1314 Lake

Bahan Thomas, engineer D L & W R R, bds 1319 Benton

Bailey Ada, h 116 S Main

Bailey Cyrus P., express messenger, h 154 W Clinton

BAILEY FRANK O., grocer 305 Division, bds 1200 Maxwell

Bailey Fred H., clerk Adams Express Co., h 118 W Henry

Bailey Isaac H., bds 213 Lormore

Bailey James E., wagonmaker E Gray cor State, h 204 E Gray

Bailey J. E. Mrs., dressmaker, 204 E Gray

Bailey Jennie, widow John A., h 380 Baty

Bailey John, clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 412 Powell

Bailey John M., carpenter, bds 318 South av

Bailey John O., carpenter, h 221 W Water

Bailey Oscar A., laborer, h 412 S Magee

Bailey Romanzo C., com trav, h 118 W Henry

Bailey Walter, furniture manuf First n Euclid pl, h do

Bailey William G., conductor N C R R., h 318 South av

Bailey William O, emp Elmira Bridge Works, h 412 Powell

Bailey Zenas Y., inspector, h 309 Mt Zoar

Baird Anna B. Mrs., dressmaker, 300 Carroll

Baker Annie, widow William, h 402 Columbia

Baker Carrie Renshaw, teacher school No. 2, bds E s Southport n limits

Baker Charles, teamster, h 619 Davis

Baker Charles, paper hanger 433 E Water, bds do

Baker Edward C., carpenter, h 709 Davis

Baker Edwin L., emp Elmira Beef Co., bds 414 Main

Page 74

Baker Frederick, com trav, bds 410 Main

Baker George H, mason, h 601 Mt Zoar

Baker Gertrude K., widow J. K., h 416 College av

Baker Harry, h 755 John

Baker Henry, transfer clerk Erie depot, h 853 Magee

Baker Howard F., (Morse, Baker & Hall), sec'y and treas Canadian Lumber Co, h 1004 Lake

Baker John N., tinsmith, bds 560 Beach

Baker Joshua, milkman h 1323 Lake

Baker Kate L., domestic, W s Pennsylvania av n limits

Baker Leroy A., lawyer county clerk office, h 1020 Lake

Baker Levi, laborer, W s Grand Central av n E C & N R R

Baker Lizzie, domestic, 109 High

Baker Maggie, dressmaker, bds 1003 Oak

Baker Mahlan S., carpenter bridge works, h r 505 Erie

Baker Mark C., teacher Elmira college, h 514 W Third

Baker Margaret S., widow John S., boarding 414 Main

Baker Mary, domestic, 514 W Water

Baker Nathan, second vice-president anchorage 955 College av, h 1002 Lake

Baker Nicholas, laborer, h 560 Beach

Baker Peter, jailor Chemung County jail, h do

BAKER RICHARD, liquor store 149 W Water, h 547 S Main

Baker Sarah, widow George, h 1003 Oak

Baker Sparrow, gardener, h E s Southport n limits

Baker Susan, widow John, h 1210 Maxwell av

Baker Walter, printer, bds 202 E Gray

Baker William, tailor, bds Elmira house

Baker William R., foreman D L & W R R freight house, h 512 Columbia

Baker William T., compositor Gazette, bds 560 Beach

Baldwin Albert R., express driver, bds 871 Magee

BALDWIN ALEXANDER H., lawyer and real estate, 112 lake, h do

BALDWIN & BALDWIN, (E J & F E) lawyers, 302 E Water

Baldwin Bert, clerk Tompkins, Fassett & Crocker, bds 267 Baldwin

Baldwin Charles A., com trav C M & R Tompkins, h 871 Magee

Baldwin Charles H., agt., bds 551 East Water

Baldwin Charles H., treas and manager Elmira & Horseheads Railway Co., 161 lake, bds 410 Maple av

Baldwin & CO., Grocers, 200 Penna av, cor E Hudson, William Ayer and son managers

Baldwin Ensie J., tailoress, bds 4r 118 E Hudson

Baldwin Erwin J., (Baldwin & Baldwin) h 462 Franklin

Baldwin Francis E., (Baldwin & Baldwin) h 123 W Henry

Baldwin George E., carpenter, bds 416 Herrick

BALDWIN GORDON W., real estate, 330 E Water, h 214 W First

Baldwin Harry, messenger W U T., bds 414 S Broadway

Page 75

Baldwin Henry, bookkeeper, h 815 E Second

Baldwin Henry J., laborer, h r 118 E Hudson

Baldwin Isaac, clerk 330 E Water, bds 214 W First

Baldwin James H., brakeman N Y L E & W R R., bds 414 S Broadway

Baldwin John J., h 220 Mt Zoar

BALDWIN J SCOTT, coal dealer 101 E Market, cor Railroad av, h 230 Lake

Baldwin Ralph C., brakeman N C R R., h 217 W Main

Baldwin Sylvester, tinsmith, W Church cor State, h 414 S Broadway

Baldwin Wesley J., law student 302 E Water, bds 123 W Henry

Baldwin William, carpenter, h 416 Herrick

Baldwin William A., student, bds 410 Main Maple av

Baldwin William D., fireman D L & W, bds 907 Lake

Baldwin William I., clerk 112 lake, h 409 Sullivan

Bates Melissa V., widow William, h 115 Sullivan

Ball Albert, laborer, h 612 Dickinson

Ball Henry R., traveling freight agent N C R Y., h 446 1-2 W Clinton

Ball James, cook Delavan house, bds do

Ball Landon, waiter, bds 612 Dickinson

Ball Sandy F., barber, bds 612 Dickinson

Ballard Charles E., driver, bds Esty n Robinson

Ballard Frank, miller, h 655 College ave

Ballard Hiram R., laborer, h Esty n Robinson

Ballard John S., carpenter, h 103 Winsor av

Ballard Louise, bds 615 Magee

Ballard William S., laborer, bds Esty n Robinson

Ballard William W., prop C. E. Morell Co., bds 302 William

Ballarany Fred, laborer, 374 Railroad av

Balling Andrew, fireman N C R R., bds 752 S Main

BALLY JOHN, (J Bally & Son), h 311 Columbia

BALLY JOHN & SON, (L F B) jewelers and engravers, 330 E Water,

BALLY LOUIS F., (John Bally & Son) bds 305 E Church

Bally Maude, student, bds 311 Columbia

Bally William J., traveling salesman, h 208 Columbia

Baltimore Abraham, shoemaker, 775 John, h 400 High cor Second

Baltimore Harvey, dealer in ladies' and gents' secondhand clothing, 400 High cor Second, h do

Baltz George W., printer, 454 E Clinton

Baltz Harry, emp Telegram, h 803 1-2 E Water

Baltz Richard D., restaurant 719 Carroll, h 301 E Church

Bancher Barnett, saloon and restaurant 119 lake, h do

Bandorf Augustus, foreman Reformatory, h Roe av n Walnut

Banfield Addison, laborer, bds Reformatory av

Banfield Emma, h 405 E Union

Banfield Horton D., shipping clerk, J Richardson & Co., h 359 Hoffman

Banks Arthur, brakeman N C R R., bds 312 Baty