Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Coke Levi, confectionery, 151 Baldwin, h 467 W Second

Coke Mary E., bds 309 Davis

Coke Sophia, widow William, H 309 Davis

Colburn Cora, domestic 1513 Lake

Colburn James R., ass’t city editor Gazette, h 319 W Church

Colburn Mary, dressmaker, h 523 W Church

Cole Benjamin, hostler 703 Park pl

Cole Charles, laborer, h 209 Harmon

Cole David, h 153 Madison av

Cole Elmer J., painter, bds 424 Balsam

Cole Fred D., carpenter, h 205 W Fifth

Cole George, shipping clerk, bds 427 Railroad av

Cole Hattie, artist, bds 129 W Henry

Cole Jabez G., brakeman DL&W, h 1235 Pratt

Cole John A., tallyman at frt house, h 316 Oak

Cole Lawaence, shipping clerk, bds 427 Railroad av

Cole Lucy M., domestic 240 Lake

Cole Maggie M., cigarmaker, bds 1235 Pratt

Cole Maggie, domestic Lewis House

Cole Miron, bds 516 Oak

Cole Peter carpenter, bds American House

Cole Richard D., carpenter, h 258 South av

EMPIRE LAUNDRY, 110 West Water Street

Cole Samuel R., farmer, h 424 Balsam

Cole Webster J., h 600 Penna av

Cole William, saloon 660 Baldwin, h do

Cole William P., brakeman N C R R., bds 602 S Herrick

Colegrove Lee, clerk 125 S Main, bds Serpentine av

Colegrove William N., finisher Fitch & Aldrich, bds 409 DeWitt

Colegrove William N., upholsterer, h Serpentine av n stone quarry

Colegrove William N., jr., carpenter, h Serpentine av n stone quarry

Coleman Eliza B., widow John, h 360 Columbia

Coleman Elliott, tel operator N Y L E & W R R., bds 613 Lake

Coleman Emma R. Mrs., h 108 W Fourth

Coleman Frank G., barber, 617 S Main, h 121 W Miller

Coleman Hattie, bds 613 Lake

Coleman Hugh H., h 1002 Oak

Coleman Isaiah B., foundry and machine shop State cor Church, h 355 W Seventh

Coleman James, laborer, 1002 Oak

Coleman John, laborer, h 215 Broadway

Coleman Joseph, engineer D L & W R R., h 1317 Lake

Coleman Joseph E., clerk Payne shops, h 409 Pleasant

Coleman Lizzie, bds 1002 Oak

Coleman Mary laundress, bds 1002 Oak

Coleman Peter, carpenter, h 613 Lake

Coleman Winnie, dressmaker, bds 1002 Oak

Coley George D., carpenter, h 209 Harmon

Collier Fred M., conductor D L & W R R., h 354 I-2 E Centre

Colligan Marguerite, domestic 519 W Clinton

Colligan Michael, planer, h 267 W Henry

Collin Frederick, (Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin) h 524 W Water

Collin James E., dairyman, h 371 Thurston

Collins Andrew, shoemaker, bds 112 E Water

Collins Bernice, domestic 404 Sullivan

Collins Cornelius laborer, bds New n Reformatory

Collins Dennis, laborer, bds New n Reformatory

Collins Dennis, saloon 901 Railroad av., h do

Collins Dennis, janitor city hall, Tuttle av n Glue factory

Collins Dennis, carpenter, bds 365 Railroad av

Collins Ellen, h 255 W Hudson

Collins Frank, bds 527 W Washington av

Collins Fred, emp Fitch & Aldrich, bds 760 E Market

Collins T F., cutter, bds 207 Sullivan

Collins Hannah Mrs., bds 413 Herrick

Collins Isaac, laborer, h 703 Dickinson

Collins James, laborer, h New n Reformatory

Collins James, laborer, bds 100 Park

Collins James, E., milk dealer, h 371 Thurston


Collins Jared N., conductor N C R R., h 474 South av

Collins Jeremiah, emp N C shops, h 306 S Broadway

Collins Jeremiah, truckman Erie depot, bds 160 Harriet

Collins Jerry H., hotel and restaurant, 146 E Water

Collins John, Laborer, h 340 W Seventh

Collins John, laborer, h E Miller n Spaulding

Collins John, cigarmaker, bds 420 Standish

Collins John, track forman D L & W R R, h 420 Standish

Collins John E., section boss, h W Seventh

Collins John M., foreman D L & W R R, bds 340 W Seventh

COLLINS JOHN W., harness manufacturer 212 W Water, h 602 Winsor av

Collins Julius, laborer, bds 703 Dickinson

Collins Kate, domestic 507 West Water

Collins L V., carpenter, h 146 W Water

Collins Maggie, domestic 457 W First

Collins Maggie, student, bds 527 W Washington av

Collins Margaret, laundress Delavan house

Collins Margaret, widow Martin, bds 549 S Main

Collins Mary, domestic 706 W Water

Collins Mary, widow James, h Magee n W Centre

Collins Michael, grocer, 527 W Washington av, h do

Collins Michael, fireman E C & N R R, bds 420 Standish

Collins Michael, deliverer, bds Empire house

Collins Nellie, bds 901 Railroad av

Collins Nellie F., clerk 301, 303 E Water, bds 207 Sullivan

Collins Patrick, laborer, h 726 S Main

Collins Patrick, laborer, h r 103 S Second

Collins Patrick, hostler D L & W R R, bds 207 Sullivan

Collins Patrick R., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 724 Balsam

Collins Richard F., pliceman, h 515 Erie

Collins Stephen B., laborer, h 227 O’Gorman

Collins Thomas, laborer, h 160 Harriet

Collins Thomas, collar maker Plumb & Sheldons, bds 420 Standish

Collins Thomas J. emp Kennedy’s bot works, bds 160 Harriet

Collins Thomas C., fireman D L & W R R, bds 340 W Seventh

Collins Timothy, carpenter, h 261 W Hudson

Collins William, tailor 207 Sullivan, h do

Collins William D., conductor street car, bds 901 Railroad av

Collson Elizabeth, bds 451 Oak cor Jay

Collson Forrest C., watchman, h 316 Orchard

Collson Jane, baker, 450 Oak cor Jay

Collson Minnie G., netmaker 700 Madison av, bds 450 Oak cor Jay

Collson Warren M., grocer baker and confectionery also notary public, 450 Oak cor Jay, h do


Colson Frank B., clerk 206 S Main, bds 302 W Water

Colson Margaret, widow, h 302 W Water

Colson Magaretta Mrs., shoecutter, h 306 W Water

Colton Arthur W., bds 502 Perry

Colton Charlie M., painter, bds 502 Perry

Colton Hannah, widow Stephen, h 502 Perry

Colton John, clerk, h 507 Perry

Colvin Davis, gunsmith 150 Baldwin, bds Serpentine av n stone quarry

Colvin Marvin S., gunsmith 150 Baldwin, h Serpentine av n stone quarry

Colwell Blanche, bds 205 Harmon

Colwell David, carpenter, h 205 Harmon

Colwell Maud, bds 205 Harmon

Combs Ida, domestic 255 South av

Comenoke Marcous, peddler, h 800 John

Comfort George, laborer, bds Southport cor

Comfort Hannah, widow James, bds 600 W Clinton

Comfort Ida M., domestic Maple av

Comfort Louise M., widow Eli C., h 150 John

COMFORT PATRICK, propr Comforts hotel 1337 College av, h do

Commercial Hotel, Thomas McCarthy Fennell propr 601 Railroad av

Compton Anna E., h S s Carrs cor n W Hill rd

Compton Carmy, florist, h 1157 Hoffman

Compton Cornelia Mrs., florist 1157 Hoffman, H do

Compton Edwin R., student, bds 1157 Hoffman

Compton Jacob, farmer, S s Carrs cor n W Hill rd

Compton John W., farmer, West Hill n Carrs cor

Compton Mary, bds 354 S Main

Compton William E., painter, h 358 Fulton

Compton W. R., business mgr Elmira coupling mfg Co, office

COMPTON ZERA, awning and tent maker musical instruments and sewing machines 411 Carroll, h Hoffman Masonic temple

Comstock Annie Maud, bookkeeper Elmira Telegram h 126 N Main

Comstock Clara L., h 126 N Main

Comstock Edward, steward Reformatory, h 506 Grove

COMSTOCK JOHN A., manuf of flavoring extracts and perfumes 126 N Main, h do

Comstock Samuel E., driver Adams Ex Co bds 210 High

Comstock Samuel G., salesman 106 W Water, h 210 High

Condol William, bell boy Rathbun house, h 701 Benjamin

Condol William H., white washer and kalsominer, h 525 Penna av

Condol William H. jr., porter Rathbun house

Condon Edward, shoemaker, h 130 W Henry

ARCHITECT, J. Q. INGHAM, 17 years continuous practice in Elmira. 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake-St.

Condon John, quarryman, h 720 E Oak

Condon Mary, operative Elmira woolen mill, bds 720 E Oak

Condon Nicholas Mrs., h 102 W Fifth

CONDON MORRIS, boots and shoes 122 S Main, h do

Cone Arthur, laborer, h 705 W Water

Cone Mattie, tailoress, bds 316 Penna av

Coney May, domestic 250 W Columbia pl

Coneray Maggie, waitress Rathbun house

Congdon Albert D., laborer, h 1019 Tenietenti cor Bon View

Congdon Anna, widow Nicholas boarding 152 W Sixth

Congdon Belle, bds 523 W Church

Congdon Burdett, drayman, h 157 Orchard

Congdon Charles F., carpenter, h 1018 Hoffman

Congdon Horace S., compositor Gazette, h 324 E Water

Congdon James R., carpenter, h 1018 Hoffman

Congdon Lucy, widow George, h 523 W Church

Congdon Richmond H., bookkeeper 101 W Water, h 152 W Fifth

Conger C. Ann, widow Daniel, h 207 W Sixth

Conklin Albert, carpenter, bds 450 E Market

Conklin Alfred, carpenter, bds 450 E Market

Conklin Arthur, student, bds 951 Lake

Conklin Benjamin F., mason, bds S s Holridge n limits

Conklin Charles M., conductor E C & N R R, h 160 S Elm

Conklin David, farmer, h 1031 Hoffman

Conklin Dennis, h 708 Davis

Conklin Frank S., driver W F Co Ex, h 921 Railroad av

Conklin Helen m., widow Edward S., h 328 E Water

Conklin Irving brakeman N C R R, bds 309 S Main

Conklin Jesse brakeman D L & W R R, bds 911 Benton

Conklin Leon D., student, bds 609 College av

CONKLIN MELVIN M., grocer and baker 651 Lake, h do

Conklin Nathaniel, laborer, h 509 Columbia

Conklin Stoddard H., miller, h 609 College av

Empire Laundry, 110 Water Street.

Conkolinski Thomas, laborer, h 970 E Clinton

Conlon Arthur, machinist, h 213 W Miller

Conlon Helen C., bds 213 W Miller

Conlon Thomas, blacksmith N C R R shop h 770 S Main

Conley James, expressman, bds 509 Railroad av

Conley John, currier 129 W Water, h 208 Harriet

Conley Katie, tailoress, bds 212 Fulton

Conley Mary, chambermaid Delevan house

Conley Mary M., housekeeper 403 William

Conly Mary, domestic 606 N Main

Conly Mary, domestic 456 W Gray

Connell Nona, domestic 413 W Water

Connell Phillip, laborer, h 1007 Main

Connelly Bridget, 2 Main St bridge

Connelly Catharine, widow Michael, h 309 W Hudson

Connelly Catharine, dressmaker, h 224 Hine

Connelly Cornelius, clerk 123 W Water, bds 120 Fulton

Connelly Cornelius, saloon 318 E Water, h 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly Cornelius, h 409 W Hudson

Connelly Cornelius, carpenter, h 209 Fulton

Connelly Cornelius, laborer, h E Miller

Connelly Cornelius, emp rolling mill, bds 912 Stowell

Connelly Cornelius, (C E & T F Connelly), h Binghamton

Connelly C. E. & T. F., groceries 116-118 E Water

Connelly Daniel, laborer, h 308 W Hudson

Connelly Daniel, emp rolling mill, h Stowell pl cor Railroad av

Connelly Daniel O., com trav, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly Dennis, laborer, bds 120 Fulton

Connelly Dennis, laborer, h 212 Fulton

Connelly Dennis, mason, h 224 Hine

Connelly Dennis, laborer, h 218 S Walnut

Connelly Dennis J., bookkeeper 120 N Main cor Market, h 309 W Hudson

Consult H. O. SMITH, Architect, 108 Lake-St.

Connelly Dora, dressmaker, bds 64 Penna av

Connelly Ella, bds 216 S Walnut

Connelly Frances, dressmaker, h 224 Hine

Connelly Hannah, bds 216 S Walnut

Connelly Helen, domestic 612 John

Connelly Hugh, laborer, h 810 Carroll

Connelly James, brakeman D L & W R R, h Norton cor Baldwin

Connelly James, emp rolling mill, bds 912 Stowell

Connelly James A., student, bds 511 Jefferson

Connelly Jeremiah, laborer, bds 120 Fulton

Connelly Jeremiah, contractor and builder, h 701 E Market cor Washington

Connelly Jeremiah, cigar manuf, 452 W Hudson, h do

CONNELLY JEREMIAH J., undertaker and furniture, 203 and 205 W Water, h 379 W Fourth

Connelly Jeremiah J., mason, h 224 Hine

Connelly John, mason, h 224 Hine

Connelly John, clerk 123 Lake, bds 452 W Hudson

Connelly John, brakeman, bds E Miller n Erie

Connelly John, laborer, h 120 Fulton

Connelly John B., engineer N C R R, h 511 Jefferson

Connelly John J., emp rolling mill, bds 912 Stowell

Connelly John M., manager 413 and 412 Carroll, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly Judd, clerk 112 Baldwin, bds 64 Penna av

Connelly Julia, domestic (D. C. Robinson’s) Maple av n Horner

Connelly Kate, widow Dennis, domestic Maple av n E Miller

Connelly Kate, domestic, bds E Miller n Erie

Connelly Katie, bds 120 Fulton

Connelly Katie, domestic 413 1-2 W Water

Connelly Kate J., bds 511 Jefferson

Connelly Margaret, widow Cornelius, h 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly Margaret, widow John, h 912 Stowell

Connelly Maria L., milliner, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly Mary, domestic, bds 212 Fulton

Connelly Mary, bds 216 S Walnut

Connelly Mary, cook 2 Main st bridge

Connelly Mary, bds 218 S Walnut

Connelly Mary, widow Patrick, boarding 307 Diven av

Connelly Mary, M., bds 309 W Hudson

Connelly Michael, mason, h 501 W Hudson

Connelly Michael, printer, bds 212 Fulton

Connelly Michael, brakeman Erie R R, bds E Miller n Erie

Connelly Michael, mason, h 309 W Hudson

Connelly Minnie, domestic 461 E Water

Connelly Nellie F., teacher school No. 5, bds 122 W Chemung pl

HOSMER BILLINGS, Bookseller, Stationer and Newsdealer, 112 Baldwin Street

Connelly Nora, domestic, bds E Miller n Erie

Connelly Patrick, carpenter, h 409 W Hudosn

Connelly Patrick, puddler, bds 912 Stowell

Connelly Patrick, laborer, h 216 S Walnut

Connelly Thomas, mason, h 409 W Hudson

Connelly Thomas F. ( C. E. & T. F. Connelly), h Rochester NY

Connelly Timothy, laborer, h 309 W Hudson

Connelly Timothy, laborer, bds 120 Fulton

Connelly Timothy, cigarmaker, bds 120 Fulton

Connelly Timothy, hotel 64 Penna av, h do

Connelly Timothy (C. E. & T. F. Connelly), h 216 S Walnut

Connelly Timothy j., bds 216 S Walnut

Conner Anna S., bds 367 W Second

Conner Crete M., bds 113 E Henry

Conner Edwin, boilermaker, bds 310 S Main

Conner George, moulder, bds 310 S Main

Conner Joseph H., shoemaker, h 367 W Second

Conner William B., meat market 66 Penna av, bds 113 E Henry

Conners Timothy, laborer, h 815 Johnson

Connolly Cornelius P., clerk Patterson House

Connolly John W., bds Patterson House

CONNOLLY LEWIS T., propr Patterson House, veterinary surgeon and dentist

Connolly Michael, puddler, bds Patterson House

Connor E. D., boilermaker, bds Lewis

Connor James, foreman N C R R shops, h 720 S Main

Connor Joseph, fireman L V R R, bds Blyley House

Connors Cornelius, laborer, h 114 Giltanan

Connors Martin, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 307 Diven av

Connors Martin E., car repairer, h 960 Main

Connors Timothy, laborer, h 514 S Elm

Connors William, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 307 Diven av

Connors William B., meat market 66 Penna av, bds 113 E Henry

Conover M. Carmele, music teacher, h 122 Brand

Conroy Daniel, laborer, bds 361 Railroad av

Conroy John, laborer, h 150 Washington av