Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Coyle James, engineer, h 507 E Union

Coyne John, lineman, bds Elmira house

Craig Charles, tinsmith, bds 263 W Chemung pl

Craig James M., tinsmith, h 370 Thurston

Craig Maude B., milliner, bds 370 Thurston

Craig Robert, tinsmith, h 263 W Chemung pl

Craig Thomas, (emp Elmira Roofing Co) bds Buckbee house

Cramer Aaron G., engineer D L & W R R h 466 Reformatory

Crandall Clara A., domestic, 858 Lake

Crandall Benjamin J., bookkeeper 420 and 422 Carroll h 509 E Church

Crandall Erastus N., clerk 301 and 303 E Water bds 308 Penna ave

Crandall George, doormaker, h 1012 Walnut

Crandall Jason, laborer, h 521 E Union

Crandall Kittie, dressmaker, 215 S Main

Crandall Lulu L., bookkeeper, 329 E Water bds E Church

Crandall Mary, widow Erastus, h 310 1-2 W Fourth

Crandall Spires T., clerk Delavan house bds do

Crandall Sarah, widow D C h 215 S Main

Crandall Walter M., doormaker Fitch & Aldrich h 759 E Second

Crane Adella E., teacher Riverside school bds 215 Penna ave

Crane Anna M., bds 305 William

Crane Charles R., doormaker, h 321 Orchard cor Second

Crane Cordelia E., widow Daniel, nurse, h 441 E Water

Crane Cyrus C., farmer, h 312 Webber pl

Crane Elizabeth N. Mrs., widow Abner, h 215 Penna ave

Crane Emily, widow S C h 217 Washington

Crane Floyd E., machinist, h 712 1-2 Oak

CRANE, LEWIS E.,clerk Barker Rose & Gray h 108 Brand

Crane Susan, widow Theodore W., bds 303 Main

Cranston Sarah U., widow James R., h 319 W Church

Crapser Eliphalet, shoemaker, 428 E Water h do

Crapser M. J. Mrs., dressmaker, 428 E Water h do

Craze Charles T., butcher, h 107 E First

Crawford Burt, train dispatcher Erie depot, bds 110 W Market

Crawford Duncan, com trav. H Aspen ridge

Crawford Fannie R., bds 51 Fulton

Crawford --------, mail agt, h 105 DeWitt

Creaton Hannah, widow Owen, h 211 Sullivan

Creed James A., h 162 Sullivan

Crego Eugene, painter, bds 559 E Second

Creelman James, driver steamer No 2 bds 360 Diven pl

Creelman John, shoemaker, bds 360 Diven pl

Creelman William, h 360 Diven pl

Criddle James W., carpenter, h 208 Horner

Crippen L. Ross, bookkeeper, h 206 Orchard

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Crispin William A., carpenter, h 1122 Walnut

Crise Albert H., student, bds 425 W Clinton

Crise Peter, trav salesman, h 425 W Clinton

Crittenden Albert, carpenter, 413 Baldwin

Crittenden Albert W., engineer, h 413 Baldwin

Crittenden Judson, drayman, bds 707 E Fifth

Crittenden Richard G., drayman, h 707 E Fifth

Croak Michael, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 128 Maxwell av

Crocker Charles T., conductor D L & W R R h 363 Diven av

Crocker Augusta S., bds 412 E Union

Crocker Elwood B., (Tompkins, Fassett & Crocker) h 464 W Church

Crocker Julia A. Mrs., bds 402 S Main

Crocker Margaret (J M Shoemaker & Co., ) h Delevan house

Craft Elizabeth, widow George, operative, h 110 Ferris

CROMER AUGUST, livery stable 415 E Market, h 656 Walnut See ad

Cronan Jerry, cigarmaker, h 800 Hatch

Cronan Lizzie, domestic 306 1-2 W Water

Cronan Nellie, domestic 312 Columbia

Cronenberger Frederick, laborer, h 128 S Main

Cronin Daniel, emp rolling mill, bds 101 Broadway

Cronin Daniel, brakeman D L & W R R, h 909 Stowell

Cronin Jane, bds 101 Broadway
Get your Plans and Specifications of H. O. Smith, The Architect 108 Lake Street.

Cronin James laborer, bds 313 Orchard

Cronin James laborer, h 507 E Third

Cronin James jr., cigarmaker, bds 507 E Third

Cronin Johanna, widow John, h 101 Broadway

Cronin John, com trav, bds 507 E Third

Cronin John emp rolling mill, bds 101 Broadway

Cronin Kate domestic Elmira college, bds do

Cronin Martin, telegrapher, h 914 Stowell

Cronin Stephen N., barber, 313 Orchard

CRONK HANGER CO., C R Pratt pres, C F Carrier sec and treas, manfs of steel barn door hangers, 110 Church

Cronkright Clarissa Mrs., tailoress, h 216 E Water

Crook Burr, teamster, h 468 E Water

Crook Mary laundress 109 E Second

Crookshank Mary A., widow Absolom, h 302 W First

Crooley Arthur, upholsterer, h 235 Mt Zoar

Ask any Business Man in Elmira concerning the Portrait Work of the Elmira Portrait Co., 159 Baldwin Street.


Crooley Kittie M., music teacher, bds 235 Mt Zoar

Crosby Thomas, laborer bds 315 Hathaway

Cross Charles, hack and livery 200 E Gray cor State, h 506 First

Cross David E., engine wiper round house, bds 512 Logan

Cross Elisha R., com trav, h 658 N Main

Cross Frank D., asst electrician N Y & Penna T Co., bds 658 N Main

Cross John, bartender 315 Carroll h 115 Fox

Cross John C., fireman N C R R, h 207 South av

Cross Lida, dressmaker, h 905 Sullivan

Cross Samuel W., emp J Richardson & Co., bds 512 Logan

Cross William T., laborer, h 512 Logan

Crossman E. Elizabeth, bds 531 W Water

Crosthwaite Jennie, h 306 W Third

Crotsley, Albert M., bridge builder, h 206 Brand

Crotsley Emmet, bridge builder, bds 206 Brand

Crotty Bridget, widow John, h 321 Norton

Crotty John, watchman N C R R shops, bds 614 Penna av

Crotty Michael, emp N C R R shop, bds 724 S Main

Crotty Thomas, laborer, h 798 Sullivan

Crotty Timothy, engineer N C R R, h 614 Penna av

Crow Agnes, domestic 370 W Church

Crowe Annie, domestic 218 First
Bargains, - Books, - Billings, - Baldwin - Street.

Crowe James, shoemaker, h 302 Fulton

Crowe John, shoemaker, h 302 Fulton

Crowe John jr., shoemaker, h 302 Fulton

Crowe Lizzie, tailoress, bds 302 Fulton

Crowe Mary, dressmaker, bds 302 Fulton

Crowe Michael, section emp D L & W R R, h 913 Maxwell av

Crowe Nora, domestic 453 Spaulding

Crowe Patrick, laborer h 214 Giltanan

Crowe Thomas, clerk 116 and 118 E Water, bds 214 Giltanan

Crowell Edgar G., clerk 133 E Water, bds 407 W Water

Crowell George P., painter, h 211 Lormore

Crowl Andrew, teamster, bds 1008 Pratt

Crowl Carrie, helper 157 Baldwin, h 1008 Pratt

Crowl Mary, domestic 215 W Church

Crowl Willard, laborer, h 1008 Pratt

Crowley Daniel, carpenter, bds 520 Perine

Crowley Dennis, policeman, h 805 E Market

Crowley Ella, milliner, bds American Hotel

Crowley Honora, widow Dennis, h 951 Magee

Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, 520 Perine

Crowley John, laborer, h 517 S Broadway

Crowley John, butcher, bds 951 Magee

Crowley Kate, bds 951 Magee

Firman & Moore D E N T I S T S 300 E Water –St.

  1. Williams’ Elmira (C ) City Directory



    Crowley Maggie, domestic 501 W Water

    Crowley Margaret, tailoress 101 E Water, bds 407 High

    Crowley Margaret, domestic 211 Lake

    Crowley Martin, prop American Hotel 113 W Third, h do

    Crowley Mary D., laundress 110 W Water, bds 407 High

    Crowley Michael, sect hand N Y L E & W R R, h Railroad av n Center

    Crowley Michael, brakeman D L & W R R, bds Railroad av n Center

    Crowley Michael, cooper 121 E Second, h 407 High

    Crowley Nora, widow Dennis, h 951 Magee

    Crowley Stephen, bookkeeper, bds 520 Perine

    Crowley Thomas, saloon 558 E Church, h do

    Crowley Thomas, laborer, h 374 Railroad av

    Crowley Timothy, butcher, bds 951 Magee

    Caulkshank Charles S., trav salesman Barker, Rose & Gray, bds Delevan house

    Crum David, conductor Erie R R, h 110 N Main

    Crum George E., laborer, h 205 E Miller

    Crum Selin, painter, h 1 Scott

    CRUNDALL ANNA, widow Edward, h 306 W Third

    Cuffe James, laborer, bds 506 Balsam

    Culkeen Kate, widow Thomas, h 922 Maxwell av

    Culkeen William, hostler, bds 109 Lormore
    ARCHITECHT, J. O. INGHAM, 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake-St. 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

    Cullen Andrew, shoemaker, bds 167 E Washington av

    Cullen Ann, widow Patrick, h 167 E Washington av

    Cullen James, shoemaker, bds 167 E Washington av

    Cullen James W., turner Fitch & Aldrich, h 505 Madison av

    Cullen John, shoemaker, bds 167 E Washington av

    Cullen Joseph, emp N Y L E & W R R car shops, bds 167 E Washington av

    Cullen William, carpenter, bds 167 E Washington av

    Cullin Joseph, clerk, bds 159 Washington av

    Cullinan Anna L., bds 108 W Washington av

    Cullinan Daniel M., stage mgr. Wilson’s minstrels, bds 108 W Washington av

    CULLINAN MARGARET, widow John, saloon 108 W Washington av

    Culliney James, car inspector N C R R, bds 703 S Main

    Culp Bertha I., dressmaker, bds 316 West Centre

    Culp Sophia, seamstress, h 700 E Second

    Culver Charles M., laborer, bds 213 W Hudson

    Culver Frank L., laborer, bds 213 W Hudson

    CULVER JOHN E., manager mutual reserve fund life association, h 213 W Hudson

    Cummin Elizabeth, widow William bds 620 Lewis

    Cummings Ann, widow James, rear 108 W First

    Cummings Ellen M., h 311 Baty

    SECOND HAND CLOTHING Bought and Sold at 231 W Water –St.

  3. Williams’ Elmira ( C ) City Directory



    Cummings Elizabeth, bds 410 Oak

    Cummings Fred M., bartender 503 Railroad av, h 421 Davis

    Cummings George, mason, h 518 Madison av

    Cummings James E., cutter 130 E Water, h 805 Davis

    Cummings Laura, student, bds 856 N Main

    Cummings Mark, carpenter, h 410 Oak

    Cummings Mary E., boarding 311 Baty

    Cummings Mary K., widow James, h 543 S Main

    Cummings Mead M., carpenter, h 607 E Second

    Cummings Miles, clerk, bds 607 E Second

    Cummings Minnie F., student, bds 856 N Main

    Cummings Morris, mason, h 856 N Main

    Cummings Samuel, guard Reformatory, bds do

    Cunningham Agnes Mrs., grocer and saloon, 600 S Main, h do

    Cunningham Andrew, saloon 120 S Main

    Cunningham Daniel J., brakeman D L & W R R,, bds 718 S Main

    Cunningham Emma, 2 Main St bridge

    Cunningham Frank, student, bds 600 S Main

    Cunningham Isaac H., carpenter 220 DeWitt, h do

    Cunningham Matthew, carpenter, h South av cor S Main

    Cunningham Michael, emp Elmira Gas Co., bds Homestead hotel

    Cunningham Thomas, blacksmith, h 718 S Main
    EMPIRE LAUNDRY, 110 West Water Street.

    Cunningham William C., trav salesman bds 106 Madison av

    Cunningham William H., janitor Advertiser bldg, h 705 Dickinson

    Cupp Joseph F., yardmaster N C R R, h 503 Franklin

    Curly John F., salesman, h 159 Washington

    Curran Catharine, widow Daniel, h 613 E Third

    Curran David, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 302 Diven av

    Curran Ellen, emp Richardson, bds 613 E Third

    Curran Johanna, bds 751 Walnut

    Curran John, cigarmaker 117 Baldwin, h 509 High

    Curran Michael, mason, h 216 E Third

    Curran Thomas, emp Barker, Rose & Gray, h 722 Columbia

    Curran Thomas, cigarmaker, h 551 E Third

    Currier Joseph, laborer, bds 456 E Water

    Curry James, fireman N C R R, h 215 S Main

    Curry Michael, emp N C R R shops, bds 615 S Main

    Curtin Andrew, (J Brand & Co.), h Chicago Ill

    Curtin Daniel, E., messenger U S Ex Co, h 110 Spring

    Curtin John, car inspector D L & W R R, h 164 DeWitt

    Curtin Kate, domestic 219 W Church

    Curtin Mary, domestic 128 E Chemung pl

    Curtis Charles H., gate tender Hudson St crossing N Y L E & W R R, h 502 Penna av

    CURTIS DEXTER D., freight agent N Y L E & W R R, h 205 Columbia

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  5. Williams’ Elmira ( D ) City Directory



    Curtis Frank J., crimper Turnbulls shoe shop, bds 664 College av

    Curtis George L., cashier 211 and 213 Baldwin, bds 395 W Water

    Curtis Jennie, 205 Columbia

    Curtis John J., bookkeeper 109 W Water, h 401 W Gray

    Curtis Loty widow Eddie, h 307 William

    Curtis Marion, cook Empire house

    Curtis, May L., teacher, bds 502 Penna av

    Curtis Mary A., widow Summers S, h 215 S Walnut

    Curtis Sarah E., widow William, h 502 Penna av

    Curtis Romeo H., bds 205 Columbia

    Curtis Sidney B., clerk Delavan house, 455 W Third

    Curtis Susie, student, h 401 W Gray

    CUSHING JOHN, gents furnishings, hats, caps, etc., 135 E Water, h 455 W Water

    Cushing Michael, fireman D L & W R R, h 1321 1-2 Lake

    Cushing Sarah E., widow Joseph W., h 807 W First

    Cusic Daniel, laborer, bds 411 Powell

    Cusic John, tanner, h 411 Powell

    Cusick Maney, bds 201 W Miller

    Cusick Nellie, waitress Delavan house

    Cusick Patrick, laborer, bds 201 W Miller

    Cusick Patrick H., saloon 201 W Miller

    Cathbert Alexander, barber, bds 435 W Fifth

    Cuthbert Elias, cigarmaker, bds 435 W Fifth

    Cuthbert James, hostler round house, h 435 W Fifth

    Cuthbert James jr, emp Reid & Cooper, bds 435 W Fifth

    Cuthbert, Thomas, laborer, bds 435 W Fifth

    Cuthbert William G., fireman Erie R R, bds 435 W Fifth


    Dabelstein Christine, widow Carl bds 963 East av

    Dacie Ellen, domestic 522 William

    Daggett Herbert N., (Elmira Portrait Co) h 615 Grove

    Daggett Willis C., carpenter, h 400 Pleasant

    Dahon Della, widow Mark, h 379 W Fifth

    Daiganeu May, domestic 1004 Lake

    Daignaux Louis, patternmaker Reformatory, h Tompkins bet Davis and Walnut

    Dailey Charles G., brakeman D L & W R R., h 368 1-2 Diven av

    Dailey Cordelia, widow George B. h 509 Park pl

    Dailey George B., bridge builder, h 509 Park pl

    Dailey Libbie, teacher, h 509 Park pl

    See also Daily, Daley and Daly

    Dailey Michael, blacksmith, bds 1404 Baldwin

    Daines Thomas, brakeman D L & W R R., bds 376 Norton

    Dakin Mary, widow Charles, h 209 Fulton

    The Leading Music Store 116 and 118 N Main-St.

  7. Williams’ Elmira ( D ) City Directory.



    Dale George L., stenographer, bds 320 De Witt

    Dale George W., agent h 320 DeWitt

    Dale John G., baggagemaster N C R R., bds 512 Herrick

    Dale Mary, widow John D., h 506 W Water

    Dale Samuel S., laborer, bds 118 W Henry

    Dale William E., conductor N C R R., h 613 1-2 Lake

    Daley Dollie, tailoress, bds 614 E Third

    Daley Eliza J., shoe operative, bds 221 Harriet

    Daley George, brakeman, h 1320 Baldwin

    Daley John, shoemaker, h 221 Harriet

    Daley John shoemaker, bds 221 Harriet

    Daley John W., printer, h 220 W Third

    Daley Julia B., bookkeeper Friend, Metzger & Co., bds S s Jones n Robinson

    Daley Mary, domestic 311 Norton

    Daley Michael, laborer, h 208 W Hudson

    Daley Nellie, domestic 450 E Water

    Daley Robert, shoemaker, h 221 Harriet

    Dalley George, shoemaker, h 516 Davis

    Dalrymple Fred H., buss driver Robinson, h 904 Benton

    Dalrymple, Polly A., widow Dennis, bds 620 E Third

    Dalrymple Silas, farmer, h 315 E Washington av

    Dalton, John, driver, bds 659 Magee

    Dalton Kate, domestic 808 N Main

    Dalton Michael city express, h 659 Magee

    Dalton Nellie Mrs., h 102 W First

    Daly Bridget, domestic, bds 614 E Third

    Daly Dennis, farmer, h N s Jones bel Robinson

    Daly Dennis F., emp Spaulding planing mill, h 760 E Water

    Daly John, grocer, 470 W Second h do

    Daly John, (Looney & Daly) h 310 High

    Daly Joseph F., printer, bds 760 E Water

    Daly Mary A., saleslady, bds N s Jones bel Robinson

    Daly Patrick, laborer Erie R R shop, h 612 E Third

    Daly Patrick C., stenographer Doane & Jones, bds 208 S Walnut

    Daly Robert E., mail messenger Gazette, bds 760 E Water

    Daly Stephen, teacher, bds N s Jones bel Robinson

    Dana Louisa L., emp Richardson shoe shop, h 203 Hoffman

    Dane Charles, hostler, 510 W Church

    Danaher Kate, h 315 Webber pl

    Danaher Michael, emp blast furnace, h 955 Main

    Danaher Thomas, laborer, h 315 Webber pl

    Danaher Thomas, emp blast furnace, bds 955 Main

    Danforth S. Addie, bds 315 William

    Daniels Albert J., cigar manf 118 W Market h do

    Daniels Amanda J., widow Sylvanius, bds 404 Madison av

    C. B. MATHER COAL DEALER 104 PARTRIDGE ST Telephone Connection

  9. Williams’ Elmira ( D ) City Directory
Daniels Charles S., lumber inspector, Fitch & Aldrich, bds 510 E Church

Daniels Henry, bds 917 Benton

Daniels Mary, widow William H., Home for Aged

Daniels Walter J., h 312 S Main

Danks Edward M., teamster, h 204 Chestnut

Danks George H., clerk 124 W Water bds 315 Baldwin

Danks Orris, city weigher, 424 E Market h 422 do

Dans Floyd E., emp N C R R h 411 Pleasant

Darant Frank W., florist, h 316 Baldwin

Darby Fannie W., bds 304 W Church

Darby Frank B., dentist 126 E Water, h 304 W Church

Darling Joseph H., clerk 210 W Water, h 127 W Water

Darmstadt Henry G., brakeman N C R R bds 480 South ave

Darmstadt John, laborer, h 480 South ave

DarmstadtJohn M., fireman N C R R h 473 South ave

Darrin Charles B., h 511 W Water

Darrin Matthew K., h 457 W Second

Darrin Milton W, h 511 W Water

Dartt J. Frank, clerk N Y L E & W R R bds 333 W Clinton

Davage John, laborer, h 215 Sullivn

Daved Harriet A., vestmaker, h 141 E Water
ARCHITECT, J. O. INGHAM 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake-St. 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

Davener William J., emp N C R R shops, h 257 Baty

Davenport Charles E., shoemaker, bds 77 Penna ave

Davenport D Romayn, (Bement & Davenport) h Irelay city, Mich

Davenport George L., laborer, h 452 W Fourth

Davenport George R., cigar manuf 714 Kinyon h do

Davenport Jackson, laborer, h 77 Penna ave

Davenport Seymour, shoemaker J. Richardson & Co., bds 432 W Fourth

Davenport W. Judson, laborer h r 100 E Hudson

Davey Albert, mason, bds 326 Hine

Davey Edward, fireman, bds 723 Kinyon

Davey James S., mason, h 211 Fulton

Davey Martha, widow Usher H., h 707 Kenyon

Davey Mary A., widow William, h 230 W Miller

Davey Sylvester, laborer, h 226 Chestnut

David Carl, butcher, h 230 Mt Zoar

Davidson George, bookkeeper Elmira bridge works, bds 213 South ave

Davidson George H., clerk Elmira bridge works, bds 213 South ave

Davidson Herbert F., fireman N C R R h 313 Baty

Davidson Henry, laborer, bds 213 South av

Davidson John T., attorney school of commerce also U S C com and master in chancery 165 Lake, h 222 Penna av

Davidson Mollie, milliner, bds 115 Harriet

Davies Arthur W., machinist, bds 321 South av

Crayon Portraits, India Ink Portraits, Water Color Portraits

The Elmira Portrait Co., 159 Baldwin Street.


Davies Charles M., emp J Richardson & Co bds Patterson house

Davies George A., machinist, h 321 South av

Davies John K., clerk N C Fgt office, h 668 Columbia

Davies Levi, laborer, h Grant cor College av

Davies Mary J. Mrs., h 668 Columbia

Davies Percy P., fireman N C R R, h 304 South av

Davis Adjustable Shade Co., Sly n Maple av

Davis Almira, widow L. T., bds 606 N Main

Davis Alviin, h 380 W Third

Davis Arlow A., teamster, h 227 W Miller

Davis Arthur W., painter, h 405 Hoffman

Davis Benjamin O., carpenter, h 1109 N Elm

Davis Charles B., machinist, h 217 Mt Zoar

Davis Charles B. jr., carpenter, bds 217 Mt Zoar

Davis Charles E., carpenter, h 1122 Main

Davis Charles E., engineer D L & W R R, h 850 Magee

Davis Charles H., switchman, h 812 Lincoln

Davis Clarence, clerk, bds 112 Baldwin

Davis Clarence S., tinsmith, bds 112 Baldwin

Davis Daniel, inventor, bds 212 Lormore

Davis E. Howe, physician 200 E Water, h 500 Baldwin

Davis Elmer, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1319 Benton

Davis Emily, widow Robert W, h 350 Euclid pl

Davis Etna H., (Davis Adjustable Shade Co, ) bds 212 Lormore

Davis Fannie, student, bds 127 Harriet

Davis Frank, bds 108 College av

Davis George F., student, bds 127 Harriet

DAVIS GEORGIA E. MRS., boarding house, 262 Baldwin

Davis Grant, laborer, h 150 S Second

Davis Herman C., conductor D L & W R R, h 812 Lincoln

Davis Henry A., salesman Gridley & Son, h 310 Hine

Davis James, Home for Aged

Davis John, laborer, h 710 Day

Davis John, shoemaker, h 405 Sullivan

Davis John F., h 205 S Elm

Davis Joseph, emp D L & W R R , h 125 Harriet

Davis Julia, widow Crow, h 806 E Church

Davis Laura, E., student, bds 215 South av

Davis Levi, laborer, h Grant cor College av

Davis Lilly B., dressmaker, h 350 Euclid pl

Davis Maggie E., milliner, h 405 Sullivan

Davis Manfred H., (Davis & Wightman) h 305 E Church

Davis Marie E., widow Henry E., h 417 W Second

Davis Mary A., nurse, h 707 Columbia

Davis Mary C., widow Fred L., Lake cor Clinton



Davis Nellie V., dressmaker, h 350 Euclid pl

Davis Robert, freight agt E C & N R R, h 127 Harriet

Davis Roxina L., bookkeeper 601 E Water, bds 260 Baldwin

Davis Sarah B., h 217 W Third

Davis & Wightman, (M H Davis and W H Wightman) druggists 129 E Water

Davis William, farmer, bds 112 E Hudson

Davis William S., prnter, bds 119 W Chemung pl

DAVISON CHARLES S., mayor office Masonic temple, also supt T. Briggs & Co, h 416 W Clinton

Davison Herbert F., fireman N C R R h 314 Baty

DAVISON HOUSE, James B Davison propr 423 Railroad av

DAVISON JAMES B., propr Davison house 423 Railroad av h do

Davison Lorin C., clerk 159 Railroad av, h 403 Madison

Davison Minerva, widow George, bds 111 Caldwell av

Davison Robert J., draughtsman Reformatory, bds do

Davison William, machinist bridge works bds 463 Lake av

Davison Lorin C., clerk, h 403 Madison av

Dawes Elisha A., carriage trimmer, h 412 E Water

Dawes Louisa, bds 412 E Water

Day John, (Vance & Day,) 562 E Church

Dayton Cenclare, carpenter, h 860 E Church
Consult H. O. SMITH, ARCHITECT, 108 Lake-St.

Dean Alice, domestic 617 Lake

Dean Anna, laundry 424 E Water, h do

Dean Benjamin R., carpenter, h 507 Columbia

Dean Carrie M., teacher school No. 2, bds 422 W Gray

Dean Charles M., blacksmith, h 417 Standish

Dean Elmer, (Sheehan, Dean & Co,) h 709 Park pl

Dean George C., clerk 207 E Water, bds 155 Madison av

Dean Ida C., h 507 Columbia

Dean Lucy, stenographer, h 507 Columbia

Dean Martin, painter, h 603 John

Dean William S., emp J. S. Baldwin coal yard h 105 E Market

DeCamp Allen F. Rev., pastor Lake st Presbyterian church, h 410 William

Decker Abbie J. Mrs., h 1213 Hall

Decker Amos V., engineer D L & W R R, h 1122 Oak

Decker Andrew J., laborer, h 258 Partridge

Decker Anna Mrs., nurse, 600 E Church

Decker Bertha E., bds 308 W Cliniton

Decker Blanche, bds 161 Harriet

Decker Casper G., bds 507 W Water

Decker Casper S., (Palmer & Decker) h 507 W Water

Decker Charles, clerk 305 Division, bds 1122 Oak

Decker Charles E., clerk, h 710 Baldwin

Second-Hand Clothing Bought and Sold at 231 W Water-st.


Decker David, tanner h 302 W Clinton

Decker Dewitt C., stone mason, bds 113 Fox

Decker Eliza, widow Jeremiah, h 101 South av

Decker Emma R., widow Fred E., h 216 South av

Decker Ernest O., carpenter, h 511 W Third

Decker Fannie, h 314 E Water

Decker Fred E., brakeman, h 615 Lewis

Decker Fred S., sash maker Fitch & Aldrich, h 518 Madison av

Decker George W., tobacco buyer, h 608 South av

Decker George W., mason, bds Elizabeth cor Walnut

Decker George W., bds 814 W Church

Decker George W., bds 1122 Oak

Decker Harry A., student, h 407 N Main

Decker Harry S., machinist, bds 814 W Church

Decker Hattie, domestic West End Hotel

Decker Hiram, laborer, 373 Penna av

Decker James, laborer, bds 905 Michigan av

Decker James R., tobacco buyer, h 123 Lormore

Decker Jennie, nurse, 2110 Lake

Decker Jennie C., bds 308 W Clinton

Decker J. Leroy emp bridge works, bds 258 Partridge

Decker John D., foreman, h 210 Orchard
HOSMER BILLINGS, Bookseller, Stationer and Newsdealer, 112 Baldwin Street.

Decker Mary E., bds 743 W Church

Decker Mary S., dressmaker, 203 E Water, h do

Decker Nicholas C., laborer, h 905 Stowell

Decker Phebe, widow Peter, bds 802 W Gray

Decker Philip, laborer, h 905 Michigan av

Decker Reuben, car driver, bds 913 Benton

Decker Simon H., clerk, h 366 Penna av

Decker William, finisher, h 814 W Church

Decourcy Walter G., brakeman N C R R, bds 602 S Herrick

Decourey William D., laborer, bds 602 S Herrick

Decourcy William G., boilermaker, bds 602 S Herrick

Dee James, blacksmith, h 414 Elm

Defalski John, laborer, h 760 E Fifth

DeForest Earl L., brakeman D L & w r r, bds 1312 Baldwin

DeForest Jane, widow Alanson, bds Home n Spaulding

DeGraw Clarissa, widow Andrew, h 365 W Gray

DeGraw Della, bds 365 W Gray

Degraw Sarah, bds 365 W Gray

DeGroff Thomas M., h 317 Hine

Deichert Agnes, widow Henry, h 658 E Clinton

Deier Albert, brakeman D L & W R R, h 376 Thurston

Deister Barbara, clerk 305 E Water, bds 212 Gregg

Deister Carrin, bds 760 Jay

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Deister George, butcher, 763 E Church, bds 760 Jay

Deister Henry, clerk 801 E Church, bd 803 do

Deister Jacob, blacksmith Erie shops, h 760 Jay

DEISTER JACOB J., meat market 763 E Church cor Sullivan h 761 1-2 E Church

Deister John, clerk 330 E Water, bds 322 do

Deister John, jr., grocer 801 E Church, h 803 do

Deister Kittie, clerk, bds 322 E Water

Deister Marion, clerk Erlich’s, bds 322 E Water

Deister Mary, box maker, bds 215 Gregg

Deister Mary, widow John, h 803 E Church

Deister Matie, clerk 305 E Water, h 308 do

Deister Mathew, laborer, h 701 Jay

Deister Michael, bds 215 Gregg

Deister Michael, saloon 323 E Water, h do

Deister Nicholas, watchman Elmira bridge works, h 215 Gregg

Dekay Charles H., sawmill, h 417 Mt Zoar

DeLam Charles A., cabinet maker, h 616 Penna av

DeLamarter Emerson, shoemaker, bds 520 W First

DeLamarter Eugene, letter carrier, h 416 E Washington

DeLamarter Ida, laundress, h 113 Washington

DeLancey Albert C., engineer E R R, h 501 Columbia
ARCHITECT, J. O. INGHAM, 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake St. 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

DeLancey Maria, widow John, h 501 Columbia

DeLaney DeWill (Towner & DeLaney), bds 816 W Gray

DeLaney Flora M., domestic 104 DeWitt

DeLaney Hattie, domestic 707 N Main

DeLaney John, teamster, h 660 Magee

DeLaney John, h 58 Fulton

DeLaney John, jr., broom maker, h 660 Magee

DeLaney Maggie, bds 405 Penna av

DeLaney Michael, laborer, bds 108 Fulton

DeLaney Michael W., conductor N C R R, h 405 Penna av

DeLaney William, engineer Tioga branch Erie, h 509 W Second

DeLaney William, h 405 Penna av

DeLaney William, farmer, h 364 W Fourth

DeLant Thomas, prop hack liv 210 Madison av, h do

DELAVAN HOUSE, J. M. Shomaker & Co., prop’s, Railroad av cor W Clinton

DELAWARE, LACKAWANNA & W. R. R. FREIGHT HOUSE State bet Clinton and E Fourth


Delo J. Moore, student, bds 120 Catharine

Delo Roy B., clerk Elmira National bank, bds 120 Catharine

Delo Thomas B., clerk N C R R Co’s shops, h 120 Catharine