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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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PAGE 148

Deloff, Augusta, nurse Arnot-Ogden hospital

DeLang, Lyman, turner Fitch & Aldrich, h 702 Oak

Delorme, David, shoemaker, h 712 Dickinson

DEL PAPA, MICHAEL, hotel and restaurant, 417 Railroad av

Demarest, Mark W., stenographer Tel Ex, bds 355 Davis

Demarest, Rebecca, widow James, h 363 W Second

Demarest, William H., bookkeeper J. Richardson & Co., h 363 W Second

Demarest, Woodman, farmer, h 355 Davis

Deming, Daniel G., engineer N C R R, h 414 Jefferson

Demming, David, emp Spaulding planing mill, h 419 W Second

Dempsey, Agnes M., milliner, bds 160 Madison av

Dempsey, Bartholomew, laborer, h 323 River

Dempsey, Catharine, widow Dennis, h S s Jones bel Robinson

Dempsey, Daniel, laborer, bds 906 E Market

Dempsey, Daniel E., mason, bds S s Jones bel Robinson

Dempsey, Dennis, mason, h 265 W Hudson

Dempsey, Dennis, laborer, bds 449 W Hudson

Dempsey, Dennis, policeman, h 757 Spaulding

Dempsey, Edward, clerk 126 E Water, bds 213 Lormore

Dempsey, Ellen, dressmaker, bds 906 E Market

Dempsey, Hannah, domestic, h W s Maple av bet Horner and Home

Dempsey, Ella, milliner, 301 E Water, bds 123 W Hudson

Dempsey, James, laborer, h 367 W Fifth

Dempsey, James, machinist, bds 368 Railroad av

Dempsey, John, laborer, bds 120 Fulton

Dempsey, John E., mason, h S s Jones bel Robinson

Dempsey, John S., agent, bds 368 Railroad av

Dempsey, John W., clerk 68 Penna av, bds 265 W Hudson

Dempsey, Julia, widow James, h 368 Railroad av

Dempsey, Margaret E., bds S s Jones bel Robinson

Dempsey, Mary, domestic 357 N Main

Dempsey, Michael, clerk W Water, bds 265 W Hudson

Dempsey, Nellie E., bds 368 Railroad av

Dempsey, Nora, domestic 522 W First

Dempsey, Patrick, mason, bds 265 W Hudson

Dempsey, Patrick, cigarmaker, bds 449 W Hudson

Dempsey, Patrick, laborer, h 449 W Hudson

Dempsey, Rick R., fireman,h 364 Railroad av

DEMPSEY, THOMAS W., restaurant 203 E Market, h 368 Railroad av

Dempsey, Timothy, laborer, h 906 E Market

Deneen, James, laborer, bds 206 Chestnut

Deneen, John, drayman, h 206 Chestnut

Deneen, John, bartender 145 W Water, bds 206 S Chestnut

Deneen, Johannah L., dressmaker, bds 206 Chestnut

PAGE 149

Dennen, Kate M., dressmaker, W Water, bds 204 Chestnut

Deneen, Nora, clerk, 132 W Water, bds 206 Chestnut

Denio, Emery, engineer, N C R R, h 218 Franklin

Denison, Alonzo, laborer, h 374 Railroad av

Denison, Charles, tel operator, bds 962 Oak

Denison, Charles M., (Breese Denison & Co) bds 962 Oak

Denison, Charles M., teacher school of commerce, bds 962 Oak

Denison, Marion A., broom-maker, h 962 Oak

Denison, Walter M., (Breese Denison & Co) bds 962 Oak

Denison, William S., bridge carpenter D L & W R R bds Madison av

Denmark, Harry A., brakeman D L & W R R bds 1310 Baldwin

Denney, Charles, waiter, Rathbun house, h 720 Baldwin

Denney, Oscar H., pastor, free baptist church, h 1203 Hall

Dennis, Charles, engineer, h 430 S Broadway

Dennis, Emma V., bds 1505 Lake

Dennis, Henry, laborer, h 707 Sullivan

Dennis, John S., engineer D L & W R R, h 1505 Lake

Dennis, Mary S., bds 1505 Lake

Dennison, Charles M., teacher school of commerce, bds 962 Oak

Dennison, Edmund, engineer, 1505 Lake

Dennison, Hollis J., watchman Payne shops, h 618 South av

Dense, Albert, drayman, h 102 Harmon

Plans, Elevations and Specifications by H. O. SMITH, ARCHITECT, 108 Lake Street

Dense, Carrie, dressmaker, 200 W Chemung pl bds do

Dense, George W., teamster, h 601 Tuttle av

Dense, Levi, teamster, bds 601 Tuttle av

Dense, Reuben C., emp bridge works, h 756 Spaulding

Dense, Robert E., train dispatcher N C R R, h 814 N Main

Dense, William E., carpenter, h 118 Catharine

Densmore, Charles W., civil engineer, h 624 Winsor av

DENSMORE, JOSEPH D., prop Elmira sign works and manuf of wood signs 125 S Main, h 510 Grove

Denson, Emory, carpenter, h 628 Lewis

Denson, Norton P., barber, h 628 Lewis

DENTON, EDGAR, (Denton & McDowell) district attorney and notary public, h 116 W Chemung pl

Denton, Julius S., clerk E C & N R R, h 377 W Clinton

Denton, Lucretia, widow Seymour F., h 377 W Clinton

DENTON & McDOWELL, (E Denton and Boyd McDowell) lawyers, 335 E Water

DePue, Harry E., bookkeeper, Elmira Beef Co, bds 414 Main

Derby, Alden, carpenter, h 75 Walnut

Derby, Charles E., bookkeeper, 71 Penna av, bds 459 W Second

Derby, Charles S., carpenter, h 459 W Second

Derby, Charles N., tinsmith, h 330 S Broadway

Derby, Cora A., clerk, 112 Baldwin, bds 75 Walnut

PAGE 150

Derby, Eva N., bookkeeper, 112 Baldwin, bds 75 Walnut

Derby, E. H. Mrs., dressmaking, 154 Baldwin

Derby, Elmer H., paper hanger, h 154 Baldwin

Deltra, Hiram B., telegrapher, W U Tel Co, bds 305 E Church

Derby, John M., carpenter, bds 432 Pleasant

Derby, Marcia G., stenographer, 101 E Chemung pl, bds 459 W Second

Derry, William, teamster, bds Maple av cor Horner

Desky, Isaac, h 117 High

Desmond, Cornelius, laborer, h 316 Roe av

Desmond, James P., expressman, h 376 W Clinton

Desmond, Mary, domestic, 221 Lake

Desmond, William A., clerk, 313 E Water, h 230 W Chemung pl

Dethloff, Louis, carpenter, h 507 1-2 DeWitt

Devine, Edward Jr., puddler, bds 415 Standish

Devine, Edward L., bartender 102 E Water, bds 410 S Magee

Devine, John, brakeman, D L & W R R, h 712 Benjamin

Devine, Maggie, tailoress, bds 371 W Clinton

Devine, Maggie, widow Andrew, bds 371 W Clinton

Devine, Mary, widow Edward, h 415 Standish

Devine, Michael, brakeman D L & W R R, h 713 Benjamin

Devine, Nellie, domestic, 155 Madison av

Devine, Thomas L., switchman D L & W R R, h 1322 Baldwin

Develin, John, saloon 814 Hatch h do

Develin, John J., teamster reformatory, h 316 Reformatory

Devoe, George W., foreman, h 210 E Water

Devore, Alice D., tobacco sorter, bds 457 Lake av

Devore, Monroe J., laborer, bds 357 Lake av

Devore, Winfield S., laborer, h 457 Lake av

Devore, Zachray T., laborer, bds 457 Lake av

Dewall, John H., laborer, h 164 Orchard

DeWaters, Frank E., bookkeeper Harris & McHenry's, bds 111 Penna av

DeWaters, Lewis A., (Grant & DeWaters) h 111 Penna av

DeWaters, Martha E., widow Wright, h 111 Penna av

DeWaters, Martin, insurance agent, 57 S Main

DeWaters, York P., insurance agent, h 207 Brand

DeWitt, Abram M., stoves and house furnishings, 154, 156 Exchange, h 213 Washington

DeWitt, Edgar L., physician, h 423 W Church

DeWitt, Florence M., artist 602 E Church, h do

DeWitt, Isaac T., doormaker Fitch & Aldrick, h 602 E Church

DeWitt, J. Estelle, modiste, h 423 W Church

DeWitt, Maggie, widow James, h 135 E Hudson

DeWitt, Mattie, saleslady 310 E Water, bds 119 Brand

DeWitt, Stephen H., foreman 336 E Water, h 217 1-2 DeWitt

DeWitt, Wyntzie, tailoress, bds 217 1-2 DeWitt

PAGE 151

DE WITT, SUTHERLAND, agt U S Express Co. 152 Baldwin, h 608 W Water

DeWitt, William P., gun and locksmith 418 E Water, h 423 W Church

Dexter, Charles B., student, 217 W Gray

Dexter, Daniel, h 121 W Chemung pl

Dexter, Daniel W., student, bds 103 S Main

Dexter, John M., h 207 W Gray

Dexter, Seymour, pres Second National bank, h 103 S Main

DEY BROS., & CO., (Donald, Robert, John and J G S) dry goods and carpets, 301 and 303 E Water

Dey, Donald (Dey Bros & Co.) h Syracuse

Dey, James, G. S., (Dey Bros & Co.) h Syracuse

Dey, John, (Dey Bros & Co.) h Syracuse

Dey, Robert, (Dey Bros. & Co.) h Syracuse

Deyo, Charles W., engineer N C R R., h 540 S Main

Dibble, James M., sashmaker, bds 118 W Seventh

Dibble, Samuel M., carpenter, h 118 W Seventh

Dibble, V. Jay, switchman E C & N R R, h 718 Benjamin

Dibble, Wilber, sashmaker, bds 118 W Seventh

Dibble, Minnie, bds 118 W Seventh

Dick, A. T., carpenter, bds Elmira house

Dick, Lewis T., cigar manf 415 E Market, h 322 W Gray

Dickens, William, laborer, h Davis n Reformatory

Dickerman, George W., fireman D L & W R R, h 1001 1-2 Oak

Dickinson, Charles, clerk bds 209 College av

Dickinson, Charles, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1312 Benton

Dickinson, Charles S., clerk 130 W Water, bds 209 College av

Dickinson, Edward, professor music Elmira college, bds 612 Columbia

Dickinson, Emma S., tailoress, h 393 W Water

Dickinson, Ester M., widow Henry, h 110 W Market

Dickinson, George B., moulder, h 604 Sullivan

Dickinson, George S., (Geo. S. Dickinson & Son) h 209 College av

DICKINSON, GEORGE S. & SON, (Geo. S. Dickinson) grocers 130 W Water

DICKINSON, HARRY, grocer 222 W Water, h 209 College av

Dickinson, John B., farmer, bds 626 Penna av

Dickinson, Sabrina S., widow Aristarchus, h 495 E Water

Dickinson, William P., clerk 212 E Water, bds 209 College av

Dickman, Stephen, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 902 Lake

Dickson, Henry, fireman, D L & W R R, bds 902 Lake

Dickson, Richard L., brakeman D L & W R R, h 766 Carpenter

Diedrich, William F., h 604 Howard

Diehl, Charles E., barber 169 Baldwin, bds 151 Washington

Diehl, Jacob, baker and grocer 151 Washington cor John, h do

PAGE 152

Diehl, Jacob M., barber 169 Baldwin, h 111 W First

Diehl, John C., baker, grocer and confectioner 510 Main, h do

Diehl, Maggie C., clerk 151 Washington, bds do

Diehl, Nicholas, bookbinder, bds 153 Washington

Dittman, Ruth, widow Miles, Home for the Aged

Dietzel, Adam, laborer, Esty n Robinson

Digby, James B., clerk S H Laney, bds 509 Madison av

Dildine, Dennis, bill poster, bds 151 Baldwin

Dildine, Henry H., laborer, h 727 Kinyon

Dildine, James, cartman, h 210 Hudson

Dildine, William, laborer, bds 210 W Hudson

Dill, Edward, printer Gazette, h 360 W Second

DILL, ELIZABETH A. MRS., restaurant and bakery 241 W Water, h do

Dillistin, Ellis E., gardener, h 315 Franklin

Dillistin, Mary, widow Richard, bds 661 N Main

Dillman, Silas, engineer L V R R, bds Blyley house

Dillon, Andrew E., lineman, bds American hotel

Dillon, Daniel W., policeman, h 509 E Market

Dillon, John J., (The Husbandman,) bds West Hill n Carr's cor

Dillon, Patrick, laborer, bds 814 Hatch

Dimmock, Henrietta, bds 312 William

Dimond, Reuben O., emp Turnbulls shoe factory h 516 W Second

Dinantha, Sister, teacher convent Our Lady of Angels, Market

Dingman, Eugene E., carpenter Lehman's, h 508 John

Dinninny, Ferral C., h 820 W Water

Dinninny, Ferril C. jr., h 820 W Water

Dinneen, James, blacksmith, bds 552 S Main

Disbrow, Arthur P., clerk, h 458 W Third

Disbrow, Ella F., clerk Board of Education, bds 419 Grove

Disbrow, Isabel S., teacher school No. 1, bds 419 Grove

Disbrow, John V. B., clerk rolling mill, h 458 W Third

Disbrow, Noah, shoemaker, h 419 Grove

Dismore, William A., clerk 313 E Water, h 250 W Chemung pl

Disney, Francis X., student Robinson Bldg, bds 423 W Third

Disney, James, clerk 211 Baldwin, h 157 Orchard

Disney, Thowas S., grocer 423 W Third, h do

Dittmar, Charles, supt Elmira Gas Light Co, h 512 Madison av

Diven, Alexander S., pres Elmira Water Works Co, h Willow Brook farm Lake n Limits

Diven, Aimee, bds 502 W Church

Diven, Eugene, secy LaFrance Fire Engine Co, h 306 W Gray

Diven, George M., (Diven & Redfield) also pres LaFrance Fire Engine Co, also vice-pres Elmira Water Works Co, h 957 Lake

Diven, Julia, widow Eugene, h 502 W Church

PAGE 153

Diven, George M. jr., 1313 Lake

DIVEN, JOHN M., sec and treas Elmira water works, h 601 W Water

Divon, Martin L., marble cutter, bds 257 Partridge

DIVEN & REDFIELD, (G M Diven and H S Redfield) lawyers, 212 E Water

Dixon, Elizabeth A., 105 W Water

Dixon, Henry, fireman D L & W R R, bds 902 Lake

DIXON, JOHN, manager boots and shoes 105 W Water, h 1 Brady

Dixon, Will H., car repairer, bds 2 Main St bridge

Doane, Addison, livery stable and saloon 320 E Washington av, h do

Doane, Clarissa, widow Ezekiel P, h 418 W Second

Doane, Frank, driver 320 E Washington av

Doane, George, (Doane & Jones, ) civil engineer, h 404 Hoffman

Doane, Jennie, bds 917 Benton

Doane, Joe, laborer, 320 E Washington av

Doane, John, driver, h 320 E Washington av

Doran, John, puddler, bds 103 E Washington av

DANE & JONES, (G Doane and R T Jones,) manf and wholesale dealers in lumber, planing mill, etc, Henry, Harmon and Parlridge

Dane, Madison, teamster, h 907 E Church

Dane, Mary, widow Nathaniel, h 314 Reformatory

Dane, Nathaniel K., drayman, h 314 Reformatory

Dane, Royal, carriage maker, h 917 Benton

DANE, WILLIAM H., hackman 315 Washington av, h do

Dobberstein, August, carpenter, h Robinson n Esty

Dobberstein, Gustave A., hair dresser 102 State, bds Robinson n Esty

Dobberstein, William F., job printer, h Robinson

DOBBINS, ANDREW J., propr Frasier house W Third cor Railroad av, h do

Dobbs, Benjamin J., laborer, h 211 Maple av

Dobbs, Isaac E., car repairer N C R R, h 514 Balsam

Dobbs, Thomas F., laborer, bds club house Maple av

Dobbs, William J., laborer, bds 211 Maple av

Dobell, Emma E., stenographer Erie depot bds 1024 Oak

Dobell, Stephen V., laborer, h 1024 Oak

Dobson, Thomas W., teamster, h 324 Railroad av

Dochane, H. H., currier, bds 617 Lake

DOCKSTADER, OTIS, architect Robinson bldg 163 Lake, h 373 W Gray See top lines and back cover

Dodd, Alfred E., cigarmaker, h 214 Sullivan

Dodd, Edward, emp Rathbun House, bds do

Dodd, Jennie, clerk 305 E Water, bds Sullivan

Dodd, Leonard, machinist, h 115 Lormore

Dodd, Sarah Mrs., housekeeper Rathbun house

PAGE 154

Dodd, Sarah A. Mrs., agent, h 313 E Church

Dodd, William E., assist nndertaker 203 and 205 W Water, h 214 Sullivan

Dodd, Alfred C., painter, 110 N Main

Dodson, Alexander, bookkeeper Farmers' and Mechanics' bank, bds 515 W Water

Dodson, William A., cashier Farmers' and Mechanics' bank, bds 515 W Water

Doherty, Francis G., clerk Reformatory, bds do

Dohoe, James, laborer, h 209 Harriet

Dohoney, Frank R., clerk, bds 428 Penna av

Dohoney, John E., grocer 428 S Main, h do

Dohoney, John J., machinist, bds 428 S Main

Doherty, Lizzie M., bookkeeper 311 E Water, bds 706 Jay

Doherty, Mary, compositor Gazette, bds 506 Baldwin

Doherty, Patrick C., watchman D L & W R R, h 221 Thurston

Dolan, David, laborer, bds 664 Baldwin

Dolan, Ellen, widow Patrick, h 607 E Third

Dolan & Flahive (Thomas D. and John F.) cigar manuf, 616 E 3rd

Dolan, Helen, widow Patrick, h 607 E Third

Dolan, James, bartender, bds 609 E Third

Dolan, John (Dolan & Flahive), bds 607 E Third

Dolan, John, laborer, h 658 Lake

Dolan, John, laborer, bds 670 Magee

Dolan, Katie, bds 660 Lake

Dolan, Thomas (Dolan & Flahive), h 607 E Third

Dolaway, George S., milkman, h 261 Gardiners av

Dolbee, S. H., 348 W Fourth

Dolmetch, William H., miller, h 505 Penna av

Domallie, Jennie, widow Thomas, h 160 Fox

DOMESTIC LAUNDRY CO. (Benj. Litch and Minnie Campbell) 144 and 146 W Water

Domidian, Johanna, domestic 312 Lake

Donahue, Bernard J., mailing clerk and engineer Gazette, h 418 Carroll

Donahue, Betsey, widow Bernard, h 416 Carroll

Donahue, Catharine, widow Patrick, h 375 W Clinton

Donahue, Cornelius, janitor school No. 5, h 210 Broadway

Donahue, Dennis Mrs., grocer 301 S Broadway, h do

Donahue, Ellen, Empire house

Donahue, Ella F., domestic 628 W Church

Donahue, Florence, com trav, h 800 E Market

Donahue, Frank H., laborer, bds 609 Jay

Donahue, Henry W., clerk 124 W Water, bds 800 E Market

Donahue, John, laborer, h N s Luce n Robinson

Donahue, John, conductor electric cars, h 556 E Market

Donahue, John, laborer, bds 210 Broadway

Donahue, John, shoemaker, bds 409 Fulton

PAGE 155

Donahue, John C., bds 210 Broadway

Donahue, John, jr., clerk, bds N s Luce n Robinson

Donahue, John J., clerk 116 E Water, h Pleasant Valley

Donahue, Katie, domestic 712 E Market

Donahue, Kate, dressmaker, bds N s Luce n Robinson

Donahue, Mary, domestic 615 Park pl

Donahue, Michael, laborer Gas Co., h 556 E Market

Donahue, Michael, fireman D L & W, bds 409 Fulton

Donahue, Michael, fireman D L & W R R, h 409 Fulton

Donahue, Nora, waitress Rathbun house

Donahue, Nora, dressmaker, bds 210 Broadway

Donahue, Patrick, laborer, h cor E Clinton and Oak

Donahue, Patrick, laborer, h 106 W Second

Donahue, Patrick, driver, bds 208 Maple av

Donahue, Peter Rev., SS Peter and Paul's church, High cor Market

Donahue, Thomas, prop Empire house

Donahue, Thomas, clerk 500 S Main, bds 111 S Second

Donahue, Thomas, porter A O hospital bds do

Donahue, Thomas, laborer, h 609 Jay

Donahue see also Donohue

Donahue, Thomas Jr., fireman A O hospital, bds 609 Jay

Donald, Mary, widow George, dressmaker, 710 John h do

Donald, Samuel T., moulder, bds 418 Herrick

Donald, Viola E., milliner 120 W Water, bds 710 John

Donavan, John D., laborer, h 312 S Broadway

Donavan, Josephine, domestic, 322 W Church

Donavan see Donovan

Donegan, Mary, domestic, 308 Penna av

Donly, William R., conductor D L & W R R ladies' furnishing and fancy goods 112 N Main, h 403 W Gray

Donly, W. R. Mrs., manager 112 N Main, h 403 W Gray

Donoghue, John, carpenter Elmira woolen mill, 620 Oak

Donnelly, Edward, engineer D L & W R R, h 322 E Center

Donnelly, John, foreman telegraph line, h 419 W Second

Donnelly, Luke, engineer D L & W R R, h 213 Franklin

Donnelly, Margaret, housekeeper, 861 College av

Donnelly, Sarah, widow Peter, h 413 Locust

Donohue, Daniel, laborer, bds 926 Maxwell av

Donohue, Dennis, laborer D L & W yard, bds 652 Oak

Donohue, Hannah, domestic, 129 E Chemung pl

Donohue, John, barber, bds 111 S Second

Donohue, John J., barber, bds 111 S Second

Donohue, Kate, widow Patrick, h 327 Webber pl

Donohue, Thomas, fireman D L & W R R bds 327 Webber pl

Donohue, Thomas, night janitor A O hopital

PAGE 156

Donohue, Timothy, teamster, h N s Stowell pl n railroad av

Donohue see Donahue

Donovan, Bennet, widow Jerry, h 721 Dickinson

Donovan, Edward, teamster, bds 522 W Hudson

Donovan, Ellen, widow Patrick, h 716 Junction

Donovan, Ellen, bds 364 W Sixth

Donovan, Eugene, emp T Briggs & Co bds 365 Railroad av

Donovan, James, laborer, bds 365 Railroad av

Donovan, James H., fireman D L & W R R, h 909 Lake

Donovan, Johanna, widow Jerry, h 721 Dickinson

DONOVAN, JOHN, saloon 118 Fifth cor Magee

Donovan, John, teamster, bds 522 W Hudson

Donovan, John D., laborer, h 514 S Elm

Donovan, Maggie, domestic, 957 Lake

Donovan, Mary, h 506 W Clinton

Donovan, Mary, bds 206 W Clinton

Donovan, Mary V., milliner 108 N Main, bds 506 W Church

Donovan, Michael, shoemaker, h 364 W Sixth

Donovan, Nellie, bds 365 Railroad av

Donovan, Richard, laborer, bds 351 Railroad av

Donovan, Timothy, saloon, 365 Railroad av h do

Donovan, Timothy, bricklayer, bds N s Stowell pl n Railroad

Doolittle, Albert, fireman D L & W R R bds 702 E Fifth

Doolittle, Benjamin F., engineer D L & W R R, h 702 E Fifth

Doolittle, Elmer, fireman D L & W R R, h 448 Reformatory

DOOLITTLE, FRANK E., notions and fancy goods wholesale and retail 132 W Water, h 105 Columbia

Doolittle, Frank, laborer, h 411 Penna av

Doolittle, Isaiah, milkman, h 452 Reformatory

Doolittle, John T., telephone tel ex, h 206 College av

Doolittle, Lena, domestic, bds 312 Baty

Dorman, Charles F., brakeman D L & W R R bds 376 Norton

Doran, Michael, laborer, bds 920 Michigan av

Doretta, William R., florist, h 203 Hoffman

Dorion, Severe, clerk, 301 and 303 E Water, bds 265 W Clinton

Dorn, Georgia, widow George, h 213 Columbia

Dorn, Mary, domestic, 651 Lake

Dorn, Melville W., clerk 142 W Water, h 213 Columbia

Dorr, Charles H., (Hooker & Door) h at Newburgh

Dorsey, Grafton, laborer, bds 711 Benjamin

Dorsey, William H., janitor Telegram office, h 711 Benjamin

Dotts, Howard J., fireman, h 410 Matthew

Dotts, John H., fireman D L & W R R, h 1001 Oak

Donachowsky, Theo., laborer bridge works, h E Miller n Erie

Dougherty, Charles F., (C F Dougherty & Son) h 319 Washington

PAGE 157

Dougherty, C. F. & Son (C H D) dealers in pumps 406 E Market

Dougherty, Charles H., (C F Dougherty & Son), bds 319 Washington

Dougherty, Frank, shoemaker, 608 Jay, h 706 Jay

Dougherty, Thomas, shoemaker, bds 608 Jay

Dougherty, Lizzie M., cashier, 311 E Water

Dougherty, Herbert H., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 907 Lake

Douglass, James A., lawyer, 371 W Church

DUNCE & CO., (F N & O C Dounce) wholesale coal coke and iron 657 Railroad av

Dounce, E. Alletta, stenographer Dounce & Co, h 122 Main

DUNCE, F. N. (Fred N) coal and wood E Second cor State, h 514 W Church

Dounce, Ophelia C., (Dounce & Co) h 514 W Church

Dounce, Oliver, shipping clerk, h 508 William

Dounce, Will D., manager Queen City Coal Co., h 510 West Church

Dounce, William J., h 514 W Church

Douris, George, machinist, bds 509 Penna av

Douris, John A., machinist, h 509 Penna av

Dove, Cora E., operative box factory, bds 3 Lemon

Dove, Fred C., carpenter, h 131 W Water

Dove, James E., carpenter, h 3 Lemon

Dovell, Lee A., horsetrainer, h E South av n Maple av

DOW, ISAIAH C., magnetic and electric physician N Main cor W Market h do

Dowling, James, emp rolling mill, h 916 College av

Dowling, John, laborer, bds 672 Magee

Dowling, John J., peddler, 359 Roe av

Dowling, Kate, dressmaker, bds 916 College av

Dowling, Mary V., stenographer, bds 916 College av

Dowling, Matthew, brakeman E C & N R R, h 968 Magee

Dowling, Nellie, milliner, bds 916 College av

Dowling, Patrick A., printer Telegram, bds 916 College av

Dowling, Patrick Mrs., h 1108 Lake

Down, William, tinsmith 601 Baldwin, h 409 W Second

Downing, Levi, brakeman, bds 315 Baty

Downs, Frank, hostler, 520 W Water

Downs, Frank, h 160 Sullivan

Downs, John, laborer, bds 410 S Magee

Downs, John W., coachman 300 W Church

Downs, Michael, fireman D L & W R R, bds 410 S Magee

Dowsey, Joseph, artist 159 Baldwin, bds 513 W Fourth

Doxey, Jenny O., 655 N Main

Doxey, Melicent E., widow Augustus, h 158 Broadway

Doxey, Nicholas D., 655 N Main

PAGE 158

Doyle, Ellen, widow Michael, h 660 Columbia

Doyle, Filmore W., clerk 110 Baldwin, bds 218 W Church

Doyle, George W., umbrella manf and repairer 205 E Church, bds 567 E Water

Doyle, James, h 858 Magee

Doyle, Joseph, conductor D L & W R R, bds 851 Dickinson

Doyle, Kate, waitress Delavan house

Doyle, Maggie, domestic Rathbun house

Doyle, Mary, domestic Rathbun house

Doyle, Mattie E., clerk 124 W Water, bds 218 W Church

Doyle, Michael, coachman, h 218 W Church

Draht, Albert, tanner, h 163 Harriet

Draht, Charles, laborer, h 163 Harriet

Draht, Charles, laborer, h 163 Sullivan

Draiss, Barbara, domestic 310 Lake

Draiss, Elizabeth, widow Adam, bds 718 Dickinson

Draiss, Frederick H., baker, bds 718 Dickinson

Draiss, William J., laborer, bds 718 Dickinson

Drake, Andrew J., carpenter, h 510 Balsam

Drake, Anna L., bds 351 E Center

Drake, Augusta M. Mrs., bds 113 Brand

Drake, George E., conductor N C R R, h 114 Caldwell av

Drake, Clara, stenographer 208 Baldwin, bds 553 E Second

DRAKE, EMERY G., physician and surgeon 312 W Church h do

Drake, George W., h 553 E Second

Drake, Henry E., jeweller 218 E Water, bds 222 Baldwin

Drake, James H., h 416 Euclid pl

Drake, John H., jeweler, h 416 Euclid pl

Drake, Julia, Home for Aged

DRAKE, LEON H., Elmira steam mills 623, 625 Railroad av, h 902 College av

Drake, Oakly Edsall, tinner, h 505 Park pl

Drake, Otis E., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 311 E Washington av

Drake, Robert B., conductor L V R R, bds Frasier house

Drake, Samuel, h 351 E Centre

Drake, Sarah A. Mrs., boarding 505 Park pl

Drake, Theodore M., (J. B. Cooley & Co,) h 1211 Benton

Drake, Wilfred S., baker, bds 1211 Benton

Drake, William H., engineer D L & W R R, bds 351 E Center

Drake, William I., engineer D L & W R R, bds 351 E Centre

Drake, William P., carpenter, h 309 W Fourth

Draper, Delia, bds 663 Lake

DREW, EBENEZER D., fancy goods and notions 128 W Water h 113 Grove

DREW, E. D. MRS., millinery 128 W Water

Drew, Edward D., clerk 128 W Water, h 113 Grove

Driscoll, Daniel, bds 459 E Water

PAGE 159

DREW, WILLIAM S., gen agt Equitable life insurance society 107 W Water, h 114 W Second

Driscoll, Daniel H., (Driscoll orchestra), h 362 W Gray

Driscoll, Deborah, widow Patrick, h 358 Elm

Driscoll, Delia, boarding house 459 E Water

Driscoll, Florence, puddler, bds 851 Dickinson

Driscoll, James, hostler Elmira house

Driscoll, Jeremiah, fireman N C R R, bds 312 Baty

Driscoll, John, U S Ex messenger, h 341 W Seventh

Driscoll, Julia A., domestic, 310 Penna av

Driscoll, Maggie, domestic, 410 Maple av

Driscoll, Mary A., domestic, 753 E Church

Driscoll, Nellie, domestic, 601 W Water

Driscoll, Nora Mrs., domestic 371 W Church

Driscoll, Nora, domestic 451 Maple av

Driscoll, Peter, engineer D L & W R R, h 1410 Baldwin

Driscoll, Susie, stenographer, bds 650 Dickinson

DuBois, Delancy F., h 802 Madison av

DuBois, George, brakeman D L & W R R, h 1027 Oak

DuBois, William M., bds 316 Lake

Duczinski, Albert, laborer, 950 Johnson

Dudley, Isaac M., bds 1200 Maxwell av

Duffy, Christopher, blacksmith N C R R shop, h 724 S Main

Duffy, John J., conductor D L & W R R, bds 1122 Lake

Duggan, David T., clerk D L & W R R shops, bds 208 Harriet

Duggan, Roger, saloon 707 Lake, h 702 Benjamin

Duhl Bros, (John and Jacob Duhl), meat market 651 E Church

Duhl, Elmo L., bookkeeper, bds 650 Oak

Duhl, Jacob, (Duhl Bros), bds 708 E Second

Duhl, John, (Duhl Bros), h 708 E Second

DUHL, LOUIS, manager Elmira Ice Co, h 950 Oak

Dullin, Fred, bookbinder, h 707 1-2 Magee

Dullin, Laura Mrs., widow George, h 304 Washington

DUMARS, JAMES H., bookseller and stationer 142 W Water, h 718 W Water

Dumars, Joseph, bds 466 W Water

Dumars, Mary H., widow Robert R R, h 466 W Water

Dunke, Julius, bar tender 117 Lake, bds do

Dun, Clarence, emp Fitch & Aldrich, bds 411 E Church

DUNN, R. G. & CO., mercantile agency, H M Sheive mgr, 204, 206 E Water

Dunavon, John E., engineer, h 375 W Clinton

Dunbar, Archie L., brakeman N C R R, bds 230 W Miller

Dunbar, Eliza, widow Jerome, h 754 1-2 E Clinton

Dunbar, Minard H., fireman N C R R, bds 230 W Miller