Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Pg. 172

Everitt Jacob L., druggist 208 E Water, bds 257 Baldwin

Ewald John H., barber 414 E Water, h 756 E Market

Ewald John J., barber, h 756 E Market

Ewing Alexander L., com trav, bds 206 William

Ewing Mary A., widow James, h 206 William

Ewing Stephen S., bookkeeper, bds 206 William

Eyres John B., harness maker 214 E Water, h 808 W Gray

Fabian Adolph, tailor 317 E Water, h 153 Fox

Fabian Mary F., domestic 335 Maple av

Fabian Grace, clerk 112 Baldwin, bds 452 Maple av

Fabian Sebastian, gardener, h 202 Horner

Fabinski Frank, laborer, h 716 Dickinson

Fahey Ed, train dispatcher Erie dept, bds 110 W Market

Fahr Peter, gen delivery clerk post-office, bds 524 Lake

Fairlee Julia P.R., widow Sidney, h 395 W Water

Fairbanks Charles R., clerk, h 712 Spaulding

Fairbanks Danforth A., h 315 E Clinton

Fairbanks Loren P., conductor D L & W R R, h 206 Thurston

Fairman Harry, h Washington bet Church and John

Fairman Jared P., bookkeeper, h 313 E Clinton

Falc Martin, laborer, h 600 Beach

Falck William, h 514 Lake

Fallon Maggie, domestic 960 Lake

Falsey James M., clerk, bds 707 Railroad av

Falsey Patrick, laborer, h 711 Railroad av

Fancher Barney, bds 515 Union

Fancher Fannie N., widow Sutherland, h 515 E Union

Fanning Mary, widow William, bds 510 1-2 Grove

Faran Simon, flagman D L & W crossing Sullivan and Clinton, h 650 E Clinton

Farley Anna, cook Homestead hotel

Farley Ann, widow James, h 800 Madison av

Farley Barney, h 800 N Main

Farley Bridget, widow Mathew, 416 Standish

Farley Garret B., jeweler 213 E Water, h 561 Grove

Farley Jerome B., h Sixth cor Main

Farley John M., tinner S H Laney, bds 416 Standish

Farley Mathew, laborer, bds 800 Madison av

Farley Thomas H., foreman S H Laney, h 525 William

FARMER'S AND MECHANIC'S BANK, W A Dodson acting cashier 122 E Water

Farnham George W., carriage trimmer, h 355 Columbia

Pg. 173

Farnham J. Estella, bookkeeper Southern Tier Masonic Relief Association, bds 355 Columbia

Farnsworth Ann M., widow Willard bds 756 Spaulding

Farr Joseph, hotel 703 S Main, h do

Farr May, domestic 321 Division

Farrell Ada, waitress Homestead Hotel

Farrel Margurite, domestic 601 W Water

Farrell Thomas C., brakeman, bds 723 Lake

Farrer Thomas, h 452 W First

Farrington Charles E., conductor N C R R, h 215 Horner cor Lake av

Farrington E. W., propr fire brick and stoneware 900 E Church, bds 511 Baldwin

Farrington Frank A., plumber, h 120 Lormore

Farrington James B. Mrs., h 558 E Church

FARRINGTON PETER J., gen insurance, book and advertising agt office 171 Baldwin, bds 120 Lormore

Farrington Susan M., widow James B, bds 558 E Church

Farr Annie, domestic 364 W Clinton

Fassett Henry L., (Tompkins Fassett & Crocker,) h 464 W Church

Fassett J. Sloat Hon., state senator and lawyer, also pres Elmira coupling manf company, Masonic temple, h 464 W Church

Fassett Sarah M., bds 460 W Church

FASSETT NEWTON P., lawyer Masonic temple, h 460 W Church

Fassett T. Edmund, Queen City Sewer Pipe Co, h 460 W Church

Fassett William S., baggagemaster L V R R, h 311 W Clinton

Faul Patrick, brewer, h 817 Johnson

Faum Patrick, emp Briggs Brewery, h 817 Johnson

Fausnaught Elizabeth, widow John H. h 519 Harper

Fausnaught John H., contractor, h 523 Harper

Fausnaught John H., jr., teamster, bds 523 Harper

Fausnaught Joseph, teamster, bds 523 Harper

Faussett James M., printer Gazette, h 720 W First

Fay Ann, dressmaker, bds 710 Hatch

Fay Clara, widow Cyrus W., h 420 W Water

Fay Hugh, laborer, h 710 Hatch

Fay James, fireman, bds 710 Hatch

Fay James, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 307 Diven av

Fay John (Ketley & Fay), h 210 Washington

Fean Edward, emp E round house, h 712 Columbia

Fean Margaret, h 361 Grove

Fean Maria, widow Terence, h 361 Grove

Fean Patrick, h 361 Grove

Fean Robert, blacksmith Erie car shop, h 812 Walnut

Fean Thomas, carpenter Erie shops, h 615 Jay

Pg. 174

Feaster Henry, janitor Southern Tier Orphans Home, bds do

Featherman Barney, puddler, h 115 Harriet

Featherman Elwood L., laborer, bds 459 Franklin

Featherman Emma E., milliner, bds 459 Franklin

Featherman Isaac, peddler, h 126 Harriet

Featherman Jacob, engineer N C R R, h 459 Franklin

Feehan Patrick H., emp J. Richardson & Co., h 406 Elm

Feehrer Charles H., photographer, h 107 W First

Feeney Bridget T., tailoress, bds 412 Standish

Feeney Catharine E., domestic 411 Standish

Feeney John, laborer, bds 315 Hathaway

Feeney John J., cigarmaker, bds 912 Benton

Feeney Luke, laborer, h 912 Benton

Feeney Mary A., dressmaker, bds 412 Standish

Feeney Michael, laborer, h 412 Standish

Feeney Michael J., works in harness factory, bds 412 Standish

Feeney Thomas, engineer D L & W R R, bds 313 Hathaway

Feeney Thomas, hostler, h 419 High

Fegley Willoughby, foreman in collar factory, h 317 High

Felker Anna, bds 807 E Washington av

Felker Bird, teacher school No. 4, h 354 Penna av

Felker Charles J., laborer, h 807 E Washington av

Felker William, mason, h 764 Day

Fell Mary, h 520 W Clinton

Fell Sarah, h 520 W Clinton

Fellows Lottie, clerk 124 W Water, bds 107 Sly

Felter Charles B., drayman, h 1023 College av

Felter Charles H., clerk 200 W Water, bds 1023 College av

Felter James E., fireman N Y L E & W R R, bds 653 W First

Felton Charles W., artist Elmira portrait company, h 402 Hoffman

Felts Elizabeth E., widow John J., domestic 114 E Chemung pl

Felz Martin, laborer, h 600 Beach

Fenaughty Maggie, housekeeper 417 Railroad av, bds do

Fenaughty Nora A., domestic 108 Elm

Fenaughty Roger, laborer, h 342 W Seventh

Fenn Kate, bds South av cor Keefe

Fennell Bridget, bds Commercial hotel

Fennell James, laborer, h 921 Railroad av

Fennell John, laborer, h 214 Broadway

Fennell Patrick, laborer, h 214 Broadway

Fennell Thomas, shoemaker, bds 214 Broadway

Fennell Thomas McCarthy, prop Commercial Hotel, 608 Railroad av, h do

Fenner Benjamin P., carpenter, h 608 Park pl

Fenner Elizabeth, 608 Park pl

Fenner Nellie, 608 Park pl

Pg. 175

Fensdenmarker Lafayette, moulder, bds 766 S Main

Ferguson Burt, carpenter, h 130 S Main

Ferguson Charles, brakeman N C R R, bds 411 Herrick

Ferguson Charles N., tinsmith N C R R shops, h 209 W Miller

Ferguson Christopher A., carpenter, h 411 Herrick

Ferguson Clarence W., clerk 131 and 133 W Water, h 131 W Water

Ferguson Colson E., Rev., clergyman, h 708 W Water

Ferguson Eber B., clerk 208 W Water, h 312 W Clinton

Ferguson Edward, laborer, h 268 W Henry

Ferguson Frank, clerk 340 E Water, h 352 Euclid pl

Ferguson Hattie, bds 319 Baty

Ferguson Henry H., shipping clerk 611 Railroad av., h 507 Fulton

Ferguson May, bds 507 Fulton

Ferguson Miner W., carpenter, h 310 Harmon

Ferguson Samuel V., clerk Reformatory, bds do

Ferguson Uriah, mason, h 219 Caldwell av

Ferguson William A., carriagemaker, h 665 Park pl

Ferguson William C., carpenter, h 319 Baty

Ferguson E., laborer, h 310 Harmon

FERGUSON WILLIAM H., commision merchant 131 and 133 W Water, h 600 W Gray

Fergusson Rob, painter, bds 363 Fulton

Fergusson Roy, painter, h 209 Brand

Fergusson Wesley A., publisher, h 363 Fulton

Fernan John, fireman D L & W R R, bds 324 E Centre

Fernan John, fireman, bds 926 Maxwell av

Fernan Mary, domestic 352 Main

Fernquist Gustave, laborer, h W s Magee n W Centre

Ferris Belle, bds 315 Mt Zoar

Ferris Charles, brakeman N Y L E & W R R, bds 515 Mt Zoar

Ferris J. Franklin, laborer, h 515 Mt. Zoar

Ferris Fred, wines and liquors 159 Railroad av, h 106 W Gray

Ferris Harry E., laborer, h 211 Judson

Ferris James F., laborer, bds 515 Mt Zoar

Ferris Joel E., car repairer Erie car shops, h 211 Judson

Ferris Judson B., clerk 354 and 356 State, h 556 Coburn

Ferris Marshall C., salesman Durland & Pratt, h 412 W First

Feuchtwanger Henry J., com trav, h 714 N Main

Feuchtwanger J., salesman, bds 714 N Main

Fey Ed, laborer, bds 213 O'Gorman

Field Benjamin F., machinist, 110 Caldwell av

Field Mate S., Mrs., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 80 Walnut

Field Minnie A., music teacher, bds 110 Caldwell av

Fiester Henry, carpenter, h 232 Mt Zoar

Figles Bertha, operator Tel. ex., bds 215 South av

Figles Charles, blacksmith, h 215 South av

Pg. 176

Filkins Belle, bds 429 W Fourth

Fillingham Carrie E., teacher school No. 5, bds 419 Grove

Fillingham Florence, music teacher, bds 419 Grove

Finch Amos F., shoe cutter, h 217 South av

Finch Andrew J., laborer, 369 Fulton

Finch Margaret, widow Zacheous, h 461 Mt Zoar

Finch Martin J., (Chemung Oil Co.) h 405 W Gray

Finch Willis, emp Plump & Sheldon, bds 405 1-2 E Church

Finklestine David, peddler, h 153 Sullivan

Finlan, Annie S., waitress Pattinson house

Finlay John, engineer N C R R, h 309 Franklin

Finlay Robert, boilermaker, bds 309 Franklin

Finlay William M., foreman Elmira bridge works, h 301 Franklin

Finley David, clerk State insurance department Albany, bds 406 Powell

Finley John jr., engineer N C R R, h 505 Fulton

Finley William, shoemaker, h 405 DeWitt

Finn Daniel, laborer, h Keefe n N C R R

Finn John, laborer, h 756 S Main

Finn John, laborer, South av cor Keefe

Finn Julia, domestic 514 W Church

Finn Timothy, laborer, h r 220 W Third

Finnell James, laborer, h 921 Railroad av

Finnell John, laborer, h 214 Broadway

Finnell John J., brush maker, bds 214 Broadway

Finnell Mary, domestic 214 Broadway

Finnell Mary, domestic, 371 W Church

Finnell Nellie E., laundress, bds 214 Broadway

Finnell Patrick J., clerk 116 Baldwin, bds 214 Broadway

Finnell Thomas, shoemaker 214 Broadway, h do

Finnell Thomas, laborer, h 714 Junction

Finnerty Roger, laborer, h 106 W Second

Finnegan John B., city editor Elmira Telegram, h 604 Magee

Finuken Patrick, h 316 Hathaway

Fire Com office, Masonic Temple, Lake

FIRMAN CHARLES H. (Firman & Moore), h Watkins, N Y

FIRMAN & MOORE (C.H.F. and H.A.M.) dentist 300 E Water

Fischer Frank X., piano finisher, h 808 E Church

Fish Carrie J. Mrs., h 513 College av

Fish DeWitt C., carpenter, h 305 High

Fish Emma, stenographer, h 128 Main

Fish Fannie, milliner, bds 410 Main

Fish Frank M., brakeman D L & W R R, h 1557 Lake

Fish George M., constable, h 713 Casey

Pg. 177

Fish Mary A., widow Frank, bds 323 South av

Fish Wilbur P., bds 520 W Water

Fish Wilbur W., h 520 W Water

Fisher Anna, widow Stephen, h 207 Park

Fisher Bert W., brakeman, h 624 Lewis

Fisher Bertha, bookkeeper, bds 125 W Water

Fisher Elisha D., dealer in notions 204 E Water, h 125 W Water

Fisher Harris, peddler, h 119 Harriet

Fisher Hyman N., peddler, h 119 Judson

Fisher James A., paper hanger, h 853 E Second

Fisher Nellie, domestic 853 E Second

Fisher Samuel S., conductor N C R R, h 303 South av

Fisher Sophia, cook 928 Maxwell av

Fisher Thomas J., brakeman D L & W R R, h 406 E Washington av

Fisher Blanche, bookkeeper, bds 117 W Second

Fishler George W., bridge builder, h 117 W Second

FISHLER VIOLA L. (Roach & Fishler), h 117 W Second

Fish Caroline, widow Asa, bds 223 Park

Fisk Clara, teacher school No. 2, bds 317 William

Fisk Edwin, bookkeeper Clipper Chilled plow works, bds 204 Caldwell av

Fisk Harry A., clerk 50 Penna av, bds 706 W Water

Fitch Albert B. (Fitch & Aldrich), h 214 Washington

Fitch Albina, widow Lewis, bds 563 Grove

FITCH & ALDRICH (A.B.F. and C.D.A.), sash, blinds, doors and lumber, 501 E Clinton cor Madison av

Fitch Allen, laborer, h 610 Baldwin

FITCH ARTHUR S., county clerk, h 356 W First

Fitch Arrah M., bds 216 DeWitt

Fitch Bert S., asst yard master N C R R, h 50 Harmon

Fitch Carrie B., stenographer, bds 356 W First

Fitch Charles B., carpenter, h 208 Orchard

Fitch Clara, teacher school No. 2, bds 315 William

Fitch Cornelia, widow Erastus, nurse, h202 W Harmon

Fitch F. Ellery, trainmaster N C R R, h 256 W Fifth

Pg. 178

Fitch George A., hostler E Fourth cor Baldwin

Fitch Harry E., student, bds 458 South av

Fitch Harry S., fireman N C R R, h 537 S Main

Fitch Hattie, bookkeeper Fitch and Aldrich, bds 315 William

Fitch Lyman M., sign painter 209 W Water, bds 208 Orchard

Fitch Nellie, h 256 W Fifth

Fitch Owen H., real estate, h 402 W Water

Fitch Sarah J. Mrs., bds 458 South av

Fitch Susan E., clerk, bds 208 Orchard

Fitch Town B., manager Fitch and Aldrich, h 218 DeWitt

Fitch William, coachman, 115 E Chemung pl

Fitten Alice L., teacher Riverside school, bds 407 Davis

Fitten Allie, teacher, bds 406 Davis

Fitten Elizabeth, widow Michael, h 407 Davis

Fitten Lizzie, dressmaker, bds 407 Davis

Fitten Maggie, student, bds 407 Davis

Fitten Mary F., clerk, bds 407 Davis

Fitten Michael J., clerk, bds 407 Davis

Fitzgerald Anna, domestic Rathbun house

Fitzgerald Daniel, laborer, h 1015 Oak

Fitzgerald Frank, cigarmaker, 607 John, bds 408 Oak

Fitzgerald Frank, cigarmaker, 654 Main, bds 518 Clinton

Fitzgerald James, laborer, bds 720 S Main

Fitzgerald John, laborer, h 217 E Seventh

Fitzgerald John, laborer, bds 114 W Miller

Fitzgerald John, water works company, h 501 Oak

Fitzgerald Kate, domestic 111 N Main

Fitzgerald Katie, domestic, 367 W Church

Fitzgerald Kate, operative Elmira woolen mill, bds 501 Oak

Fitzgerald Maggie, dressmaker, bds 518 Clinton pl

Fitzgerald Mary, domestic Rathbun house

Fitzgerald Mary, widow David, h 518 Clinton pl

Fitzgerald Mary L., dressmaker 406 Madison av, bds 552 E Third

Fitzgerald Michael, malster Briggs brewery, h 159 High

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h 323 Webber pl

Fitzgerald Patrick, car inspector, h 552 E Third

Fitzgerald Patrick jr., cigarmaker, 507 E Third, bds 552 do

Fitzgerald Thomas, (Gradwell & Fitzgerald), h 612 E Third

Fitzgerald Thomas B., salesman 159 Lake, bds 518 Clinton pl

Fitzgerald Thomas C., laborer, bds 1015 Oak

Fitzgerald Thomas C., car inspector Erie R R, h 210 Mechanic

Fitzgerald William K., saloon and restaurant 146 W Water, h do

Fitzgibbon Catherine, widow James, h 662 Columbia

Fitzgibbon Eliza, teacher school No. 1, h 662 Columbia

Fitzgibbon Maggie, clerk 201 E Water, h 715 Railroad av

Pg. 179

Fitzgibbons Catharine, widow Michael, h 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbons Frank, telegraph operator, bds 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbons Maggie, clerk Rosenbaum, bds 715 Railroad av

Fitzmartin Bros, (M F and J J), groceries, wines, liquors, cigars, etc, 380 W First

Fitzmartin John J., (Fitzmartin Bros.) h 354 Davis

Fitzmartin John, saloon 114 W Fifth, h do

Fitzmartin Mary J., domestic Elmira college, bds do

Fitzmartin Michael F., (Fitzmartin Bros.) h 380 W First

Fitzpatrick Charles, hostler N C R R shops, bds 408 1-2 High

Fitzpatrick David A., printer Telegram, h 214 High

Fitzpatrick Ellen, domestic 446 1-2 W Clinton

Fitzpatrick Frank, cigarmaker, bds 408 1-2 High

Fitzpatrick Hugh, laborer, h 616 Baldwin

Fitzpatrick James B., fireman Erie R R, h 107 High

Fitzpatrick James H., printer Telegram, bds 408 1-2 High

Fitzpatrick John B., trav salesman, bds 408 1-2 High

Fitzpatrick John J., printer Telegram, h 202 E Gray

Fitzpatrick Joseph P., clerk 405 Railroad av, h 669 1-2 Columbia

Fitzpatrick Maggie, tailoress, bds 408 1-2 High

Fitzpatrick Mary, widow Patrick, h 408 1-2 High

Fitzpatrick Mary A., bds 408 1-2 High

Fitzpatrick Mary, dressmaker, h 800 N Main

Fitzpatrick Michael, puddler, h Park cor Johnson

Fitzpatrick Nora, domestic 801 N Main

Fitzpatrick Thomas, h 324 Webber pl

Fitzpatrick Thomas, h Park cor Johnson

Fitzsimmons Ellen, h 1315 Lake

Fitzsimmonds James, tailor 204 E Water, h do

Fix George A., switchman N C R R, h 317 1-2 Baty

Flahave James, laborer, h 101 Park pl

Flahave John J., constable, h 506 DeWitt

Flahave Julia, widow John, h 1400 Baldwin

Flahave Mary, bds 1400 Baldwin

Flahave Michael, showman, bds 1400 Baldwin

Flahave Patrick J., steamfitter, bds 1400 Baldwin

Flaherty Timothy, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 900 Maxwell av

Flahive Mary, Mrs., cook 119 Lake

Flanagan Anna M., widow John J., dry goods 112 W Water, h 114 W First

Flanagan John F., clerk 319 E Water, bds 208 Washington

Flanagan Maggie, cook 464 Church

Flanagan Martin J., boots and shoes 319 E Water, h 208 Washington

Flanagan Michael M., laborer, h 915 Main

Flanagan Patrick J., puddler, h 916 Main

Flander John H., barber 362 S Main, h 380 Penna av

Pg. 180

Flanders John, h 580 Penna av

Flanders Nettie, chambermaid Elmira house

Flannagan James, call boy D L & W R R, bds 319 Norton

Flannagan Mary, widow Austin, h 753 1-2 Harper

Flannagan Patrick, student, bds 753 1-2 Harper

Fleming Edward, bartender 105 E Miller

Fleming Edward G., clerk 109 E Miller, bds do

Fleming Edward H., traveling pass agt D L & W R R 152 Baldwin, h 500 1-2 do

Fleming Elizabeth, widow Andrew, bds 379 W Water

Fleming Maria, domestic 360 W Church

Fleming Mary A., domestic 511 E Church

Fleming Patrick, teamster, h 166 Harriet

Fleming Robert J., h 455 W Gray

Fleming Simon, saloon 109 E Miller, h do

Fleming Amelia, domestic 359 College av

Fleming Michael, laborer, bds 720 S Main

Flesh John E., blacksmith, h 379 Fulton

Flesh Mary, tailoress, bds 732 Harper

Fletcher Eugene D., bookkeeper, 755 E Second

Fletcher Frederick M., bookkeeper D L & W freight office, bds 110 W Market

Fletcher Katherine, teacher private school, bds 657 Park pl

Fletcher Rolland L., conductor N C R R, h 368 Penna av

Flett George, yard man Rathbun house, bds do

Flett James A., plumber, bds 102 Ferris

Flett Susan, widow James C., h 102 Ferris

Flinsbach Gottleib, bakery 855 E Church, h do

Flint Jane A., widow John, bds 414 W Church

FLINT JOHN F., prop Flint's shoe store 137 E Water, h 414 W Church

Flint Mary E., cashier Flint's shoe store, bds 414 W Church

Flint Thomas E., manager Flint's shoe store 137 E Water, h 507 Park pl

FLOOD FRANK H., physician and surgeon 505 E Water, h do

FLOOD HENRY, postmaster and physician 403 Lake cor Second, h 404 Lake

Flood Michael, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1312 Baldwin

Flood Rachel, widow Patrick H., M.D., h 501 E Water

Flood Thomas S., druggist 312 E Water, h 509 do

Flynn Andrew, fireman D L & W R R, h 1408 Benton

Flynn Anna, operative in Elmira woolen mill, bds 501 Sullivan

Flynn Ann, widow Thomas, boarding house 928 Maxwell av

Flynn Anna E., dressmaker, bds 103 E Hudson

Flynn Bernard, laborer, bds 928 Maxwell av

Flynn Catharine, tailoress, h 103 E Hudson

Flynn David F., conductor D L & W R R, 902 Lake

Pg. 181

Flynn D. B., cigarmaker, bds 459 E Water

Flynn Dennis, bartender, bds Kolb's hotel, Railroad av

Flynn Edward, fireman D L & W R R, bds 608 Jay

Flynn Elizabeth, tailoress, h 58 Washington

Flynn James, shoemaker 608 Jay, h 606 Jay

Flynn James, blacksmith, 260 W Henry

Flynn James, brakeman, 857 Lake

Flynn Jerome, laborer, h 813 Canal

Flynn Joe, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 902 Lake

Flynn John, laborer, h 501 Sullivan

Flynn John, laborer, bds 440 E Water

Flynn John, laborer, bds 606 Jay

Flynn John E., engineer D L & W R R, h 372 Diven av

Flynn Kate, h 103 E Hudson

Flynn Maggie, domestic 501 Sullivan

Flynn Margaret A., teacher school No. 4, bds 372 W Third

Flynn Margaret, domestic, bds 617 E Third

Flynn Martin, blacksmith E R R, h 372 W Third

Flynn Michael, upholsterer 116 W Water, bds 103 E Hudson

Flynn Michael, blacksmith, h 902 Lake

Flynn Michael, jr., blacksmith, h 902 Lake

Flynn Michael P., engineer D L & W R R, h 372 Diven av

Flynn Morris, butcher, bds 617 E Third

Flynn Nellie, domestic 608 Jay

Flynn Nellie, tailoress 762 E Market, bds 501 Sullivan

Flynn Nellie M., clerk 107 W Water, bds 372 W Third

Flynn Patrick, laborer, bds Sherman house

Flynn Patrick, laborer, h 617 E Third

Flynn Patrick, machinist, bds 103 E Hudson

Flynn Patrick, boot and shoe manuf 608 Jay, h do

Flynn Patrick, bridge builder, bds Sherman house

Flynn Peter, puddler, h 908 Main

Flynn Sarah, widow Stephen, 813 Canal

Flynn Timothy, painter, bds 617 E Third

Flynn Valentine, conductor D L & W R R, bds 702 E Fifth

Flynn William, laborer, h 6 Lemon

Flynn William J., brakeman D L & W R R, 902 Lake

Fogarty Lizzie, waitress Rathbun house

Folcay James, clerk, bds 707 Railroad av

Folcay Patrick, laborer, h 707 Railroad av

Foley Catharine, widow Jeremiah, h 717 Columbia

Foley Cassie, domestic 318 William

Foley Bros. (John R. Foley and William D. Foley), cigar manuf, 516 Main

Foley Jennie B., bds 717 Columbia

Foley Johanna, h 408 S Magee

Pg. 182

Foley John, bds 1351 Lake

Foley John R. (Foley Bros.), bds 516 Main

Foley Mary, domestic 360 W First

Foley Mary, widow Michael, h 516 Main

Foley Mary, bds 717 Columbia

Foley Mary E., widow James, h 504 College av

Foley Patrick, shoemaker, h 558 E Water

Foley Thomas F., painter Reformatory, bds do

Foley William D. (Foley Bros.), bds 516 Main

Folger J. Butler, com trav, h 401 W First

Folger Joseph B., (F E & J B Folger), h 401 W First

Foote Charles B., machinist, h 423 Herrick

Foran Michael, bds 650 E Clinton

Foran Patrick J., fireman, bds 650 E Clinton

Foran Simon, carpenter, h 650 E Clinton

Forbes H. Putman, bds 131 W Market

Force Henry D., carpenter, bds 517 W Second

Ford Anthony, car repairer D L & W R R, bds 319 Norton

Ford Anthony, laborer, h 309 E Washington av

Ford Anthony, bds 804 Lake

Ford Bridget Mrs., saloon 309 E Washington av, h do

Ford Darius R., Rev., D. D., prof Elmira College, bds do

Ford Edward, car repairer D L & W R R, h 319 Norton

Ford Ellen, domestic Rathbun house

Ford Gardett W. (G.W. Ford & Co.), bds 204 E Gray

Ford G. W. & Co. (Gardett W.) manuf. of condition powders, 201 E Market cor State

Ford Harry H., M. D., med ex P R R, office 422 W Church, h do

Ford Horace E., blacksmith, h 112 E Hudson

Ford James, slater, bds 309 E Washington av

Ford Jennie, waitress, bds 309 E Washington av

Ford John, laborer, h 557 E Third

Ford John, stitcher Plumb & Sheldon, bds 851 Lake

Ford John jr., cigarmaker, bds 557 E Third

Ford Kate, domestic Rathbun house

Ford Martin, saloon 102 E Water, h 406 S Magee

Ford Martin jr., barber, bds 406 S Magee

Ford Richard, teamster, h 1008 Walnut

Ford Rosa, dressmaker, h Oak cor E Third

Ford Thomas, cigarmaker, bds 557 E Third

Ford Thomas Mrs., h Oak cor E Third

Ford Thomas, saloon 143 W Water, h 402 S Magee

Ford Thomas, clerk bds 406 S Magee

Ford William W., shoemaker 202 State cor E Market, h 204 E Gray

Forker Samuel P., tanner, h 414 1-2 S Broadway

Pg. 183

Forman Samuel W., farmer, h 705 Maple av

Forrest Alfred H., carpenter, h 1123 Ovid

Forrest Anna L. Mrs., boarding house 132 W Water

Forrest Frank, painter, bds Elmira house

Forsman Henry P., engineer D L & W R R, h 353 Division

Forsman Herman, laborer, Weyer's brick yard, h 710 E Fifth

Forsyth Clayton, machinist, bds 80 Walnut

Forsyth G. Frank, carpenter, h 506 Grove

Forsyth John G., emp Fitch & Aldrich, h W Third n limits

Foss Charles, driver ice wagon, h 763 E Fifth

Foss Herman, laborer, h 752 E Fifth

Foster Charlotte, teacher, rooms 501 William

Foster George H., clerk Erie fgt office, bds Delevan house

Foster Jane, widow David, h 216 Caldwell av

Foster Jessie A., bookkeeper 301,303 E Water, bds 722 W Water

Foster John, laborer, h 1124 Elm

Foster Lottie A., teacher Free Academy, bds 505 Lake

Foster Maggie, dressmaker, h 107 E Church

Foster Martha P. Mrs., Carroll cor Lake

Foster Mary, dressmaker, h 665 Baldwin

Foster Mary E., h 722 W Water

Foster Sarah, dressmaker, bds 216 Caldwell av

Foster William G., tinner, h 869 Magee

Foster William H., trav agt, bds 216 Caldwell av

Foster William H., mechanic, bds 869 Magee

Foster Winfield S., foreman composing room Advertiser, h 119 Lormore

Foster William W., printer, h 706 W Gray

Fountain Allen, emp 323 E Water, h E Water

Fountain Emma, bds 454 E Market

Fowler James W., (Fowler & Evans) h 326 Hine

Fowler Erwin G., (The Husbandman), bds West Hill n Carrs cor

Fowler & Evans, (J E Fowler and F Evans), contractors and builders 411 Jefferson

Fowler Harry, restaurant 122 W Water, h 313 College av

Fowler Joseph, driver Hose Co. No 1, h 134 E Water

Fowler Sanford L., creamery 158 W Third, h do

Fowler Matthew, laborer, h 859 Railroad av

Fox Albert H., (Goddard & Fox), h 218 William

Fox Allick, emp Erie fgt office, h 313 S Broadway

Fox Charles, switchman N C R R, bds 372 Penna av

Fox Edward, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1216 Baldwin

Fox Harlan M., salesman Fitch & Aldrich, h 216 DeWitt

Fox Herman, laborer, h 752 E Fifth

Fox Mary J., bds 708 Spaulding

Fox John, laborer, h 313 S Broadway