Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Fox Rosetta C., cigar manf 609 Lake, h do

Fox Simeon D., engineer, h 609 Lake

Fay John W., carpenter, bds 432 Herrick

Fay Thomas, laborer, h 432 Herrick

Frace Charles, bar keeper Rathbun house

Fraley Charles, pattern maker LaFrance shops, h 503 Erie

Fraley Jessie, dressmaker, bds 503 Erie

Fraley Tracy C., eagle pinting house 118, 120 E Watter, h do (See adv)

Fraley Andrew, clerk 116 Main, bds 818 W Church

Fraley Robert, bar tender, h 416 Carroll

Francis Bert M., engraver 315 E Water, bds 207 Horner

Francis Clayton L., mechanic, h 869 Magee

Francis Eliza, widow Thomas, nurse, bds 873 Magee

Francis Era, bds 873 Magee

Francis Lulu M., student, bds 207 Horner

Francis Mary A., widow John M., h 207 Horner

Francis Meda, bds 873 Magee

Franders John H., carpenter, h 517 Penna ave

Frankenstein Dallis, baggage master L V R R, bds Blyley house

Frankenstein Aaron, clothing 130 E Water, h 709 do

Frankenstein Benjamin, second hand clothing 321 Railroad av, h do

Frankenstein Elias, manager 130 E Water, h 106 DeWitt

Frankenstein Mollie Mrs., h 106 DeWitt

Franklin Clarence, collar finisher, h 110 Partridge

Frantz John, laborer, bds S s Sutton n S Main

Frantz John P., car inspector, h 707 Canal

Fraser William, jr., printer Advertiser

Frasier Frederick A., h 418 Main

Frasier House, A. J. Dobbins propr, W Third cor Railroad av

Frasier see also Frazier

Frawley Annie, operative, bds 422 Penna ave

Frawley Edward, paper hanger 433 E Water, bds do

Frawley Kate E., operative, bds 322 Penna av

Frawley Lizzie, domestic 217 W First

Frawley Maggie, domestic 219 W First

Frawley Mary, housekeeper 322 Penna av

Frawley Michael, h 317 Baty

Frawley Patrick, laborer, h 810 Hatch

Freedman Lawrence, meat market 850 Lake, bds 765 E Washington

Freedman Raymond, bds 902 Sullivan

Freel Thomas F., laborer, bds 206 South ave

Freeman Caroline, widow Edward, h 524 Baldwin

Freeman Charles, h 112 Lake

Freeman Louis C., shipping clerk, h Southport Corners

Freeman W. C., physician 156 Madison av, h do

Freer Frank, ins age, bds 107 W Second

French Amanda M., widow William M., dressmaker h 413 Baldwin

French Charles H., laborer, h 902 East av

French Clarence J., bookkeeper, bds Ivy n Walnut

French Edgar C., laborer, h 546 S Main

French Freeman W., emp Elmira bridge works, h 615 Lewis

French George W., mason, bds 157 Orchard

French George W., laborer, h 309 W Second

French Hester A., widow Robert, h 465 W Gray

French Horace C., freight agent N C R R. h 318 W Clinton

French John M., store keeper N C R R shops, h 509 Perine

French Leroy W., blacksmith 206 Maple ave, h 223 do

French Martha M., widow James S., h 501 E Market

French May, bds 509 Perine

French Minnie, bds 910 Windsor av

French Norman B., mason, h Ivy n Walnut

French Robert C., asst city engineer, Masonic temple, h 465 W Gray

French Sarah, domestic 1210 Maxwell ave

French Sylvester B., clerk N C R R frt office, bds 318 W Clinton

French William El, laborer, h 902 East av

French William S., fireman, bds 309 W Second

Frester Henry, laborer, h 232 Mt Zoar

Freudenheim & Abramson, ( J. F. and I. A.), wholesale jewelers and jobbers in dry goods 114 Lake

Freudenheim Bertha, bookkeeper 402 E Water, bds 114 High

Freudenheim Harry W., (M Freudenheim & Bro.), bds 114 High

Freudenheim Julius, (Freudenheim & Abramson), h 110 DeWitt

Freudenheim Louis, (L. Freudenheim & Bro.), h 452 Carroll

Freudenheim Marks, (L. Freudenheim & Bro.), h 710 E Market

Freudenheim M. & Bro., ( H. W. F.), wholesale jewelers 402 E Water

Freudenheim Morris, (M. Freudenheim & Bro.), bds 114 High

Freudenheim Sarah, widow Elias, h 114 High cor John

F—rey W. W., com trav, bds 117 Lake

Fr-iday William, finisher, h 506 E Third

Fr-iday William K., box maker Hoewll & Co., h 719 E Oak

Fr-edman Frank M., gardner, h r 306 Spaulding

Fr-edman Joseph, cigarmaker, h 1025 Oak

Friend John (Friend, Metzger & Co.), h 219 Penna ave

Friend Katie, bds 219 Penna ave

Friendly Carrie L., bds 424 W Church

Friendly Myer, agricultural implements 104 and 106 State, h 113 Madison av

Friendly Myer, jr. (S J & M Friendly), bds 159 Madison av

Friend, Metzger & Co. (John Friend, Jacob Metzger and John Roof), meat and fish market 164 and 166 Lake See adv p7

Friendly Abraham, bookkeeper 251-255 W Water, bds 424 W Church

Friendly Sampson J. ( S J & M Friendly), h 454 W Water

Friendly Solomon, trav salesman 216 Baldwin, bds 163 Washington

Friendly Theodore, carriage and agricultural implements 251-255 W Water, h 424 W Church

Friends Willis, clerk 104 State, h 602 E Water

Frisbie Brothers ( A E F and L A F), coal and wood 354 Penna av

Frisbie Chester C., trav salesman, h 361 W First

Frisbie C. C. Mrs., dressmaker, h 361 W First

Frisbie H. E., coal and Wood, hay and straw, College ave cor Reformatory, h 1309 College ave

Frisbie Joseph A., coal miner and shipper Robinson Bldg 161 Lake, h 6 Aspen Ridge

Frisbie Levi A. (Frisbie Bros.), h 365 S Main

Frisbie Russell, com trav, h 316 W Gray

Frisbie W Eaton (Frisbie Bros.), h 365 S Main

Frisbie William A., bds 6 Aspen Ridge

Frost A J., express office Erie depot, h Elizabeth

Frost Eli C., manuf bake ovens 201 E church, h 434 W Clinton

Frost Fannie M., stenographer 124 Lake, bds 434 W Clinton

Frost Flora V., stenographer, bds 434 W Clinton

Frost Fred, brakeman N C R R, bds 158 S Elm

Frost George, shoemaker 360 Davis, h 953 Johnson

Frost James a., expressman Wells, Fargo Co., h 521 Elizabeth

Frost John G., shoemaker, h 953 Johnson

Frost Mable M., violin teacher, bds 434 W Clinton

Frost William H., jeweler 335 E Water, h 700 E Church

Fruct William, upholsterer, h 258 W Hudson

Frydenborg Caroline, widow Christian L., h 917 Davis

Frydenborg Charles E., printer Evening Star, bds 917 Davis

Frydenborg Christina, domestic 855 College av

Fry Michael, laborer, h 215 O’Gorman

Frye Joel E., shoemaker, h 210 Maple ave

Frymire Samuel O., machinist, h 308 Baty

Fudge Albert W., machinist, h 210 Brand

Fudge Charles F., artist, bds 214 Mt Zoar

Fudge Harry W., clerk N C R R shops, bds 408 S Main

Fudge Herbert W., student, bds 214 Mt Zoar

Fudge James R., machinist, h 408 S Main

Fudge James T., machinist, h 405 Franklin

Fudge Luke, machinist, h 405 Franklin

Fudge William, machinist, h 241 Mt Zoan

Fudge Wilbur G., upholsterer, bds 408 S Main See adv

Fuery Dennis, laborer, h 208 Park

Fuery Mary a., bds 208 Park

Fuery Nora C., bds 208 Park

Fuery Patrick J., laborer, bds 208 Park

Fuhrman Bessie, dressmaker, bds 521 Jefferson

Fuhrman Martin, clerk yard office N C R R, h 521 Jefferson

Fulford Charles R., teamster, h 913 Benton

Fulford William, car driver, h 913 1-2 Benton

Fuller Charles D., brakeman D L & W R R, h 339 W Seventh

Fuller Daniel, contractor, h 113 W Second

Fuller Elizabeth Mrs., h 147 W Water

Fuller Emmery B., emp N C freight office, h 408 Walnut

Fuller Emma M., saleslady, 12 N Main

Fuller Frank J., miller, h 217 W Chemung pl

Fuller Fred, bds 505 Park pl

Fuller George w., carpenter, h 1112 Lake

Fuller Henry, carpenter, h 706 1-2 Benjamin

Fuller Minnie Mrs., bds 514 Herrick

Fuller Royal A., painter, h 225 Brand

Fuller Thomas W., clerk Erie freight office, bds 1112 Lake

Fuller William, laborer, 219 W Chemung pl

Funey Bridget T., tailoress, bds 412 Standish

Furay Bridget, domestic, 500 E Clinton cor Madison ave

Furay John, hostler, D L & W round house, 500 E Clinton cor Madison av

Furey Anna, cook 111 Lake

Furey Emma, widow George, h 213 Gregg

Furey Patrick, saloon 668 Dickinson, h do

Furman Leon O., laborer, bds Patterson house

Furman Susan C., widow Edgar, h 908 Benton

Fury Mary, domestic Rathbun house

Fury Patrick, laborer, h 702 Jay

Fybush Casper, trav optician, bds 110 Orchard

Fybush Moses, clerk Robinson bldg Lake, bds 110 Orchard

Fyfield Fred, laborer, bds 404 E Market


Gable Joseph, painter, h S elm n Harmon

Gabriel Benedict, contractor and builder, h 373 W Clinton

Gabriel Martin, h 310 Fifith

Galta Cashimer, tailor, h 605 John

Gaghen Catherine, h 461 Powell

Gahen Michael, boilermaker, h 410 Broadway

Gail Mary, domestic 243 Lake

Gaiser Charles F., prop meat market 128 S Main, h 451 Mt Zoar

Gaiser George F., butcher, h Mt Zoar cor Herrick

Gallatian Andrew B,., lawyer also justice of the peace, also real estate 118 Lake, h 413 Standish

Galatian Cornelia, (F & C) h 610 N Main

Galatian Francis ( F & C) h 610 N Main

Gale Gussie, dressmaker, bds 202 Harmon

Gale William, conductor D L & W R R, bds 724 benjamin

Gallagher John, machinist, bds 711 Benjamin

Gallagher John C., engineer Rathbun house, bds do

Gallagher Mamie, milliner 201 E Water, bds 711 Railroad av

Gallagher Michael, painter, 808 Walnut

Gallagher Thomas, machinist, h 156 S Second

Gallagher Timothy, h 711 Railroad av

Gallavan Edward M., clerk, h 374 Fulton

Gallavan Edward, janitor school No. 3, h 115 Harmon

Gallavan James, mason, h 374 Fulton

Gallavan James jr., engineer, h 374 Fulton

Gallavan John, mason, h 208 Fulton

Gallavan Mary stenographer, bds 115 Harmon

Gallavan Matthew, h 374 Fulton

Gallavan Matthew, blacksmith, h 210 Fulton

Galligan John, blacksmith, bds 433 E Water

Gallivan Edward, clerk 56 Penna av, bds 221 Penna av

Gallivan James, laborer, h 262 W Hudson

Gallivan James jr., laborer, bds 262 W Hudson

Gallivan John, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 831 Dickinson

Gallivan Julia Mrs., grocer also saloon 200 Fulton, h do

Galvin John, h 548 S Main

Galvin John, brakeman D L & W R R, bds D LK & W house

Galvin Mary, domestic 505 Lake

Gamble Frankie, h 114 Lake

Gamer William, clerk 538 Penna av, h do

Gamewell John C., tailor 111 and 113 E Water, bds 115 W First

Gamlin Herman, laborer, Fitch & Aldrich, h 710 E Fifth

Gamper Charles W., cigarmaker, h 706 E Second

Gamper Jennie, teacher No 2, h 156 Sullivan

Gamaper Minnie, dressmaker 156 Sullivan, h do

Gamper William, gigger , bds 706 E Second

Ganey Anna, domestic 360 Walnut

Ganey John, saloon 151 E Washington av, h do

Gannan Michael, conductor D L & W R R, h 717 Day

Gannan Frank, emp N C R R shops, bds 223 W Miller

Gannon Michael, machinist, bds 109 Caldwell av

Ganung George V., printer Advertiser, h 212 W Third

Ganoung Austin C., chipping clerk Briggs brewery h 213 DeWitt

Garahy Bartholomew, wood and coal 513 Park pl, h 806 Main

Gardinier Anna M., bds 502 Baldwin

Gardinier Elizabeth d, widow Nelson W, h 452 W Water

Gardiner Frank H., printer Elmira Advertiser, h 504 E Washington av

Gardiner J. H. Mrs., h 411 E Church

Gardiner Robert H., clerk Chemung Canal Bank, h 502 Baldwin

Gardner Adam, laborer, h 809 canal

Gardner Daniel A., insurance agt Opera House block, h 458 E Clinton

Gardner Edward B., mgr Eagle bottling works 420, 422 Carroll h do

Gardner Fred, barber, bds 966 E Clinton

Gardner George, (Lysander Gardner & Son,) bds 612 E Water

Gardner George W., insurance agt, bds 458 E Clinton

Gardner Henry, (Gardner & McCann,) h 106 N Main

Gardner Jacob, meat market Hoffman cor Gray, h 106 N Main

Gardner Kate, domestic 514 Lake

Gardner Lysander B., ( L Gardner & Son,) h 612 E Water

Gardner Lysander B, & Con, (George L.,) flour and feed 518 Main

Gardner Mary A., bds 603 E Church

Gardner Mary W., widow William, h 966 E Clinton

Gardner & McCann, (Henry Gardner and Joseph McCann,) meat market 208 W water

Garh Charles, butcher, h 911 E Market

Garlock Cora A. Mrs., h 139 W Water

Garrabrant Isaac, prop Chemung house 315, 317 E Market

Garland Michael, carriage painter College av cor Third, h 752 Jay

Garrabrant Merritt, wines and liquors, tobacco and cigars 309 Carroll, h do (See adv)

Garrabrant William E., emp Elmira Roofing Co, bds Chemung house

Garrett Carrie A., bds 625 W Church

Garrett Edward mason, h 923 E Church

Garrett Elayne B., teacher school No 2, bds 625 W Church

Garrett James R., carpenter and joiner 825 W Church

Garrett Jane, widow Truman, bds 651 E Church

Garrett Katharine M, bds 625 E Church

Garrett Lora, bds 923 E Church

Garrett Nancy P., widow James, h 625 W Church

Garrett Olive C., bds 923 E Church

Garrison Albert, engineer D L & W R R, h 1008 Oak

Gastenschlaeger Carl, tailor, bds 609 Dickinson

Gartland Anna, widow James H, h 316 Madison av

Gartland Anna B., teacher primar No 1, bds 316 Madison av

Garvey Jennie, domestic 302 William

Garvey John, blacksmith, h 542 S Main

Garvey Mary, domestic 302 William

Garvin John, inspector, h 502 Columbia

Gascoine Clarence E., canvasser, h 508 Erie

Gaskell Burt, laborer, 151 High

Gaskell Carrie, bds 151 John cor High

Gaskell Lorentus J., carpenter, h 317 Roe av

Gately E. & Co., installment dealers, J C Edward mgr 434 E Water

Gates Emaline L., domestic, h 509 Walnut

Gates Guy Pl, wood turner, h 117 Partridge

Gates Harriet L., teacher, bds 399 W Water

Gates Henry P. (Loomis & Gates), h 399 W Water

Gates Michael, laborer, h 721 E Oak

Gates Peter, laborer, h 813 East av

Gates Thomas S., laborer, h 304 S Main

Gaucher James, manuf and wholesale dealer in candy 124 Main, h do

Gaucher William, Fruits and confectionery 124 S Main, h do

Gaugham Patrick, saloon 50 Main, h do

Gavin Mary, clerk 210 E Water, bds 654 Main

Gaylord Catherine, widow Asher, h 413 W Water

Gaylord Henderson (Baxter, Gibson & Gaylord), bds 413 W Water

Gaylord John E., engineer D L & W R R, bds 406 Standish

Gaylord Kinyon, fireman D L & W R R, bds 406 Standish

Gaylord Michael, carriage painter, bds American Hotel

Gaylord Sarah, widow Sanford, h 463 Lake

Gaylord _____, h 664 Lake

Gazette Company (The), publishers Elmira daily and weekly Gazette 104 and 106 Lake

Geanoki Julius, laborer, h 220 Harriet

Gear Charles, foreman Turner lumber company, h 380 Norton

Geary John, conductor D L & W R R, bds 307 Diven av

Geary Patrick, shoemaker J. Richardson & Co., h 639 Winsor av

Gebbie George, farmer, h 457 Sullivan

Gebhardt Jacob, laborer, h 108 Spring

Gebhard Lucinda K., widow Phillip A., h 124 E Chemung pl

Geer Charles M., prop Bijou Hotel 503 Railroad av h do

Geer Elmer E., emp Elmira bridge works, h 508 Penna av

Geer Joe H., proof reader, h 466 W First

Geer Marian, widow Matthew B., bds 404 Locust

Gehrke Julius, laborer, h 959 Sullivan

Gehrken George, tailor, h 558 E Second

Geiger Frederick, tailor, h 354 E Fourth

Geiger Rose, domestic 215 Penna av

Geip Carl, carpenter, bds 601 Lake

Geisenhoff Anthony, pastor St John’s German Catholic church, h Second r


Geist Edwin, clerk 610 S Main, bds 123 W Miller

Geist Herbert, clerk 428 S Main, bds do

Geist Joseph, painter 123 W Miller, h do

Genger Francis J., stone cutter, h 959 Oak

Genger Josephine A., student, bds 959 Oak

Genung Frank, door maker Fitch & Aldrich, bds 524 DeWitt

Genung Harry, helper Biggs’ soap works, bds 524 DeWitt

Genung Josephine, widow DeWitt, h 524 DeWitt

Georgia Charles A., electric lights, h 709 E Church

George Edson C., city editor Advertiser, h 421 W Church

George Elvira C., teacher riverside school, bds 212 Maple av

George Fred P., dry goods 502 Main, bds 212 Maple av

George Henry, tailor, h 50 Orchard

George Jeremiah, shoemaker, h 715 Dickinson

George Mary, widow George W., h 104 Hoffman

George Oliver B., route agt Adams Ex Co., h 708 College av

George William, ins agt 212 Maple av, h do

Georgia Ada E., teacher school No. 3, bds 502 William

Georgia Cory, fireman, h 609 E Church

Georgia Roswell S., engineer Chase & Hibbard flour mill W Water, h 607 Tuttle av

Gerard Antonie, laborer, h 716 Oak

Gerard Jacob, saloon 851 Church, h do

Gerber Charles, prop Rock Spring Brewery Elmira, N Y

Gere Charles E., inspector, h 380 Norton

Gerity Brothers (C R & N S), wholesale and retail druggists 126 Lake

Gerity Clayton R. (Gerity Bros.), h 258 Baldwin

Gerity Harry R., mason, bds 205 Horner

Gerity Thomas, mason contractor, h 511 Baldwin

Gerity William S. (Gerity Bros.), h 415 William

German Fannie, domestic 221 Gregg

Germand Stephen D., emp Wells, Fargo Ex, h 706 N Main

Gerould Charles P., switchman N C R R, h 508 Perine

Gerow Emma E., student, bds 503 Park pl

Gerow Gardner A., machinist, h 503 Park pl

Gerow Fred G., clerk Second National bank, bds 503 Park pl

Gerow Mary H., bds 503 Park pl

Gerry John, conductor, bds 307 Diven av

Gervais H. E., student, 131 W Market

Gervais, Joseph N., shoemaker, h 854 N Main

Gessler, Otto, dyer, bds Patterson house

Getchell Earl L., drayman, h 153 Lake

Getzamer Jennie, domestic 657 Park pl

Ghahan Michael, boilermaker, bds 410 S Broadway

Gibbons Thomas, laborer, h 861 Davis

Gibbons William H., clerk Dey Bros, h 350 Railroad

Gibbs Benjamin R., concrete walks and gravel roofing, h 716 Benjamin

Gibbs Eber N., emp Sheeley’s tannery, h 817 E Water

Gibbs Edith M., dressmaker, bds 663 Davis

Gibbs Hoburt, call boy D L & W R R, bds 716 Benjamin

Gibbs Lucius S., printer Telegram, bds 817 E Water

Gibbs Lyman S., stenographer, h 209 E Gray

Gibbs Marcia D., h 209 E Gray

Gibbs Mary, widow Levi, h 316 W First

Gibbs Thomas O> S., horseshoer 209 E Gray, h do

Gibbs William, laborer, bds 716 Benjamin

Gibson A. Fowler, h 409 Baldwin

Gibson Elizabeth L., widow William L., h 409 Baldwin

Gibson Judson A., (Baxter, Gibson & Gaylord) also sec and tres Elmira Coupling Manufacturing Co., h 351 W Church

Gibson William A., machinist, bds 815 W Gray

Gilbert Adelbert, coachman, bds 363 College ave

Gilbert Edgar D., ins agt, h 613 W Water

Gilbert Gustavus W., painter, h 146 W Water

Gilbert Henry K., clerk Elmira Gas and Illuminating Co, h 451 W Gray

Gilbert Henry S., h 459 W Church

Gilbert Herman T., (O D Goodrich & Co) h 451 W Gray

Gilbert John B., fireman D L & W R R, h 1316 Pratt

Gilbert O. H., h 359 1-2 W Second

Gilbert Philander W., finisher, bds 827 W Second

Gilbert Philip, laborer, bds W Third n limits

Gilchrist Jane, domestic 372 Main

Gilday Edmund, harnessmaker, bds 114 W Fifth

Giles Charles D., agt H W Johns Mfr Co 709 E Market

Giles Delos C., electrical engineer, bds 663 Davie

Giles Frank M., electric light station, bds 709 E Market

Giles Joseph H., trav salesman, h 663 Davis

Giles Matilda B., widow Joseph W., bds 1020 Lake

Giles William E., clerk, bds 123 Madison av

Giles W. R., emp J Richardson & Co, bds 608 Park pl

Gill Christopher, boilermaker, h 9 Benedict

Gill Eliza, domestic 322 William

Gill Francis, counter Telegram, bds 611 E Second

Gill Frank, mailing clerk Advertiser, bds 611 E Second

Gill Hugh, bds 9 Burdick

Gill James, cigar mfr 112 Columbia, h do

Gill John, expressman 611 E Second, h do

Gill John, mailing clerk Advertiser, bds 112 Columbia

Gill Thomas J., boilermaker, h 754 S Main

Gill William, cigar mfg 105 E Water, h 155 High

Gill William C., reporter Daily Advertiser, bds 611 E Second

Gill William H., cigar mfr and cigar store 105 E Water, h 155 High

Gillan Andrew, lineman W U Tel Co, bds American hotel

Gillane James S., ins agt, h 111 Harmon

Gilldea Irwin B. W., (Gilldea & Son) h 371 W Fifth

Gilldea William A., (Gilldea & Son) bds 371 W Fifth

Gilldea & Son, (William A Gildea and Irwin B W Gilldea) livery, hack and boarding stable 153 W Clinton

Gillen James, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1200 Maxwell av

Gillespie Charles W., brakeman D L & W R R, h 410 E Washington av

Gillespie E Layman, fireman D L & W R R, bds 371 Norton

Gillespie James, W., dis supt N Y & Pa Tel Co, State cor Nicks, h 364 W First

Gillespie Joseph W., carpenter, h 371 Norton

Gillett Charles, clerk 305 E Water, bds 660 Main

Gillett Charles B. Rev., h 208 Franklin

Gillett Edward, student, bds 858 N Main

Gillett Lewis M., watchmaker and jeweler 1 Main st bridge, h 107 Partridge

Gillett Lillian B., bookkeeper Advertiser, bds 107 Partridge

Gillett Lloyd, brakeman N C R R, bds 315 Baty

Gillett Solomon L., h 208 E Church

Gillett Susan M., widow George, bds 107 Partridge

Gillett Walter W., baker 651 Lake, h 150 Washington cor John

Gillis Henry A., master mechanic Erie R R, h 351 W Clinton

Gilmore Elize, widow Norval, h 728 W First

Gilmore Ellen Mrs., dressmaker 114 E Water, h do

Gilmore Emma, dressmaker 114 E Water

Gilmore John, car driver, bds 665 Lake

Gilmore John, propr Central house also general insurance 114 E Water, h do

Gilmore John F., bds 114 E Water

Gilmore Joseph V., bds 114 E Water

Gilmore Joseph V., bds 114 E Water

Gilmore Lewis C., groceries and provisions 125 S Main, h 318 S Broadway

Gilmore William, brakeman Erie R R, h 411 W Sixth

Gilner Fred, laborer, h 857 Railroad av

Gilroy James P., switchman D L & W R R, h r 1216 Baldwin

Gilsdorf Anton, tailor 759 E Water, bds do

Gilsdorf Emma, bds 414 E Water

Gilsdorf Emma, domestic 759 E Water

Gilsdorf Julia, bds 759 E Water

Gilsdorf Mary, bds 759 E Water

Gilson James A., trav salesman, h 219 Maple av

Gilson John, emp Rathbun house

Gilson John A., student, bds 219 Maple av

Gilson Laura S., student, bds 219 Maple av

Gilson William L., asst pressman Telegraph, bds 219 Maple av

Gillson George E., switchman D L & W R R< h 1306 Maxwell av

Ginane Michael, shoemaker, h 355 W Third

Ging John, machinist N C R R, bds 603 S Main

Ging Lawrence, blacksmith, h 603 S Main

Gingraw John, shoemaker, h 660 Jay cor High

Ginsberg Herman H., clerk 134 E Water, h bds 751 John

Ginsberg Nathan, grocery 751 John, h do

Ginsberg Nathaniel, laborer, bds 797 John

Girard Charles, butcher 404 E Water, h Harriet cor Church

Gitchell Frank, policeman, bds 113 Fox

Givens Jesse B., clerk 137 E Water, bds 363 College av cor Second

Givens Lorain H., widow Jesse S., h W Second cor College av

Gladke Morris J., (Gladke & Samuels), h 162 DeWitt

Gladke & Samuels, (Morris J. G>, and Aaron S.), real estate, insurance and loans 103 E Water

Gleason Adele A., (Drs. Gleason & Co.), 1019 East ave

Gleason Drs. & Co., (S. O., R. B. and Adele A. Gleason), physician sanitarium 1019 East av

Gleason Edward B., bus manager sanitarium 1019 East av

Gleason Elizabeth, bds 202 E Gray

Gleason Margaret E., cook Pattison house

Gleason Rachel B., (Drs. Gleason & Co.), h 1019 East av

Gleason Silas O., (Drs. Gleason & Co.), h 1019 East av

Glines Edith, bds 317 Madison av

Glover Charles, head waiter Rathbun house, h 117 Madison av

Gloyd Josephine, clerk 301-303 E Water, bds 656 Lake

Glynn William, cooper, h 516 Spaulding

Goade John P., carpenter, h 409 Grove

Goddard Edward, (Goddard & Fox), h 662 College av

Goddard & Fox, (E. G. and A. H. f.), dentists, 310 E Water

Goddard Frank H., clerk E C & N R R, bds 525 William

Goddard Lucinda, window Levi, h 662 College av

Goddard Lynn H., clerk, bds 662 College av

Godfrey Hattie B., teacher school No 1, bds 452 E Church

Godfrey Harriet A., widow John H, h 452 E Church

Goebel Joseph, painter, h 260 Partridge

Goff Emma C., bds 215 Baldwin

Goff Henry J., grocer 910 Benton, h do

Goff Lizetta, widow Roswell, bds 218 Baldwin

Goff Mary, laundress, bds 44 E Water

Goff Roswell H., ins agt, h r 209 1-2 W Clinton

Gohring George, clerk, bds 112 E Chemung pl

Gohring George E., tailor 112 E Chemung pl

Gohring Lewis, plumber, bds 112 E Chemung pl

Goldberg Ben, peddler, h r 553 E Second

Goldberg Harris B., bds r 553 E Second

Goldberg Hyman, peddler, h 759 John