Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Abbreviations Key

Lonergan Richard T., student, bds 1101 Benton

Lonergan William T., machinist, bds 435 W Fourth

Long Charles R., drug clerk 204 Penna av., bds 108 Washington

Long Mary , W s S Main n Payne shops

Long Mary C., housekeeper, 365 W Gray

Long Mary A., widow Richard., bds 108 Washington

Long Mary Jane, laundress, 708 Ovid

Longstreet Marshall N., clerk 114 Baldwin, bds 113 College av

LONGSTREET WILLIAM H., pianos, organs and musical mdse, 114 and 304 Carroll, h 113 College av

Loomis Edward A., h 5 Aspen ridge

Loomis Edgar C., trav salesman, L W Sanborne, h 557 Grove

Loomis Eliza A., widow Seth, carpet weaver, h 1018 Lake

LOOMIS & GATES (W C L and H P G) general hardware, 126 W Water

Loomis Mark B., student, bds 108 Penna ave

Loomis William C., (Loomis & Gates) h 417 E Market

Loonie Annie, domestic 317 Madison av

Loonie Anna, actress bds 923 Lake

Looney & Daly (Jeremiah L and John D.) grocers, 604 E Second

Looney Frank, switchman N C R R h 267 W Clinton

Looney Jeremiah (Looney & Daly) bds 419 Railroad av

Looney Mary, widow Michael, bds 801 John

Looney Thomas, switchman Erie R R yard, h 507 Dewitt

Loonie Jerry, mason, h 923 Lake

Loonie Mary, dressmaker, bds 923 Lake

Loonie Michael, bookkeeper, bds 923 Lake

Loonie Patrick,J., 523 W Church

Loop George, nurse, h 316 High

Loop Goerge S., carpenter, h 427 W Fifth

Loop Hannah M., widow John B., h 158 Exchange

Loop Horace W., slater, h 157 Sullivan

Loop James W., real estate, h 219 Franklin

Loop Samuel, shoemaker, bds 616 Lake

Loop William A, shoemaker, bds 727 W First

Lorch David, machinist, h 415 E Washington av

Lord William J., conductor D L & W R R h, 653 ½ Lake

Lord William J., bookkeeper 211 Baldwin, bds 505 Park pl

Lord William L., bookkeeper 211 and 213 Baldwin, bds 505 Park pl

Lorden Michael, gardener, h 102 Chestnut

Lore Annie, h 302 W Water

Loring Henry R., real estate, 318 W Water

Lormore & Co., wholesale wines and liquors, 322 Carroll

Lormore William J., manager 322 Carroll, h 456 Sullivan

Lormore William J. jr., (Lormore & Co.) bds 456 Sullivan

Lorson Matilda, domestic 352 W Fourth

Losey Amos, h 715 John cor Orchard

Losey Miran P., teamster, h 417 Powell

Losee Marilla, widow Ezra C., bds 204 Lormore

Losie Arthur T., (Losie Bros.) bds 1209 Maxwell av

LOSIE BROS. (C B & A T ) contractors for plain and ornamental slate roofing, 305 E Market

Losie Charles, laborer, bds 268 W Hudson

Losie Chauncey B., (Losie Bros.) h 217 ½ Lormore

Losie Elmira E., teacher school No. 1, bds 1105 Benton


LOSIE JOHN M., business agency, real estate, insurance and notary public, 208 Baldwin

H, 1105 Benton

Losie Thomas M., slate roofer 305 E Market, h 1209 Maxwell av

Losie Wilfred H., brakeman D L & W R R , bds 425 Standish

Loskoski Jacob, laborer, h 714 Baldwin

Lott Agard, emp. N C R R round house, bds 378 Baty

Lott Henry C., paper hanger, h 372 W Clinton

Loughhead Hiram, mason, h 326 Hine

Loughhead Lewis B., carpenter, h 523 Balsam

Loughhead William H., piano maker 114 Baldwin, h 105 W Hudson

Loughler David, painter, bds 852 Magee

LOUGHHEAD WILLIAM H., JR. physician and surgeon 105 W Hudson, bds do

Loughler William, roller, h 852 Magee

Loughlin James F., hostler, room s 238 W Water

Loughridge Robert, fireman Tioga R R , h 356 Diven pl

Lownsbery Letson, engineer Erie R R h 505 Grove

Love Charles E., clerk J W Carroll, h 710 Park pl

Love Edwin, driver, h Gridley av n S Main

Love Eliza, widow James, h 203 S Elm

Love John, moulder, h 302 W Water

Love Mable, bds 957 Lake

Lovelace Charles W., machinist, h 626 Lewis

Loveland James, laborer, bds 412 Powell

Loveless Fred D., clerk 201 E Water, bds 618 Lewis

Loveless James L., laborer, h 422 Tuttle av

Lovejoy Freeman A., brakeman D L & W R R , bds 1318 Baldwin

Lovejoy George W., emp Fitch & Aldrich, h 760 E Market

Lovell Amos B., h 410 Elm

Lovell Romaine C., plumber, h 205 Brand

Lovell Charles E., cor First and Columbia

Lovell Charles W., drug clerk, bds 308 E Clinton

Lovell Harriet, widow Andrew, bds 705 Tuttle av

Lovell Harrison T., engineer, h 308 E Clinton

LOVELL HERBERT M., principal Elmira Free Academy, office at academy, h 375 W Church

Lovell Hiram A., clerk 302 E Water, bds 410 Elm

Lovell Ida, cook Southern Tier Orphans Home, bds do

Lovell Sarah E., widow William E., bds 306 Dewitt

Lovell William E., emp blast furnace, h 1312 Benton

Lovell William H., tobacco buyer, h 706 W Water

Lovell William J., clerk 363 Davis, h 401 Columbia

Lovett Cyrus B., janitor supt office N C R R , h. 111 W Fifth

Lowe E.E., guard reformatory, bds do

Lowe Emma K., domestic 404 Hoffman

Lowe Helen M., teacher school No 5., bds 2 Irvine pl

Lowe Jemina, domestic 720 W Gray

Lowe Lewis S., engineer D L & W R R , h 1204 Maxwell av

Lowe Luther, hostler, bds Chemung house

Lowenburg Herman, glazer, h 156 Orchard

Lowett William R., printer Advertiser, h 111 ½ Orchard

Lowman Charles W., engineer N C R R , bds 624 Penna av

Lowman Jefferson F., jeweler at Wise’s, bds Fitch n Walnut

Lowman Lillian R., teacher Elmira school of commerce, bds at Lowmanville

Lowman Lyman L., expressman, h Fitch n Walnut

Lowman Seymour, clerk 302 E Water, bds E Water cor Fox

Lowman Seymour, law student 302 E Water, bds do

Lown Alice, dressmaker, bds 108 West Hudson

Lown Eugene, letter carrier, h 108 West Hudson

Lown Joseph, jeweler, bds 108 W Hudson

Lown John C., shoemaker 106 W Water, h 108 W Hudson

Lown Joseph e., watchmaker 218 E Water, bds 108 W Hudson

LOWN WILLIAM shoemaker 118 S Main h 108 W Hudson

Lownsberry Clara, bds 505 Grove

Lowiski John, laborerh 608 Baldwin

Lowrey Frank, road foreman N C R R shops, h Main

Lowry Frank, engine inspector, h 705 N Main

Lowry James, carpenter, h 212 Mt Zoar

Loyd Daniel, h W s College av n Reformatory

Lucas Edwin, brakeman h 312 S Main

Lucas Edwin F., brakeman N C R R , h 417 Herrick

Luckho Max, cigar maker 177 Baldwin, h 407 Sullivan

Luckey Eugene L., salesman Singer Manf Co., h 335 S Broadway

Lucy Cassia, domestic,125 E Chemung pl

Lucy Celia, domestic 222 W Church

Lucy Daniel J., overseer of Poor 151 Lake cor Carroll, h 813 John

Lucy Daniel, painter, bds 327 S Broadway

Lucy Delia T., domestic 211 Penna av

Lucy John M., milk dealer, h 1555 Lake

Lucy Julia, dressmaker , bds 327 S Broadway

Lucy Julia E., milliner, bds 1455 Lake

Lucy Lena, domestic, 653 Park pl

Lucy Mary, widow Timothy F., h 807 John

Lucy Mary A., domestic 226 Franklin

Lucy Rosa, student, bds 327 S Broadway

Lucy Thomas F., physician and surgeon 215 Mt. Zoar, h do

Lucy Timothy, laborer, bds Keefe n N C R R

Lucy Timothy F., engine wiper, h 807 John

Lucus Thomas W., com trav, bds 616 Lake

Lucus Uri, switchman N C R R , h 162 W Henry

Ludtke Charles, bds 716 Oak

Ludlow Harvey E., bookkeeper 354 and 356 State, h 110 W Church

Lumbard Azro C., operator elevator Telegram, bds W Third n limits

Lumbard James, printer Gazette, h 816 E Church

Lumbard Joseph, shoemaker, h 401 Railroad av

Lumk Otto, laborer, h 766 E Fifth

Lunburger Mary, domestic, 113 Madison av

Lundergan Daniel, laborer, h 244 W Water

Lundergan Edward, brushmaker, bds 217 Park pl

Lundergan Garritt, saloon 963 Main, h do

Lundergan John, driver, h 217 Park

Lundergan John , machinist, bds 620 Lewis

Lundergan John jr., helper, h 217 Park

Lundergan Nellie, domestic, r 217 Franklin

Lundergan William H., shipping clerk 929 College av, bds 217 Park

Lundt Rudolph, florist, h 516 Davis

Lundy Charles T., conductor N C R R , h 519 Jefferson

Lundy Otto, laborer, h 308 Columbia

Lung Catharine, widow Lewis, h 521 E Union

Lung Sophia, dressmaker and ladies furnishings 521 E Union, h do

Lunger Reuben H., fireman D L & W R R , h 907 ½ Benton

Lunn Caroline, h 355 W Gray

Lunn John W., tobacconist 113 W Water, h 357 W Gray

Lunner William F., carpenter, bds 447 W Fifth

Lunner William G., laborer, h 969 East av

Lupe Harry, shoemaker, h 456 E Water

Lupton Charles F., carpenter, h Home n Spaulding

Lupton& Co., (Henry Lupton) contractor and builder 310 State, h 457 W Fifth

Lupton Henry, contractor and builder 310 State, h 447 W Fifth

Lupton Wilbur, draughtsman 326 E Water, bds 447 W Fifth

Luquere M.P.H. Mrs., bds 320 Lake

Lush Kate, housekeeper 507 Madison av

Lush Louisa, Mrs., domestic 246 Lake, h 664 Dickinson

Lusinke Mike, laborer, 950 Johnson

Lusk Cora, domestic 602 S Herrick

Lusk Jesse M., slater, h 432 Pleasant

Lutz Anna B., bds 613 Mt Zoar

Lutz Fred, h 533 Mt Zoar

Lutz Jacob, marble polisher, h 213 Home

Lutz John P., ins agt, bds 613 Mt Zoar

Lutz Joseph, butcher, bds 613 Mt Zoar

Lutz Katie, dressmaker, bds 213 Home

Lutz Lewis, butcher, h 613 Mt Zoar

Luther Lizzie, stenographer, bds 372 S Main

Lutz Louisa, bds 213 Home

Lutz Peter J., clerk 400 E Water, bds 213 Home

Lux Dora, widow George F., h 757 E Water

Lux George, tailor 757 E Water, bds do

Lux Lena, bds 757 E Water

Lych David, machinist, h 415 E Washington av

Lydon Anna B., student, bds 403 Walnut

Lydon Margaret, widow Daniel, h 403 Walnut

Lydon Michael H., shoemaker, h 403 Walnut

Lyle James, supt metropolitan life ins company, 159 Baldwin h 467 ½ Franklin

Lynch Anna, domestic, 373 W Gray

Lynch Bridget, widow Michael, h E Miller n Spaulding

Lynch Bridget, widow Jeremiah, h r 1401 Baldwin

Lynch Catharine Mrs., grocer 710 Davis, h 712 do

Lynch Daniel fireman, D L & W R R , h 420 S Main

Lynch Daniel fireman D L & W R R , h 319 Division

Lynch Daniel, lineman, bds 419 Railroad av

Lynch Dennis P., lawyer, bds 419 Railroad av

Lynch Dennis, laborer, h 808 Magee

Lynch Edward, undertaking 418 Carroll, h 612 John

Lynch Elizabeth, widow Daniel, Norton cor Benton

Lynch Ella, teacher, bds 215 O’Gorman

Lynch Gertrude, domestic 808 Magee

Lynch James H., supervisor N Y L E & W R R bds 550 S Main

Lynch Jeremiah, laborer, h N s Reformatory n N Y L E & W R R

Lynch Jeremiah P., carpenter, bds 215 O’Gorman

Lynch John, shoemaker Richardson’s h 604 Jay

Lynch John, laborer, bds 812 Magee

Lynch John, fireman N C R R, bds 552 S Main

Lynch John, foreman E C & N R R, bds Blyley house

Lynch John F., train dispatcher N C R R bds 550 S Main

Lynch John M., prop Troy house 419 Railroad av, h do

Lynch Kate, cook Rathbun house

Lynch Kate, widow John, h 812 Magee

Lynch Katie, dressmaker 325 Norton, bds do

Lynch Lillian, compositor Gazette, h 204 Madison av

Lynch Maggie, bds 550 S Main

Lynch Maggie, bds E Miller n Spaulding

Lynch Maggie C., bds 712 Davis

Lynch Margaret, widow Thomas, h 550 S Main

Lynch Mary, h 325 Norton

Lynch Mary, dressmaker, bds 812 Magee

Lynch Mary, domestic 312 Lake

Lynch Mary, widow James, bds 604 Jay

Lynch Mary A., housekeeper, 612 John

Lynch Mary E., widow P.J. , h 615 Magee

Lynch Mary E., bds 550 S Main

Lynch Martin, carpenter, h 215 O’Gorman

Lynch Martin, stone cutter, bds 712 Davis

Lynch Michael, laborer, h 812 Magee

Lynch Michael, fireman N C R R , h 207 W Miller

Lynch Michael C., mail messenger, bds 712 Davis

Lynch Minnie, domestic 509 ½ Fulton

Lynch Nellie A., teacher Riverside school, bds 215 O’Gorman

Lynch Nora, tailoress, bds 215 O’Gorman

Lynch Patrick, laborer, h 101 Park

Lynch Patrick, helper Erie car shops, h 406 W Sixth

Lynch Patrick, policeman Erie depot, h 410 W Third

Lynch Pierce J., engineer and surveyor 103 E Water, h 615 Magee

Lynch Simon, laborer, bds 750 S Main

Lynch Thomas, bds 550 S Main

Lynch Thomas , laborer, h New n Reformatory

Lynch Thomas F. mason, h 606 John

Lynch Timothy, laborer, h 316 E Washington av

Lynch Walter, laborer, h New n Reformatory

Lynett Thomas, engineer D L & W R R, h 307 Division

Lynn Emily E., bds 1318 Baldwin

Lynn George, engineer rolling mill, h 1318 Baldwin

Lynn William, laborer, h 1310 Baldwin

Lynn William J., plumber, bds 1318 Baldwin

Lyon Albert M., gardener, h E s S Broadway n limits

Lyon Charles E., gardener, h 604 Perine

Lyon Elmer E., machinists reformatory, bds do

Lyon Emeline, widow Zalmon W., h 955 Walnut

Lyon Francis M., operative, bds 118 E Hudson

Lyon Frank E., draughtsman 108 Lake, bds Horseheads

Lyon Frank E., insurance agent, h 956 Johnson

Lyon Frank E., clerk Southport corners, bds do

Lyon Harriet E., seamstress, bds 118 E Hudson

Lyon H. V. teacher school of commerce, bds 311 Baldwin

Lyon Louisa L., bds 602 Perine

Lyon Print G., horseshoer, h 702 E Second

Lyon Silas B., h 602 Perine

Lyon Willis, carpenter, h Southport s limits

Lyon Willis E., moulder, h E s Southport n limits

Lyons Abbie, domestic, 312 E Church

Lyons Anna, domestic, 411 Lake

Lyons Frank E., horseshoer 160 Exchange pl, h 704 W Second

Lyons James, conductor, bds 724 Benjamin

Lyons James W., moulder, h 418 Herrick

Lyons Jennie, domestic, 460 Maple av

Lyons John, laborer, bds 105 E First

Lyons John, clerk 116 E Water, bds 713 Erie

Lyons Joseph, machinist, bds 113 E Church

Lyons Joseph jr., machinist, bds 113 E Church

Lyons Lizzie, domestic, 610 Maple av

Lyons Linta A., bds 418 Herrick

Lyons Mary, widow John, h 713 Erie

LYONS MARY ANN dressmaker, bds 713 Eire

Lyons Peter, saloon 450 E Market, bds 713 Erie

Lyons Thomas, machinist, bds 713 Erie

Lytle Esther, widow Thomas, bds 554 John

Lytle Henry B., manuf beer pumps, Exchange pl, h 218 Baldwin

Lyzaleir Charles, tool maker, bds 766 S Main

MacCallun & CO., grocers, also concrete tar walks, 512 W Second

MacCallum Erway, electrician, h 1018 Oak

MacCallun Thomas (MacCallun & Co.) h 512 W Second

MacDowell Hammon L., furniture and undertaking 116 and 118 N Main, h 527 W First

MacDougal Phebe, seamstress, h 108 Elm

MacDuffee Charles, painter decorator, 119 Penna av

MacGrath J., bookbinder, bds 118 Washington

Macgregor Mary, bds 405 Elm

Mack Anna, widow Frank, h 328 S Broadway

Mack Annie, domestic, 315 W Water

Mack Anna, domestic, 501 E Water

Mack Bernard, bds 222 W Church

Mack Bridget, widow Thomas, h 419 David

Mack Catherine, widow James, h 722 S Main

MACK DANIEL saloon and restaurant, 617 S Main, h do

Mack Daniel, laborer, bds 411 High

Mack Edwark, fireman, bds 919 Benton

Mack Frank, blacksmith, bds 328 S Broadway

Mack James, tinsmith 323 E Water, bds S Main

Mack James, laborer, bds 670 Magee

Mack James, asst brewer T Briggs, h 378 W First

Mack John, fireman E C & N R R , h 618 Stowell

Mack Kate, bds 617 S Main

Mack Katie E., tailoress, bds 328 S Broadway

Mack Lucinda, widow Robert, h 664 Dickinson

Mack Maggie, waitress, 115 N Main

Mack Maggie, domestic, 419 W Church

Mack Margaret, widow Patrick, h 617 S Main

Mack Mart, laborer, bds 328 S Broadway

Mack Martin, clerk Barker, Rose & Gray, h 311 Webber pl

Mack Mary, bds 714 Dickinson

Mack Mary A., cook Homestead hotel

Mack Mary V., bds 328 S Broadway

Mack Michael, laborer, h 323 Roe av

Mack Michael, laborer, h 108 W Henry

Mack Michael F, brakeman, bds 919 Benton

Mack Michael H., brakeman, bds 108 W Henry

Mack Minnie, domestic, 305 College av

Mack Nora, widow Patrick, h 919 Benton

Mack Peter, laborer, h 129 Standish

Mack Robert Mrs., h 664 Dickinson

Mack Thomas, stone cutter, h 714 Dickinson

Mack Thomas jr., fireman D L & W R R bds 714 Dickinson

Mack Timothy, supt street railway, h 203 W Miller

Mack William H., compositor Telegram, h 616 Winsor av

Mack William H., tinsmith, bds 714 Dickinson

Mackay J.O., Capt., h 303 W Clinton

Mackey William J., bartender, 119 Lake, bds do

Mackley J.F., brakeman N C R R , bds 613 S Main

Macksey Kate, widow William, h 811 E Second

Macksey Robert, clerk 310 E Water, bds 811 E Second

Macksey Robert F., clerk Huston’s hat store, E Water, bds 811 E Second

Macksey William, bartender 119 Lake, bds do

Macksey William J., clerk Bancher restaurant, bds 811 E Second

Mackles James, shipping clerk E Market cor Fox, bds 412 Grove

MacMahon John E., clerk 101 Water, 214 Madison av

MacMahon Michael J., (Brophy & MacMahon) h Rochester

MacMartin Peter F., conductor E C & N R R , h 1004 Oak

Macnair Agnes L., operative, bds 423 Pleasant

Macnair Raphael, painter and paper hanger, bds 423 Pleasant

MacNamee Anna, clerk 201 E Water, bds 204 Franklin

MacNish Elmer, draughtsman, h 465 W Gray

MacNeil Fannie S., bds 368 W Fourth

MacNeil Rufus R..,h 368 W Fourth

Macomber Adelbert, laborer, h 602 Baldwin

Macreery Robert, coachman, bds Maple av cor Horner

Macumber Patience, bds 570 Coburn

Macumber Sylvester P., laborer, h 570 Coburn

Madden Catharine, milliner 108 N Main, bds 106 Madison av

Madden Mary L., milliner 108 N Main, bds 106 Madison av

Madden William, switchman, h 612 Lewis

Madden William, switchman N C R R , h 103 S Second

Madigan Bridget, domestic 104 W Chemung pl

Madigan Edward, brakeman D L & W R R, bds Chemung house

Madigan James, laborer, bds 794 Sullivan

Madigan John, laborer, bds 670 Magee

Madison Avenue Theatre, Madison av ft Carroll

Madison Carrie, bookkeeper Main cor W Clinton, bds 307 ½ W Fourth

Magee Edmund, bds 372 Penna av

Magee James, carpenter, bds 361 Riverside av

Magee Jennie E., dressmaker, bds 361 Riverside av

Magee Theodore, carpenter, h 361 Riverside av

Maget Israel, puddler, h 119 Harriet

Magowan Horatio, tinner Barker, Rose & Gray, h 792 E Water

Magowan Thaddeus, emp Bartletts brush factory, bds 762 E Water

Maguire Hugh, puddler, h 801 Hatch

Maguire Michael W., emp Susquehanna div, h 368 W Fourth

Margunson Andrew, machinist reformatory, bds do

Mahana Julia, 2 Main St bridge

Mahaney Maggie, dressmaker, bds 209 Broadway

Mahaney Matthew, emp Erie frt house, h 218 W Third

Mahaney John, clerk 131 E Water, bds 208 S Walnut

Maher Charles, brakeman Erie R R h 417 W Fourth

Maher James, shoemaker 214 W Miller, h do

Maher James, conductor Erie R R , h 436 W Fifth

Maher James P., emp rolling mills, h 967 Magee

Maher James J., agent, h 1021 Oak

Maher Martin, laborer, h 407 W Hudson

Maher Mary, widow John, h 1021 Oak

Maher Thomas, laborer, h 808 Magee

Maher William, bds 436 W Fifth

MAHON THOMAS saloon, 650 State, h do

Mahoney Anna, bds 121 Horner

Mahoney Daniel J., boarding 523 Penna av, h do

Mahoney James, laborer, bds 414 Dewitt

Mahoney John , laborer, h 209 Broadway

Mahoney John H., clerk 107 E Water, bds 121 Horner

Mahoney John J., car builder, h 150 W Fourth

Mahoney Josephine, 150 W Fourth

Mahoney Mary, widow Patrick, h 121 Horner

Mahoney Mary T., clerk, bds 150 W Fourth

Mahoney Minnie E., saleslady 305 E Water, bds 121 Horner

Mahoney Michael J., saloon and poolroom 139 W Water, h 208 S Walnut

Mahoney Thomas A., clerk 117 E Water, h 217 Broadway

Main Catharine, widow Samuel, Home for the Aged

Maine John, machinist, bds 1104 Lake

Mainey Nellie, tailoress, bds 711 Magee

Major Fred, brakeman N C R R, bds 554 S Main

Makimson Sabra E., Mrs., shirtmaker 135 E Water, bds 213 High

Malady John, brakeman Erie R R , bds 156 W Third

Malan Charles C., guard reformatory, bds do

Malanowski Frank, laborer, 1005 Davis

Malcomb H. R., bds 105 E Market

Maleady Michael, grocer also saloon 217 Fulton, h do

Malette Freddie, cashier 200 and 202 Water, bds 207 S Elm

Malette William S., printer, h 207 S Elm

Maley Patrick, emp N C R R shops, h 710 Giltanan

Maley Susie, 2 Main street bridge

Maley Thomas, laborer, bds 210 Giltanan

Mallery John, emp Richardson & Co., h 432 W Fourth

Mallory Sarah, weaver Hathaway’s woolen mill, bds 539 Tuttle av

Mallory Ambrose S., h 373 W Gray

Mallory James K., laborer Payne shops, h 507 Penna av

Mallory Nellie, domestic, 351 N Main

Malone Bessie A., saleslady 135 W Water, bds 411 Locust

Malone John, laborer, h 411 Locust

Malone John C., laborer, h 327 Soper

Malone John H., telegrapher, bds 411 Locust

Malone Margaret, widow John C., h 400 W Hudson

Malone Patrick, laborer, h 708 Benjamin

Malone Thomas, bds 400 W Hudson

Malone Thomas A., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 327 Soper

Maloney Agnes K., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 151 W Clinton

Maloney Anna, 805 Magee

Maloney Bridget, domestic 220 W Third

Maloney Cornelius R., draughtsman, bds 385 Penna av

Maloney Daniel F., bookkeeper 299 E Washington av, bds 408 Madison av

Maloney Dennis, machinist, h 385 Penna av

Maloney Ellen, domestic 502 W Water

Maloney G. Francis, student, bds 215 High

Maloney James, janitor N C R R office, h 711 S Main

Maloney James, emp N C R R , h 711 S Main

Maloney James, tinner 323 E Water, bds 853 E Church

Maloney John, laborer, bds 861 Railroad av

Maloney John, city express 323 E Water, h 853 E Church

Maloney John , coachman, 234 Lake, h 315 High

Maloney John, express messenger, h 500 E Water

Maloney John J., city clerk, office Masonic temple, h 516 Madison av

Maloney John W., clerk 313 E Water, bds 500 do

Maloney Kate, dressmaker, bds 406 Madison av

Maloney Maggie, domestic 507 Baldwin

Maloney Mary, domestic 410 S Main

Maloney Mary, widow Peter, h 861 Railroad av

Maloney Mary A.C., widow Thomas, h 156 Dewitt

Maloney Mary J., h 406 Madison av

Maloney Michael, engineer, h 805 Magee

Maloney M. Theresa, dressmaker, bds 315 High

Maloney Patrick, marble polisher, h 113 E First

Maloney Patrick, laborer, bds 861 Railroad av

Maloney Thomas, bds 208 W Third

Maloney Thomas (Griswold, Maloney & Co.) h 406 Madison av

Maloney Thomas A., trav salesman, bds 209 Broadway

Maloney William, laborer, h S s Jones bel Robinson

Maloney William A., clerk 108 State, h 408 Madison av

Maloney William E., helper Barker, Rose & Gray, bds 156 Dewitt

Maloney Winifred, widow John, h 408 Madison av

Maloney Winifred F., dressmaker, bds 315 High

Maloy Maggie, waitress Delavan house

Mance Charles M., engineer D L & W R R , h Pratt n Thurston

Mance Mortimer, engineer, bds Pratt n Thurston

Mance William, fireman D L & W R R , h 1306 Hall

Manchester Delos, street car driver, bds 66 Penna av

Mander Adam, brewer, Tuttle av ft E Church, h 1020 E Church

Mander Adam jr., brewer Tuttle av ft E Church, bds 1020 E Church

Mander Charles, brewer Tuttle av ft E Church, bds 1020 E Church

Mander Fred W., brewer Tuttle av ft E Church, bds 1020 E Church

Mander George, brewer Tuttle av ft E Church, h 833 E Second

Mander Henry, brewer Tuttle av ft E Church, bds 1020 E Church

Manderville Carrie e., widow Edgar W., teacher, h 412 Euclid pl

Manderville Emmett, painter, bds 2 Main St. bridge

Manderville Eugene, brakeman N C R R , bds N s Sutton n S Main

Manderville Horace H., teamster, bds 759 Day

MANDERVILLE HUBERT C., (Herendeen & Manderville), lawyer, Robinson bldg, 159 to 163

Lake, h 412 Euclid pl

Manderville Ira E., brakeman N C R R , h N s Sutton n S Main

Manderville John, teamster, h 759 Day

Maney Ella, widow Andrew, h 711 Magee

Mangan Daniel, laborer, h r 370 W Third

Mangan John, depot clerk Wells, Fargo & Co. Ex., h 107 Magee pl

Mangan Maggie, student, bds 409 W Third

Mangan Mary, Clerk Rosenbaum’s, bds 409 W Third

Mangan Matie, clerk 201 E Water, h 409 W Third