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1891 Elmira Directory

Page 292

McGraw Thomas F., saloon 464 W Sixth, h do

McGreevey John, quarryman, h 308 Orchard

McGreevey Owen, real estate, h 654 E Market

McGreevey Richard, marblecutter, bds 308 Orchard

McGuigan James, corporation boss, h 906 Oak

McGuire Electa W., widow Jeremiah, h 262 W Fourth

McGUIRE & FEENEY, Patrick J McGuire and J S Feeney (deceased,) grocery 313 Hathaway

McGuire Henry J., stereotyper Telegram, h 506 1-2 E Church

McGuire James, stereotyper Telegram, h 564 E Church

McGuire John, tailor, h 594 E Church

McGuire Kate, bds 262 W Fourth

McGuire Mary, operative, bds 1053 Walnut

McGuire Michael, gate tender D L & W R R, h 810 Hatch

McGuire Patrick J., (McGuire & Feeney) h 313 Hathaway

McGuire Simon, puddler, bds 819 Hatch

McGuire Tressa, clerk 313 Hathaway

McHenry Abram, (Harris & McHenry) h 408 Maple av

McHenry Guy, laborer, h 227 Brand

McHenry G. P., farmer, h Southport corners

McHenry Laura B., bds 408 Maple av

McHenry Nathaniel S., student, bds 408 Maple av

McHenry Thomas, brakeman, bds 206 Thurston

McInerney Anna, bds 330 W Seventh

McInerney Cornelius, freight handler L V R R, h 326 W Seventh

McInerney John, saloon 512 Main, h 215 W Third

McInerney John, laborer, h 917 Main

McInerney John, clerk L V Fgt office, h 326 W Seventh

McInerney John, blacksmith 448 E Water, h 120 Washington

McInerney John, clerk 422 W Fifth, bds do

McInerney Maggie, dressmaker, bds 330 W Seventh

McInerney Margaret, widow Thomas, h 302 Diven av

McInerney Margaret, widow Thomas, boarding 302 Diven av

McInerney Martin, carpenter, h 317 W Fourth

McInerney Mary, domestic 414 Lake

McInerney Mary M., bds 917 Main

McInerney Michael, h 616 Magee

McInerney Nellie, bds 317 W Fourth

McInerney Patrick, grocery 422 W Fifth, h do

McInerney Thomas, bds 302 Diven av

McInerney Thomas, laborer, h 330 W Seventh

McInerney Thomas J., clerk 101 E Water, h 708 Spaulding

McInerney Bridget, domestic 412 Main

MCINERNEY CHARLES A., hotel and restaurant 419 Railroad av, h do

McInerney Cornelius, laborer, bds 335 W Seventh

Page 293

McInerney Ellen, bds 326 W Seventh

McInerney Ella L., tailoress, bds 916 Magee

McInerney James, peddler, bds 335 W Seventh

McInerney James, laborer, 302 Diven ave

McInerney John, blacksmith h 120 Washington

McInerney John, laborer, h 326 W Seventh

McInerney John jr., laborer, bds 326 W Seventh

McInerney Julia widow James, h 926 Magee

McInerney Katie, dressmaker, h 311 W Fifth

McInerney Maggie, bds 117 Washington

McInerney Margaret, dressmaker, bds 326 W Seventh

McInerney Mamie E., dressmaker, bds 916 Magee

McInerney Martin, saloon E Church, bds Sherman house

McInerney Mary, domestic 352 Main

McInerney Mary, h 416 Carroll

McInerney Mary, domestic 109 Catherine

McInerney Mary, tailoress, bds 916 Magee

McInerney Mary, bds 335 W Seventh

McInerney Mary, boarding house 302 Diven av

McInerney Michael, horse shoer 456 Carroll, bds W Seventh

McInerney Michael J., asst delivery clerk N Y L E & W R R, bds 916 Magee

McInerney Michael, saloon 103 E Church, h do

McInerney Michael, blacksmith and horse shoer 440 E Water h 117 Washington

McInerney Michael, laborer, h 335 W Seventh

McInerney Michael, saloon 710 D Main h do

McInerney Michael, blacksmith, h 117 Washington

McInerney Michael, blacksmith 448 E Water, h 117 Washington

McInerney Patrick, laborer, 235 Lake

McInerney Patrick, fireman N Y L E & W R R, bds 335 W Seventh

McInerney Susan, dressmaker, bds 335 W Seventh

McInerney Susie, dressmaker, h 311 W Fifth

McInery John, saloon Main, h 215 W Third

McInery Maggie, domestic 407 W Gray

McInery Maggie, h 512 College ave

McInery Mary, h 512 College ave

McInery Mike, mason, bds 335 W Fourth

McInery Thomas, horse clipper, bds 317 W Fourth

McInny John, tinsmith 116 Lake

McIntire Bessie, domestic 213 College av

McIntire Louis, painter, bds 329 Carroll

McIntyre Edward C., barber Frasier house, h 53 S Main

McIntyre John A., engineer N C R R., h 216 South av

McIntyre William, machinist h 455 Penna av

McIntyre William H., tailor, bds Pattinson house

Page 294

McKay James C., engineer N C R R., h 401 Franklin

McKay Mary, table waitress star dining hall, h 106 Fox

McKay Mary, domestic 110 Lake

McKean David T., clerk, h 1302 Pratt

McKean Frank, engineer D L & W R R, bds 1104 Lake

McKeel Charles A., carpenter, bds 112 Penna av

McKerman Nellie, cook 507 Railroad av

McKevatt John, laborer, h 907 Magee

McKibbin Edna M., bds 514 Euclid pl

McKibbin E. Wesley, clerk Main cor W Water, h 514 Euclid pl

McKibbin Harriet J., widow George A., bds 514 Euclid pl

McKiggan Frank W., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 410 Main

McKinney Anna, operative, bds 621 Lake

McKinney Angelina, widow Erastus, h 621 Lake

McKinney Charles, teamster, bds 362 Hoffman

McKinney Charles J., brewer, bds 217 Hudson

McKinney Prudence A., bds 612 Lake

McKinney Richard, carpenter, h 217 Judson

McKinney W Arthur, civil engineer, h 391 W Water

McKnight Arthur B., carpenter, h 637 Winsor av

McKnight Charles H., student, Cornell university, bds 304 Main

McKnight George M., asst editor Gazette, bds 304 Main

McKNIGHT GEORGE H. REV. D. D., rector Trinity church h 304 Main

McKnight Kate Barry, 304 Main

McKnight Theodore M., clerk 336 E Water, bds 304 Main

McLafferty Edward, guard Reformatory, bds do

McLain Clark saloon 318 Washington av, h do

McLain David, bricklayer, h 707 Railroad av

McLain Jacob, emp Canadian lumber company, n 805 Railroad av

McLauchlan C. Jewett, domestic 110 Walnut

McLaughlin Joseph, shoemaker, bds 317 Railroad av

McLaughlin Patrick, hall keeper reformatory, h 315 W Fifth

McLaughlin Silas H., grocer, 405 Davis, h 402 W Second

McLaughlin Thomas, at Reformatory, h 150 W Fourth

McLaughlin Thomas, overseer reformatory, h cor Fourth and Magee

McLaughlin William, tailor 316 E Water, h do

McLaughlin William G., cigarmaker, h 462 Diven av

McLean Edward, hostler, h 1201 Lake

McLean Jennie A. Mrs., boarding, 366 Diven av

McLean T. C. (Welles & Co.), h Syracuse

McLees Jason L., tobacconist, h Erie n Brand

McLuin John F., laborer, bds Maple av opp Club house

Page 295

McLoud Arthur B., bookkeeper 124 Lake, bds 209 Caldwell av

McMahon Ann, bds 561 Beach

McMahon Anna B., operative, bds 336 W Seventh

McMahon Annie, weaver, bds 550 Beach

McMahon Bridget, clerk 136 E Water, bds 258 W Henry

McMahon Bridget E., bds 336 W Seventh

McMahon Bridget, widow Mortimer, h 806 Hatch

McMahon Eddie, emp N Y L E & W R R, bds 755 Magee

McMahon Jacob, hostler 238 W Water

McMahon James, park janitor, bds 722 Oak

McMahon John, doormaker, bds 808 Hatch

McMahon John C. (Reardon & KcMahon), h 408 W Second

McMahon John E., tinsmith h 655 Magee

McMahon John J., laborer, bds 114 W Miller

McMahon Katie, milliner, bds 808 Hatch

McMahon Maggie, bds 559 Beach

McMahon Maggie, dressmaker, bds 808 Hatch

McMahon Mary, domestic 418 William

McMahon Mary, dressmaker, bds 258 W Henry

McMahon Mary, widow Patrick, h 258 W Henry

McMahon Mary J., operative, bds 336 W Seventh

McMahon Michael, laborer, h E Jay n D L & W R R

McMahon Michael, engineer h 808 Hatch

McMahon Michael, machinist bds 808 Hatch

McMahon Michael, clerk, 117 E Water, h 755 E Market

McMahon Michael, clerk, h 755 E Market

McMahon Michael, laborer, Jay n D L & W track

McMahon Michael F., mason, h 439 W Fourth

McMahon Michael J., salesman T Briggs & Co., h 371 W Church

McMahon Nellie, tailoress, bds 559 Beach

McMahon Patrick, letter carrier, h 336 W Seventh

McMahon Patrick, laborer, h 258 W Henry

McMahon Patrick, laborer, bds 114 W Miller

McMahon Patrick, laborer, h 374 W Third

McMahon Patrick C., blacksmith, 339 W Seventh

McMahon Patrick C., carpenter, h 439 W Fourth

McMahon Patrick H., bartender 417 Railroad av, bds do

McMahon Richard, emp Elmira woolen mill company, bds E Jay n D L & W R R

McMahon Simeon, teamster, h 561 Beach

McMAHON THOMAS J., manager Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., h 505 E Market

McMahon Timothy, mason, h 613 Junction

McMahon William S., machinist bds Park n Walnut

McManus Eugene, cigarmaker, h 156 Judson

Page 296

McManus James, laborer, h 808 E Market

McManus John, laborer, h 156 Judson

McManus John T., cigarmaker, Mercereau's, bds 156 Judson

McMerney Mary, domestic 464 W Church

McMillan Catherine E., widow Henry H., h 1323 Lake

McMillan Edgar, h 318 Hine

McMillan Elizabeth, 200 Hine

McMillan Elizabeth, widow Henry H., W Second ab dye works

McMillan Giles, laborer, h 559 E Church

McMillan Grace, clerk, bds 823 W Second

McMillan James, carpenter, h 318 Hine

McMillan John, carpenter, h W Second ab dye works

McMillan Joseph, emp Fitch & Aldrich, bds 823 W Second

McMillan Libbie, h 318 Hine

McMillan Mary A., widow William, h 823 W Second

McMillan Stephen, carpenter, h 532 Penna av

McMurray James H., sashmaker, h 1110 Walnut

McMurray John J., emp Fitch & Aldrich, h 320 W Third

McMurray Mary, dressmaker, 361 1-2 W Second bds do

McNamara Anna, domestic 402 William

McNamara Catharine, widow James, h 722 S Main

McNamara Daniel, brakeman, D L & W R R, bds 755 E Washington av

McNamara James, tinsmith bds 714 S Main

McNamara James, brakeman, D L & W R R, bds 753 E Washington av

McNamara John, shoemaker, h 359 W Third

McNamara John jr., machinist bds 714 S Main

McNamara John, emp Elmira bridge works, bds 714 S Main

McNamara John, h 753 E Washington av

McNamara Kate, dressmaker, bds 822 S Main

McNamara Kittie, stenographer 304 E Water, bds 413 W Third

McNamara Matt, bds 413 W Third

McNamara Matthew, car inspector N Y L E & W R R, h 913 Main

McNamara Nellie, domestic 304 W Church

McNamara Patrick H., bds 714 S Main

McNamara Patrick W., brakeman, W S R R, h 908 Michigan av

McNamara Patrick, laborer, bds 753 E Washington av

McNamara Peter, painter, bds 413 W Third

McNamee Andrew, laborer, h 204 Franklin

McNamee Anna, clerk 201 E Water, bds 204 Franklin

McNamee Cassie F., milliner, bds 204 Franklin

McNamee Mary, dressmaker, bds cor Penna av and Franklin

McNaney Abbie, domestic 636 W Water

McNANEY EDGAR J., meat market, 661 Erie, h do

McNaney Ella M., clerk 504 Erie, bds 505 do

McNaney Frank, laborer, h 102 S Elm

Page 297

McNaney John, real estate, 502 Erie, h 505 do

McNANEY JOHN H., grocer, 502 Erie, h 211 Caldwell av (See adv)

McNaney Owen D., laborer, bds 505 Erie

McNaney Thomas, laborer, h 720 Erie

McNally James R., baker, h 209 Madison av

McNeal Martin L, conductor D L & W R R, h 303 E Church

McNearney Thomas, clerk 200 W Fifth, bds Seventh

McNeelly John, blacksmith, h 358 Franklin

McNeil Abby B., widow Peter S. S., h 615 Park pl

McNeil Charles D., engineer D L & W R R, h 365 Diven av

McNeil Francis W., bds 356 W Water

McNeil John H., h 356 W Water

McNeil Leverett B., book agt, h 100 W Water

McNeil Nellie, bds 356 W Water

McNeilly Cornelia E., widow Thomas, h 220 Thurston

McNeinny Henry, clerk 100 E Water, bds 710 S Main

McNerney John E., car inspector h 828 W Washington av

McNerney Joseph, moulder, h 317 W Fourth

McNerney Martin, h 317 W Fourth

McNerney Mary, widow Michael, h 414 Carroll

McNett Maude, bookkeeper bds 502 W Clinton

McNevin John, tailor 106 E Water, h 218 Park

McNevin John S., clerk Geo. Thomas & Co., bds 218 Park

McNevin Lawrence A., clerk Geo. Thomas & Co., bds 218 Park

McNevin William H., clerk 165 lake, bds 218 Park

McNish Elmer, draughtsman E Market cor Fox, h 465 W Gray

McNish Sara J., widow J. S., h 380 W Third

McPherson John, laborer, h 110 Broadway

McQuhae Azubah, widow John, bds 514 Lake

McQuinn John, laborer, bds 318 W Fourth

McQuirter Clara, teacher sch No. 3, bds 359 S Main

McRohen Anna, domestic 113 Madison av

McRoigott Edward, laborer, h 715 Davis

Page 298

McRoigott Mary, bds 715 Davis

McRoigott Michael, bookkeeper bds 717 Davis

McWhorter Clara, teacher sch No. 3, bds 359 S Main

McWhorter Catharine, domestic 207 Spaulding

Mead Albert L., boarding house car sealer, h 657 Magee

Mead Edward H., salesman h 114 W Hudson

Mead Ezra S. laborer, h 652 N Main

Mead Guy, mattress maker, bds 657 Magee

Mead Hattie, music teacher, 652 N Main

Mead Martin, car inspector D L & W R R, h 258 Park

Meade Albert A., shoemaker, bds 419 W Third

Meade Carrie, widow Peter, h 416 W Third

Meade Charles F., shoemaker, h 1003 Walnut

Meade Charles W., collector, bds 101 W Water

Meade Charles W., brakeman, bds 203 S Elm

Meade F. Belle, sec Southern Tier Orphans' home, bds do

Meade Frank, teamster, h 116 Park

Meade John F., blindmaker, h 216 Park

MEADE SPENCER, div supt N C R R., h 703 Park pl

Meadowcraft Harriet, bds 608 W Gray

Meagher James F., helper D L & W R R, shop, bds 309 Diven av

Meagher William, car inspector h 309 Diven av

Meaker E. A., clerk 301 E Water, bds 303 E Church

Meaker Earnest P. clerk 301 E Water, bds 303 E Church

Mealka Carroll, currier Sheeley's tannery, h 858 E Market

Meaned James, h 716 Benjamin

Meaneg Michael J., bartender Fifth cor Baldwin, bds do

Meaneg Mary, domestic 636 W Water

Mear Alice, bds 155 S Second

Mear Harriet, bds 155 S Second

Mecard Anna, bds 129 E Hudson

Mecarg Anna, bds 104 E Hudson

Mecarg John B., trav agt, h 104 E Hudson

Meckle Henry, brakeman, Tioga R R, h 704 Magee

Meddaugh Andrew, bds 504 Sullivan

Meddaugh Chauncey G., boarding 709 Kinyon

Meddaugh Frank W., bds 1329 College av

Medlar Farry S., com trav, bds 156 W Third

Meegan Michael, currier Sheeley's tannery, h 311 Tuttle av

Meeker Emma, dressmaker, bds 308 South av

Meeker George p., teamster, bds 1224 Oak

Meeker Harry W., engineer N C R R., h 311 South av

Meeker John F., boilermaker, bds 308 South av

Meeker J. S. Mrs., boarding 415 E Market

Meeker Julia, widow Charles, h 308 South av

Page 299

Meeker Lizzie, cigarmaker, bds 310 E Clinton

Meeker Peter B., teamster, h 1122 1/2 Oak

Meeker Samuel, h 613 S Main

Meeker William H., truckman 214 E Water h 1124 Oak

Meer Thomas, switchman, h 155 S Second

Meers Mary E., dressmaker, bds 857 Magee

Mehlke August, laborer, h 852 East av

Meisner Charles, saloon 701 Lake, h 703 Lake

Melke Carl, bartender 162 Lake

Mellins Anna T., bds 851 Magee

Mellins H. E. Mrs., dressmaking, 851 Magee

Mellins Henry E., h 851 Magee

Mellins Mabel L., bds 851 Magee

Melliken Michael, carpenter, h 357 W Third

Melllor Sarah, weaver, bds 539 Tuttle av

Melville John C., lawyer 118 Lake, h 762 E Market

Melville Maggie F., stenographer H Spaulding, bds 762 E Market

Melville Margaret, waitress American hotel bds do

Melville Martin tailor 762 E Market, h do

Melville Mary, milliner, 305 E Water, bds 762 E Market

Mengle Charles J., student, bds 219 E Seventh

Mengle Elizabeth, domestic 510 Main

Mengle Herman, cabinet maker, h 219 E Seventh

Mercereau Carrie, bds 202 Lormore

Mercereau Gertrude, bds 202 Lormore

Mercereau Henry C., (Mercereau & Ralyea), h 202 Lormore

Mercereau & Ralyea, (H C Mercereau and W H Ralyea) cigar manuf 91, 95 Penna av

Merchant Charles W., insurance agt 523 E Union, h do

Merchant Louis H., physician 523 E Union, h do

Merithew Grant, driver bds lake cor E Fifth

Merithew James S. switchman, N C R R., h 461 Powell

Merithew George, brakeman, bds 415 Fulton

Merkel Lilla, widow James, bds 915 College av

Merrell Willis, fireman N C R R., h 372 Baty

Merriam Albert, fireman E C & N R R, h 663 Lake

Merriam Herman S., conductor N C R R., h 204 Brand

Merrill Albin L., machinist bridge works, h 203 Brand

Merrill Edgar C., trav salesman, h 519 W Clinton

Merrill Albin L., machinist bridge works, h 203 Brand

Merrill Edgar C., trav salesman, h 519 W Clinton

Merrill Elezer F., carpenter, h 307 E Second

Merrill George V. R., physician and surgeon 458 Spaulding, h do

Merrill Leon A, bookkeeper Gazette Co., bds 307 E Second

Merrill Nellie, telegraph operator, bds 1004 Oak

Merritt Andrus J., trav salesman, h 468 W Second

Page 300

Merritt Charles F., laborer, bds 919 E Church

Merritt Charles T., laborer, h 919 E Church

Merritt Daniel F., installment dealer, h 335 S Broadway

Merritt D. Prescott, physician 313 W Clinton, h do

Merritt Emma E., h 313 W Clinton

Merritt Hattie E., music teacher, bds 468 W Second

Merritt Henry W., carpenter, h 420 Pleasant

Merritt Kate E., h 313 W Clinton

Merritt Peter A., h 210 W Third

Merritt T. Gray, physician 313 W Clinton, h do

Merritt Zenas, wagonmaker, h 402 E Washington av

Merz John, tailor 306 E Water, h 119 Orchard

Merwin Mary, widow Lyman, h 156 Washington

Mescall Bridget, domestic 206 W Sixth

Messing Elizabeth H., domestic 708 E Second

Messersmith John, laborer, bds 119 W Miller

Mettler James L., (Beach & Miller) h 509 Penna av

Mettler Mantie Mrs., dressmaker, 509 Penna av, h do

Metzger Alfred R., (E J Metzger) h Southport corners

Metzger Charles (Hendy & Metzger), h 450 Carroll

Metzger Jacob, (Friend, Metzger & Co) h 402 Spaulding

Metzger Daniel M., carpenter, h 401 W Clinton

METZGER EDWARD J., meat market, 123 lake, h 413 1-2 W Water

Metzger Leo B., puddler, h 363 W Fifth

Metzger Seth X., (S X Metzger & Son) h Mt Zoar, bey limits

METZGER S. A. & SON, (Theodore G) wholesale and retail meats 407 and 409 Railroad av (See adv front stencil and index adv)

Metzger Theodore G., (S X Metzger & Son) h 410 College av

Meulendyke James foreman reformatory, h Walnut cor Pike

Mewsom Thomas, saloon 107 E Washington av., h do

MEYER & BRIDENBECKER, (John J Meyer and Jacob Bridenbecker) flour and feed, Lake cor William

Meyer Carl, shoemaker, h E s Robinson n Esty

Meyer Emma, domestic 353 W Church

Meyer Frank cigarmaker, 118 W Market bds 205 DeWitt

Page 301

Meyer F. W. G., tailor 205 DeWitt, h do

Meyer Henry J., (Meyer & Robinson) h 859 E Water

Meyer John J., (Meyer & Robinson) h 859 E Water

Meyer Joseph, shoemaker, 706 John, h do

MEYER JOSEPH JR., druggist E Water cor lake, h 756 E Water

Meyer Max, meat market, 404 E Water, h 224 Sullivan

Meyer Peter E., barber Rathbun house, bds 106 Madison av

Meyer & Robinson (H J M and W A R) meat market, 609 E Market

Meyer William laborer, h 952 Beach

Meyerfield Benjamin, clerk bds 113 Madison av

Meyers Edward R., music teacher, bds 309 Penna av

Meyers Philip, tinsmith bds 703 Magee

Meyers William G., tailor h 205 DeWitt

Michael Jacob, bds 450 Tuttle av

Michael Beecher, laborer, h 540 Tuttle av

Michaelis John H., carpenter, h 509 W Fourth

Michalske August, gasmaker, h 835 East av

Mickel Henry, brakeman, Tioga branch, h 463 W Third

Middaugh Benjamin T., contractor, h 404 W Third

Middaugh Orson W., bookkeeper 408 Market, bds 105 Main

Middaugh Susan A., widow Chester, bds 1001 College av

Middlecamp John J., foreman reformatory, h 933 College av

Middlebrook H. S., guard reformatory, bds do

Mieck John B., saloon 668 Baldwin, h do

Miedle John, engine wiper, h 115 E First

Miither Julius, gardener, h 358 Davis

Milan Andrew, engineer D L & W R R, h 1025 Lake

Milan Thomas, engineer D L & W R R, h 1025 Lake

Miles Edward C., mgr driving park, h 213 Gregg

Miles Eugene F., brakeman, D L & W R R, bds 1312 Baldwin

Miles Richard, collar maker Plumb & Sheldons, h 525 Harper

MILFORD HENRY A., ticket agt N Y L E & W R R, h 367 W Fourth

MILLARD & ADAMS, (L C Millard and W Adams,) props The Brunswick restaurant and billiard parlors 220 E Water

Millard Edgar T., printer, h 721 E Oak

Millard Lewis C., (Millard & Adams), h 211 W Gray

Millard Miles H., printer, Telegram, h 837 E Second

Millard William E., hostler, bds 721 E Oak

Millen Charles E., brakeman, D L & W R R, bds 507 Harper

Millen Lizzie, domestic 351 N Main

Miller Alanson B., emp blast furnace, h 360 Norton

Miller Albert G., vegetable & fruit grower, h W s Penna av n limits

Miller Alex, laborer, h 710 Sullivan

Miller Alfred D., clerk, h 270 W Chemung pl

Page 302

Miller Alfred J., restaurant 425 Railroad av, h do

Miller Almira, domestic 350 Norton

Miller Andrew, carpenter, h 368 Thurston

Miller Anna, dressmaker, bds 616 Jay

Miller Arthur, clerk 134 W Water, bds 219 W Third

Miller Catharine, widow Peter, h 211 Gregg

Miller Charles, saloon 712 Baldwin, h do

Miller Charles, student, bds 218 W Henry

Miller Charles C., hotel 661 Lake, h do

Miller Charles D., iceman, h 600 W Hudson

Miller Christina, bds 523 Baldwin

Miller Christopher M., emp water works, h 364 W Third

Miller Curtis W., emp Reid & Cooper, h 828 W Church

Miller David S., gardener, h 602 Perine

Miller Deborah B., Home for Aged

Miller E. A., painter, h 207 W Third

Miller Emanuel, cooper, h 257 W Henry

Miller Esther, widow Charles, h 759 Harper

Miller Festus A., carpenter, h 133 W Water

Miller Floyd, laborer, bds 120 Horner

Miller Frank, groceries and provisions, 230 S Main, h 218 W Henry

Miller Frank S., law student E Water, bds W s Penna av n limits

Miller Fred C., woodturner, bds 621 W Church

Miller Fred S., fireman D L & W R R, bds 360 Norton

Miller George, clerk 130 S Main, bds do

Miller George B., mason, h 71 Penna av

Miller George C., stenographer 212 E Water, bds 351 W Church

Miller George J., farmer, h 266 W Henry

Miller George M., potter, bds 220 DeWitt

Miller George X., laborer, bds 709 E Oak

Miller Godfrey, asst foreman reformatory, bds do

Miller Grant, liveryman, bds 266 W Henry

Miller Henry, laborer, h 309 W Second

Miller Henry, hostler, bds 266 W Henry

Miller Henry C., printer, Telegram, bds 551 E Water

Miller Hester A., widow Charles, bds 718 Erie

Miller Ira, secy school of commerce, bds 115 Madison av

MILLER JACOB, grocer and saloon, 721 E Clinton cor Sullivan

Miller Jacob, grocer 261 Penna av

Miller Jacob, machinist N C R R shops, h 616 Jay

Miller Jacob jr., butcher 164, 166 Lake, bds 616 Jay

Miller James C., engineer Erie R R, h 621 W Church

Miller James D., town agt Advertiser, res Binghamton

Miller James H., carpenter, h 327 E Centre

Miller James J., watchman, h 212 W Second

Page 303