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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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PAGE 304

Miller, William, farmer, West Hill rd

Miller, William, emp wire factory, E Fifth cor Madison av, bds 616 Jay

Miller, William, hack driver W Clinton cor N Main

Miller, William D., laborer, h 108 W Water

Miller, William D., farmer, h W s Penna av limits

Miller, William K., mgr Buffalo Tidings, h 719 Columbia

Milliken, Dennis, mason, h 670 Columbia

Milliken, Patrick E., car inspector, h 357 W Third

Milligan, William H., bookkeeper 301 E Water, bds 302 E Water

Milliken, Bridget, domestic 616 N Main

Millius, Harry F., fireman D L & W, bds 851 Magee

Millius, Henry E., bds 851 Magee

Mills, Aaron, bookkeeper, bds 859 Water

Mills, Asa, h 212 W Gray

Mills, Daniel, lather, h 1321 Benton

Mills, Eddie B., laborer, bds 500 Oak

Mills, Elizabeth, widow James H., h 464 W First

Mills, Eliza, widow Lewis, h 1321 Benton

Mills, Frank, butcher, bds Lake cor Gipsey lane

Mills, Frank H., lumber inspector Fitch & Aldrich, bds 404 High

Mills, Fred, bookkeeper C M & R Tompkins, bds 129 W Market

Mills, George, farmer, h 427 Standish

Mills, Hollis H., law student 335 E Water, bds n Carrs corners

Mills, LeValley C., laborer, h 456 Oak

Mills, Margaret, widow Joseph, h 702 E Fifth

Mills, Millard F., clerk 125-127 Lake, bds 829 E Second

Mills, Mollie, domestic 415 Lake

Mills, Raymond, h 829 E Second

Mills, Rhoda, widow Joseph C., h 500 Oak

Mills, Rufus I., salesman J Richardson & Co., h 212 W Gray

Mills, Samuel D., telegrapher, h 353 W Sixth

Millspaugh, Emma, bds 853 E Water

Millspaugh, Giles, bookkeeper, bds 853 E Water

Millspaugh, Howard M., clerk 315 E Water, bds 853 E Water

Millspaugh, Marguerite, widow Leander, h 853 E Water

Minar, William A., postmaster and grocer Southport corners, h do

Minch, Carrie C., housekeeper 125 Caldwell av

Minch, Charles, mason, bds S s Jones bel Robinson

Minch, Charles, plumber, h 450 W Second

Minch, Christian, laborer, h S s Jones bel Robinson

Minch, Christine, domestic 125 Caldwell av

Mingley, Herman, carpenter, h 219 E Seventh

Minier, Maxwell, stenographer Barker, Rose & Gray, h 213 Coluumbia

Minier, Robert E., peddler, h 755 Day

Minier, Samuel J., baggage master N C R R, h 462 South av

PAGE 305

Minier, Solomon, horse dealer, h 109 E Hudson

MINIER, THEODORE L., h 502 W Water

Minier, William H., foreman, h 204 Caldwell av

Minneley, William E., cutter Plumb & Sheldons, h 802 Madison av

Minogue, Nora, domestic 305 William

Minster, Gustar A., baker 651 Lake, bds 508 DeWitt

Minster, John, slater, h 508 DeWitt

Minster, John J., deliver Friend, Metzger & Co, bds 508 DeWitt

Minster, Joseph A., brakeman N C R R, h 717 Casey

Mirtunes, David C., tailor and grocer 321 S Main

Misner, Frank, cigarmaker, bds 616 Lake

Misner, Moses S., stone cutter, bds 423 S Elm

M. I. S. T. CO., H C Evans mgr 172 Lake

Mitchell, Alfred, mason, h 517 Elizabeth

Mitchell, Andrew B., engineer D L & W R R, bds 308 Norton

Mitchell, Charles, blindmaker Fitch & Aldrich, bds 500 Oak

Mitchell, Elba S., blindmaker Fitch & Aldrich, bds 500 Oak

Mitchell, Edward, harnessmaker, bds 521 Harper

Mitchell, Ella S., bds 161 Orchard

Mitchell, Garry, pattern maker, bds 112 Penna av

Mitchell, George H., fireman D L & W R R, h 308 Norton

Mitchell, Harry B., student, bds 1122 Lake

Mitchell, Helen, widow Thomas F., h 420 E Market

Mitcheil, Henry, h 1122 Lake

Mitchell, Jesse, clerk, bds 223 Park pl

Mitchell, John, h 161 Orchard

Mitchell, Louise, waitress Rathbun house

Mitchell, Lula, bds 303 Penna av

Mitchell, Nellie, cigarmaker, bds 78 Penna av

Mitchell, Samuel W., blacksmith, h 210 W Sixth

MITCHELL, SAM, tonsorial parlors 522 Lake, h 210 Sixth

Mitchell, Stella A., h 200 E Water

Mitchell, Susan B. Mrs., boarding house, 1122 Lake

Mitchell, Theodore N., farmer, h 500 Oak

Mitchell, William H., shoemaker, h 163 Sullivan

Mitchell, William H., laborer, h 510 Erie

Mitstiver, J. William, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1210 Maxwell av

Mix, Charlie C., officer reformatory, bds Davis n Reformatory

Mix, H. Gilbert (Clipper Chilled Plow Co.,) bds 510 W Church

Moan, Thomas, carpenter, h 562 Church

Mochrie, Edward, hostler, 109 E First

Mochrie, Edward J., hostler, Homestead hotel

Mockler, James M., shipping clerk Fox cor Market, bds 412 Grove

Mockler, Jefferson V., janitor No. 2, h 412 Grove

Mockler, William J., clerk 107 W Water, bds 412 Grove

PAGE 306

Moderhack, William, barber, h 667 Sullivan

Moffett, James M., machinists 812 State, h 100 Penna av

Moffett, Mary A., teacher school No. 2, h 100 Penna av

Moffett, William, h 109 College av

Moffett, William jr., trav messenger Wells, Fargo & Co. ex, h 446 W Fifth

Mogenham, Helen, housekeeper, Second n German Catholic church

Mogenham, Joseph, millinery, fancy goods, 126 S Main, h 711 John

Mogenham, Joseph, tailor 300 E Water, h 711 John

Moglan, Bryan, boilermaker, h 915 Lake

Mogridge, William, h 514 College av

Mohoney, Matthew, teamster, bds 218 W Third

Moloney, Margaret, widow Timothy, h 760 E Market

Molter, Etta, widow John, domestic, 600 Jay cor High

Molyneaux, Frank T., boilermaker Reid & Cooper, bds 527 Harper

Molyneaux, Joseph B., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 527 Harper

Molyneaux, Robert B., laborer, Fitch & Aldrich, h 527 Harper

Monahan, John, laborer, h 721 Railroad av

Monell, Elrood J., mason, h 422 S Broadway

Monell, George I., mason, h 412 1-2 S Broadway

Monell, John B., h 213 W Hudson

Monell, Samuel, carpenter, h 502 Franklin

Monks, Elizabeth, teacher, bds 104 College av

Monks, James R., teacher, h 104 College av

Monks, Mary, bds 410 W Fifth

Monks, Thomas R., h 410 W Fifth

Monks, Thomas R. Jr., laborer, bds 410 W Fifth

Montague, Albert L., patent water heater, h 669 Columbia

Montgomery, Mary, widow William, bds rear 505 E Third

Monroe, Elias A., bus lines, 211 Gregg, h do

Monroe, Eugene B., driver, bds 211 Gregg

Moody, William H., trav salesman, h 461 W Church

Moody, Winfield S., harnessmaker, 214 E Water, h 215 Lormore

Moon, Charles, carpenter, bds 364 Fulton

Moon, Fred F., clerk 206 W Water, bds 409 Baldwin

Moon, Keziah, widow Phileman, h 704 Baldwin

Moon, Russell C., bds 365 Railroad av

Moonan, Christopher J., clerk, bds 506 Baldwin

Moonan, James, saloon 200 E Fifth, h 506 Baldwin

Mooney, Ann, widow James, h 410 S Magee

Mooney, Michael, laborer, bds 114 W Henry

Mooney, Patrick H., coal dealer Baldwin h 151 W Third

Mooney, Thomas J., mason, h 101 South av

Moore, Andrew, slater, h 569 E Water

Moore, Asa B., teamster, bds 208 Mechanic

Moore, Charles, laborer, h 100 Fulton

Moore, Charles S., machinist, bds 456 Powell

PAGE 307

Moore, Chauncey H., machinist, bds 702 Giltanan

Moore, Edgar M., coachman 354 Maple av

Moore, Edwin, engineer Turner planing mill, h Davis n Reformatory

Moore, Elizabeth, bds Home for Aged

Moore, Elizabeth H., widow Charles, h 314 Baldwin

MOORE, ELLA, h 141 W Water

Moore, Eunice, widow John M., h 658 College av

Moore, Fred W., wiper D L & W R R, bds 1209 Benton

Moore, George C., pattern maker, h 210 W Henry

Moore, Grayson R., horse trainer, h 123 1-2 Horner

Moore, Harry A., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1204 Baldwin

Moore, Horace D., clerk, h 408 W Third

MOORE, HENRY A., (Firman & Moore), h 519 W Gray

Moore, Honora, widow Morris, h E Miller n Spaulding

Moore, Isaac, clerk Baldwin & Co 200 Penna av cor E Hudson

Moore, Isaac F., delivery clerk, bds 208 Mechanic

Moore, James, conductor D L & W R R, h 105 Magee pl

Moore, James G., painter, bds 132 W Water

Moore, Jane, widow Hugh M., florist Fulton cor W Chemung pl

Moore, Jeremiah B., mason, h 702 Giltanan

Moore, Johannah, teacher school No. 3, bds 500 Franklin

Moore, John, laborer, bds E Miller n Spaulding

Moore, John J., fireman, h 208 Mechanic

Moore, Joseph H., master mechanic Erie shops, h 313 High

Moore, Judson W., laborer, h 709 Benjamin

Moore, Lizzie, dressmaker, 214 Lormore, bds do

Moore, Lynn, carpenter, h 561 Coburn

Moore, Maggie, principal school No. 17, bds 500 Franklin

Moore, Maggie, domestic, bds E Miller n Spaulding

Moore, Maggie, domestic 468 E Church

Moore, Maggie, tailoress, bds 708 Magee

Moore, May A., clerk 101 E Water, h 708 Magee

Moore, Michael, laborer, h Franklin n S Broadway
Moore, Morris Mrs., h South av n Maple av

Moore, Nellie I., bds 210 W Henry

Moore, Olive, widow Daniel L., h 555 Franklin

Moore, Roy, carpenter, h 550 Coburn

Moore, Sarah A., stenographer Advertiser, bds 312 Baldwin

Moore, Sarah Mrs., dressmaker, h 102 E Market cor Railroad av

Moore, Thomas H., cigarmaker, bds E Miller n Spaulding

Moore, Thomas H., cigar manuf, 620 S Main, h W Miller

Moore, Thomas F., teamster, bds Maple av cor Horner

Moore, Timothy, laborer, h 708 Magee

Moore, W. Harrison, laborer, bds Davis n Reformatory

Moore, William, moulder LaFrance iron works, h 962 East av

PAGE 308

Moore, William, h 356 E Fourth

Moore, William M., salesman Elmira Portrait Co, h 510 1-2 Grove

Moore, William M., canvasser, h 703 W Second

Moran, Catharine, widow James, h 554 E Clinton

Moran, Edward, laborer, h 813 Hatch

Moran, John, section boss, Railroad av n Center

Moran, John jr., grocer Norton cor Benton, h do

Moran, John T., clerk 106 W Water, bds 813 Hatch

Moran, Julia, domestic 224 First

Moran, Margaret, widow Patrick, h 224 W Third

Moran, Mary, domestic 325 Lake

Moran, Nellie, domestic 224 Lake

Moran, Nellie, carder Elmira woolen mill, bds 554 E Clinton

Moran, Patrick, fireman D L & W R R, bds Railroad av n Center

Moran, William, blacksmith, h 212 Brand

Moran, William, laborer, h 224 W Third

Morehouse, James W., trav salesman Standard Oil Co., h 957 East av

Morehouse, Jane, widow John, h 957 East av

Morehouse, John H., shipping clerk woolen mill, bds 957 East av

Morehouse, Mabel, bds 407 Railroad av

Morell, Rhoada, widow Isaac, M. D., h 218 Madison av

Morell, William, brakeman, bds 1304 Maxwell av

Morey, Andrew B., gilder 327 E Water, h 758 John

Morey, Belle, clerk 327 E Water, bds 758 John

Morey, George, clerk W Water, bds 423 do

Morey, Will A., sawyer, h 1307 Hall

Morey, William, plumber, bds 758 John

Morgan, Charles, engineer N Y L E & W R R, h 1319 Benton

Morgan, Charles H., mason, h 518 State

Morgan, Charles H., blacksmith bridge works, h 304 Penn av

Morgan, Clarissa Mrs., boarding, 1319 Benton

Morgan, Cora B., bds 304 Penna av

Morgan, Deimetrius A., h E Church

Morgan, Eber F., engineer N C R R, h 426 Herrick

Morgan, Edward, plumber, bds 111 W Chemung pl

Morgan, Edward, teamster reformatory, bds 316 Reformatory av

Morgan, Edward B., emp round house D L & W R R, bds 1319 Benton

Morgan, Frank H., fireman D L & W R R, bds 1319 Benton

Morgan, Goodwin H., engineer N C R R, h 524 Jefferson

Morgan, Ida B., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 304 Penn av

Morgan, Jacob, engineer D L & W R R, bds 1319 Benton

Morgan, James, laborer, h 315 Franklin

Morgan, John H., trav salesman, h 622 Winsor av

Morgan, Maria C., bds 426 Herrick

PAGE 309

Morgan, Milken, clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 524 Jefferson

Morgan, Walter W., photographer 317 E Water, bds 622 Winsor av

Moriarty, Eliza, widow Maurice, bds 358 Elm

Moriarty, James, clerk 414 and 416 Carroll, bds 372 Railroad av

Morley, Fred C., teamster, h 213 Fulton

Moroney, James, signal repairer E R R, h 505 College av

Moroney, James C., laborer, h 864 Lake

Moroney, Jennie, dressmaker, bds 864 Lake

Moroney, John, physician and surgeon 328 Baldwin

Moroney, Sarah, dressmaker, bds 864 Lake

Morris, Alonzo E., bds 110 E Second

Morris, Emma, bds 110 E Second

Morris, John, sawyer, bds Sullivan cor E Fifth

Morris, L. P., fireman N C R R, h 513 Herrick

Morris, Lizzie J., teacher school No. 5, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Morris, Urial C., shoemaker, h 110 E Second

Morris, William P., bartender, bds 517 Railroad av

Morrissey, John, laborer, h 325 Soper

Morissey, John jr., laborer, bds 325 Soper

Morissey, Katie, domestic 705 Maple av

Morrison, Alida, widow John, bds 454 E Market

Morrison, Ralph W., lawyer, bds 325 Mt Zoar

Morrison, Robert J., mailing clerk Gazette, h 455 E Market

Morrison, William H., bds 454 E Market

Morissey, James, hostler, 464 W Church

Morie, Annie R., foreman, h 119 W Chemung pl

MORSE, BAKER & HALL, (Roscius Morse, Howard E Baker and Robert A. Hall) books, stationery, wall paper and window shades 313 E Water

MORSE, BARNETT W., physician 370 W Church, hours 1:30 to 3 p.m. and 7 to 8 p.m., h do

Morse, Decker, laborer, h 673 Lake

Morse, D. R., laborer bridge works, h 114 Brand

Morse, Ella S., widow Harry, grocer 852 Lake, h do

Morse, Elizabeth Mrs., h 671 Sullivan

Morse, Frank P., clerk 852 Lake, h do

Morse, George, student, 210 First

Morse, John C., mason Johnson's, h 665 Sullivan

Morse, Lee, brakeman D L & W R R, W s Magee n W Centre

Morse, Roscius, (Morse, Baker & Hall, ) h 210 W First

Morse, Roswell R., lawyer, h 114 Columbia

Morten, William, whitewasher 411 Railroad av

Mortimer, Christian, widow John, h 53 First av

Mortimer, John, tobacco sorter, bds 53 First av

Mortimer, Mary E., widow Peter, h 103 E Second

PAGE 310

Mortimer, Robert, tobacco sorter, h 53 First av

Moses, Frank H., car repairer N C R R, h 515 Perine

Moses, Imon, h 117 Harriet

Moses, Jacob, peddler, h 751 E Water

Moses, Joseph, clerk W U Tel Co, bds High

Moses, Michael, peddler, h 815 John

Moses, Simon, peddler, h 815 John

Mosher, Betsy, widow George W., h 260 W Hudson

MOSHER & CHAPMAN, (H J Mosher and C E Chapman), city market 120 N Main cor Market

Mosher, Edwin, domestic, 359 W Church

Mosher, George, h 471 W Water

Mosher, Humphrey J., (Mosher & Chapman), h 624 W Water

Mosher, James, laborer, h 104 S Walnut

Mosher, Judd W., foreman Wyckoff Water Pipe Co., h 102 S Walnut

Mosher, Libbie, bds 260 W Hudson

Mosher, Mary H., dressmaker 260 W Hudson, h do

Mosher, Otis D., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 602 Lake

Mosher, Susan C., housekeeper 624 W Water

Mosher, Walter, laborer, bds 105 Chestnut

Mosher, William H., carpenter, h 521 Balsam

Mosher, William H., carpenter, h 232 LaFrance

Mosley, Bertha, dressmaker, bds 900 Oak

Mosley, John, currier, h 900 Oak

Moss, Giler S., teamster, h 126 Carpenter

Moss, Hiram U., farmer, h N s Gypsie Lane n E C & N R R

Moss, Roswell R., (Youmans, Moss & Knipp), h 114 Columbia

MOSS, SYLVESTER J., mgr Crystal Ice Co, h 1000 1-2 Sullivan (See back cover)

Moss, Peter, hostler, bds Buckbee house

Mosesson, Abram, clerk 301, 303 E Water, bds 75 E Water

Moton, James, laborer, h 407 Railroad av

Moulton, Crosman, laborer, 837 Canal

Moulton, James, laborer, h 604 Baldwin

Moulton, William, whitewasher, h 409 Railroad av

Mourhess, Carrie, h 426 W Clinton

Mourson, Bertha, waitress West End Hotel

Mowrey, Delos C., barkeeper, bds 318 High

Mowrey, Tirza Mrs., widow David, bds 318 High

Mowry, Ephraim L., bookcanvasser, h 703 Spaulding

Mowry, Francis C., mgr oyster bay 118 E Water, bds 703 Spaulding

Mowry, Frederick J., painter, bds 703 Spaulding

Mowry, George H., clerk 110 W Water, h 423 do

Mowry, Louis W., painter, h 108 E Henry

Moxley, James, gardener, h 406 S Magee

PAGE 311

Moxley, Richard, delivery clerk, bds 406 Magee

Moyer, James B., trav salesman J Richardson & Co., res Millersburg Pa

Mudget, Henry A., plumber 336 E Water, h 711 Spaulding

Mueller, Robert, teacher music and German, h 312 Madison av

Mulcahy, Daniel, engineer N C R R, h 215 Franklin

Mulcahy, Margaret, teacher sch No. 3, bds 711 Southport corners

Mulcahy, Michael, laborer, h E s Southport n limits

Mulcahy, Michael, laborer, h 808 N Main

Mulcare, Ralph R., musician, h 108 Hudson

Mulhall, Margaret, widow William, h 554 S Main

Mullally, Mary, clerk J Harris & Sons, E Water, bds 609 Davis

Mulligan, Michael, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 307 Diven av

Mullins, John, shoemaker, bds Empire house

Mullins, Patrick, carpenter, h 804 Johnson

Mulready, James, roller in tannery, bds 110 E Hudson

Mulready, John, laborer, bds 110 E Hudson

Mulready, Mary, bds 110 E Hudson

Mulready, Patrick, laborer, h 110 E Hudson

Mumm, Arthur A., teamster, h Railroad av cor Fourth

Mungovan, James, emp Erie car shops, h 422 W Second

Mungovan, Kate, teacher sch No. 1, bds 380 W Third

Mungovan, Nora, widow Anthony, h 380 W First

Munn, John, foreman Reformatory, bds do

Munroe, John T., carpenter, h 617 Magee

Munsell, Charles C., engineer N C R R, h 513 Jefferson

Munsell, George B., engineer, h 509 Jefferson

Munson, Almira C., widow Edwin, h 308 Columbia

Munson, Amelia J., bds 308 Columbia

Munson, David W., clerk 153 Lake, bds 333 E Water

Munson, Lydia, h 112 W First

Munson, West, carpenter, h 112 W First

Murdock, Jeanett P., bds 306 W Gray

Murdock, John Mrs., h 306 W Gray

Murdock, Milton L., glazier, h 512 Roe av

Murdock, Sarah N., widow Luther E., h 713 Main

Murgatroyd, Mary, widow John, bds 222 Gregg

Murgatroyd, Ole J., butcher Chemung Valley Beef Co., 222 Gregg

Muphey, Charles A., drayman, h 806 E Church

Murphey, Edward J., laborer, h 109 E First

Murphey, Frederick R., clerk 130 W Water, h 307 W First

Murphey, Harry T., printer, h 1047 Walnut

Murphey, Michael, currier, bds 811 John

Murphey, Michael D., carpenter, h 451 W Third

Murphey, Nellie, domestic 211 Penna av

Murphey, True J., ticket agt N C R R, h 502 W Clinton

PAGE 312

Murphey, Albert H., bds 210 Partridge

Murphy, Agnes, domestic 210 First

Murphy, Anderson, janitor Chemung Canal bank, h 652 Baldwin

Murphy, Bridget, widow Thomas, bds 103 E Miller

Murphy, Charles, brakeman D L & W R R, h 371 Norton

Murphy & Clair (M Murphy and K Clair), dressmaking 135 E Water

MURPHY, DANIEL, wholesale liquors and wines and agent Sheboggan mineral water 516 Main, h 522 W Clinton

Murphy, Daniel, laborer, bds 158 W Washington av

Murphy, Daniel P., trav salesman, h 522 W Clinton

Murphy, Daniel P., h 516 College av

Murphy, Daniel P. jr., trav salesman, bds 522 W Clinton

Murphy, Darwin D., trav salesman, 612 E Water

Murphy, Edward H., floor walker 124 W Water, h 379 S Main

Murphy, Edward J. jr., hostler, bds 109 E First

Murphy, Edwin J., shipping clerk 516 Main, bds 522 W Clinton

Murphy, Eliza E., domestic 215 E Miller

Murphy, Eliza, domestic 359 W Church

Murphy, Emma, student, bds 103 E Miller

Murphy, Frank, deliveryman 314 E Water, h 602 Beach

Murphy, Frank J., bookkeeper 516 Main, bds 522 W Clinton

Murphy, Fred, delivery clerk, h 307 W First

Murphy, George H., machinist, h 113 S Second

Murphy, Hattie H., clerk 201 E Water, h 113 S Second

Murphy, Honora, widow Jeremiah, bds 608 Jay

Murphy, Henry S., broom maker 858 Magee, h do

Murphy, Henry T., clerk 314 E Water, bds 602 Beach

Murphy, James, laborer, bds 724 S Main

Murphy, James, farmer, h 519 Logan

Murphy, James, fireman gas works, h 705 E Second

Murphy, James, emp N C R R shops, bds 724 S Main

Murphy, James, wks wire factory, bds 459 Sullivan

Murphy, James E., sexton Centenary M E church, h 210 Partridge

Murphy, James J., mechanic, bds 628 Penna av

Murphy, Jerry P., carpenter, h 511 Davis

Murphy, Jeremiah, carpenter, h 215 E Miller

Murphy, John, shoemaker, h 514 College av

Murphy, John, moulder, 724 S Main

Murphy, John, printer Husbandman, bds 519 Logan

Murphy, John C., laborer, bds 158 W Washington av

Murphy, John D., collarmaker Plumb & Sheldon, h 407 Oak

Murphy, John J., laborer, bds 109 Fulton

Murphy, John J., boilermaker, h 915 Magee

Murphy, Johanna, widow Patrick, h 125 Judson

Murphy, Julia, domestic 268 W Hudson

PAGE 313

Murphy, Julia, domestic, 711 College av

Murphy, Julia E., bds 215 E Miller

Murphy, Kate, domestic, 129 E Chemung pl

Murphy, Lewis E., machinist, bds 215 E Miller

Murphy, Lizzie, domestic, 397 W Water

Murphy, Maggie, dressmaker, bds 459 Sullivan

Murphy, Maggie, domestic, 214 First

Murphy, Maggie, domestic, 422 W Fifth

Murphy, M. Anges, organist St Patrick's church, bds 522 W Clinton

Murphy, Martin, laborer, bds Empire house

Murphy, Martin, laborer, 352 Main

Murphy, Mary, widow Dennis, grocer, 516 College av h do

Murphy, Mary, operative Elmira woolen mills, bds 501 Sullivan

Murphy, Mary, domestic Sanitarium, 109 East av, bds do

Murphy, Mary, domestic, 400 Lake

Murphy, Mary, cook Rathbun house

Murphy, Mary E., dressmaker, bds 705 E Second

Murphy, Mary E., (Murphy & Clair), h 215 E Miller

Murphy, Matthias, boilermaker, bds 902 Lake

Murphy, Michael, emp Hoffman nursery, h 519 Logan

Murphy, Michael, laborer, h 459 Sullivan

Murphy, Michael, moulder Payne's, bds 718 McDowell

Murphy, Michael, laborer, h 857 Lake

Murphy, Michael, carpenter, bds 419 Railroad av

Murphy, Minnie, teacher school No. 5, bds 511 Davis

Murphy, Myles, stonecutter, h 519 Logan

Murphy, Nellie, waitress Pattinson house

Murphy, Nellie, clerk, bds 113 Washington

Murphy, Nellie M., seamstress, 612 E Water

Murphy, Patrick, laborer, h 209 Park

Murphy, Patrick H., currier, bds 811 John

Murphy, Peter, saloon, 416 E Water h do

Murphy, Peter, emp D L & W R R, round house, h 810 Johnson

Murphy, Phoebe, widow Thomas, h 216 W Henry

Murphy, Rose, cook 119 Lake

Murphy, Sarah, clerk 115 E Water, bds 200 Hudson

Murphy, Simon F., laborer, h 107 Miller

Murphy, Thomas, overseer reformatory, h Columbia cor Fifth

Murphy, Thomas, painter, bds 216 W Henry

Murphy, Thomas, lather, bds 718 McDonald

Murphy, Timothy, laborer, h 718 McDonald

Murphy, William, asst yardmaster N Y L E & W R R, h 318 W Seventh

Murphy, William, student, bds 103 E Miller

Murphy, William, blacksmith Erie car shops, h 808 Lincoln

Murphy, William J., conductor N C R R, h 313 Hine

PAGE 314

Murphy, Will J., harnessmaker, bds 858 Magee

Murray, Alexander, carpenter, h 418 Fulton

Murray, Alfred, machinist, bds 415 Jefferson

Murray, Alley I., student, bds 406 Sullivan

Murray, Andrew, laborer, h 374 Railroad av

Murray, Andrew, porter, bds 427 Railroad av

Murray, Anna E., tailoress, bds 617 Lewis

Murray, Anna M., domestic 468 W Gray

Murray, Catherine, widow Timothy, h 817 Hatch

Murray, Dennis, laborer, h Erie cor E Miller

Murray, Edward B., carpenter, h 420 Fulton

Murray, Ellen T., bds 217 Orchard

Murray, Ellen, domestic 210 W First

Murray, Eliza, laundress 160 Lake

Murray, Eugene, cigarmaker, bds 751 Day

Murray, Fred B., bds 406 Sullivan

Murray, George, bookkeeper, bds 1217 Hall

Murray, Horace C., boilermaker, bds 414 Fulton

Murray, Hyland B., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 757 Carpenter

Murray, James, h 313 S Broadway

Murray, James, mason, h 420 W Third

Murray, James, cigarmaker, bds 751 Day

Murray, James J., machinist, h 406 Sullivan

Murray, John, harnessmaker, bds 615 Lake

Murray, John, laborer, h r 611 S Main

Murray, John, car inspector D L & W R R, h 219 Thurston

Murray, Joseph, h 658 Baldwin

Murray, Kate, bds 751 Day

Murray, Kate, h 615 Lake

Murray, Kate, tailoress, bds S s Jones bel Robinson

MURRAY, LAURENCE, wines and liquors 103 State, h 217 Orchard

Murray, Laurence E., clerk 103 State, bds 217 Orchard

Murray, Lawrence, barber, h 615 Lake

Murray, Maggie, cook 110 Lake

Murray, Margaret, domestic Maple av n Horner

Murray, Mary, bds 617 Lewis

Murray, Mary A. Mrs., h 415 Jefferson

Murray, Mary M., widow Patrick, h 811 John

Murray, Michael, mason, h 412 Spaulding

Murray, Michael M., laborer, h S s Jones bel Robinson

Murray, Nicholas P., engineer N C R R, h 617 Lewis

Murray, Patrick, contractor, h 864 Magee

Murray, Patrick, switchman N Y L E & W R R, bds 156 W Third

Murray, Robert J., prop Lewis house 171 Railroad av

Murray, Schuyler R., carpenter, h 408 Fulton

PAGE 315

Murray, Theodore J., bricklayer, h 757 Carpenter

Murray, Theron L., machinist, h 1217 Hall

Murray, Thomas, mason, h 366 W Third

Murray, Thomas, hotel 600 Baldwin

Murray, Thomas, night watchman reformatory, bds do

Murray, Timothy, shoemaker, h 817 Hatch

Murray, Walter, laborer, h 751 Day

Murray, Walter G., laborer, bds 450 Jefferson

Murray, Walter S., moulder, bds 617 Lewis

Murray, Walter S., laborer, bds 212 South av

Murray, William, bartender, h 811 John

Murray, William, carpenter, h Copley

Murtang, Mary, laundress 235 Lake

Murtaugh, Maria, widow Michael, h 400 S Broadway

Murtaugh, Mary, 2 Main street bridge

Murtaugh, Patrick, grocery and saloon 400 S Broadway, h do

Musante, Lazarro, confectionery and fruits, 403 Railroad av, h 110 E Second

Mutchler, George, ex messenger, bds Blyley house

Mutschler, Louis A., tobacco sampler and shipper at J Brand & Co.'s, h E s Riverside av n Horner

Myers, Amie, dressmaker, h 507 Harper

MUTUAL MERCANTILE ASSOCIATION (Charles F Hurlbut, mgr, Robinson bldg, 156 to 163 Lake

Myers, Charles, janitor, h 516 Sullivan

Myers, Edward R., musician, bds 309 Penna av

Myers, Frederick, engineer glue works, h 615 E Third

Myers, George, furniture finisher State cor Water, h 854 E Market

Myers, George W., carpenter, h 148 W Water

Myers, G. Henry, painter, bds 124 E Chemung pl

Myers, John, engineer Couch's glue factory bds 903 John

Myers, John, salesman 301 E Water, bds 903 John

Myers, John J., miller 859 E Water

Myers, Max, meat market, h 224 Sullivan

Myers, Philip, boilermaker, bds 703 S Main

Myers, Thadeus, furniture finisher, State cor Water, h 850 E Market

Myers, William, h 952 East av

Myrick, Bert J., telegrapher, bds 361 Riverside av

Myrtle, Martha S., widow Van Buren, h 1001 College av