Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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PAGE 364

Ross, Thomas, letter carrier, h 407 Jefferson

Ross, William, bds 925 E Church

Ross, William, sewer pipe maker 161 Railroad av, h 758 Jay

Ross, Will H., (Ross & Kline) h 503 Columbia

Rossi, Josphy, bookkeeper 417 Railroad av, bds do

Rossiter, Lawrence, conductor N C R R, h 216 Franklin
Rothe, Lizzie S. Mrs., matron Southern Tier Orphans' Home, bds do

ROTHSCHILD, ABRAHAM, clothing and gent's furnishing goods 320 E Water, h 190 Madison av

Rothschild, Mendel, watchmaker 414 E Water, h 206 High

Rothwell, Chester, laborer, bds 306 Sullivan

Rothwell, Edwin, cooper, h 306 Sullivan

Rothwell, Frank E., cooper, bds 306 Sullivan

Rothwell, James A., conductor N C R R, h 513 Herrick

Rothwell, William S., laborer, h 113 Washington

Roudy, John, emp Hoffman nursery, h 808 Johnson

Roughan, John, laborer, h 808 Johnson

Roulette, W. H., clerk 311 E Water, bds 310 E Water

Round, Robert J., principal school No. 1, h 406 1-2 Sullivan

Rounds, Edward J., laborer, h 380 Norton

Rourka, James, bds 371 W Third

Rouse, Florence, domestic 219 South av

Rourka, Mary, widow James, h 371 W Third

Rourke, John, supt construction N Y & Penna Telephone Co., bds Elmira house

Rover, Henry, cook Frasier house, h 511 Madison av

Rowan, John, carpenter, bds 600 S Main

Rowan, Joseph, bds 106 South av

Rowan, Mary J., widow John, h 106 South av

Rowan, Michael, farmer, h 361 Reformatory

Rowan, William, bds 106 South av

Rowland, Anna, waitress Rathbun house

Rowland, Annie, widow John, h 720 Sullivan

Rowland, James T., clerk 500 S Main, bds E s Keefe n South av

Rowland, Michael, fireman N C R R, h 85 Keefe

Rowland, William A., printer, h 1149 Hoffman

Rowley, Franklin, mason, h 307 Fulton

Rowley, James T., bartender Frasier house, h 410 Grove

Rowley, Samuel, waiter 319 Carroll

Rowley, Sarah, widow Nimrod, h 666 1-2 Dickinson

Rowley, Timothy J., salesman Plumb & Sheldon, h E Oak cor Harper

Rowley, Wesley C., photographer 110, 112 W Water bds Wyckoff house

Rowley, Wykeham C., clerk National and American Ex Co's bds 450 Carroll

Rozelle, Hellen F., operator tel ex, bds 204 W Washington av

Rozell, Lydia M., widow Francis, h 312 W Gray

PAGE 365

Rozelle, Mary, domestic 315 Baty

ROZLOWSKI, ANDREW, saloon Baldwin cor Fifth

Ruben, Robert, merchant tailor Lake cor Fifth, h 309 DeWitt

Rubeliski, Frank, laborer, h 703 Lake

Rubin, David, peddler, h 850 John

Rubin, Moses, peddler, h John cor Judson

Rubin, Nathan, peddler, h John cor Judson

Rubinowitz, Herman, peddler, h 109 Washington

Rubinowitz, Morris, peddler, bds 109 Washington

Rudd, Charles E., brakeman D L & W R R, h 360 Norton

Rudd, Daniel, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 360 Norton

RUGER, MORGAN A., jeweller 218 E Water, h 109 Horner

Rulapaugh, Gilbert H., shoemaker Richardson's, h 700 E Clinton

Rulapaugh, J. W., driver, h 811 W Gray

Rulapaugh, William A., clerk, bds 811 W Gray

Rulapaugh, William, broom-maker 713 Railroad av, h 700 E Clinton

Rummel, Andrew, laborer, h 711 Oak

Rumsey, Chat Mrs., widow Milo H., h 454 Spaulding

Rundle, George A., bookkeeper E Water cor Madison av, h 502 E Water

Rundle, Isaac L., carriage ironer, h 321 W First

Rundle, Loella, music teacher, h 321 W First

Rungie, Fred, machinist, bds 611 Lewis

Ruppersberger, Conrad, gardener, h West hill

Ruppersburger, John O., printer, h West hill

Rusco, Phillip, carpenter, h 110 College av

Ruse, Clarence, teamster, bds 406 Standish

Russ, Annie, domestic 106 W Gray

Rush, Charlie, laborer, 955 Beach

Rush, Joseph, engineer N C R R, h 543 S Main

Rushinskey, John, laborer, h Canal

Russell, Alfred F., horse trainer h r 132 E Chemung pl

Russell, Eliza Mrs., h 413 Powell

Russell, Frank N., clerk 200, 202 W Water, h 154 W Third

Russell, John, hostler 359 Main

Russell, John A., pressman Telegram, h 706 W First

Russell, Mary, domestic 500 Lake

Russell, Peter W., electrician, h 602 Franklin

Russell, Robinson R., laborer, bds 413 Powell

Russell, Schuyler, brakeman, bds American hotel

Rutan, Archie, machinist, h 353 Grove

Rutan, Edward E., carpenter, bds 744 W Church

Rutan, Enos W., carpenter, 336 E Broadway, h 342 do

Rutan, Fred W., carpenter and builder, 515 W Fourth, h do

Rutan, James C., carpenter, h 744 W Church

Rutan, John W., carpet layer 139 E Water, h 208 E Second

PAGE 366

Rutan, Peter B., mailing clerk post office, h 334 S Broadway

Rutan, Smith, policeman, h 626 Winsor av

Rutan, Wilbor R., painter, h 623 W Water

Ruth, Harry, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 928 Maxwell av

Rutty, David, brakeman N C R R, bds 370 S Main

Ruttenberg, Benjamin, peddler, h 701 E Water

Ruttenberg, Benjamin jr., pantaloon mfg 117 E Water and grocer 701 E Water, h 659 do

Ruttenberg, Harris, hosiery mnf, 701 E Water, h do

Rutkowski, Antoni, laborer, h 906 Stowell

Rutledge, Barbara, domestic 311 Madison av

Rutledge, Fannie, widow Thomas, h 955 Michigan av

Rutledge, Francis, domestic 511 Lake

Rutledge, Frank H., carpenter, h 905 E Market

Rutledge, James, laborer, h Sullivan n Pratt

Rutledge, Rachel, domestic 311 William

Ryan, Alice, dressmaker, bds 853 Railroad av

Ryan, Alice, bds 461 W Sixth

Ryan, Anthony, car inspector Erie R R, h 853 Railroad av

Ryan, Daniel, foreman woolen mills, h 402 Sullivan

Ryan, Edward ( Ryan & Toole), h 205 Orchard

Ryan, Edward, engineer N C R R, h 219 Franklin

Ryan, Ellen, widow John, h 461 W Sixth

Ryan, Frances A., barber 424 E Water, h do

Ryan, Frank, barber, h 424 E Water

Ryan, George, clerk, h 306 W Water

Ryan, George, clerk 101 and 103 E Water, bds 2 Main St bridge

Ryan, Harriet M., domestic 163 S Main

Ryan, James, sexton SS. Peter and Paul's cemetery, h Franklin cor Gleason av

Ryan, James T., carpenter, h 729 Walnut

Ryan, Jerry, fireman N C R R, bds 230 W Miller

Ryan, Jennie, bds 364 Railroad av

Ryan, John, hotel, 60 Penna av, h do

Ryan, John, coachman, bds 363 W Clinton

Ryan, John J., mailing clerk post office, h 853 Railroad av

Ryan, John, machinist LaFrance shops, bds 653 Erie

Ryan, Josie, dressmaker, bds 609 Magee

Ryan, Josie, bds 407 E Church

Ryan, Joseph, bridge builder, bds 703 S Main

Ryan, Kate, domestic, h 715 Erie

Ryan, Kate, cook 1219 Lake

Ryan, Katie, domestic, bds 853 Railroad av

Ryan, L. John, conductor N C R R, h 217 Franklin

Ryan, Maggie, domestic 104 Elm

PAGE 367

Ryan, Maggie, widow Patrick, h 355 E Center

Ryan, Maggie, domestic 205 Columbia

Ryan, Maggie, domestic 417 E Market

Ryan, Margaret, domestic 310 W Church

Ryan, Mary, widow Martin, laundress, bds 910 Maxwell av

Ryan, Mary, domestic 511 E Union

Ryan, Mary E., bds 402 Sullivan

Ryan, Matt, brakeman, bds 302 Diven av

Ryan, Michael, laborer, h Park cor Lincoln

Ryan, Michael, engineer D L & W R R, h 309 Division

Ryan, Michael, laborer, h 329 Webber pl

Ryan, Michael, fireman D L & W R R, bds 908 Michigan av

Ryan, Minnie T., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 361 W Clinton

Ryan, Patrick, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 211 Thurston

Ryan, Patrick, laborer, h 653 Lake

Ryan, Patrick, brakeman N Y L E & W R R, h 424 W Third

Ryan, Patrick J., brakeman N C R R, h 103 South av

Ryan, Robert, lineman N C R R, bds Sherman house

Ryan, Thomas, laborer, bds 853 Railroad av

Ryan, Thomas W., nickle plater, h 206 South av

Ryan & Toole ( E R and estate of J B T), grocers, 142 E Water

Ryan, William P., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1312 Benton

Ryan, William R., delivery clerk 144 and 146 W Water, bds do

Rybak, Valentine, laborer Fitch & Aldrich, h 761 E Fifth

Ryniker, Anna, widow John, bds 914 Benton

Rytschki, Antonio, laborer, h 910 Stowell

Rynn, Michael, laborer, h 709 Railroad av


Sabin, Myron, laborer, bds 1319 Benton

Sabin, Effie M., domestic 956 Lake

Sabins, George, engineer, h 466 W Second

Sabins, George W., laborer, 305 W Clinton

Sackett, Frank E., bookkeeper Chemung canal bank, h 203 Penna av

Sackett, John H., carpenter, h 304 Orchard

Sadisfield, Charles, mason, h 715 Perry

Sadler, Edward P., shoemaker, 162 Exchange pl, h 420 W Gray

Sadler, Elizabeth A., dressmaker, 112 Lormore

SADLER, ENOC B., (Sadler & Wolf), h 613 Lake

Sadler, Harriet, widow Timothy, bds 112 Lormore

Sadler, Henry J., law student 120 Lake, bds 420 W Gray

Sadler, John T., plumber and sanitary engineer, 336 E Water, h 112 Lormore

Sadley, Esther, bds 108 Elm

PAGE 368

Sadler, William H., steam fitter, h 127 Horner

SADLER & WOOLF ( E B S and O C W), meat market, 529 Lake

Sage, Alice F., bds 512 Madison av

Sage, Chester A., life insurance, 124 Lake, h 126 N Main

Sage, George, fireman N C R R, h 717 1-2 Casey

Salmon, Mary, domestic 208 E Church

Salmon, Stephen, cheese dealer, h 611 Penna av

Salvage, Charles, bds 214 Mt Zoar

Sample, Robert, bds 426 Standish

Sample, Samuel B., storekeeper reformatory, bds do

Sample, Samuel D., keeper N Y S Ref, bds 426 Standish

Samsell, Jonas, brakeman D L & W R R, h 910 Oak

Sampson, Azuba W. Mrs., h 801 Main

Sampson, William L., sec J Langdon & Co., incorporated, h 801 William

SAMUEL, ALBERT, exclusive carpets and curtains 139 E Water, h 110 Madison av

Samuels, Aaron (Gladke & Samuels), h 111 Orchard

Samuels, Isaac, peddler, h 753 John

Samuels, Isadore, cigarmaker 92 and 96 Penna av, bds 111 Orchard

Sanborn, Charles A., machinist, bds 315 E Church

SANBORNE, LEWIS W., jobber in foreign and domestic fruits 350 and 352 State, h 906 College av

Sanborne, Pliny F., clergyman, bds 906 College av

Sanborne, Wallace Hobart, trav salesman 350 and 352 State, bds 906 College av

Sandbury, Charlotte, domestic 318 W Church

Sanders, Helen, bds 332 W Seventh

Sanders, Gordon W., shingle packer, bds 124 E Chemung pl

Sanders, Lucetta A., widow John W., h 104 E Hudson

Sanders, Mary, domestic 111 and 113 W Hudson

Sanders, William A., carpenter, bds 124 E Chemung pl

Sanderson, Kate, student, bds 110 N Main

Sandford, Addison V., ins agt, bds 1003 Lake

Sanford, Ella, clerk 424 W Fourth, h do

Sanford, Grant E., augermaker, h Benton cor Thurston

Sanford, Maggie, dressmaker, bds 705 E Second

Sanford, Percie L., ( Van Wagener & Sanford) h 424 W Fourth

Sanford, Rodell D., engineer N C R R, h 250 South av

Samick, John, laborer, h 652 Dickinson

Santee, Ira, fireman L V R R, h 670 Columbia

Santer, Jacob, painter, h 153 Lake

Sargeant, George P., machinist N C R R shops, h 318 Penna av

Sargent, Frank, machinist, h 604 Penna av

Sarrine, Frederick, laborer street car stables, bds 431 Standish

Sarrine, George P., bartender, h 431 Standish cor Oak

PAGE 369

Sarsfield, Maggie, clerk 102 and 104 W Water, bds 216 Orchard

Sarsfield, Michael, shoemaker, h 216 Orchard

Sarsfield, William H., shoemaker, bds 216 Orchard

Sartor, Henry, photographer 303 Railroad av, h Esty n Robinson

Sarvey, William, engineer N C R R, h 306 S av

Satterlee, Albert S., h 223 Baldwin

Satterlee, Augusta L., 752 Park pl

Satterlee, Cornelia L., widow E B, h 752 Park pl

Satterlee, Esther, teacher school No. 2, bds 422 W Gray

Satterlee, Harry T., station agent E C & N R R, h 752 Park pl

Satterlee, William R., clerk E C & N Ticket office, bds 223 Baldwin

Sauganty, Minnie, bds 129 W Henry

Sauganty, Theresa, widow Joseph, h 129 W Henry

Saunders, Bell, h 562 E Church

Saunders, Burt, brakeman D L & W R R, h 617 Lake

Sauter, Jacob, ( Rachel & Sauter), h 155 Lake

Sauvey, Alexis, carriage painter, h 950 Lincoln

Sauvey, Charles H., postal clerk, bds 950 Lincoln

Sawatzke, Mathias, carpenter, h 705 Sullivan

Sawyer, Almon, farmer, h E s Penna av S limits

Sawdy, Catharine, h 334 S Broadway

Sawyer, Fred W., fireman D L & W R R, h 1319 Maxwell av

Sawdy, William H., brakeman N C R R, h 221 W Miller

Saxton, Anne, widow Louis, saloon Tompkins cor Davis

Saxton, E. R., cigarmaker, h 113 E Church

Sayles, Emma H., widow Henry, h 362 W Church

Sayles, George S., conductor D L & W R R, h 220 W Gray

Sayles, George W., emp N C shops, h 320 S Broadway

SAYLES, GUY, wholesale grocer 211 and 213 Baldwin, h 362 W Church

SAYLES, LOUIS P., livery and boarding stables 430 Carroll, h 218 Lormore

Sayles, Nellie B., widow Henry, h 115 N Main

Sayles, Philip H., conductor N C R R, h 403 Franklin

Sayles, William, shoemaker, h 404 E Market

Sayre, Claud, brakeman Erie R R, bds Chemung house

Sayre, Claud D., h 511 Lake

Sayre, Frank, h 614 Park pl

Sayre, Hector E., com agent Elmira Oil Co., h Horsehead

Sayre, Maggie E. Mrs., dressmaker, h 107 E Church

Says, William R., carpenter, h 113 E Church

Scales, Joseph, shoemaker, h 207 Chestnut

Scales, Joseph jr., laborer, h 207 Chestnut

Scanlon, John, bds 512 College av

Scanlon, Patrick, tinsmith, bds 322 W Seventh

PAGE 370

Scanlon, Simon, laborer, bds 322 W Seventh

Scanlon, Thomas J., machinist, h 425 W Fifth

Schacker, Xavier, peddler, h 115 N Elm

Schafer, Charles D., tinsmith Barker, Rose & Gray, bds 953 Lincoln

Schafer, Charles F., engineer brewery, h 953 Lincoln

Schaffner, George J., fireman D L & W R R, h 1207 Hall

Scharf, Edward, butcher for Kuster, Lake, h 55 Sullivan

Scharf, Elizabeth, widow Edward, h 618 E Third

Schatzel, Lizzie, domestic 400 College av

Schaub, Martin, blacksmith, bds 221 W Miller

Scheidt, John, tailor, h 753 E Water

SHEIRER, JAMES W., cigar manuf, wholesale and retail dealer 117 Baldwin, 100 1-2 Fox

Scheller, Christian, laborer, h 213 Harriet

Schiett, John, tailor 753 E Water, h do

Schimpf, Francis, painter, h 518 Herrick

Schimpf, Mary, milliner, bds 518 Herrick

Schlesier, Albert, laborer Payne shop, h 52 Washington

Schlosser, Jacob, blacksmith, 411 Sullivan cor Jay

Schlutter, Minnie, widow Ernest, h 1124 Oak

Schmeltzer, Kate, widow John, h 55 Orchard

Schmeltzer, Lizzie, tailoress, bds 55 Orchard

Schmeltzer, Mary, tailoress 58 Orchard, bds 55 Orchard

Schmidc, Joseph, laborer, h 418 Walnut

Schmidt, Albert, laborer, h 860 E Fifth

Schmidt, Charles T., cabinet maker, h 57 First av

Schmidt, Christian A., clerk 216 E Water, h 115 High

Schmidt, Edward, clerk reformatory, bds do

Schmidt, Mary J., milliner, bds 57 First av

Schmidt, William C., teacher, h 404 Walnut

Schmucker, Joseph, laborer, h 713 Benjamin

Schoeman, Herman J., salesman, bds E Church opp armory

Schoenewerk, Charles, prof music, bds 503 Railroad av

Schoenemann, Fred, tailor, 59 Sullivan, h do

Schoenemann, Lizzie, bds 59 Sullivan

Schoenemann, Louis, tailor, 59 Sullivan, h do

Schoenemann, Louis E., tailor 58 Orchard, h do

Schoenemann, Minnie, bds 59 Sullivan

Schofield, Charles S., laborer, h 370 S Main

Schofield, C. S. Mrs., dressmaker 370 S Main, h do

Schofield, Delia Mrs., 313 E Church

Schofield, Edson D., shipping clerk, 624 W Gray

Scholl, Charles E., painter, h 630 Winsor av

Scholl, Harry T., foreman printer, 125 W Water, h 100 E Hudson

Schopp, William, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 200 Maxwell av

PAGE 371

SCHOOL OF COMMERCE, 165-167 Lake (See back cover and index adv)

Schornstheimer, Charles C, h Walnut cor W Church

Schornstheimer, Fred, clerk, bds 524 Lake

Schornstheimer, Kate, bookkeeper, bds 524 Lake

Schornstheimer, Peter (Schornstheimer & Stampp), also fertilizers, Mt Zoar bey limits, h 524 Lake

Schornstheimer, Peter jr., clerk, bds 524 Lake

SCHORNSTHEIMER & STAMPP ( P Schornstheimer and A Stampp), grocers and saloon, 524 and 526 Lake

Schrader, L. Mrs., nurse Southern Tier Orphans' home, bds do

Schreiber, Ferdinand, emp Sheeley tannery, h 500 W Hudson

Schriver, Charles, engineer D L & W R R, bds 1323 Maxwell av

Schriver, Mary, domestic 505 E Church

Schroeder, Bertha, domestic 313 W Clinton

Schroeder, Emma, domestic 511 William

Schroeder, William H., engineer D L & W R R, h 311 E Center

Schu, Frank F., cigarmaker, bds 405 High

Schu, Rudolph, cigarmaker 435 E Water, bds 602 E Church

Schuh, Rudolph, ( Weber & Co.), bds 602 E Church

Schultz, Guy, student, bds W Clinton cor N Main

Schuman, Charles H., sash maker, h 912 College av

Schuman, William, sashmaker, bds 404 Sullivan

Schusler, Fred V., tinner, h 112 College av

Schusler, George A., clerk 114, 116 W Water, h 808 W Water

Schusler, George F., mason, h 105 College av

Schusler, William J., emp Erie fgt yd, h 414 Elm

Schuster, Louis E., ins agt, h 204 Chestnut

Schuyler, Bert N., clerk 144 W Water, bds 311 Penna av

Schuyler, Harmon, farmer, bds 730 Maple av

Schuyler, John, farmer, h 730 Maple av

Schuyler, Libbie, bds 730 Maple av

Schuyler, Oren A., tobacconist, h 452 Spaulding

Schwartz, Fabian, hides, wool and fur 141 W Water, h 411 W Church

SCHWARTZ, JACOB, lawyer, Robinson bldng Lake, h 215 W Church

Schwartz, Joseph, laborer, h 148 W Water

Schwartz, Rhyda, bds 411 W Church

Schwartz, Theresa, bds 411 W Church

Scharze, Otto F., salesman 302 High

Schwenke, Frederick N., clerk, h 293 Madison av

Schwenke, Rachel E. Mrs., bds 213 Madison av

Schweppe, Frederick, house, sign and fresco painter Fox cor Carroll, h 456 Carroll

Schweppe, Frederick jr., painter, bds 456 Carroll

PAGE 372

Schweppe, Henry, painter, bds 456 Carroll

Schweppe, Wilhemina, bds 456 Carroll

Scopes, Charles N., engineer Briggs brewery, h 321 W Second

Scott, Alfred, laborer, h 514 Oak

Scott, Curtis, student, bds 465 W Gray

Scott, Edward, clerk J W Carroll, bds W Water outside city

Scott, Edwin A., Mrs h McCann n Davis

Scott, Emma H., widow David I., h 395 W Water

Scott, Frank, blacksmith, h 302 High

Scott, Hiram, mason, bds 703 S Main

Scott, Jane I., widow James P., bds 1325 College av

Scott, John, laborer, h 356 Walnut

Scott, Mattie M., bds 511 Perine

Scott, Mary J., widow Henry, h 162 W Third

Scott, Perry, emp Singer Sewing Mch Co, bds 367 W Water

Scott, Samuel W., laborer, h 302 High

Scott, William H., mason, h 251 W Henry

Scott, William O., teamster Plumb & Sheldons, h 800 Madison av

Scott, William H., clerk U S Ex Co, h 108 Horner

Scoville, George, bds 613 S Main

Scoville, James Rev., evangelist, 304 Euclid pl

Scudder, Aaron M., clerk E C & N R R office, bds 809 E Second

Scudder, Abraham, h 809 E Second

Scudder, Anna B., widow Clarence A., bds 718 W Church

Scudder, A. Irena, teacher school No. 5, bds 356 W Clinton

Scudder, Benjamin O., clerk E C & N R R office, bds 809 E Second

Scudder, Elizabeth Mrs., bds 205 Gregg

Scudder, Libbie S., bds 356 W Clinton

Scudder, Lizzie M. Mrs., dressmaker, 603 E Church

Scudder, Mack, yardmaster Tioga div, h 356 W Clinton

Scudder, Willis, clerk Durland & Pratt, bds 809 E Second

Seacord, Frederick, steamfitter Walkers, bds 217 1-2 Gregg

Seacord, Horatio, carpenter, h 217 1-2 Gregg

Seaer, Glen, conductor N C R R, h 235 Mt Zoar

Seafuse, Mert, carpenter, bds 803 Magee

Sealoslroloski, Marie, domestic 218 William

Seaman, Alfred, moulder, h 553 E First

Seaman, Byron H., drug clerk 435 Railroad av, h 101 Magee pl

Seaman, Catharine, widow Clinton, bds 125 W Market

Seaman, Charles W., painter, h 711 E Church

Seaman, Foster M., carpenter, h 78 Penna av

Seaman, Franklin P., painter, h 414 Locust

Seaman, R. C. Mrs., boardiug house 851 Lake

Seaman, William, sawyer Fitch & Aldrich, 701 E Fifth cor Oak

Seaman, S. Charles, sashmaker, h 753 E Second

PAGE 373

Seaman, Willice M., bookkeeper 434 E Water, bds 159 Madison av

Seamans, Fred N., sashmaker, bds 753 E Second

Seamans, F. S. & Co., saloon and billiard parlors, 154 Baldwin

Searles, Delia, domestic 450 E Market

Searles, William, bill poster, bds 151 Baldwin

Searles, see also Serles and Serls

Seaver, Lewis H., teamster, h N s E Washington av, n rolling mill

Sebersky, Abraham, cutter 117 E Water, bds 564 do

SEBERSKY, JULIUS, cutter, mgr Seversky & Co, 117 E Water, h 564 do

Sebert, Philip, tailor 709 John, h do

SECOND NATIONAL BANK, Lake cor Carroll, D M Pratt, cashier

Secor, Charles A., bookkeeper 125, 127 Lake, h 510 E Church

Secor, Clara M., widow David R., h 510 E Church

Secor, David R., cigarmaker, bds 510 E Church

Secor, Fred, plumber, bds 217 1-2 Gregg

Secor, Hannah Mrs., widow William, h 759 E Church

Secor, Isabelle A., bds 510 E Church

Secor, Jabin A., clerk 127 Lake, h 110 Cadwell av

Secor, S. E. Miss, bds 510 E Church

See, James S., piano key maker, bds 315 Orchard

Seebeck, Fred, blacksmith, bds 760 S Main

Seeley, A., harnessmaker Plumb & Sheldons, bds 851 Lake

Seeley, C. B. Mrs., h 400 William

Seeley, Daniel L., carpenter, h 811 1-2 W Gray

Seeley, David W., prop White Elephant billiard parlors 108, 110 E Water, h do

Seeley, Frank H., h 546 S Main

Seeley, Florence, 400 William

Seeley, George F., conductor N C R R, h 507 Spaulding

Seeley, John C., h 404 Lake

Seeley, Joseph E., car repairer N C R R, h 711 Kenyon

Seeley, Lina, h 213 W Hudson

Seeley, Mamie, bds 404 Lake

Seeley, Moses, teamster, h 234 Mt Zoar

Seeley, Nellie, h 203 Baldwin

Seeley, Rollin S., commission merchant 127 W Water, h 221 Gregg

Seeley, Truman, clerk White Elephant, h 630 Winsor av

Seeley, Wallace W., collector Gazette Co., h Big Flats

Seely, Absalom, soda water manuf, 115 E Hudson, h do

Seely, Arch H., 108 E Water, bds 319 Carroll

Seely, Charles F., soda water, h 367 Penna av

Seely, Helen, bds 657 Park pl

Seely, John R., driver, bds 115 E Hudson

PAGE 374

Seely, Luman D., bartender 108 E Water, bds 319 Carroll

Seeley, Matie Miss, bds 414 Main

SEELY, SELAH T., div pass agt N Y L E & W R R, 508 Railroad av, h 203 Baldwin (See page 14)

Seem, James W., boilermaker, h 212 Franklin

Seem, John, agent, bds 538 S Main

Seem, Thomas F., boilermaker, h 538 S Main

Segel, David, tinner, 100 Lake, h 156 Orchard

Sehriker, Charles, laborer, h 768 E Fifth

Seible, Jacob, gardener, h r Lake n Warren

Seifert, Edward, shoemaker, 314 E Washington av, bds 723 Lake

Seigel, Charles, agent, bds 413 High

Seiler, Lewis F., asst foreman N C R R shop, h 523 Jefferson

Seinhauser, George, tailor, bds Elmira house

Selaski, Rosa, waitress Elmira house

Sellen, Amos S., wine merchant 929 College av, h do

Sellner, Augustus, clerk 325 E Water, bds 214 Madison av

Sellen, Charles S., bds 929 College av

Sellner, Harry L., (Sellner & Son), h 214 Madison av

Sellner, James, conductor D L & W R R, bds 324 E Center

Sellner & Son ( S S and H L S), clothing, 325 E Water

SENATE (The), Louis Shidlen, prop, 132 E Water

Sensell, John, foreman 207 Baldwin, h 414 Madison av

Sensible, Noah, stripper, h 363 E Fifth

Sergeant, Daniel N., farmer, h W s Penna av bey limits

Sergeant, Henry W., car inspector, h 124 E Chemung pl

Sergeant, Nathan J., fireman N C R R, bds 554 S Main

Serles, Edward, carpenter, h N s Soper n S Main

Serls, Bert, carpenter, bds N s Soper n S Main

Serls, William, carpenter, bds N s Soper n S Main

Serls see also Searles and Serles

Serine, George, bartender, 722 Lake

Sevaly, Leonard, carpenter, bds 515 S Broadway

Severn, William E., carpet cleaner, h 211 DeWitt

Seward, Phebe Mrs., bds 466 E Market

Sexsmith, Clayton, emp telephone, bds 701 College av

Sexsmith, W. C., telephone inspector, bds cor College av and Fifth

Sexton, Edward R., cigarmaker, h 222 W Water

Sexton, Joseph, barber, bds 414 E Water

Sexton, Lydia, widow John L., bds Home for Aged

Shadduck, Christopher, boxmaker, h 1323 Lake

Shaffer, Charles F., engineer, h 953 Lincoln

Shaffer, Edwin M., tailor 111-13-15 Railroad av, h 114 Fox

Shaffer, John, engineer D L & W R R, h 1325 College av

Shaffer, Oliver F., laborer, h 1017 Tenienti

PAGE 375

Shalhoff, Hyman, peddler, h 714 John

Shalidy, Burt, laborer, h 512 Perry

Shaljian, Stephen, doorman reformatory, bds do

Shannahan, Nora, domestic 162 DeWitt

Shannahan, Anna, widow Patrick, bds 308 Orchard

Shannon, Alva J., telegrapher, bds 151 W Clinton

Shannon, Albert J., tel operator N Y L E & W R R, bds 151 W Clinton

Shannon, Bertha M., operative, bds 415 W Fifth

Shannon, F. J., hotel 331 Railroad av

Shannon, John J., tinsmith, bds 517 Railroad av

Shannon, Maggie, operative, bds 415 W Fifth

Shannon, Martin, bookkeeper, bds 415 W Fifth

Shannon, Martin, groceries and saloon 200 W Fifth, h do

Shannon, Michael M., train dispatcher N C office, h 512 Davis

Shannon, Maria E., teacher, bds 717 Railroad av

Shannon, Patrick, laborer, 717 Railroad av

Shannon, Timothy, laborer, h 415 W Fifth

Shannon, Timothy P., telegrapher W U T Co, bds 717 Railroad av

Shannon, Thomas A., cigar store, h 414 Main

Shannon, Thomas J., h 961 Davis

Shannon, Thomas O., cigar mfr 514 N Main, h do

Shappee, Cooley D., contractor and builder, h 814 W Gray

Shappee, David, farmer, also overseer Chemung county agricutural grounds, Boulevard cor Grand Central av

Shappee, F. A., carpenter, h 415 W Fourth

Shappee, George C., machinist, h 220 W Water

Shappee, Jacob V., ins agt, h 516 Sullivan

Shappee, Lucelia B., boxmaker Listman's, bds 429 Standish

Shappee, Thomas B., laborer, h 429 Standish

Sharpe, Benjamin F., barber 62 Penna av, bds 109 Partridge

Sharp, Charles, moulder 600 William cor Clinton, h 503 Sullivan

Sharp, Eunice, bds 104 W Hudson

Sharpe, John, moulder, h 109 Partridge

Sharpe, Thomas Rev., pastor Centennary M E church, h 524 Penna av

Shartell, Sarah, h 118 W Water

SHATTUCK, CHARLES L., gen sec Railway Y M C A, Railroad av cor Church, h 464 W Gray

Shattuck, Sarah L., widow L H., h 464 W Gray

Shaughnessy, John, policeman, h 315 W Second

Shaver, Frank J., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 358 Diven av

Shaw, Albert V., clerk 110 Main, bds 615 W Church

Shaw, Alexander, h 208 W Sixth

Shaw, Augustus P., carpenter, h 414 Carroll

Shaw, Belle, widow Cornelius, dressmaker 131 W Market cor N Main

Shaw, Ben, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1308 Baldwin