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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Page 376

Shaw Charles, teamster, h 711 McDonald

Shaw Charles D., clerk E Water cor State, h 355 Walnut

Shaw Clara B., student, bds 355 Walnut

Shaw Delinda Mrs., 235 Lake

Shaw Fred, emp J Richardson & Co., h 218 W Water

Shaw Fred B., printer Empire printing house, bds 355 Walnut

Shaw Harriet, widow Francis G., h 615 W Church

Shaw Harry, clerk 121 Lake, bds 615 W Church

Shaw Harry W., pressman Advertiser office, bds 131 W Market cor N Main

Shaw Hattie L., 208 W Sixth

Shaw Ida B., bds 131 W Market cor N Main

Shaw James, laborer, h 852 N Main

Shaw James, peddler, h 828 Johnson

Shaw John H., emp Griswold & Maloney, h 803 E Water

Shaw John, h 826 Johnson

Shaw Lillie M., student, bds 615 W Church

Shaw William, feeder Advertiser, 803 E Water

Shay Charles, painter, bds Elm

Shay Daniel, laborer, h 801 Railroad av

Shay David, mason, 651 E Water

Shay Emma, student, bds 811 Johnson

Shay John, mason, h 811 Johnson

Shay John, lather, bds 811 Johnson

Shay Maggie, domestic 752 Park pl

Shay Mary, domestic 714 N Main

Shay Plillip, laborer, h 302 W First

Shay William, mason, h 811 Johnson

Shays Benjamin, painter, h 225 W Water

Shays Charles, paper hanger and painter, bds 233 Mt Zoar

Shays Charles, painter, h 419 S Elm

Shays Robert, carpenter and joiner, h 233 Mt Zoar

Shea Edward, fireman Rathbun house, bds do

Shea Fannie, operative, bds 273 W Chemung pl

Shea Frank P., helper, bds 273 W Chemung pl

Shea John H., shoemaker, h 273 W Chemung pl

Shea Kate, operative, bds 273 W Chemung pl

Shea Philip, bds 302 W First

Shea William, mason, 115 Washington

Shea William, telegrapher, bds 273 W Chemung pl

Shea William H., chief telegrapher Postal tel cable company, bds Rathbun house

SHEAFE JAMES S., freight agent L V R R, State cor Second, h 502 Baldwin

Shear Frank M., carpenter, 810 Madison av

Shear Glenn, laborer, h 205 S Elm

Shearer Alexander, fireman Erie R R, h 559 E Third

Page 377

Shearer David, bds Chemung house

Shearer David, student of dentistry, 126 E Water, bds 710 do

Shearer David, jr., dentist 126 E Water, bds 710 E Water

Shearer Fannie, clerk 126 E Water, bds 710 do

Shearer Henry, clerk 107 Lake, bds 710 E Water

Shearer john h., div operator N C R R, h 503 E Union

Shearer William W., shipping clerk Barker, Rose & Gray, h 710 E Water

Shearer Vance C., baggageman L V R R, h 656 Columbia

Shearer John D., hostler, h 113 Fox

Sheehan Bridget, dressmaker, bds 855 Railroad av

Sheehan Catharine, widow Peter, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan Daniel, laborer, h 913 Railroad av

Sheehan Daniel, (Sheehan, Dean & Co.) h 408 S Elm

SHEEHAN, DEAN & CO., (Daniel Sheehan, Elmer Dean and Daniel Richardson,) dry goods 124 W Water

Sheehan Dennis, laborer, bds 510 Elizabeth

Sheehan Elizabeth, widow Patrick, h 511 Logan

Sheehan Ellen, widow John, h 408 S Elm

Sheehan George W., sashmaker H C Spaulding & Co., dbd 802 Oak

Sheehan Helen, boxmaker Howell & Aldrich, bds 802 Oak

Sheehan Helen, dressmaker, bds 855 Railroad av

Get your Plans and Specifications of H. O. SMITH, The Architect, 108 Lake Street

Sheehan John, teamster, h 802 Oak

Sheehan John, hostler 307 W Second, bds 363 College av

Sheahan John jr., carpenter H C Spaulding & Co., bds *02 Oak

Sheehan Kate, milliner, bds 855 Railroad av

Sheehan Lenora, clerk 108 N Main, bds 855 Railroad av

Sheehan Michael, laborer, bds 617 Lake

Sheehan Nora, milliner, bds 855 Railroad av

Sheehan Timothy, cigarmaker, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan Patrick, cigarmaker 753 Harper, h do

Sheehan Thomas, iceman, bds 408 S Elm

Sheehan Thomas, glazier H C Spaulding & Co, h 719 Oak

Sheehan William, laborer, h 515 Elizabeth

Sheehan William, ( Elmira Ice Co,) bds 408 S Elm

Sheehan William, puddler, bds 855 Railraod av

Sheehey Edward, laborer, h 1212 Baldwin

Sheehey Richard, laborer, bds 600 W Hudson

Sheely Edward V., (E & J Sheely) h 113 W Chemung pl

SHEELYE & J., hides, leather and findings 129 W Water

Sheely Frederick, tanner Hine cor W Hudson, bds S Broadway n Bulkhead

Sheely Fred jr., clerk 129 W Water

Sheely George K., h 807 E Water

Sheely George k., emp Sheely tannery, h 514 W Hudton

Page 378

Sheely George W., foreman Hine cor W Hudson bds 514 W Hudson

Sheely Henry B., tanner, bds 514 W Hudson

Sheely John C., (E & J Sheely) 129 W Water, h 623 Mt Zoar

Sheely William T., prop tannery and currying 105 and 125 Tuttle av, h 758 E Water

Skelly John I., (Hickey & Skelly,) h 110 Lake

Sheiber Ferdinand, laborer, h 500 Hudson

Sheive Albert A., ins agt, 260 S Main

Sheives George, retired, h 208 S Main

Sheive Lavina, widow Leman, dressmaker, h 426 Pleasant

Sheive William E., ins appraiser, bds opp 318 Baldwin

Sheffield Harriet, widow Joseph, bds 228 W Water

Shelford Thomas, farmer, h 203 Hoffman

Shell Absolam, laborer, h 522 State

Shell William, laborer, bds 522 Baldwin

Sheldon Charles, bds 158 S Elm

Sheldon Emma V., widow Howard, bds Maple av n E Miller

Sheldons Frederick W., (Plumb & Sheldons,) h 352 W Fourth

Shelton Ameda, widow Robert G, bds 9 Home

Bargains, - Books, - Billings, - Baldwin – Street.

Shelton Charles, letter carrier, h 631 W Water

Shelton Fay, student, bds 631 W Water

Shelton Joseph G., blacksmith bridge works, h 12 Home

Shelton Roland I., blacksmith bridge works, h 213 Brand

Shemshock Lucy, widow, bds 531 First

Shepard David, kalsominer, h 663 Dickinson

Shepard Elizabeth, widow John, h 303 E Clinton

Shepard John, waiter, h 442 E Water

Shepard Lee V., machinist, h 309 South av

Shepard Milo G., fireman N C R R, bds 510 herrick

Sheriffs Office, adjacent to Court house, Lake

Sherman Bennett M., bds 1205 Hall

Sherman Cyrus A., janitor sch No 4 h 1205 Hall

Sherman Elihue J I., laborer, bds 147 W Water

Sherman house, Mary O’Maher, prop, 372 Railroad av

Sherman Nora, domestic 319 Carroll

Sherman Sarah D., h 320 E Water

Sherman T. Wilmot, brakeman N C R R, h r 9 Burdick

Sherry Edward, laborer, h 350 S Main

Sherry John, brakeman D L & W R R, 709 Railroad av

Sherry Thomas H, laborer, h 763 E Washington av

Sherwood Ida M. Mrs., teacher sch No 4, bds E Church cor Orchard

Shewman William, artistic designer, bds 404 Sullivan

Page 379

Sherwin William F., trav pass agt Northern Pacific & WisCenter, R R, bds Rathbun house

Shidlen Emma, clerk Dey Bros. & Co., bds 132 E Water

Shidlen Ernest, bds 132 E Water

Shidlen Henrietta, domestic 709 E Water

SHIDLEN LOUIS, prop The Senate, 132 E Water, h do

Shields John J., helper D L & W R R, h 1218 Maxwell av

Shields Peter, machinist D L & W R R, h 323 Norton

Shields Peter F., mason, h 508 Oak

Shields Peter D., forman D L & W R R round house, h 323 Norton

Shields William, mason, bds 508 Oak

Shields William P., machinist, bds 1218 Maxwell

Shillidy Burr, laborer, h 653 State

Shlom Isaac, peddler, h 107 Washington

Shoales Jennie, domestic 804 Lake

Shocker Exaker, peddler, h I115 Elm

Shoemaker Andrew, asst supply boss D L & W R R, bds 1200 Maxwell av

Shoemaker Edward M., crossing tender, h 415 S Elm

Shoemaker George S., engineer D L & W R R, h 1318 Benton

ARCHITECT, J. Q. INGHAM, 17 years continuous practice in Elmira 8 Operal Block, 154 Lake-St.

SHOEMAKER J. M. & CO. (M Crocker). Prop Delevan house, Railroad av cor W Clinton

Shoemaker J. M. (J M Shoemaker & Co.), h Delavan house

Shoemaker J. Monroe (J M Shoemaker & Co.), mgr Elmira Oil Co., Masonic Temple h 508 Lake

Shoemaker Peter I., engineer D L & W R R, h 378 Norton

Shoemaker William W., fireman D L & W R R, bds 1318 Benton

Sholes Margaret, widow William, h 422 E Washington av

Sholer John, painter, h 661 Magee

Shoot John W., machinist, h 307 Hine

Shoots Winnie, brass finisher, h 718 W Church

Short Belle, teacher sch No5, bds 118 W Market

Shorts Ellen Mrs., h Perry cor Third

Shorts John, tailor, bds Elmira house

Shorts Charles, bds 502 Perry cor Third

Shoozvaski Joseph, laborer, h 102 W Fifth

Shreffler Levi S., laborer, h 257 Partridge

Shreffler Nellie M., artist, bds 257 Partridge

Shullenburg Charles, machinist, h 406 Fulton

Shult Jacob, tailor, h 215 Harriet

Shumway Helen Isabell, bds 323 Sullivan

Page 380

Shur Dennis, teamster, h 516 Elizabeth

Shurtz William, laborer, h 511 W First

Shurtz John H., bricklayer, bds W Third n Hoffman

Shurtz William H., teamster, h W Third n Hoffman

Sickles Abbie M., widow Daniel, bds 101 E Henry

Sickles Charles, saloon 810 madison av, h 406 Standish

Sickles Charles, hostler, bds 851 Lake

Sickles Emma Mrs., h 406 Standish

Sickles William, wood yard, 406 Standish, h do

Sidney Mary E., widow George, h 970 East av

Sinclair Alfred B., bridge carpenter, h 515 E Union

Sinclair Seabury, clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 515 E Union

Sincor William W., blacksmith, h 304 High

Seckowski Felix, laborer, h 215 E Seventh

Siegel Jacob, trav salesman, h 308 High

Siegfried Charles A., engineer N C R R, h 505 Penna av

Sieroslawski Joseph, laborer, h Luce n River

Sigison J. R., telephone, h 514 College av

Sigison Maria, widow William, h 700 E Market

Sigison Nettie, clerk, bds 700 E Market

Sigles Fred, barber, bds 1353 Baldwin

Empire Laundry, 110 Water Street

Silcox Charles W., clerk 311 E Water, h 215 High

Siler Joseph, butcher, h 703 Lake

Silverman Philip, peddler, h r 553 E Second

SILVERNAIL ALFRED J., railroad and steamship ticket broker 513 Railroad av, h do

Silvernail Eliza (Silvernail & Voorhies), h 505 Railroad av

SILVERNAIL & VOORHIES, (Mrs. E. Silvernail and Catharine Voorhies)props New England kitchen 505 Railroad av

Silverstram Nelson, laborer, bds 156 W Third

Silverton Josiah, laborer, bds 157 Baldwin

Silvin John, artist Elmira Portrait Co., bds 515 W Fourth

Silley John, carpenter, h 704 Hatch

Silley Mary, bds 704 hatch

Simkins James, bds 105 Partridge

Simmons Alonzo, student, bds 313 Columbia

Simmons Arthur F., weaver Elmira woolen mill, bds 505 1-2 Sullivan

Simmons Clarence, emp Erie car shop, h 805 Davis

Simmons George, com trav, h 313 Columbia

Simmons Isaac S., watchmaker and jeweler 305 Division, bds High

Simmons Margaret, bds 805 Davis

Simonds Catherine, dressmaker, h 801 magee

Simons Augusta Mrs., h 100 E Hudson

Simons Eugene, surveyor N Y L E & W R R, bds 410 Main

Page 381

Simons Minnie, dressmaker, bds 551 E Second

Simons Morris, clothing 375 Railroad av, h 551 E Second

Simons Noah H., real estate 114 Baldwin

Simons Noah W., h 100 E Hudson

Simpson Alice, h 350 S Main

Simpson Clara, domestic 704 Magee

Simpson Fred, laborer, bds 704 Magee

Simpson Harry W., clerk 323 E Water, bds 113 Lormore

Simpson Henry, clerk, h 121 Caldwell av

Simpson Lorenzo D., h 704 Magee

Simpson Polly, widow Joseph, bds 518 State

Simpson Robert, laborer, bds 314 Pennaav

SIMPSON ROBERT W., mgr Retail Merchants’ Protective association, bds Rathbun house

Simpson Thomas, laborer, bds 704 Magee

Simpson William, laborer, bds 704 Magee

Simpson William, laborer, h 314 Penna av

Simpson William , bookkeeper 50 Penna av, h 113 Lormore

Sims James, fireman N C R R, h 519 Perine

Simski Anthony, laborer, h 215 E Seventh

Sing Kee, laundry 111 W Third

Singerhoff Charles, wines and liquors, 437 E Water, h do


Singer David, laborer, bds 605 W First

SINGER MANUFACTURING CO., Charles H. Root, mgr, 104 Lake, h Columbia

Singerhoff Charles jr., clerk 437 E Water, bds do

Singerhoff Fredda, clerk 443 E Water, bds 437 do

Singerhoff Frederica Mrs., h 316 E Water

SINGERHOFF WILLIAM, wines and liquors 412 Carroll, h do

Sinker Albert, tailor 113 Orchard, bds do

Sinker Elias, tailor 113 Orchard, h do

Sinsabaugh Noah, h 363 E Fifth

Siple Harry, baggagemaster L V R R,bds 152 W Fifth

Sitgraves William, brakeman L V R R, bds 152 W Fifth

Sitzer Arthur W., moulder LaFrance shops, bds 206 Mechanic

Sitzer Charles S., laborer Payne shops, h 206 Mechanic

Sitzer Myra Mrs., bds 156 W Third

Sitzer Seth, teacher, h 206 Mechanic

Sittenfield Joseph, (Stone & Sittenfield) dealers in hides, furs, wool, tallow, etc., E Water cor Madison av h 109 High

Sittenfield Solon, h 113 High

Skeahan Bridget, widow James, h 104 W Henry

Skeahan Kate B., tailoress, bds 857 Magee

Page 382

Skelly Ellen, dressmaker, bds corDavis and Park

Skidepi Leo, laborer, h 155 E Washington av

Skidmore George H., clerk U S Express Co., h 110 College

Sdidmore Harry, bds 110 College av

Skidmore Kate, bds 110 College av

Skinner C. W., (estate of), wholesale wines and liquors 413, 415 Carroll

Skinner Henry H., clerk, h 403 Walnut

Skinner Jerusha M., widow Platt H, h 403 Walnut

Skinner Maggie M., widow Frank n, bds 426 W First

Skinner Margaret A., widow Charles W. h 425 E Market

Skinner William, hackdriver, bds 210 Madison av

Slack George W., h 436 W Fifth

Slater Anna, dressmaker, bds 401 Fulton

Slater Dorus M., jeweler 210 E Water, h 308 Madison av

Slater Elizabeth, widow John, h Harper cor Sullivan

Slater Ethel, weaver, bds 815 East av

Slater Frank B., reverter bridge works, bds 209 E Miller

Slater Frank L., fireman Elmira woolen mill, bds Harper cor Sullivan

Slater , harnessmaker Plumb & Sheldons, bds 851 Lake

Slatterly Breidget, widow John, h 904 E Market

Slatterly Cornelius, laborer, bds 904 E Market


Slatterly Dennis, laborer, bds 904 E Market

Slatterly John, blacksmith D L & W shops, h Davis cor Seventh

Slatterly Kate, bds 356 W Third

Slatterly Michael C., conductor D L & W R R, bds 1108 Lake

Slatterly Nellie, emp Bessey’s laundry, bds 356 W Third

Slatterly William, blacksmith, h 356 W Third

Slattterly Winifred, emp Bessey

S laundry. Bds 356 W Third

Slaughter Clarie T. Mrs., h 402 W Gray

SLAUSON BRO’S., (S D and D T Slauson,) designers and engravers 122 E Water See avd page 15

Slauson Claude H., age Merrittt Type writer 108 W Water, bds do

Slauson Daniel T., (Slauson Bros.) h 301 Penna av

Slauson Della A., nurse, bds 301 Penna av

Slauson Della A., nurse, bds 301 Penna av

SLAUSON GEORGE W., sewing mch adjuster 108 W Water

Slauson Leon, student, bds 108 W Water

Slauson SeymourD., (Slauson Bros,) h 301 Penna av

Slauson Susan F., widow Thomas D, bds 301 Penna av

Slaymaker & Holmes, (P F S Slaymaker, and R F Holmes,) carriage makers supplies iron and steel 120, 122 Lake

Slaymaker P. F. S. (Slaymaker & Holmes,) bds 417 E Market

SLEE JOHN D. F., vice-pres J Langdon & Co. (incorporated,) h 218 W First

Sloat Francis L., grocer 201 Horner, h 552 Spaulding

Page 383

Sloat George W., carpenter, h 517 W Second

Sloat Ransom S., carpenter, h 552 Spaulding

SLOCUM ALBERT, grocer also contracting mason 511 S Broadway h do

Slocum Augustus F., printer Advertiser, bds Buckbee house

Slocum Ione, student, bds 613 W Seventh

Slocum Mame, boxmaker, bds 508 E Third

Slocum Sterling J., stone mason h Rathbun bet Erie and South

Slom Philip, peddler, h 759 John

SLOSSOM ABRAM D., grocer 400 Baldwin, h 402 E Union

Slosson Gussie, bds 402 E Union

Sly Charles, mason, bds 268 W Hudson

Sly Charles S., clerk 116 Baldwin, bds 468 W Gray

Sly Hiram B., emp Barker, Rose & Gray, bds 468 W Gray

Sly Lizzie, bds Souther Tier Orphans Home

Sly Mary, widow James M., h 468 W Gray

Small William, oil distributor N C R R, h N s Sutton n S Main

Smalley Jeremiah, deputy sheriff, h 163 Washington

Smead maria, widow Edwin M., bds 315 Baldwin

Smeads Frank, bds 611 Lake

Smeads Lucy M., dressmaker, bds 611 Lake

Smeads Sarah, widow Levi, h 611 Lake

Smeads Worden L., bds 611 Lake

ARCHITECT, J. Q. INGHAM, 17 years continuous practice in Elmira. 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake-St.

Smith Aaron K., clerk American hotel, bds do

Smith Addison, h 615 Penna av

Smith A. D., collarmaker Plumb & Sheldons bds 406 Standish

Smith Alfred P., conductor D L & W R R, h 653 Lake

Smith Alice F., domestic 601 S Main

Smith Arad T., (Smith & Titus,) h 108 W First

Smith Alton C., conductor D L & W R R, h cor E Thurston and Lake

Smith Augustus, asst pastor St Peters & Pauls church, h cor E Market and High

Smith Benjamin D., foreman, h 1313 Hall

Smith Benjamin V., clerk Barthlomew’s drug store, bds 114 W Market

Smith Bessey, widow Jesse, h 112 Horner

Smith Bryant F., 102 W Water, bds 452 South av

Smith Burt G., bookkeeper, h 710 W Gray

Smith Caroline, widow James, bds cor E Thurston and Lake

Smith Caroline, widow Charles, boarding house h 1104 Lake

Smith Cassie, superintendent anchorage 955 College ave h do

Smith Charles, h 704 hatch

Smith Charles, laborer, h 853 Dickinson

Smith Charlie, steamfitter, bds 132 W Water

Smith Charles B., shoemaker 208 W Water, h 507 W Second

Smith Charles H., cabinetmaker, h 57 First av

Smith Charles H., clerk, bds 563 E Church

Page 384

Smith Charles H., steamfitter, bds 59 Monroe

Smith Charles J., com trav, bds 436 Carroll

Smith Charles J., h 414 Fulton

Smith Charles M., tobaccosorter, bds 57 First av

Smith Charles N., section hand Elmira woolen mill, h 712 Oak

Smith Charles W. Mrs., bds 412 Matthews

Smith Chauncy L., farmer, h 214 W Hudson

Smith Chauncey L., laborer, h W Water n limits

Smith Clarissa, widow William S., h 510 College av

Smith Clement H., expressman, h 1330 Pratt

Smith Daniel (D Smith & Son), h 723 W First

Smith Daniel B., salesman 321 Carroll, h 720 W Church

Smith Daniel G., carpenter, h 518 William

Smith Daniel L., first vice-president anchorage 955 College av. H 723 W First

Smith D & Son, (Daniel and Thomas S,) manuf confectioners 321 Carroll

Smith David, brakeman D L & W R, h 368 Diven av

Smith Dell, emp N C shops, bds 402 S Elm

Smith Dix W., (Robertson, Smith & Bull), h Wells station

Smith Edgar B., clerk U S express, h 1110 Walnut

Smith Edward, laborer, bds 663 Lake

Smith Edward H., carpenter and boarding house 803 magee

Go the the Empire Laundry for Fine Work.

Smith Edwin L., painter, h 420 Pleasant

Smith Edwin m., hostler, bds Buckbee house

Smith Edwin P., brakeman D L & W R R, h 1210 Baldwin

Smith Eli W., brakeman D L & W R R, h 1315 Lake

Smith Elias, trainmaster and yard dispatcher D L & W R R, h 1007 Lake

Smith Elias, jr., yard master D L & W R R, h 378 Diven av

Smith Eleanor C., h 323 1-2 W Clinton

Smith Eliza, widow William, h 118 W Second

Smith Eliza A., widow Lewis J., bds 1330 Pratt

Smith Ella F., operative, bds 112 Horner

Smith Ellen E., widow Uriah T., bds 116 Brand

Smith Ellen H., widow H. Boardman, h 115 N Main

Smith Elmer, emp Adams Express Co., bds 508 E Church

Smith Elmer G., teamster, h 204 Chestnut

Smith Emily E., widow Andrew S., h 369 W First

Smith Emma E., bds 609 Lake

Smith Emma, widow Charles H., boarding house 562 E Water

Smith Emma T., bds 114 E Chemung pl

Smith Emery S., engineer, h Southport corners

Smith Earnest A., druggist, h 349 W Clinton

Smith Earnest A. P., bookkeeper Elmira Nat bank, h 501 E Water

Smith Essie L. Mrs., nurse 418 Herrick

Page 385

Smith Esther J., widow John, bds N s Jones bel Robinson

Smith Eva, h 309 S Main

Smith Ezekiel, captain E F D, h 715 W Water

Smith Ezra J., h 811 Church

Smith Ferdney A., door moulder Fitch & Aldrich, h 503 DeWitt

Smith F. Eugene, mgr tel ex Nicks cor State, h 421 W Clinton

Smith Frances, dressmaker, h 507 College av

Smith Frank, saloon 326 E Water, h 118 W Water

SMITH FRANK, agent National and American Ex Cos 153 Baldwin

Smith Frank, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 366 Diven av

Smith Frank, brakeman D L & W R R, h 903 Benton

Smith Frank, carpenter, h 815 Johnson

Smith Frank T., farmer, h Southport corners

Smith Frank H., engineer, h 472 South av

Smith Frank M., carpenter, bds W Sixth cor Davis

Smith Frank X., brakeman N C R R, bds 414 Fulton

Smith Fred, hackman, bds 507 Railroad av

Smith Fred E., undertaker McDowell, h 661 W Third

Smith Fred M., gardener, bds N s Jones N Robinson

Smith Fred P., tel operator N Y L E & W R R, h 373 W Clinton

Smith Frederick, painter, bds 657 Magee

Consult H. O. SMITH, ARCHITECT, 108 Lake-St

SMITH GABRIEL L., lawyer 216 E Water, h 225 William

Smith George, engineer D L & W R R, bds 1104 Lake

Smith George, laborer, h 234 Mt Zoar

Smith George, clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 224 Mt Zoar

Smith George B., carpenter, bds Buckbee house

Smith George F., machinist, h 224 Mt Zoar

Smith George F., com trav, h 507 college av

Smith Grace E., domestic 354 Maple av

Smith Grant, laborer Elmira Water Works, h r 309

Smith Harry, bds 723 Lake

Smith Harry J., hotel yardman, bds N S Jones N Robinson

Smith Harry h., cigarmaker, bds Buckbee house

Smith Harry S., clerk 524 Lake, bds 312 W Third

Smith Harriet E., stenographer, bds 118 E Hudson

Smith Harvey, retired, h 110 S Main

Smith Henry, carpet weaver, 550 John cor DeWitt, h do

Smith Henry A., doormaker, 504 I 2 E Chruch

Smith Henry B., carpenter, h r 1313 hall

Smith Henry B., L V fgt agt, h 323 1-2 W Clinton

Smith Henry H., clerk 101 E Church, h 311 W Second

Smith Henry M., fireman D L & W R R, h 365 Norton

Smith Henry N., fireman, h 369 Norton

Smith Herbert B., brakeman D L & W R R, h 712 Sullivan

Page 386

Smith Herbert M., machinist, h 512 Perine

Smith Hiram, engineer D L & W R R, bds 1007 Lake

Smith Hiram E., printer, bds Bridge St restaurant

Smith Hiram L., clerk 104 and 106 E Water, 710 Park pl

Smith Hiram W., coachman 352 main, h 715 E Clinton

Smith hollis W., com trav, bds 1212 Hall

Smith Horace, bartender, bds 505 Magee

Smith H Pomeroy, student, bds 350 W Church

SMITH HURON O., architect 108 Lake, h 204 Harmon (see center lines)

Smith Ida, domestic, bds 721 Madison av

Smith Ithemer E., laborer, bds E s Penna av bey limits

Smith James N., carpenter, h W Sixth cor Davis

Smith Jane P., widow Charles, h 661 Dickinson

Smith Jay, mason, h 206 S Main

Smith Jerome, emp Elmira bridge works, h 515 S Broadway

Smith j. henry, driver Adams Ex Co., h 413 Walnut

Smith J. Kirke, salesman 131 E Water, h 306 Spaulding

Smith J. L., ticket agt D L & W R R

Smith John, bottler, 219 W Water

Smith John, laborer, bds 616 Dickinson

Smith John, hostler, 502 W Church

Smith John, laborer, h Railroa1d av n Centre

HOSMER BILLINGS, Bookseller, Stationer and Newsdealer, 112 Baldwin Street

Smith John, laborer, h 356 E Fifth

Smith John C., boilermaker, h 609 Magee

Smith John G., shoemaker J Richardson & Co., h 405 W First

Smith John M., carpenter, bds 116 Brand

Smith John W., moulder, bds 418 Herrick

Smith John W., drayman, h 203 Brand

Smith Joseph, brakeman, bds 255 South av

Smith Joseph H., steam fitter, bds 633 W Water

Smith Joseph P., flagman N C R R, h 516 jefferson

Smith Joseph W., carpenter, h 116 Brand

Smith Kate, bds 707 E Church

Smith Lena H., bds 469 1-2 Franklin

Smith Lewis B., farmer, h E s Penna av bey limits

Smith Lewis H., painter andpaper hanger, h 217 1-2 Lormore

Smith Lewis M., pres Mechanics’ & Farmer’s bank, 122 E Water, h 350 W Church

Smith Lillian D. Mme., modiste, h 423 W Church

Smith Loveda, bds 224 Mr Zoar

Smith Louisa, widow Ralph, h 510 Grove

Smith Lucius E., brakeman D L & W R R, h 416 Matthews

Smith Margaret A., dressmaker, bds 1215 Hall

Smith Mary Mrs., bds 320 Lake

Smith Mary, widow Jeremy, bds Home for Aged

Page 387

Smith Mary Mrs., nurse, h 203 Brand

Smith Mildred M., stenographer board of trade rooms, bds Corning

Smith Milton Y., bookkeeper 127 Lake, bds 112 Horner

Smith Myron A., auditor and general personal agt, h 510 W Clinton

Smith Nancy D., widow Hiram F., h 118 E Hudson

Smith Nellie, bds 661 Dickinson

Smith Norma D., dressmaker, bds 116 Brand

Smith Norris G., salesman, bds 303 E Church

Smith Oliver, hostler, bds 110 E Water

Smith Oliver, teamster, bds Maple av cor Horner

Smith Orlando N., deputy county clerk, h 114 E Chemung pl

Smith Otis, clerk, bds 503 Railroad av

Smith Patience G., bds 615 Penna av

Smith Percis E., widow Elijah B., h 360 W Church

Smith Perry W., engineer, h 3 Scott

Smith Philip, laborer, h 1215 hall

Smith Phillip C., foreman, h 219 Franklin

Smith Phoebe, widow Robert F., h 666 Dickinson

Smith Ray, student, bds 350 W Church

Smith R. E., entry clerk, bds 361 Elm

Smith Robert, h 216 William

ARCHITECT, J. Q. INGHAM, 17 years continuous practice in Elmira. 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake-St.

Smith Robert F., waiter 503 Railroad av bds do

Smith Robert T., machinist, h 1212 Hall

Smith Robert V., engineer F B R R, bds 225 William

Smith Rose E., 114 W Market

Smith Ruth Mrs., h 110 E Water

Smith S. A. Mrs., boarding house 216 William

Smith Samuel, room, bds Maple av n limits

Smith Samuel F., night watch reformatory, h College av

Smith Susan, widow John F., h 512 Perine

Smith Solomon P., cooperage 312 W Third, h do

Smith Seymour, master carpenter N C R R, h 658 College av

Smith Susan, widow John, h 226 Mt. Zoar

Smith Susan Z., widow Ansel S., bds 615 Grove

Smith Theodore G., chief clerk U S marshall’s office Masonic Temple, h 124 E Hudson

Smith Theodore N., bookkeeper, h 103 Hoffman

Smith Thomas, plumber 408 E Market, bds 57 First av

Smith Thomas G., plumber, bds 57 First av

Smith Thomas S., (D Smith & Son) h 723 W First

SMITH & TITUS, (A T S and C H T) second-hand house furnishing goods 210 W Water

Smith Viola, domestic 325 W Clinton

Smith W. Charles, mgr Elmira Opera house, Opera house block, h 114 W Market