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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Abbreviations Key

Smith Walter Lloyd, Judge Supreme Court, Masonic Temple, h 115 N Main

Smith Warren J., h 315 Baty

Smith William, laborer, bds 704 Hatch

Smith William, fireman D L & W R R , h 706 Day

Smith William C., barber Wyckoff house, h 373 W Water

SMITH WILLIAM H., broker 400 E Water, h 353 Hoffman

Smith William K., shoemaker, bds 160 Clinton

Smith William K., h 226 Mt. Zoar

Smith William M., brakeman D L & W R R , BDS 302 Diven Av

Smith William O., fireman D L & W R R , h 1315 Lake

Smith William P., student, h 350 W Church

Smith-------------, printer, bds 315 Baldwin

Smulowitz Soloman, peddler, h 858 John

Snay Albert, harnessmaker, bs 318 Washington av

Snell John H., civil engineer, bds 460 Maple av

Snell William A., boilermaker, h 502 Matthews

Sniffen George, painter and paper hanger, bds Riverside av cor Caldwell av

Snover Daniel F., bookkeeper and stenographer, bds 108 Penna av

Snover Ernest C., carriage trimmer, h 219 Caldwell av

Snyder Amanda, widow George W., h 210 Gregg

Snyder Benjamin M., fireman, bds 503 ½ Sullivan

Snyder Belle, bds 210 Gregg

Snyder B. F., agent, bds Pattison house

Snyder Charles, prop Eastern hotel, also railroad ticket broker, Railroad av opp Erie depot

Snyder Claude, pressman Telegram, h 380 Fulton

Snyder Edward, teamster, bds 504 Sullivan

Snyder Ella, domestic 399 W Water

Snyder Elias, rug dealer 208 W Hudson, h do

Snyder Elijah W., carpenter, h 761 E Market

Snyder Eunice M., widow Henry S., bds 100 Penna av

Snyder Florence, dressmaker, h 421 Columbia

Snyder Frank D., bartender, h 210 Gregg

Snyder George, laborer, h 224 Harriet

Snyder George W., fireman, bds 210 Gregg

Snyder Grace M., h 374 Fulton

Snyder Harry B., laborer, h 708 Winsor av

Snyder Helen, clerk 112 N Main, bds 210 Gregg

Snyder Herbert E., clerk 301,303 E Water, bds 421 Columbia

Snyder Howard D., clerk Durland & Pratt, bds 421 Columbia

Snyder Jacob L., clerk 301,303 E Water, bds 559 do

Snyder John, carpenter, h 421 Columbia

Snyder John, weaver Elmira woolen mill, h 503 Sullivan

Snyder Louise M., clerk 301,303 E Water, bds 559 do

Snyder Maggie, widow William, h 380 Fulton

Snyder Mertie, dressmaker, bds 514 W Gray

Snyder Peter, laborer, h Robinson cor Esty

Snyder Phillipin, widow Louis, h 557 E Water

SNYDER RALPH F., photographer 116 Baldwin

Snyder Rosa Mrs., h 713 Benjamin

Snyder Samuel, com trav, h 111 ½ Oak

Snyder William H., printer Telegram, h 380 Fulton

Soble Elias B., jeweler 504 E Water

Soble John J., trav salesman 504 E Water

Soble N. H. physician and surgeon 504 E Water, h do

Sobieckei Kate, domestic 262 W Chemung pl

Sobieckzi Mary, domestic 132 E Water

Sobieska Peter, laborer, h 103 E First

Soloman Abram, dealer in old metals 53 Washington av

Soloman Saba, dealer in old metals 53 Washington av

Soper Anna, student, bds 109 Columbia

Soper Belle, dressmaker, bds 405 Jefferson

Soper Cyrus F., flagman N C R R, h 405 Jefferson

Soper Darrius, h 913 S Main

Soper David, carpenter, h 460 W Hudson

Soper Eli, carpenter, bds 900 Maxwell av

Soper Frank C., flagman N C R R , h 57 S Main

Soper Fred, laborer, bds 107 W Second

Soper George W., 310 ½ W Fourth

Soper Ivaldia, conductor, h 383 S Main

Soper Ivan M., truckman N C R R , h 506 Jefferson

SOPER ROYAL R., business mgr also sec an treas The Gazette Co., h 109 Columbia

Soper Val, conductor N C R R , h 913 S Main

Soper Van. M., brakeman N C R R ., h 913 S Main

Southard Cornelia D., bds W s Maple av bet E Miller and Lemon

Southard Fred, bds W s Maple av bet E Miller and Lemon

Southard Jennie, bds W s Maple av bet E Miller and Lemon

Southard Stephen P., J H Clark’s chief horse trainer, h Maple av


Southern Tier Orphan’s Home, Franklin bet Fulton and Pleasant

Southport Plank Road Co., M H Arnot pres, office Chemung Canal bank bldg.

Southwick Jacob, milkman, bds 529 W Water

Souvey R. Charles, mailing clk post office, bds Park cor Lincoln

Spaulding Charles H., h 515 W Water

SPAULDING EDWARD C., restaurant 137 W Water, h do

Spalding Nellie E.,h 515 W Water

Spalsbury Edward F., foreman Richardons, h 703 E Market

Sparth Andrew, cabinet maker, bds 106 W Second

Spaulding Benjamin S., law student, bds 313 Baldwin

Spaulding Bert, carpenter, Riverside av cor Sly, h 166 Dewitt

Spaulding Betsey, widow Enos, bds 505 Franklin

Spaulding Charles C., painter, h 613 E Second

Spaulding Charles F., foreman bds 355 Norton

Spaulding Edwin S., compositor Telegram, h 636 Winsor av

Spaulding Ella N., widow Henry C., h 310 Maple av

Spaulding F. H., carpenter, bds Southport corners

Spaulding Frank,carpenter,h 355 Norton

Spaulding Fred B., doormaker, h 1310 Benton

SPAULDING HARLEY G., agent Adams Express Co., bds 2 Main St bridge

Spaulding Henry , fireman N C R R , bds 378 Baty

SPAULDING H. C. & CO., (C E Rapelyea) sash, door and blind manuf also coal and lumber dealer

E Fifth cor State

Spaulding Henry C., (H C Spaulding & Co.) h 357 N Main

Spaulding Henry S., fireman N C R R , bds 61 First

Spaulding Joseph S., real estate, h 376 W Clinton

Spaulding Julius F., carpenter, h 505 Franklin

Spaulding Kate, nurse, bds 315 William

Spaulding Kate S., bds 300 Maple av

Spaulding Margaret, widow Dr. Sylvester, h 157 High

Spaulding Mary C., widow charles H., h 300 Maple av

Spaulding Rosa, widow Isaac, bds 61 First

Spaulding Sylvester, clerk Goodrich, Main cor W Water, bds 315 William

Spaulding Thomas S., h Broadway cor College av

Spaulding William M., helper, Erie round house, bds 157 High

Spaulding William W., carpenter, h 331 Norton

Spear Guy V., emp Wyckoff pipe works, h 332 S Broadway

Spear Lizzie P., dressmaker 332 S Broadway, h do

Spear Maria, widow Barney, bds 332 S Broadway

Spence David, shoemaker, h 117 Grove

Spence Thomas, bookkeeper T Briggs & Co, h 531 W Gray

Spencer Ada M., bds 1307 Pratt

Spencer Burdette, emp Reformatory, h 667 College av

Spencer Charles T., sashmaker Fitch & Aldrich, h 910 Standish

Spencer Electa, widow George S., h 422 W Fourth

Spencer Etta, saddlemaker, bds 1134 Lake

Spencer Frank A., carpenter, bds 422 W Fourth

Spencer Guy R., stenographer, bds 422 W Fourth

Spencer Herbert A., carpenter, bds 1307 Pratt

Spencer John, laborer, h 108 Harmon

Spencer Martha, widow Alvin T., h 378 Baty

Spencer Morris, carpenter, h 513 N Main

Spencer N. Ernest, clerk 204 E Water, bds 900 Oak

Spencer Newell H., painter, h 900 Oak

Spencer R.E., sexton, h 309 E Fifth

Spencer Theodore C., carpenter, h 1307 Pratt

Spencer V., guard reformatory, h college av

Spencer Wallace, laborer, h 101 Franklin

Spencer William H., brakeman, h 607 S Main

Spencer Willis, laborer, bds 101 Franklin

Sperl William, bartender 162 Lake, bds do

Sperry Carlton D., machinist,bds 551 Coburn

SPERRY ROBERT T., trav agt pianos, organs and sewing machines, store 116 and 118 N Main,

H 214 W First

Sperry Samuel J., brakeman N C R R , h 551 Coburn

Spikerman Levi B., carpenter, h 223 Dewitt

Spillan Anna E., clerk 311 E Water, bds 608 do

Spillan Danie, bricklayer, bds Pattinson house

Spillan John, shoemaker S Main at railroad crossing, h 608 E Water

Spillan John jr., clerk 400 S Main, bds 608 E Water

Spillan Margaret 66 Penna av, bds do

Spillan Mary, clerk 311 E Water, bds 608 do

Spillan Nellie, dressmaker, bds 136 E Chemung pl

Spillane Jeremiah, laborer, bds 256 W Hudson

Spillane Jeremiah jr., tailor 118 E Water, bds 256 W Hudson

Spink George C., slater, h 208 Horner

Spink Smith E., carpenter, bds 107 E Church

Spires Anthony, laborer Weyer’s brick yard, bds 716 Oak

Spinney Sarah A., widow Stillman, bds 351 W Sixth

Splarm Mary, domestic 562 E Water

Spooner Eliza, bds 528 W First

Sprague Charles, h Cotton n D L & W R R

Sprague Elbert A., brakeman D L & W R R ,h 122 Carpenter

Sprague Harvey O., shipping clerk Spaulding’s, h 951 Walnut

Sprague Jonas, delivery clerk,bds 219 Penna av

Sprague LeRoy, butcher, bds 219 Penna av

Sprague Rebecca A. Mrs., h 513 W Fourth

SPRING GEORGE H., agt Fidelity Mutual Insurance Co., 114 Baldwin, h 125 Caldwell av

Springer Ann, widow Vincent, h 719 Dickinson

Springer Sebastian, laborer, bds 119 W Henry

Springer Silver, emp Gardner’s bottling works, h 717 Benjamin

SQUIRE CHARLES L., physician and surgeon 409 E Church, h do

Squire Evaline M., widow Reuben F., h 517 W Second

Squire Grace A., widow T H , bds 409 E Church

Squire William F., policeman Erie depot, h 517 W Second

Squires Charity, widow, h 221 W Chemung pl

Squires A.Edna, (Kingsbury & Squires), h 221 W Chemung pl

Squires Edna A., bds 221 W Chemung pl

Squires Malbrow H., laborer, h 214 Harmon

Squires Wilmot M., emp Sheeley’s tannery, h 500 W Hudson

Srigg Charles B., carriagemaker, h 807 Railroad av

Stabell Louis, barber 507 Railroad av, h Webbs Mills

Stack Edward E., veterinary surgeon, bds Pattinson house

Stacey William, fireman D L & W R R , h 363 ½ Norton

Stackhouse Grant W., bds 622 W Water

Stafford Harry, brakeman D L & W R R , h 908 Oak

Stafford Joseph S., conductor D L & W R R ., bds 363 Norton

Stafford Julia, widow Andrew J., domestic 407 Jefferson

Stage Charles, teamster, h 524 William

Stage Convers, h Copley n Carr’s Corners

Stage Edward, slater, h 132 W Water

Stage Edward, painter, h 569 E Water

Stage Helen, widow Chauncey,h 1109 Davis

Stage Isaac, laborer, h 1104 Walnut

Stage Isaac H., carpenter, h 1112 Ovid

Stage Jacob, laborer, h 718 Sullivan

Stage James, coachman, h 408 Third

Stage Myra, domestic 108 Hudson

Stage Millie, widow Howard, laborer, h 50 High, river bank

Stage Reuben, painter, bds 1112 Ovid

Stage Rexford J., wheelright, West Hill n Carr’s Corners

Stagg Charles T., telegrapher, h 213 W Chemung pl

Stagg Cornelia, widow J., h 700 E Market

STAGG S.F., physician and surgeon, 151 W Third, hdo

Stalt Carrie, operative, 125 W Water

Stalter Ada, laundress 440 E Water, bds do

Stalter Mary, waitress Buckbee house, bds do

Stalter Sarah J., widow Lewis, laundry 440 E Water, h do

Stamp DeForest, photographer 110 and 112 W Water, bds 113 W Water

Stamp Peter P., barber, h 113 W Water

Stampp Adam (Scornstheimer & Stampp), bds 524 Lake

Stanard Augustus, clerk 605 E Second

Stanchfield Glovina S., widow John K., h 111 N Main

Stanchfield John B., (Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin), h Main cor First

Stanchfield Mary K., bds 313 Lake

Stancliff Edwin E., real estate,h 240 Lake

STANKIEWICR LUDWIK, saloon 624 Baldwin, h do

Stanley George E., general dealer, h 533 W Water

Stanley Grace, helper 157 Baldwin, bds do

Stanley Mary, cook 218 First

Stanley Rufus, sec’y Y M C A , bds 511 E Union

Stannard Augustus, milk dealer, h 605 E Second

Stannard Hanna A., widow Benjamin, h 605 E Second

Stannard Jennie, bds 518 Lake

Stannard Jennie A., bds 719 College av

Stanton Carl B., laborer, bds LaFrance n Erie

Stanton George L., laborer, h New n Reformatory

Stanton Nina, student, bds 1207 Benton

Stanton Seth E., cigars and candy, Baldwin cor Norton, h 1353 Baldwin

Stanton Wilbur H., carpenter, h 1207 Benton

Stanton William T., teamster, h r 522 Penna av

Staples Howard, conductor D L & W R R , h 1124 Lake

Staples Noble L., engineer E C & N R R , h 312 W Fifth

Stapleton Clarence, boilermaker, bds 463 Powell

Stapleton Esther, widow Patrick, h 463 Powell

Stapleton Henry, cigarmaker, bds 463 Powell

Stapleton John, h 102 S Second

Stapleton Patrick, nickel plater, bds 102 S Second

Stapleton Thomas, butcher, bs 463 Powell

Stapleton William, engineer N C R R , h 104 S Second

Stapleton William, printer Gazette, bds 923 Powell

Star Carpet Cleaner, George Backer, mgr, 664 Oak

Star Dining Hall, George A. Hisserick, prop, 317 Carroll

Starweather George W., hotel clerk, bds 362 Diven av

Starick Edward C., mason, h 655 ½ Lake

Staring Jerome W., restaurant E Market, h 216 ½ Madison av

State Armory, E Church

States Fannie L., widow Herman C., h 316 South av

States Mary Mrs., h 515 College av

States Miner M., coachman, h 515 College av

Staub Catharine, h 426 E Water

Staub John, paper hanger, bds 509 Railroad av

Staub Kate Mrs., laundress, h 418 E Water

Stauch George H., clerk, h 554 Coburn

Stauch Lewis E., painter , bds 554 Coburn

Stauch Marguerite E., music teacher, bds 554 Coburn

Stauch Ruth, widow Lewis G., h 554 Coburn

Stauffer Luther D., baker, bds 510 Main

St Clair Alfred B., carpenter, 417 Main

St Clair Ella, widow William, h, 100 W Chemung pl

St Clair Lizzie, bds 100 W Chemung pl

Stearns John H., clerk Blossburg Coal Co., bds 110 W Market

Stearns Joseph A., laborer, h 1407 Benton

Stedge Amelia, widow Clark H., h 50 High

Steege Charles, tailor 58 Orchard, h do

Steege Charles E., tailor 58 Orchard,

Steeples Martha A. Mrs., widow John, h 605 E Church

Steepleton Henry, cigarmaker, bds 463 Powell

Steere Charles S., boot treer, h 133 W Water

Steffen Amelia, domestic 111 Penna av

Steele Esther, widow J Dorman, h 352 W Clinton

Steele Frank, carpenter, bds 517 Fulton

Steele Fred C., h 355 W Church

Steiger Mame, dressmaker, bds 1013 Oak

Steiger Michael, laborer, h 1013 Oak

Steiger W. Harry, mgr Reid & Cooper, bds 312 William

Steiger William H., foreman, bds 312 William

Steigmeier Fred, baker 107 College av, h 550 John

Stein Henry, carpenter, h 713 Dickinson

Steinberger George, engineer, h 407 Herrick

Steinberger Lucy A., bds 407 Herrick

Steinberger Sarah S., bds 407 Herrick

Steinhauser George, tailor 321 E Water, bds Elmira house

Steinhauser George H., tailor, h 108 Orchard

Steinhauser George W., merchant tailor 113 Baldwin, h 108 Orchard

Steinhauser Henry E., clerk Erie fgt office, h 108 Orchard

Steinhauser William J., tailor 113 Baldwin, bds 108 Orchard

Stempel Christopher, porter Elmira house

Stempfle John, peddler S H Laney, h 509 Dewitt

Stotski Fred, laborer, h 1019 Oak

Stephenss Brace W.,clerk 113 W Water, h 375 do

Stephens B.W., Mrs., artist and teacher, 375 W Water

Stephens Carrie I., bds 331 E Water

Stephens Charles, bds 331 E Water

Stephens Emma, bds 110 E Water

Stephens Fenton, carpenter, h 514 W Gray

Stephens George O., painter, h 361 Davis pl

Stephens Geraldine, widow Hezekiah, h 110 E Water

Stephens Gertrude, student, bds 752 E Church

Stephens Homer H., carpenter, h 520 W Clinton

Stephens John, h 230 Lake

Stephens Margaret E., bds 230 Lake

Stephens May, student, bds 752 E Church

Stephens Sarah, widow Charles, h 331 E Water

Stephens William B., printer, bds 375 W Water

Stephens William H., clerk Rathbun house, h 752 E Church

Stephenson Helen I., widow John L., boarding 417 E Market

Stephenson John jr., student, bds 616 Columbia

Sterling Cassie F., student, bds 654 College av

Sterling Charles H., meat market 363 Davis, h 436 W Fourth

Sterling Henry H., com trav, h 654 College av

Sterling John M., fireman N C R R , h 622 Lewis

Sterling Margaret, widow John M., h 112 Fulton

Sterling William T., bookkeeper 615 Railroad av, h 906 College av

Sterigere Abbie Mrs., domestic 356 W Fourth

Stenmpfle John, peddler, h 509 Dewitt

Stenmpfle John, steamfitter Walker’s, h 217 ½ Gregg

Stevens Alma, widow David, dressmaker, h 78 Penna av

Stevens Charles, farmer, h 569 E Water

STEVENS CHARLES F., bicycles 218 W Water, bds 416 W Gray

Stevens C.S., trav salesman,bds 109 W Second

Stevens Emma, milliner 107 S. Main, bds 209 E Church

Stevens Frank W., trav agt Slaymaker & Holmes, h 754 E Water

STEVENS LaFAYETTE , doctor of the feet 135 E Water, h 416 W Gray

Stevenson E. Louise, matron Home for Aged, bds do

Stevenson George S., salesman, h 359 ½ W Second

Stevenson Leander, h 1116 Ovid

Stevenson Thomas R., Home for Aged

Stewart Cora, dressmaker, bds 610 Dickinson

Stewart George, hostler, bds Chemung house

Stewart Gregg J., clerk Durland & Pratt, bds 660 W Gray

Stewart James, engineer L V R R ., h 469 W Gray

Stewart John J., flagman Erie R R , h 355 W Fourth

Stewart Laura, bds 514 Penna av

Stewart May, bds 469 W Gray

Stewart Minnie, domestic 262 Baldwin

Stewart Stella R., bds 332 E Water

Stewart Thomas H., sexton, h 607 Dickinson

Stewart Walter F., laborer, bds 607 Dickinson

Stickles Clinton E., conductor N Y L E & W R R ., h, 813 E Second

Stickney Albert L., switchman D L & W R R , h 217 Thurston

Stiffey W. K., music teacher, bds 104 College av

Stigeler Anna, bds 502 Madison av

Stiger Harry, bookkeeper, bds 503 Lake

Stiles Burt, compositor Gazette, h 211 Maple av

Stiles Carrington R., college preparatory school W Gray n Park Church, h 616 Columbia

Stiles George S., laborer, h 211 Maple av

Stiles Isaac, shoemaker 213 W Water, h 211 Maple av

Stiles Isaac P., shoemaker, h 201 W Henry

Stiles Mary E C , druggist 365 Davis, h do

Stiles Maria, dressmaker, h 305 Fulton

Stiles Nergie A., clerk 365 Davis,bds do

Stiles Oliver D., physician and druggist 208 E Waer, h 365 Davis

Stiles Oliver S., clerk 315 E Water, bds 365 Davis

Stiles Samuel S., compositer Advertizer, h 212 Gregg

Stiles William, laborer, h 407 Railroad av

Still Charles, coachman Maple av n limits

Stillman Claude L., treas J. Landgon & Co., incorporated, h 213 W First

Stills William, laborer, h 358 Baldwin

Stilson William, boot and shoemaker and repairer 404 E Market,bds 1319 ½ Lake

Stilwell Mary A., bds First ab Randall av

Stilwell J. Willard, bookkeeper 368 W Clinton, bds 314 do

Stine Caroline, clerk 301-305 E Water, bds 80 Walnut

Stinson Joseph, teamster Reformatory, bds do

St John Helen I., widow Edgar, h 407 W Church

St John James, laborer, h 513 Sullivan

Stobo John, boots and shoes 202 E Water, h do

Stockdale Richard R., ins agent, bds 310 E Church

Stoddard Emma, dressmaker, bds 109 E Henry

Stoddard Jesse, laborer, bds 158 Broadway

Stokes Gilbert, bartender 137 W Water

Stoll Abraham, grocer 417 S Main, h do

Stoll Adam B., shoemaker 601 E Church, h do

Stoll Anna, clerk 417 S Main

Stoll Donlevey F., foreman, h 813 E Church

Stoll Hannah, bds 417 S Main

Stolle George, clerk McCaffrey & Inscho, bds Patterson house

Stone Augusta, student, bds 260 W Chemung pl

Stone Burt L., stenographer N Y L E & W R R , bds 323 W Clinton

Stone Carry E., clerk Dey Bros., bds 80 Walnut

Stone Charles (Stone & Sittenfield), h 113 High

Stone David J., bds 405 W Second

Stone Etta, dressmaker, bds 709 E Church

Stone Eva L., student, bds 531 W First

Stone George C., clerk 500 Main, bds 410 do

Stone H.A. clerk Erie depot, bds 323 W Clinton

Stone H. D. (Chase, Hibbard Milling Co.,) h Rochester, N Y

Stone Lizzie J. C., bds 80 Walnut

Stone Loren L., canvasser, h 416 Carroll

Stone Myron C., machinist, h 357 Walnut

Stone R. L., engineer Elmira college, bds do

Stone Russell O., carpenter Erie car shops, h 80 Walnut

Stone Samuel F., machinist, bds 80 Walnut

Stone & Sittenfield, (Charles Stone and Joseph Sittenfield) boots and shoes 112 E Water

Stone Soloman J., grocer 531 W First, h do

Stooks Gilbert, driver, h 415 W Water

Stooks Gilbert B., bartender, h 218 Spring

Stooks Henry, laborer Sheeley’s tannery, h 106 High

Storch Anna, domestic 105 Columbia

Storms Colvin W., laborer, h 208 Hudson

Storms John, teamster, h 305 Tuttle av

Story Sarah, h 656 Dickinson

Storms J. L., guard reformatory, bds do

Statenbur Frank A., clerk Durland & Pratt, h 108 Hoffman

Stouch George, clerk, bds Coburn

Stout Jacob, laborer, h 412 E Market

Stover Cora, domestic 705 Jay

Stover James, shoemaker, h 606 Baldwin

Stover Nancy Mrs., domestic Maple av n E Miller

Stover Nancy Mrs., h 501 Madison av

Stover Sarah, widow William, h 755 Jay

Stowell Charles M., contractor, bds 319 William

Stowell Eugene, clerk, bds 710 N Main

Stowell Francis A., (C W Young & Co.) h 551 E Church

Stowell Fred R., clerk 307 E Water, bds 551 E Church

Stowell George, clerk, bds Patterson house

Stowell Guy, carpenter, h 527 Mt Zoar

Stowell Howard H., carpenter, h 259 Gardiners av

STOWELL JAMES H., conductor L V R R , h, 710 N Main

Stowell Mary E., private teacher, bds 657 Park pl

STOWELL RUFUS R., grocer, also dry goods, 600 Penna av, h 553 E Church

Stowell William D., carpenter, h 407 Locust

Stowell William H., (Stowell & Young), h 415 E Church

STOWELL & YOUNG, (W H S and J Y) merchant tailors 308 E Water

Stowes William H.,farmer, bds Hoffman

Strader Edith, stenographer, bds 152 Madison av

Strader Eliza, widow Alfred, h 1553 Lake

Strader Fannie E., widow John P., h Norton cor Baldwin

Strader Rachel, widow Jacob, dressmaker 152 Madison av, h do

Strachen John, blacksmith Lake cor E Fifth, h 1122 Lake

Strait Annie, bds 261 Baldwin

Strait DeCoral, clerk 303 E Water, bds 217 ½ Lormore

Strait David, laborer, h 261 Baldwin

Strait Emily J. Mrs., boarding 261 Baldwin

Strait James, shoemaker, bds 261 Baldwin

Strait John H., cashier Erie frt office, h 705 Davis

Strait Lena May, bds 158 W Fourth

Strait Milton, milkman, bds 529 W Water

Strait Myrtie, widow Martin V., h 130 W Water

Strait Orrey D., drayman 409 Railroad av, h 356 W Third

Strait William G., Clipper Chilled Plow Co., h 158 W Fourth

Strait William N., milkman, bds 529 W Water

Strang Henry W., clerk 305 E Water, h 397 W Water

Strang Kathrine M., h 397 W Water

Strat Will, laborer, bds 617 Lake

Stratton Abram B., engineer N C R R , h 518 Jefferson

Stratton Charles S., boilermaker, bds 469 South av

Stratton Jackson A., lumberman, h 469 South av

Stratton Robert L., mason, h 603 Dickinson

Stratton William G., flagman N C R R , h 712 Giltenan

Strauss Fanny, bds 463 E Water

Strauss Harvey J., cigarmaker 95 Penna av, h 112 E Henry

STRAUSS HERMAN, clothier and merchant tailor, 205 E Water, h 112 Madison av

Strauss Herman L., bookkeeper Sheehan, Dean & Co., bds 461 E Water

Strauss Max, student, bds 463 E Water

Strauss Rachel, widow Louis, h 463 E Water

Strecher Charles, currier Sheeley’s tannery, h 768 E Fifth

Street Harry, laborer, h 463 Lake av

Street Thorton, coachman, bds 820 W Water

Streeter Charles, brakeman D L & W R R , h 762 Day

Streeter Mary A., widow Oscar, bds 122 E Hudson

Streets Jesse, laborer, h 111 W Fifth

Striker Jane Mrs., h 112 Davis

Striker William, laborer, h 321 S Main

Strode James, master mechanic N C R R , h 410 S Main

Stroman Charles P., painter Nicks cor Exchamge pl

Strong Charles H., fireman N C R R h 723 Kenyon

Strong Pamelia M., bds 104 Brand

Strong Sarah, widoe Dennis, h 715 Dickinson

Strong William, laborer, h 166 Harriett

Strouse Christiann, widow Valentine, h Southport corners

Strouse Jacob, teamster, h 408 Standish

Strouse Harvey H., farming and teaming, h 521 W Hill

Strouse Joseph E., farmer, h 521 W Hill

Struppler George A., h Norton cor Baldwin

Struppler Lizzie, burler woolen factory, bds 759 Carpenter

Stryker James, agent, bds Elmira house

Stryker Rachel, widow Abraham, bds 414 Main

STRYKER SIMEON S., upholstering 428 E Water, bds 756 E Market

Stuart Anna M., 418 William

Stuart & Beach, (C B S and W A B) merchant tailors 304 E Water

Stuart Chares B., (Stuart & Beach) h 418 William

Stuart Charles H., propr Stuart Medicine Co., h 1319 ½ Lake

Stuart Medicine Co., 1319 ½ Lake

Stuart Ryerson H., 863 Lake

Stuempfle Frederick, machinist, h 707 Benjamin

Stull Fred, student, bds 218 Caldwell av

Sturch Anna, widow William , h 225 Thurston

Sturdevant Alva D., carpenter, h 419 Herrick

Sturdevant Lewis J., (Beadle & Sturdevant), h 454 W First

Sturdevant Stephen W., brakeman D L & W R R , h 1216 Baldwin

Sturgess Colton, laborer, h 370 S Main

Stutzle Frederick, laborer h 1019 Oak

Styles Robert E.,laborer, h 602 ½ South av

Sucsmihl Robert, barber 105 Baldwin, h John

Suess Philip, barber 165 Lake, h 214 Orchard

Suffern Eliza, Home for the Aged

Suffern Fannie, bds 323 W Church

Suffern James E., clerk 322 W Fifth, h 516 W Clinton

Sugden James, carpenter, h 419 W Fourth

Suliman John, laborer, bds 113 E Church

Sullivan Ann, widow Dennis, bds 201 ½ W Miller

Sullivan Anna, domestic 511 E Union

Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, h 311 S Broadway

Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, bds 408 Herrick

Sullivan Bridget, widow John, h 216 Chestnut

Sullivan Bridget, bds 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Bridget, dressmaker, bds 327 River

Sullivan Bridget, seamstress, bds 463 W Third

Sullivan Charles, carpenter, h 758 Day