Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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PAGE 412

Tice, Thomas E., machinist, h 815 W Gray

Tichnar, Benjamin, brakeman, rooms 134 W Fourth

Tichnar, Benjamin, brakeman Erie R R, bds 105 N Main

Tidd, Charles, building mover, h 217 W Henry

Tidd, Edward K., paymaster N C R R, h 453 Spaulding

Tidd, Grant, laborer, h 217 W Henry

Tidd, Horton, real estate 321 Carroll, bds 706 W Water

Tierney, Catharine, widow Joseph, h 118 Washington

Tierney, Honora, widow Daniel, h 706 Hatch

Tierney, James, clerk, h 521 Logan

Tierney, James W., engineer D L & W R R, h 1215 Maxwell av

Tierney, Kittie A., tailoress 115 Railroad av, bds 118 Washington

Tierney, M. Ellen, tailoress 115 Railroad av, bds 118 Washington

Tierney, Nora, dressmaker, bds 706 Hatch

Tifft, David E., laborer, h 803 1-2 E Water

Tifft, George B., drayman, h 857 E Water

Tigue, James, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 220 Thurston

Tillinghast, Dell, com trav, bds 104 College av

Tillinghast, Emma Mrs., canvasser, h 800 N Main

Tillinghast, Hurbert F., trav agt, h 511 Columbia

Tillman, Bertha, operator Tel Ex, bds 220 Orchard

Tillman, Byron E., apprentice 265 E Church, bds 220 Orchard

Tillman, John M., mason, h 220 Orchard

TILLMAN, JOHN M., harness, saddles and trunks 214 E Water, h 218 High

Tillman, John M. jr., clerk 214 E Water, h 519 W Clinton

Tillson, Carrie E. agt., h Tuttle av n East av

PAGE 413

Tillson, Charles, laborer, h r 969 East av

Tilson, James, machinist, bds 203 Caldwell av

Tincklepaugh, John, farmer, h Hillside Farm W limits

Tincklepaugh, Levi G., broker room 6 Opera block, h Hillside Farm W limits

Tinklepaugh, Simon P., conductor N C R R, h 162 S Elm

Tinkler, Mary A., domestic 323 W Clinton

Tippett, Charles, gardener, h 525 S Broadway

Tipple, David, laborer, h 518 State

Titman, Marshall N., clerk 146 W Water, rooms 403 W Water

Titus, Charles H., (Smith & Titus) h 212 W Water

Titus, George R., painter, h 713 Casey

Titus, Ira A., clerk 222 W Water, bds 212 W Water

Toan, Thomas H., steward Elmira college, h 862 N Main

Tobey, Aaron, mason, h 314 S Broadway

Tobey, Alonzo J., shoe finisher, h 200 College av

Tobey, Benjamin B., laborer, bds E s S Broadway

Tobey, Burr G., baker, bds E s S Broadway, n limits

Tobey, Clara, bds 858 N Main

Tobey, George E., mason, h 14 Pine

Tobey, Joseph W., clerk, h 858 N Main

Tobey, Minnie, teacher, bds 858 N Main

Tobey, Morgan G., mason, h W s S Broadway n limits

Tobey, Nathan, laborer, h W s S Broadway n limits

Tobey, Ruth R., bds W s S Broadway n limits

Tobin, Alice M., clerk 134 W Water, bds 106 Orchard

Tobin, Anna, bds 502 Columbia

Tobin, Bessie, clerk 134 W Water, bds 106 Orchard

Tobin, Catharine, dressmaker, bds 106 Orchard

Tobin, Edward R., cooper, h 106 Orchard

Tobin, John, draughtsman 118 Lake, bds 502 Columbia

Tobin, Nora A., dressmaker, bds 106 Orchard

Tobin, Patrick, carpenter, h r 502 Columbia

Tobin, Patrick, printer Gazette, bds 106 Gazette

Todd, Alexander, laborer, bds 613 S Main

Todd, Fred L., floor walker 301-303 E Water, h 327 Baldwin

Todd, Samuel, laborer, bds 613 S Main

Todd, William G., brakeman, 628 Lewis

Tolbert, LaFayette, teamster, h 812 W Gray

Toles, Claude E., clerk 311 E Water, bds 1306 Maxwell av

Toles, Estella M. Mrs, dressmaker, h 1306 Maxwell av

Toliver, Lewis V., hostler, h 715 Perry

Tomlinson, Charles, photographer cor Railroad av and E Water, h 1007 Walnut

Tomlinson, Delinda B., widow S. B., h 422 W First

Tomlinson, Eugene I., clerk State cor Nicks, bds 513 Davis

PAGE 414

Tomlinson, Fred C., asst electrician N Y & Pa Tel and Tel Co., bds 1007 Walnut

Tomlinson, Genie I., chief clerk N Y & Pa Tel and Tel Co, h 513 Davis

Tomlinson, Orrilla T., bds 513 Davis

Tomlinson, William, machinist, h 513 Davis

Tomowski, Fred, laborer, h 962 E Clinton

Tompkins, Charles M., ( C M & R Tompkins), h 124 W Second

Tompkins, Cornelius B., trav agt T C Northcott, h 370 W Church

TOMPKINS, C. M. & R., wholesale grocers 354-356 State

TOMPKINS, FASSETT & CROCKER, ( W W Tompkins, L D Tompkins, H L Fassett and E B Crocker), wholesale grocers 656 and 666 State

Tompkins, Fred, brakeman N C R R, bds 315 Baty

Tompkins, Phineas C., harness maker 204 E Water, h 565 do

Tompkins, Ray, ( C M & R Tompkins, h 124 W Second

Tompkins, Solomon, painter, h 409 W Third

Tompkins, Stewart D., ( Tompkins, Fassett & Crocker), h 117 Columbia

Tompkins, William W., ( Tompkins, Fassett & Crocker), bds 360 W Church

Tompwsky, Marcous, peddler, h 761 John

Tong, James R., teamster, h 415 Walnut

Tong, Thomas W., carpenter, h 217 W Second

Toohey, John, gasmaker, h Washington av cor Baldwin

Tooker, Clarissa J., widow Reuben R., bds 316 Webber pl

Tooker, Hyman S., tailor, h 517 N Main

Tooker, Jared Y., shoemaker, bds 510 W Clinton

Toole, Charles H., clerk 142 E Water, bds 714 do

Toole, Edward J., bookkeeper 142 E Water, bds 714 do

Toole, Mary, widow John, h 714 E Water

Toole, Margaret, bds 714 E Water

Toole, William D., clerk 142 E Water, bds 714 do

Toomey, Frank T., barber 169 Baldwin, bds 500 E Clinton cor Madison av

Toomey, John B., carpenter, bds 500 E Clinton cor Madison av

Toomey, Lulu M., tailoress, bds 500 E Clinton

Topping, Benjamin F., trav agt Lunn tobacco farm, h 55 Hoffman

Torpy, John, laborer, bds 302 Washington av

Tousey, L. Elizabeth, widow Rev Thomas, h 515 Walnut

Tousey, Fanny C., bds 515 Walnut

Tow, Edward, machinist, bds 620 Lewis

Towel, Ted, machinist, bds 503 1-2 Sullivan

Towner, Augustus P., expressman, h 816 W Gray

Towner & DeLancey, ( A P Towner and D C DeLancy), mail carriers and expressman 301-303 E Water

Towner, Emma R., widow King J., h 417 Herrick

Towner, Emma A., dressmaker 417 Herrick, bds do

PAGE 415

Towner, F. Henrietta Mrs., dressmaker 126 E Water, h 816 W Gray

Towner, George L., cigarmaker, bds 457 E Water

Towner, Kitty E., saleslady 311 E Water, bds 417 Herrick

Towner, Lettie E., dressmaker, bds 417 Herrick

Towner, Merton J., machinist, bds 816 W Gray

Towner, O. Frank, brakeman N C R R, bds 417 Herrick

Townsend, Alexander, foreman S H Laneys, h 512 DeWitt

Townsend, Eleanor, teacher, bds 512 DeWitt

Townsend, Fred D., trav salesman, h 79 Walnut

Townsend, Hezekiah D., laborer, h 13 Home

Townsend, Hezakiah D., stone mason, h 416 E Water

Townsend, Maria, widow John, h 148 W Water

Townsend, Peter M. C., brickmaker, h 363 W Fourth

Townsend, Thomas, clerk Railroad av opp Erie depot, bds do

Townsend, Wilbur, clerk S Ayers & Son, bds 512 Dewitt

Townsend, William T., clerk 335 E Water

Tracy, Arthur W., machinist, bds 2 Lemon

Tracy, Dennis, laborer, bds 800 Hatch

Tracey, James, laborer, bds 800 Hatch

Tracy, Julia A., widow Nathan N., h 210 W Third

Tracy, Katie, domestic 243 Lake

Tracy, Minerva M. Mrs., h 233 W Water

Tracy, Minnie, widow John, h 860 Hatch

Tracy, Patrick J., machinist, bds 109 Caldwell av

Tracy, William, fireman, h 363 Norton

Trainer, James, constable, h 820 Canal

Trainer, Owen, laborer, bds r 1401 Baldwin

Trainor, James, laborer, h 1401 Baldwin

Trainor, James B., letter carrier, h 113 South av

Traub, Wolf, peddler, bds 106 Sullivan

Trautman, Fred E., school of commerce, bds 408 Spaulding

Traver, Harry F., clerk, bds 409 Davis

Traver, John, brakeman D L & W R R, h 917 Benton

Traver, John, laborer, h 804 Hatch

Traver, Sarah, widow William, bds 804 Hatch

Traver, William E., laborer, h 409 Davis

Travis, Ambrose, brakeman, h 710 Giltanan

Traynor, Mary, domestic 208 Washington

Treadwell, Hezekiah D., bds 505 Magee

Treat, Curtis, flagman N C R R, h 254 South av

Treat, Mary, nurse, 509 Lake

Treat, Temperance, widow Ansel, h College av cor Park entrance

Tremain, George W., milkman, h 1013 Lincoln

Tremain, Warren S., h 557 Coburn

Tremble, Kate, dressmaker, bds 308 Orchard

PAGE 416

Trembly, Ella G., compositor Gazette, bds 317 DeWitt

Trent, Daniel, laborer, h 666 Dickinson

Trescott, Ida L., teacher sch No. 3, bds 360 W Gray

Trescott, Jonathan W., carriage trimmer, h 360 W Gray

Trescott, Seth M., bookkeeper Rathbun estate, Baldwin, h 360 W Gray

Trimble, George T., machinist, bds 451 Penna av

Tripp, Edward D., engineer E C & N R R, h 307 W Fifth

Trix, Mary, widow Robert, h W Hudson cor Fulton

Trost, George, shoemaker 360 Davis, h 810 W Gray

TROUT BROS. ( J M T and W H T), livery and hack stables, 107 Fox

Trout, Fannie A., bds 107 Madison av

Trout, George M., painter, h 268 W Chemung pl

Trout, George W., carpenter, h 812 E Church

Trout, Isaac L., conductor D L & W R R, h 331 E Center

Trout, John M., ( Trout Bros.), h 812 E Church

Trout, Miles, blacksmith and wagon maker, 450 E Water, h 107 Madison av

Trout, William H., ( Trout Bros.), Fox, liveryman, bds 812 E Church

True, Robert H., engineer D L & W R R, h 1321 Maxwell av

Truesdell, Anna, widow George L., h 375 W Church

Trzyurnsik, A., laborer, h 668 Baldwin

Tschan, Philip, saloon, 605 Lake, h do

Tubbs, Alta, dressmaker, room 204 College av

Tubbs, Andrew, clerk 254 and 256 State, bds 803 Magee

Tubbs, Charles, emp N C R R freight house, h 5 Burdick

Tubbs, Harriet K., widow Henry, h 628 Penna av

Tubbs, Harrison K., chief clerk N C R R office, h 207 W Hudson

Tubbs, Sibyl G., bds 628 Penna av

Tubbs, William, cashier D L & W R R freight office, bds 204 College av

Tubberty, Bid, domestic 218 First

Tuberty, Ella, widow Thomas, h 859 Davis

Tuberty, Martin, laborer, bds 859 Davis

Tuberty, Mary, domestic 374 W Church

Tuch, Morris, cutter J W Carroll's, h 550 E Second

Tuch, Sarah G., bds 550 E Second

Tucker, James M., lawyer, h 203 Horner

Tucker, Mark, manager provision dept Tompkins, Fassett & Crocker, h Corning

Tumpowsky, Mire, peddler, h 153 Sullivan

Tumpowsky, Mox, peddler, h 761 John

Tunison, Ophelia, h 116 Sullivan

Turk, Richard, helper 157 Baldwin

Turnbull, Alexander Z., ( Turnbull Bros), h 206 W Sixth

Turnbull, Jenny E., widow William P., h 321 W Clinton

PAGE 417

Turnbull Bros., ( A Z and estate of M A) boot and shoe manuf W Fourth cor Railroad av

Turnbull, John D., bookkeeper, bds 200 W Sixth

Turner, Alexander S., ( Canadian Lumber Co), h 1305 College av

Turner, David, gardener, h 621 E Third

Turner, Edward B., printer 636 W Water, h do

Turner, Eugene, brakeman L V R R, h 430 W Fifth

Turner, Eva L., clerk Mrs Flannagans, bds 419 Standish

Turner, George J., teamster, h 753 E Water

Turner, George O., laborer bridge works, bds 107 Sly

Turner, John, fireman D L & W , bds 414 Standish

Turner, John H., fireman, h 408 Clinton

Turner, Lawrence A., mgr Canadian Lumber Co limited, Benton h 960 Lake

Turner, Robert T., ( Turner & VanDuzer) h 419 W Church

Turner, Simeon, laborer, bds 711 Dickinson

Turner, Thomas W., fireman D L & W, h 410 E Washington av

Turner, Thomas, laborer, h 717 Dickinson

Turner, William, teamster, h 414 Standish

TURNER & VANDUZER, ( R T T and E C VanD), lawyers 218 E Water

Turner, William, saloon 103 E Miller, h do

Tuthill, Bartlett C., laborer, bds 945 Lincoln

Tuthill, Clark, doormaker, bds 622 W Water

Tuthill, Francis G., grocer, h 945 Lincoln

Tuthill, Henry C., laborer, bds 945 Lincoln

Tuthill, Marinda, widow Daniel, bds 417 E Market

Tuthill, Theodore R., lawyer 159 Lake, bds 307 Penna av

Tuton, Ann J., widow George, h 501 Davis

Tuton, Anna M., matron sanitarium 1019 East av, bds do

Tuton, Mamie, clerk tel ex, h 501 Davis

Tuton, Mary J., clerk N Y & Pa Tel and Tel Co., bds 501 Davis

TUTON, ROBERT J., gents furnishing goods 128 E Water, h 126 do

Tuttle, Charles, laborer, h 274 Railroad av

PAGE 418

Tuttle, Charles S., clerk 327 E Water, bds 555 do

Tuttle, Clark A., painter, bds 622 W Water

Tuttle, Frank, carpenter, h 127 W Water

Tuttle, Mattie, stenographer 314 E Water, bds Madison av

Twiliger, Belden S., student, bds 546 S Main

Twiss, Charles J., machinist D L & W, bds 1501 Lake

Twiss, Cornelia H., widow William, h 1501 Lake

Twiss, George W., truckman D L & W, h 1501 Lake

Twist, Hiram, foreman Payne shops, h 252 South av

Twoomey, Frank T., barber 169 Baldwin, bds 500 E Clinton

Twoomey, John, policeman, h 450 W Second

Twoomey, John, emp N C R R shops, bds 103 South av

Twoomey, Katie, bds 450 W Second

Twoomey, Maggie, student, bds 450 W Second

Tworoger, Fredrika, grocery 716 John, bds do

Tworoger, Samuel, clerk 716 John, bds do

Tyler, Amelia C., h 129 N Main

Tyler, Clifford H., student, bds 408 Spaulding

Tyler, Jane A., h 129 N Main

Tyler, Josepha, h 129 N Main

Tyler, Mary O., h 129 N Main

Tyler, Sallie S., h 656 Columbia

Tyrrell, Fred, painter, bds 222 Caldwell av

Tyrrell, Miles O., carpenter, h 222 Caldwell av

Tyrrell, Thomas, bds 210 Giltanan


Ufford, Charles W., bds 315 Madison av

Ufford, Charles W., student, bds 208 E Church

Ufford, William, ast mgr, bds 315 Madison av

Ullmann, Louis, bds 119 Madison av

Ulrich, George, laborer, h 469 Franklin

Underhill, C M., western mgr J Langdon & Co, res Buffalo

Underhill, Hattie Mrs., bds 108 E Chemung pl

Union News Co., Delavan house

Underwood, Jesse D., laborer, h 207 Hoffman

Underwood, John D., agt h 975 Lincoln

United States army recruiting station, Lieut J O Mackey recruiting officer, 318 Carroll

UNITED STATES EXPRESS CO., Sutherland DeWitt agt, 152 Baldwin

United States Internal Revenue, Mrs., F A Earle deputy collector, 158 Lake, Opera house blk

United States Rubber Stamp Co., ( S B and W Wittenburg) rubber stamps and seals, 141 E Water

PAGE 419

Unites States Marshalls Office, masonic temple

UpDeGraff, Ella A., widow Dr Thad S, h 114 W Chemung pl

UpDeGraff, Fred W., student, bds 114 W Chemung pl

UpDeGraff, Nettie N., bds 307 William

UP DEGRAFF, THAD S., occulist and aurist Robinson bldng 159, 163 Lake, bds Rathbun house

Updyke, Carrie Miss, music teacher, bds 115 Horner

Updyke, Charles, brakeman, bds 210 Partridge

Updyke, Edward D., tree dealer, bds 115 Horner

Updyke, Lewis L., h 115 Horner

Updyke, L Smith, bookkeeper, bds 121 1-2 W Hudson

Updyke, Samuel, boilermaker, bds 310 Partridge

Updyke, Sarah, h 208 W Chemung pl

Updyke, William M., asst foreman N C car shops, h 121 1-2 W Hudson

Upham, Clara A., dressmaker 521 1-2 E Union, h do

Upton, Daniel, drawing instructor, reformatory, bds do

Ustick, Anna R., 656 N Main

Ustick, Charles H., clerk Sheehan & Dean, bds 656 N Main

Ustick, Martha, widow William, h 656 N Main

Ustick, Mildred, bds 656 N Main

Utley, Edward, boiler maker, bds Chemung house

Utchman, Henry C., emp Electric Light Co, bds 803 Magee

Utter, Laura, dressmaker, h 510 Columbia

Utter, Stephen C., brakeman N C R R, h 713 Spaulding

Utter, William H., foreman reformatory, h 1045 Walnut

Uttey, Merrit O., engineer D L & W R R, h 375 Diven av

Uttrich, Adam, clerk E C & N R R, h 361 Hoffman


Vail, David L., carpenter, h 228 W Miller

Vail, Fannie, bds Southport corners

Vail, Margaret, nurse, h 117 Grove

Vail, Rufus C., night watchman, h 409 Perry

Vallentine, Charles, coachman 500 Lake

Valet, George, mason, h 509 Sullivan

Valliard, Frederick J., shoemaker, h 801 Winsor av

Valliard, Josephine, widow Frederick, h 701 Winsor av

Valliard, Lucy, bds 701 Winsor av

Valker, Annie, domestic 502 Baldwin

Valois, August, barber shop 115 Lake, h 206 Columbia

Valois, Bertha, millinery and hair goods 328 E Water, h 408 do

Valois, Frank L., barber shop and bath rooms 119 W Water, h 371 1-2 do

Van Aken, Charles, photographer 120 W Water, h 529 W Gray

PAGE 420

Van Aken, Elisha M., photographer 120 W Water, h 559 W Gray

Van Allen, Angeline, widow Leonard, h 267 W Chemung pl

Van Buren, Michael, h 373 W Fifth

Van Buren, William H., compositor Advertiser, h 107 W Water

Van Buskirk, Della M., student, h 318 S Broadway

Van Buskirk, Eugene, armorer state armory, bds 306 W Water

Van Buskirk, Harry, shoemaker, h 563 Coburn

Van Buskirk, Helen R., operator tel ex, bds 206 W Washington av

Van Buskirk, Justin, clerk 146 W Water, bds 306 do

Van Buskirk, Thomas, engineer D L & W R R, h 206 W Washington av

Van Campen, John R., clerk D L & W R R fgt office, bds 414 Lake

Van Campen, Samuel R. jr., lawyer 218 E Water, bds 414 Lake

Van Campen, S. R. Mrs., h 414 Lake

VANCE & DAY, ( Joseph Vance and John D), groceries and saloon, 562 E Church

Vance, Joseph, ( Vance & Day), h 562 E Church

Van Demark, Lynn, tinsmith, bds 356 E Fourth

Van Demark, Stephen A., engineer, h 356 E Fourth

Van Derlip, Ira, h 609 Second

Van Derlip, Personius, mechanic, h 609 E Second

Van Derlip, William C., mechanic, bds 609 E Second

Van Derson, George, brakeman D L & W R R, h 332 W Seventh

Van Duyne, John R., carpenter, h 350 Diven av

Van Duyne, Nellie L., bds 350 Diven av

Van Duzer, Edward C., ( Turner & Van Duzer), h 510 Lake

Van Dyke, George R., conductor N C R R, h 519 Balsam

Van Dyne, James A., carpenter, h 417 Grove

Van Dyne, Oliver, clerk Sheehan & Dean, bds 417 Grove

Van Dyne, William, compositor Advertiser, bds 417 Grove

Van Frank, William A., roadmaster N Y L E & W R R, h 367 W Clinton

Van Gelder, James, laborer, bds 54 Washington

Van Gelder, John, laborer, h 919 E Church

Van Gelder, Henry, laborer, bds 54 Washington

Van Gelder, Mary Mrs., h 714 E Clinton

Van Gorder, Bruce, painter and paper hanger, h 130 S Main

Van Gorder, Calvin G., student, bds 112 Penna av

Van Gorder, Fletcher M., shoe cutter, h 120 Brand

Van Gorder, Franc, dressmaker, bds 129 W Water

VAN GORDER, GEORGE, teamster, h Lemon E s bet Spaulding and Maple av

Van Gorder, Henry B., teamster, h r 124 E Hudson

Van Gorder, James, teamster, h 700 E Clinton

Van Gorder, John, stonecutter, h 102 Fox

Van Gorder, Robert B., engineer, h 460 Maple av

PAGE 421

Van Gorder, John H., mason, h 310 South av

Van Gorder, Judd, bartender Club house Maple av, bds Lemon n Maple av

Van Gorder, J. Wesley, switchman N Y L E & W R R, h 707 Columbia

Van Gorder, Robert B., h 616 Winsor av

Van Gorder, Selah T., mason, h 401 W Clinton

Van Gorder, Warren, laborer, h 427 W Fifth

Van Gorder, __________ , laborer, h 315 Hathaway

Van Hoeffen, August, guard reformatory, h 255 Reformatory av

Van Horn, William, bookkeeper J Richardson & Co., bds 372 W Water

Van Horne, Emery E., clerk, h 713 W Water

Van Houten, Edward C., canvasser, bds 415 E Market

Van Houten, J. Sanford, bookkeeper 107 E Water, h 116 W Hudson

Van Kirk, Fannie, bds 664 Columbia

Van Kirk, John Rev., h 664 Columbia

Van Kuren, Clark P., carpenter, h 510 Columbia

Van Kuren, John F., carpenter, h 217 W Miller

Van Kuren, William H., conductor N C R R, h 509 Herrick

Van Leer, Sallie, domestic 703 Park pl

Van Loon, Millard F., carpenter, h 212 Brand

Van Marter, William, farmer, h Mt Zoar bey limits

VAN NORDEN, CHARLES REV D. D., pres Elmira college h 855 College av

VAN NORT, J. F., druggist 144 W Water, h 127 Madison av

Van Order, Claude, broommaker, h r Railroad av cor Fourth

Van Order, Edgar S., fireman N C R R, h 7 Scott

Van Order, Emma Mrs., h 150 W Fifth

Van Order, John, clerk 301 E Water, bds 321 South av

Van Orsdall, Edwin, grocer, also dry goods and drugs 1201 and 1203 Benton, h do

Van Over, Elinda, widow George, h 331 E Clinton

Van Over, James G., conductor D L & W R R, h 331 E Clinton

Van Pelt, Aaron A., shoemaker, bds 105 College av

Van Scoy, Cornelius, com trav, h 373 W First

Vanshki, Michael, laborer, h 824 Magee

Van Tassel, James H., machinist, h 316 Penna av

Van Tassel, William H., machinist Payne shops, h N s Sutton n S Main

Van Tine, Emiline, widow C W, h 1325 Lake

Van Trump, Mary, bookkeeper, bds 313 Columbia

Van Veghten, J. C., guard reformatory, bds do

Van Wagener, Jennie, bds 413 Grove

Van Wagenen, Harry R., tel operator, h 417 W Fourth

Van Wagenen, Maria, widow James, bds 413 Grove

Van Wagenen, Virginia, bds 413 Grove

PAGE 422

Van Wagenen, William H., ( Sanford & Van Wagenen) h 413 Grove

Van Wagner, Charles, baggagemaster Erie depot, h 309 W Fifth

Van Wagner, Harry, operator, h 417 W Fourth

Van Wagoner, Clara B., bds 362 Hoffman

Van Wagoner, Fred, machinist, bds 362 Hoffman

Van Wagoner, Jane, h 309 E Fifth

Van Wagoner, Mary J., widow Cornelius, h 362 Hoffman

Van Wert, John, h 117 W Hudson

Van Why, Alberta, dressmaker, bds 313 Mt Zoar

VAN WHY, JOSEPH M., carpenter and builder 214 Franklin, h 213 Mt Zoar

Van Why, Lillian, milliner, bds 313 Mt Zoar

Van Wie, Harry D., clerk Robinson block Lake, bds 457 Franklin

Van Wie, Henry D., carpenter, h 330 E Water

Van Wie, Jerome B., tinsmith, bds 330 E Water

VAN WIE, JOSEPH B., contractor and builder 457 Franklin, h do

Van Wormer, Archie, h 508 Columbia

Van Wormer, George, lather, h 211 Maple av

Van Wormer, Theodore, engineer E R R, h 508 Columbia

Varian, Charles F., clerk 104 W Second, bds do

Vaughn, Charles S., shoemaker, h 759 E Washington av

Vaughn, E. A., saloon, 137 W Water

Vaughn, Frank A., shoemaker, bds 218 W Gray

Vaughn, John A., carpenter, h 218 W Gray

Veal, Amanda, h 606 Dickinson

Veal, Cassie, domestic 404 Lake

Veasie, Melvin, laborer, bds 425 Railroad av

Veazie, John, bds 212 W Third

Veazie, Melvin, carder, bds 426 Railroad av

Veazie, Thomas, cancer specialist, 143 W Water, h do

Veazie, Thomas Mrs., cancer specialists, 143 W Water

Velder, Julius C., manager baseball club, bds 357 Riverside av

Velder, Teckler, widow Lewis, h 357 Riverside av

PAGE 423

Velder, Valeria, bds 357 Riverside av

Vermilya, Clara M., teacher sch No. 4, bds 106 Columbia

Vermilya, John J., tinsmith, h 380 W Water

Vermilya, John L., tinner, h 106 Columbia

Vernoy, Amelia, widow Samuel, 208 Gregg

Vernoy, Charles, marble cutter, 464 E Water, bds 208 Gregg

Vernoy, Clara, companion 415 Lake

Vernoy, James E., carpenter, h 1016 Oak

Vernoy, John C., carpenter, h 1302 Maxwell av

Vernoy, William M., carpenter, h 1312 Maxwell av

Vernooy, Charles H., clerk 335 E Water, bds 1016 Oak

Vernooy, Epenetus, wagon maker, h 514 Madison av

Vester, Augusta, h n Arnot-Ogden hospital

Vester, John F., laborer, h 1017 Tenietenti

Vetter, Christian, tobacco worker, h DeWitt and river bank

Vetter, Jacob, laborer, h DeWitt, river bank

Vetter, John G., shoemaker 172 Lake, h 708 E Water

Vetter, Melchior, laborer, 819 East av

VICKERY, ALBERT J., variety, toy and house furnishing goods 134 W Water, h 218 Washington

Vickery, Emma, widow John, bds 457 E Water

Vickery, Julia Mrs., variety store, 713 Lake, h do

Vickery, William H., clerk 452 Spaulding, h Home n Spaulding

Viele, Harriet E., bds 909 Pratt

Viele, Nicholas V., carpet weaver, h 909 Pratt

View, George W., brakeman D L & W R R, h 1323 Lake

Vincent, Frances J., widow Clayton L., h 438 W Clinton

Vincent, Herbert L., student, bds 438 W Clinton

VINCENT, JAMES K., saloon 527 E Union, h do

Vincent, J. R., farmer West Hill n Carrs' Corners

Vincent, Julia, widow Gillett J., dressmaker 658 E Clinton, bds do

VINTON, CHARLES E., wholesale wines and liquors, 102 E Market cor Railroad av, h 210 William

Vinton, Harrison W., trav salesman, h 353 W Clinton

Vinton, Maude V., bds 353 W Clinton

Vockeroth, Clara M., domestic 721 E Clinton

Vockeroth, Frederick, grocer 416 Madison av, h do

Vogel, Herman, stone cutter, h 111 W First

Vogel, Paulina, domestic 616 Columbia

Vogel, Rhinehart, laborer, h 400 Powell

Vogt, Andrew, cabinet maker, h 315 W Second

Voight, Cora J., clerk, bds 106 W Market

Volker, Charles, teamster, h Sullivan cor E Washington av

Volker, William, laborer, h 764 Day

Volbrecht, Charles, cigarmaker Mercerea & Ralyea, bds 708 E Water