Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Abbreviations Key

Volbrecht Arthur, saw maker Andrews', bds 708 E Water
Volbrecht & Braun (H J V & A B)< boot and shoe makers, 172 Lake
Volbrecht Herman J, (Volbrecht & Braun), h 708 E Water
Voorhees Andrews, bds 115 Partridge
Voorhees Augustus, salesman 139 E Water, h 152 1-2 Madison av
Voorhees Catharine (Silvernail & Voorhees), h 505 Railroad av
Voorhees Fred E., clerk 128 E Water, h 155 Madison av
Voorhees Hannah Mrs., h Kenyon cor Penna av
Voorhees James H., clerk N C R R supt's office, bds Kenyon cor Penna av
Voorhees Mary J., dressmaker, bds 115 Partridge
Voorhees Nettie, dressmaker, bds 115 Partridge
Voorhees Samuel, h 115 Partridge
Vosburg Albert, emp N C R R round house, h 413 Locust
Vosburg Frank E., lather, bds 508 Balsam
Vosburg Jennie M., bds 508 Balsam
Vosburg Orlando, manuf extracts, 508 Balsam, h do
Vosburg William L., clerk, bds 508 Balsam
Vorshea A. J., carpenter, bds 160 Baldwin
Vought Samuel, shoemaker, h 663 Columbia
Vredenburg John W., emp Canadian Lumber Co., h 353 E Washington av
Waddell James, machinist, h 379 S Main
Wader Edward A., artist, bds 327 Baldwin
Wade Frank, painter, bds 459 E Water
Wade John B., laborer, bds 508 High, river bank
Wade Joseph, slater 305 E Market, bds 50 High, river bank
Wade William G., paper hanger 313 E Water, bds 355 W Sixth
Wade Willis G., paper hanger bds 355 W Sixth
Wadsworth Emanuel, weigher S H Laney, h 717 Oak
WADSWORTH HENRY J., groceries, provision, coffees, teas, etc, 650 Dicksinson cor Fourth, h do
Wadsworth Kate, widow Joseph, h 618 Dickinson
Wagner Barbara, domestic 140 E Water
Wagner Henry C., shoemaker, E Water, h 127 Judson
WAGNER JOHN J., stoves and hardware 100 Lake cor Water, h 123 Madison av
Wagner Peter, tinsmith, bds 108 Washington
Wagner Regina, widow Peter, h 108 Washington
Wagner Samuel H., com trav, h 640 W Gray
Wagner William H., laborer, bds 400 Penna ave
Wageman Susan, widow Robert, h 410 Spaulding
Wait Mary, widow DeForest, bds 406 Fulton
Wainwright Davis S., foreman cigar maker 91, 95 Penna av h Home cor Spaulding
Page 425
Wakefield James, h 208 Fulton
Waldo L. T., trav salesman J Richardson & Co, h 308 S Main
Waldorf G. H., carpenter, h 314 Harmon
Waldorf Jennie, domestic 202 Lormore
Waldorf Mamie, saleslady 132 W Water, bds 314 Harmon
Walerius Celia, widow John, h 410 Penna av
WALES THERON A., physician 403 William, bds do
WALES ZIPPIE BROOKS (Mrs.,) physician 403 William, h do
Walker Agnes W., bds 129 E Chemung pl
Walker Benjamin F., clerk West End hotel
Walker Belle, h 227 W Water
Walker Belle S., bds 100 S Elm
Walker Emmon T., regitry clerk postoffice, h 211 High,
Walker George W., merchant tailor 148 W Water, h 365 S Main
Walker Horace K., time keeper Elmira bridge works, h 219 South av
Walker James, plumber 334 E Water, h 121 E Chemung pl
Walker James B., baker, bds 358 E Fifth
Walker Jennie A., widow Alfred, h 204 College ave
Walker Jennie L., student, bds 406 Lake
Walker Jess W., dispatcher Erie office, h 403 Columbia
Walker Job, butcher, h West hill rd
Walker John, laborer, bds 365 Railroad av
WALLER JOHN A., plumbing, steam and gas fitting 334 E Water, h 118 Chemung pl
Walker John A., plumber, h 168 S Elm
Walker John A., saloon 229 W Water
Walker John W., mason, h 406 DeWitt
Walker Margaret, bookkeeper 116 Railroad av, bds 231 Brand
Walker Pandory, widow Joseph, bds 705 Tuttle av
Walker Rhoda, widow Sherman, h 403 Columbia
WALKER ROBERT H., plumbing and contractor for steam and hot water heating 112 Lake, h 132 E Chemung pl See adv page 10
Walker Thomas, steam and gas fitter, h 100 S Elm
Walker Thomas, gardener and florist, 231 Brand h do
Walker Susan A., housekeeper 125 Caldwell av
Walker William, operative Richardsons factory, bds 231 Brand
Walker William S., bookkeeper 334 E Water, bds 121 E Chemung pl
Wall Bridget, domestic 103 S Main
Wall Elizabeth, clerk 210 E Water, bds 338 W Seventh
Wall Elizabeth, widow John, h 217 W Second
Wall James, laborer, h 205 South av
Wall James jr., laborer, bds 205 South av
Page 426
Wall Jennie, bds 205 South av
Wall John, laborer, bds 205 South av
Wall Lizzie, waitress Rathbun house
Wall Maggie, bds 205 South av
Wall Mary, bds 205 South av
Wall Michael, city express, h 338 W Seventh
Wall Michael, boilermaker, bds 205 South av
Wall Thomas, caller N C R R shops, h 206 W Miller
Wallace Charles, mechanic, h 520 Baldwin
Wallace Charles H., coachman, h Lake n limits
Wallace Edward, bartender Delavan house, bds do
Wallace Elsie M., domestic 740 Haper
Wallace Fannie, widow George, h 740 Harper
Wallace Francis M., dressmaker, bds 221 Mt Zoar
Wallace George J., bartender Fifth cor Baldwin, bds do
Wallace George W., prop Wallace house Baldwin cor Fifth
Wallace Henry M., mason, h 221 Mt Zoar
Wallace James W., timekeeper LaFrance shops, h 410 1-2 Jefferson
Wallace John, confectioner 143 1-2 W Watr, bds do
Wallace Margaret E., dressmaker, bds 221 Mt Zoar
Wallace Minnie, operative bds 507 W Second
Wallace Richard, emp J H Clark's stables
Wallace William, laborer, h 516 DeWitt
Wallis Fannie, h 724 Harper
Wallis Thomas G., messenger Wells, Fargo Express Co., bds 451 Maple av
Wallitt Balzar, carpenter, h 813 East av
Wallitt George, plasterer, h 509 Sullivan
Walsh Abbie, widow Richard, h 104 E Henry
Walsh Agnes, clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co., h 818 Hatch
Walsh Anna, bds 818 Hatch
Walsh Ellen, widow Michael, h 552 S Main
Walsh George D., printer, bds 104 E Henry
Walsh Hattie, widow William, h 106 South av
Walsh John J., brakeman D L & W R R, h 324 E Centre
Walsh John V., tar walks, bds 552 S Main
Walsh Katie, laundress h 818 Hatch
Walsh Margaret millinery 130 E Water, h do
Walsh Mary, dressmaker, h 818 Hatch
Walsh Mary, widow John, h 359 Railroad av
Walsh Martin, conductor, h 409 Standish
Walsh Michael, h 130 E Water,
Walsh Michael, blacksmith, bds 359 Railroad av
WALSH MICHAEL J., general contractor and builder of concrete sidewalks 149 W Water, h 552 S Main
Walsh Patrick J., saloon and hotel 527 Railroad av
Page 427
Walsh Thomas, clerk, bds 359 Railroad av
Walsh Thomas, janitor Arnot-Ogden hospital
Walsh Thomas H., laborer, bds Sullivan cor Matthew
Walster Conrad C., h Park cor Johnson
Walster Elizabeth, widow Joseph, h park cor Johnson
Walsworth Charles l., editor reformatory, bds do
Walter Alvin A., bookkeeper S H Laney, h 707 E Water
Walter Hulbert L., clerk, h 142 W Chemung pl
Walter John P., cigarmaker, h 163 E Washington av
Waltho Walter, exp messenger Adams ex, bds 866 N Main
Walzer Peter H., merchant tailor 209 E Water, h 319 William
Wands Samuel, mason, h 128 S Main
Wandtcar Ezra, drayman, h 517 Harper
Wannamaker Fannie, teacher, bds 514 W First
Wannamaker Jennie J., 116 Baldwin, bds 514 W First
Wannamaker Mannng F., agent, h 107 Hoffman
Wannamaker Simpson, carpenter, h 514 W First
Wannamaker S. L. S. Mrs., asst Dr C I Shoop, h 107 Hoffman
Warner Charles, teamster, h 451 W Water
Ward Charles A., conductor, L V R R, h 500 1-2 Balsam
Ward Charles P., machinist, bds 537 S Main
Ward Charles E., fireman D L & W R R, h 515 Harper
Ward David, laborer, h 753 Day
Ward Francis M., bartender 429 Railroad av, bds do
Ward Frederick J. barber 1 main st bridge, h 128 W Henry
Ward George B. Mrs., bds 719 Park pl
Ward George M., h 519 W Second
Ward James, brakeman bds 307 Diven av
WARD JAMES N., lawyer 153 Lake, bds 408 N Main
Ward John, laborer, h 624 Lewis
Ward John D., baggagemaster D L & W R R, bds 106 Main
Ward John J., bridge builder, h 711 Lake
Ward Laura A., widow Henry A., bds 408 Maple av
Ward Levi, brakeman bds 613 S Main
Ward Libbie, bds W Hudson cor Fulton
Ward Milton C., engineer N C R R., h 157 S Second
Ward Queen A., domestic 456 Sullivan
Ward Sara A., domestic 123 Catharine
Ward William, coal dealer, 916 Benton, h do
WARD WILLIAM A., sone and slate yard, 104 and 106 W Church, h N s East av east hill (See adv page 12)
Ware Albert R., mgr palace baths, Robinson bldg, bds 801 Davis
Ware George C., machinist, Coleman's bds 516 DeWitt
Ware Harry, laborer, bds 659 Lake
Page 428
Ware John S., blacksmith, h 516 DeWitt
Ware William D., plumber, bds 801 Davis
WARE WILLIAM M., plate roller and prop palace bath rooms, 165 Lake, h 801 Davis
Warick David A., teamster, bds 1501 Lake
Warne Cornelius, carpenter, h 705 E Church
Warner Augustus J., prop Elmira business college, h 372 W Water
Warner Edwin A., grocer, 642 W Water, h do
Warner Fred L., machinist, h 813 W Gray
Warner Herbert E., bookkeeper 409 Railroad av, h 811 W Water
Warner Jacob, mgr lime kiln Washington av, h 314 Roc av
Warner Mary, widow Rufus, bds 160 W Fifth cor N Main
Warner Mary J., bds 813 W Gray
Warnock William H., com salesman, h 901 East av
Warren Anna, widow Archie, h 657 Pearl pl
Warren Charles E., carpenter, bds 102 W Gray
Warren Charles W,, bookkeeper 1004 Maxwell av, h 668 Park pl
Warren Ed, clerk C W Briggs & Co., bds 657 Pearl pl
Warren Hurbert, collector Stowell's hardware, h 6510 Columbia
Warren Izie, bookkeeper 201 E Water, bds 510 E Church
Warren Leon, clerk 125 Lake, h 657 Pearl pl
Warren Levi, clerk 126 Lake, bds 657 W Fourth
Warren Mary, widow Frank, h 510 Columbia
Warren Richard P., painter, h 211 Maple av
Warren Seymour, clerk Harris, h 419 S Elm
Warren Susan D. Mrs., christian scientist, 668 Park pl
Warren Tillie, sec Y W C A., 260 Baldwin
Warren Wilford, driver, bds 112 Fulton
Warren William brakeman D L & W R R, bds 513 College av
Washburn Charles A., fireman N C R R., bds 230 W Miller
Washburn Leona, domestic 801 Oak
Washburn William, brakeman N C R R., bds 313 Baty
Washington Esther, housekeeper 315 Madison av
Washington George, laborer, h 560 Coburn
Washington Henry, barber 424 E Water, h 658 Dickinson
Washington John, h 667 Dickinson
Waterhouse Jennie R., 660 N Main
Waterhouse Mary J., widow John R., boarding, h 660 N Main
Waters Alice, bds Lake n limits
Waters Alonzo, stone mason, bds 132 W Water
Waters Charles A., milk man, h Reformatory av
Waters Charles R., painter, h 705 Tuttle av
Waters George W., A. N. A., artist also director Elmira college, h 360 W First
Waters Godie, bds 665 Magee
Page 429
Waters Jean, h 360 W First
Waters Joseph H., farmer, h Diven farm, Lake n limits
Waters Mabel, h 360 W First
Waters Margaret, widow John C., h 315 W Second
Waters Martin, tanner, h 651 E Church
Waters Thomas, grocer 665 Magee, h do
Waters see also Watters
Watkins David S., teamster, bds 756 Day
Watkins Edward, brakeman h 434 S Broadway
Watkins Fred (A Aker & Co), h 509 Railroad av
Watkins Joel B., trav salesman 112 State, bds Elmira house
Watkins Josie, widow Jerry, h 606 E Clinton
WATKINS MYRON S., physician and surgeon, 408 S Main, h do
Watkins Samuel P., teamster, h 756 Day
Watkins Stephen S., car diver, h 1313 Hall
Watrous Frances M., widow Riggs, h 220 Maple av
Watrous Jennett, widow Richard N., h 506 Columbia
Watrous John A., clerk Sheriff's office an deputy sheriff, room 222 Baldwin
Watrous Nancy, bds 262 Baldwin
Watrous Riggs, student, bds 220 Maple av
Watrous Thill Coupling Co., 1009 E Market
Watrous Thomas A. (Watrous Thill Coupling Co.) h 407 Petty
WATSON ANDREW J., pawn broker and jeweler, 130 E Water, h do
Watson Annie, bds 116 W Seventh
Watson Etta Bell, bds 136 E Water,
Watson John, cartman, h 708 Day
Watson John, fireman h 210 W Hudson
Watson John, jr., laborer, h 116 W Seventh
Watson John H., engineer h 201 Railroad av
Watters Charles, machinist, bds 372 Penna av
Watters Joseph H., farmer, h Lake n limits
Watters Valley, laborer, 111 and 113 W Hudson
Watts James F., laborer, h 154 W Sixth
Watts John R., foreman cigar maker Gazette, h 116 Lormore
Watts Margaret, widow William, h 106 W Sixth
Watts Nellie, bds 154 W Sixth
Watts Richard, news stand N Y L E & W depot, bds 154 W Sixth
WATTS SAMUEL O., prop West End hotel, 232 and 234 W Water See back cover
Watts Stephen, switchman D L & W R R, bds 1122 Lake
Watts Stephen, fireman N C R R., h 607 S Main
Watts William, confectioner 501 DeWitt cor Market, candy, cigars and tobacco, h do
Page 430
Waugh Elizabeth Mrs., h 217 W Second
Waxmen Barney, peddler, h 116 Harriett
Weaver Catharine Mrs., bds 613 S Main
Weaver Clara A., bds 521 Herrick
Weaver Clinton, switchman bds 725 Casey
Weaver Elmer, foreman, bds 309 S Main
Weaver Emmet, laborer, bds 309 Tuttle av
Weaver Fannie U., widow Erastus K., h 360 W Clinton
Weaver Fenton B., trav salesman h 533 W Water
Weaver Frank, fireman D L & W R R, bds 366 Diven av
Weaver George E., tailor 141 E Water, h do
Weaver Henry, farmer, Hoffman n limits
Weaver Irving E., clerk 311 E Water, bds 114 E Hudson
Weaver Jacob, bds 257 Baty
Weaver Margaret R., widow Peter C., h 114 E Hudson
Weaver Minnie A., nurse, bds 114 E Hudson
Weaver Richard H., laborer, h Hoffman
Weaver Samuel G., machinist, h 521 Herrick
Weaver Stpehen, drayman, h 309 Tuttle av
Weaver William W., fireman D L & W R R, h 376 Diven av
Webb Amelia S., widow William, h 500 1-2 Baldwin
Webb Emma, widow Frank W., boarding house, Southport
Webb Frank, bartender 122 W Water, h 128 N Main
Webb George F., Bridge Dining hall, foreman L V passenger car department, h 2 Main st bridge
WEBB HENRY A., fruits, confectionery and ice cream 207 W Water, h do
Webb John, h 412 W Gray
Webb Louise C., bds 500 1-2 Baldwin,
Webb Myra, widow M T, h 301 William
Webb Sarah R., h 500 1-2 Baldwin,
Webber Doudt, stonecutter, h 355 E Fourth
Webber Jane A., widow Lorenzo, h 615 Columbia
Webber John, conductor, D L & W R R, h 902 Oak
WEBER & CO (P W V S W and R Schuh) cigar manufacturers and tobacconists 435 E Water
Weber Peter (Webber & Co) h 602 E Church
Weber Rose, bds 203 S Elm
Webster Alexander, fireman b 156 Fox
Webster Arthur E., (Webster Bros,) h 622 W Water
Webster Bros., (Arthur E. and Burt) box mfrs, 622 W Water
Webster Burt, (Webster Bros,) bds 622 W Water
Webster Daniel, grocer 311 E Fifth, h 522 Baldwin
Webster James K., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 156 Fox
Webster Jerome, laborer, h Austin n Fulton
Webster John H., telegrapher, bds 156 Fox
Page 431
Webster Libbie H., bds 156 Fox
Webster Mary Jane Mrs., h 522 Baldwin,
Webster Nellie B., bds 156 Fox
Webster Susan A., widow James, bds Austin n Fulton
Weed J. M., trav salesman J Richardson & Co, Railroad av, h Havana, N. Y;
Weed Julia A., widow William B., bds 463 Powell
Weeks Albert C., drayman, h 702 E Market
Weeks Charles R., clerk 119 E Water, bds 702 E Market
Weeks Frank G., ironworker, h 518 Fulton
Weeks Frank W., clerk Barket, Rose & Gray, bds 702 E Market
Weeks Libbie, seamstress, bds 204 Harmon
Weeks Mary, widow Chauncey, h 702 E Market
Weems Henry, confectioner 143 1-2 W Water, bds do
Wegner Henry C., shoemaker, 418 E Water, h 227 Judson
Wehnes Conrad, clerk L V Freight office, h Water Cure hill n limits
Wehnes Katie, h 665 Columbia
Weick Frederick, foreman reformatory, h 1051 Lincoln
Weick William, printer, Husbandman, bds 1051 Lincoln
Weider George N., student, bds 359 Riverside av
Weider Nicholas, malster, h 359 Riverside av
Weidman Oliver C., restaurant D L & W R R, depot, h do
Weif Frida, domestic 350 W Church
Weigley William, seaver, bds 706 E Second
Weiner Moses, peddler, h 154 Orchard
Weir John, market gardener, h N s Luce n Robinson
Weise August, laborer, Fitch & Aldrich, h 704 E Oak
Weise James H., bookkeeper J Richardson & Co, bds Euclid pl cor W First
Weissleder George, foreman reformatory, h Walnut n Washington av
Weisz Zacharias M., billing clerk U S Express, h 204 W Henry
Weiss see also Wise
Welbur Judd L., boilermaker, h 104 E Henry
Welch Adriana M., domestic 103 Magee pl
Welch Charlotte, emp Pierce Architect Lake, bds 406 W First
Welch Frank B., mason, h 103 Magee pl
Welch George A., milliner Main, bds 406 W Third
Welch Georgiana, milliner 108 N Main, bds 406 W First
Welch James, billiard room Rathbun house bds do
Welch John E., mason, h 103 Magee pl
Welch John E., engineer E R R, h 496 W First
Welch Julia A., h 380 W Fourth
Welch Lottie, student of architecture 118 Lake, bds 406 W First
Welch Maggie, domestic 520 W Water
Page 432
Welch Margaret, dressmaker, bds 406 W First
Welch Webster J., fireman N C R R., bds 422 Pleasant
Weldner Charles, barber bds 112 E Water
Weldner Fred E., fireman, N C R R, h 465 Franklin
Weldner George, shoemaker, 701 E Fifth, h 55 Monroe
Weldner Henry H., plumber, bds 701 E Church
Weldner Katy C., domestic 214 Lormore
Weldner William J., operator W U Tel Co. bds 78 Penna av
Walker Frank H., engineer D L & W R R, bds 373 E Centre
Weller Merilda, widow jacob, bds 320 S Broadway
Welles Fanny B., widow William, h 325 Lake
WELLES & CO., (limited) R H Welles pres, D M Pratt treas, dealer in ousehold goods 417 Carroll
Welles Grace E., bds 325 Lake
Welles Henry B., bds 325 Lake
Welles Jessie Miss, h 117 College ave
WELLES JOHN C., life and accident insurance and investment broker 161 Baldwin, h 420 E Market
Welles Matthias H., lumber merchant, h 861 College ave
Welles Richard J., bookkeeper Elmira Bridge Co, bds 143 E Water
Welles Robert H., (Welles & Co, limited,) h Maple av
Welling John J., (Loomis & Welling), h 407 E Church
Welling Lizzie, bds 408 William
Weltner George, shoemaker, 700 Lake cor Fifth, h 55 Monroe
Wellmore William, laborer, 129 E Chemung pl
Wells Bertha O., bds 382 W Water
Wells Bessie E., bds 382 W Water
Wells Charles, com trav, h 101 Magee pl
Wells Charles E., bds 213 Judson
Wells Charles M., teamster, h 213 Judson
WELLS FARGO & CO'S EXPRESS, J E Hazard agt 121 Baldwin
Wells F. A. salesman 301 E Water, bds 609 W Water
Wells Fred M., foreman Elmira Bridge Co, h 123 E Hudson
Wells George, painter, bds 721 Madison av
WELLS H. D. (Mrs.,) florist 380, 382 W Water h do
Wells Hiram K., bds 360 Walnut
Wells H Marvin, (Chemung Oil Co,) h 510 William
Wells Horace D., lightening rod agt, h 382 W Water
Wells Ira, local sec wayne building loan and accumulating association 202 E Water h 609 W Water
Wells james, painter, bds 721 Madison av
Wells Jane, widow Miles, h 704 hatch
Wells John C., insurance, bds 410 E Market
Wells Mary, bds 704 Hatch
Wells Perry J., emp Elmira bridge works, bds 554 S Main
Page 433
Wells Robert, commission merchant, bds 417 E Market
Wells Robert Seely, emp bridge works, bds 417 E Market
Wells Sarah, widow Jonas H., h 721 Madison av
Wells Tom B., student, bds 382 W Water
Welsh Adriana M., bds 103 Magee pl
Welsh Anna, h 818 Hatch
Welsh Catharine, widow William, bds 501 Penna av
Welsh Carharine, widow Morris, bds 102 E Henry
Welch Delia F., bds 104 E Henry
Welsh Elizabeth, widow Grafton, h 706 Benjamin
Welsh Ellen, domestic 410 William
Welsh James K., h 104 Park pl
Welsh John, section boss N C R R, bds 703 S Main
Welsh John T., conductor, D L & W R R, h 104 Pattison
Welsh Martin A., conductor, D L & W R R, h 409 Standish
Welsh Mary Mrs., saloon 359 Railroad ave
Welsh Mary, operative bds 104 Pike
Welsh Mary E.,l domestic 361 Crescant
Welsh Michael J., fireman D L & W R R, bds 311 E Washington av
Welsh Thomas, porter Arnot-Ogden hospital, bds do
Welsh Thomas, laborer, Mathew n Sullian bds do
Welsh William, showman, bds 706 Benjamin
Wemmer Anna, domestic 517 High
Wemmer David, carpenter Erie car shops, h 517 High
Wentworth John B., Empre printing house 125 W Water h 421 W Water
Wentz Harry W., machinist, bds 217 Mt Zoar
Wentz Kate S., bds 421S Elm
Wentz William F., painter, h 421 S. Elm
Wentz Cristina widow Peter, bds 619 Penna av
Wenz Bros., (Jacob and William Wenz,) meat market 671 Lake
Wenz Jacob, (Wenz Bros) h 507 E Third
Wentz Lewis butcher, bds E Third cor High
Wentz William, (Wentz Bros) h 116 Spring
Werner Augusta, domestic 452 Carroll
West A. A., druggist 814 Madison av, h 914 lake
West Carl, student student, bds 522 Penna av
West Charles F., Flour mill ft E water, h Tuttle sac)
West Christopher B., brakeman D L & W R R, h 744 W Church
West Cora E., 914 lake
WEST END HOTEL, Samuel O Watts propr, 232-234 W Water (See black cover)
West E. F. driver, State cor E Water, h 202 College av
West Frederick A., drug clerk 814 Madison av bds 904 Lake
Page 434
West Georgie, milliner, bds 744 W Church
West Ira B., teamster, bds 744 W Church
West Mary, bds 744 W Church
West Mary E., widow Christopher B., bds 744 W Church
West Robert J., night watchman reformatory, bds do
Westbrook Ann, dressmaker, 507 Spaulding, bds do
Westbrook Charles, machinist, bds 416 S Main
Westbrook Franc, widow William, h 416 S Main
Westbrook L. E., night ticket clerk Erie depot
Westcott Albert, machinist, bds 214 South av
Westcott Bailey S., foreman Payne shops, h 214 South av
Westscott George B., machinist, bds 214 South av
Westcott Gertrude N., widow Arthur, bds 959 College ave
WEstcott Lila C., bds 959 College ave
Westcott William S., trav salesman 214 South av
Western Hotel 515 Railroad av
WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO. W H Owen mgr, Baldwin cor Carroll
Westervelt Reuben, electrician, h 1052 Walnut
Westervelt Edwin, electrician, bds 1006 Walnut
Westervelt Edwin H., brakeman N C R R, bds 519 Herrick
Westervelt Eliza, widow James C., h 219 Herrick
Westervelt James C., brakeman, h 519 Herrick
Westlake Arthur M., (J Richardson & Co), h 455 W Gray
Westlake Fred, shipping clerk J Richardson & Co, bds 455 W Gray
Westlake John A., (Westlake & Hedden), physician and surgeon 907 Lake, h do
Westover Herbert G., salesman 160 lake, bds 511 E Church
Wetherbee Morrison, carpenter, bds 321 W Sixth
Wetmore Almon, mason, h 218 W Water
Wetmore Edith, waitress 359 Main
Wetmore Fred M., clerk h 222 W Water
WEY HAMILTON D., physician and surgeon, 359 Main h do
WEY WILLIAM C., physician and surgeon, 359 Main h do
Weyer Herman, miller, bds 703 E Clinton
WEYER J. PHILLIP, brick manuf and propr Crystal Ice Co, cor Pattinson and Sullivan, h 517 William (See back cover)
Weyer Laura E., bds 517 William
Weyman Ellen, widow Jacob G., h 143 1-2 W Water
Weyman Robert B., confectionery and caterer 143 1-2 W Water, h do
Whalen Frank, engineer D L & W, bds 1104 Lake
Whalen James, fireman D L & W, h 956 Oak
Whalen Michal, engineer bds 415 Standish
Wheadon Charles F., (Barton & Wheadon), h 218 W Chemung pl
Wheadon Charles H., (C H Wheadon & Son), h 382 W Water W Church