Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Pg. 436

White Clara A., stenographer, Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin, bds 119 E Henry

White Clara A., widow Robert, stenographer Chemung canal bank bldg., h 219 E Henry

White E. K., musician, bds 503 Railroad av

White Frank, laborer, h 315 E Church

White Frank G., florist, h 414 College av

White Frank H., brakeman, h Benton cor Thurston

White Frank W., collector telephone company, bds 443 W Fifth

White George, freight handler, h 709 Columbia

White George A. Rev., bds 503 Grove

White George H., tanner Sheeley's, h 216 1-2 Madison av

White G. H., fireman E F D., bds 617 Lake

White Hattie A., bds 503 Grove

White Isabelle, h 514 W Water

White Jennie A. Mrs., actress, h 401 Maple av

White Jerome B., lawyer, bds 730 Maple av

White J. Frank (P Biggs & Co.), bds 414 Baldwin

White John, photographer, bds 665 Lake

White John, laborer, E Washington av n R R

White John E., shoemaker, h 509 Logan

White John S., carpenter, h 405 W Second

White John T., emp U S Ex, bds 328 Baldwin

White Kate, domestic 414 W Church

White Lewis, laborer, h 653 Baldwin

White Marietta, h 514 W Water

White Merritt P., bookkeeper J Gridley & Son, h 371 W Gray

White Nellie M., operative, bds 509 Logan

White Paul A., plumber, bds 371 W Gray

White Peter D., engineer Advertiser, h 512 E Clinton

White Peter D., bds 667 Dickinson

White Robert M., student, bds 119 E Henry

White Sarah A., widow Charles, h 604 John

White Sylvester, laborer, h r 116 S Main

White William, laborer, h 1009 Lincoln

White William C., h 371 W Gray

White Zoe, tailoress, bds 102 S Elm

Whitehead Clarence, slater, bds Chemung house

Whitehead Delos E., foreman box factory, h 226 Lormore

Whitehead George W., weaver, bds 706 E Second

Whitehead George W., laborer Fitch & Aldrich, 600 E Clinton

Whitehead Maggie, widow John J., laundry, h 77 Penna av

Whitehead Robert E. L., cigarmaker, bds 77 Penna av

Whitely Joseph, driver, h 357 E Washington av

Whitford Charles, bds 459 W Church

Pg. 437

Whittford Harriet, widow, h 104 W Second

Whiting Sarah L., widow Seth F., h 452 W Water

Whitley Eugene M., painter, bds 121 Lormore

WHIELEY JOHN H., photographer 303 Railroad av, h 121 Lormore

Whitley William S., conductor N C R R, h 110 Horner

Whitlock Charles, asst shipping clerk Spaulding's planing mill, h 356 W Second

Whitlock Cyrus, trav salesman, h 156 Washington

Whitlock Emma, widow Guy, h 1329 College av

Whitmore George, clerk 102 and 104 W Water, bds 417 E Market

Whitman Henry L., barber Frasier house, bds 341 W Seventh

Whitman Maggie A., widow Albert, h 341 W Seventh

Whitney Hannah, widow William, h 715 Baldwin

Whitney Hattie, bds 117 Caldwell av

Whitney Louise, widow Amos, bds 450 Maple av

Whitney Minnie, cook Star dining hall, h 513 High

Whitney Samuel A., shoemaker 608 Jay, h 513 High

Whitson John J., teamster T Briggs & Co, h r 505 E Third

Whitson Robert L., huckster 821 Day

Whitson Thomas, laborer, h 424 Standish

Whyman J. David, coachman 211 Penna av

Wichtermann Jacob, tailor 300 E Water, bds 509 DeWitt

Wickham Frank, painter, h 354 S Main

Wickham John, machinist, h 329 S Broadway

Wickham Thomas, carpenter, h 329 S Broadway

Wickham William, machinist 730 W First, h 602 E Water

Wickham William C., laborer bds 1 Home cor Spaulding

Wicks John, teamster, h 373 W First

Widman Frank, machinist, h 605 Dickinson

Widman Oscar, baggage master L V R R, bds 152 W Fifth

Wiedmar Gregory, moulder, bds r 306 Spaulding

Wiedman Joseph, carpenter, bds 354 Penna av

Wiegand George C., Rathbun house barber shop 105 Baldwin, h 262 W Chemung pl

Wiegand George C., jr., barber 105 Baldwin, bds 262 W Chemung pl

Wiesleader George, emp reformatory, h 718 Walnut

Wiemtsch William, laborer, h 313 Tuttle av

Wiess Frank, laborer, 319 High cor Second

WIGGINS J. DILLAYE, jeweller and optician 430 Penna av, h 211 Franklin

Wight Giles H., photographer 617 1-2 Lake, bds 665 do

Wight Jessie R., bds W Third n Hoffman

Wight Robert, carpenter, h W Third n Hoffman

Wight Thomas, carpenter, h W Third n Hoffman

Wightman Sarah Mrs., bds 351 Spaulding

Pg. 438

Wightman William H., (Davis & Wightman), h 351 Spaulding

Wilber Herbert, teamster, h 508 Park pl

Wilbor Carl H., printer, bds 322 Baldwin

Wilbor Carlton C., pastor First Methodist Episcopal church, h 322 Baldwin

Wilbor Harold B., student, bds 322 Baldwin

Wilbur Judson L., blacksmith, h 104 E Henry

Wilbur Mary, laundress Arnot-Ogden hospital

Wilbur Robert A., dentist, 313 E Water, bds 505 Lake

Wilbur William, propr Globe hotel 505 Railroad av

Wilcott Ella, librarian park church, h do

Wilcox Bertha, student, bds 164 Orchard

Wilcox Burt F., driver and janitor Lake St church, h 408 DeWitt

Wilcox Charles, watchman Plumb & Sheldons, h 703 E Fifth

Wilcox Charles, planer Fitch & Aldrich, h 515 High

Wilcox Charles E., brakeman N C R R, bds 370 Baty

Wilcox Chet, farmer S Broadway n Southport

Wilcox Clark, clerk D L & W yard office, bds 307 E Clinton

Wilcox Clark L., h 351 Grove

WILCOX DEBORAH J., widow Jacob, boarding 613 S Main

Wilcox Dewitt C., supt city park, h 409 Walnut

Wilcox Edward S., tobacco worker Armstrong's, bds 703 E Fifth

Wilcox Frederick L., compositor, bds 260 Baldwin

WILCOX & EDMINSTER, (Hezekiah D Wilcox, and George W Edminster) lawyers, Robinson bldng 163 Lake

WILCOX EMERY B., carriage painter 209 S Main, h Miller cor Spaulding

Wilcox F. Esther, stenographer Market cor William, bds 108 Penna av

Wilcox Fortes M., h 133 Hudson

Wilcox George L., trav salesman, h 210 Horner

Wilcox George W., painter and musician, h 58 Washington

Wilcox Grace, domestic 370 Baty

Wilcox Hattie C., netmaker Plumb & Sheldons, bds 703 E Fifth

Wilcox Hezekiah D., (Wilcox & Edminster) h 6 Home

Wilcox John W., shoemaker 863 Dickinson, bds 620 Baldwin

Wilcox J. Samuel, carpenter, h 811 W Gray

Wilcox J. Ralph, artist Elmira Portrait Co., bds 515 W Fourth

Wilcox Lewis C., bds 351 Grove

Wilcox Lucinda M., widow Samuel W., bds 210 Horner

Wilcox Mary, nurse, h 311 Orchard

Wilcox Mary A., widow Fortis M., h 133 E Hudson

Wilcox M. B., carpenter, h 164 Orchard

Wilcox Mina S., bds 108 Penna av

Wilcox Sevelon H., canvasser, h 10 Penna av

Wilcox Susan, widow John C., h 405 Elm

Wilcox Theodore, teamster, h 313 E Church

Pg. 439

Wilder Glen C., Barker, Rose & Gray, h 106 Brand

Wilder Henry F., carpenter, h 715 McDonald

Wildman Burt J., bds 450 Carroll

Wildman Edwin, editor Echoes, bds 129 E Chemung pl

Wiley Sopronia, widow of M D., bds 110 W Chemung pl

Wilfreth John, pressman, h 153 Lake

Wilfreth William T., pressman Star, h 100 E Hudson

Wilka August, h 215 Hariet

Wilkes George, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 376 Norton

Wilkes James, machinist, bds 463 Lake av

Wilkey Mary A., domestic 406 Sullivan

Wilkins Anna Mrs., cook 105 N Main

Wilkins Ella, widow George, dressmaker, h 216 W Henry

Wilkin Esther D., Mrs., police matron, h 214 Baldwin

Wilkin Frank C., upholsterer, bds 105 N Main

Wilkins Homer, clerk, bds 318 E Water

Wilkins Jennie Mrs., h 406 E Water

Wilkin Moses B., carpenter, h 214 Baldwin

Wilkin Thomas J., student, bds 214 Baldwin

Wilkins Warner, tinner, bds 216 W Henry

Wilkinson Augusta, engineer, h 353 E Washington av

Willett Simon, farmer, h 603 West Hill

Willhelm John W., h 634 W Water

Williams Amzie, engineer D L & W R R, h 1323 Maxwell av

Williams Andrew, broker 200 S Main, bds do

Williams Anna, h 317 DeWitt

Williams Anna B., cook West End hotel

Williams Alvin, buss driver Rathbun house, bds do

Williams Ashel F., brakeman D L & W R R, h 704 E Fifth

Williams Benjamin, grocer Benton cor Division, h do

Williams Charles, weaver, h 602 Sullivan

Williams Charles, shoemaker 119 E Church, bds 814 do

Williams Charles, musician, bds 522 William

Williams Charles R., salesman, bds 510 E Church

WILLIAMS CHARLES W., acting gen freight and pass agent E C & N R R, h 361 Walnut

Williams Daniel F., boot and shoe maker 119 E Church, h 814 do

Williams David W., clerk D L & W yard office

Williams Dell, domestic 756 Park pl

Williams DeVer W., boots and shoes 207 E Water, h 370 W Water

Williams Frank C., engineer D L & W R R, h 1327 Maxwell av

Williams Fred J., compositor Gazette, h 121 Brand

Williams George S., laborer, h Magee W Centre

Williams Georgie, h 407 Railroad av

Williams George H., slater, h 514 Perry

Pg. 440

Williams George H., night watchman reformatory, bds do

Williams George R., teamster, h W Third n Hoffman

Williams Henry A., train dispatcher N Y L E & W R R, bds 247 W Sixth

Williams James W., night watch J Richardson & Co, h 640 W Water

Williams Jefferson, laborer, h 113 W Fifth

Williams John, laborer, h 509 Madison av

Williams John D., h 520 Lake

WILLIAMS JOHN EDWARD., publisher Elmira, Binghamton and Utica, N. Y., Scranton, Wilkesbarre, Lancaster and Allentown, Pa., Roanoke, Va, directories, bds 262 Baldwin

Williams John F., laborer, h 103 Stephens

Williams John J., brakeman D L & W R R, h 803 1-2 Oak

Williams Joseph, barber Benton cor Division, bds do

Williams Lewis, porter, bds 705 Dickinson

Williams Leon E., shipping clerk Peerles Dye works, bds W Third n Hoffman

Williams Lewellyn, jr., h 701 Davis

Williams Llewellyn S., electrician, h 205 Hoffman

Williams Mary, widow Lewis, h 711 Dickinson

Williams Matthew R., printer 318 Carroll, bds 701 Davis

Williams Moses, photographer 112 W Water, h 606 E Clinton

Williams Nellie, h 132 W Water

Williams Nellie, dressmaker 111 W Water, bds 206 S Main

Williams Nina E., dressmaker, bds W Third n Hoffman

Williams Peter, porter Rathbun house, bds 717 Dickinson

Williams Robert, barber 110 W Fifth, h do

Williams Rodney P., foreman Gazette job dept, h 110 Horner

Williams Rolla J., brakeman D L & W R R, h 1210 Maxwell av

Williams Samuel, laborer, h 705 Dickinson

Williams Sophia, widow Samuel, h 654 State

Williams Thomas, painter, bds 129 W Henry

Williams Thomas W., clerk Erie frt office, bds 701 Davis

Williams Whitney, (Chase Hibbard Milling Co) bds 318 William

WILLIAMSON JOHN C., carpenter and builder Riverside av cor Sly, h 310 Penna av

Williamson Oscar S., (Annabel & Williamson), physician and surgeon, h 111 W Hudson

Williman Alexander, cigar manuf, h 564 E Water

Willison Frank C., letter carrier, bds 601 Coburn

Willius Harry F., engineer D L & W., h 1008 Pratt

Willison Newlove, pension atty, h 601 Coburn

Willison Thomas M., meat market 601 Coburn, h do

Willis George E., hostler 514 W Church

Willmore Elizabeth, dressmaker, bds 536 Penna av

Pg. 441

Willmore William H., laborer, h 536 Penna

Willis Duncan G., laborer, h 509 Harper

Willis Henry, carpenter, bds 509 Harper

Wills James L., carpenter, h 662 Magee

Willis Martha, housekeeper, h 509 Harper

Wills William H., carpenter, bds 662 Magee

Willsey James L., laborer, h 358 E Fifth

Willsey Minnie, dressmaker, h 358 E Fifth

Willson Emeline, domestic 520 W Water

Willson Laura H., dressmaker 373 Thurston, bds do

Wilmot Emanuel P., conductor D L & W, h 418 Matthew

Wilmot Thomas, policeman, h 709 Magee

Wilmot William M., puddler, h 905 Stowell

Wilson Adam, carpenter, h 605 Magee

Wilson Anna, cook 503 Railroad av, bds do

Wilson Bryant F., carpenter, h 322 W Gray

Wilson Carrie, organist, bds 423 Standish

Wilson Charles J., laborer, h 219 O'Gorman

Wilson Cyrus A., bds 315 Washington

Wilson David E., bookkeeper N C R R frt house, bds 529 Penna av

Wilson Dell, carpenter, bds 114 Brand

Wilson Ellen, widow Alexander, laundress, h 423 Standish

Wilson Emily W., teacher academy, bds 503 Lake

Wilson George, (Chase Hibbard Milling Co) h Rochester N Y

Wilson Henry, bds 663 Dickinson

Wilson Hiram, carpenter, h 817 W Church

Wilson James, saloon 310 E Clinton

Wilson James, laborer, 357 E Washington av

Wilson Jennie L., tailoress 300 E Water, bds 106 W Second

Wilson Lemuel G., machinist, bds 257 South av

Wilson Margaret, stenographer, bds 605 Magee

Wilson Martha J., dressmaker, bds 317 W Second

Wilson Mary A., widow James, h 317 W Second

Wilson Samuel S., machinist, bds 257 South av

Wilson Teresa, dressmaker, bds 605 Magee

Wilson Thomas, machinist, h 529 Penna av

Wilson William, clerk h 721 Columbia

Windsor Lloyd B., ins agt, h 723 College av

Winfield Albert S., clerk Chemung Valley Spice Mills h 1012 Oak

Winfield F. B. Mrs., (Chemung Valley Spice Mills), h 1012 Oak

Winfield W., compositor Advertiser

Wing Angie, milliner 316 E Water, bds 509 Park pl

Wing Edson W., baggage master N Y L E & W R R depot, h 156 W Clinton

Wingrave Fred L., brakeman N C R R, h 377 Fulton

Pg. 442

Wingrave Frederick, boots and shoes 302 S Main, h 201 W Henry

Winecki Igu, h 710 Benjamin

Winkel Charles, bottler 402 Carroll, bds 209 Judson

Winkel Kate, widow John K., h 408 High

Winn Alfred, laborer, h 720 Baldwin

Winn Anna, bds 912 Magee

Winn Charles H., laborer, bds 918 Maxwell av

Winn Hugh, laborer, h 912 Magee

Winn James, helper rolling mill, h 918 Maxwell av

Winn John H., conductor D L & W R R, h 1207 Hall

Winn Kate, stenographer, bds 918 Maxwell av

Winn Nellie, seamstress, bds 912 Magee

Winn Patrick, laborer, bds 912 Magee

Winn Thomas J., laborer, bds 918 Maxwell av

Winner Seth, clerk 111 and 113 E Water, bds 405 Walnut

Winnie George, hostler, bds 307 Railroad av

Winnie Irving V., principal keeper reformatory, bds do

Winston & Christen (N W and C C), confectioner 302 E Water

Winston Ethelyn, clerk 302 E Water, bds 357 S Main

Winston Newell (Winston & Christen), h 357 S Main

Winters Joseph E., fireman E C & N R R, h 416 W Fourth

Wintersteen D. T., carpenter and builder, h 421 Jefferson

Winton Henry C., cough medicines, h 210 Maple av

Wipfler George, cigar manuf, 750 E Market, h do

Wipfler Jennie, bds 750 E Market

Wipfler Julia F., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 750 E Market

Wipfler Rosa, clerk 201 E Water, bds 750 E Market

Wise Charles H., compositor Advertiser, bds 112 W Hudson

Wise Daniel W., h 112 W Hudson

Wise Fred H., h 606 E Second

Wise Florence, bds 112 W Hudson

Wise Harry E., nurse, bds 112 W Hudson

WISE JAMES T., jeweler and optician, 315 E Water, h 111 College av

Wise John A., collector U S Ex Co., h 308 E Water

Wiseman Edward B., civil engineer, bds 705 College av

Wiseman Harriet, widow Edward, h 705 College av

Wiseman Margaret E., bds 705 College av

Wiseman Margaret R., teacher Elmira college, bds do

Wiser Henry, operator N C R R, bds 517 W First

Wismar Charles F., brakeman D L & W R R, h 363 Norton

Wisner Edward M., bds 154 Washington

Wisner Ella J., bds 104 Brand

Wisner Hammond S., brakeman E R R, h 163 Orchard

Wisner Hannah, domestic 203 S Elm

Wisner Henry, telegrapher, bds 517 W First

Pg. 443

Wisner Maria, widow, bds 357 N Main

Wisor William W., machinist, h 115 Fox

Wisniewski John, laborer, h W s Reformatory n N Y L E & W R R

Wisnoski John, laborer, Railroad av ab blast furnace

Withiam J. Frank, brakeman N C R R, h Southport Corners

Witt Lambert A., door maker Fitch & Aldrich, h 755 E Second

Witt Mina E., stenographer 311 E Water, bds 321 Orchard

Wittenburg Albert, student C V, bds 221 W Church

Wittenburg Joseph (L Holzheimer & Co.), h 222 W Church

Wittenburg Rosa, widow Charles J., bds 112 Madison av

Wittenburg S. B. & W., U S Rubber Stamp Co., 141 E Water

Wittenburg Samuel B. (U S Rubber Stamp Co.) bds 222 W Church

Wittenburg William (U S Rubber Stamp Co.), bds 222 W Church

Wittman Wenzelaus, laborer, 700 Jay

Wittkossky Simon, second hand clothing, 371 Railroad av, h do

Wixon Owen M., farmer, h 1001 Hoffman

Wixon Albert, bds 657 Magee

Wixon Debora, bookkeeper 849 Railroad av, bds 202 W Washington av

Wixon Fred M., (Wixon & Co.), h 202 W Washington av

WIXON F. M. & CO. (F M and G B), wholesale coal office, 849 Railroad av

Wixon Fred, bookkeeper T Briggs & Co., bds 350 Euclid pl

Wixon George B., (F M Wixon & Co.), h Penn Yan, N Y

Wladislavovsky Joe, laborer, h 165 Sullivan

Wladislavovsky Louie, laborer, bds 165 Sullivan

Wladislavovsky M. D., laborer, h 165 Sullivan

Wolde Lewis T., com trav, h 308 S Main

Wolcott Ella L., librarian Park church, h Glenella E hill opp Water Cure

Wolcott Nettie, teacher Bryant hall, bds 368 W Gray

Wolcott Norman, bds 1321 Lake

Wolf Charles, boiler maker Payne shops, h r 502 Erie

Wolf Chris, foreman Reformatory, bds do

Wolf Frank, clerk 176 Baldwin, bds 129 W Market

Wolf John, boiler maker Payne shops, h r 503 Erie

Wolf see also Wolfe and Woolf

Wolf Thaddeus, carpenter, bds 309 S Main

Wolfe Edward K., farmer Brancroft road n Reformatory

Wolfe James F., h 362 W Third

Wolfgramm Bertha, domestic 213 Washington

Wolfgramm Herman, h 713 E Fifth

Wolle F., tailor, bds Elmira house

Wollett Samuel W., fireman N C R R, h 511 Herrick

Wollheim Rosa, widow Solomon, h 217 High

Wolverton Anson, clerk Homestead hotel, bds do

Pg. 444

Wolverton Betsey, widow William G., h 356 Davis pl

Wolverton Byron C., electrician N Y & Pa T and T Co, bds Wyckoff house

Wolverton Eunice H., dressmaker, h 356 Davis pl

Wolvin Elmer E., bookkeeper 106 E Water, bds 105 N Main


Wood Albert, Tanner, bds 115 Madison av

Wood Alonzo W., baggagemaster N C R R, h 510 Herrick

Wood Amelia Mrs., domestic 559 E Third

Wood Andrew J., trav salesman, h 527 W Gray

Wood Anson S., agent, h 665 Park pl

Wood Belle, domestic 415 E Church

Wood C., Mrs., dressmaker 850 Magee, h do

Wood Charles harnessmaker, bds 55 First av

Wood Charles H., carpenter, h 661 N Main

Wood Clara M., bds 125 Horner

Wood Curtis A., conductor N C R R, h 209 Giltanan

Wood Ezra Z., shipping clerk and bookkeeper 409 Railroad av, h 160 W Third

Wood Frank D., clerk Erie cor Penna av, h 506 Perine

Wood Fred G., bartender 503 Railroad av, bds do

Wood Garry, clerk, bds 305 S Main

Wood Geden, driver mail wagon, h 309 1-2 W Clinton

Wood George A., policeman, h 122 Horner

Wood George F., teamster, bds 705 E Church

Wood George P., printer Advertiser, 125 Horner

Wood George R., student, bds 108 Penn av

Wood Harry W., emp Union News Co., bds West End hotel

Wood Henry W., brakeman, bds 907 Lake

Wood James, painter, bds 521 Harper

Wood John D., trav salesman, h 114 Spring

Wood Joseph, cabinetmaker 370 Diven av, h do

Wood Marcus E., com trav, h 241 W Water

Wood Norton, carpenter, bds 507 Perine

Wood Oliver H., machinist LaFrance shops, bds 125 Horner

Wood Orrin A., bartender 513 Railroad av

Wood Phoebe, waitress 319 Carroll

Wood Patrick, laborer, h W s S Broadway n limits

Wood Rosanna, widow John, h Hoffman n limits

Wood Ruth H., bds 508 Perine

Wood Seymour B., tinsmith, bds 105 W Chemung pl

Wood B. B., tinsmith, h 105 W Chemung pl

Wood Silas F., carpenter, h 655 Pearl pl

Wood Thomas, harnessmaker, h 319 Baldwin

Pg. 445

Wood William H., carriagemaker, h 755 E Church

Wood William H., genl agt Grandma's soap, h 115 1-2 Horner

Wood William M., engineer Telegram, h 56 Hoffman

Wood Warren W., clerk 301 E Water, bds 410 N Main

Woodward Bevere, teamster, h r 969 East av

Woodward Wilber F., machinist, bds 702 Giltanan

Woodburn William, laborer, h n Rock Spring brewery

Woodeski Sopha, widow Frank, h r 151 E Washington av

Woodford Caroline M., widow Joseph, h 105 E Hudson

Woodford Charles N., h 459 W Church

Woodford Jacob, engineer, h 151 Lake

Woodford James F., (Copeland & Woodford) h 118 Brand

Woodhouse Force, sashmaker, 554 E Second

Woodhouse John B., machinist, h 374 Thurston

Woodhouse Orson, engineer, h 517 High

Woodhouse William, laborer, h 211 Maple av

Woodhull Charles W., bds 511 W Water

Woodhull Fred, laborer, bds 60 Washington

Woodhull Lydia A., laundress 52 Washington, h do

Woodruff Fred L., bookkeeper Harris & McHenry, h 118 Lormore

Woodruff George, switchman E R R, h 408 Walnut

Woodruff Vinnie, laborer, bds 602 Perine

Woods Austin E., telegraph operator, h 100 Magee pl

Woods James L., lawyer, also U S commisioner 218 E Water, h 416 W Water

Woodside Samuel C., artist Elmira Portrait Co., h 606 Grove

Woodward Charles, Physician and surgeon 205 E Gray, h do

Woodward Charles N., foreman reformatory, bds do

Woodward Emeline, widow William, h 413 Baldwin

Woodward Laura L. Mrs., h 205 E Gray

Woodward Luther H., conductor L V R R, h 305 W Clinton

Woodward Mary, cigarmaker, bds 105 N Main

Woodward William S. C., printer Advertiser, bds 205 E Gray

Woodworth Alfred, brakeman, bds 416 Locust

Woofter Jumel M., bds 411 Walnut

Woofter Royal, emp Wells, Fargo & Co's Ex, h 411 Walnut

Woolever Fay, fireman N C R R, h 257 South av

Woolever Frank P., brakeman E C & N R R, h 440 W Fifth

Woolf Edwin J., sawyer, h 200 E Water

Woolf Hiram, carpenter h 600 W Third

Woolf Joseph O., student, bds 600 W Third

Woolf Orlando C., (Sadler & Woolf) h 956 Lake

Wooley R. W. L., clerk reformatory, bds do

Woolsey Della, nurse, 415 E Church

Woolson George S., farmer, h W s Maple av bet Horner and Home

Pg. 446

Worden Charles F., laborer, h 411 Penna av

Worden Henry H., conductor, bds 319 Orchard

Working Girls Christian Alliance, 203 E Gray

Wormley Frances, teacher sch No 2, bds 349 W Clinton

Wormley John, bds 219 Maple av

Worrall Eunice, widow George, h 509 William

Worrall James L., (Blight & Worrall), h 511 William

Worsfold Ella C., bds 302 W First

Worth Harry J., clerk Wells, Fargo & Co's Ex, bds 108 College av

Wray James, emp Gridley & Son, h 113 E Church

Wiesnseski John, laborer, 805 Canal

Wright Albert, teamster, bds 225 Mt Zoar

Wright Alvin, farmer, h Southport corners

Wright Anna, widow Peter, h 451 W Water

Wright Augusta, widow Ellis G., h 257 South av

Wright Charles, drayman, h 409 1-2 S Main

Wright Charles, laborer bridge works, h 205 E Miller

Wright Charles E., carpenter, h 408 Jefferson

Wright Clarence L., carpenter, h 451 Franklin

Wright Charles S., mgr Dey Bros & Co, 301, 303 E Water, h 410 N Main

Wright Daniel, brakeman N C R R, h 314 Baty

Wright Eliza, widow Luther, city missionary, h 404 William

Wright Ella, stenographer 368 W Clinton, bds 634 W Water

Wright Fred, brakeman N C R R, h 505 S Broadway

Wright Fred B., bds 380 W Fourth

Wright F. Augusta, widow Ellis G., h 505 S Broadway

Wright George B., h 380 W Fourth

Wright George B., jr., bds 380 W Fourth

Wright Giles H., photographer 617 Lake, bds 665 do

Wright Henry C., machinist, h 611 Lewis

Wright Ira L., sash and blind maker, bds 1003 Oak

Wright James, carpenter, h 634 W Water

Wright John, laborer, bds 907 Benton

Wright John R., farmer, h 411 S Main

Wright Leonard, laborer, h Penna av n Franklin

Wright Lucy, domestic, h 4 Fourth

Wright Melvin, farmer, h E s Penna av bey limits

Wright Nellie M., h 451 W Water

Wright Pauline, widow Augustus, h 367 W Water

Wright Rilla, dressmaker, h W Water

Wright Robert, emp blast furnace, h 211 Roe av

Wright Robert, engraver Telegram, h 761 Jay

Wright Robert F., broker 116 Baldwin, bds 211 Roe av

Wright Truman D., conductor, h Southport corners

Wright John S., peddler, bds 656 Lake

Pg. 447

Wright William, machinist, h 409 Sullivan

Wright William E. Rev., rector Grace Episcopal church, h 320 W First

Wrigley Fred, weaver Hathaway woolen mill, bds 539 Tuttle av

Wrigley Isaac E., weaver, bds E s Southport n limits

Wrigley John, plumber, h 304 E Second

Wrigley John, h 539 Tuttle av

Wrigley Robert I., foreman woolen mills, h E s Southport n limits

Wrigley William, weaver, bds 706 E Second

Wuidyka Sopha, widow Frank, h 155 E Washington av

Wulff Diedrich, cabinetmaker, h 1000 Oak

Wyckoff Albert, bds 256 W Chemung pl

Wyckoff Arcalous (A Wyckoff & Son), h 115 E Chemung pl

WYCKOFF A. & SON (E L), wood water pipe manufacturers, 101-111 E Chemung pl

Wyckoff A. Welling, student, bds 115 E Chemung pl

Wyckoff Carrie, teacher Southern Tier Orphans' home, bds 256 W Chemung pl

Wyckoff Charles W., pipe maker, h 255 W Hudson

Wyckoff Clinton C., student, bds 115 E Chemung pl

Wyckoff Earnest L. (A Wyckoff & Son), h 211 Penna av

Wyckoff George A., plumber, bds 255 W Hudson

WYCKOFF HOUSE, S. Bowen, prop, 115 to 123 W Water

Wyckoff Rhoda, widow Elias, h 256 W Chemung pl

Wyckoff Sibyl, widow George W., h 115 E Chemung pl

Wyckoff William, carpenter, bds 256 W Chemung pl

Wygant William L., mason, h 113 Caldwell av

Wyley Jesse M., clerk 201 and 202 W Water, bds 530 W Gray

Wylie Carew M., carpenter, h 353 W Gray

Wylie Charles, bds 530 W Gray

Wylie Fred T., clerk 421 E Water, bds 530 E Gray

Wylie Jesse M., clerk Goodrich, bds 530 W Gray

Wylie Orman J., carpenter, h 213 Mt Zoar

Wylie Sophronia E., widow M D., bds 110 W Chemung pl

Wylie Thomas H., dyer Elmira woolen mill, bds 965 1-2 E Clinton

Wyllia Agnes, widow Peter, h 383 S Main

Wyman John M., shoemaker Richardson Shoe Co., h 118 Sullivan

Wynkoop Ada B., clerk 150 W Water, bds 305 S Main

Wynkoop Zada, clerk, bds 305 S Main

Wynn Alfred, laborer, h 720 Baldwin

Wynn Annie, dressmaker, bds 912 Magee

Wynn Charles, laborer, bds 918 Maxwell av

Wynn Hugh, laborer, h 912 Magee

Wynn Nellie R., bds 912 Magee

Wynn Kate J., stenographer, bds 918 Maxwell av

Wynn Patrick J., clerk 701 and 703 Railroad av, h 912 Magee

Pg. 448

Wynne Charles, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1104 Lake

Wynne James, track master D L & W R R, bds 1104 Lake

Yaple Albert W., student, bds 316 Webber pl

Yaple Esther, widow Jacob, h 316 Webber pl

Yates Anna R., milliner, bds 119 Penna av

Yates Horace G., real estate, h 117 W Market

Yates William P., watchmaker, 136 W Water, h 117 W Market

Yeager Adam, carpenter, h 513 Harper

Yeisley John, laborer, h Stowell pl cor Stowell

Yeisley Samuel, baker, bds 510 Main

Yenn Charles, laborer, h W s Robinson n Esty

YENGER BERTRAM, granite and stone yard, E Fifth cor Benjamin, h 917 Lake

Yenger Frank, stonecutter, h 959 Oak

Yeske Charles, laborer, h 125 Carpenter

Yeske John, laborer, bds 125 Carpenter

Yoder Clarence E., clerk N C freight office, h 655 Columbia

York Charles E., sign painter, 209 S Main, h 524 W Water

Youmans Edward B., (Youmans, Moss & Knipp), h 220 William

Youmans Edward T., clerk, bds 218 William

Youmans Katie, bds 216 W Chemung

Youmans Milton, agent nursery stock, h 216 Chemung pl

YOUMANS, MOSS & KNIPP (E B Y, R R M and C H K), lawyers 210 E Water

Young Albert E., tinsmith, bds Esty n Robinson

Young Alice, widow Albert, h 209 Madison av

Young Augusta, bds Davis n Reformatory

Young Buell J., engineer, bds 108 Penna av

Young Charles W., (C W Young & Co), h 406 Powell

Pg. 449

Young Clara A., tailoress, h Esty n Robinson

YOUNG C. W. & CO., (F A Stowell), hardware 307 E Water

Young E. J., money order clerk post office, h out of city

Young George, machinist, h 166 S Elm

Young Jennie, bookkeeper 313 E Water, bds 1004 Sullivan

Young John, (Stowell & Young), h 310 Maple av cor Horner

Young John, machinist, bds 166 S Elm

Young John J., shoemaker, h 417 Main

Young Louis, carpenter, bds 632 Lewis

Young Mary H., bds 458 E Church

Young Men's Christian Association rooms, 419 Carroll


Young Men's Christian Association, D L & W department, 1449 Baldwin (railway)

Young Saphria, widow Peter C., h 324 W Gray

Young Sarah, select school 324 W Gray, h do

Young Stewart, mason, h 1004 Sullivan

Young William R., asst ticket agt N C R R, bds 152 W Third

Young Women's Christian Association, library and free reading room 260 Baldwin

Youngs John, machinist, bds 766 S Main

Youngs Maria J., widow John C., home made bakery 415 W Second, h do

Yunusky Otto, 961 Sullivan

Zabach Andrew, laborer 117 Lake, bds do

Zaache Phillip, jr., fireman N Y L E & W R R, h 103 E Second

Zeep Julia, domestic 509 William

Ziegler George L., collarmaker, h 511 Oak

Ziegler Ludwig, tanner Sheeleys, bds 52 Washington

Ziff Isadore, butcher 752 E Water, bds 714 John

Zimmer Anna, h 563 E Church

Zimmer Jacob, blacksmith 450 E Water, h 425 Balsam

Zimmer Jennie, tailoress, bds 1323 Lake

Zimmerman Frank J., piano maker 209 E Church, h 216 Harriet

Zimmerman Frank L., embalmer 159 Lake, h 454 Riverside av

Zimmerman John C., piano tuner and repairer 114 Baldwin, h 117 Lormore

Zimmerman J. George, merchant tailor 138 E Water, h 106 Madison av

Zimmerman Joseph, tailor 138 E Water, bds 106 Madison av

Zimberg Alexander, peddler, h 750 John

Zimberg Marcus, bds 750 John

Zimberg Marcus M., janitor Jewish synagogue 117 Orchard, h 850 John

Zinck Joseph, laborer, h 704 Dickinson

Pg. 450

Zinck Julia, domestic Blyley house

Zimdahl Frank, lineman Electric Light Co., h 452 High

Zimdahl Henry, laborer, h 452 High

Zimdahl Johanna, domestic 307 DeWitt

Zink Marie, domestic 1104 Lake

Zittinger Amelia, tailoress 52 Orchard

Zittinger Katie, dressmaker 52 Orchard

Zittinger Louis, tailor, h 52 Orchard

Zittinger Sophia, domestic 52 Orchard

Zoller Fred D., student school of commerce, bds 455 Spaulding

Zoller Jennette, widow Orvis H., h 515 W Fourth