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Directories of Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Postcard from Betty Lamont Collection
1900 Bradford County Directory
Canton Borough
Bradford County Directory - Table of Contents
Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway
1900 Canton Borough Directory
Post Office address Canton
Abramovitz & Katz, (Lewis A. and Hayman K.) Globe Clothing House, gents’ furnishings, hats, boots and shoes, 18 Main
Abramovitz, Lewis, (Abramovitz & Katz) bds 201 Main cor Minnequa Ave.
Adams, Eliza, widow Edward, h Sullivan, died since canvass
Adams Express Co., F.W. Taylor, agt, N.C. depot, branch office, 8 Main
Adams, P. Benjamin, blacksmith, h 25 S. Minnequa Ave.
Adams, Stephen, blacksmith Sullivan, bds Washington
Allen, Elwin, dealer in farm produce, hay and grain, warehouse Troy n depot, farm and res. Union, Tioga Co.
Allen, Wallace, (Ogden & Allen) bds Main
Anderson, Fannie W., widow J. Norman, h 1 Tioga cor Troy
Anderson, John J., h S. Towanda
Anderson, Ray W., bds 1 Tioga cor Troy
Andrews, E. Latham, laborer, h 28 S. Towanda
Andrews, George E., telegrapher, bds 28 S. Towanda
Andrews, Ralph, emp. Belmar Co., bds 116 Main
Andrews, Vianna, bds 46 N. Center
Andrews, Alta M., milliner 48 Troy, bds 17 Troy
Andrews, Jennie, widow Alvin, farm in Nebraska, bds Troy
Andrews, William S., teaming and livery 50 Troy, h do
Armstrong, Emeline C., widow Rev. William, h 6 S. Washington
Aumendt, Marguerite F., stenographer, bds 45 N. Center
Ayres, Charles, emp. G.M. Coons, h 22 Fall Brook Road
Ayres, Allen M., farmer 30, h Center
Bacon, Ronan & Co., (Wilson V.B., Patrick J. Ronan, Claude F. Biddle) general merchants and butter buyers, Main
Bacon, Wilson V., (Bacon, Ronan & Co.) pres. H. Sheldon Mfg. Co., h 51 N. Center
Bailey, Edward J., (Rainey & Bailey) h Armenia road
Baldwin, Electa L., widow Charles, bds 8 Center
Baldwin, Valeria Mrs., h 42 Sullivan
Baldwin, William F. Jr., clerk 6 Main, bds Union outside limits
Barnes, Edith C., school teacher, bds 26 W. Union
Barnes, Melville M., emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co., h 26 W. Union
Barrand, Edwin, barber Troy, h and lot outside boro
Barrow, Merton L., clerk 7 Main, bds Canton House
Bates, Baron L., painter and paper hanger, h Main
Baylor, Winsor, fireman, h W. Union
Beals, Addison, livery and farmer 24, Sullivan, h 17 do
Beals, Addison E., farmer and stableman, bds 17 Sullivan
Beardslee Bros. & Rhoads, acid works in Ward, Tioga Co., 6 Main
Beardslee, Isaac N., (Beardslee & Innes) (Beardslee Bros. & Rhoads) 6 Main, h at East Canton
Beardslee, Seely J., groceries and boots and shoes 3 Main, h S. Minnequa Ave. n Main
Beardslee & Innes, (Isaac N.B. and John Innes) manufs of and wholesale dealers in hemlock and hardwood lumber, 5 Lewis Bldg, Main
Beck, Ida R. Mrs., bds 34 Minnequa Ave.
Becker, H. Miller, miller Rockwell’s mill, h 142 Troy
Belmar Co. The, Louis M. Marble pres., manuf. of specialties 14 Lewis bldg., Main
Bellman, John, h Crooks Terrace
Benedict, E. Bingham, farmer 45, h 75 N. Center
Benedict, Elephaz C., painter and paper hanger, 304 N. Center
Benedict, Frank E., photographer, portrait and landscape artist in oil, 41 Troy, h N. Washington
Benedict, Henry J., photographer, bookkeeper Elm, h outside boro
Benedict, Maude G., asst. photographer 41 Troy, bds 41 N. Washington
Benedict, Samuel S., bookkeeper First Nat. Bank, h Elm outside limits
Biddle, Almeron D., h 74 N. Center
Biddle, Arthur, emp. H. Crawford’s saw mill, h S. Towanda
Biddle, Claude F., (Bacon, Ronan & Co.) h 76 N. Center
Biddle, Fidello, farmer 30 on r 16, h 36 N. Minnequa Ave.
Biddle, J. Ola, farmer, son of Fidello, bds 36 N. Minnequa Ave.
Biddle, Mary E., school teacher, bds 36 N. Minnequa Ave.
Biddle, Wallace, pensioner, bds S. Towanda
Bidwell, James A., marble cutter, h 37 Troy
Black, Charles E., livery and feed stable r 12 main, h 1 Washington
Black, Cornell W., carriagemaker 210 Troy, h do
Black, Edward S., painter and paper hanger, h 210 Troy
Black, Frederick, merchant tailor 3 Troy, h Main
Black, Nellie M., school teacher, bds 12 Minnequa Ave.
Black, William, blacksmith Sullivan, h 12 Minnequa Ave.
Boland, Mary A., dining hall and bakery N. Center N. Main, bds 3 Carson
Boyce, John C., laborer, h 42 W. Union
Brann & Greene, (John F.B. and Thomas S.G.) meat and fish market Brann blk, Main
Brann, James H. Jr., grocer Troy cor E. Union, h do
Brann, John T., (B & Greene) (F.J. Packard & Co.) h Main cor Washington
Brann, Thomas M., cattle dealer, h Washington n E. Union
Briggs, George A., pastor First Baptist Church, Main, h Main n Minnequa Ave.
Brigham, Anna, music teacher, bds 46 N. Center
Brighan, Elizabeth, teacher Canton graded school, bds 46 N. Center
Brigham, Myra, widow Phineas, h 46 N. Center
Bright, Ernest, laborer, h 9 Crook’s Terrace
Bristol, A. Erma, school teacher, bds E. Union n limits
Bristol, George D., peddler, farmer 14, E. Union n limits
Bristol, L. May, teacher Canton graded school, bds E. Union n limits
Bristow, Cecelia M., (Mrs. F.F.) milliner, Main cor Minnequa Ave.
Bristow, Frederick F., carriage and sign painter Sullivan, h Main cor Minnequa Ave.
Brooks, Erdine, stenographer, removed to Elmira, N.Y.
Brooks, Lee, (Stone & B.) notary public, h 105 E. Union
Brooks, Perry C., farmer in Armenia 25, h 314 Troy
Brooks, Robert W., physician and surgeon 10 Lewis blk, h 200 Main cor S. Washington
Brown, Rufus G., township tax collector, h Second cor S. Washington
Bullock, Charles E., lawyer and general insurance, boro clerk, 2 Main, h 68 S. Towanda
Bullock, George E., vice-pres. First Nat. Bank, real estate and loans, treas. Union Agricultural Association Main cor Center, h 47 Main
Bullock, Howard C., printer, bds 47 Main
Bullock, Jesse E., bookkeeper, bds 47 Main
Bunn, Francis (W. & F.B.) h at Ogdensburg, Tioga Co.
Bunn, W & F (William and Francis) planing mill N. Minnequa Ave. cor Carson
Bunn, William (W. & F.B.) h at Ogdensburg, Tioga Co.
Bunyan, William G., tinner, 15 Main
Burk, Thomas & Co. (Timothy B. and Herrick E.T.), general merchants, 1 and 3 Troy
Burk, Thomas S., clerk Burk, Thomas & Co., bds Troy
Burk, Timothy (B. Thomas & Co.) farmer, h 94 Troy
Burns, George, laborer, bds 9 Crooks Terrace
Burns, Jane Mrs., laundress, h 9 Crooks Terrace
Burroughs, S. Jane, widow John, dressmaker 42 W. Union, h do
Burt, Almeron, stone mason, h 325 N. Center
Burt, Charles H., tel. opr. N.C. Ry, bds 325 N. Center
Bush, Fannie L., emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co., bds 64 N. Center
Bush, Melissa L., widow Jay, h 64 N. Center
Butler, Jeremiah B., Justice of the Peace, pension atty. and fire insurance over 1 Main, bds 8 Washington
Campbell, John F., laborer, h 132 Troy
Campbell, Richard H., laborer, h 22 S. Towanda
Canton Cigar Co., The, makers of high grade cigars, A. Elton Landon, prop., Mart H. Wirth supt., 112 Main
Canton Graded School, Minnequa Ave. cor E. Union, Willis L. Rowland, principal
Canton House, Loop E. Benjamin propr., Troy
Canton Illuminating Co., H. Lee Clark, mgr., off Troy
Canton Telephone Co., H.M. Whitman, propr., dealer in telephone supplies, Exchange 10 Main
Canton Mfg. Co., Charles Davis propr., manuf toilet preparations 1 Troy
Canton Supply Co., Crippen & Dyer proprs., wholesale cigars and confectionery, 21 Main
Canton Opera House, John Vrooman, propr., Lycoming
Canton Roller Mills, Homer Rockwell, propr., Troy cor Fall Brook Road
Canton Sentinel, The (semi-weekly) Charles D. Derrah, publisher, 6 Main
Carman, George W., carriage trimmer and upholsterer Sullivan, h Tioga
Carman, Mary V., dressmaker, 105 Tioga, bds do
Cease, Charles L., (Cease & Drake) h 10 Washington
Cease & Drake (Charles L. Cease and Christopher H. Drake) practical horseshoers, horse clippers and bicycle repairing, 32 Sullivan cor Second
Channell, Frank J., clerk 8 Main, h 306 do
Church of Christ, Rev. Ulna A. White, pastor, Troy cor Union
Churchill, Melburn, laborer, h 310 Main
Clancy, Nora, sand bed and farm 5, h Lycoming
Clark, H. Lee (Gleason & Clark Tanning Co.) (Clark & Jewell), manager Canton Illuminating Co. and surveyor, office at electric plant off Troy
Clark, J. Frederick (Gleason & Co.) (Canton Illuminating Co.) (Pennsylvania & Buffalo Land Co.) director “The Pathfinder Publishing Co.” of Washington, D.C., h 25 Center
Clark & Jewell (H. Lee Clark and Samuel H. Jewell) coal and ice dealers, West Union
Clayton, William H., tin shop and house furnishing goods 11 Troy, h 28 Troy
Cleveland, Emerson J., attorney and counselor-at-law, pension attorney, general insurance, Justice of the Peace, Cleveland blk., Sullivan, h 42 N. Center cor Tioga
Cleveland, J. Emory, physician and surgeon, notary public, Cleveland blk., Sullivan, h 26 Minnequa Ave cor Union
Close, Milton N., horseshoer, blacksmithing, horse clipping and carpet cleaning, 28 Sullivan, h do
Cockburn, James, hardware, stoves, tinsmith, plumbing, etc., 15 Main, h Tioga
Cockburn, Jessie J., widow James, bds Tioga n Minnequa Ave.
Cole, Walter E., bookkeeper and manager 100 Main, h r 31 Canton
Collins, James, clerk, 30 Main, h Minnequa Ave.
Collins, William H., furniture and undertaking, 30 Main, h 7 Minnequa Ave.
Connolly, William H. Rev., rector St. Michael’s R.C. Church, res. at Troy
Coons, G. Claude, emp. G.M., bds 38 E. Union
Coons, Giles M., saw and planing mills, lumber dealer, contractor and builder, dealer in building materials, 49 Troy, h 121 Troy
Crandall, Blithe L., emp. Belmar Co., bds 24 S. Towanda
Crandall, James A., carpenter, h 24 S. Towanda
Cranmer, Bertha L., widow Wayland S., h 15 Minnequa Ave.
Craven, George W., musician, bds 20 Minnequa Ave.
Craven, Harry, emp. Belmar Co., bds Lycoming
Craven, Horace U., electrician, bds 20 S. Minnequa Ave.
Craven, John C., h 20 S. Minnequa Ave.
Craven, Thomas H., pensioner, h Lycoming
Crawford, Byron H., (Hugh Crawford & Sons) h 12 Second
Crawford, Hugh & Sons, (J. William, Byron H. and James) manufacturers and dealers in lumber and timber, saw mill, planing mill, grist mill, 215 acres timber land in Lycoming Co., 100 Main
Crawford, Hugh, (Hugh Crawford & Sons) real estate in boro, 100 Main, h do
Crawford, James, (Hugh Crawford & Sons) bds 100 Main
Crawford, J. William, (Hugh Crawford & Sons) h S. Center
Crippen, Julius G., Main, h 15 Washington
Crippen, William C., (Canton Supply Co.) bookkeeper, h 310 Troy
Crockett, William Day, pastor First Presbyterian Church of Canton, h 23 N. Center
Crooks, William, farmer 60 in Sullivan Co., h Crooks Terrace
Crowell, Margaret B. Mrs., bds 15 Tioga
Curtis, Robert H., bds 201 Main
Dann, Judson, dealer in pianos and organs, and repairer, 38 Center, h do
Darling, W. Burton, painter and paper hanger, h 104 Troy
Dartt, Achsah E., widow Benjamin S., h 7 E. Union
Davis, Charles, barber, manuf. toilet preparations, janitor, Lewis block, room 1 Lewis bldg., Main, h 32 W. Union
Davis, Sarah J., widow Samuel L., h 119 Troy
Davison, Blythe J., drugs, books and stationery, manager Cedar Lodge creamery, Lycoming cor Sullivan, h Troy
Davison, Willis T., physician and surgeon, Main, h 14 Center
DeBoser, William, laborer, h McIntosh Alley
Decker, Henry, agent Standard Oil Co., h W. Union
Denmark, Rufus B., emp. W.& F. Bunn, h E Union, outside limits
DeRhone, Samuel A., harnessmaker, h 108 Main
Derrah, Charles D., publisher The Canton Sentinel, book and job printer 6 Main, h Minnequa Ave.
Derrah, Lavina, widow Joshua, bds with Charles D., Minnequa Ave.
Dewey, Alma, widow Porter, h E. Union
Dickinson, William S., teamster, h 30 Lycoming
Doane, Fernando, barn man Packard House, bds do
Doane, Samuel N., medical student, h 39 N. Center
Doll, Grace M., tobacco stripper, bds Troy outside boro
Drake, Christopher H., (Cease & Drake) h 10 Washington
Drake, Homer B., sheriff, h 3 N. Washington removed to Towanda
Drake, Rebecca, nurse, h 305 N. Center
Drake, Mildred R., clerk 2 Main, removed to Towanda
Dunbar & Hartranft (Roswell J. Dunbar and Jacob A. Hartranft) manufrs. and dealers in farm wagons, carriages, etc., Sullivan
Dunbar, Roswell J., (Dunbar & Hartranft) h Tioga cor Minnequa Ave.
Dwyer, Charles S., physician and surgeon, farm 50 in Springfield, Brown blk. Main, h Tioga
Dye, Lemuel H., painter and paper hanger, 8 Washington, h do
Dyer, James L., Canton Supply Co., com. trav., h 108 Center
Earnest, Clinton D., clerk Canton House, Troy, bds do
Eastman, Abram A., propr. stage route Canton and Franklin, leave Canton 9 a.m. return 4 p.m., fare 75 cents, also farmer in Smithfield 113
Fassett, Newton P., clerk N.C. Ry. Office, h Main
Felix, George W., cigar maker, h S. Minnequa Ave.
Fellows, Andrew W., clerk, bds 10 S. Minnequa Ave.
Fellows, David E., carpenter and builder, 11 S. Minnequa Ave., h do
Fellows, Edna, teacher Canton graded school, bds 11 S. Minnequa Ave.
Fellows, Georgia, 11 S. Minnequa Ave.
Fellows, Huldah, widow Joseph, bds S. Minnequa Ave.
Fellows, Martin L., laborer, h 10 S. Minnequa Ave.
Fellows, Theresa C., school teacher, h 11 Minnequa Ave.
Fellows, Myron, retired farmer, h 34 Minnequa Ave.
Ferguson, John L., farmer, local Methodist preacher, h 18 Minnequa Ave.
Ferguson, William, agent, bds 18 Minnequa Ave.
Ferguson, Frank, clerk Bacon, Ronan & Co., bds 18 Minnequa Ave.
Field, O. Lazelle, restaurant and groceries, 21 Troy, h do
First Baptist Church of Canton, Rev. George A. Briggs pastor, Main n Washington
First M.E. Church, Rev. H.E. Hyde pastor, E. Union cor Center
First National Bank of Canton, The, Daniel Innes pres., George E. Bullock vice-pres., L.T. McFadden cashier, capital $50,000, Lewis blk., Main
First Presbyterian Church of Canton, N. Center St., Rev. W.D. Crockett, pastor
Fitzpatrick, Dominick N., shoe maker 27 Troy, h W. Union
Fairchild, Sarah, widow Hiram, bds 304 Main
Ford, James R.W., bds 32 Lycoming
Foss, Elizabeth, widow Arvin, millinery and fancy goods, E. Union n limits
Foss, J. Walter, carpenter, h S. Minnequa Ave.
Foss, Roland, emp. cigar factory, bds S. Minnequa Ave.
Fowler, John T., clerk N.C. Ry., h 28 Center
Fowler, M. Addie, widow Rhomine D.A., dressmaker 68 Lycoming, h do
Fox, James F., h S. Washington
Fuller, Delphine, widow C. Freeman, housekeeper Park Hotel
Gates, Matilda F., widow Rev. Stephen P., h First
Gates, Sarah F., bds First
Gem Laundry, The, C.M. Williams, propr., 23 Troy
Gleason & Clark, (LeRoy G. and J. Frederick C.) tanners of Union crop sole leather, W. Union
Gleason, LeRoy, (G. & Clark) (Canton Illuminating Co.) (L.R. Gleason & Sons in three other tanneries) pres. boro school board, director First Nat. Bank, director Boston Leather Co., h W. Union
Gleckner, Byron L., musician, machine operator W.W. Gleckner & Sons, bds W. Union
Gleckner, Robert H., machine operator W.W. Gleckner & Sons, bds 47 W. Union
Gleckner, William V., (W.W.G. & Sons) h 68 Lycoming
Gleckner, William W., (W.W.G. & Sons) h 47 W. Union
Gleckner, W.W. & Sons, (William W., William V. and Charles V. of Towanda) mfrs. harness, Eureka shaft tugs, check holders and dealers in horse goods, Sullivan
Goff, George J., retired farmer, h Troy
Granger, Bert, driver for Dr. W.S. Lewis, bds do
Granteer, Blanche, clerk 5 Main, bds 356 Troy
Granteer, Charles E., clerk N.C. Ry., h S. Washington
Grantier, John R., carpenter, h 356 Troy
Greek, Andrew J., emp. tannery
Green, Charles D., mason, h Sullivan
Greene, Mary, widow Patrick, bds S. Minnequa Ave. n Main
Greene, Thomas S., (Brann & G.) farmer 83, H S. Minnequa Ave. n Main
Greenlaw, Ada, compositor Sentinel office, bds 3 E. Union
Greenlaw, Anna, compositor, bds 3 E. Union
Greenlaw, Cornelia E., widow Alexander, h 3 E. Union
Greeno, Alonzo D., retired farmer, h 109 Troy
Gregory, Etta M., (Mrs. F.M.) dressmaker First, h do
Gregory, Forrest M., janitor, Troy graded school bldg., h First
Gregory, Myron E., laborer, h Washington n First
Griffin, Alice J., with Mary farmer 5, h 47 S. Towanda
Griffin, Harry E., boot and shoe dealer and farmer 58, h 56 S. Towanda
Griffin, Lucy, widow John W., h Lycoming
Griffin, Marcella A., widow Samuel, h Sullivan
Griffin, Mary O., widow George W., interest in farm 5, h 44 S. Towanda
Griswold, Austin S., h 312 N. Center
Griswold, J. Scott, clerk post office, bds outside boro
Griswold, O. Arthur, farmer, h 312 N. Center
Guernsey, George A., investments, securities, h 52 Center
Guernsey, Helen M., teacher Kent’s Hill seminary, h 52 Center
Hackett, Albert, emp. Belmar Co., bds Lycoming
Hackett, Augustus P., machinist, h 314 N. Center
Hackett, Catherine, h 62 N. Center
Hackett, Emma, widow Rague, farm 78 in Union, Tioga Co., h Lycoming
Hackett, Fred F., emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co., h 62 N. Center
Hackett, Mary C., bookkeeper Sheldon Mfg. Co., bds 62 N. Center
Haley, William, cigarmaker, h 47 Sullivan
Hallett, Edward N., com. trav., h 150 Troy
Harding, Berthia, widow Benjamin N., h Sullivan
Harding, Curtis M., com trav., farm about 40, h N. Center n limits
Hartman, Catherine, bds 3 Washington
Hartranft, Jacob A., (Dunbar & Hartranft) h 41 Sullivan
Hartranft, M. Daisy, (Mrs. Thomas W.) milliner 41 Troy, h 107 Tioga
Hartranft, Thomas W., watchmaker and jeweler 9 Main, h 107 Tioga
Hawkins, Charles, billiard and pool rooms 20 Troy, h 326 N. Center
Hazleton, Ida Dartt, widow R. Amzi, 7 E. Union
Hedgland, Albert F., laborer, h Crook Terrace
Hendelman, Harry, dry goods and clothing 2 Main, bds Canton House
Henyan, Annie C., widow Marshall K., cook and nurse, h 104 Troy
Hickey, Anna, dressmaker, Troy n McIntosh alley
Hickey, Frank E., emp. Belmar Co., bds 25 S. Center
Hickey, Margaret, widow Michael, h Troy n McIntosh Alley
Hickey, Thomas F., emp. Hugh Crawford, h 25 S. Center
Hickok, Thaddeus S., attorney and counselor at law, Cleveland blk., Sullivan, h S. Towanda
Hill, Claude V., emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co., h 134 Troy
Hoagland, Robert, laborer, h 45 W. Union
Holcomb, Fred O., fireman for Homer Rockwell, h Fall Brook Road
Holford, Edward D., laborer, h W. Union
Hollis, Horace R., mason, h 16 Washington
Holmes, Charles M., pensioner, bds 1 S. Towanda
Home Hand Laundry, J.U. McKay prop., 58 Troy
Hooper, Lucy A., widow John A., bds with Lee Brooks, E. Union
Horton, Caroline, widow William, bds 64 N. Center
Horton, John H., shoemaker, h 64 N. Center
Howe, Ada M., stenographer, bds 7 Washington
Howe, James H., clerk H. Crawford, h 7 Washington
Huffman, Frederick, farmer and market gardener 6, h Lycoming
Hulett & Brayton (C.H.H. and G.S.B. of Sodus, N.Y.) fruit evaporators, E. Towanda
Hull, Asa D., h 18 Center
Hull, Edwin A., groceries, crockery and seeds, 6 Main, h Tioga cor Minnequa Ave.
Hurley, Thomas, farmer 90 in Union, Tioga Co., h 26 Second
Hurley, Thomas D., bds W. Union
Hyde, Hallett E. Rev., pastor First M.E. Church, h 5 E. Union
Ingham, Charlotte A., widow James B., bds 35 E. Union
Innes Bros. & Co., (Daniel, John A. and Collin A. Innes of Canton, Judson K. Innes of Binghamton, N.Y., G.F. Krise and John Vrooman of Canton) mfs. of wood alcohol, acetate of lime and charcoal, works in Rock Run, Lycoming Co., office 6 Main
Innes, Collin A., (Innes Bros & Co.) farmer 100, h 53 N. Center
Innes, Daniel, (Innes Bros. & Co.) prest. First Nat. Bank, supt. of Caledonia tannery of Grover, trustee and secy. Cottage State Hospital at Blossburg, h 30 S. Towanda
Innes, Floyd A., student, son of Daniel, bds 30 S. Towanda
Innes, John A., (Innes Bros. & Co.), farmer about 220, h 7 Tioga cor Center
Inscho, Frank B., emp Belmar Co., bds 200 Minnequa Ave.
Inscho, Minnie, emp. Belmar Co., bds 200 E. Union
Inscho, Obadiah J., emp. saw mill at Cedar Ledge, h 200 E. Union
Irwin, Mary A., milliner, 34 Troy, h do
Irwin, Thomas G., invalid, h 34 Troy
Jaquish, O.W., general merchant, postmaster, station agt., etc., at Cowley in Granville, h 83 N. Center
Jenkins, Samuel, laborer, h 146 Troy
Jennings, Edwin A., h 300 N. Center
Jennings, Franc T., widow Charles E., h 300 N. Center
Jewell, Samuel H., (Clark & J.), (Krise & J.), h 35 E. Union
Jones, Alfred M., laborer, bds 75 N. Center
Jones, Ernest F., bds 15 Tioga
Jones, Hattie E. Mrs., teacher of embroidery, h 108 Troy
Jones, John G., telegrapher, h Krise blk., Main
Jones, Leigh, laborer, bds 7 N. Center
Jones, Lucinda A., widow Steward B., h 115 Troy
Jones, Mortimer, teamster, h 7 Center
Jones, Wilhelmina A., stenographer, bds Krise blk., Main
Joralemon, Ernest H., laborer, h 102 Troy
Joralemon, Lydia A., widow Hopkins, nurse, h 102 Troy
Katz, Hayman, (Abramovitz & Katz), bds 201 Main cor Minnequa Ave.
Keaven, Elizabeth B., chief clerk postoffice, bds Minnequa Ave.
Keaven, Martin, retired farmer about 55, h Minnequa Ave. n Main
Keavin, Edmund F., (K & O’Donnell), h 316 N. Center
Keavin & O’Donnell (E.F.K. & R.J.O’D) draymen
Keenen, Charles G., dentist, 25 Main, h 212 Main cor Center
Kelley, Marion, teacher graded school, bds 9 Washington
Kendall, George H., undertaker, over 7 Main, h 12 Minnequa Ave.
Kendall, Kathleen M., milliner, bds 12 Minnequa Ave.
Kendall, Sylvanus D., cabinet maker and carpenter, h 115 Troy
Kennedy, Ernest N., compositor and pressman Sentinel office, bds Center
Kennedy T.H. & Co., (Timothy H.K., Thomas M. Brown and John F. Brown) proprs. Packard House, Main
Kennedy, Timothy H., (T.H.K. & Co.) farm in Union, Tioga Co., h Packard House, Main
Ketchem, George, clerk J.H. Brown, Jr., bds Troy
Ketchem, Huldah, widow George W., h Troy n limits
Ketchem, Martin E., emp. G.M. Coons, h Troy n limits
Kinch, Clara, widow J. William, farmer about 8, h S. Towanda
King, Eli, porter Canton House, bds do
King, E. Valentine, well driller, h 112 Minnequa Ave.
King, Fred, emp. Daniel Innes, h Carlton
King, John W., well driller, h 36 N. Minnequa Ave.
Kingsland, John C., V.S., veterinary surgeon, manuf. of veterinary specifics, graduate of New York college of veterinary surgeons, 24 Second, h do
Knights, Thomas, farmer in Armenia 153, h Lycoming
Koch, Harry M., laborer, h S. Minnequa Ave.
Koch, Myrtle M., emp. Belmar Co., bds S. Minnequa Ave.
Krise, Charles A., harnessmaker, dealer in hides, fur and wool 100 Main, h Main n Elm
Krise, Gustavus F., (K. & Jewell) (Innes Bros. & Co.) burgess, wholesale dealer in hard and soft coal, mgr. of Innes Bros. & Co.’s wood alcohol works 6 Main, h 39 E. Union
Krise, Helen B., (Mrs. G.F.) farmer 25 in Canton
Krise & Jewell, (Gustavus F.K. & Samuel H.J.) general insurance, 6 Main
Kumm, Amelia, compositor Canton World, bds N. Center
Landon, A. Elton, propr. The Canton Cigar Co., gen. insurance agt. 112 Main, h Main cor Chestnut
Landon, Arthur W., traveling salesman, h Lycoming
Landon, Ernest E., law student 10 Main, bds Lycoming
Landon, F. Leander, cabinetmaker, h 65 N. Center
Landon, Hannah, widow Eldaah, h S. Towanda cor Carlton
Landon, Isadore C., bookkeeper A.E. Landon, bds 65 N. Center
Landon, Jeannette S., embroidery, fine needle work etc., bds 20 Lycoming
Landon, Mary A., widow Benjamin, h 302 Main
Landon, Merton, meat, fish and oyster market and wholesale sausage manuf. 38 Troy, h Troy
Landon, Mortimer A., commercial collector, h Lycoming
Landon, Newton, boro assessor, h Lycoming
Leavitt, Emeline, widow Walter, farmer 24, h 116 Main
Leonard, Charles M., laborer, bds S. Towanda
Leonard, Melville C., carriage ironer, Sullivan, h S. Towanda
Lewis, Emma M., widow M. Perry, owns Lewis block, h 206 E. Union
Lewis, Franklin L., clerk 6 Main, bds Union
Lewis, William S., physician and surgeon, farmer 70 in Canton township, school director, sec. health board 28 Center, h do
Lindley, Earl S., (Lindley, Ronan & Co.) boro councilman, h Minnequa Ave.
Lindley, Marion E. Mrs., clerk, E. Main, bds Lycoming
Litey, Minnie E., widow John T., tailoress, Sullivan, h do
Lindley, Ronan & Co., (Earl S.L., Thomas H.R., and Dr. L.E. Manley) hardware, stoves, plumbing, steam heating and tinning, Lewis blk., Main
Lindley, Sheldon H., farm 166, h 28 ½ Center
Lloyd, Fannie M., widow James, laundress, bds 11 E. Union
Loomis, Myron G., farm 40, h S. Towanda
Loop, E. Benjamin, propr. Canton House, 18 Troy, h do
Love, Oscar B., bell hanger, upholsterer and furniture repairer, Troy, h r 49 Canton
Lyon, Lewis D., clerk, bds 41 Troy
Lyon, Stanley W., h 41 Troy
Manley, D. Clinton, night watch tannery, h Clinton
Manley, Frank E., bookkeeper, bds 8 Main
Manley, Ford W., laborer, bds S. Minnequa Ave.
Manley, Harry E., corporal Co. K 10th Reg’t. U.S. Reg. Inf., son of R.M., 8 Minnequa
Manley, L. Edward, (Lindley, Ronan & Co.) physician and surgeon, E. Union cor Center, h 31 Center
Manley, Martha, widow Charles, dressmaker, h S. Minnequa Ave.
Manley, Minnie F., dressmaker, bds S. Minnequa Ave.
Manley, Percy S., fireman Crawford’s mill, h rear Crooks Terrace
Manley, Randolph M., h old No. 8 Minnequa Ave.
Marble, Louis M., prest. The Belmar Company, manf. of specialties, works E. Washington bel. Second, office Lewis blk., h 206 E. Union
Marks & Whitman’s orchestra, F.E. Whitman leader, Main
Marvin, Frank, emp. Belmar Co., bds First
Martin, Lewis A., Supt. Sheldon Mfg. Co., h E. Union n Washington
Mason, Charles H., retired farmer, h 119 Troy
Mason, James G., retired farmer, h 38 E. Union, cor Washington
Mason, Joseph B., cigar maker, h Sullivan
Mason, Matilda M., h 119 Troy
Mason, William H., fireman tannery, h Clinton
McBride, Henry C., furniture dealer, 13 Troy, h 106 Minnequa Ave.
McCarthy, Kate B., dressmaker, bds 37 Troy
McCarthy, Katie E., school teacher, bds 35 Sullivan
McCarthy, Mary A., h 35 Sullivan
McCarthy, Michael W., woodsman, h 35 Sullivan
McClelland, James A., clerk, h 108 Main
McClelland, Minnie L., (Mrs. J.A.) dressmaker 108 Main, h do
McCraney, Augustus D., high constable and chief of police, h 47 Sullivan
McCraney, Ward M., barber for A.C. Williams, bds Sullivan
McDonald, Mary J., widow James, h 30 Lycoming
McDonald, Samuel J., laborer, h 30 Lycoming
McFadden, Louis T., cashier First National Bank, bds 32 Lycoming
McIntosh, Simon L., pensioner, h S. Towanda
McKay, James U., prop. Home Hand Laundry 58 Troy, h do
McKee, Adeshia D., dressmaker Carson, bds do
McKee, Jay, carpenter and builder, h Carson
McKee, Reed, carpenter and builder, h Carson
McNeal, Edward O., laborer, h Armenia Road
McNeal, Otis O., laborer, bds Armenia Road
McNeil, Daniel K., electrician, h 8 Center
McNeil, Ida M., (Mrs. Daniel K.) dressmaker, 8 Center, h do
Merrick, Alva R., dentist 12 Lewis blk., Main, h 18 N. Center
Miles, Thomas B., boot and shoe dealer and repairer Main, h 4 Washington
Miller, J. Coleman, farm about 75 in Union, Tioga Co., h 308 Main
Minard, Lemira, widow Charles, bds 204 E. Union
Mitchell, James M., machinist with A.M. Wilson, h Troy n W. Union
Mitchell, William L., (G.E. Newman & Co.) bds Troy n W. Union
Mix, Charles H., advertising agent, h 9 N. Center
Mix, Charles H., collector, h 7 N. Center
Mix, Harriet A., widow Amasa H., h 319 N. Center
Mix, Hugh W., emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co., h Carlton
Mix, Lorinda, widow John S., bds 12 Center
Montanye, Nathan M., clerk at Packard House, h E. Union n Center
Montanye, Stanley S., salesman for advertising signs, h E. Union cor Center
Moody, Lewis H., clerk M.C. Preston, h Washington
Moore, Israel, peddler, h 324 Troy
Morgan, Henry, h 40 W. Union
Morgan, John W., clerk 3 Main, bds 4 W. Union
Morgan, William H., hard and soft coal, sand and gravel, McIntosh alley, h W. Union
Morse, James L., emp. tannery, pensioner, h Tannery Lane
Morse, Joel, h 51 W. Union
Morse, Laura C., widow Truman H., h 108 Troy
Morse, Lee, painter and paper hanger, bds 208 Troy
Muir, Alexander, invalid, soldier in Civil War, bds Park Hotel
Munn, Eliza J., widow Rowen, bds 157 Troy
Nash, Alfred J., com. trav., h 20 N. Center
Nash, Charles A., painter and paper hanger, h 78 N. Center
Nash, Jennie, operator tel. exchange 10 Main, bds 20 N. Center
Nailen, John, laborer, h Lycoming
Newman, Edwin, h 313 N. Center
Newman, Ellen M., widow Ezekiel, florist 28 Lycoming, h do
Newman, G. Ernest, (G.E.N. & Co.), bds Troy n W. Union
Newman, G. E. & Co., (G. Ernest N. and Wm. L. Mitchell) groceries, drugs, crockery, news and stationery, 12 Main
Newman, Harry S., paymaster’s yeoman, U.S. gunboat Helena, h 39 N. Center
Newman, Jay W., painter and paper hanger, h 28 Lycoming
Newman, Walter S., farm in Rome 130, h 13 N. Center
Northrup, Austin H., contractor and builder Tioga, h E. Union outside boro
Northrup, Elihu C., carpenter, A.H., bds do, h Bodines, Lycoming Co.
O’Donnell, George, mason, h 45 N. Center
O’Donnell, Richard J., (Keavin & O’Donnell) wholesale and retail coal dealer Troy, h 39 Troy
Ogden & Allen, (Edwin A. Ogden and Wallace A. Allen) dealers in vehicles, farm implements, harness, etc., Lycoming
Ogden, Edwin A., (O. & Allen), farmer 50 in Union, Tioga Co., h Lycoming
Olmstead, Amelia M., widow George, dressmaker, h 305 N. Center
Olmsted, Clara B., widow Fred S., h Brown block, Main
Osborne, Emily M., widow Owen, h 206 N. Center
Osborne, Rose A., dressmaker 206 N. Center, h do
Osborne, Watterman N., emp. coal yard, h 206 N. Center
Owen, Electa L., widow William, interest in estate of William, h 5 Minnequa Ave.
Owen, Frank A., clerk, h 19 Tioga
Owen, Mary, widow Samuel, h S. Washington
Owen, Mercy, widow Jephtha W., h 27 S. Minnequa Ave.
Packard House, T.H. Kennedy & Co. proprs., Main
Packard, William, driver Dr. Parsons, h Main n boro line
Page, Anson, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co., h S. Towanda
Page, James G., porter Park Hotel, bds do
Palmer, Elizabeth, widow Nathan, h 153 Troy
Park Hotel, Bernard L. Wright propr., 57 Troy
Parker, Augusta, school teacher, bds 307 E. Union
Parker, C. Addison, blacksmiths helper, h S. Towanda
Parker, Frank, carpenter, h 307 E. Union, died since canvass
Parker, Harry B., barber, bds 24 S. Minnequa Ave.
Parker, William C., emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co., h E Union n limits
Parkhurst, Lucinda, widow Hiram, h First
Parrish, J. Henry, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co., h S. Washington
Parsons, Charles E., clothing and gents furnishings, 14 Main, h 29 Carson
Parsons, Horatio B., h and 9 acres, 20 Carson
Parsons, James W., physician and surgeon, prest. U.S. board pension examiners, 5 Troy, h 300 Main
Parsons, Sadie L., housekeeper, 29 Carson
Patterson, George, carpenter, bds 21 Troy
Patterson, Lucy C., (Mrs. George), millinery and dress goods, 48 Troy, h 17 Troy
Pepper, Charles H., emp. Sheldon Mfg Co., 306 E. Union
Perry, Mary E., bds 6 S. Washington
Peterson, Napoleon B., barber, painter and paper hanger, 4 Sullivan, h 24 Minnequa Ave.
Pierce, Theodore, hardware, stoves, plumbing, tinner, 8 Main, bds 32 Lycoming
Pitcher, Edna, milliner, 41 Troy, bds 107 Tioga
Pitcher, Marion E., widow H. Francis, h 107 Tioga
Porter, Lucinda, widow Marcus, h 1 S. Towanda
Postoffice, C.E. Riggs, postmaster, Lewis blk., Main
Powers, Jefferson, section hand N.C. Ry., h Troy
Powers, John, switchman N.C. Ry., h Troy
Powers, Thomas, track foreman N.C. Ry., h 3 Carson
Preston, Mary, widow Daniel, h Lycoming
Preston, Michael C., groceries, clothing, gloves, boots, shoes, feed, farm seeds, Sullivan, h do
Rainey & Bailey, (Charles E.R. and Edward J.B.), manufs. and dealers in granite and marble monuments, works at Canton and Millerton, Pa., Troy
Rainey, Charles E., (R. and Bailey) res. at Millerton, Tioga Co.
Randall, Aaron W., emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co., h Carlton
Randall, Helen J., widow Samuel I., h Carlton
Randall, Lafayette D., miller, h 78 N. Center
Rankin, William K., electrician, Canton Illuminating Co., bds 8 Center
Raymond, Fred, stage driver, Canton to Franklin, bds S. Center
Reddington, Minnie M., widow James F., boarding house, 201 Main cor Minnequa Ave.
Rexford, Lorenzo M., street commissioner and carpenter, h 42 Sullivan
Reynolds, Edwin C., emp. tannery, h Cemetery Lane
Reynolds, Howard M., clerk J.O. Whitman, bds outside boro
Rice, Clarinda M., widow Charles M., housekeeper, S. Towanda
Richter, Carl G., cigarmaker, bds Lycoming
Richter, Gertrude J., (Mrs. Carl G.), cigarmaker, bds Lycoming
Riggs, Charles E., postmaster, Lewis blk., Main, h 21 Tioga
Riley, George B., propr. Union Street Mills, flour, feed, etc., W. Union, h Troy
Robinson, Celinda, bds McIntosh Alley
Robinson, Nehemiah, laborer, h McIntosh Alley
Rockwell, Christina, widow Norman, h 146 Troy
Rockwell, Elisha, carpenter, h 208 N. Center
Rockwell, Harriet J., widow Martin L., h 138 Troy
Rockwell, Homer, propr. Canton Roller Mills, Troy cor Fall Brook Road, h 140 Troy
Rockwell, Jacob G., farmer 149 ½, h 315 Troy
Rockwell, John C., school teacher, h 146 Troy
Rockwell, John E., boro councilman, wool carding, h and 8 acres, 22 S. Towanda
Rockwell, Robert E., drayman, 315 Troy
Rogers, Harry L., carpenter, bill poster, h 39 Sullivan
Rolison, Margaret W., widow Uriah C., h 37 E. Union
Ronan, Frank A., farmer 53, estate of Patrick in Armenia, h 43 E. Union
Ronan, Margaret L., housekeeper, 43 E. Union
Ronan, Patrick J., (Bacon, Ronan & Co.) boro councilman, treas. H.J. Sheldon Mfg. Co., h 6 Carson
Ronan, Thomas H., (Lindley, Ronan & Co.) interest in P. Ronan estate in Armenia, h 43 E. Union
Ronk, Frank, emp. H. Crawford Sons, h 112 Main
Ross, Sullivan J., meat cutter, 11 Main, h 72 Troy
Ross, Lischer, school director, meat fish and oyster market, 11 Main, h Lycoming
Rundell, Mary J., widow Francis E., h 119 Troy
Russell, George, emp. tannery, h 52 W. Union
Ryan, Bridget, widow William, farm 84, h S. Minnequa Ave.
Ryan, Mary, tailoress, bds S. Minnequa Ave.
Ryan, Michael J., laborer, farm 56, h 329 N. Center
St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, Rev. W.H. Connolly, rector, Washington cor Union
St. James Mission, (Episcopal) Rev. C.H. McKnight, rector, Lewis block, Main
Scudder, Charles, laborer, h Second
Scudder, Thomas B., laborer, h 26 Sullivan
Scudder, Warren E., laborer, bds 26 Sullivan
Sechrist, Laura, typewriter 12 Main, bds Lycoming
Sechrist, William C., attorney and counsellor at law, notary public, 12 Main, h Lycoming
Sellard, Elizabeth L., widow Lewis, h 308 Main
Seymour, Elias C., invalid, h S. Minnequa Ave.
Seymour, Ernest B., laborer, h 100 Main
Shannon Bros., (William H. and Daniel E.) dry goods and groceries, Lewis block, Main
Shannon, Daniel E., (Shannon Bros.) h 8 Washington
Shannon William H., (Shannon Bros.) bds 201 Main
Shipman, Charles R., carpenter and builder, h 204 E. Union
Shires, Mary, housekeeper Thomas Knight, Lycoming
Smith, Annie, (Mrs. Ralph B.) ladies’ tailor made suits to order, 30 Center, h do
Smith, Aseneth M., dressmaker, 37 Troy, h do
Smith, Clara E. Mrs., millinery and ladies and children’s furnishing goods, 10 Center, h do
Smith, Clyde E., clerk Shannon Bros., bds 10 Center
Smith, Elmer E., late pastor First M.E. Church, removed to Oneida, N.Y.
Smith, George H., wagonmaker, h 204 Main
Smith, Lavern, painter, bds 204 Main
Smith, Ollie, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co., bds 204 Main
Smith, Omar, laborer, bds 204 Main
Smith, Orlando T., invalid, h 10 Center
Smith, Ralph B., merchant Taylor Lycoming cor Sullivan, h 30 N. Center
Smith, Walter W., pressman Canton World, bds 10 N. Center
Snyder, Kate, dressmaker 28 Second, bds do
Snyder, Nicholas J., farmer, h 28 Second
Spaulding, A. Darwin, retired farmer, h 305 N. Center
Spencer, Henry H., farmer 116, bds W. Union
Stalford, Jesse T. Jr., jeweler and optician and dealer in variety goods, 7 Main and 117 S. Main, Athens, h at Athens
Starbuck, Charles, laborer, h over 112 Main
Stears, Nettie, cigarmaker, h 312 Troy
Stears, Mary, widow Henry, farmer about 65 in Armenia, nurse, h 312 Troy
Stevens, Malford M., blacksmith r 12 Main, h S. Center
Stinson, John P., retired, h 150 Troy
Stone, Alice A., widow Norman C., h Lycoming
Stone & Brooks (Judson W.S. and Lee B.) attorneys and counsellors at law, 10 Main
Stone, Judson W., (S. & Brooks) h S. Minnequa Ave. n Main
Stone, Lincoln L., watchmaker and jeweler 3 Main, h 75 N. Center
Stone, Mortimer W., retired farmer, h Lycoming
Stull, Asa H., assistant in livery for Levi, h 45 Troy
Stull, Austin J., clerk, bds 33 W. Union
Stull, Dayton E., painter and paper hanger, 33 W. Union
Stull, Emma, housekeeper, 33 W. Union
Stull, Levi, livery, boarding and sale stable 17 Sullivan, h 36 do
Stull, Lottie B., canvasser, bds 33 W. Union
Sweet, Electa J., widow Elisha W., estate of E.W., farm 200 in Lycoming Co., h 27 N. Center
Sweet, Lyman D., student, bds 27 N. Center
Taber, Lillie A., widow Cyrus, h r 34 S. Towanda
Taber, Jane L., widow William, h 104 Minnequa Ave.
Taber, Mott B., supt. The Belmar Co.’s factory, h Second n S. Washington
Tarbox, Mary A., housekeeper for M.C. Preston, h Sullivan
Taylor, Arthur J., barber Main, h 5 Washington
Taylor, Frederick W., agt. N.C. Ry. Co. and Adams Express Co., bds 32 Lycoming
Taylor, Hollis H., (Rogers & Taylor of Athens) contractor and builder, h 38 N. Minnequa Ave.
Telephone Pay Station, Harry M. Whitman mgr., 10 Main
Terry, Lill W., laborer, h S. Towanda n Sullivan
Thomas, Fidelia M., widow E. Allen, bds Troy cor W. Union
Thomas, Henry, com. trav., h 148 Troy
Thomas, E. Herrick, (Burk, Thomas & Co.) h Troy cor W. Union
Thomas, Lynn G., bookkeeper Burk & Thomas, bds Troy cor W. Union
Thomas, Marshall J., mason, bds 21 Troy
Thompson, Lawrence A., flagman N.C. Ry., h N. Center
Towner, Miles D., baker and confectioner, Lycoming n Sullivan, h do
Tracy, Margaret E., bds 9 Washington
Tripp, Burton J., (W.J. Tripp & Sons) bds 50 W. Union
Tripp, DeVille G. (W.J. Tripp & Sons) bds 50 W. Union
Tripp, Milo J., trav. agt. McCormick reapers, h 208 Main
Tripp, William J., (W.J. Tripp & Sons) farm 106 in Fox, Sullivan Co., h 53 W. Union
Tripp, W.J. & Sons, (William J., DeVille G. and Burton J.) groceries and crockery, Carson cor Troy
Trippe, Florence V., widow J. Henry, h 11 N. Clinton
Trippe, Fred H., (J.H. Trippe’s Sons) bds 11 Center
Trippe’s Sons, J.H., (William M. and Fred H.) hardware, agricultural implements, bicycles, 1 Main
Trippe, William M., (J.H. Trippe’s Sons) bds Center
Trout, Milton M., fancy goods and notions 5 Main, h 107 Troy
Tyler, Evelyn H., h 111 Troy
Union St. Mills, flour, feed, etc., George B. Riley prop., W. Union
VanDyke, Edward T., bds 72 Troy
VanDyke, Sarah, widow Eugene, h 49 N. Center
VanEtten, Charles, emp. Hugh Crawford, h 154 Troy
VanFleet, Charles E., carpenter, h 53 E. Union
VanFleet, E. William, laborer, h 2 Union cor Minnequa Ave.
VanSyckel, Fannie G., widow Emmet A., h 205 E. Union
Varney, Jesse I., com. trav., W.W. Glickner & Sons, bds Washington cor Union
Vroman, John, prop. Canton opera house, farm in Granville 190, h Lycoming
Walter, Andrew J., dentist Braun blk., Main, h 9 N. Washington
Walter, Nellie, clerk and stenographer over 6 Main, bds Union
Warburton, Eli C., emp Sheldon Mfg. Co., h S. Towanda
Warburton, Frank T., carpenter, h 304 E. Union
Ward, George W., h 319 N. Center
Watkins, Susan Mrs., h 78 Troy
Watts, Floyd, laborer, h Crooks Terrace
Watts, James, retired farmer, h 3 E. Union
Watts, Robert T., painter and paper hanger 23 S. Center, h do
Watts, Thomas M., emp. The Belmar Co., h 14 Minnequa Ave.
Webster, Anna A., bds Lycoming
Welch, Frank, teamster, h Fall Brook Road
Welch, Freeman D., teamster and farmer, h S. Minnequa Ave. cor Second
Welshans, Alfred, cigarmaker, h 302 Main
Westgate, Emma S., (Mrs. O.B.) boarding house, 32 Lycoming
Westgate, Orrin B., carriage maker Sullivan, h 32 Lycoming
Western Union Telegraph Co., W.W. Whitman mgr., 10 Main
Wheat, Theodore, laborer, h Lycoming
Wheatley, William, farm in Franklin 70, h 204 Main
Wheeler, William I., carpenter, h and lot, N. Minnequa n limits
Whiting, F. Ernest, clerk 1 Main, bds S. Minnequa Ave.
Whiting, Frank W., mason, h S. Minnequa Ave.
Whiting, Mae E., clerk Bacon, Ronan & Co., bds 155 Minnequa Ave.
Whitman, Cordelia, widow Henry H., h 49 N. Center
Whitman & Craven, (Harry M.W. and Horace Craven) props. Canton Local Telephone Exchange, 5 Troy
Whitman, Fred E., (World Publishing Co.) leader Marks & Whitman orchestra, 21 Main, bds 12 Center
Whitman, Marry M., (World Publishing Co.) mgr. Canton Telephone Co., bds 12 Center
Whitman, John H., clerk 10 Main, bds 12 Center
Whitman, J. Oscar, drugs, medicines, books, stationery and news dealer, 5 Troy, h 29 Center
Whitman, Morris E., shoemaker, h S. Washington
Whitman, William W., drugs, books and stationery, mgr. Lewis opera house, mgr. W.U. Tel. Co., 10 Main h 12 Center
Wilber, Emery, woodsman, H. Crawford & Sons, h 11 S. Towanda
Wilcox, Emerson B., commercial traveler, h 116 Main
Willhelm, John R., laborer, h Carlton
Willhelm, Leonard, market gardener and laborer, h Carlton
Williams, Andrus C., barber, Canton House, 18 Troy, bds 21 Troy
Williams, Ansell D., retired merchant, h 39 N. Center, died April 1899
Williams, C.B. & S.F., (Charles B. and Sidney F. of LeRoy) building contractors, plans and estimates furnished, S. Towanda cor Pond Hill
Williams, Charles B., (C.B. & S.F.W.) h S. Towanda cor Pond Hill
Williams, Charles M., prop. the Gem Laundry, 23 Troy, h 17 Troy
Williams, Edwin A., emp. tannery, bds Center
Williams, Eliza J., widow Samuel C., bds 7 Tioga
Williams, William H., foreman Canton Water Works, h Lycoming
Wilson, Allen M., iron foundry and machinist, Troy, h 157 Troy
Wilson, Eugene E., general blacksmith, rear 7 Troy, h 59 Troy
Wilson, Ivan N., h S. Minnequa Ave.
Wilson, Manning E., driver Dr. Davison, bds 59 Troy
Wilson, Matilda J., widow Thomas, bds 1 Tioga
Wilson, Maria, stenographer, bds 157 Troy
Wilson, Thomas, farmer 9, h S. Minnequa Ave.
Wing, George L., laborer, h Second n Sullivan
Withey, Theodore M., brick and stone mason, h 212 Main
Wood, Frederick A., cigar maker, teaches instrumental music, bds Packer House
Worden, C. Benton, surveyor and school teacher, h Carlton, outside limits
World Publishing Co., (Fred E. & Harry M. Whitman) publisher “The Canton World” book and job printers, 21 Main
Wright, Asahel W., owns 50 acres timber land in Canton, h S. Towanda
Wright, Bernard L., propr. Park Hotel, 57 Troy
Wright, Charles E., grocer and carpenter and builder, 19 Main bds E. Union n Washington
Wright, Frederick S., produce dealer, h 11 E. Union
Wright, Harvey, carpenter, h McIntosh Alley
Wright, Lodeskie M. Mrs., laundress, 11 E. Union, h do
Wright, William W., carpenter, h S. Minnequa Ave.
Wynne, Andrew L., bds 37 Lycoming
Wynne, Edward J., clerk 1 Main, bds 37 Lycoming
Wynne, John G., bds 37 Lycoming
Wynne, Mark M., clerk B.J. Davison, bds Lycoming
Wynne, Michael F., trav. agent for Champion Harvesting Machine Co., h Lycoming n Main
Wynne, Patrick, farmer in Union, Tioga Co. 360, h 37 Lycoming
Young, A. Philip, tinner, 8 Main, h 20 Center

1900 Canton Street Directory

Armenia Road-from Troy northwestly to boro limits
Carlton-from South Towanda south to boro limits
Carson-from Troy east to Minnequa Ave.
Center-from Main north to boro limits
Clinton-from Union south
East Union-from Troy east
Fall Brook Road-from Troy west to boro limits
First-from Washington east to boro limits
Lycoming-from Main westerly to boro limits
Main-from Lycoming easterly to boro limits
McIntosh Alley-from Troy opp Fall Brook Road east to Center
Minnequa Ave.-from Main north to boro limits
Pond Hill Road-from South Towanda south to boro limits
Second-from Sullivan east to boro limits
South Center-from Main southeasterly
South Minnequa Ave.-from Main south to South Towanda
South Towanda-east and west, through boro near S limits
South Washington-from Main south to Second
Sullivan-from Troy and Main south to South Towanda
Tioga-from Troy east to Minnequa Ave.
Troy-from Sullivan and Main north to boro limits
Washington-from Main north to East Union
West Union-from East Union and Troy west to boro limits

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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