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Directories of Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1900 Bradford County Directory
Canton Township
Bradford County Directory - Table of Contents
Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway
1900 Canton Township Directory
Post Office address, Canton, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis
Adamy, Huldah A., (Grover) widow Daniel S., dressmaker
Allen, Benijah J., r 29, on shares for W.T. Channell, dairy 6 cows and farmer 76
Allen, William W., (Grover) r 61, sawyer and farmer 2, owned by wife
Ameigh, Frank W., (Alba) r 14, farm laborer
Andrews, Ernest E., r 33, clerk
Andrews, Lathan, r 33 n boro limits, farmer 70
Andrus, Abel A., (Grover) r 64
Andrus, Ernest N., (Grover) r 64, leases of Allen Williams of Shunk, farm 50
Andrus, Ethan M., r 36, emp. tannery, apiarist 15 colonies and farmer 10
Andrus, John S., r 33, farmer 68, owned by wife
Andrus, Wenzel D., r 41 ½, farmer 3
Ayers, Alvin D., r 36, breeder Jersey cattle, dairy 6 cows, tobacco grower 4 ½ and farmer 55
Ayers, Augusta M., (Windfall) r 8, dairy 12 cows, farmer 100
Ayers, Bernard, (Windfall) r 8 opp. 10, leases of Augusta M., dairy 12 cows and farmer 100
Ayers, John T., r 51, propr. stage route between Canton and Liberty
Ayers, Allen M., r 37 ½ and Canton St., Canton boro, farmer 30
Ayers, Earl S., (Alba) r 11, on shares for Thomas C., dairy 8 cows and farmer 67
Ayres, Galon C., (Alba) r 7, breeder Jersey cattle and Chester White swine, dairy 16 cows and farmer 137
Ayres, Mary A., (Alba) r 7, widow John H.
Ayres, Oscar M., (Windfall) r 8, breeder thoroughbred Jersey cattle, dairy 15 cows, farmer 106
Ayres, Sheely J., (Alba) r 7, farmer 75
Ayres, Thomas C., (Alba) r 7, farmer 67
Babcock, Alpheus, (Grover) off r 61, farmer 2, owned by Roupp & Fassett
Babcock, Waldo W., (Grover) r 61, woodsman
Bagley, Charles, (Grover) r 56, emp. tannery
Baldwin, Francis M., r 41 ½, laborer
Baldwin, J. Harrison, r 41 ½, son of J. Henry
Baldwin, J. Henry, r 41 ½ n 40, com. trav., propr. Lake Breeze Hotel, summer resort
Baldwin, Vine H., Union at boro limits, com. trav.
Ballard, Lyman S., (Cedar Ledge) foreman, farmer for J.H. Brown
Bardwell, David C., r 32, town clerk and farmer, leases of Mrs. B.E. Brann of Troy, 60
Bardwell, Frank H., r 32, farmer
Bardwell, John C., r 32, farmer
Barnes, B. David, (Grover) r 65, farm 96
Barnes, Benjamin F., (East Canton) r 48, farmer about 45
Barnes, Clarence M., (Grover) r 65, farmer 96, owned by B. David
Barnes, James, (East Canton) farmer 20
Barnes, John M., r 17, mason
Barrand, Edwin, r 18, barber, h and lot
Bassett, Amos E., (Grover) r 65, carpenter and builder, farmer 64
Bassett, Beeman, (Grover) r 65, laborer
Bassett, James H., (Grover) r 65, laborer
Bassett, J.P., (Grover) r 65, laborer
Bassett, Leon C., (Grover) r 65, laborer
Bates, E. Frank, (East Canton) r 23, farmer
Bates, John P., (East Canton) r 23, dairy 14 cows, farmer 75
Bates, Lafayette S., (East Canton) r 23, with Lawrence E., dairy 8 cows, farmer 65
Bates, Lawrence E., (East Canton) r 23, with Lafayette A., dairy 8 cows and farmer 65
Bates, Luman A., (Alba) r 10, dairy 11 cows, farmer 100
Beach, Gurden G., r 49, mason
Beals, Adelbert, (Grover) r 52, emp. tannery and farmer 71
Beals, Alvin, r 52, farmer 18
Beals, Ernest F., (Grover) r 52, farmer
Beals, H. Anna, (Grover) off r 53, widow Thomas J.
Beals, Matilda, r 52, widow George
Beardslee, H. Ferman, (East Canton) r 28, (Beardslee Bros. & Rhoades) dairy 9 cows, apiarist 10 colonies, farmer 120
Beardslee, I. Norton, r 25, sec. Canton boro
Beardslee, Oscar, (Alba) r 14, carpenter and farmer
Benedict, Henry J., photographer, h Elm n boro
Benedict, Samuel S., clerk First Nat. Bank in boro, h Elm n boro
Besley, Philo W., (Grover) r 63, painter
Best, William A., (East Canton) r 29, farmer 35
Biddle, Bly, r 35, market garden, leases of George Bristol farm 11
Bisnett, Arthur, (Grover) off r 65, laborer
Bisnett, Lee, (Grover) off r 65, leases of estate of Mrs. Simeon Elliott 10
Blakeman, Isaiah, r 51, dairy 10 cows and farmer, leases of Mrs. Wheat of Canton boro 53
Blakeman, Jay G., off r 15 n boro, com. trav., h and lot
Blakeman, Meruim, off r 15 n boro, dressmaker
Blakeman, Nettie J., off r 15 n boro, dressmaker
Blakeman, Raymond, r 51, laborer and farmer 5 ½ 
Bockus, G. Edward, (East Canton) r 48, laborer
Boyce, Daniel H., (Grover) laborer
Boyce, Henrietta A., (Grover) r 56, dressmaker, interest in h and lot
Boyce, Jeptha E., (Grover) r 56, farmer in Union, Tioga Co., about 100
Boyce, Julia A., (Grover) r 56, widow John, interest in h and lot
Brague, Oscar O., r 17, laborer
Brann, James, r 31, farmer 100 in Union, Tioga Co., h and lot
Brann, Thomas, r 31 n boro limits, farmer 300 in Union, Tioga Co., owns Canton House in Canton boro
Bright, Daniel, (Alba) r 3, dairy 5 cows, farmer 80
Britten, Victor S., (East Canton) r 25, pastor M.E. Church at East Canton, West LeRoy and Windfall
Brooks, E. Ellsworth, (Alba) r 13, leases of R.K. Brooks of Alba, dairy 6 cows and farm about 100
Brooks, Joseph G., r 38, dairy 5 cows, 25 sheep, farmer 55
Brown, Albert, (Grover) r 52
Brown, Calvin M., r 40, dairy 12 cows, about 75 sheep, farmer 155
Brown, Charles C., (East Canton) r 46, on shares for C. Clark Brown, dairy 11 cows, farm 200
Brown, C. Clark, dairy 11 cows, farm 200, h E. Union cor Chestnut Ave. n boro
Brown, Grow S., student, bds E. Union cor Chestnut Ave. n boro
Brown, John H., (Cedar Ledge) post master, station agent N.C. Ry., agent Adams Express Co., propr. grist and saw mills, dealer in coal, groceries etc., breeder of Jersey cattle, reg. Berkshire swine, dairy 30 cows, tobacco grower 12 and farmer about 200, also timberlands
Brown, Ordsey, r 40, retired farmer
Bruce, Daniel B., r 15 emp. acid works, h and lot
Bruce, Harvey, r 15, emp. Belmar factory
Bruce, Wallace W., r 15, cigar maker
Buddy, Lewis, r 18, secy and treas. Stearns Mfg. Co. of Erie, Pa., summer res. and grounds 13
Buddy, Lewis Jr., r 18, art and associate editor Chatauqua Magazine, summer res., winter res., Cleveland O
Buddy, Emma V., r 18, (Mrs. Lewis, Sr.) summer res., h at Erie, Pa.
Bump, Onatus D., (Grover) r 65, farmer for Mark Henry of Swartwood, N.Y., 25
Bunyan, Andrew, Union St. n boro, sexton of cemetery
Bunyan, John, (Alba) r 10, apiarist 10 colonies, dairy 14 cows mostly Jerseys, breeder Chester White swine, White Leghorn and Brahma fowls, and farmer 85, owned by wife
Burtis, Eugene, (Grover) r 56 ½, apiarist 111 colonies, dealer in apiary supplies, buyer of furs, h and lot
Button, Percy, r 10, farmer on shares for R.F. Dilmot, 35
Button, Myron B., (Grover) laborer
Caledonia Tannery of Union Tanning Co., (Grover) r 58 cor 57, Daniel Innes, Supt.
Campbell, Frederick I., (Chemung, Lycoming Co.) off r 61, dairy 9 cows, farmer 100
Canton Fair Grounds, (Union Agricultural Ass’n) r 31, Dr. R.K. Brooks prest., Ch. D. Derrah, secy., Geo. E. Bullock, treas. of society, fairs annually in Sept.
Cars, Erastus, off r 16, laborer
Case, Herbert H., (Windfall) r 23, carpenter and builder, dairy 8 cows, farmer 80
Case, Philander, (Alba) r 10, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100
Caseman, Jacob, (Grover) propr. Grover Hotel, Main
Catlin, Hollister, r 15, dairy 9 cows, farmer 70
Cease, Leroy J., r 15, farmer, leases of David R. Porter of Williamsport, 20
Cedar Ledge Creamery Co., (Cedar Ledge) J.C. Roupp pres., A.J. Huffman of Union, Tioga Co. sec., J.C. Turner treas., L. McKean Williams butter maker
Channell, William T., r 29, dairy 6 cows, farmer 76
Chapin, Seran E., (East Canton) r 24, dairy 5 cows, farmer, leases of E.A. Spaulding of Rutland, Tioga Co., 40
Chapman, William, r 15 n boro, carpenter and farmer 10
Chilson, Austin R., (East Canton) r 25, emp. Beardslee & Innes
Chilson, Harry, (Grover) r 59, farm laborer
Chilson, Thomas U., off r 18, laborer
Christ, Emery C., (Grover) r 57, emp. tannery
Church of Christ, (Grover) r 57
Churchill, C. Mallory, r 28, foreman farmer for Dr. George S. Seymour
Clark, Charles U., (Alba) r 12, leases J.W. Warren estate, dairy 14 cows and farm 105
Clarke, Amanda, (Windfall) r 8, widow Woodford
Clayson, Eustace, (Granville Summit) r 4, sugar orchard 300 trees, breeder Brahma, Minorca and buff Plymouth Rock fowls, farmer 75
Clinton, Darius R., (Grover) fireman tannery, h Tannery row
Coburn, Louise, (East Canton) widow Henry, h and lot
Cole, E. Walter, r 31 n boro, bookkeeper and clerk in boro for Hugh Crawford, h and lot
Cole, Fred L., (Minnequa) r 22, blacksmith and farmer 16
Cole, Lyman D., (Minnequa) r 22, dairy 14 cows, farmer 60 and leases of Mrs. Holcomb of Troy, 100
Collins, Allen G., r 16, dairy 5 cows, farmer 96, owned by wife
Colwell, Fannie M., r 28, widow Edward R., interest in his estate
Colwell, Jozy A., r 28
Comstock, Dwight R., (Grover) clerk A.J. Rathbun, bds do
Comstock, Gates S., (Grover) physician and surgeon and druggist, three houses and lots Main, h do
Conklin, Albert J., r 15, farmer 12
Cooney, Timothy C., (Alba) r 14, dairy 11 grade Jersey cows, farmer 83 1/3 
Corbett, Charlotte, r 28, widow William G., summer home; res. 428 LaFayette Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Corby, David, (Grover) r 61
Cosper, Daniel, (Alba) r 14, dairy 12 Jersey cows, farmer 200
Cosper, Shepard S., (Alba) r 14, dairy 20 cows, farmer 125 and for Daniel 100
Crandall, Charles L., (Alba) r 12, secy. and mgr. Alba Butter and Cheese Mfg. Co., breeder Brown Leghorn fowls, dairy 9 cows, farmer 115
Crandall, George R., r 33, farmer
Crandall, Joe R., r 33, dairy 6 cows, farmer 80
Crandall, Lincoln, (Grover) r 62, farmer
Crandall, Timothy, (Alba) r 12, laborer
Crowell, John B., r 31 n 30, saw hammerer, dairy 9 high grade Jersey cows, farmer 82 ½ 
Crandle, J. Lincoln, (Grover) r 62, road commissioner, dairy 15 cows, farmer, leases of Merrick, 140
Crandle, John R., (Grover) r 62, h and lot owned by wife
Crandle, Merrick, (Grover) r 57, dairy 6 cows, farmer 175 and in Springfield 107
Cranmer, Hattie M., (Grover) r 57, widow Bradley W., mfg’r toilet preparations
Danielson, Charles, (East Canton) r 23, laborer
Dann, E. Adelia, widow Silas N., r 18, h and lot
Dann, Sterling J., r 18, n boro, carpenter, h and lot
Dann, William L., r 35 cor 34, carpenter
Darling, Robert, (East Canton) r 23, farmer
Darling, Stella, r 25, widow Wilmer, h and lot
Davenport, Blanche, r 15, teacher vocal music, h and 20 acres, estate of E.L. Davenport
Decker, Charles M., (East Canton) blacksmith
Decker, Elmo, (East Canton) laborer
Delmot, Rennselaer F., r 10, clergyman, Church of Christ, and farmer 35
Denmark, Cornelia A., (Grover) widow Joshua J., bds with Hulda A.
Denmark, Rufus B., Union, n boro, carpenter and machinist
Dice, Lyman M., (Grover) r 57, pastor United Evangelical Church at Grover, Barnes Hill, Parsons Hill and Ellentown
Doane, George, (East Canton) farmer
Doll, Grace M., r 15, tobacco stripper
Doll, Sarah J., r 15, widow Samuel, farmer 8
Dorst, Edward J., (Grover) r 56 ½, section hand N.C. Ry.
Doty, Earl, (Minnequa) r 22, farmer for J.W. Ketcham
Downs, Mary, r 68, dairy 6 cows, farmer 300
Dreste, Paulina, (Alba) r 5, dairy 9 cows, farmer 64
Dreste, Rudolph M., (Alba) r 5, farmer
Drost, Martin, (Grover) r 56 ½, section hand N.C. Ry., h and lot
Duart, D. Henry, (Windfall) r 9, dairy 9 cows and farmer on shares for John Duart of Granville 200
Dunbar, Alvin T., (Alba) r 14, farmer
Dunbar, Willard H., (Alba) r 14, dairy 13 cows, farmer 100, owned by Daniel Cosper
Dwyer, Michael, off r 66, farmer, leases of Burke, Thomas & Co. of Canton boro, 52
Eastgate, James H., (Grover) r 58 n 57, prop. Grover Mills, T.J. Williams mgr., h Elmira, N.Y.
Eliott, John T., (Grover) r 65, farmer 31, owned by wife Adella
Elliott, Ernest G., r 31, farm laborer for J.A. Innes
Elliott, Elizabeth E., r 15
Elliott, Elizabeth W., r 15, widow Francis S., farm 10
Elliott, Frank G., r 18, judge of election, farmer 35, and 3 owned by wife
Ellis, Jared, (Grover) r 58, farmer on shares for Thomas Green of Canton boro, about 90
Ellis, Orson, (Grover) r 61, laborer
Elverson, Eleanor M. Mrs., r 15, summer res; h 24 South 21st St., Philadelphia
Evangelical Church, r 49
Fassett, Newton P., r 31 n boro, night clerk N.C. Ry., h and lot
Fassett, T. Milton, r 31 at boro limits, real estate dealer and farmer 500
Ferguson, Ellen D., (Granville Summit) r 4, widow James, dairy 16 cows, farmer 180
Ferguson, Myrt W., (Granville Summit) r 4, farmer 41 and on shares for Ellen D., dairy 16 cows and farmer 180
Finnell, John, off r 17, section hand N.C. Ry. and farmer about 140
Finnell, Michael, r 15, dairy 6 cows, farmer 75
Finnell, Patrick, off r 17
Fitzgerald, Jerry, r 48 cor 67, farmer 68
Fitzgerald, Michael, r 68, farmer, leases of Thomas F. of Carpenter, Lycoming Co., 100
Fitzgerald, Thomas, r 48 cor 67, farmer
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, r 36, farmer 30
Fitzwater, Archie M., r 41 ½, teacher and farmer
Fitzwater, Clayton M., r 41, farmer 58
Fitzwater, Daniel A., r 49, apiarist 20 colonies, dairy 14 cows, 33 head young stock, 28 sheep and farmer 136
Fitzwater, Frank H., r 49, dairy 4 Jersey cows and farmer 50
Fitzwater, G. Edson, r 41 ½, farmer
Firzwater, J. Ernest, r 49
Fitzwater, Levi R., r 47, dairy 7 cows, farmer 41
Fitzwater, Matthew, r 41 ½, dairy 20 cows and farmer about 50, also leases of Milton Fassett about 50
Fitzwater, Millard T., r 49, apiarist 33 colonies, farmer 57
Fitzwater, Rollie U., r 49, dairy 8 cows and farmer 86
Fitzwater, Samuel, r 49, dairy 7 cows, farmer 160
Fitzwater, Sophia J., r 47, dressmaker
Fitzwater, Warren W., r 47, dairy 5 cows, farmer 40
Fitzwater, William O., r 14 ½, dairy 5 cows and farmer, also leases of J. Ernest, 9 cows and farm 44
Fitzwater, William P., r 49, farmer
Flannagan, Henry, r 15, emp. E.F. Mayo and farmer 35
Fleming, Asa L., (Grover) r 58
Fleming, Charles E., (Grover) r 67, farmer on shares for Frank about 52
Fleming, Frank E., (Grover) r 61, grocer and farmer 65
Fleming, William L., (Grover) h and lot owned by wife
Fleming, William L. Jr., (Grover) farm laborer
Fletcher, Lee, r 41 ½, laborer
Foss, Sarah S., r 31 at boro limits, h and lot
Foss, Willis M., r 35, tobacco grower, ¾ acre and on shares for John H. Brown 12 and farmer 12
Foster, Morton R., (East Canton) r 26, breeder of Red Polled cattle, reg. Chester White swine and fancy fowls, dairy 35 cows, farmer 260
Frank, Fred, r 15, n boro, tailor and small fruit grower 1 ¾ 
Freeman, Charles L., (Alba) r 21, dairy 14 cows, grade Jerseys, farmer 45, and 60 owned by wife
Freeman, Emeline (Alba) r 14, widow George P., interest in farm 46 in Troy
Freeman, James L., (Alba) r 14, farmer, leases of Esther Greenleaf 16
Freeman, Perry, (Alba) r 14, farmer on shares for Daniel Cooper, 100
Freeman, Peter, (Grover) r 62, laborer
Garbrant, Sarah J., (Windfall) r 8, widow Henry H.
Gee, Charles F., (Grover) emp. tannery, h and lot
Glockler, Frederick (Grover) off r 53, dairy 24 cows, farmer 220
Glockler, James A., (Grover) off r 53, town auditor, farmer on shares for Frederick
Glockler, William R., (Grover) off r 53, farmer on shares for Frederick
Goff, Cora J. Mrs., r 15, dressmaker
Goff, George M., r 17, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co., farmer 3 ½ 
Granger, Bert, r 40, laborer
Granteer, Anna L., r 22 cor 10, farmer 90
Granteer, LaCelle W., r 22 cor 10, dairy 6 cows, farmer about 90, owned by sister Anna L.
Granteer, Orrin B., r 38, farmer 25
Gray, John W., (Alba) r 15, carpenter and laborer
Gray, L. Dean, (East Canton) clerk for J.M. Smiley
Gray, Reuben D., (Grover) r 64, farmer for D.W. Webster 60
Greene, Frank, (Grover) r 52, dairy 10 cows, farmer 80
Greene, Thomas, (Grover) r 52, farmer
Greenleaf, Almina P., (Alba) r 1, widow Daniel G.
Greenleaf, Fred I., (Alba) r 1 ½, farmer about 75
Greenleaf, Jesse W., (Alba) r 14, farmer 15
Greenleaf, Milton P., (Minnequa) r 13, dairy 8 cows, farmer 60
Greeno, Edwin C., r 30, farmer 12, and in Granville 77
Griffin, W. Delos, r 51, with Kelly Bellows of LeRoy, manuf. wintergreen oil, and farmer, leases of Mrs. Terbity of Carpenter, 65
Grist, Bert A., Union St. n boro, bookkeeper for J.H. Brown and clerk at N.C. Ry. Station at Cedar Ledge
Griswold, Harlan H., (Grover) r 56, carpenter and farmer 44
Griswold, Henry A., (Grover) r 56
Griswold, Oscar C., r 31, auditor, breeder Jersey cattle and Rouen ducks, farmer 39
Grover Hotel, (Grover) Jacob Caseman prop., Main
Grover Mills, (Grover) r 58 n 57, T. Jefferson Williams mgr., buckwheat and feed
Hagar, Eber R., (Grover) r 58, farmer
Hagar, George W., (Grover) emp. tannery
Hagar, James W., r 31 n  boro, breeder Jersey cattle reg., dairy 8 cows, farmer 50 and for C.A. Innes 100
Hagar, John W., (Grover) r 58, apiarist 10 colonies, farmer, leases of Pratt estate 50
Haight, Alexander, (East Canton) r 29, farmer 35 and in Cascade, Lycoming Co., 100
Haight, Allie, (East Canton) r 29, dressmaker
Hallinan, John, r 15, dairy 11 cows, farmer 100, and in Union, Tioga, Co., 300, owns Union Hotel in Alba boro
Hawkins, Edwin, r 15, farmer for Miss Blanche Davenport, h and lot
Haxton, Maggie, (East Canton) r 24, dairy 8 cows, farmer 63
Haxton, Mortimer, (East Canton) r 27, sewing machine dealer and farmer about 20
Hemmingway, Joseph, r 33, mason, farmer 8
Henry, James, (Grover) r 52, farmer, leases of Charles Watts 12
Henry, John W., (Grover) r 52, farm laborer
Hickok, Charles W., (Grover) r 64, emp. tannery and farmer 25
Hickok, E. Reed, (Grover) r 64, farmer 50
Hickok, Frank D., (Grover) r 64, farmer, son of E.R.
Hickok, F. Willie, (East Canton) r 43, dairy 5 cows, farmer 40
Hill, Theodore L., r 17 n boro, dealer in sewing machines, organs and pianos, h and lot, office at James Cockburn’s store in boro
Hollis, Byron D., r 16, laborer and farmer, leases 8
Hoose, Henry, (Grover) r 65, farmer 30 and 25 owned by wife
Hoose, William, (Grover) off r 64, sawyer, dairy 6 cows, farmer 47
Horning, Hiram, (Cedar Ledge) r 18, fireman Grover tannery, farmer 2 and in McNett, Lycoming Co., 30
Horning, Jacob, r 15 at boro limits, h and lot
Horton, Edward S., (East Canton) r 29, breeder Jersey cattle, peach orchard 1600 trees, dairy 10 cows, farmer 112
Innes, Daniel, (Grover) r 58, supt. Caledonia tannery, h at Canton boro
Innes, Theodore S., (Grover) r 58, foreman Caledonia Tannery
Isaacs, Samuel, (Alba) r 14, leases of J. Frank Pierce of Troy, farm about 200
Jenkins, Emeline, r 35, widow Evan
Jenkins, George D., (Cedar Ledge) laborer
Jenkins, Isaac W., r 35, laborer
Jenkins, Justin E., r 35, laborer
Jones, Betsey, (Grover) r 64
Jones, B. Franklin, (Grover) laborer, h and lot
Jones, Clark, (Grover) emp. tannery, h and lot
Jones, Levi, (Cedar Ledge) teamster for J.H. Brown
Jones, Lucy, (Grover) r 53, widow Horace, age 81
Jones, Perry, (Grover) laborer
Jones, Stephen H., (Grover) r 53, dairy 5 cows, farmer 70
Jones, Theodore J., (Grover) r 60, farmer 60
June, Mary Loraney, (Grover) widow George
Kellogg, Charles, r 18, emp. Belmar factory
Kellogg, John W., r 18, teamster, h and lot owned by wife and sister
Kelley, Edmund B., Union St. n boro, laborer and farmer, h and lot owned by wife
Kelly, Martin W., r 49, carpenter, dairy 12 cows, 4 Jerseys, and farmer 75
Kelly, Phoebe, r 17, widow Edmund, bds with Charles M. Mandeville
Kelly, Richard M., r 41, dairy 7 cows, farmer 40
Keltz, Eugene H., r 35, farmer with John for Hannah Spalding, 25
Keltz, J. Lewis, r 17, farmer
Keltz, John, r 35, farmer 24, owned by wife, and with Eugene H. for Hannah Spalding, 25
Keltz, Samuel A., r 17, apiarist 25 colonies, farmer 26
Kendall, Addison, (East Canton) r 29, laborer, h and lot
Kendall, Sylvester H., (East Canton) r 25, carpenter and farmer 6
Kerrick, Frederick, (Grover) r 61, farmer
Ketcham, James W., (Minnequa) r 22, auditor, apiarist 13 colonies, breeder Jersey cattle registered, dairy 15 cows, farmer about 120
Kiff, Horace H., r 51, dairy 10 cows, farmer 80
Kilborn, James R., r 15 n boro, h and lot
Kinch, William J., (Alba) r 14, dairy 11 cows, farmer 84 and leases of S.S. Cosper, 10 cows and farm 125
King, Cornelius, (Grover) teamster tannery, h Tanner row
King, Emerson M., (Grover) r 52, laborer and farmer 8
King, Fred, (Grover) r 58, emp. tannery, bds with G. Taylor
King, G. Taylor, (Grover) r 58, emp. tannery
King, James M., (Grover) r 57, emp. tannery
King, Sevelon, r 15, laborer and foreman woodsman
Kinley, William, off r 18, laborer
Kinney, Isaac H., (Chemung, Lycoming Co.) r 65, farmer 75, owned by wife
Kirby, Charles H., (Grover) r 53, laborer
Knowles, George, (East Canton) r 24, farmer
Krise, Charles A., r 31 n boro limits, harnessmaker in boro, h and lot
Lake Breeze Hotel, r 41 ½, J. Henry Baldwin propr.
Landon, A. Elton, r 31 n boro, propr. Canton Cigar Co. in boro, h and lot owned by wife
Landon, Edith J., (East Canton) r 25, widow Charles W., interest in farm 30, estate Charles W.
Landon, Guy A., (East Canton) r 25, (Phinney and Landon) interest in farm 30, estate of Charles W.
Landon, H. Eugene, (East Canton) school director, manuf. and dealer in wagons and carriages, shop, two houses and lots
Landon, Merton, r 15, meat market Troy boro, h and lot
Lane, Hiram S., (Grover) meat market, h over market
Laninger, Henry, r 33, mason, h and lot
Lathrop, C. Fred, r 15 n boro, laborer
Lawrence, A. Darwin, (East Canton) son of Wm. T., student Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio
Lawrence, Ann, (East Canton) widow William, farm 70, managed by William T., bds with W.T.
Lawrence, Eugene B., (East Canton), carriage blacksmith for H.E. Landon
Lawrence, Manley S., (East Canton) son of Wm. T., medical student Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio
Lawrence, William T., (East Canton) Justice of the Peace, sec’y and manager Silverdale Creamery Co., breeder registered Jersey cattle, 25 head, dairy 20 cows, farmer 140, of which 70 is owned by Ann
Leahy, Thomas, r 15, grape grower, 37 sheep, dairy 6 cows, farmer 110
Lee, Charles, r 32, farmer 12, owned by wife
Letts, Reuben E., (Grover) emp. tannery
Lewis, Leonard, (Alba) r 14, dairy 9 cows, farmer 80
Lindley, Denton G., r 28, road commissioner, dairy 25 cows, mostly registered Jerseys, milk dealer, tobacco grower 5 and farmer 160
Lindley, D. Thomas, r 28, breeder barred Plymouth Rock fowls, farmer for Sheldon H. 166
Lindley, Frank C., (East Canton) farmer
Lindley, Guy U., r 28, farmer
Lindley, Hiram, (East Canton), r 28, assessor, dairy 6 cows, farmer 53
Lindley, Sheldon H., r 28, dairy 45 reg. Jersey cows, farmer 166, removed to boro
Lindley, Solomon, r 28, bds with D.G.
Loomis, Charles D., r 29, school teacher, farmer on shares for Reuben, 200
Loomis, James, r 35, farmer 5, owned by Myron of boro
Loomis, Jennie M., r 29, school teacher
Loomis, Reuben, r 29, 90 sheep, dairy 12 cows, farmer 200
Love, Oscar B., r 49, upholsterer, h and lot owned by wife
Luther, May B., r 15 ½, widow David S., h and lot
Lynch, Martin, r 16, section hand N.C. Ry., farmer 21
Maley, Martin, (Grover) r 55, section foreman N.C. Ry, h and lot
Mandeville, Carl E., r 17, laborer
Mandeville, Charles M., r 17, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co., h and lot
Mandeville, Eugene A., r 17, laborer
Mandeville, Sylva, r 17, h and lot
Mandeville, Sylva Jr., r 17, widow Wooster, h and lot
Manley, Caroline, r 22, cor 31
Manley, Clara E., (East Canton) r 27
Manley, Clara E. and Gertrude A., (Minnequa) off r 19, farm 37 ½ 
Manley, Clyde E., r 33, laborer and farmer 32
Manley, G. Darius, (Alba) r 14, dairy 10 cows, farmer 150 owned by wife
Manley, G. Earl, (Alba) r 14, farmer, son of G.D.
Manley, Jared S., (Minnequa) off r 19, farmer for Clara A. and Gertrude A., 37 ½ 
Manley, Joel T., (East Canton) r 27, school director, farmer with Thomas S.
Manley, Lawrence T., (Alba) r 12, representative in Legislature, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100
Manley, Lucie M., (East Canton) teacher of painting
Manley, Thomas S., (East Canton) r 27, with Joel T., breeder Jersey cattle, reg. and fancy fowls, dairy 24 cows, 24 Shropshire sheep, farmer 160 and 50 owned by wife
Martin, Lewis A., off Union, treas. and mgr. The H. Sheldon Manufacturing Co., h Union n boro
Mason, John G., (East Canton) pensioner
Matson, Martha, (East Canton) r 25, widow Henry, h and lot
Mayo, Catherine Deronda Mrs., r 15, summer residence, estate Frank Mayo
Mayo, Edwin F., r 15, actor, summer residence 9 acres, estate Frank Mayo, farm in Armenia 75
Mayo, Frances Graham, r 15, (Mrs. Edwin F.) actress, summer home
McCarthy, Charles E., (Grover) r 56 ½, clerk S.S. Vermilya & Son
McCarthy, Michael C., (Grover) r 56 ½, section hand N.C. Ry.
McCarthy, Michael J., (East Canton) r 47, dairy 11 cows, farmer 127 ½ 
McCarthy, Patrick J., (Grover) r 56 ½, section hand N.C. Ry., farmer 10
McCarthy, Patrick L., (Grover) r 56 ½, farmer
McIntosh, Emma Mrs., r 15 ½, laundress
McKee, Charles J., (Grover) r 53, farmer, leases of Hugh Baird of Langdon, 18
McKee, George W., r 49, farmer 12
McKee, John, (Grover) r 64, bds with John A.
McKee, Joseph A., (Grover) r 64, dairy 17 cows, farmer about 263
McNeil, Colin, (Grover) laborer
McNeil, Colin W., (Grover) emp. tannery
McNeil, Frank H., (Grover) emp. tannery
Meeker, George, r 22 cor 31, dairy 13 cows, apiarist 50 colonies, farmer 100, owned by wife
Meeker, George P., r 22 cor 31, farmer
Meeker, Jared, r 22 cor 31, farmer
Meeker, Juliette L., (Mrs. George) r 22 cor 31, farmer 100
Meeker, Manley H., (Alba) r 1, farm laborer
Methodist Episcopal Church, (East Canton) r 25, Rev. V.E. Britten, pastor
Minard, Edwin J., r 22 cor 21
Minard, Lee, r 22, farm laborer, for C.J. Cole
Minnequa House and Springs, r 21, S.N. Manley of Granville, manager for estate of Judge Maynard
Monell, Charles H., (Grover) off r 66, plasterer, farmer 133
Monell, Charles H. Jr., (Grover) off r 66, farmer
Montgomery, Burt, (East Canton) r 46, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 24 cows, farmer 130
Montgomery, Rozell, (East Canton) r 46, propr. feed mill, and on shares for Burt, breeder of Jersey cattle reg., dairy 24 cows and farmer 180
Moore, Enos D., (Canton) clerk in Elk Co., h E. Union n boro limits
Moore, William, (Grover) r 61, laborer and farmer 2
Morse, Judson H., (Grover) emp tannery, h and lot
Muir, Henry D., (Grover) r 56 cor 55, dairy 5 cows, farmer 70
Murray, Daniel, r 35, farmer 20
Murray, Thomas, r 35, bds with Daniel
Musser, Emma M., (Canton) r 31 n boro, widow John H.
Naylor, George W., (Cedar Ledge) r 37, sawyer for J.H. Brown
Naylor, William, (Cedar Ledge) emp. J.H. Brown
Nenninger, Wilma M., (Grover) r 60 opp. 59, apiarist 16 colonies, berry grower, dairy 5 cows, 30 sheep, farmer 70
Newcomb, Charles, (Grover) r 60, laborer
Newcomb, Jane, (Grover) r 60, farm 2 ½ 
Newcomb, William, (Grover) r 60, laborer
Newell, Baldwin V., (Grover) r 56 ½, dairy 5 cows, farmer 31 and for C.F. of Renovo, Clinton Co., 14
Newell, Charles P., r 15, farmer 60
Newell, Melissa A., r 15, widow Josiah
Newman, Samuel H., (Grover) r 53, farmer on Mrs. A.D. William’s farm
Newell, Susan A., (Grover) r 56 ½, widow Harry S.
Northrop, Austin H., contractor and builder, shop Tioga n boro, h E. Union n boro line
Northrup, Wallace S., r 31, emp. J.A. Innes, farmer 3 ½ 
Old School Baptist Church, (Grover) Rev. Charles Bogardus of White Church, N.Y., pastor
O’Donnell, Catharine, bds with Mary Downs
Owen, Allen T., (Canton) r 39, director of Cedar Ledge Creamery Co., dairy 13 cows, farmer 80
Owen, Fred E., (Grover) r 55, dairy 7 cows, 20 sheep, farmer 43
Owen, G. Dallas, (Grover) wagon maker, h and lot
Owen, Kate R., r 39, school teacher
Owen, Mabel L., r 39 
Packard, Allie A.F. Mrs., (Granville Summit) bds with E.D. Furgason
Packard, Herdic, (Alba) r 23, with Charles E. Wilcox on shares for L.A. Packard, dairy 10 cows, farmer 180
Packard, John D, r 66, farmer 33
Packard, Joseph A., r 66, farmer, son of Thomas J.
Packard, Kileon, (Alba) r 6, dairy 15 cows, farmer about 200
Packard, Lemuel, off r 60, laborer
Packard, Lemuel A., (Alba) r 3, dairy 10 cows, farmer 180
Packard, Thomas J., r 66, farmer 50, owned by wife
Palmer, Charles E., (Grover) r 56 ½, emp. tannery
Palmer, Elmer C., (Grover) r 56 ½, laborer
Palmer, Elmer C., (Grover) emp. tannery
Palmer, Fred J., (Alba) r 14, dairy 8 cows, farmer leases of Henry Thomas of Canton boro, 54
Palmer, John G., r 31 n 30, painter and farmer 8
Patrick, Frances A., r 15 n boro, dressmaker
Patrick, William J., r 15 n boro, carpenter, h and lot
Pearce, Albert A., (Alba) r 12, farmer, leases of Sarah C., 45
Pearce, Sarah C., (Alba) r 12, widow Wellington, farm 45
Phelps, Sybil, r 50, widow Jared, farm 50
Phinney & Landon, (East Canton) r 25, (Emmet Phinney of LeRoy and Guy A.L.)
Porter, Curtiss A., (Alba) r 4, farm laborer
Porter, James, (Cedar Ledge) r 37, farmer 30 and in Ward, Tioga Co., 31
Porter, Joseph, (East Canton) r 26, leases of Morton R. Foster, dairy 27 cows and farm 180
Porter, William J. Rev., (Alba) r 1, pastor Baptist Church at Austinville, farmer 25
Powers, William, off r 18, trackman N.C. Ry.
Pratt Grist Mill, r 30, James Terry, propr.
Price, Mahlon, (Grover) teamster
Price, Thomas, (Grover) carpenter and cabinet maker, bds with Mahlon
Putnam, Erastus, r 15, dairy 5 cows, farmer 30
Putnam, William H., r 15, farmer
Randall, Ada, r 33 n boro, dressmaker, interest in farm 60, estate of James O.
Randall, Daniel, r 30, farmer 105
Randall, Nellie M., r 33 n boro, school teacher, interest in farm 60, estate of James O.
Randall, Sarah A., r 33 n boro, widow James O., interest in farm 60, estate of James O.
Rathbun, Adelbert J., (Grover) general merchant, h and lot
Rathbun, Anna A. Mrs, (Grover) milliner in store with A.J.
Reda, John W., r 66, farmer 140, owned by wife
Reynolds, Alice M., r 15, dressmaker
Reynolds, Challen N., r 15, farmer 80
Reynolds, Clarissa M., r 15, widow Nelson
Reynolds, George G., r 15, teacher Canton graded school, artist, leases farm 9
Reynolds, Howard M., r 15, clerk
Reynolds, Solon, r 15, farmer 30 
Rhoades, Rebecka Mrs., (East Canton) r 23, dairy 5 cows, farmer 50
Rhoads, Henry J., r 42 cor 41, dairy 5 cows, farmer 62
Rice, Dexter P., r 18, laborer
Rigdon, Charles O., (East Canton) student
Rittenhouse, Eldie, (Grover) carpenter
Rittenhouse, James, (Grover) carpenter and builder, h and lot
Roberts, Abbey, r 43, widow Jacob, farm 15
Roberts, E. Lee, r 43, laborer
Roberts, Frank H., (East Canton) r 23, school director, dairy 8 cows, farmer 70
Roberts, Newton J., (Grover) emp. tannery, h Tannery Row
Roberts, Sylvester, (Grover) off r 64, laborer and farmer 8, owned by wife
Roberts, William, (East Canton) pensioner, bds with James Barnes
Robinson, Clarinda, (Cedar Ledge) widow Abraham, bds with H.H.
Robinson, Harrison W., (Cedar Ledge) laborer
Robinson, Horace H., (Cedar Ledge) teamster for J.H. Brown
Rockwell, George W., r 15, dairy 7 cows, farmer 50, and on shares for Jacob G., 120
Rockwell, Harry P., off r 17 ½, farmer
Rockwell, Melville H., off r 17 ½, dairy 4 cows, farmer 50
Rockwell Memorial M.E. Church, r 41 ½ cor 50
Rockwell, Walter J., r 15, school teacher and dealer in jewelry
Roupp, Jonathan C., (Grover) r 57 n 52, dealer in cattle, sheep and agricultural implements, dairy 12 cows, farmer 145 and half interest in 240
Rundell, A. Lee, r 36, musician
Rundell, Charles, r 36, farmer 9 ½ 
Rundell, D. Wilmot, Union St. n boro, mason
Rundell, Emma J., r 36, music teacher
Rundell, W. Fay, Union St. n boro, emp. planing mill in boro, h and lot
Rundell, Wilmot J., r 36, musician 10th Reg. Inf. U.S. Army, now in Cuba
Rutty, James S., (Carpenter, Lycoming Co.) r 56 ½, dairy 7 cows, farmer 150
Rutty, Jessie S., (Grover) r 56 ½, music teacher
Rutty, Ruby, (Grover) r 56 ½, music teacher
Ryan, Daniel W., off r 36, farmer with Ellen, 68
Ryan, Ellen, off r 36, widow Daniel, farmer with Daniel W., 68
Sallada, Ida May, r 52, dressmaker and milliner
Sallada, Miles N., r 52, mason, h and lot owned by wife
Sanders, William H., (Grover) r 65, farmer 75
Sawyer, Ernest, (East Canton) r 47, laborer
Sawyer, Robert W., (East Canton) r 47, apiarist 15 colonies, farmer 10
Schanbacher, Albert S., (Grover) r 57, apiarist 13 colonies, dairy 14 cows, farmer 110
Schraeder, Cort A., r 31, farm laborer
Scott, Alvin A., off r 36, on shares for Bly and Will Davison of Canton boro, tobacco grower 3, dairy 10 cows and farmer about 85
Seely, Adelbert, r 22 cor 21, farmer, leases of Judge Maynard estate about 170
Seely, Ida D., (Minnequa) r 20, (Mrs. James A.) farmer in Troy 53
Seely, James A., (Minnequa) r 20, dairy 14 cows, farmer, leases of Judge Maynard estate about 300
Seymour, George S., M.D., r 28 cor 22, dairy 6 cows, farmer 150
Shannon, Daniel E., r 31 n boro, (Shannon Bros.) Canton boro
Sheldon H. Manufacturing Co., The, off Union n boro, Hollis H. Taylor pres., Dr. W.T. Davison vice pres., Ch D. Derrah sec., L.A. Martin treas. and mgr., all of Canton boro, established 1871, about 30 employees, manuf. map mountings, hammock spreaders, flag staffs, fan handles and wood novelties
Shoemaker, Cecil R., (Grover) r 57, carpenter
Silverdale Creamery Co., (East Canton) T.S. Manley pres., J.M. Smiley treas, William T. Lawrence secy and mgr., Philip M. Wright butter maker, skimming station on r 49 cor 41 and at LeRoy
Smiley, J. Merton, (East Canton) postmaster, general merchant, treas. Silverdale Creamery Co., h and lot
Smiley, Joseph M., r 31 n boro, retired
Smith, Reuben L., (Grover) r 61, mail carrier between Grover and E. Canton
Snell, Clarence H., r 18, carpenter, h and lot
Snell, Frank, r 51, dairy 6 cows, farmer 50
Snell, Jacob A., r 18, carpenter
Snell, J. Cowden, r 18, carpenter, h and lot
Spalding, Charles P., r 38, dairy 7 cows, farmer 75
Spalding, Hannah R., r 35, widow Horace F., farmer 25
Sparks, Eliza, r 40, widow Vergil
Spaulding, Asa M., (East Canton) r 24, dairy 6 cows, farmer 65
Speering, Edward, (Alba) r 10, farmer
Spencer, Edgar M., r 17, 15 sheep, farmer 67
Spencer, H. Clayton, (Grover) r 57, emp. tannery, h and lot
Stage Line, Canton and Liberty, John T. Ayers, propr.
Stalter, Fred R., (Grover) r 58, woodsman
Stalter, Percy, (Grover) r 58, emp. tannery
Stalter, Percy B., (Grover) emp. tannery
Sterling Charles, r 17 ½, dairy 6 cows, farmer 105
Sterling, Frederick J., r 17 ½, leases of Charles, dairy 6 cows, farmer 105
Stevenson, Alonzo D., off r 43, dairy 8 thorough-bred Jersey cows, farmer 69
Stevenson, Harry S., (East Canton) r  43, farmer for Josephine
Stevenson, Josephine, (East Canton) r 43, widow David, farm 7
Stone, H. Calvin, r 28, propr. saw and planing mill at West LeRoy, dairy 5 cows, farmer about 50, also in LeRoy 245
Stone, William H., leases of Henry Spencer of boro, dairy 9 cows, farmer 116
Streeter, Ella Mrs., (Grover) widow, h and lot
Strout, Jennie H., (Grover) r 57, widow Thurston W., dressmaker
Stull, Frank S., (Grover) r 59, school director, dairy 25 Jersey cows, farmer with wife 125
Sutton, Thomas, r 31, farmer 8
Taylor, Charles B., (Alba) r 10, agricultural implement dealer, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100
Taylor, Electa, (Alba) r 12, widow Joel S., bds with L.T. Manley
Taylor, G. Kendrick, (Grover) r 60, dairy 14 cows, farmer 116
Taylor, Truman H., r 35, dairy 8 cows, farmer 35 and 60 owned by wife
Taylor, William G., (Grover) r 60 cor 59, dairy 6 cows, 17 sheep, farmer 60
Teller, Joseph, Union n boro, laborer, h and lot owned by wife
Terry, Darius R., (Grover) r 57, barber and dealer in tobacco and cigars
Terry, George M., r 41 ½, dairy 6 cows, farmer 50
Terry, James, r 30, propr. new Pratt grist mill, millwright and carpenter, breeder Plymouth Rock chickens and Pekin ducks, farmer 12
Terry, James Jr., r 30, poultry breeder with James, Plymouth Rock chickens and Pekin ducks
Terry, William, r 30, miller and carpenter
Tiers, Florence C., r 15, widow Harold E., summer residence, winter home, Philadelphia, Pa.
Thomas, Adolphus E., r 36, dairy 8 cows, farmer 39
Thomas, Bolivar P., r 36, farmer 16
Thompson, Lawrence A., r 18, flagman N.C. Ry.
Townsend, William H., r 15 n boro, salesman, h and lot
Turner, Charles H., (Grover) r 53 cor 54, farmer 25 and on shares for Mrs. A.D. Williams of boro, breeder Chester White swine, dairy 20 cows, farmer 175
Turner, James C., r 39, treas. Cedar Ledge Creamery Co., farmer 60
Union Agricultural Association, Dr. R.K. Brooks pres, C.D. Derrah, sec., Geo. E. Bullock, treas., grounds r 31, annual fair in Sept.
United Evangelical Church, (Grover) r 57, Rev. L.M. Dice, pastor
Valentine, Harris P., r 17, farmer about 9
VanDyke, Elbridge G., (East Canton) veterinary surgeon, propr. French coach stallion “Javilot” reg. no. 508, constable, h and lot
VanHorn, Emery L., (Minnequa) r 13, dairy 7 cows, farmer 60 owned by S.T. Riggs of Granville
Vermilya, C. Edward, (Grover) r 57, (S.S. Vermilya & Son) h and lot r 57
Vermilya, George W., (Grover) wagon maker, h and lot
Vermilya, Martha, (Grover) r 57, widow Edward, farmer 41
Vermilya, Orville, (Grover) r 63, dairy 7 cows, farmer 100
Vermilya, Sherman S., (Grover) (S.S. Vermilya & Son) h over store
Vermilya, Sniffin K., (Grover) r 64, milk dealer, dairy 5 cows, farmer 30
Vermilya, S.S. & Son, (Grover) Sherman S. and C. Edward) general merchants and harness dealers, farmers 500
Walburn, Elton W., r 35, emp. tannery
Walter, B. Monroe, Union cor Elm, farmer, h and lot owned by wife
Walter, Harry G., Union cor Elm, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co.
Walter, John, Union cor Elm, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co.
Walter, Katharine, Union cor Elm, dressmaker
Walter, Nellie G., Union cor Elm, clerk
Warren, Burleigh J., (Alba) r 11, sec. school board, principal Alba graded school, dairy 8 cows, farmer 65
Warren, C. Errett, (Alba) r 3, farmer, son of Charles
Warren, Charles, (Alba) r 3, dairy  12 cows, farmer 96 
Warren, Glenn A., (Alba) r 11, dairy 5 cows, farmer 49
Warren, Josiah, (Alba) r 3, retired
Warren, H. Clyde, (Minnequa) r 21, asst. postmaster, liveryman and janitor Minnequa House
Warren, Harriet M.B., (Alba) r 12, widow John W., interest in estate of John W., farmer 105
Warren, William H., (Alba) r 12, dairy 5 cows, farmer 50
Watkins, Ed, r 18, laborer
Watkins, J.K. Polk, r 18, laborer, h and lot
Ward, John H. Rev., (East Canton) r 43, superanuated clergyman
Ward, William H., (East Canton) r 43, breeder Jersey cattle, dairy 12 cows, farmer 57
Watts, Andrew E., (East Canton) r 25, breeder Jersey cattle, dairy 12 cows, farmer 80
Watts, Caroline, widow Richard Sr., r 40, h and lot
Watts, C.F. & C.A., r 15 ½ n 15, (Charles F. and Cory A.) props. cider mill, capacity 400 bush apples per hour
Watts, Charles F., r 51, (C.F. and C.A.) farmer, leases of Mrs. Horace Williams of Harrisburg, 53
Watts, Clarence H., (East Canton) r 25, farmer with Andrew E.
Watts, Cory A., r 15 n 15 ½, (C.F. and C.A.) dairy 7 cows, farm 54
Watts, Frederick C., (East Canton) r 25, dairy 14 cows, farmer 113
Watts, Richard, r 40, painter, h and lot
Watts, Robert A., farmer 20
Watts, William, (East Canton) r 25, farmer, son of W.M.
Watts, William M., (East Canton) r 25, director Silverdale Creamery Co., dairy 7 cows, apiarist 12 colonies, farmer 70
Watts, William M., r 52, painter and paper hanger and laborer
Webster, Clara J., r 22, widow Delos, dairy 9 cows, farmer over 100, estate of  S. Delos
Webster, Daniel W., (Grover) r 64, dairy 10 cows, farmer 60
Webster, Norman, (Grover) r 58, emp. tannery
West, Peter, (Minnequa) r 19, caretaker cottages estate of J.W. Maynard
Wetherbee, George D., (Granville) r 57, (G.W.W. & Son) h and lot
Wetherbee, George W., (Grover) r 57, (G.W.W. & Son) Justice of the Peace, farmer 5
Wetherbee, G.W. & Son, (Grover) r 57, (George W. and George D.) horseshoers
Wetherbee, Lewis, (East Canton) r 28, farm laborer
Wheeler, Perry A., r 18, farmer and laborer, h and lot owned by wife
White, Ernest, (Grover) r 58, emp. tannery
White, Harriet, r 41, widow Roswell
White, Joseph, (Grover) emp. tannery
White, Roswell, r 41, farmer about 80
Wight, Polly K., r 80, widow Elias J., dairy 7 cows and farm 87
Wilcox, Charles E., (Granville Summit) r 3, with Herdic Packard on shares for L.A. Packard, dairy 10 cows and farmer 180
Wilcox, Emery B., (Grover) blacksmith and wagon maker, h and lot
Wilcox, Fred, (Grover) r 60 cor 59, farmer about 40
Wilcox, Lucinda, r 35, widow Samuel, h and lot
Wilcox, Lucy C., (Cedar Ledge) r 38, widow William, farmer 3
Wilcox, Melissa, (Alba) r 12, widow Edward P.
Wilcox, Nathan, (Grover) tannery row
Wilcox, Ralph, (Cedar Ledge) r 38, laborer
Williams, Abram, (Grover) r 58, laborer
Williams, Charles V., (Cedar Ledge) r 37, emp. creamery
Williams, Charlotte, (East Canton), r 48, widow George, life lease with Wallace H.
Williams, C. McKean, r 17 ¾ , butter maker at Cedar Ledge Creamery Co., and farmer, son of George W.
Williams, C. Survellon, (East Canton) r 48, farmer 30
Williams, Dawson P. (East Canton) r 48, farmer 63 and in LeRoy, wood lot 70
Williams, Edwin C., r 17 ¾, dairy 10 cows, tobacco grower 4 and farmer 85
Williams, Ezra, r 33, dairy 7 cows, farmer 96
Williams, Galen L., (Grover) r 58, teamster
Williams, George W., r 17 ¾, apiarist 12 colonies, dairy 10 cows, tobacco grower 3 and farmer 87 ½ 
Williams, G. Frederick, off r 17, farmer 153
Williams, Ira V., (Cedar Ledge) r 37, farmer 34
Williams, Isaac, (East Canton) r 27, farm 42
Williams, Jay, (East Canton) r 48, farmer, leases of Martin Keavin of Canton boro 52
Williams, John, (Grover) r 56, farmer
Williams, J. Rolla, r 31, superintendent farmer for John A. Innes of Canton boro, tobacco 16 acres, dairy 20 thoroughbred Holstein cows, farm about 200, farm 100 owned by wife leased to Mr. Innes
Williams, Loren G. (East Canton) r 48, farmer with Shadrach S.
Williams, Mary A., (Grover) r 58, widow Austin, farm 2
Williams, M. Ray, (East Canton) r 48, farmer
Williams, Nancy P., (East Canton) r 45, widow Horace, dairy 5 cows, farmer 63
Williams, Otis S., r 33, on shares for Ezra, dairy 7 cows and farmer 96
Williams, Rollin G., r 43, milk dealer, dairy 11 cows, farmer 60
Williams, Samuel, (Grover) r 58, laborer
Williams, Samuel P., (East Canton) r 48, dairy 11 cows, farmer about 42 and leases of Isaac 42
Williams, Shadrach S., (East Canton) r 48, carpenter, farmer 97
Williams, Simeon, Union cor Elm, retired, h and lot
Williams, T. Jefferson, (Grover) r 58, mgr. Grover mills for James H. Eastgate of Elmira, N.Y., buckwheat flour and feed
Williams, Wallace H., (East Canton) r 48, dairy 7 cows, 12 sheep, farmer 90
Wilston, William E., (Grover) r 56 ½, dairy 8 cows, farmer 78
Wirth’s Cigar Co., r 31 n boro, Mart H. Wirth, manager, mfr. fine cigars, Main cor Fassett
Wirth, Mart H., r 31 n boro, manager Wirth’s Cigar Co., h and lot
Withey, Charley R., r 52, farmer with Ella, leases of S. Knapp of Troy 63
Withey, Ella Mrs., with Charley R., leases farm 63
Withey, Samuel, r 52, nursery agent
Worden, C. Berton, school teacher, h and lot, Carlton, n boro line
Worden, J. Arnold, (East Canton) r 46 cor 45, farmer
Worden, Peter, (East Canton) r 46 cor 45, dairy 8 cows, farmer 57
Wright, C. Benjamin, (East Canton) r 25, farmer 110
Wright, C. Edward, r 64 cor 49, farmer
Wright, Charles C., r 29, farmer, son of Jerome T.
Wright, Charles K., r 49, farmer 37
Wright, Chester W., (East Canton) r 27, farmer about 6
Wright, Fred H., r 64 cor 49, farmer
Wright, Harriett A., r 29, dressmaker
Wright, H. Greeley, (East Canton) r 45, farmer, son of J.B.
Wright, J. Benson, (East Canton) r 45, breeder of Devon cattle and Berkshire swine, dairy 15 cows, 20 sheep, farmer 170
Wright, Jerome T., r 29, dairy 5 cows, farmer 70
Wright, Johanna H., (Canton) r 49 cor 66
Wright, John R., (Grover) postmaster, station agent N.C. Ry., agt. Adams Ex. Co., apiarist 25 colonies, h and lot
Wright, Joseph, r 47, breeder Devon cattle, dairy 6 cows
Wright, Martin, (Grover) r 61, farmer
Wright, Martin C., (Grover) r 62, farmer 60
Wright, Myron J., r 49 n 66, dairy 5 cows, farm 67
Wright, Oscar D., r 64 cor 49, nursery agt., apiarist 12 colonies, dairy 5 cows, farmer 72
Wright, Philip M., (East Canton) butter maker Silverdale Creamery, h and lot
Wright, Raymond H., r 49, dairy 11 cows, 8 Jerseys, farmer 120
Wright, Silas S., (Canton) r 49 cor 66, dairy 5 cows, farm 117
Alba Borough Directory 1900
For explanations, &c, see page 17.
Postoffice address, Alba.

Alba Butter and Cheese Mf’g Co., C. L. Freeman of Canton prest, Charles L. Crandall sec and manager, L. T. Manley of Canton treasurer, S. S. Cosper, T. C. Cooney, Geo. P. Freeman, F. W. Miller and M. L. Packard directors, Granville
Andrews, Lester B. bds Railroad
Andrews, Mary A., widow Philip A., h Railroad
Ayers, Dana T., (Wilson & A.) h Canton
Baptist Church of Alba, Rev. W. H. Porter, pastor, Granville
Beardsley, David H., carpenter, h and lot Railroad cor Willow
Beardsley, George N., peddler, bds Railroad
Becker, J. Dewitt, (Becker & Ward), farm in Armenia 160, h Granville
Becker & Ward, (J. Dewitt B. and Orrin P. W.) groceries, provision, hardware, &c, Canton cor Armenia
Boland, Mary B., widow Thomas, h and lot, Granville
Boland, Thomas, section hand N.C. Ry., h Granville
Brooks, Anna J., school teacher, bds Willow
Brooks, Ruggles K., farmer 100, h Willow
Brown, J. Alva, laborer, farm 6 in Lycoming Co., h Railroad
Brown, Mary, widow Samuel, h Railroad
Case, Andrew B., boro councilman, dairy 7 cows, farmer 50, h Granville
Church of Christ, Rev. G. E. Spring, pastor, Troy
Clark, Edwin, school director, farmer for Mindwell, about 33, h Railroad
Clark, Mindwell, widow Joseph, farm about 33, h Railroad
Cole, A. Glenn, (E. C. Cole & Co.)  farmer with Charles R. for Mrs. Nellie A. in Armenia 100, h Troy cor Armenia
Cole, Charles R., (E. C. C. & Co.), farmer with A. Glenn for Mrs. Nellie A. in Armenia 100, h Troy cor Armenia
Cole, E. C. & Co., (Edward C., A. Glenn and Charles R.) threshers, Troy cor Armenia
Cole, Edna N., mail carrier, h Troy cor Armenia
Cole, Edward C., (E. C. Cole and Co.) tax collector, h Troy cor Armenia
Cole, Nellie A., widow William W., farmer in Armenia 100, h Troy cor Armenia
Crandall, Charles L., manager Alba Butter and Cheese Mfg. Co., farmer 115 on r 12 in Canton
Crandall, George G., laborer, h Railroad
Crandall, Lewis C., farmer, Granville cor Railroad
Cruise, Mary, widow James, bds Railroad
Delcamp, Abram, laborer, h Canton
Dewey, Elizabeth M., widow Horace, with John Cruise of Cowley farm 2, h Railroad
Dewey, George H., apiarist 18 colonies, dairy 5 cows, farmer for his wife 34 and in Leroy about 115
Foss, Edith, milliner, Troy, bds do
Foss, Nancy B., widow George H., life lease 4, Troy, h do
Foss, George B., farmer, h Troy
Foster, A. L. & Co., (Alfred L. F. & Henry S. Leonard of Troy) dealers in general merchandise, Granville cor Canton
Foster, Alfred L., (A. L. Foster & Co.) bds at N. M. Reynolds
Fowler, Frances, widow Alva, h Railroad
Garbrant, William F., farmer 6, h Granville
Hagar, Wallace, high constable, laborer, h Armenia
Hartman, Thomas, barber and shoemaker, Troy cor Armenia, h Canton
Hartman, Della I., (Mrs. Thomas) barber, h Canton
Hooker, Alice W., (Mrs. O. W.) music teacher, h Railroad
Hooker, O. William, painter and paper hanger, h Railroad
Jennings, Frank, laborer, h Granville

Kiff, Charles, boro assessor, carpenter and builder, farm 6, h Granville
Kiff, Frank A., carpenter and laborer, h Troy
Knight, Allen T., dairy 6 cows, farmer in Troy and Armenia 250, h Troy
Knight, Walter, dairy 10 cows, farmer 65, h Troy
Leonard, Henry S., (A. L. Foster & Co.) h at Troy
Lewis, Churchill S., emp saw mill, h Willow
Lewis, Eugene, laborer, bds Granville
Lewis, Lovinia, widow Thomas, h and lot Granville
Loughhead, Charles B., salesman for Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., and egg buyer, Granville, h do
Loughhead, Jefferson, physician, shoemaker, wife owns farm about 32, h Railroad cor Granville
Loughhead, Sallie J., (Mrs. C. B.) dealer in groceries and provisions, Granville, h do
Manley, Henry S., retired farmer 60 in Troy, h Willow
Marks, Jacob C., retired shoemaker, h Railroad
McElwain, Emma M., teacher Alba graded school, bds Railroad
McElwain, Polly R., widow Milton E., nurse, h Railroad
McWilliams, Hugh C., democratic Co. committeeman, boro auditor, dairy 16 cows, farmer on shares for M. L. Packard 150
Miller Bros., (Carroll E. and Frank W.) props Alba Steam Mills, lumber, feed, cider and vinegar, Canton
Miller, Carroll E., (Miller Bros.) h Railroad
Miller, Cynthia, widow Philip S., h Granville
Miller, Frank W., (Miller Bros.) boro councilman, farmer 55 for wife Sarah, h Granville
Murray, Horace, laborer, h Troy
Northrup, Mell, propr. Union Hotel, Troy cor Granville
Packard, Ardell, general blacksmith, carriage and harness dealer Troy, bds Granville
Packard, Joel W., farmer in Armenia 87, h Granville
Packard, Martin L., justice of the peace, school director, coal and fertilizer dealer, dairy 16 cows, breeder thoroughbred Poland China swine and farmer 150
Packard, Roy E., school director, butter maker, Alba Butter and Cheese Mfg. Co., coal dealer, h Granville
Packard, Winfield S., com trav Toledo creameries, h Railroad
Palmer, Ed S., farmer on shares for Mrs. George H. Dewey, 34
Palmer, Philip A., carpenter and builder Troy, h do
Peters, Emma, widow Henry, nurse, h Granville
Reynolds, Flora M., (Mrs. J.  S.), dressmaker Granville, h do
Reynolds, Frederick W., (J. S. & F. W. R.) painter, bds Granville
Reynolds, George W., blacksmith for A. Packard, h Granville
Reynolds, James S., (J. S. & F. W. R.) farmer 10, h Granville
Reynolds, J. S. & F. W., (James S. and Frederick W.), wagon makers and repairers, Troy
Reynolds, Nathan M., drugs, medicines, groceries, &c, Railroad cor Granville, h do
Rockwell, Richard M., farmer about 30, h Granville
Spring, George Edward Rev., pastor Church of Christ, h Canton
Telephone Pay Station, Addison D. Wilson, manager, at postoffice
Turk, Richard J., physician and surgeon, Granville, h do
Union Hotel, Mell Northrup propr., Troy cor Granville
Ward, Orrin P., (Becker & Ward) farmer in Troy 45 and in Canton 68, h r 14 Canton
Wilson, Addison D., postmaster, station agt N. C. Ry, agt Adams Ex. Co., manager long distance telephone pay station, h Willow
Wilson & Ayers, (Edwin S. W. and Dana T. A.) general blacksmiths, Willow cor Canton
Wilson, Courtland S., boro councilman, cattle buyer, dealer in agricultural implements, farmer 40 and in Armenia 50, h Granville cor Railroad
Wilson, Edward S., (Wilson & Ayers), carpenter, with Volney M., tobacco grower 2, bds Willow
Wilson, F. Marion, asst. postmaster, dealer in groceries, Canton, bds Willow
Wilson, Josephine, clerk for A. D., bds Willow
Wilson, Volney M., justice of the peace, apiarist 12 colonies with son Edwin S., tobacco grower 2, and farmer 6, owned by wife, h Willow
Witherall, Almira, widow Jefferson, h Willow, died Oct 1899
Young, Lovina A., widow Oscar F., owns store building, farm 5 in Granville and 107 in Yorktown, Lycoming Co., h Canton
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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