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by Warren D. Nash of Sulllivan Township
Deceased January 2001
1900 Bradford County Directory
Franklin Township

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

1900 Franklin Township Directory

Postoffice address, Franklin, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis.)

Allen, Mahlon, (West Franklin) r 24, dairy 8 cows, farmer 200

Allen, Bernard, (West Franklin) r 24, laborer

Anderson, Austin D., (West Franklin) r 17, dairy 6 cows, farmer on shares for B. Anderson 120

Anderson, Briton, (West Franklin) r 17, farmer 120

Anderson, Levi, (Franklindale) r 30, apiarist 40 colonies, dairy 4 cows, farmer 73

Anderson, Louisa, (Franklindale) r 30, widow Wesley

Anderson, Martin, (Franklindale) r 30, dairy 7 cows, farmer on shares for W. Anderson estate 66

Anderson, Peter, (Franklindale) r 30, tobacco grower 1 ½, farmer 60

Anderson, Sarah, (Franklindale) r 30

Arnold, Eugene, (Powell) r 12 n town line, tobacco grower 4, dairy 4 cows, farmer with G. Willis Sexton 100

Arnold, Jared E., (Franklindale) r 11, retired

Arnold, Lee, (West Franklin) r 20, buttermaker West Franklin Creamery

Barnes, Henry, (West Franklin) r 20, laborer

Barnes, Horace, (West Franklin) r 20, farmer

Brown, Burton, (Franklindale) r 13, laborer

Brown, Humphrey, (Franklindale) r 13, member 50th Pa. Vol., farmer 60, owned by wife

Brown, Olive, (Franklindale) widow Perry O., farmer 50

Brown, Oliver P., (Franklindale) r 13, farmer on shares for Mrs. Humphrey 60

Brown, William, (Franklindale) r 13, farmer 56, owned by Olive

Burroughs, Chauncey A., (West Franklin) r 1 ½ cor 2, dairy 10 cows, farmer 81

Burroughs, Daniel M., (West Franklin) r 2, dairy 5 cows and farmer 39

Burroughs, Hiram B., (West Franklin) r 25 opp. 20, postmaster, general merchant, agricultural implements, &c, prop. West Franklin Hotel

Burroughs, Mack, (West Franklin) r 20, laborer

Burroughs, Martin E., (West Franklin) r 1 ½ cor 2, farmer, died since canvass

Cary, Martin (Franklindale) r 11, farmer 30

Chilson, Oscar, (Franklindale) r 30, dairy 9 cows and farmer estate Helen Crandall 135

Christian Church, (Franklindale) r 15 opp. 16

Cogansparger, Catharine, (Franklindale) r 11, widow George

Cogansparger, Charles, (Franklindale) r 11, farmer 60

Cokley, Thomas E., (Franklindale) r 4, dairy 4 cows and farmer 85

Cole, John, (Franklindale) r 4, farmer 60

Compton, Jacob, (Franklindale) r 5, carpenter and farmer 28, owned by his sister Susan

Compton, Loren, (Franklindale) r 5, laborer

Compton, Peter, (Franklindale) r 5, town treas. and school director, dairy 5 cows and farmer 30

Compton, William, (Franklindale) r 5, laborer

Crandall, Austin, (West Franklin) r 24, laborer

Crandall, Herman, (West Franklin) r 24, butter maker

Crandell, Allison B., (West Franklin) r 24 n town line, town commissioner, dairy 6 cows and farmer 71

Crandell, William P., (West Franklin) r 24, Justice of the Peace, dairy 7 cows and farmer 200

Crane, Edward W., (West Franklin) 30 sheep and farmer on shares for John Preston of Greenwood 107

Crofut, Annie, (Franklindale) r 15, widow William H., h and lot at West Franklin

Crofut, Grant, (Franklindale) r 15 cor 7, blacksmith

Crayton, Averill B. (West Franklin) r 25, laborer, removed to Athens

Crayton, Hezekiah P., (West Franklin) r 25, dairy 6 cows and farmer 75

Crayton, Hiram H., (West Franklin) r 24, farmer

Crayton, Ira H., (West Franklin) r 25, laborer

Crayton, Rachel, (West Franklin) r 2, widow John, farm 12

Crayton, Sylva, (Mrs. H.P.) (West Franklin) r 25, carpet weaver

Crayton, William H., (West Franklin) r 25, farmer, son of H.P.

Davis, Richard, (West Franklin) r 26, pensioner

Dodge, Lina, (Franklindale) r 28

Dodge, Oliver W., (Franklindale) r 28, farmer 78

Dodge, Torrance A., (West Franklin) r 28, farmer 40

Doud, Juliette, (Franklindale) r 9, widow Thomas, farm 18

Dunn, Bartley, (Franklindale) r 11, farm 58

Dunn, Clara, (Franklindale) r 11

Dunn, Henry, (Franklindale) r 11, farmer on shares for Bartley 58

Edmonds, David F., (Franklindale) r 31, farmer, son of F.D.

Edmonds, Frank D., (Franklindale) r 31, town clerk and Justice of the Peace, broom manuf., tobacco grower 4, dairy 5 cows, 40 sheep, and farmer 210, owned by John Spaulding of Towanda

Ellis, Abigail, (Franklindale) r 7, h and lot

Ellis, Bradford, (Franklindale) r 13, laborer

Ellis, Fowler, (Franklindale) r 13, tobacco grower 7, dairy 5 cows, market gardener and farmer 90

Ellis, Lebbeus, (Franklindale) r 7, farm in Burlington 53

Everitt, John E., (Franklindale) r 15, school director and physician, h and lot

Every, Lucinda, (West Franklin) r 21, widow Albert

Every, Richard, (West Franklin) r 21, farmer, h and lot

Fairbanks, Charles, (West Franklin) r 24, dairy 5 cows and farmer on shares for J.H. Dexter of Troy, 130

Fairbanks, Samuel, (West Franklin) r 19, farmer 60

Fleming, Densmore D., (West Franklin) r 25, peddler

Franklindale M.E. Church, r 15

Gamble, George H., (West Franklin) r 21, pensioner

Gay, Merritt, (Franklindale) r 15 cor 16, highway commissioner, tobacco grower 2, dairy 4 cows and farmer with Willie A., 100

Gay, Sally, (Franklindale) r 4 cor 5, widow Ahira

Gay, Willie A., (Franklindale) r 4 cor 5, tobacco grower, dairy 5 cows and farmer with Merritt, 100

Geroulds, Susan, (Franklindale) r 4, widow Allen

Gilbert, Catherine, (Franklindale) r 14 opp. 30, widow Nelson

Gilbert, George M., (Franklindale) r 14 opp. 30, postmaster and general merchant and farmer 169

Gilbert, Samuel, (Franklindale) r 15, farmer 25

Grace, George, (Franklindale) r 9, buyer and shipper butter, eggs and poultry

Granger, C. Egbert, (West Franklin) r 24 cor 26, thresher, dairy 4 cows and farmer, leases of O. Varney, 40

Green, Charles D., (West Franklin) r 25, laborer

Green, Daniel, (Franklindale) r 17, farmer 37

Green, Floyd L., (West Franklin) r 28, farmer, son of Jehial

Green, Jehial, (West Franklin) r 28, dairy 6 cows, farmer 85

Green, Parry L., (Franklindale) r 3, laborer

Green, Theodore, (Franklindale) r 30, laborer

Green, Wallace, (Franklindale) r 3, dairy 9 cows, farmer 60

Haight, Elizabeth, (Franklindale) r 17 cor 28, widow LeRoy

Harris, Walter, (West Franklin) r 21, mason and farmer 60

Hemenway, William H., (Franklindale) r 13, carpenter

Herda, Augustus, (Franklindale) r 29, dairy 6 cows and farmer with George, 55

Herda, George, (Franklindale) r 29, dairy 6 cows and farmer with Augustus, 55

Huff, William, (West Franklin) r 21, dealer in coal, thresher, farmer, leases of Emma Smith of Sayre, 50

Irvin, Sanford, (West Franklin) r 24, laborer

Jennings, George F., (Franklindale) r 6, farmer 48

Jennings, Lewis, (Franklindale) r 4, laborer

Jennings, Perry, (West Franklin) r 17, dairy 4 cows, farmer 70

Jennings, Sabrina, (Franklindale) r 4, widow Theodore, farmer 42

Jennings, Sarah, (Franklindale) r 5, widow William

Johnson, Edwin L., (Franklindale) r 11, farmer on shares for J. Dorsey, 100

Johnson, Fred C., (Franklindale) r 13, farmer 10

Johnson, James B., (Franklindale) r 13, retired

Johnson, J. Dorsey, (Franklindale) r 11, dairy 6 cows and farmer 100

Kirkendall, Howard, (Franklindale) r 4, laborer

Kirkendall, James M., (Franklindale) r 17, farmer 60

Kirkendall, John, (Franklindale) r 4, farmer 65

Kirkendall, Wirt, (Franklindale) r 17, laborer

Knickerbocker, Esther, (Franklindale) r 30, widow Humphrey

Lantz, Alson, (Franklindale) r 13, dairy 6 cows, farmer 200

Lantz, Ernest, (Franklindale) r 13, laborer

Lantz, George, (Franklindale) r 14, laborer, h and lot owned by wife

Lantz, Peter, (Franklindale) r 13, dairy 5 cows, farmer on r 11, 80, also on shares for Mrs. L. Lantz 57

Lindley, Ardell, (West Franklin) r 2, farmer 27, also on shares for Rachael Crayton 12

Lindley, Jared, (West Franklin) r 20, laborer

Lindley, Manuel, (west Franklin) r 25, dairy 13 cows, farmer

Lyon, Eugene, (Franklindale) r 16 cor 3, nurse, farmer 4

Marcy Lettie, (Franklindale) r 13, widow Solon

Marshall, Robert J., (Franklindale) r 17 cor 28, tobacco grower 3, dairy 7 cows, farmer 100

Mason, Dell, (West Franklin) r 26 cor 25, farmer, leases of William Wheatly 75

McDonald, Richard, (Franklindale) r 7, dairy 18 cows, 42 sheep, farmer 170

McKean, James N., (West Franklin) r 20 cor 21, general merchandise

McKean, Norman C., (West Franklin) r 20, died since canvass

McKee, Bradford, (West Franklin) r 24, carpenter, farmer 5

McKee, Merton M., (Franklindale) r 30, assessor, 21 sheep, farmer 83

McKeel, Byron J., (West Franklin) r 24, farmer 30

McKeel, Simeon S., (West Franklin) r 24, retired

McManus, Charles F., (Franklindale) r 9, dairy 8 cows, farmer

McManus, Maggie K., (Franklindale) r 9, dressmaker

McManus, Michael, (Franklindale) r 9, laborer

McManus, Terrance, (Franklindale) r 9, laborer

Mitchell, William, (Franklindale) r 28, farmer on shares for Olive W. Dodge 78

Morse, Alonzo, (West Franklin) r 25, constable, farmer 11

Morse, Andrew T., (West Franklin) r 21, laborer

Morse, Elizabeth, (West Franklin) r 18 cor 28, widow Francis, farmer 40

Morse, Festus, (West Franklin) r 1 ½ cor 2, laborer, died since canvass

Morse, Francis E., (West Franklin) r 18, school director, dairy 5 cows, farmer 60

Morse, Ira, (West Franklin) r 21, wagon maker, h and lot

Mott, John S., (West Franklin) r 20, school director, manuf. feed, meal and shingles, dealer in bicycles, dairy 6 cows, farmer 46

Packard, Phillip, (West Franklin) r 20, pensioner, farmer 6

Payne, O.S., r 29, refused information

Peck, Bert, (West Franklin) r 25, laborer

Phelps, John W., (Franklindale) r 14 cor 30, clerk for S.M. Gilbert

Piatt, Mathias M., (Franklindale) r 15 cor 7, blacksmith h and lot r 14

Rhodes, Frank A., (Powell) r 13, farmer on shares for E. Arnold 15

Rockwell, Albert, (Franklindale) r 7, farmer 75 owned by wife

Rockwell, Clyde, (West Franklin) r 24, dairy 5 cows, farmer leases of A.C. Fairchild of Towanda, 138

Rockwell, Fred, (Franklindale) r 15, laborer, farmer 90

Rockwell, Mahlon, (Franklindale) r 15, tobacco grower 4, dairy 7 cows, farmer

Rockwell, Mortimer, (Franklindale) r 4 n town line, farmer 40

Rockwell, Samantha, (West Franklin) r 20 ½, widow William B., farm 20

Rogers, George, (Franklindale) r 29, tobacco grower 5, farmer on shares for S. Gilbert 180

Roof, James, (Franklindale) r 9, farm 120

Roof, Joseph L., (Franklindale) r 9, farmer 20 and on shares for James 120

Schoonover, Daniel, (West Franklin) r 28, dairy 6 cows, farmer on shares for George Parks of Monroeton 130, pensioner

Schrader, Court, (Franklindale) r 15, laborer, removed to East Canton

Schrader, Edward, (Franklindale) r 9, farmer for James

Schader, James, (Franklindale) r 9, farmer 91

Selleck, Lyman S., (Franklindale) r 5, dairy 5 cows, farmer 80

Sexton, G. Willis, (Powell) r 12, tobacco grower 4, dairy 4 cows farmer with Eugene Arnold 100

Shepard, Alexander M., (West Franklin) r 24, dairy 9 cows and farmer 26 ½

Shiner, Melvin G., (Franklindale) r 30, highway commissioner, farmer 58

Sickler, Charles T., (Franklindale) r 14, farmer 4

Smiley, Bert, (West Franklin) r 20, laborer

Smiley, Clarence E., (West Franklin) r 23, laborer, h and lot

Smiley, David, (West Franklin) r 24, farmer 130

Smiley, Jay, (West Franklin) r 20 ½, inspector election, dairy 5 cows and farmer 40

Smiley, John (West Franklin) r 20, farmer 50

Smiley, O’Mera G., (West Franklin) r 24, dairy 8 cows, 29 sheep and farmer 50, also leases of David 130

Smith, Asa C., (West Franklin) r 19 opp. 2, school director, dairy 7 cows and farmer 100

Smith, Correl H., (Franklindale) r 31, farmer 40

Smith, Daniel W., (West Franklin) r 19, pensioner and farmer 35

Smith, Frank H., (Franklindale) r 31, farmer 57

Smith, Sophronia, (West Franklin) r 19 opp. 2, widow Ira

Smith, William, (West Franklin) r 20, 87 years old

Smith, William J., (West Franklin) r 19 opp. 2, retired farmer

Spalding, Joseph E., (Franklindale) r 11, civil engineer

Spencer, Bruce N., (Sayles) r 1, farmer 74

Stevens, Archie, (Franklindale) r 29, laborer

Stevens, Asa S., (Franklindale) r 8, school director, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 10 cows and farmer 120

Stevens, Charles W., (Franklindale) r 29, retired

Stevens, C. Wesley Jr., (Franklindale) r 29, dairy 9 cows, 50 sheep and farmer 144

Stone, Darwin M., (West Franklin) r 24, dairy 4 cows and farmer 103

Varney, Emery J., (West Franklin) r 24, farmer 80

Varney, Glen, (West Franklin) r 24, dairy 5 cows and farmer, leases of O. Varney 100

Varney, Susan, (West Franklin) r 24, farmer 100

West Franklin Baptist Church, (West Franklin) r 21

West Franklin Creamery Co., (West Franklin) r 20, A.C. Smith pres., Fred K. Taylor (Granville Center) sec., Lee Arnold butter maker

West Franklin Hotel, (West Franklin) Hiram B. Burroughs prop., r 22 opp 20

West Franklin M.E. Church, (West Franklin) r 20

Wiggins, Archie, (West Franklin) r 20, broom maker

Wiggins Bros., (S & C) (West Franklin) r 20, general blacksmiths

Wiggins, Charles, (West Franklin) r 20 (Wiggins Bros)

Wiggins, Coryell, (West Franklin) broom maker

Wiggins, Samuel, (West Franklin) r 20 (Wiggins Bros)

Wilcox, James E., (West Franklin) r 25, farmer 17 and in LeRoy 100

Wilcox, W. Scott, (West Franklin) r 26, auditor, dairy 6 cows and farmer 71

Wilcox, Levi C., (West Franklin) r 20, farmer 60

Wilcox, Theodore S., (West Franklin) r 20, dairy 5 cows and farmer for Levi C., 60

Willey, Edwin O., (Franklindale) r 15 opp. 7, grist mill, manuf. and dealer in flour and feed, farmer 60

Willey, Freeling B., (Franklindale) r 15 opp. 7, miller

Willey, George H., (Franklindale) r 15, dairy 5 cows and farmer 10

Willey, Grant B., (Franklindale) r 15, farmer

Willey, Horace R., (Franklindale) r 15, emp. grist mill

Williams, Abram B., (West Franklin) r 24, school director, dairy 8 cows and farmer, leases of J.K. Williams of Sayre, 140

Williams, George, (Franklindale) r 18 cor 17, farmer 65

Williams, John, (Franklindale) r 14, apiarist 26 colonies, h and lot, member 87th Pa. Vols.

Williams, Lester K., (Franklindale) r 14, laborer, h and lot

Williams, Morris, (West Franklin) r 24, farmer, son of A.B.

Williams, Samuel F., (Franklindale) r 4, farmer 38

Wolfe, Alice, (Franklindale) r 30, widow John B.

Woodruff, Frank, (Franklindale) r 30, laborer

Woodruff, Jared, (Franklindale) r 30, retired

Woodruff, Oscar J., (Franklindale) r 30, auditor, dairy 4 cows and farmer 109

Wooster, Herbert H., (West Franklin) r 21, lumberman, moved to Burlington boro

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Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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