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1900 Bradford County Directory
Monroeton Borough
Bradford County Directory - Table of Contents

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

Photo of Fungi by Joyce M. Tice
November 1998

1900 Monroeton Borough Directory

Post office address, Monroeton

Abrams, Seth laborer h Maple ave.

Ackley, Delbert G. postmaster and dealer in dry goods notions, groceries, hardware, agricultural implements, Main h do

Ackley, Minnie L., bds Canton ave cor Maple ave

Ackley, Theodore F., section foreman L. V. R.R., h Canton ave cor Maple ave

Adams, Belle widow Hiram B., bds Main

Arnold, Mary J. widow William S., h Pine

Avery, Angevine E. farmer on shares for Mrs. Wm. Decker, about 98, bds Bridge

Avery, Ida E. Mrs. dressmaker, Church, h do

Bahr, W. Hudson laborer, h Main cor College ave

Beam, Charles emp shoe factory Towanda, h Railroad

Beam, C. Henry, farm laborer, h Railroad

Benjamin, Charles E. carpenter and mason, h Mechanic

Benjamin, Horace E. laborer, bds Mechanic

Bennett, John T. marble and granite cutter for J. F. Park, bds 110 Second, Towanda

Blackman, Jemima widow Daniel, h Main

Bois, Abram farmer 80, h Bridge

Booth, James M. carpenter and builder, h College ave

Booth, Olney, B. (B & Rockwell) h Canton ave outside boro limits

Booth, Robert M (B & Lyon) cigarmaker, bds r 18, Monroe township

Booth and Rockwell (Olney M B & John L R) iron founders and machinists, manuf toys and wood turning lathes, propr saw, planing and shingle mill and dealers in agricultural implements, Broad

Bullock, Charles barber, tobacco, cigars and confectionery, Main, h do

Bullock, Clinton E. son of Darius, in marine service on U. S. Auxiliary Cruiser, Badger, h Bridge

Bullock, Darius chief of police, soldier in Co D 141st Pa Vol in civil war, h and lot Bridge

Bullock, George E. son of Darius, corp in Battery K, 6th U S Artillery, stationed at Honolulu, h Bridge

Bullock, Robert J. bds with Charles, Main

Burgess, William C. laborer, bds Mechanic

Burgess, William H. laborer, h Mechanic

Camp, Archibald laborer h College ave

Campbell, Burton L. miller, h Hinman n Broad

Campbell, Winton G. dry goods, groceries and notions, school director, Main h New

Capach, Phoebe M. Mrs., baker Main cor Bridge h do

Capach, William S. restaurant, confectionery and ice cream, Main cor Bridge, h do

Child, Charles A. farmer in Smithfield 108 ½, in Overton 400, h Main

Chubbuck, George W. watchmaker and jeweler and shoemaker Main, h do

Colclough, William F. pastor First Presbyterian church, h Canton ave

Cole, Freeman H. dairy 5 cows, tobacco grower 9 and farmer on shares for D. J. Sweet of Towanda about 60, Main h do

Cook, James H. clerk Summers house, bds do

Coolbaugh, Arthur invalid h Bridge

Coolbaugh, Betsey widow Marion M., h Bridge

Coolbaugh, Calvin tobacco grower 3 and farmer on shares for A. Bois 50, bds Summers house

Coolbaugh, Moses M. propr Summers house, Main cor Mechanic

Cranmer, Albert W. farmer for Bernard, A., h College ave cor Hinman

Cranmer, Bernard A. boro councilman, dealer in hard and soft coal, lime, brick, fertilizers, farmer about 150, office Main, h Canton ave

Cranmer, Harley A., farmer and clerk for B. A., h Canton ave

Cranmer, Mary H. widow Ashbel L., two farms, h Main

Croock, Mary A., widow Henry, h Railroad

Cummings, James D., veterinary surgeon, Main, h do

Daughtery, Frankie, h Main

Daughtery, Lydia E., widow John, h Main

Decker, Clara G., milliner, bds Main

Decker, Henry F., teamster, h Main

Decker, Henry J., conductor Lehigh Valley R. R., h Bridge

Decker, Philura R., widow William W., bds Main

Devoe, Jennie A., school teacher Powell graded school, bds Main

Devoe, Margaret J., widow James A., h and lot, Main

Doane, George R., blacksmith Main, h do

Doolittle, Arthur M., lumberman, h Mechanic

Drake, Robert B. conductor L. V. R. R., h Canton ave

Dunfee, Edith M., teacher, Monroeton graded school, bds Main

Dunfee, Happy, widow Patrick, h Main

Dunfee, James E., iron moulder, h Main

Dunfee, John, blacksmith and dealer in wagons Main, h do

Dunfee, Otis L., wagon maker and blacksmith Main, h do

Dunfee, Reed W., retired soldier regular army, h Main

Evans, Sarah Mrs., h Broad cor Hinman

Fellbush, Ella (Mrs. George C.) carpet weaver Main, h do

Fellbush, George C., h Main

First Methodist Episcopal Church, Church

First Presbyterian Church of Monroeton, Rev. W. F. Colclough pastor, Church

Fowler, Maria D., widow Franklin D., h Bridge

Grace, August L. (Minard and Grace) boro councilman, h Main

Gregg, John, farm 20 in Towanda, h Mechanic

Griggs, Floyd F., farm 14, h Canton ave

Griggs, Mary R., h Canton ave

Haines, John F., physician and surgeon, New, bds Main

Harvey Philip, h College ave

Hawes, George B., h Canton ave, died August, 1899

Hawes, William H., clerk toy factory at Towanda, bds Canton ave

Hinman, Dudley M., justice of the peace, general merchant, tobacco grower 8 and farmer 35, Main, h do

Hinman House, George H. Lancaster propr, Main cor New

Holland, William S., justice of the peace and shoemaker Main, h New

Hollon, Lyman G., retired, h Main

Homet, Jewett G., U. S. storekeeper and guager, h Canton ave

Johnson, James H., tobacco grower 4 and farmer on shares for D. M. Hinman, h Pine

Johnson, J. Lewis, laborer, h lane off Hinman

Kenyon, Charles L., physician, surgeon and optician Main, h do

Kerrick, Joseph B., laborer, h Main

Kipp, Ella, bds Mechanic

Kipp, Perry, mason h Mechanic

Lafy, Anson E., fireman at foundry, h Broad

Lancaster, George H., prop Hinman House, Main cor New

Lattin, David, section hand Barclay R. R., h Main

Leet, Frank E., prop Monroeton Bridge roller, grist and flouring mills, junction Broad and Bridge

Lomax, F. F. & Co. (Franklin F. Lomax) drugs and medicines, mgr telephone pay station, Main

Lomax, Franklin F. (F. F. Lomax & Co.) bds Main

Lydon, Evaline Mrs., h Water

Lyon, D. Nettie, teacher Monroeton graded school, bds Main

Lyon, Helen L., widow William L., h Main

McAloon, John laborer, h Hinman

McConnell, Frank M., wagon salesman, h Broad

McMillen, John H. restaurant, ice cream and confectionery, Main, h do

McMillen, Sarah J. (Mrs. John H.) nurse, h Main

Meeker, Bentley, watchmaker, jeweler, bicycle dealer and repairer and barber Main, h do

Miller, Daniel L., machinist, bds Main cor Broad

Miller, Delphene G. (Mrs. John F.) farm 136

Miller, James E., tobacco and celery grower, h Main n New

Miller, John F., farmer, h Main cor Broad

Miller, William P. divinity student, bds Main cor Broad

Minard & Grace (William D. M. & Augustus L. G.) meat market and confectionery, Main

Minard, William D. (M and Grace) h Main

Mingos, Charles J., mason, h Maple ave

Mingos, Edward E., burgess, h Main cor New

Mingos, Emma J., widow Philo, h Main

Mingos, Fred C., mason, h Main

Mingos, Fred E. station agt L. V. R. R. and Barclay R. R., mgr W. U. telegraph, agt U. S. Express Co., h Main

Monroeton Bridge roller, grist and flouring mills, Frank E. Leet propr, junction Broad and Bridge

Monroeton Graded School, A. H. Updike prin, College ave

Montgomery, Charles R., teacher Overton graded school, h New

Musselman, Orville J., clerk Cranmer’s coal office, h Main n Canton ave

Newell, Eliza, widow Elisha J., h Main n College ave

Northrup, O. Reed, farmer son of Zach

Northrup, William, brakeman L. V. R. R., h New

Northrup, Willis, emp top shop, h Main

Northrup, Zach, street commissioner and farmer 12

Owen, Mary T., widow B. Dorrance, seamstress, h Hinman

Owen, Melvin J., pastor First M. E. Church, h Main

Park, George B., capitalist, real estate dealer and farmer 140 in Franklin, h Broad

Park, Ira R., retired physician, h Main

Park, J. Frederick, granite and marble works, Main cor Canton ave

Park, Matilda, widow William A., h Main

Payne, Jethro D., pensioner, h Bridge

Pierce, Eunice, widow Henry, h and lot Bridge

Post Office, Delbert G. Ackley postmaster, E. F. Young assistant, Main

Richart, Oscar G., livery, New, and undertaker, Church, h Main n Broad

Ripking, George H., section hand L. V. R. R., h Grove

Robinson, Henry A., laborer L. V. R. R., h Pine

Rockwell, Helen R., widow Omar L., dressmaker Main, bds do

Rockwell, Horace W., farmer in Albany 96, h Main

Rockwell, Isabella, widow J. Lawrence, h Bridge

Rockwell, John L. (Booth & R.) r 61 near boro line, farmer 100

Rockwell, Oscar H., physician and surgeon, member school board, h and lot Main

Ross, Alice J. Mrs., boarding house, Main

Ross, Lora M., school teacher, bds Main

Rundell, Frederick E., fireman and laborer, h McLain

Rundell, William S., farm laborer, h Pine

Satterlee, Charles B. Capt., died at Honolulu, S. I., 1899

Satterlee, John F., h Canton ave

Sherman, Edward, harness maker, h and lot Main n boro limits

Simpson, Albert C., wagon maker Main, h do

Smalley, George H., boro councilman, tin smith, hardware dealer Main, h Bridge

Smalley, Walter F., telegrapher and news dealer Main, bds Mechanic

Struble, Daniel, pensioner, h and lot, Mechanic

Summers, Carl G. (C. G. & Co.) bds Main

Summers C. G. & Co, (Carl G. and John H.) general merchants, Main

Summers, Genevieve, bds Main

Summers House, Moses M. Coolbaugh propr, Main cor Mechanic

Summers, John H. (C. G. & Co.) h Main

Sweet, Julia L., widow Hiram, farm about 80, h Main

Sweet, J. Theodore, lumberman, h Bridge

Telephone Pay Station, F. F. Lomax mgr. Main

Terry, Pearle M., bds Mechanic

Terry, William, insurance agent, h Mechanic

Thurston, Bessie J., widow Frank M., h and lot, College ave

Tracy, Henry C., tobacco grower 4, farmer 30, h Mechanic

Updyke, Austin H., principal Monroeton graded school College ave, bds Main

VanGorder, Abbie, widow Andrew D., h Main

VanLoon, Thurston S., laborer, h Bridge

VanTuyl, Hannah E., widow James W., bds New

Walbourn, Henry, invalid, h Main, died Oct. 1899

Walburn, Clarence H, section hand L. V. R. R., h Hinman

Walker, Charles N., school director, retired Merchant, h Main

Walter, Moses, farmer, in Burlington 70, owned by wife

Wanck, Benjamin F., invalid, h Bridge

Watson, Scott S., machinist for Booth & Rockwell, h Towanda

Welch, Andrew N., laborer, h Hinman

Whitney, Effie, widow Hiram, h Main

Wilcox, Mary A., widow George T., h and lot, Main

Wooster, Mark E., general blacksmith, Broad, h Hinman

Young, Carrie E., school teacher, bds Main, n Broad

Young, Edward B., druggist Main cor Church, h Main n Broad

Young, Edward F., clerk and assistant postmaster, h over post office Main

1900 Monroeton Street Directory

Bridge-from South Main east to Broad
Broad-from Main east to Bridge
Canton Ave.-from Main west to Masontown
Church-from Main east and northeast to Bridge
College Ave.-from junction of Main and South Main east to Hinman
Elm-from Pine northwest to Barclay RR
Grove-from College Ave to Towanda Creek
Railroad-continuation of Maple Ave. running north
Hinman-from College Ave. north to Broad
Main-principal street running north and south
Maple Ave.-from South Main northwest to New
Mechanic-from Main northwest to boro limits
New-from Main west to Barclay RR depot
Pine-from Maple Ave. southwest
South Main-from junction of Main and College Ave. southwest to boro limits

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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