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Directories of Bradford County, Pennsylvania
1900 Bradford County Directory


Transcribed and Submitted by Patty Shumway

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1900 Monroe Township Directory

Post office address Monroe, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Acla, John W (Liberty Corners) r 30, carpenter and builder

Ackley, Lydia (Monroeton) r 24 ½, widow Charles

Ackley, Ransom (Monroeton) r 24, h and lot

Adams, Caroline, (South Branch) r 36, widow John A.

Albro, Stephen G. (Monroeton) off r 18

Allen, A. McKenny (Powell) farmer on shares, h First

Allen, Burton (Powell) h and lot Center

Allen, Ettie (Powell) teacher graded school, h First

Allen, Maggie Mrs. (Powell) seamstress

Allen, Victor (Monroeton) r 18, farm laborer for E. W. Woodhouse

Andrews, Edward S. (Powell) r 19, sec school board, tobacco grower 4, farmer with E. A. 100

Andrews, Emery A. (Powell) r 19, farmer 100

Andrews, Leon C. (Powell) r 19, graduate business college

Arnold, Aaron S. (Powell) r 2, farmer, leases of Michael Bervins of Punxatawny 75

Baldwin, George (Monroeton) off r 31, farm laborer

Barnes, Herbert P. (Monroeton) r 18, farmer 50

Beach, Mrs. (Monroeton) off r 18

Benedict, Byron K. (Powell) r 19, farmer for Harriet A. 120

Benedict, William S. (Powell) r 19, farmer on shares for Harriet A. 120

Benjamin, Martha A. (Liberty Corners) r 31, n 26, widow Samuel

Benjamin, Stephen D. (Liberty Corners) r 31 cor 26, laborer

Bennett, Elmer R. (Monroeton) r 24, tobacco grower 5 and farmer, leases of Mrs. Julia Sweet of Monroeton about 88

Bennett, George (Monroeton) r 18 ½, laborer

Bennett, John M. (Powell) r 21, pensioner

Biles, Sherman (Powell) off r 20, dairy 9 cows, tobacco grower 3, farmer on shares for E. T. Park about 150

Booth, J. Wilson (Monroeton) r 18, apprentice cigar maker in Monroeton

Booth, Olney N. r 18 (Monroeton) (Booth & Rockwell of Monroeton) h and lot

Booth, Robert N. (Monroeton) r 18, cigar manuf at Monroeton

Bowman, Henrietta H. (Powell) widow of John, bds Center

Bowman, Joseph H. (Liberty Corners) off r 27, dairy 5 cows, farmer 86

Bowman, Portus E. (Powell) emp tannery, h and lot Center

Bowman, Wallace M. (Powell) r 19, farmer 150

Brague, Amy R. (Powell) r 22, widow Horace, farm 20

Brague, Horace A. (Powell) r 22, laborer

Brague, Emery S. (Powell) fireman, bds First

Brague, Nathaniel (Powell) r 22, shingle sawyer and woodsman

Braund, Joseph (Liberty Corners) r 9, farmer 64 and on shares for J. M Piatt 30

Brenchly, George D. r 32, farmer on shares for William A. Kellogg 200

Brennan, George H. (Liberty Corners) r 13, farmer 27

Brennan, Patrick F. (Liberty Corners) r 10, farmer 65

Brennan, Timothy (Liberty Corners) r 9, farmer 90

Brennan, Timothy A. (Liberty Corners) r 9, farmer, son of Timothy

Brizzy, Frederick W. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, h and lot

Brock, Florence M. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, widow Orville M

Brown, Calvin J. (Monroeton) r 8, farmer on shares for Eliza F. Shelton 88

Brown, Edgar J. (Powell) r 19, road commissioner, tobacco grower 2 and farmer 80

Brown, Frances E. (Mrs. J. L.) (Powell) dress maker, Main

Brown, Fred L. (Powell) clerk P. L. Brown, bds Center

Brown, George (Powell) farmer, h Center

Brown, Hiram H. (New Albany) r 37, farmer 7

Brown, James (Liberty Corners) r 34, farmer 15

Brown, Joseph L. (Powell) emp tannery, h Main

Brown, Leonard (Powell) accommodation stage between Powell, Monroeton, and Towanda twice each way daily, h Center

Brown, Porteus L. (Powell) r 18, dry goods, clothing, groceries, drugs, hardware, etc. h over store

Brown, Samuel (South Branch) r 36, farm laborer

Brown, Ward (Monroeton) r 33, dairy 5 cows, farmer on shares for Enos Johnson, 200

Bull, Frank P. (Liberty Corners) r 27, dealer in fertilizers, dairy 6 grade Jersey cows, farmer 200 and on shares for Florence M. about 55

Bull, Florence M. (Liberty Corners) r 27, farmer about 55

Burke, Cornelius (Liberty Corners) off r 31 cor 26, farmer, son of James

Burke, James (Liberty Corners) off r 31 cor 26, dairy 10 cows, tobacco grower 2, wool grower Shropshire sheep and farmer 180

Burke, John (Liberty Corners) off r 31, cor 26, farmer, son of James

Burleigh, George (Powell) r 19, laborer

Burnett, Oscar W. r 6, cor 24, on shares for J. L Rockwell, 4 acres tobacco, 6 cows, farmer 100

Buskwoskie, Jacob (Powell) emp tannery h Tinker

Camp, Abraham (Foot of Plane) r 21, laborer

Camp, Charles (Powell) r 22, lumberman and laborer

Camp, Daniel L. (Monroeton) r 24, farm laborer

Camp, Fred A. (Powell) r 18, emp tannery

Camp House (Powell) Joseph E. Camp proprietor, Main

Camp, Joseph E (Powell) propr Camp house, Main

Camp, Lester (Powell) r 22, pensioner

Camp, Lewis (Powell) r 32 laborer, h and lot

Camp, William H. (Powell) laborer, h and lot First

Camp, William R. (Powell) r 22, lumberman and farmer 153

Campbell, Orlando (Liberty Corners) r 26, on shares for Mrs. Eliza A. Fowler, dairy 6 cows and farm 122

Capwell, Josephine (Monroeton) off r 24 ½, farmer on shares about 50

Capwell, Rush (Monroeton) off r 24 ½, farmer for Josephine

Carroll, Charles W. (Powell) off r 18, emp tannery

Carroll, Eugene W. (Powell) off r 18, emp tannery

Carroll, James (Powell) off r 18, emp tannery

Carter, Chester W. (Powell) r 1, invalid

Carter, Eliza E. (Powell) r 1, widow Ezra, farmer 140

Carter, Ella (Powell) r 1

Carter, Walter (Powell) r 1 ½, apiarist 15 colonies, farmer 89

Cass, Burt (Powell) r 22, lumberman

Chilson, Elizabeth A. (Liberty Corners) r 13 cor 14, h and lot

Chilson, John (Liberty Corners) r 12, on shares for Mrs. F. C. Neal, dairy 8 cows and farm 100

Chilson, Minnie B. (Liberty Corners) r 13 cor 14, dressmaker

Chilson, Wesley (Monroeton) r 18 ½, blind traveler

Clark, George (Liberty Corners) r 27, laborer, h and lot

Coats, A. E. Mrs. (Powell) milliner, Main

Coats, Alva E. (Powell) emp tannery, Main

Coats, Frank (Powell) emp tannery, bds Main

Coats, George B. (Powell) emp tannery, h Tinker

Cole, Fred W. (Monroeton) r 5, owner thoroughbred Chester White sow, tobacco grower 3 ½ and farmer 48

Cole, Russell L. (Powell) r 22, woodsman and farmer about 100

Commins, Amanda N. (Liberty Corners) r 27, widow Clark, h and lot

Commins, Effie M. (Liberty Corners) r 27, music teacher

Cook, Joseph (Powell) r 18, emp tannery

Cordner, Thomas (Monroeton) r 27, dairy 8 cows, tobacco grower and farmer 140

Cordner, William T. (Monroeton) r 7, farmer, son of Thomas

Corner, John (Liberty Corners) r 31 n 26, farmer on shares and laborer

Corner, Mary J. (Liberty Corners) r 31 n 26, (Mrs. John) carpet weaver

Corson, Benjamin (Monroeton) r 17, dairy 4 high grade Jersey and other cows, farmer 72

Corson, Eugene (Monroeton) r 17, farmer for Benjamin, owns farm in Wilmot 37 ½

Covey, Walter (Monroeton) r 18 ½, laborer

Cowell, Alice M. (South Branch) r 35 cor 37, widow Jesse R.

Cowell, Jesse R. (South Branch) r 35 cor 37, with Lewis K., dairy 5 cows, thoroughbred Shorthorn Derby bull "Diamond", tobacco grower 4 and farmer 150

Cowell, Lewis K (South Branch) r 35 cor 37, with Jesse R. dairy 6 cows, thoroughbred shorthorn Durham bull "Diamond", tobacco grower 4 and farmer 150

Cox, Johanna (Powell) r 22, widow Hiram

Cox, Rogers F. (Foot of Plane) r 21, farmer about 25

Cox, Stephen P. (Foot of Plane) off r 21, section foreman Barclay R.R.

Cox, William M. (Foot of Plane) r 21, removed to Towanda

Crain, Elizabeth (Mrs. William E.) (Powell) off r 2, carpet weaver

Crain, William E. (Powell) off r 2, farmer 50

Cranmer, Deborah A. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, widow J. Miles

Cranmer, Edward J. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, farmer 100

Cranmer, Elizabeth F. (Monroeton) r 18, widow Albert G., interest in farm estate 63

Cranmer, Frank H. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, n 18, emp tannery

Cranmer, Fred (Monroeton) r 18 ½, farmer, son of Edward J.

Cranmer, Harvey H. (Powell) r 1, carpenter, wagonmaker and farmer 25, owned by wife

Cranmer, John C. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, n 18, farm laborer

Cranmer, Marcus A. (Monroeton) r 18 n boro line, dairy 7 cows, tobacco grower 2 ½ and farmer for estate of Albert G., 63

Cranmer, Maria (Monroeton) r 18 ½ n 18 widow Harry, h and lot

Cranmer, Newton (Monroeton) r 18 ½ n 18, emp Greenwood tannery

Cranmer, Robert (Monroeton) off r 18, emp foundry

Cranmer, Samuel W. (Powell) r 17 n 1, emp tannery

Crofut, Seeley M. (Powell) emp tannery, bds Main

Cummings, Harvey (Liberty Corners) r 13, n 9, school director, dairy 5 cows, and farmer 50

Cummingham, Henry (Powell) emp tannery, bds Main

Devine, Edgar A. (Monroeton) r 24 ½, sawyer

Dewey, Harry E. (South Branch) r 36, blacksmith, farmer 62

Dibble, Matilda M. (South Branch) off r 36, farmer 75

Dodson, Clark A. (Liberty Corners) r 30, farmer on shares for Mrs. Lorania H. Irvine, 45

Donlon, James A. (Powell) off r 18, emp tannery

Dorsey, Sarah M. (Powell) r 2, widow Harry, dairy 7 cows and farmer 100

Dorsey, Sidney P. (Powell) r 2, farmer, son of Sarah M.

DuBois, Delos (Powell) owner Camp House and farm 4; h Main cor Center

DuBois, Harlie A. (Powell) bartender, laborer, bds Main

DuBois, Sherman H. (Powell) clerk F. McGinnis, bds Main

DuBois, Wilber H. (Powell) emp tannery, bds Main cor Center

Dunn, Elmer (Powell) off r 18, emp tannery

Eddy, Alfred (Powell) h and lot Second

Eddy, Alonzo (South Branch) r 36, works on shares for Mrs. James Harris tobacco 2 and farm

Eddy, Ellwood (Powell) r 19, dairy 5 cows, tobacco grower 6 and farmer on shares for P. L. Brown, 83

Eddy, George A. (Powell) off r 18, emp tannery

Eddy, Morris F. (Powell) emp tannery, h Tinker

Edsall, Charlotte M. (South Branch) r 36, widow George W. tobacco grower 1 ½ and farmer 75

Edsall, Fern D. (South Branch) r 36, wagonmaker with John J., farmer 225

Edsall, Fred M. (South Branch) r 36, farmer 50

Edsall, John J. (South Branch) r 36, with Fern D. farmer 225

Eldred, Edward J. (Foot of Plane) r 21, farmer 18 ½

Elliott, William (Liberty Corners) emp J. W. Irvine, h and lot at New Era

Emory, James (South Branch) r 37, trainer of hunting dogs

English, James (South Branch) off 35, tobacco grower 1 and farmer 50

English, Jane (South Branch) off r 35, widow James Sr.

Ennis, Susan (Liberty Corners) r 27, widow John, dressmaker and farmer 55

Farnham, C. Lewis (Monroeton) r 18, pensioner

Farr, Orlando B. (Monroeton) r 18, justice of the peace, h and lot

Fenner, Orlando (Liberty Corners) r 29, carpenter and builder, h and lot

Fletcher, Edward (Powell) finisher of leather under contract for Union Tannery Co., owns 2 houses and lots, bds Main

Ford, Adalaide R. (Monroeton) r 17, widow John, farm 3

Ford, Thomas (Monroeton) r 17, invalid

Foster, Charles (Powell) farmer, son of Hiram, bds Church

Foster, Hiram (Powell) farmer on shares for Wallace Bowman h and lot, Church

Foster, James E. (Powell) r 1, steam thresher with John, farmer 14

Foster, John H. (Powell) apiarist 9 colonies, farmer on shares, h and 2 lots, Mill

Foster, Marvin (Powell) emp tannery, First cor Mill

Foster, Mary A. (Powell) widow John T., bds First

Fowler, Charles A. (Monroeton) r 24, tobacco grower about 4 and farmer on shares for A. L. Rockwell.

Fowler, Clarence A. (Monroeton) r 24, dairy 7 cows, tobacco grower about 4 and farmer 100

Fowler, Eliza A. (Liberty Corners) r 26, widow William, dairy 6 cows and farmer 122

Fowler, Fred C. (Monroeton) r 24, farmer, son of C. A.

Fowler, George A. (Monroeton) r 24, farmer, son of C. A.

Gale, George W. (Liberty Corners) r 29, farmer 25 and on shares for Eli W. of Burlington about 90

Gilbert, Elijah B. (Powell) r 18, farmer 138

Goff, Margaret (Liberty Corners) r 12, widow Wells G., farm 49

Goff, Orlando D. (Liberty Corners) r 12, farmer 50 and for his wife Emily O., 40

Goss, Bruce (Powell) r 18, emp chair factory, h Main

Green, John T. (Powell) off r 18, farm laborer

Green, George L. (Powell) r 18, farm laborer

Greenwood Graded School (Powell) Lower Mill

Griggs, Willis E. (Liberty Corners) r 15, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100

Grisworld, Gardner B. (Powell) r 18, bookkeeper Union Tanning Co.

Haines, Charlotte L. (Powell) (Mrs. G. Burr) milliner Main, h do

Haines, Burr (Powell) h and lot, Main

Haines, G. Burton (Powell) laborer, bds Main

Haines, Julius (Powell) off r 19, farmer 4

Haines, Ward (Powell) r 18, breeder White Brahma fowls, farmer 7

Hall, Frederick E. (Powell) emp tannery, h and lot, Second

Hall, U. S. (Liberty Corners) pastor M. E. Church

Hancock, Frank B. (Powell) r 22, apiarist 25 colonies, dairy 9 cows, 80 sheep and farmer 271

Hancock, Hiram (Monroeton) r 18 ½, pensioner

Hancock, Irvine J. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, laborer

Hancock, John E. (Powell) r 22, woodsman and laborer

Harris, Charles C. (Powell) r 1, cor 17, farm 36

Harris, Henry C. (Powell) roller at tannery, h Center

Harris, Enos H. (South Branch) r 36, postmaster, apiarist 14 colonies

Harris, Henry C. (Powell) carpenter at tannery, h and farm 11

Harris, James H. (South Branch) r 36, groceries, farmer 388

Harris, John C. (Powell) emp tannery, Main

Harris, John L. (Powell) laborer, h Main

Harris, Lester C. (Powell) roller in tannery, h and lot Center

Harris, Portus, L. (Powell) r 18, engineer tannery, Main

Harris, Robert S. (Powell) emp tannery, Main

Hartford, J. Horton (Monroeton) r 35, tobacco 2 ½, farmer on shares for D. J. Sweet of Towanda

Harvey, Ella E. (Powell) r 1, farm 25

Harvey, John M. (Powell) off r 17, wood turner and farmer 37

Hatch, Edward (Monroeton) r 35 n 32, farm laborer

Hatch, John W. (New Albany) r 38, farmer 32

Haythorn, Benjamin (Powell) justice of the peace, farm 87 ½ in Burlington, h Center

Heath, Addie (Liberty Corners) r 12 ½, housekeeper

Heath, Fred H. (Liberty Corners) r 12 ½, with Otis A., dairy 7 cows and farmer 170

Heath, Otis A. (Liberty Corners) r 12 ½, with Fred H., dairy 7 cows, farmer 170

Heeman, Spencer (Monroeton) off r 18 ½, stone mason and carpenter

Heidt, Edward (Powell) r 22, woodsman and farmer 450

Heman, Samantha Mrs. (Liberty Corners) r 34

Heman, Semor (Liberty Corners) r 10, farmer 24

Hill, Jonathan A. (Powell) off r 18 director Penn Chair Co, Union Tanning Co., supt Greenwood Tannery of Union Tanning Co., farmer 200

Holbrook, Albert (Monroeton) r 32, farmer 20, owned by wife

Holbrook, Herman (Powell) r 21, farmer, leases of Herbert Barnes 50

Hollon, Ada L. (Liberty Corners) r 13

Hollon, Jeremiah C. (Liberty Corners) r 12 n 27, dairy 5 cows, farmer 83

Hoover, Andrew (Liberty Corners) off r 12, farmer 72

Howard, Timothy A. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, teamster, h and lot

Ingert, Frank (Powell) off r 18, emp tannery, h and lot

Irvin, Eunice (Liberty Corners) r 12, widow George

Irvine, Charles N. (Liberty Corners) r 30 opp 28, assessor, dairy 10 cows, tobacco grower 5, farmer 210

Irvine, Deborah E. (Liberty Corners) r 30

Irvine, Eliza E. (Liberty Corners) r 31, widow William W.

Irvine, Francis D. (Liberty Corners) wagon maker and blacksmith

Irvine, Frederick D. (Liberty Corners) r 31, farmer, interest in estate of Robert M., about 911

Irvine, Guy C. (Liberty Corners) r 30 opp 28, steam thresher, farmer, son of Charles N.

Irvine, James W. (Liberty Corners) postmaster, general merchant and farmer 155

Irvine, Lorania H. (Liberty Corners) r 30, farmer 45

Irvine, Myra D. (Liberty Corners) r 31, widow Robert M., dairy 6 cows, farmer, estate of Robert M. 94

Irvine, Walter W. (Liberty Corners) r 31, dairy 10 cows, farmer about 94

Jackson, John E. (South Branch) r 36, farmer 12

Johnson, Abraham 2d, (Liberty Corners) r 34, dairy 5 cows, farmer 115

Johnson, Abram, (Monroeton) r 18 ½, pensioner

Johnson, Andrew (Monroeton) r 18 ½, laborer, h and lot

Johnson, Benjamin (Monroeton) r 33, quarryman with Robert Wilson

Johnson, Christopher, (Liberty Corners) off r 15, farmer on shares for Mrs. Addie Irvine of Elmira, N. Y., 87 ½

Johnson, Clark (Monroeton) r 33, farmer 75

Johnson, Dorsey (Monroeton) r 8, farmer 6

Johnson, Enos (Monroeton) r 33, farmer 200

Johnson, George (Monroeton) r 16 n 9, farmer 5

Johnson, George (Liberty Corners) r 14, farm in Albany 19 ½ with his wife

Johnson, Hosea (Monroeton) r 16 n 9, farmer

Johnson, Irvin (Liberty Corners) r 30, laborer

Johnson, James J. (Monroeton) off r 18 ½, pensioner

Johnson, John R. (South Branch) r 37, farmer about 100

Johnson, Martha (Monroeton) r 18 ½, h and lot

Johnson, Oliver (Powell) off r 18, farmer 13 owned by wife

Johnson, Robert M. (Monroeton) r 35 n 32, stone quarry and farm 100

Johnson, Rodolph (Monroeton) r 24, carpenter, h and lot

Johnson, Samuel (Monroeton) r 16, n 9, farmer 45

Johnson, Wilson (Monroeton) r 33 with Robert and Benjamin, quarryman

Johnson, Wilson (Liberty Corners) r 30, farmer on shares for Charles N. Irvine, 5

Jones, Charles G. (Powell) r 3, with John M., farmer on shares for Isaac L. Secor

Jones, C. Lonzo (Monroeton) r 3, farmer 24

Jones, Henry E. (Powell) market gardener 1 ½, First

Jones, John M. (Powell) r 3, with Charles G. farmer on shares for Isaac L. Secor 120

Keefe, Katharine (Powell) bds Mill

Kelley, Albert L. (Liberty Corners) r 31, farm laborer

Kellogg, Clarence H. (Monroeton) off r 32, tobacco grower 3 and farmer 110

Kellogg, Delanson (Monroeton) r 32, portable saw mill, h and lot

Kellogg, Fred D. (Monroeton) r 32, lumberman

Kellogg, Guy E. (Monroeton) r 32 n 33, school director, dairy 7 cows, tobacco grower 3 and farmer, leases of Job Kirby of Towanda 250

Kellogg, Keith C. (Monroeton) off r 32, farmer, son of Clarence H.

Kellogg, Oliver (Monroeton) r 18 ½, laborer, h and lot

Kellogg, William A. (Monroeton) r 32, tobacco grower 1 ½ and farmer 200

Knapp, William B. (Powell) pensioner, Center

Kram, William (Liberty Corners) r 31

Lamberson, R. Franklin (Powell) blacksmith and wagon repairer, Third, h and lot do

Lantz, Franklin O. (Powell) propr meat market Main, h do

Larrabee, Charles (New Albany) r 37, propr portable steam saw mill, farm in Albany 8

Larrabee, John M. (South Branch) r 37, emp Charles

Larrabee, Ulysses C. (South Branch) r 37, fireman for Charles

Lewis, Charles B. (Powell) r 18, laborer

Lewis, Clayton J. (Powell) emp tannery, h and lot, Mill

Lewis, Elizabeth (South Branch) r 36, widow James H., dairy 5 cows, farmer 150

Lewis, Robert (Powell) laborer, bds Church

Lewis, William (Powell) laborer, h and lot, Church

Lilley, Thomas M. (Powell) emp tannery, h and lot Third

Lindley, Billie G. (Liberty Corners) r 28, laborer

Lindley, Charles H. (Liberty Corners) r 28, laborer

Lindley, Samuel T. (Liberty Corners) r 28, pensioner

Lindley, Alvah (Powell) r 18, emp tannery

Luther, Enoch L. (Monroeton) r 18, farmer and carpenter

Luther, Liston, D. (Monroeton) r 18, cigarmaker

Luther, M. A. (Mrs. Enoch L.) (Monroeton) r 18, manuf of cigars and farmer 120

Lyon, Daniel P. (Monroeton) r 24, cor 16, blacksmith at Powell, Main

Lyon, Eliza (Monroeton) r 32 n 31, widow Samuel

Lyon, Eliza (Monroeton) r 24 cor 16, widow Theodore h and lot

Lyon, Fred L. (Monroeton) r 32 n 31, County Committeeman, tobacco grower 3, dairy 6 Jersey cows and farmer 65

Lyon, Watson M. (Liberty Corners) r 12, farmer on shares for Joseph Mingos, 150

Mahoney, Dennis (Powell) r 18, emp tannery, h and lot

Mahoney, Edward (Powell) r 18, emp tannery

Mahoney, Michael (Powell) r 18, emp tannery

Maloney, Daniel (Liberty Corners) off r 29, farmer 60

Marcy Brothers (Monroeton) r 31 (Lyman, J. R. and George) apiarists 33 colonies, tobacco growers 3, farmers 200

Marcy, Charles (Monroeton) off r 31, farmer 60

Marcy, Frank E. (Monroeton) r 31, (L. C. & F. E.)

Marcy, George (Monroeton) r 31 (March Brothers)

Marcy, Lannie C. (Monroeton) r 31 (L. C. & F. E.)

Marcy, L. C. & F. E. (Monroeton) r 31 (Lannie C. & Frank E.) farmers for Lyman 100

Marcy, Lyman (Monroeton) r 31, dairy 7 cows, farmer 100, died Aug. 1899

Marcy, Lyman JR (Monroeton) r 31 (Marcy Bros)

Mason, Ezra N. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, tobacco grower 2 ½ and farmer on shares for W. J. 125

Mason, Happy D. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, dressmaker, farm 52

Mason, William J. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, farmer 125

Mather, Hannah (Powell) widow Thomas, h and lot Center

McClure, Harry (Foot of Plane) off r 21, woodsman, boilermaker

McConnell, Eli G. (Monroeton) r 18, cigarmaker for M. A. Luther, h at Monroeton

McCracken, James (Powell) laborer, First

McDermott, Frank (Powell) r 18, foreman Greenwood tannery

McGinnis, Frank (Powell) general merchant and dealer in farm produce, Main, h do

McKay, James S. (Powell) r 19, tobacco grower 10, farmer 50

Melville, Frank (Powell) invalid, h Center

Merrick, Arthur W. (Liberty Corners) r 12, school teacher

Merrick, Varley, (Liberty Corners) r 12, farmer

Merrick, William F. (Liberty Corners) r 12, dentist, farmer 84

Merrick, Wilson H. (Liberty Corners) r 12, barber

Methodist Episcopal Church (Powell) Rev. Owen of Monroeton pastor, Church

Methodist Episcopal Church (Liberty Corners) Rev. U. S. Hall, pastor

Metsker, Charles E. (Powell) r 3, laborer

Miller, Adelbert D. (Powell) r 23, tobacco grower 2, farmer 84 owned by wife, removed to Sayre

Miller, Charles M. (Powell) r 1, emp tannery, farmer 25

Miller, G. Washington (Monroeton) off r 18, farmer for M. A. Cranmer

Minard, G. Jedson (Monroeton) off r 31, dairy 5 cows, farmer 127

Minard, Lucy (Monroeton) off r 31, widow James

Mingos, Joseph (Liberty Corners) r 12, farmer on shares for W. W. Lyon 150

Mitchall, Edward H. (Powell) r 3, emp tannery

Mitchall, Thomas (Powell) r 3, farmer 50

Morris, George E. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, wood turned, h and lot

Morris, Leonard (South Branch) r 36, h and lot owned by wife

Neal, Florinda C. (Liberty Corners) r 12, widow Elhanan W., life in interest in estate of E. W., 100

Nichols, Harriet (South Branch) r 36, widow Kelsey, farm 50

Nichols, Jefferson (Powell) r 23, farmer on shares for Mrs. A. D. Miller 84

Nickerson, Louis (Powell) emp tannery, Tinker

Northrop, Chester (Monroeton) r 33, dairy 5 cows, farmer 166

Northrop, George W. (Monroeton) r 6, farmer, son of Nelson

Northrop, Henry (Monroeton) r 6, farmer, son of Nelson

Northrop, Joseph (Monroeton) r 6, carpenter and builder, farm 4

Northrop, Nelson (Monroeton) r 6, tobacco grower 3, farmer 11 ½

Northrup, Andrew (Monroeton) r 33, farmer with Lieuwelington and Harriet 40 and with Liewelington quarryman and farmer 160

Northrup, Arthur (Powell) r 22, laborer

Northrup, Burton W. (Powell) r 22, farmer 100, owned by Lena

Northrup, Carl L. (Powell) r 22, son of Mark

Northrup, Charles D. (Powell) off r 21, farmer 38

Northrup, Emmett E. (Powell) emp tannery, Second

Northrup, Eugene (Powell) r 22, farmer 51, owned by wife

Northrup, Frances C. (Monroeton) r 33, farmer, son of Chester

Northrup, G. Albert (Foot of Plane) r 21, tax collector, apiarist 20 colonies, tobacco grower 3, farmer 149

Northrup, Gilbert, r 33, farmer

Northrup, Henry C. (Powell) off r 21, carpenter and farmer, son of Charles

Northrup, Hiram W. (Powell) r 22

Northrup, Kittie (Powell) r 22, housekeeper for Edward

Northrup, Lawrence (Powell) r 3, peach orchard 100 trees, farmer 230, owned by wife

Northrup, Lieuwelington, r 33, farmer with Andrew and Harriet 40, and with Andrew quarryman and farmer 160

Northrup, Lydia (Powell) r 22

Northrup, Mark (Powell) r 22, propr portable steam saw mill capacity 15,000 feet daily, farmer 75

Northrup, P. Edward (Powell) r 22, fireman and saw filer and farmer 52

Northrup, Price (Powell) r 22, farmer for P. Edward

Northrup, Robert B. (Foot of Plane) r 21, carpenter and machinist, mine explorer, apiarist 12 colonies, farmer 10

Northrup, Roy L. (Powell) off r 23, farm laborer, son of Emmet

Northrup, S. Mozell (Powell) r 23

Northrup, Walter (Powell) r 22, laborer

Northrup, William 2d (Powell) r 23, farmer 25

Norton, Francis W. (Liberty Corners) r 12, cor 27, market gardener 7 ½, sexton Liberty Corners Cemetery

Obourn, John S. (Monroeton) r 18, invalid, h and lot, died October 1899

O’Neill, William (Powell) emp tannery, Tinker

Palmer, Martha (Monroeton) r 18, widow Morris W.

Park, Elias T. (Monroeton) r 24, real estate and live stock dealer, tobacco grower 10 and farmer 400

Park, Elma L. (Monroeton) r 23, (Mrs. Elias T.) farm 75

Park, Helen J. (Monroeton) r 24, music teacher

Park, Nelson E. (Foot of Plane) off r 21, removed to Towanda

Parker, C. Fred (Liberty Corners) r 29, laborer

Payne, Josiah (South Branch) r 37, farmer

Payne, William H. (South Branch) r 37, farmer 75

Perry, Isaac (Powell) farmer in Granville 40, h Center

Perry, Leo B. (Powell) station agt at Greenwood, Barclay R. R., agt Western Union Tel. Co., bds Center

Phinney, Mary G. (Monroeton) r 24, n 31, widow Gould

Phinney, W. Henry (Monroeton) r 24 n 31, auditor, tobacco grower and farmer 50

Piatt, J. Morris (Liberty Corners) r 10, farmer 30

Piper, Emma C. (Monroeton) r 3 cor 4, widow William E., farmer 70

Piper, George W. (Monroeton) r 3 cor 4, farmer for Emma C.

Place, Elbert L. (Powell) general merchant, Main, removed to Gaines, Pa.

Place, J. Frederick (Powell) r 18, engineer tannery

Place, Matilda E. (Powell) widow William, moved to Gaines, Tioga Co.

Platt, Frank (South Branch) off r 37, farmer on shares for Daniel Heverly of Overton 100

Porter, Albert A. (Powell) barber, Church, h do

Powers, George (Powell) emp in tannery, Tinker

Powers, Henry S. (Powell) r 17, emp tannery, h and lot

Powers, Ira (Powell) emp tannery, Church

Presbyterian Church (Powell) Rev. W. F. Colclough of Monroeton, pastor, Center

Preston, Sarah (Powell) widow John, farm in Franklin, bds Camp House

Quick, Victor (Monroeton) r 33, (Northrup and Quick)

Reynolds, William S. (Powell) r 17, laborer

Rice, Mathena (Monroeton) off r 32, widow Joel, farm about 40

Rice, Willard E. (Monroeton) off r 32, tobacco grower 2 and farmer for Mathena

Ridgway, James C. (Monroeton) r 35, dairy 5 cows, market gardener and farmer 190

Ridgway, Prudie (Monroeton) r 35 n 33, housekeeper

Ridgway, William D. (Monroeton) r 35, marble agent for Burchell Bros of Towanda and farmer

Ritter, Lewis (Powell) r 18, emp tannery

Robbins, Emily A. Mrs. (Liberty Corners) r 28

Robbins, Orin G. (Liberty Corners) r 28, farmer on shares for J. L. Arnout of Plainsville, Pa, 100

Robinson, Cecil N. (Liberty Corners) r 31 n 26, dairy 5 cows, farmer 68

Rockwell, A. Lloyd (Monroeton) r 24, dairy 8 cows, tobacco grower 13 and farmer 130

Rockwell, G. King (Powell) emp tannery, Church

Rockwell, Hiram (Powell) emp tannery, h Tinker

Rockwell, Mary I. (Monroeton) r 24, school teacher

Rockwell, Orator L. (Powell) emp tannery, bds Church

Rhodes, John C. (Monroeton) off r 3, farmer 57

Rhodes, John F. (Monroeton) off r 3, farmer, son of John C.

Rolls, David (Monroeton) off r 32, farmer 3

Rolls, Helen (Monroeton) off r 32, widow Richard

Rosengrant, J. Adelbert (Powell) laborer, Church, moved to Athens

Rosengrant, James S. (Powell) carpenter and builder, Church, moved to Athens

Rundell, Judson C. (Monroeton) off r 18 ½, with Polly dairy 5 cows, farmer, leases of John Miller of Monroeton, 144

Rundell, Milton L. (Monroeton) off r 18 ½, farmer 144

Rundell, Polly (Mrs. Milton L.) (Monroeton) off r 18 ½, with son Judson C., farmer, leases of John Miller of Monroeton, 144

Salsbury, Lanson C. (Monroeton) off r 18, prop grist and cider mill, apiarist 32 colonies, farmer 23

Salsbury, Mill (Monroeton) off r 18, Lanson C. Salsbury prop

Sammons, Vespa L. (Monroeton) r 18, cigarmaker

Schlauck, Frederick (Powell) teamster tannery, Tinker

Schoonover, Manning (Powell) r 22, lumberman and sawyer

Schrader, John (Powell) pensioner, First

Schrader, Orange M. (Powell) market gardener 2 ¼ and farmer, leases about 33, Main

Schrader, Reuben E. (Powell) emp tannery, h and lot, Center

Schultz, Christina (Powell) widow August, Tinker

Scott, Charles (Liberty Corners) r 13, judge of election, dairy 6 full blood Jersey cows, farmer 66

Scott, Frank L. (Monroeton) r 9, school teacher

Scott, Theodore H. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, laborer, h and lot

Scott, Walter F. (Liberty Corners) r 13, farmer 54 and on shares for Charles, 66

Scott, William L. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, farm laborer

Scott, Winfield (Monroeton) r 9, dairy 8 cows, farmer 86

Secor, Isaac L. (Powell) r 3, postmaster, breeder Plymouth Rock fowls and farmer 120, owned by wife

Shelton, Calvin J. (Monroeton) r 8 cor 7, farmer 88, owned by wife Eliza F.

Sheridan, John (Powell) r 17, farmer, leases of Philander Ward of Towanda, 23

Sheridan, Thomas (Powell) r 17, laborer

Shiner, Ella (Powell) widow William, Second

Shores, Corydon (Powell) gardener, Main

Shults, Fred G. (Monroeton) section foreman Barclay R. R., h Main, moved to Towanda

Shults, George W. (Powell) r 23, farmer 100

Shults, Gottfrid (Powell) r 23, farmer 110

Shults, Henry H. (Foot of Plane) off r 21, section hand Barclay R. R.

Sickler, Gilbert W. (Powell) r 20, dairy 5 cows, farmer 155

Sickler, Joseph T. (Powell) r 20, farmer on shares for Gilbert W. 155

Siller, William (Powell) emp tannery, Tinker

Sisk, John W. (Powell) off r 18, emp tannery

Slater, Eugene (Monroeton) r 5, farmer, son of Leonard

Slater, Leonard (Monroeton) r 5, on shares for George Scovil of Towanda, tobacco grower 2 and farmer 70

Smith, Alfred E. (Powell) laborer and woodsman, bds Center

Smith, Henry F. (Powell) r 1, farmer 25, owned by Ella E. Harvey

Smith, Jane B. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, h and lot

Smith, Perry (New Albany) r 37 cor 28, farmer 100

Splan, John (Liberty Corners) r 13, strawberry grower, dairy 6 Jersey cows and farmer 100

Squires, W. Arthur (Powell) principal Greenwood graded school

Stevens, Eugene W. (Monroeton) r 16, farmer, interest in estate of W.V. 75

Stevens, Julia A. (Monroeton) r 16, widow William V. life lease estate W. V. 75

Stewart, Edward (Liberty Corners) r 29 cor 28, painter

Stone, Leslie H. (Powell) emp tannery, Center

Stranger, George W. (Powell) farmer for Gen. J. A. Hill, h Second

Streevy, Charles (Liberty Corners) r 13, n 15, on shares for Joab Summers estate, dairy 8 cows, farmer about 100

Streevy, Fred (Liberty Corners) r 15, on shares for Mrs. Homer Stevens of Sayre, dairy 6 cows, farmer about 50

Sullivan, Daniel (Liberty Corners) off r 29, farmer about 90

Summers, Sally (Liberty Corners) r 13, farm 100

Swain, Edward (Powell) emp tannery, h and lot, Center

Swain, Sarah E. (Powell) dressmaker Center, bds do

Talada, G. Tracy (Monroeton) r 32, on shares for D. J. Sweet of Towanda, dairy 11 cows, tobacco grower 3 and farmer 200

Talada, James (Monroeton) r 22 n 33, with son John, works blue stone quarry off r 25, for Frost’s Sons of Towanda

Talada, John (Monroeton) r 32 n 33, with father James works blue stone quarry off r 33, for Frost’s Sons of Towanda

Talada, Ralph G. (South Branch) r 37, laborer, timber land 175

Thompson, Elias R. (Powell) emp tannery, h and lot, Mill

Thornton, Frank J. (Powell) r 18, cobbler

Thurston, Claude A. (Powell) emp tannery, h Center

Thurston, Frank L. (Powell) emp tannery, h Second

Thurston, John R. (Powell) shoemaker, Church, h First

Thurston, Joseph F. (Powell) farm in West Burlington 20, h and lot Second

Thurston, Perry L. (Powell) laborer, h Center cor Second

Thurston, Russell S. (Powell) laborer, h Mill

Union Tanning Co., Greenwood Tannery (Powell) r 18, Gen. J. A. Hill, supt.

VanAuken, Charles N. (Powell) off r 18, emp tannery

Vandermark, John (Monroeton) r 32, farm laborer

Vanderpool, Archibald (Monroeton) off r 18 ½, farm laborer

Vanderpool, Dewitt (Powell) off r 18, emp tannery, h and lot and timberland 100

Vanderpool, Francis V. (Monroeton) r 18 ½, tobacco grower 3, farmer 50, owned by wife

Vanderpool, Gorden (Liberty Corners) r 14, farmer 15 owned by wife and on shares for Mrs. Elias Park, tobacco grower 2, farmer 70

Vanderpool, Henry (Monroeton) r 24, laborer

Vanderpool, James (Monroeton) r 18 ½, laborer

Vanderpool, Lucinda (Monroeton) r 18 ½, widow Anthony

Vanderpool, Richard (Monroeton) r 6, tobacco grower 2, farmer 21

Vanderpool, Samuel M. (Monroeton) r 6, farmer with wife, Emma 9

Van Gorder, Francis L. (Monroeton) r 6, school director, breeder white and barred Plymouth Rock and buff Leghorn fowls, dairy 9 high grade Durham cows, tobacco farmer 5 ½, farmer 95

Van Gorder, Jessie W. (Monroeton) r 6, school teacher

Van Gorder, Martha F. (Monroeton) r 6, teacher

VanLoovelot, Henry (Powell) teamster and woodsman, bds Second

VanNest, Francis O. (Liberty Corners) off r 26, farmer 43

Wanck, William (Monroeton) r 24, cigar maker

Ward, Wellington (Powell) emp tannery, h and lot Church

Warriner, Charles H. (Powell) emp tannery, bds Church

Warriner, Francis H. (Powell) emp tannery, h Church

Warriner, Harry L. (Powell) r 19 cor 1, town clerk, emp tannery

Watkins, Avila M. (Foot of Plane) off r 21, farmer 50, owned by wife

Watkins, Herman W. (Powell) r 2, farm laborer

Welsh, John (Powell) pensioner, h and lot Mill

Westbrook, Thomas J. (Liberty Corners) r 29, laborer

Whartenby, Charles F. (Monroeton) r 32, dairy 13 cows, tobacco grower 4 ½, farmer 150

Wheeler, Chancey (Monroeton) r 16, tobacco grower 2, farmer on shares for B. A. Cranmer of Monroeton about 80

Wheeler, David (Monroeton) r 16, laborer

Wheeler, George M. (Powell) emp tannery, h and lot Mill

Wheeler, John C. (Powell) laborer, h and lot Center

Wheeler, John H. (Powell) emp tannery, h and lot Center

Wheeler, R. Hayes (Liberty Corners) r 14, farm laborer

Wheeler, Richard (Liberty Corners) r 14, h and lot

White, James (Monroeton) off r 18, laborer, h and lot

Whitney, Hiram (Monroeton) r 18, died Aug. 1899

Wickham, Mary (Monroeton) r 25, widow Selah, farmer 7

Wickham, Selah (Monroeton) r 25, emp Booth and Rockwell

Wilber, Charles (Powell) h and lot Center

Wilcox Brothers (Monroeton) r 24 ½, (David B. and George A.) dairy 5 cows, tobacco growers 2 ½ and farmer 79

Wilcox, David B. (Monroeton) r 24 ½ (Wilcox Brothers) road commissioner

Wilcox, Edwin S. (South Branch) r 36, tobacco grower 2, farmer 100 and on shares for Mrs. Matilda M. Dibble 75

Wilcox, Ella J. (Monroeton) r 24 ½, housekeeper

Wilcox, George A. (Monroeton) r 24 ½, (Wilcox Brothers)

Wilcox, Mima, (South Branch) r 36

Wilson, Reuben (Liberty Corners) r 28, invalid, pensioner, h and lot owned by wife

Woodhouse, Edward W. (Monroeton) r 18, dairy 7 thoroughbred Jersey cows, farmer 160

Woodhouse, Tillie P. (Monroeton) r 18, teacher Monroeton graded school

Yetter, Francis M. (Powell) r 18, mason

Yetter, Henry L. (Powell) r 18, clerk for L. P. Brown

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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