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Photo of Vermilion Mushroom
by Warren D. Nash of Sulllivan Township
Deceased January 2001

1900 Bradford County Directory
Rome Township

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

1900 Rome Township Directory
Postoffice address Rome, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)
Adams, B. Festus, (Allis Hollow) r 38, farmer

Adams, Isaac C., (Allis Hollow) r 38, dairy 9 cows, 40 sheep, breeder of pure blood white Plymouth Rock fowls, farmer 150

Allen, Charles S., (Wickizer) r 44, postmaster, grocer

Allen, George, (Allis Hollow) r 41, dairy 8 cows, farmer 147

Allen, George S., (North Rome) r 20, dairy 6 cows, 40 sheep, farmer 50 owned by wife and 110 owned by Joseph H.

Allen, John A., (Wickizer) r 43, farmer 50

Allen, Joseph H., (North Rome) r 20, farmer 110

Allis, Robert, r 42, farmer 80 owned by Sidney Smith

Arnold, Almeron E., (Bumpville) r 2, blacksmith, farmer 22

Arnold, L. Elmer, (Bumpville) r 15, dairy 11 cows, 24 sheep, farmer 185

Babcock, Henry, (Babcock) r 9, postmaster, mason, farmer 110

Baker, Alonzo L., r 9, farmer 57

Baker, George W., r 23, blacksmith, wagon maker, farmer 80

Barnes, Darwina R., r 43, widow Allen

Barnes, Jay W., (Wickizer) r 43, breeder of silver laced Wyandotte fowls, farmer 48

Barnes, William S., r 43, farmer 70

Barnes, Charles F., off r 44, town clerk, farmer on shares for Harriet 50

Barnes, Harriet, off r 44, widow Sylvester, grist mill, farm 50

Bidlack, Orrin, (North Rome) r 17 ½, farmer 95

Boardman, Alpheus P., (North Orwell) r 6, dairy 10 cows, 75 sheep, farmer 185

Boardman, Brit W., (North Orwell) r 6, prop. feed mill, thresher and farmer on shares for Alpheus P., 185

Bosworth, Joseph W., r 26, stock dealer, dairy 14 cows and farmer 105

Bradley, Ernest, (Bumpville) r 2, laborer

Bradley, John L., (Bumpville) r 2, farmer 80

Brink, John, (Wickizer) r 40, laborer

Brink, Perrine, (Wickizer) r 40, laborer

Brink, Ruel, r 24, farmer on shares, 60

Brown, Allen, r 45

Brown, Charles A., r 45, farmer 26 and with Sherbey 10

Brown, Charles M., r 27, farmer 73

Brown, Harriet, r 27, widow Charles E.

Brown, Sherbey, r 45, farmer with C.A., 10

Bumpville M.E. Church, (Bumpville) Rev. N.W. Barnes, pastor

Burgstresser, Frank, (North Orwell) r 9, laborer

Burroughs, Leon C., r 28, school teacher

Bushnell, Tryphena, r 26, widow Ezra, farm 112

Campbell, Abram, (Lix) r 5, laborer

Campbell, Oscar, r 48, farmer 80

Cass, C. Lewis, (North Orwell) r 6, farmer 165

Chase, Helen Mrs. (Bumpville) r 3

Clark, Loren M., r 37, farmer 62

Clarke, Reese E., r 37, farmer 62

Cole, Charles L., (North Rome) r 20, farmer on shares for Mrs. Eunice Gilbert 62

Colegrove, Charles, r 23

Collins, George W., (North Rome) r 17, thresher and farmer on shares for W.W. Miller 125

Collins, John J., (North Rome) r 42, farmer

Collins, Patrick, (North Rome) r 32, farmer 110

Compton, Silas, (Lix) r 5, blacksmith, served in Co. F. 76th N.Y. Vol.

Coveny, John, (Apex) r 51, farmer on shares for estate of Michael Maloney 80

Cron, Christine Mrs., (Allis Hollow) r 40

Cron, James, (Allis Hollow) r 37, laborer

Cron, William, (Allis Hollow) r 40, farmer 49

Crowley, Dennis, (North Rome) r 51, farmer 126

Crowley, John, (North Rome) r 51

Cuffney, Daniel, (Apex) r 50, farmer 88

Cuffney, William, (Myersburg) off r 46, dairy 12 cows, farmer 150

Davis, Burton L., r 12, farmer 26

Davis, Levi F., r 12, farmer 60

Desmond, Andrew, (Myersburg) r 49, dairy 10 cows, farmer 126

Desmond, Timothy, (Myersburg) r 46, farmer 70

Devine, David, (Lix) r 5, farmer on shares for I.J. Seely 173

Devine, King, (North Orwell) r 6, laborer

Dickens, Stephen E., (Bumpville) r 2, carpenter, h and lot

Dimon, Leslie, r 44, farmer 48

Dougherty, Frank, off r 28, farmer 130, owned by wife

Drake, Julius K., r 35, blacksmith and farmer 82

Drake, Perley M., (Bumpville) r 17, laborer

Dutton, Mary J., (Bumpville) r 1 ½, widow Luther J.

Eddy, Aaron F., (Wickizer) r 43, farmer 22

Eiklor, Hiram, (Vawter) r 1, farmer 65

Eiklor, Smith, (Vawter) r 1, farmer 50

Elliott, Clarence W., off r 28, carpenter and farmer with John H. 50

Elliott, Ellen, r 44, widow Marcellus

Elliott, Elmer, r 44, farmer 37

Elliott, John H., off r 28, farmer with Clarence W., 50

Elliott, Melvin E., r 45, farmer 45

Forbes, Charles Capt., (Bumpville) r 3, farmer 189

Forbes, Charles H., (North Rome) r 31 cor 32, farmer, h and lot

Forbes, Edna, r 30, school teacher

Forbes, Elisha, r 27, laborer

Forbes, George L., Rome, r 27, farmer 40

Forbes, George Lester, (Bumpville) r 12, 7 cows, 23 sheep, farmer on shares for Charles, 109

Forbes, Jason S., r 36, farmer 72

Forbes, John C., (North Rome) r 17, farmer 68, owned by wife

Forbes, John C., r 27, farmer 40

Forbes, Preceptor C., (North Rome) r 30, tax collector, dairy 10 cows and farmer 150

Forbes, William, off r 44, laborer

Ford, David, r 42, farmer 6, owned by wife

Fox, Henry, r 13, farmer 87, owned by Lois

Fox, Lois, r 13, widow Silas, farm 87

Frederick, Melvin, (Towner) r 21, farmer

Gable, George, (Lix) r 3, farmer 75

Gibb, Frank, (North Rome) r 20, farmer on shares for Mrs. Peter VanGorder, 65

Gibbs, John E., r 28, farmer 5

Gillett, Charles T., (Bumpville) r 14, dairy 6 cows, farmer 90

Gillett, J. Hartley, (Bumpville) r 14, dairy 6 cows, farmer 90

Gillett, John E., (Bumpville) r 14, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100

Gillett, Perrine W., (Towner) r 22, farmer 116

Goff, Solon L., r 35, farmer 65

Hanafin, William, (North Rome) r 6, laborer

Hankinson, Obadiah, r 42, laborer, h and lot

Hayes, Charles, (Myersburg) r 46, farmer 120

Hayes, Daniel, (Myersburg) r 46, farmer

Hayes, William, (Myersburg) r 46, dairy 11 cows, farmer 105

High, Lucinda, r 25, widow Rev. Edgar M.

Hiney, Silas W., (Wickizer) r 44, carpenter and farmer 55

Horton, Byron F., (Towner) r 21 ½, farmer 80

Horton, Franklin B., r 23, carpenter and farmer 26

Horton, Harry, r 37, farmer 125

Horton, Reuben, (North Rome) r 20 n 30, dairy 7 cows, farmer 115

Howe, Victor, (Bumpville) r 2, laborer

Hurley, Daniel, (Myersburg) r 49, farmer 147

Jewell, Charles H. Rev., (Bumpville) r 19, farmer 212

Jewell, Walter D., (Bumpville) r 19, farmer

Kilmer, James D., (Towner) r 21, farmer 100

Kilmer, John A., (Towner) r 21, farmer 75

King, Montford A., r 9, farmer 37

Kinner, John, (Bumpville) r 1, farmer 50

Leighton, John E., r 28, farmer

Leighton, Kate Mrs., r 28, farmer 100

Lenox, James I., (Allis Hollow) r 38, dairy 10 cows, 25 sheep, farmer 168

Lent, Martha Mrs., r 11

Lewis, William G., (North Rome) r 20, farmer 40

Lynch, Michael, (Myersburg) r 46, farmer 75

Madden, Timothy, (Myersburg) r 49, dairy 7 cows, farmer 80

Maloney, John L., (Myersburg) r 49, farmer 80

Marshall, Ben F., (North Rome) r 17, farmer 72

Marshall, Freeman A., (North Rome) r 19, horse trainer and farmer

Marshall, James E., (North Rome) r 20, breeder of Jersey cattle, farmer 135

Marshall, Leroy, (North Rome) r 18, farmer 75

Marshall, Leslie G., r 20, contractor and builder, breeder of and dealer in standard bred track horses, and farmer for W.T. McCabe of Pittston, 140

Martin, Austin, (North Rome) r 30, mail carrier, N. Rome to Towanda

Martin, Charles H., (Wickizer) r 42, farmer

Mathews, Lewis M., r 42, farmer, leases of Lucinda VanWinkle 112

Maynard, Lemuel, r 36, farmer 100

McCabe, Fannie Mrs., (North Rome) r 30 cor 31, postmaster

McCabe, Hugh, (North Rome) r 30, farmer 275

McCabe, Joseph, r 35, thresher and farmer 87

McCabe, Lannie T., (North Rome) r 30, photographer and farmer

McCabe, Levi, (North Rome) r 18, farmer 120

McCabe, Olin, (North Rome) r 30 cor 31, assistant postmaster, Justice of the Peace and dealer in general merchandise, also shipper of butter, eggs, poultry and produce, h and lot

McCabe, Richard, (North Rome) r 30, propr. saw mill, dairy 10 cows, farmer 160, served in Co. I 141st Pa. Vols.

McCabe, William J., (North Rome) r 30, dealer in agricultural implements, dairy 20 cows, farmer on shares for Hugh, 275

McCarthy, Dennis, (North Rome) r 51, farmer 96

McCarthy, James, (North Rome) r 51, farmer 30

McCarthy, James F., (North Rome) r 51, farmer 110

McCarthy, John, (Myersburg) r 46, farmer 200

McNeal, John W., r 25, farmer 45

Menzies, Robert H., r 26, farmer on shares for Tryphena Bushnell 112

Merrill, Leslie, (Towner) r 22, farmer 93

Moore, George W., (Towner) r 21 ½, farmer 60

Moore, Jane A., (North Rome) r 30, widow Martin V., h and lot

Moore, J. Earl, (North Rome) r 30, laborer

Morley, Preserved, (North Rome) r 30, farmer 27

Morley, Samuel, (North Rome) r 30, farmer 7

Morley, Ward, (North Rome) r 30, farmer 58, owned by wife

Morris, Alonzo, (North Orwell) off r 6, farmer 50

Morris, Melvin, r 9, farmer on shares for Jesse, 45, h and lot

Morris, William, r 9, farmer 58

Morris, William, (North Orwell) off r 6, farmer 50

Murphy, John, (Myersburg) r 46, farmer 130

Murphy, Wilson, (Towner) r 22, farmer 60

Norton, Henry, (Allis Hollow) r 39, farmer 25

Osborne, E.S. Mrs., (North Rome) r 17, grocer

Osborne, Martin O., (North Rome) r 17, farmer 32

Osborne, Myron, (North Rome) r 17, propr. saw and feed mill, farmer 110

Parker, Burton J., (Bumpville) r 1, farmer 80

Parker, Epariam J., (Bumpville) r 2, postmaster, grocer and farmer 30

Parker, Hannah J., (Bumpville) r 1 ½, widow Sanford, carpet weaver

Parks, Edgar E., (North Orwell) r 9, cor 7, painter and farmer 50

Parks, William, r 44, thresher and farmer, estate of Henry Vought, 107

Parsons, Mahlon M., (Wickizer) r 43, farmer 48 owned by wife

Payne, Arthur U., (North Rome) r 20, farmer on shares for Charles Forbes 80

Payne, Milton E., (Bumpville) r 14, farmer 117

Pickering, William, (North Rome) r 31, farmer 514

Pierce, William, r 13, farmer 70

Pratt, Horace, off r 28, farmer 100 owned by wife

Pratt, Hubbil, (Towner) r 22, farmer 42

Purcell, Bartholomew, (North Rome) r 34, farmer 180

Purcell, Edward, (North Rome) r 34, farmer

Purcell, James, (North Rome) r 50, farmer 13

Quigley, Henry D., r 45, building mover, raising and road contractor, farmer 50

Reynolds, Leman L., (North Rome) r 7, farmer 12

Richards, Charles, (Bumpville) r 2, farmer 100

Richards, Frank B., (Bumpville) r 4, farmer 50

Richards, Leroy E., r 24, farmer 100

Richards, Lyman, (Bumpville) r 15, farmer on shares for D. VanLoan 104

Ridgeway, George, (Allis Hollow) r 41, farmer 80

Rifenburg, Frank M., (Towner) r 22, postmaster, farmer 155

Rinebold, Henry L., r 52, farmer 50

Robinson, Sylvester S., (Allis Hollow) r 39, farmer 50

Rockwell, Lemuel S., r 24, farmer 100

Rockwell, Melvin, r 24, farmer 65

Rockwell, William E., r 25, farmer

Rockwell, William P., r 25, breeder of pure blood Wyandotte fowls, dairy 10 cows, farmer 176

Russell, Charles P., (Lix) r 16, farmer 16, owned by wife

Russell, Cyrus O., r 23, farmer 150

Russell, Dan M., r 12, laborer

Russell, Fred, (Lix) off r 3, farmer for Henry Gable of Sayre 37

Russell, George N., town commissioner, dairy 10 cows, 25 sheep, farmer 150

Russell, Hiram W., r 23, farmer 20

Russell, John T., r 23, farmer 72

Russell, Joseph O., r 23, farmer

Russell, Loyal F., r 10, farmer 150

Russell, Otis L., (North Orwell) r 9, farmer 100

Russell, Simon, r 11 cor 12, farmer 80

Russell, Stephen, (Lix) r 6, farmer 75

Russell, Ulysses G., r 23, dealer in organs, pianos, sewing machines, etc., farmer 150

Rutty, Charles H., (Bumpville) r 1 ½, farmer 114

Schmeig, Eugene, (North Rome) r 32, farmer, leases of Wm. Pickering 58

Shoemaker, George E., r 35, 22 sheep, farmer 67

Shook, John, r 28, dairy 6 cows, farmer, leases of Daniel Towner of Chicago 100

Simons, James S., r 12, farmer 51

Smith, George W., (North Rome) r 17, farmer 56

Snyder, Esther, (North Orwell) r 9, widow Charles H., farm 10

Spaulding, Elnathan, (North Orwell) r 6, laborer, h and lot

Stalker, Jacob, r 23, farmer on shares for Campbell estate 200

Stevenson, Burton, (Apex) r 50, farmer 100

Stoll, Stephen A., r 5 ½, 36 sheep, farmer 175

Strope, Ezra B., (Bumpville) r 2, farmer 109

Strope, George W., (Lix) r 11, farmer 50 and 78 owned by wife

Strope, John M., r 23, farmer 67

Strope, Lorenzo D., r 28, farmer, leases of A.S. Newman of Smithfield 120

Strope, Murwin, r 23, farmer 55

Struble, Harrison, (Vawter) r 1, farmer 50

Sullivan, Anna Mrs., r 35 cor 46, farm 125

Sullivan, Daniel P., r 35, farmer

Sullivan, John Jr., (Apex) r 32, dairy 8 cows, 50 sheep, farmer 190

Sullivan, John L., (Apex) r 32, farmer

Sullivan, Patrick, (North Rome) r 52, farmer 100

Sullivan, William, (Apex) r 50, farmer 70

Swart, P. Delos, r 37, laborer

Sweet, Thomas J., r 36, blacksmith

Taylor, Addison W., r 37, farmer 100

Taylor, Harriet A., r 37, widow Edwin

Taylor, Martha H., r 37, widow Mortimer, farm 20

Taylor, Orville, r 37, farmer 15 and for estate of Edwin 85

Taylor, Phillip H., r 28, dealer in fertilizers, dairy 10 cows and farmer 150

Thompson, Isaac, (Bumpville) r 4, farmer 150

Towner, Almeron, (Towner) r 22, farmer 60

Towner, Corington A., r 37, farmer 48

Towner, Eugene, r 37, farmer

Towner, Henry J., (Towner) r 22, farmer 100

Towner, Levi W., r 28, apiarist 35 colonies, dairy 8 cows and farmer 180

Townsend, Samuel G., (Bumpville) r 16, dairy 7 cows, farmer 200

VanSice, Amos, (Bumpville) r 1 ½, laborer

VanSice, Dennis P., (North Orwell) r 9, farmer 80

VanSice, Jesse L., (North Orwell) r laborer

VanSice, Melissa Mrs., (North Orwell) r 6, farm 7

VanWinkle, Lucinda, r 42, widow Cyrus, farmer 112

Vargason, Seth, (North Rome) r 31, farmer 25

Vibbert, William M., r 23, farmer 40

Vought, Daniel, r 23, laborer, h and lot

Vought, Fred, (Towner) r 22, farmer 80

Vought, Lafayette, (Towner) r 22, farmer 112

Vought, Lawrence, (Towner) r 22

Vought, Leonard L., (Towner) r 22, school teacher and farmer 35

Vought, Melvina O., r 44, widow Henry, farm 50

Vought, Morris, (Towner) r 22, farmer 40

Washburn, Ellen Mrs., (Lix) r 5

Watson, Alexander J., off r 11, farmer 55

Wattles, Dewitt C., r 44, farmer 40

Wesleyan Methodist Church, Rev. M.D. Warburton, pastor

Whaling, George E., (North Rome) r 30 cor 20, general blacksmithing and manuf. of the best cant hook

Whaling, Scott R., r 23, blacksmith

Wheaton, Jared B., (Bumpville) r 1 ½, farmer 114

Whitney, Andrew J., r 44, civil engineer and surveyor, farmer 50

Whitney, Thomas W., r 44, breeder of pea comb, barred and buff Plymouth Rock, R.C. brown Leghorn, S.C. white Leghorn and black Minorca fowls

Worthing, William W., r 35, apiarist 30 colonies, farmer 150

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
1907 Rome Township Directory
Area 34 square miles.     Organized May, 1859.       Frank M. Rifenburg, Assistant
Transcribed by JoanKintner 2007
Abell, Guy, Rome, farmer
Allen, Geo. S., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 50, dairy
Allen, John A., rfd 11 Wysox, farmer 43, veteran
Allen, Joseph H., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 60, bds G. S. Allen
Allen, Leroy E., rfd 10 Wysox, laborer
Allis, Harrison C., rfd 17 Rome, farmer 47
Arnold, Almeron E., rfd 18 or 19 Ulster, farmer 20, veteran
Arnold, L. Elmer, rfd 18 Ulster, farmer 174, dairy
Arnold, Stella, rfd 18 or 19, Ulster, dressmaker
Babcock, Guy, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 43
Babcock, Henry R., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 90
Babcock, Zell, rfd 15 Rome, farmer
Baker, Alonzo L., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 96
Baker, George W., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 80
Barnes, Frank E., rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 7
Barnes, William S., rfd 11 Wysox, farmer 78, dairy
Barnes, Wyatt J., rfd 17 Rome, farmer 50, dairy
Bidlack, Orrin A., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 95, dairy
Black, Mrs. C. A., rfd 15 Rome, bds Jesse L. Merrill
Boardman, Britt W., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 225, dairy
Bosworth, Frank, rfd 16 Rome, bds J. W. Bosworth
Bosworth, Joseph W., rfd 16 Rome, farmer 105, dairy
Bower, Arthur A., rfd 19 Ulster, laborer
Brimmer, John, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer for Wm. J. McCabe 260
Brink, Olie, rfd 17 Rome, laborer, bds R. W. Brink
Brink, Perrin, rfd 17 Rome, laborer, bds R. W. Brink
Brink, R. J., rfd 17 Rome, laborer on Aaron Eddy's farm
Brink, R. W., rfd 17 Rome, farmer 50
Brown, Charles A., rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 114
Brown, Mrs. C. E., Rome, farmer 66
Brown, Charles M., Rome, farmer, dairy
Brown, Sherbin R., rfd 10 Wysox, farmer
Bull, Marion K., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 98
Bull, Omar C., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer, dairy
Burlier, Millard, rfd 5 Towanda, cheese maker
Burroughs, Daniel G., rfd 15 Rome, farmer
Bushnell, Tryphene, widow Ezra, Rome, farmer 116
Church, Towner Hill Methodist Episcopal, Rev. F. J. Niles, Rome, pastor
Church, Rome Union, Rome Township, Rev. F. J. Niles, Rome, pastor
Church, Union Valley Methodist Episcopal, Rev. F. J. Niles, Rome, Pastor
Church, Wesleyan Methodist Episcopal
Clark, Loren M., rfd 17 Rome, farmer 85, dairy 10, sch dir
Clark, Reese E., rfd 17 Rome, dairy, farmer 78
Cole, Charles L., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer for Eunice E. Gilbert
Cole, Grace, rfd 19 Ulster, dressmaker, bds Chas. L. Cole
Cole, Lena, rfd 19 Ulster, nurse, bds Chas. L.
Colegrove, Nancy, rfd 15 Rome
Collins, George W., rfd 19 Ulster, rents W. W. Miller, thresher
Collins, John J., rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 100, inspector of election
Collins, Patrick, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer, dairy
Conklin, Bert, rfd 16 Rome, farmer
Covney, Daniel, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 77, dairy
Covney, John, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 80, dairy
Cowell, Louis K., rfd 18 Ulster, farmer 100
Coykendall, Eugene E., rfd 18 Ulster, farmer, wife 50
Creamery, North Rome, Ltd, Burton R. McCabe, Sec'y
Cron, A. James, rfd 12 Rummerfield, farmer for G. W. Ridgeway
Cron, William D., rfd 17 Rome, farmer 59
Crowley, Dennis, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 118
Daugherty, Frank P., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 150
Daugherty, Francis R., rfd 15 Rome, farmer
Daugherty, Francis W., rfd 10 Wysox, farmer, rents J. K. Drake
Daugherty, Jabe F., rfd 15 Rome, farmer, bds Francis R.
Daugherty, Karl L., rfd 15 Rome, farmer, bds Frank P.
Daugherty, Wilson R., rfd 15 Rome, laborer, bds Frank P.
Davis, Levi F., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 60, dairy
Depew, Bert, rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 110
Desmond, Andrew, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 125, dairy
Dickens, Adelbert, Rome, farmer
Dickens, Stephen G., rfd 18 Ulster, carpenter
Dimon, Leslie C., Rome, farmer 111, rfd carrier
Drake, Julius K., rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 80
Eiklor, Hymen V., rfd 18 Ulster, farmer 147, dairy, wife 50 acres
Eiklor, Smith, rfd 18 Ulster, farmer 58
Elliott, Joseph, rfd 10 Wysox, farmer
Elliott, Marcellus, rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 40, rfd carrier
Elliott, Mary, rfd 10 Wysox, bds Marcellus
Elliott, Melvin E., rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 60
Elliott, Mrs. Nellie, rfd 10 Wysox, bds Marcellus
Forbes, Charles H., rfd 5 Towanda, farmer
Forbes, Elsie, rfd 19 Ulster, teacher, bds John C.
Forbes, Jason S., rfd 17 Rome, farmer 62
Forbes, G. Lester, rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 65, dairy, tax collector
Forbes, George L., Rome, farmer 40, veteran
Forbes, John, Rome, farmer 63, veteran
Forbes, John C., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 63, veteran
Forbes, M. Avery, rfd 10 Wysox, farmer, bds Perceptor C.
Forbes, Perceptor C., rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 200, dairy, rfd carrier
Forbes, Smith, rfd 10 Wysox, farmer, bds Perceptor C.
Forbes, Mrs. Susan, rfd 18 Ulster
Frisbie, Paul, Rome, laborer
Fox, George A., rfd 10 Wysox, farmer, rents George N. Russell
Fox, Mrs. George, rfd 10 Wysox, bds George A.
Fox, Henry, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 72, dairy
Gable, George A., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 75, dairy, school director
Gibbs, John, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 5
Gilbert, Eunice V., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 58
Gillette, Charles T., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 100, dairy
Gillette, J. Hartley, rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 150, dairy
Gillette, Paul D., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 145, with Perrin W.
Gillette, Perrin W., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 117, with P. D., 145
Goff, Solon L., rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 40
Haney, Bertina, rfd 17 Rome, teacher, bds W. J.
Haney, Paulina, rfd 17 Rome, teacher, bds W. J.
Haney, William J., rfd 17 Rome, farmer, dairy
Hays, Charles, rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 120
Hays, William, rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 100, dairy
Holly, Mrs. Hester, rfd 15 Rome
Horton, Franklin B., rfd 15 Rome, carpenter, 20 acres
Horton, Harry L, rfd 17 Rome, farmer 116
Horton, Leslie B., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 50
Horton, Reuben, rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 115, dairy
Jewell, Charles H., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 190, dairy, retired clergyman
Jewell, Fannie, rfd 19 Ulster, bds Charles H.
Jewell, Mary, rfd 19 Ulster, teacher, bds Charles H.
Jewell, Walter, rfd 19 Ulster, farmer, bds Charles H.
Johnson, George, rfd 17 Rome, farmer, bds Herbert
Johnson, Herbert, rfd 17 Rome, farmer 77, dairy
Keeler, O. E., rfd 18 Ulster, farmer, rents S. G. Townsend
Kinner, John W., rfd 18 Ulster, farmer 47
Lenox, James T., rfd 17 Rome, farmer 150, dairy
Lewis, William G., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 40
Lynch, Michael, rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 80
Madden, Timothy, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 86
Maloney, Edward, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer, bds John
Maloney, John, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 170, dairy
Marshall, Ben F., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 67
Marshall, Freeman A., rfd 19 Ulster, veterinary surgeon
McCabe, Burton R., rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 26
McCabe, Emma, rfd 15 Rome, teacher, bds Harrison R.
McCabe, Harrison R., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 110, sch dir.
McCabe, Joseph G., rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 148, thresher
McCabe, Levi, rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 120, dairy
McCabe, Richard, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 150, soldier Co. I, 141st
McCarthy, James F., rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 100, dairy
McCarthy, Mrs. Johanna, rfd 5 Towanda
McCarthy, John, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 195, dairy
Merrill, Jesse L., rfd 15 Rome, farmer, rents E. B. Rought
Merrill, Leslie, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 85, dairy
Moore, J. Earl, rfd 10 Wysox, laborer
Moore, Emery G., rfd 17 Rome, butter and cheese maker, farmer 63, justice of peace
Moore, George W., rfd 17 Rome, farmer
Moore, Lawrence L., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 100
Morris, Alonzo L., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 91, dairy
Morris, Melvin, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 22, veteran
Murphy, James, rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 65, bds John
Murphy, John, rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 130, dairy
Murphy, Wilson, rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 60, dairy, veteran
Norton, Henry, rfd 12 Rummerfield, farmer 25
Osborne, Martin O., rfd 19 Ulster, mfg and dealer in lumber, farmer 30
Osborne, Myron, rfd 19 Ulster, saw and feed mill, farmer 46
Park, Hugh G., rfd 12 Rummerfield, farmer 115, dairy
Parker, Burton J., rfd 18 Ulster, farmer 75, dairy
Parks, Edgar E., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 57, painter
Parks, Frank, rfd 10 Wysox, farmer
Parks, H. Myron, rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 100, dairy
Parks, Ray B., rfd 15 Rome, farmer, bds Edgar E.
Parks, William, rfd 10 Wysox, thresher, farmer 95, dairy
Payne, Arthur U., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 90, dairy
Payne, Milton E., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 85
Pickering & Stevens, general merchants, rfd 5 Towanda
Pickering, William, rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 132
Pierce, William H., farmer 74, dairy
Pratt, Fred, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 75, rents Sally
Pratt, Hubbil, rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 42, veteran
Pratt, Sally, widow Horace, rfd 15 Rome, farmer
Purcell, Dennis F., rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 94
Purcell, Edward, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 80, dairy
Quigley, Henry D., rfd 10 Wysox, building mover, farmer 41
Quigley, Marian, rfd 10 Wysox, teacher, bds H. D.
Quigley, Mona, rfd 10 Wysox, teacher, bds H. D.
Richards, Alma, rfd 15 Rome, nurse, bds L. E.
Richards, Charles W., rfd 18 Ulster, farmer 108, dairy
Richards, Elmer, rfd 15 Rome, farmer
Richards, Harry E., rfd 18 Ulster, farmer, bds Charles W.
Richards, LeRoy E., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 95
Riffenburgh, Frank M., rfd 15 Rome, farmer, assessor
Rinebold, Henry L., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 50
Robinson, Fred W., rfd 19 Ulster, blacksmith
Robinson, George W., rfd 12 Rummerfield, farmer
Robinson, Sylvester, rfd 12 Rummerfield, farmer 45
Rockwell, H. Melvin, Rome, farmer 50, dairy
Rockwell, Lemuel S., Rome, farmer 138, dairy
Rogers, Lee, rfd 15 Rome, farmer
Rowe, Charles, rfd 17 Rome, farmer, bds Walter V.
Rowe, Charlotte, rfd 17 Rome, teacher, bds Walter V.
Rowe, Walter V., rfd 17 Rome, farmer 140
Russell, Alice, Rome, bds Loyal F.
Russell, Charles P., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 16, veteran
Russell, Charlotte M., widow Cyrus, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 150, dairy
Russell, Edith, Rome, teacher, bds Royal F.
Russell, Elmer L., rfd 15 Rome, teacher, bds Simon
Russell, Elmer K., rfd 15 Rome, farmer, bds Stephen
Russell, George N., rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 131, dairy
Russell, Jay, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 46
Russell, Joe O., rfd Rome, farmer, piano tuner
Russell, John T., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 68, veteran
Russell, Loyal F., Rome, farmer 123, dairy, road com, veteran
Russell, Otis L., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 90
Russell, Polly, rfd 15 Rome, bds Mrs. Charlotte M.
Russell, Simon, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 75, justice of peace
Russell, Stanley, Rome, farmer, bds Royal F.
Russell, Stephen C., rfd 15 Rome, farmer, veteran
Russell, Ulysses G., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 150, dairy, dealer in pianos and organs
Shoemaker, Carey, rfd 19 Ulster, farmer
Shoemaker, Charles, rfd 19 Ulster, farmer
Simons, Leon, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 27
Smith, George W., rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 58, veteran
Smith, Sidney R., rfd 17 Rome, farmer 80, dairy
Spaulding, Alfred, rfd 15 Rome, laborer
Spaulding, Mrs. E. W., rfd 15 Rome
Spaulding, William, rfd 15 Rome, laborer
Stalker, Albert D., rfd 10 Wysox, rfd carrier
Stalker, Jacob, rfd 10 Wysox, laborer, veteran
Stephenson, Burton D., rfd 5 Towanda, merchant, 109 acres
Stoll, Stephen A., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 213, dairy, sch dir
Strope, George W., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 122, dairy
Strope, John M., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 44
Strope, Mervin, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 55, dairy
Struble, George H., rfd 18 Ulster, farmer, bds Selim
Struble, Selim, rfd 18 Ulster, farmer 16
Sullivan, Agnes, rfd 10 Wysox, tailor and dressmaker, bds Dan'l
Sullivan, Daniel, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 120, dairy
Sullivan, Daniel P., rfd 5 Towanda, farmer, bds Daniel
Sullivan, Elizabeth, rfd 10 Wysox, bds Daniel
Sullivan, John L., rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 180, dairy
Sullivan, John, Jr., rfd 5 Towanda, farmer
Sullivan, Joseph W., rfd 10 Wysox, farmer
Sullivan, Mary, rfd 10 Wysox, bds Daniel
Sullivan, Nella, rfd 10 Wysox, teacher, bds Daniel
Sullivan, Patrick, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 100
Sullivan, William, rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 60
Sullivan, William T., rfd 5 Towanda, farmer 50
Taylor, Abbie, rfd 15 Rome, teacher, bds P. H.
Taylor, Frank, rfd 15 Rome, farmer, bds P. H.
Taylor, Lillian, rfd 17 Rome, teacher, bds O. H.
Taylor, Martha H., rfd 17 Rome, farmer 20
Taylor, Orville H., rfd 17 Rome, farmer 186, dairy 11
Taylor, Phillip H., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 150, dairy, dealer in fertilizers
Taylor, Roland J., rfd 15 Rome, farmer, bds P. H.
Thompson, Isaac A., rfd 19 Ulster, farmer 90, dairy
Towner, Almeron S., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 70, town clerk
Towner, Levi W., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 260, dairy
Vansice, Amos, rfd 18 Ulster, laborer
Vansice, Dennis P., rfd 15 Rome, farmer 75
Vansice, Jesse L., rfd 15 Rome, farmer
Vansice, Melissa, widow Robert, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 7
Vought, Melvina O., widow Henry, rfd 10 Wysox, farmer 50
Vought, M. Lafayette, rfd 15 Rome, farmer 120
Vought, Morris, rfd 15 Rome, farmer, sch dir
Vought, W. Eugene, rfd 17 Rome, farmer 20
Wattles, William, Rome, laborer
Wheaton, Fred A., rfd 18 Ulster, farmer 114, singing teacher
Wheaton, Mrs. Jared, rfd 18 Ulster, bds Fred A.
Whitney, Andrew J., rfd 10, Wysox, farmer 50, civil engineer
Whitney, Ruth, rfd 10 Wysox, bds A. J.
Wilber, Frank, rfd 15 Wysox, farmer, rents Lee Rogers
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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