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1900 Bradford County Directory
Windham Township

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

1900 Windham Township Directory

Postoffice address Windham, unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Allen, James P., (North Orwell) r 46, justice of the peace, dairy 8 cows, farmer 150

Allen, Sabin, (North Orwell) r 46

Andrews, William, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 8

Andrews, William, (Windham Summit) r 31, dairy 5 cows, farmer 88

Arnold, Chauncey O., (Lix) r 53, dairy 6 cows, farmer 226

Arnold, Corington T., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 8, dairy 8 cows, farmer 96

Arnold, Ernest L., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 8, painter and paperhanger

Babcock, E. Lynn, r 12, dairy 10 cows, farmer 200

Babcock, Martha E., r 12, widow Avery

Barnes, Charles E., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 2, 30 sheep, farmer 75

Bennett, Amos, (Lix) r 51, dairy 4 cows, farmer 50

Bennett, Edward S., (Windham Center) r 35, farm laborer

Bennett, Robert C., (Windham Center) r 35, carpenter

Bidlack, Anson, (Vawter) r 52 ½, farmer 60

Bidlack, James, (Vawter) r 52 ½

Bixby, Harriet L., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 1, with Peter O farmer 50

Bixby, Henry N., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 1, apiarist 25 colonies, dairy 6 cows, 20 sheep, farmer 99

Bixby, Luther, (Windham Summit) r 31, prop stallion "Joker" Percheron, dairy 6 cows, farmer 90

Bixby, Pamelia, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 1, widow Job, farm 40

Blanden, Nathan, (Windham Center) r 29, laborer

Boardman, Abel, (North Orwell) r 35, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100

Boardman, Carlton, (North Orwell) r 47, farmer 69

Boardman, Eliza, (North Orwell) r 47, widow Verus N.

Boardman, Frank E., (North Orwell) r 49, dairy 4 cows, 35 sheep, farmer 113

Boardman, Henry D., (North Orwell) r 35, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100

Boardman, Gale W., (North Orwell) r 47, farmer 70

Bostwick, Tristram W., r 14, farmer

Bostwick, William, r 14, dairy 7 cows, farmer 100

Bradford, Cynthia P., (Lix) r 51, widow William

Brosnan, John H., r 19, blacksmith and farmer 48

Brosnan, William P., r 19, farm laborer

Brown, Harry, (Windham Center) r 46, dairy 4 cows, farmer, leases of J. Morey of Lounsberry, N.Y., 120

Brown, Lydia A., (Windham Center) r 48 cor 34, widow James, farmer 52

Buck, Horatio T., r 21, farm laborer

Buck, Ira J., (Windham Center) r 21, soldier U.S. Army

Buck, Smith D., (Windham Center) r 21, mason, dairy 14 cows, and farmer 175

Canedy, Ralburn, (Windham Center) off r 45, farmer 100

Canfield, Jerry B., r 20, farm laborer

Carpenter, Morgan O., (Windham Center) r 35, farmer 75

Carter, Bentley, r 19, emp. Kuykendall mill

Catlin, Sarah E. Mrs., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 2, farmer 65

Cheney, William M., (North Orwell) r 45, mason and farmer 90

Chubb, Leonard R., (Windham Center) off r 29, leases of Chas. Strope, 17

Cole, Wilson G., r 11, farmer 6

Cook, Alfred, (Windham Center) r 32, farmer 160

Cook, Willard, (Windham Summit) r 32, dairy 7 cows, 30 sheep, farmer 195

Corbin, Robert, (West Warren) r 17, butcher

Cowles, Arthur, (Windham Center) r 45, dairy 4 cows, 28 sheep, farmer 135

Coykendall, Eugene, (Lix) r 52, farmer 50

Coykendal, Henry, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 26 ½, farmer 100

Coykendall, John, (Lix) r 52, farmer 50

Crandell, Nelson H., (North Orwell) r 49, farmer 27

Crum, George E., (Windham Center) r 35, farmer 110

Demorest, Charles F., (Lix) r 53, farmer 52

Dickens, J. Delbert, (North Orwell) r 47, farmer, leases 30

Doane, Cary, (Windham Center) r 34 ½, farmer

Doane, Clyde W., (Windham Center) r 23, farm laborer

Doane, C. Wallace, (Windham Center) r 35, dairy 5 cows, farmer 100

Doane, Elmer, (Windham Center) r 45, dairy 4 cows, farmer 40

Doane, Ira, (Windham Center) r 32, farmer

Doane, Isabella, (Windham Summit) off r 32, widow Frank, dairy 4 cows, farmer 117

Doane, Joseph, (Windham Center) r 29, dairy 13 cows, farmer 165

Doane, Lewis F., (Windham Center) r 29 cor 34, general merchant, dealer in staple and fancy groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes, hardware, provisions and country produce

Doane, Price, (Windham Center) r 34 ½, farmer

Doane, Prudence Mrs., (Windham Center) r 34 ½, dairy 4 cows, farmer 75

Doane, Robert, (Windham Center) r 48, dairy 4 cows, farmer 40

Doane, Samuel, (Windham Center) off r 35, farmer

Doane, Seth, (Windham Summit) r 27 cor 28

Doane, Verney J., (Windham Center) r 35, farm laborer

Doane, William, (Windham Center) r 23, dairy 7 cows, farmer 100

Dunham, Charles H., r 12 with H. Fay, dairy 9 cows and farmer 130

Dunham, Clarence, r 14, farmer 75

Dunham, Henry J., r 11, thresher, farmer 75

Dunham, H. Fay, r 12, with Charles H., dairy 9 cows and farmer 130

Dunham, Lewis B., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 20, general merchant, dairy 14 cows, farmer 170

Dunham, Martha E. Mrs., (Windham Center) r 35, farmer 13

Dunham, Orson F., (Windham Summit) r 27, farm laborer

Dunham, William, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 8, thresher, propr. feed and shingle mill

Dunham, William B., (Windham Center) r 35, farmer

Dunn, Bartley W., (North Orwell) r 44, dairy 4 cows, farmer 60

Dutton, James B., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 1, farm laborer

Ellsworth, Preceptor F., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 4, farmer

Elsbree, Hiram S., r 17, dairy 8 cows, 30 sheep, farmer 160

Elsbree, Howard J., (Windham Center) r 24, farm laborer

Elsbree, Martin, (Windham Center) r 24 cor 22, dairy 7 cows, 40 sheep, 200 sugar trees, farmer 120

Feer, Ann L., r 10, widow William R., farmer 25

Feer, Clarence D., r 10, farmer 50

Finch, Cora L., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 4, nurse, farm 70

Finch, Ira, r 17, justice of the peace, dairy 27 cows, 100 sheep, farmer 549

Finch, John J., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 5, 40 sheep, farmer 85

Finch, Mary J., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 4, widow George

Finch, Myron P., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 4, dairy 10 cows, 40 sheep, farmer 90

Finch, Walter J., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 5, farm laborer

Floyd, Miles, r 11, farmer 17

Follett, Adelbert E., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 2, 30 sheep, farmer 105

Foulk, Milton L., (West Warren) r 39, apiarist 22 colonies, farmer 114

Free Will Baptist Church, r 23, no pastor

French, William B., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 26, farmer 147

French, William W., (Windham Summit) r 28, farmer 157

French, William W., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 26, farm laborer

Gleason, Benjamin F., (Windham Center) r 48

Gleason, Sheldon H., (Windham Center) r 48, dairy 5 cows, 30 sheep, farmer 160

Glover, Henry A., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 20 cor 9, physician and surgeon, dairy 4 cows, 30 sheep, farmer 108

Goodenough, Chauncey J., (Nichols, N.Y.) off r 9, dairy 5 cows, vineyard at Hammondsport, N.Y., farmer 105

Gray, William O., r 20 cor 15, farm laborer

Green, John H., (Windham Center) r 29 cor 23, retired clergyman

Griffith, Joseph P., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 10, farmer 100

Griffith, William D., r 17 cor 14, breeder Berkshire swine Reg., dairy 10 cows, 65 sheep, apiarist 100 colonies, farmer 130, also leases of H.J. Burr of New York City 120

Grimley, Jacob J., (Windham Summit) r 29, farmer 86

Hanafin, John, (North Orwell) r 49, farmer 60

Hanafin, Robert M., (North Orwell) r 49, dairy 10 cows, farmer 70

Hand, Alexander, (Windham Center) r 21, blacksmith and farmer

Hand, Frances H. Mrs., (Windham Center) r 21, farmer 20

Hand, James A., (Windham Center) r 21, farm laborer

Hand, Sidney D., r 20, blacksmith

Harford, John J., (Windham Center) r 34, farmer 15

Harford, John T., (Windham Center) r 34 cor 29, wagon maker, dairy 4 cows, 25 sheep, farmer 100

Hauver, Frank M., (Tyrrell) r 43, farmer on shares for F.N. Moore, 460

Higgins, Eliza, (North Orwell) r 35 cor 45, widow James, farmer 20

Hill, George O., (North Orwell) r 44, farm laborer

Hill, Orin G., (North Orwell) r 44, farmer 23

Holly, Hester, (North Orwell) r 44, widow Leonard

Holmes, Asher H., (Windham Center) r 29, farm laborer

Holmes, Candace R. Mrs., (Windham Center) r 29, farmer 20

Holmes, Harmon W., (Windham Summit) r 33, farmer 47

Holmes, Willie A., (Windham Center) r 29, harnessmaker

Houston, Edmund K.B., (Windham Center) farmer 92

Hunt, Abigail, r 19, widow Jesse

Hunt, John, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 24, dairy 4 cows, farmer 30

Jackson, Sheldon H., r 20, farmer 72

Jakeway, Thomas, (North Orwell) r 45

Jakway, Charles E., (Windham Summit) r 50, dairy 6 cows, 35 sheep and farmer 170

Jakway, Cyrus B., (Windham Summit) r 51, farmer 6

Jakway, Eliza E., (Windham Center) r 34, widow Atwood, farmer 72

Jakway, I. Horton, (Windham Summit) r 31, dealer in Jersey cattle, dairy 10 cows, 30 sheep, apiarist 13 colonies and farmer 125

Jakway, Samuel T., (Windham Center) r 31, farmer

Johnson, Charles E., (Windham Summit) r 25, dairy 5 cows and farmer 176

Johnson, Clinton, (Windham Summit) r 25, dairy 6 cows and farmer 160

Johnson, Grace C., (Windham Summit) r 25, curtain dresser

Johnson, Herbert, (Windham Summit) r 25, farm laborer

Johnson, Hugh, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 5, farm laborer

Johnson, James M., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 6 cor 7, 50 sheep, farmer 140

Johnson, Milton W., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 5, farmer 100

Keeney, Seabury B. Rev., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 8, pastor Methodist Episcopal Church of Windham

Kuykendall, Porter, r 14, dairy 10 cows, farmer 100

Kuykendall, Samuel H., r 19, propr. flour, feed, grist, shingle, planing and lath mills, manuf. of and dealer in lumber, farmer 70

Kuykendall, Sarah E., Mrs., r 14, dressmaker

Lawrence, Alcy H., (Windham Center) off r 34, widow George S., dairy 12 cows, 30 sheep, farmer 200

Lawrence, Joseph V., r 20, dairy 10 cows, farmer 140

Leary, James, r 36, farmer 84

Lent, Lewis H., (North Orwell) r 49, farmer 50

Loomis, Nelson, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 9, dairy 7 cows, farmer 115

Lounsbery, Edward, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 1, farmer

Lounsbery, Platt, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 1, dairy 6 cows, 25 sheep, farmer 126

Lunn, Frank J., (Windham Center) r 8, farm laborer

Lunn, George, (Windham Center) r 8, farmer 46

Lurcock, John, r 17, farm laborer

Lurcock, Margaret C., r 17, widow Frederick

Lurcock, Robert, r 18, farmer on shares for L.B. Dunham, 170

Mack, Charles W., (Windham Center) r 24, botanic medicines

Maddin, Elizabeth, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 24, widow John S., farmer 215

Maddin, Robert E., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 24, dairy 7 cows, with Wm. M. Taylor farmer for Mrs. Elizabeth, 215

Magee, Griffin, off r 10, farmer 50

Marshall, Elethea P. Mrs., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 6, farm in Nichols, N.Y. 60

Marshall, J. Emerson, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 6, ½ interest in farm in Nichols, N.Y., 53

Marshall, M. Samuel, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 6, dairy 9 cows, farmer 75, and in Nichols, N.Y., 47

Martin, Willard H., (Windham Center) r 29, dairy 6 cows, apiarist 12 colonies, farmer 55

McCormack, Martin V., (Tyrrell) r 36, dairy 12 cows, farmer 156

McCue, Daniel A., (Cadis) r 13, dealer in jewelry, bicycles and guns, and with John J. and Timothy, dairy 20 cows, and farmer 204

McCue, Ellen, (Cadis) r 13, widow John, farmer 86

McCue, John J., (Cadis) r 13, with Timothy and Daniel A., dairy 20 cows and farmer 204

McCue, Patrick E., (Cadis) r 13, farmer

McCue, Timothy, (Cadis) r 13, with Daniel A. and John J., dairy 20 cows, farmer 204

McDaniels, Wallace, (North Orwell) r 46, farmer 6

McGrath, Patrick, r 19, farm laborer

McKee, Mary J., (West Warren) r 17, widow Asa, dairy 11 cows, 30 sheep, 150 sugar trees, farmer 380

Merrill, Benjamin, r 19, farmer 50

Merrill, Peter G., (Windham Center) off r 35, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100

Methodist Episcopal Church, r 20, Rev. S.B. Keeney pastor

Miller, Alson W., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 8, carpenter and farmer 6

Miller, J. Murray, (Windham Center) r 34, farmer, leases of Joseph Brewer of Orwell, 80

Moore, Frank N., (Tyrrell) r 43, 100 sheep, farmer 460

Morris, Emeline S. Mrs., (North Orwell) r 35 cor 45

Mosher, Floyd I., (Windham Center) r 23 cor 29, thresher

Mosher, Frank E., (Windham Center) r 23 cor 29, postmaster

Mosher, Nelson I., (Windham Center) r 23 cor 29, general merchant

Munn, Wilson, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 1, farm laborer

Nelson, Walter H., (Tyrrell) r 40, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100

Nichols, Adelia, r 20, widow David

Nichols, Fred, r 11, laborer

Nichols, Lewis, r 18, farm laborer

Nichols, Robert, r 11, farmer 3

Nichols, Wallace, (Windham Center) r 35, 27 sheep, farmer 104

Olmstead, Fred L., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 9, farmer 55

Olmstead, George, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 7, dairy 7 cows, farmer for James 200

Olmstead, James, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 7, farmer 200

Olmstead, J. Harrison, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 7, student

Osborn, Betsey, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 2

Osborn, Daniel G., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 2, dairy 6 cows, farmer 105

Osborn, Ellsworth W., (North Orwell) r 46

Osborn Hill Union Church, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 1 opp. 2, Rev. W.J. Gregory of Nichols, N.Y., pastor

Osborn, Mary E. Mrs., (North Orwell) r 46, farmer 75

Osborn, Morgan D., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 2, farm laborer

Osborn, Platt L., (North Orwell) r 46, dairy 6 cows, farmer on shares for Mrs. Mary E. Osborn and Ezra Reynolds of Towanda 200

Payne, Merton E., (West Warren) r 17, dairy 9 cows, 20 sheep and farmer on shares for Mrs. W.J. McKee 380

Pendleton, Eleanor L., (Windham Center) off r 34, widow George L., farm in Orwell 32

Pettis, Charles C., (Windham Center) off r 21, farmer 23

Pettis, Elon, (North Orwell) r 46, farm laborer

Pettis, Joshua, (North Orwell) r 46, farmer 50

Plants, William L., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 1, dairy 8 cows, farmer, leases of George Barnes of Binghamton, N.Y., 74

Prince, Charles V., (Tyrrell) r 41, postmaster and with Vernon C. breeder of and dealer in Toulouse geese, Pekin ducks and single comb Brown Leghorn fowls, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 6 cows and farmer 100

Prince, Vernon C., (Tyrrell) r 41, with Charles V. breeder of and dealer in Toulouse geese, Pekin ducks and single comb brown Leghorn fowls, sugar orchard 500 trees, dairy 6 cows and farmer 100

Reynolds, Merton M., (North Orwell) r 46, farm laborer

Richards, Benjamin F., (Windham Summit) r 27, dairy 5 cows, farmer 150

Richards, Rebecca, (Windham Summit) r 27, widow Robert

Robinson, Edward, (Windham Summit) r 25, farmer on shares for Henry Brown of Athens 127

Rockefeller, John R., (Windham Center) r 34, farmer 28

Rogers, James, (North Orwell) r 47, farmer 41

Rogers, J. Jacob, r 14, 26 sheep, farmer 114

Rogers, Lee M., (Lix) r 51, dairy 4 cows, farmer 60 and on shares for Bela King of Owego, N.Y., 100

Rogers, Martin V., (Lix) r 51, postmaster, farmer 18

Rogers, Sarah, r 14, widow Wilsey

Rolls, John H., r 20, farm laborer

Russell, Elizabeth, r 20, widow J. Brazil, farmer 135

Russell, Samuel D., r 20, farmer 60

Russell, Ulysses G., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 6, dairy 10 cows, 30 sheep and farmer 180

Sexton, Wellie A., r 20

Sexton, William A., r 20, postmaster, dairy 4 cows, farmer 60 and in Orwell 160

Shelton, Frank P., (North Orwell) r 36, dairy 5 cows, 22 sheep and farmer 90

Shelton, James E., (Tyrrell) r 42, farm laborer

Shelton, Thomas W., (Tyrrell) r 42, dairy 7 cows, farmer 200

Shoemaker, C. Allen (Windham Center) r 35, dairy 20 cows and farmer 200

Shoemaker, Dellie Mrs., (Windham Center) r 22, farmer 80

Shoemaker, Frank, (North Orwell) r 44, farm laborer

Shoemaker, Lot, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 8, dairy 7 cows and farmer 177

Shoemaker, William A., (Windham Center) r 22, dairy 6 cows and farmer 190

Smith, George G., (Windham Center) off r 35, dairy 6 cows and farmer 100

Smith, Joseph W., (Windham Center) r 22, farmer 30

Smith, Pell R., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 4, farmer

Smith, Robert D., (Windham Center) r 22, dairy 4 cows and farmer 50

Snyder, Paul, (Lix) r 51, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100

Stanton, Silas, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 20, farmer 40

Strope, Charles E., (Windham Center) r 29, farmer 40 and on shares for William A. Weller, dairy 7 cows, 20 sheep and farmer 148

Strope, Francis, (Tyrrell) r 39, farmer 80

Tanner, Olin E., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 1, school teacher and farmer

Taylor, William M., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 24, 7 cows, farmer with R.E. Maddin for Mrs. Elizabeth Maddin, 215

Terry, Frances G., r 12, widow William A.

Terry, William K., r 12, farm laborer

Towsand, C. Frederick, (Cadis) r 12 cor 15, farmer on shares for Benjamin Merrill, 50

Treadwell, Charles W., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 4, dairy 4 cows, 30 sheep, farmer 130

Turner, William, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 8, farmer on shares for estate of Samuel Shoemaker, 135

Tuttle, Amanda Mrs., (Windham Summit) r 50, farmer 100

Tuttle, Zora A., (Windham Summit) r 50, farmer

Tyrrell, Delmer C., (Tyrrell) r 42, farmer for J. Nelson 120

Tyrrell, G. Seymour, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 9, dairy 6 cows, farmer 80

Tyrrell, J. Nelson, (Tyrrell) r 42, dairy 5 cows, farmer 120

Underwood, Judson, (Windham Summit) r 25, dairy 6 cows, farmer 90

Union Church, (Windham Summit) r 27

VanDyke, Platt C., r 12

VanEtten, Clarissa M., (Lix) r 52, widow Richard, farmer 25

VanEtten, Mary E., (Lix) r 52

VanGorder, Clarence O., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 3, farmer 100

VanWinkle, Job E., off r 11, farmer 60

VanWinkle, Rossiter G., off r 11, farmer 60

Vought, Frank (Windham Center) r 2, farmer

Vought, Joseph, (Windham Summit) r 1, school teacher and farmer 7

Vought, William, r 19, emp. Kuykendall’s mill

Vought, W. Leslie, (East Nichols, N.Y.) r 10, farmer 50

Wait, Jeremiah, r 11, farmer 82

Wait, Perry, r 11, farm laborer

Waite, John W., r 20, on shares for Mrs. Elizabeth Russell, dairy 8 cows and farmer 135

Walker, Charles H., (Windham Center) r 23, farm laborer

Walker, Floyd A., (Windham Summit) r 31 cor 28, dairy 6 cows, farmer 96

Walker, Henry, (Nichols, N.Y.) r 2, dairy 4 cows, 25 sheep, farmer 105

Walker, Ira F., (Windham Summit) r 25, dairy 8 cows, 30 sheep, farmer 146

Walker, Ira L., (Windham Center) r 35, farm laborer

Walker, Samuel, (Windham Summit) r 1, farmer 62

Wanzo, Albin, (Windham Summit) r 31, dairy 6 cows, 20 sheep, farmer 225

Wanzo, Charles, (Windham Summit) r 31, thresher

Wanzo, Elmer, (Windham Summit) r 31, farm laborer

Wanzo, Purl B., (Windham Summit) r 31, farmer for Albin 100

Warner, John M., (Bumpville) r 52, farmer 53 and in Litchfield 111

Waterman, Edward J., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 2, farm laborer

Waterman, Ezekiel N., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 2, farmer 9

Waterman, Frank O., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 1, farm laborer

Weller, John J., (Windham Summit) r 32, farmer

Weller, William A., (Windham Summit) r 27 cor 28, postmaster, general merchant, dairy 7 cows, 20 sheep, farmer 148

Wheaton, Fred A., (Windham Center) r 24, carpenter, prop. shingle mill, music teacher

Wheaton, James T., r 18, dairy 10 cows, farmer 120

Wheaton, Martin L., r 18, dairy 10 cows, farmer 95

White, Charles H., (Windham Center) r 35, farmer 62

White, Eber, (Windham Center) r 23, blacksmith, dairy 4 cows, farmer 50

White, Eliza, r 20, widow Tristram

White, Frank, r 20, farmer 59, and on shares for George S. Russell, dairy 10 cows and farmer 140

White, George S., (Windham Center) r 23, farm laborer

White, Nellie E., Mrs., r 20, milliner

White, Sally A., r 20, widow Silas

Wickham, Dee, (North Orwell) r 44, farmer 172

Wickizer, Jason V., (North Orwell) r 44, dairy 4 cows, farmer 63

Wiggins, George F., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 3, 35 sheep, farmer 163

Wiggins, George F. Jr., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 3

Wiggins, Larue N., (Nichols, N.Y.) r 3

Wilber, Jonathan, (Windham Center) r 35

Wilbur, Daniel S., (Windham Center) r 35, laborer

Wilbur, Emery B., (Tyrrell) r 41, dairy 4 cows, farmer 230

Wilbur, Jacob W., (North Orwell) r 44, farmer 220

Williams, Ezra, (Windham Center) r 29, laborer

Wolcott, Leland O., r 20, dairy 12 cows, farmer 120

Wood, Frank C., (Windham Summit) r 28, farmer for W.W. French 157

Wood, Silas F., (North Orwell) r 47, farmer, leases of Mrs. Eliza Jakway 72

Young, Floyd T., (Windham Center) r 35, soldier U.S. Army

Young, Francis B., (Windham Center) r 35, farm laborer

Young, John M., (Windham Center) r 35, farmer, leases of Morgan Carpenter, 75

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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