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1900 Bradford County Directory
Wyalusing Township
Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway

For explanations, &c, see page 17.

Postoffice address Wyalusing unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Ackley, Benjamin, r 47, dairy 11 cows, wool grower 70 sheep, farmer 160

Ackley, Cordelia, (Merryall) r 47, interest with Newell S. in Sterling Ackley estate, farm 100

Ackley, Francis G., r 47, farmer 40

Ackley, Newell S., (Merryall) r 47, dairy 9 cows, farmer 60 and interest with Cordelia in estate of Sterling Ackley, farm 100

Ackley, Royal T., (Merryall) r 47, son of Newell S.

Acroyd, George R., r 41, strawberry grower and farmer 20

Adams, George E., (Merryall) r 19, farm laborer

Adamy, Carl J., (Homets Ferry) (J. E. Adamy & Son) miller for U. M. Fell, h r 40 in Asylum

Adamy, F. Lee, (Camptown) miller, Mill

Adamy, Jackson E., (Camptown) (J. E. Adamy & Son) justice of the peace, miller, propr Camptown roller mill property and farm 52, Mill

Adamy J. E. & Son, (Camptown) (Jackson E. and Carl J.) merchant millers, Camptown roller mills, Mill

Allen, Ezra, r 56, dairy 7 cows, farmer 110

Allen, Sarah M., (Camptown) widow Benjamin P, h and lot Mechanic

Angle, James W., (Camptown) r 11 cor 4, dealer in wagons, h and lot

Arnold, John A., (Camptown) r 12, farmer about 120

Atwood, George N., (Camptown) school director, farmer 40

Aumick, Rufus, (Merryall) r 41, farmer, leases of Mrs. Fred Saxer of Colley, Sullivan Co., 30

Avery, Cyrus, (Camptown) retired merchant, h Main cor Mechanic

Avery, Mary P., (Mrs. Cyrus), (Camptown) farm 168 in Herrick

Bailey, Ambrose (Homets Ferry) r 37, farm laborer, h and lot

Bailey, Frank, r 37, farm laborer

Bailey, G. Asa, r 38, farmer on shares for John Vaughan estate, 115

Baldwin, John W., (Lime Hill) r 27, laborer

Baptist Church, (Camptown) Rev. ---- Demorest of New Era pastor, Church

Barber, Isaac H., (Rummerfield) r 14, farmer 20 ¼

Barns, Leslie E., (Camptown) r 19, clerk Smith Bros., farmer, leases of M. S. Camp of Athens, 56

Beardsley, James M., (Cold Creek) r 8, postmaster, farmer 12

Becker, Frank, (Camptown) r 5, farmer 150

Beeman, Elmer H., (Rummerfield) r 14 cor, district assessor, cooper and farmer 16

Beeman, Frank E., (Rummerfield) r 1 cor 13, farmer 64 ½

Beeman, Stanton W., (Rummerfield) r 13, farmer

Benjamin, Melvin K., (Homets Ferry) r 33, farmer on shares for Edward Homet, 160

Bennett, George (Camptown) r 20, laborer

Biles, Charles N., (Homets Ferry) r 29, farmer, son of Peter A.

Biles, Emma V., (Homets Ferry) r 34, dressmaker, h and lot

Biles, James L., (Camptown) painter, h Mechanic

Biles, James M., (Camptown) r 12, dairy 7 cows, farmer 125

Biles, John A., (Homets Ferry) r 30 opp 34, land surveyor, grader, &c, dairy 5 cows, farmer 70

Biles, Lewis, (Homets Ferry) r 29, dairy 7 cows, farmer 85

Biles, Lewis D., (Camptown) laborer, h Mechanic

Biles, Lizzie, (Homets Ferry) r 29, music teacher

Biles, Peter A., (Homets Ferry) r 29, apiarist 40 colonies, farmer 83, also on shares for Milton Homet, 130

Biles, Thomas P., (Homets Ferry) r 29, son of Lewis

Billings, Samuel, (Camptown) farmer 175, bds Mechanic

Bixby, Bradford H., r 52, with his brother Bradford H., dairy 25 cows, farmer, estate of George M. 400 and in Wilmot 300

Bixby, Robert M., r 52, with his brother Bradford H., dairy 25 cows, farmer, estate of George M. 400 and in Wilmot 300

Black, Clarence H., r 18, farmer 60 and on shares for Harrison 160

Black, Harrison, r 40, farmer 160

Black, Harry M., r 40, farmer, son of Clarence H.

Blaklay, John, (Lime Hill) r 14

Blocher, Ackley E., (Spring Hill) r 42, school teacher

Blocher, J. Fred, (Spring Hill) r 42, breeder of Holstein cattle, reg Holstein bull, Countess of Verona’s Clothilde No 22738, barred Plymouth Rock fowls, Chester White swine, dairy 25 cows, farmer 200

Bossard, Arthur F., r 52, died Nov. 1899

Bowen, Charles S., r 26 cor 17

Boyd, Annie, r 24

Boyd, Charles, r 24, farmer 80

Boyd, Ella, r 24

Boyd, J. Watson, r 26, dairy 13 cows, farmer 75

Boyd, Margaret, r 24, school teacher

Boyd, William S., r 36, breeder barred Plymouth Rock fowls, school director, dairy 9 cows, farmer 73

Boyle, Frank (Rummerfield) r 13, (Boyle & McCrossin of Standing Stone) dairy 11 cows, farmer 300

Bramhall, Charles A., (Camptown) r 17, farmer 55

Bramhall, Clarence B., (Camptown) r 17, farmer, son of Charles A.

Bramhall, Martin L., (Camptown) carpenter and builder, farmer 53 owned by wife, h and lot Church

Bramhall, Mary E., (Camptown) r 8 ½, life lease of farm 6

Bramhall, Walter E., (Camptown) r 10, laborer, h and lot

Bramhall, William E., (Camptown) farmer 60, h Water

Brewer, Elmer, r 23, farmer and laborer

Brewer, Jay S., (Camptown) r 11, quarryman

Brewer, John, r 23, farmer 23 ½

Brewer, Oscar, r 23, farmer and laborer

Brewster, Fred A., (Camptown) cabinet maker, bds Water

Brown, Allen, r 57, farmer

Brown, Benjamin M., (Camptown) r 8, farmer 6

Brown, Clark B., off r 57, farmer 2

Brown, Clark M., r 53, road commissioner, dairy 11 cows, farmer 290

Brown, David, r 57, lumberman, farmer 50

Brown, Dorse W., r 57, cor 53, physician and surgeon, school director, farmer 116

Brown, Francis S., (Merryall) r 42, farmer, son of John H.

Brown, Frank E., r 57, laborer and farmer 55

Brown, Fred, r 57, farmer, son of David

Brown, Grace D., off r 57, dressmaker

Brown, Henry A., (Lime Hill) r 14, farm laborer

Brown, Homer A., r 53, farmer, son of Clark M.

Brown, John G., (Camptown) laborer, bds Mechanic

Brown, John G., r 57, laborer

Brown, John H., (Merryall) r 42, dairy 6 cows, farmer 82

Brown, John W., (Laceyville, Wyoming Co.) r 44, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100

Brown, J. Walter, r 57, section foreman L. V. R. R.

Brown, Mary A., r 57, widow Jabez C., farm 3

Brown, Matthias, r 57, farmer, son of David

Brown, Nelson, (Homets Ferry) r 37, farmer 5

Brown, Samuel S., r 57, dairy 2 cows, farmer 6 and 20 owned by wife

Brown, S. Byron, (Rummerfield) r 1, farmer, leases of Frank Boyle, 18

Brown, Theodore F., r 57, cor 53, farmer 50

Bump, Austin S. H., (Camptown) carpenter, Shady

Bump, I. Cornelius, (Lime Hill) r 16, dairy 5 cows, farmer 70

Bump, Laura A., (Camptown) widow Elisha, carpet weaver, h and lot Shady

Burke, Michael, (Homets Ferry) off r 31

Butts, Simpson S., r 26 cor 17, apiarist 30 colonies, dairy 4 cows, tobacco grower 2, farmer 80

Byrne, William, r 52, telegraph operator at depot, bds Sullivan, in boro

Camp, Betsey E., (Camptown) r 19, widow Calvin

Camp, Charles O., (Camptown) carpenter, h and lot Water

Camp, Homer, (Camptown) insurance agent and farmer 85, Water

Camp, Maria M., (Camptown) r 8

Camp, Mary R., (Camptown) r 19, farmer with Wayne D., about 50

Camp, Wayne D., (Camptown) r 19, farmer with Mary R., about 50

Campbell, Daniel J., (Homets Ferry) r 28 cor 34, (Campbell & Son) farmer

Campbell & Son, (William and Daniel J.) (Homets Ferry) r 28 cor 34, threshers and hay pressers

Campbell, William, (Homets Ferry) r 28 cor 34, (Campbell & Son) dairy 6 cows, farmer on shares for Emeline Jagger about 100

Camptown Creamery, (Camptown) Smith Bros props, rear Fuller’s store, Main

Camptown Hotel, (Camptown) John M. Reed propr, Water

Camptown Graded School, (Camptown) George Saxton principal, Eleanor M. Hurst teacher, Main n Church

Camptown Presbyterian Church, (Camptown) services held in M. E. Church bldg, Main cor Church, Rev. M. L. Cook, pastor

Camptown Roller Mills, (Camptown) J. E. Adamy & Son operators, Mill

Carman, Jesse I., (Camptown) retired, h and lot, Church

Carter, Uriah M., (Camptown) bicycle manuf and repairer, barber, auctioneer and jeweler Main, h and lot do

Casey, Martin, (Camptown) r 8 ½, engineer and farm laborer

Casselberry, J. Henry, (Camptown) laborer, h Main

Casselberry, W. Freeman, (Camptown) r 5, farmer on shares for Frank Jones

Castleberry, Chester H., r 41, laborer

Castleberry, George W., r 41, laborer

Castleberry, Isaiah, r 41, laborer

Caswell, D. Y., (Lime Hill) r 14, dairy 5 cows, farmer 70

Caswell, Fred A., (Lime Hill) r 13, farmer, son of D. Y.

Caswell, Ira W., (Lime Hill) r 14, school director, dairy 9 cows, farmer 140

Caswell, John W., (Lime Hill) r 14, school teacher and farmer, son of D.Y.

Chaffee, Arthur C., (Camptown) (W. L. Chaffee & Son) bds Water

Chaffee, Asher S., (Camptown) emp grist mill, h and lot Water, removed to Rummerfield

Chaffee, Clarence S., (Camptown) cabinet maker and laborer, h and lot Water, owned by wife

Chaffee, William L., (Camptown) (W. L. C. & Son) undertaker, Water, h and lot do

Chamberlain, Asa, r 25, farmer, son of Lyman D.

Chamberlain, Bertha, r 25, school teacher

Chamberlain, Eva, r 25, school teacher

Chamberlain, Francis H., r 17, with Larue D. L., farmer 75 and on shares for William 100 and for Matilda J. States 80

Chamberlain, Lyman D., r 25, dairy 7 cows, farmer 123 ½ and in Orwell 130

Chamberlain, LaRue D. L., r 17, with Francis H., farmer 75 and on shares for William 100 and for Matilda J. States 80

Chamberlain, William, r 17, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100

Chase, Amelia C., r 49, widow Ezra B.

Chilson, Stephen W., (Homets Ferry) r 32, farmer on shares for William N. Wells 60 and with W. N. Wells on shares for Mary Hoover 70

Clapper, -------, (Camptown) widow John, bds Mechanic

Clayton, James E., (Lime Hill) r 26, farmer on shares for Geo. McCrossen of Standing Stone about 90

Clyde, William C., (Rummerfield) r 13 cor 15, farmer 125 owned by Frank S. Mayer of Watson, W. Va.

Cobb, Estella M., (Camptown) widow Nelson B., dressmaker, Main, h do

Cobb, Frank H., (Camptown) laborer, h Main

Coburn, J. Lewis (Camptown) r 19, farmer 70 and 80 owned by wife

Coe, John W., (Homets Ferry) r 30 ½, farm laborer

Coleman, Charles (Lime Hill) r 27, dairy 8 cows, farmer 82 owned by wife

Coleman, Marinda, (Camptown) widow Archibald, life lease farm 140, bds Main

Coleman, Wallace W., (Camptown) r 19, tax collector and constable, farmer 10 owned by wife

Conover, Betsey, (Camptown) r 19, farm 9

Cook, Milton Lewis Rev., (Merryall) r 19, pastor First Presbyterian Church of Wyalusing, of Camptown Presbyterian Church, of Herrick Presbyterian Church and of Lime Hill Presbyterian Church, farmer 50

Crawford, Martin, (Rummerfield) r 2, laborer and farmer for Mary J., 10

Crawford, Mary J., (Rummerfield) r 2, nurse, farmer 10

Crayton, Henry J., r 48, farm laborer

Cron, Jacob, (Rummerfield) r 3, farmer, leases of T. McCrossen estate 12

Cronk, Calvin S., (Camptown) off r 11, farmer 92

Daugherty, Charles H., (Camptown) r 4, farmer 76

David, Bruce S., (Camptown) off r 10, cor 8, assessor and piano tuner

Dean, William B., r 47, dairy 11 cows, farmer 150

Decker, Alonzo, (Merryall) r 52, laborer

Decker, James B., (Merryall) r 22, farm laborer

Denton, James H., (Homets Ferry) postmaster and general merchant

Depue, W. Francis (Lime Hill) r 27, farmer 73

Detrick, Ernest H., r 45, farmer with Jennie, estate of Harrison, 165

Devine, G. Hartley, (Camptown) stone cutter, piano and organ agent, h Mechanic

Devoe, William J., (Camptown) physician and surgeon, Water

Dodge Brothers, (Bruce of boro and Myron) r 52 ½, blacksmiths

Dodge, Myron, (Dodge Bros.) r 52 ½

Donahoe, Michael, (Rummerfield) r 13, dairy 7 cows, farmer 57

Donovan, Daniel, r 46, dairy 5 cows, farmer 222

Drake, Andrew J., (Camptown) h and lot, Main

Drake, Clark J., (Camptown) carpenter, bds Main

Eddy, John N., (Camptown) r 3, farmer on shares for Elmer Billings of New Albany, 175

Elliott, A. Jackson, (Merryall) r 19, dairy 8 cows, farmer 120

Elliott, Hannah M., (Camptown) r 20, widow Elisha K., farmer 79

Elliott, Leon M., (Camptown) r 20, farmer

Elliott, Mary A., (Camptown) r 20, nurse

Elliott, Wickham N., (Camptown) clerk R. J. Fuller, h Water

Elliott, William H., (Merryall) r 19, farmer with A. Jackson

Ellsworth, Burton, r 52, foreman farmer Bixby Bros., h and lot in Wyalusing Boro

Ellsworth, Edwin T., r 48, retired

Ellsworth, Emma C., (Homets Ferry) r 33

Ellsworth, Jesse L., (Ellsworth & Stevens) r 49, farmer 10

Ellsworth, Richard H., (Homets Ferry) r 33, apiarist 60 colonies, dairy 18 cows, farmer 110

Ellsworth & Stevens, (Jesse L. and Arthur E. S.) r 49, steam threshers and hay pressers, lumbermen, timber land in Tuscarora 55 and farmer on shares for G. H. Welles, 660

Ellsworth, William, r 52, cor 52 ¾, dealer in coal, lime, brick, cement and shippers of farm produce, mgr Wyalusing Creamery Co., office opp depot and at Ingham’s drug store in boro

English, Addison O., (Camptown) r 6, apiarist 12 colonies, dairy 6 cows, farmer on shares for Orlando 85

English, Orlando R., (Camptown) farmer 75, h and lot, Main

Erskine, Mary, (Camptown) (Erskine Sisters)

Erskine, Sarah, (Camptown) (Erskine Sisters)

Erskine Sisters, (Camptown) (Sarah and Mary) dressmakers Mechanic, h and lot do

Fargo, George N., (Homets Ferry) r 32, section foreman L. V. R. R.

Fargo, Willis, (Homets Ferry) r 32, section hand L. V. R. R.

Fee, Asa, (Camptown) carpenter, dental student, bds Mechanic

Fee, Emma D., (Camptown) school teacher, bds Mechanic

Fee, Martha L. Mrs., (Camptown) stone quarry and farm 32, h and lot Mechanic

Fee, Martin, (Camptown) school director, carpenter and builder, Mechanic, h do

First Presbyterian Church of Wyalusing (Merryall) r 19, Rev. M. L. Cook, pastor

Fish, Clarence W., (Homets Ferry) r 27 cor 28, dairy 14 cows, farmer 120

Flechet, William, r 52 ½, painter

Fleming, James R., (Camptown) r 5, mason, farmer 41

Fleming, William M., (Camptown) r 4, dairy 10 cows, farmer 142

Forrest, Charles H., (Homets Ferry) station agent and telegraph operator L. V. R. R., agt U. S. Ex Co., h and lot

Frazer, J. Wesley, r 24, summer boarding house, farmer 30

Frazer, Nathan S., r 38, cor 24, propr Fraser House and livery, dairy 5 cows, farmer 200

Frisbie, Henry, (Camptown) r 6, farmer 50 and on shares for Jonathan Homet, dairy 6 cows and farmer about 100

Fuller, Adelia, (Camptown) widow Almon, bds Mechanic

Fuller, Cyrus W., (Camptown) r 6, dairy 8 cows, farmer 73

Fuller, Delia M., (Homets Ferry) r 34, widow Nirum A.

Fuller, Edgar S., (Camptown) harnessmaker Water, h do

Fuller, Elizabeth F. L., Mrs. (Camptown) farmer with Ethel 75

Fuller, Ethel, (Camptown) retired, farmer with wife 75

Fuller, Israel C., off r 52 ½, propr planing mill and lumber dealer, h Front, Wyalusing boro

Fuller, Ransom J., (Camptown) (Lafferty & Fuller) postmaster and dealer in general merchandise, Main cor Water, h and lot, Water

Fuller, William L., (Camptown) off r 10 cor 8, foreman Lafferty & Fuller, agt farm estate of Cyrus Fuller in Herrick 73 1/3

Furman, Dayton, off r 58, carpenter

Gallagher, William, r 56 cor 53, farmer h and lot

Garris, Nathaniel, (Camptown) r 8, farm laborer

Goodwin, James D., (Cold Creek) off r 8, farmer 100

Graham, Nellie M., (Camptown) milliner Church, bds do

Grippen, Charles L., (Homets Ferry) r 33, farmer on shares for Edward and Stephen Homet, 70

Groover, Elias, (Merryall) off r 40, miller and farmer 19

Hankinson, Richard S., (Camptown) farmer in Herrick 85

Hannan, Catherine, (Merryall) r 43, housekeeper

Hannan, John F., (Merryall) r 43, dairy 6 cows, farmer 83

Hansell, George W., r 26 cor 17, farm laborer

Harps, Levi J., r 49, laborer

Harps, Mary A., r 49, widow Titus, h and lot

Harps, Morris A., (Spring Hill) r 42, carpenter and mason, breeder Bradley strain barred Plymouth Rock fowls, also Thompson and Hawkins strain white and barred Plymouth Rocks and light Brahma fowls, h and lot

Harris, Hattie Mrs., (Camptown) dressmaker Main, h do

Harris, Joseph E., (Camptown) farmer 6, and on shares for Homer Camp 80

Hawley, Charles A., (Camptown) r 20 n 9, farmer 45, and in Tuscarora 35

Hawley, Fred A., (Camptown) r 20 n 9, farmer, son of Charles A.

Hawley, Willie F., (Camptown) r 20 n 9, farmer, son of Charles A.

Hendrick, Garrett, (Cold Creek) r 8, laborer

Hollenback, Arthur, r 58

Hollenback, Clark, r 58, coal dealer on r 52 ½, apiarist 17 colonies, h and lot, owned by wife

Homet, Charles M., (Homets Ferry) r 33, road commissioner, dairy 5 cows and farmer 140 for Seth

Homet, C. Stevens, r 38, farmer 125

Homet, Edward, (Homets Ferry) r 33, farmer about 160 and with Stephen 70

Homet, Francis B., r 38, farmer, son of C. Stevens

Homet, Jonathan, (Homets Ferry) money broker, farmer 160

Homet, Milton, (Homets Ferry) r 34, merchant at Wyalusing boro, farmer 110, died Nov. 14, 1899

Homet, Seth, (Homets Ferry) r 33, dairy 5 cows, farmer 140

Homet, William H., (Camptown) r 10 cor 8, farmer 100

Hoover, J. Miles, (Camptown) r 4, farmer 4 ½

Hoover, Raphael R., (Camptown) r 4, laborer

Hover, Allen, (Homets Ferry) r 30 ½, agricultural implement dealer, dairy 9 cows, tobacco grower 4, farmer 140

Hover, Mary E., (Homets Ferry) r 31, farmer 70

Howard, Glenn R., r 56, with John E. on shares for Samuel of Wyalusing boro dairy 14 cows and farmer 175

Howard, John, (Camptown) dealer in pianos

Howard, John E., r 56, with Glenn R. on shares for Samuel of Wyalusing boro, dairy 14 cows and farmer 175

Howe, C. Leslie, (Merryall) r 42, laborer, h and lot

Howland, Alfred, r 56, farm laborer

Huffman, Emma E., (Camptown) r 8 ½, widow Frank, farmer, life lease 113

Hulbert, S. Burdette, r 45 cor 54, dairy 10 cows, farmer 94

Hunt, Edward V., r 52 ½, head miller Welles Mill Co., farmer 100

Hunt, Frank B., r 26, farmer on shares for Edward V., 100

Hurst, Eleanor M., (Camptown) school teacher, bds Main

Hurst, James W., (Camptown) farm in Herrick about 175, Main

Ingham, Edward C., (Camptown) r 8, auditor, dealer in wagons and agricultural implements, dairy 8 cows, farmer 150

Irvine, Bertha, (Homets Ferry) r 30 ½, daughter Washington

Irvine, Emma, (Homets Ferry) r 32, widow John

Irvine, John M., (Homets Ferry) r 32, apiarist 28 colonies, farmer about 85

Irvine, Margaret, (Homets Ferry) r 30 ½, daughter Washington

Irvine, Washington, (Homets Ferry) r 30 ½, dairy 5 grade Durham cows, farmer 73

Jagger, Emeline, (Homets Ferry) r 28 cor 34, widow Daniel, farmer 100

Jennings, Laura A., (Lime Hill) r 15

Jones, Franklin, (Camptown) farmer 80, h and lot Mechanic

Jones, Loren E., (Camptown) clerk Smith Bros., h Mechanic

Jones, Myron W., (Camptown) wagon maker and painter, Main, h Church

Kennedy, James A., (Merryall) r 19, dairy 5 cows, farmer and leases of William B., 60

Kennedy, Jennie, (Merryall) r 22 cor 42, h and lot, wood land 40

Kennedy, Mary L., (Merryall) r 22, widow Rev. Edward

Kennedy, Samuel, (Camptown) r 18 ½, dairy 11 cows, farmer 123

Kennedy, William B., (Merryall) r 22, school director, poultry grower, dairy 16 cows, farmer 200

Kissell, George, (Camptown) r 21, on shares for James M. Lewis, dairy 6 cows and farmer 100

Kissell, Jesse H., (Merryall) r 42, laborer

Kithcart, Dewitt, (Merryall) r 42, laborer for C. H. Rider

Kline, E. N. Rev., (Camptown) pastor Methodist Episcopal Church, h Water

Knights, Stephen T., (Camptown) r 8 ½, farm laborer

Knights, William, (Camptown) on shares for T. B. Stone, dairy 5 cows and farmer about 88

Kram, Frank H., r 52, station agent L. V. R. R., agent U S Ex Co., h in boro

Labar, Andrew, r 41, farmer on shares for J. Mary Brown

Lafferty, Charles S., (Camptown) (Lafferty & Fuller) (C. S. Lafferty & Son) farmer in Herrick 50, h and lot Water

Lafferty C. S. & Son, (Charles S. and William S.) (Camptown) dealers in general merchandise, Main

Lafferty & Fuller, (C. S. and W. S. Lafferty and R. J. Fuller) (Camptown) r 10 cor 8, William Fuller supt., proprs saw, shingle, planing, lath, and spoke mill, and wood land 135

Lafferty, William S., (Camptown) (Lafferty & Fuller) (C. S. Lafferty & Son) h and lot Water

Lanphere, Elmer A., r 41, laborer

Lanphere, Hartley H., r 41, farm laborer

Larrabee, Orlando W., r 40, farm laborer

Larrabee, Thomas T., r 48, farm laborer

Layman, Edgar W. (Camptown) r 17, brakeman L. V. R. R.

Layman, John, (Camptown) r 17, farmer 100, died Sept. 2, 1899

Layman, Lizzie, (Camptown) r 17, school teacher

Lee, Anna B., (Camptown) milliner, bds Water

Lee, Anna S., (Camptown) r 4, widow Frank, farmer 15

Lee, James W., (Camptown) r 4, farm laborer

Lee, John, (Rummerfield) r 13 cor 1, pensioner

Lee, Thomas C., (Camptown) r 10, emp saw and planing mill, h and farm 11 ½ Water

Lehman, Amanda, r 49, widow Henry

Lehman, W. Edward, r 49, farm laborer, h and lot

Lewis, Amelia B. Mrs., (Merryall) r 22, postmaster

Lewis, Charles L., (Camptown) student, bds Mechanic

Lewis, George Z., (Camptown) live stock dealer, farm in Pike about 200, h and lot Mechanic

Lewis, James N., (Merryall) r 27, dairy 6 high grade Jersey and Holstein cows, thoroughbred Light Bramah fowls, farmer 100

Lewis, William E., (Camptown) r 12, on shares for William Roberts, apiarist 14 colonies, dairy 6 cows and farmer about 80

Lewis, Willis e., (Merryall) r 22, auditor, dairy 6 cows, 8 thoroughbred Jersey cattle, farmer about 125

Lime Hill Presbyterian Church (Lime Hill) r 26, Rev. M. L. Cook pastor, services in Union Church bldg

Lyon, Adin J., (Spring Hill) r 43, dairy 9 cows, farmer 100

Lyon, Burton L., (Spring Hill) r 42, student

Lyon, George M., (Spring Hill) r 42, (H. M. Lyon & Sons)

Lyon, Harrison M., (Spring Hill) r 42, (H. M. Lyon & Sons) farm 140

Lyon, Henry B., (Camptown) blacksmith and wagon maker, Mechanic, h Church

Lyon H. M. & Sons, (Harrison M., George M., and Stephen S.) (Spring Hill) r 42, breeders of and dealers in reg Holstein and Friesian cattle, Chester White swine, barred and Plymouth Rock fowls, farmers 140

Lyon, Stephen S., (H. M. Lyon & Sons) (Spring Hill) r 42

Lyon, Thomas C., r 43, farmer, son of Adin J.

Magee, Adaline, (Camptown) widow Daniel, h and lot, Mechanic

Mann, Henry C., r 52 ½, fireman, Welles Mills Co.

Mann, Philip J., (Camptown) harness maker, Main cor Mechanic, h and lot do

Mann, P. J. Mrs., (Clara E.) (Camptown) milliner and dressmaker, Main cor Mechanic, h do

Mann, Samuel, off r 52, on shares for Clark Brown, dairy 8 cows, farmer 160

McAllister, William, (Rummerfield) r 2, dairy 4 cows, farmer 50

McCumber, S. Ellen, (Camptown) widow Andrew, h and lot, Water

Merryall Grist Mill, r 41 cor 40, Frank West prop

Methodist Episcopal Church, (Camptown) Rev. E. N. Kline pastor, Main cor Church

Middaugh, Isaac J., (Lime Hill) r 15, farmer 5, owned by Ellenor Wilson, and on shares for Jonathan Homet 45 and for Isaiah Morrow 15

Mitten, W. Thomas, r 24 cor 23, dairy 6 cows, farmer 125 and ½ interest in 31

Moger, William B., (Rummerfield) r 13 cor 15, farmer

Moody, Calvin H., (Sugar Run) r 58, section hand L. V. R. R.

Morris, Frank, r 52 ½, clerk

Morrow, Charles H., (Camptown) clerk R. J. Fuller, h Water

Morrow, George W., r 23, farmer 107, owned by William G. of Wilmot

Morrow, J. Isaiah, (Lime Hill) r 12, dairy 6 cows, farmer 100

Neiley, Grant A., (Homets Ferry) r 30 ½, farmer on shares for Allen Hover, dairy 9 cows, breeder Dutch belt cattle registered, tobacco grower 4 and farmer 140

Novak, Michael, (Homets Ferry) section hand

Nurss, Archibald, (Camptown) r 7, mason, h and lot

Nurss, Henry, (Camptown) Church Information refused

O’Grady, Patrick, (Homets Ferry) off r 31, h and lot

Oliver, Charles L., (Camptown) r 6, farmer for Mrs. M. L. Swan 50

Overfield, Benjamin B., (Camptown) laborer, bds Mechanic

Overfield, B. Judson, (Camptown) general blacksmith and wagonmaker Mechanic, h and lot do

Overton, Bernard N., r 25, farmer on shares for Nelson, 110

Overton, Lyman C., r 38, dairy 9 cows, farmer 230

Overton, Nelson, r 25, farmer 118

Palmer, Clark, r 39, broom manuf

Palmer, Elmer W., off r 52, farm laborer

Palmer, Harry C., (Camptown) r 10, telegrapher

Palmer, Samuel T., (Camptown) r 10, laborer, h and lot, owned by wife

Patton & Bro. (William and Edward C.) (Camptown) r 11, hay pressers

Patton, Edward C., (Camptown) r 11, (Patton & Bro.) farmer 50

Patton, William, (Camptown) (Patton & Bro.) clerk C. S. Lafferty & Son, bds Water

Peet, George, (Cold Creek) r 8, farmer 25

Peet, Jerry, (Merryall) r 19, farm laborer

Penwell, George F., (Camptown) butter maker Camptown Creamery, h Water

Porter, Melissa, (Cold Creek) r 8, widow Horace

Quick, Erastus C. Rev., (Camptown) r 6, pastor Baptist Church at Herrickville, farmer 18

Reed, Addie U. Mrs. (Camptown) carpet weaver, owns Camptown hotel, Water

Reed, George M., (Camptown) clerk Camptown Hotel, Water, bds do

Reed, John M., (Camptown) propr Camptown Hotel, Water

Rider, C. Henry, (Merryall) r 40 n 41, milk and cream dealer and farmer, leases of A. S. Taylor 48

Roberts, William, (Homets Ferry) r 32, farmer 80

Rockefeller, M. Henry (Camptown) blacksmith, Main, h do

Rogers, Frank, r 58, section foreman L. V. R. R.

Rolls, Charles, (Camptown) r 5, laborer

Rolls, Dennie, (Camptown) r 5, laborer

Ross, Lewis W., (Camptown) r 8, carpenter and builder, h and lot

Ruger, Watson P., (Camptown) r 7, quarryman

Schofield, Anna J., (Camptown) school teacher, bds Water

Schofield, Edson P., (Camptown) school teacher, bds Water

Schofield, James Rev., (Camptown) pastor Methodist Episcopal Church, h Water, died Aug. 4, 1899

Schoonover, George H., r 56, farm laborer

Schoonover, James A., (Camptown) r 17, farmer on shares for John Layman, 100

Seagraves, Eliza A., (Camptown) widow William, h and lot Church

Shoemaker, Priscilla B. Mrs., (Camptown) housekeeper for C. C. Smith, Main

Shumway, Alfred V., r 52, mgr W. U. Tel. at depot, h in boro, moved to Laceyville

Sigler, Stanton, r 52 ½, miller Wells Mill Co

Smith Brothers (Prescott A. and Clarence C.), (Camptown) general merchants and manufs cheese safes, proprs Camptown creamery, Main

Smith, Clarence C., (Camptown) (Smith Bros.) h Main

Smith, H. Frank, (Camptown) clerk Smith Bros., h Church

Smith, Martha J., (Camptown) r 4 cor 11, widow Silas A., h and lot

Smith, Mary Avery Mrs., (Camptown) bds Main cor Mechanic

Smith, Martin E., (Camptown) stone quarryman and farmer on shares, h Mechanic

Smith, Prescott A., (Camptown) (Smith Bros.) h Church

Smith, Richard T., (Camptown) r 4 cor 11, laborer

Snell, Lafayette K., (Camptown) r 4 cor 11, laborer

Stalford, Bessie, r 49, school teacher

Stalford, C. Miner, off r 52 ½, laborer M. H. & G. H. Welles

Stalford, Emily W., r 58, with Mary R., h and lot

Stalford, Florence M., r 49, school teacher

Stalford, Jesse T., r 49, dairy 14 cows, farmer 85

Stalford, John B., r 57 cor 58, pres. Bank Wyalusing, farmer about 175 and other lands

Stalford, Lettie E., r 58, widow Harmon W., farmer 75, estate of H. W.

Stalford, Mary E., r 58, with Mary R., h and lot

Stalford, Mary R., r 58, widow Levi P., h and lot with daughters

Stalford, Maynard, r 57 cor 58, clerk Bank of Wyalusing

Stalford, Roland K., r 58, farmer H. W. Harmon estate 76

Stalford, Thomas M., r 49, insurance agt

Stalford, William P., r 49, portable steam saw mill, h and lot

States, Jane, r 57 cor 53, widow Daniel

States, Matilda J., r 17, widow David L., farm 80

Stevens, Amos C., r 22, farmer 12

Stevens, Arthur E., r 49, (Ellsworth & Stevens) h and lot

Stevens, B. Mary, r 22, school teacher

Stevens, John H., (Camptown) r 20, dairy 6 cows, farmer 150

Stevens, Manford, r 41, dairy 10 cows, farmer 80

Stone, Emily, (Camptown) widow Edward L., h and lot, Main

Stone, Eugene E., (Camptown) r 19, farmer 48

Stone, Perry E., (Merryall) r 22, assessor, dairy 7 cows, farmer 25 and on shares for Clinton Lewis of Emporia, Kansas, about 140

Stone, Philemon, (Camptown) r 8, farmer 100

Stone, Ulysses P., (Camptown) r 8, farmer 75

Strunk, Louisa A., (Lime Hill) r 16 cor 26, widow Ziba S., postmaster, farmer 48

Strunk, Oscar F., (Homets Ferry) r 28

Sumner, Agnes V., (Camptown) widow Charles, h W. Water

Sumner, Porter H., (Camptown) physician and surgeon off Water, h do

Swackhammer, Oren V., (Camptown) r 18, farmer

Swackhammer, Philip, (Camptown) r 18, farmer on shares for Mrs. A. Lewis of Wyalusing boro 150

Swan, Mary L. Mrs., (Camptown) r 6, farmer 50

Taylor, Alton S., r 49, auditor, farmer 53

Taylor, George V., r 58, farmer, son of James R.

Taylor, James R., r 38, dairy 8 cows, farmer 106, wife has interest in farm estate of John Vaughan 110

Terry, Charles L., r 50, school teacher

Terry, Ebenezer N., r 50, on shares for Dr. J. W. Chamberlain of Wyalusing boro, dairy 12 cows, and farmer 200

Terry, Guy C., (Camptown) watchmaker and jeweler Main, h and lot Main, owned by wife

Thompson, C. Frederick, (Camptown) r 9 cor 20, farmer, son of E. S.

Thompson, Edward S., (Camptown) r 9 cor 20, dairy 8 cows, farmer 100

Thompson, Elizabeth, (Camptown) h with R. J. Fuller, Water

Thompson, G. Gustavus, r 57, on shares for Ira A. Brown, dairy 10 cows and farmer 130

Thompson, Grace E., (Camptown) r 9 cor 20, school teacher

Thompson, J. Frank, (Camptown) r 9 cor 20, farmer, son of E. S.

Thompson, Mabel E., (Camptown) r 9 cor 20, school teacher

Thompson, William N., r 57, farmer, son of G. G.

Thomson, Lydia P., (Camptown) widow John S., bds Camptown Hotel

Tiffany, Abram L., (Camptown) r 19, laborer and farmer 15

Tiffany, Harry R., (Camptown) r 19, painter

Titus, Cora, (Camptown) clerk C. S. Lafferty & Son, bds Water

Union Church, (Lime Hill) r 26 cor 28

Vanderpool, Andrew, (Homets Ferry) farm laborer

Vanderpool, Isaac E., (Homets Ferry) r 32, farmer on shares for George Homet of Wysox about 112

Vanderpool, U. Grant, r 52, stockman for G. H. Welles

Vanover, James A., r 53, laborer, farm 5 owned by wife

Vargason, Esther O., (Lime Hill) r 29, life lease farm 50

Vargason, Walter S., (Lime Hill) farm laborer

Vaughan, E. Fremont, r 38, town clerk, farmer with Elmira 140

Vaughan, Elias, (Camptown) laborer, h Main

Vaughan, Elmira, r 38, dairy 5 cows, farmer 140

Vaughan, Frank D., r 37, farmer, son of James E.

Vaughan Hill Old School Baptist Meeting House, r 25

Vaughan, James C., r 25 n 17, dairy 14 high grade Durham cows, farmer 115

Vaughan, James E., r 37, justice of the peace, dairy 12 grade Jersey and Durham cows, potato grower, farmer 152

Vaughan, Richard R., r 25 n 17, farmer on r 17 ½, 47 and on shares for James C. dairy 14 cows and farmer 115

Verbryck, Henry, r 52 ½, wagon maker

Vosburg, Emma L., (Camptown) r 10, farm 7

Wells, Elijah F., (Lime Hill) r 12, mason and farmer 4

Wells, James D., (Camptown) r 17 ½, farmer 7

Wells, S. Lomis, (Merryall) r 22, dairy 5 cows and farmer, leases of Lewis Coburn 70

Wells, William N., (Homets Ferry) r 33 off 32, dairy 6 cows, farmer 60 and with I. W. Chilson on shares for Mary Hover 70

Welles, Fisher, r 52 ½, bookkeeper and mgr Welles Mill Co and with Nelson Welles mgr. M. H. & G. H. Welles lumber business

Welles, George H., r 52 ½, (Welles Mills Co.) (M. H. & G. H. Welles) 30 reg Short horn cattle, farmer 660

Welles, Lincoln, r 52 ½, manager with G. H. Welles

Welles, M. H. & G. H., (Matthias H. of Elmira, NY, deceased, and George H.), r 52 ½, manufs of pine, hemlock, and hard wood lumber and farm contractors, mills in Terry, office at R.R. crossing r 52 ½

Welles Mill Company, r 52 ½, George H. Welles propr, merchant miller

West, Frank, r 41 cor 40, propr Merryall grist mill, grain dealer and shipper, apiarist 11 colonies

Wheeler, William, r 52, farm laborer

White, Frederick W., (Camptown) r 4, farmer, son of N. K.

White, George C., (Camptown) r 3, market gardener and onion grower on shares for Elmer Billings of New Albany

White, Nathan K., (Camptown) off r 4, farmer with wife, 54

Wildrick, Joseph L., (Homets Ferry) r 37 n 35, farmer 4 and on shares for Jabez E. Chamberlain of Wyalusing boro, 80

Wilson, Eleanor, (Lime Hill) r 15, widow Andrew, farmer 5

Wilson, John B., (Camptown) r 20, pensioner

Wilson, William R., (Lime Hill) r 16, farm laborer

Woodburn, John, (Lime Hill) r 28, laborer

Woodfield, Thomas, r 45, dairy 5 cows, farmer 144

Woodruff, Charles H., (Spring Hill) r 42, farm laborer

Wyalusing Creamery Co., (Wm. Ellsworth, J. B. Stalford and Samuel Howard of Boro) n depot r 52, Wm. Ellsworth manager, manufrs of butter

Wyley, Jane, (Camptown) off r 4, widow John

York, James, (Camptown) r 8, laborer

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Photographed by Joyce M. Tice 1999
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1900 Bradford County Directory
Wysox Township
Transcribed and Submitted by Joan Kintner
                       1900 Wysox Township Directory
Post office address is Wysox unless otherwise designated (in parenthesis).

Ackley, Eugene, r 37, section foreman L V R R
Adams, William P., (Towanda) r 48, laborer
Aldrich, Ira C., (Towanda) r 49, emp Humphrey's shoe factory
Allen, Dayton, (Apex) off r 5, farmer 125
Allen, Edward, (Wickizer) r 9, carpenter and wagon maker
Allen, Harry B., r 37, carpenter
Allen, Jesse, (Towanda) r 48, emp toy factory
Allen, John A., r 37, carpenter, apiarist 25 colonies, farmer 10
Allen, John H., (Wickizer) r 9, farmer 53
Allen, LeRoy E., (Wickizer) r 9, farm laborer
Allen, Oney J., (Myersburg) r 7, farmer on shares for Mrs. C. H. Whitney 75
Allen, Stephen A., (Towanda) r 47, machinist
Allen, Tracey F., (Allis Hollow) r 13, farmer 50
Allen, William P., r 37, farm laborer
Allis, Charles, (Allis Hollow) r 13, farmer for S. Allis, 90
Allis, Clayton, (Mercur) r 17, farmer on shares for Henry Wood, 92
Allis, Halliday D., (Towanda) r 48, shipping clerk for George Moore
Allis, Sherban, (Allis Hollow), r 13, farmer 90
Anderson, James, (Myersburg) off r 21, mason
Archer, George B., (Towanda) r 31, dairy 8 cows, farmer 88
Archer, J. Frank, (Towanda) r 31, dairy 5 cows, farmer 60
Armstrong, Sarah A. Mrs., (Towanda) r 44
Arnold, Willis T., (Towanda) r 48
Barnes, George W., r 30
Barnes, W. Sherman, r 30, dairy 30 cows and farmer 66, also on shares for J. F. Patterson of Towanda 340.
Bartch, Jesse B., (Towanda) r 47, laborer
Bartlett Hotel, r 39, Stephen Sullivan, propr.
Bartlett, Leverett D., r 38, market gardener and farmer 75
Beeman, Joseph H., r 19, farm laborer
Bensley, John G., (Towanda) off r 47, farmer 75
Biles, Walter P., (Towanda) r 44, farm laborer
Billings, Paul & Co. of Tunkhannock, Pa., r 45, O. S. Overton agt., shippers of hay, straw and potatoes.
Bishop, Edward R., r 45, farmer 47
Bishop, Mary L., (Myersburg) r 7, widow Horace
Bishop, Stephen C., r 27
Blackman, Henry J.,  (Towanda) off r 47, gardener
Blodgett, Sidney S.,  (Towanda) r 48, emp Humphrey's shoe factory
Bostwick, William,  r 37 cor 34, dairy 6 cows and farmer 67, died since canvass.
Brennan, Patrick R.,  off r 37, physician and surgeon
Brink, Ruel W.,  (Wickizer) r 11, farmer 30
Brown, Robert,  (Towanda) r 44, dairy 50 registered Shorthorn Durham cows, farmer on shares for Robert H. Lanning 300; farm in Sheshequin 60
Brown, Ulysses F., r 19, dairy 6 cows, apiarist 11 colonies, farmer 50
Bull, Emerson T., (Apex) r 23, postmaster, dairy 12 cows and farmer 140
Bull, Hiram E., (Towanda) r 44, county surveyor
Bull, Ira D., (Apex) r 23-1/2, dairy 7 cows and farmer 50
Bull, Omer, r 30, farmer on shares for Stephen Osborn 127
Bustin, George, r 35, dairy 10 cows, 30 sheep and farmer 100
Bustin, Richard, (Myersburg) r 6, dairy 12 cows and farmer 125
Calligan, William, r 35, farm laborer
Campbell, Archie A., (Myersburg) r 21, mgr Myersburg creamery, dealer in grain and potatoes and agt for D. Burrell & Co.'s creamery supplies.
Cannan, Lucius E., (Rome) r 10, dairy 4 cows, breeder of buff Plymouth Rock fowls and farmer 52
Cantwell, John, (Towanda) emp toy factory, bds East Side hotel
Carmody, John, (Towanda) flagman L V R R, bds East Side hotel
Chamberlin, George M., (Myersburg) r 19, farmer for Samuel Chamberlin estate 125
Chamberlin, Samuel J., (Myersburg) r 7, school director, thresher, hay presser and farmer 9
Chamberlin, William A., (Myersburg) r 19-1/2, farmer 14
Clancy, Patrick, (Towanda) r 42, farmer 50
Clapper, Frank C., (Towanda) r 44, farm laborer
Cole, David W., propr yacht Nellie B on Lake Wesaukin, bds Bartlett House
Cole, Walter, (Apex) r 2 cor 1, farm laborer
Conklin, Allen, (Apex) r 23-1/2, dairy 6 cows and farmer 50
Conklin, George, (Myersburg) r 21, dairy 14 cows, 36 sheep, farmer 350 and in Orwell 325 and in Rome 50
Conklin, John W., (Apex) r 2 cor 1, farmer
Conklin, Joseph L., (Apex) r 2 cor 1, dairy 20 cows and farmer 190
Conrad, Orrin K., (Towanda) r 41 cor 42, peddler of extracts
Cook, Edward, (Towanda) off r 47, turner in chair factory
Cook, Thomas J., (Mercur) r 12, dairy 8 cows and farmer 65
Cook, Thomas J. Jr., (Mercur) r 12, farm laborer
Coolbaugh, Eustis A., r 34, dairy 12 cows and farmer 175
Coolbaugh, Henry G., r 37, laborer
Coolbaugh, Jesse R, r 45, tobacco grower 10 and farmer 125
Cooley, Sarah A., (Myersburg) r 7
Costello, Patrick, (Towanda) r 48, stone cutter
Cowen, Edward C. (Towanda) r 44, laborer L V R R
Coykendall, Clara J., r 32, widow William H., farmer 65
Coykendall, Harry J., r 32, farmer for Mrs. Clara J. 65
Crawford, William, r 42, carpenter
Crawn, D. Abraham, r 37, farmer 70
Darling, Clarence, (Myersburg) r 7, farm laborer
Darling, Hollis T., r 19, traveling salesman
Davis, Charles, (Myersburg) r 7, veterinary surgeon
Davies, David Rev., r 38, pastor Presbyterian church
Daugherty, Charles, r 21, farmer 14
Daugherty Hotel, (Wysox)
Daugherty, Jabez G., r 37
Daugherty, John W., r 37, laborer L V R R
Daugherty, Theodore F., (Mercur) r 17 cor 11, dairy 6 cows and farmer 66
Daugherty, Victor E., r 37, propr Wysox grist mill, farm 12
Decker, Isaac B., (Towanda) off r 47
Decker, Paul, (Mercur) r 18, farmer, leases of Charles Cafferty of Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 60
Dixon, Sterling, r 35, dairy 7 cows, apiarist 12 colonies and farmer 50
Donovan, James, r 37, farm laborer
Donovan, John, r 37, farm laborer
Drake, C. William, r 47, laborer
Drake, Edward C., r 47, farmer 20
Drake, Maria, (Apex) r 5, widow Edward, farmer 20
Drake, Newton H., (Apex) off r 5, dairy 12 cows, farmer, leases of Dayton Allen 125
Duggan, Timothy, off r 37, section foreman L V R R
Dunkley, Maynard D., r 39, clerk for Smith & Waldo
Dutcher, John A., (Apex) off r 5, farmer 65
Dyer, Benjamin, r 33, laborer
Dyer, Edward, r 33, laborer
Dyer, Harry B., r 33, laborer
Dyer, Hiram, r 33
Dyer, John L., r 32, farmer 40
Dyer, Sanford, r 33, laborer
East Side Hotel, (Towanda) r 43, J. Frank Keating prop
Eastabrook, Arthur, r 39, mgr Hygiene Milk Co. of Wilkes-Barre
Eddy, Robert, off r 39, farm laborer
Eilenberger, Frank A., r 38, mgr Wysox Coal Yard
Eilenberger, S. B., r 37, propr Wysox Coal Yard and dealer in agricultural implements, shingles, lath, lime and plaster
Ellson, Frederick H., r 45, dairy 6 cows and farmer on shares for Mrs. Robert H. Lanning of Towanda, 128
Ellsworth, James T., off r 39, farm laborer
Ennes, Charles L., off r 45, mgr Wysox Creamery
Ferrell, William G., (Towanda) r 47, farm laborer
Flick, Jesse R., r 30 farm laborer
Forbes, Ernest, (Towanda) r 44, farm laborer
Forbes, William, (Towanda) r 44, farmer
Fox, Charles A., (Myersburg) r 7, farmer, leases of L. T. Lent 50
Fox, Emery, (Towanda) off r 44, farm laborer
Fox, George, (Myersburg) r 7, laborer
Fox, George W., r 20, farm laborer
Fox, Thomas H., (Myersburg) r 7, dairy 5 cows, farmer, leases of George Nichols of Rome, 100
Gard, George B., (Towanda) off r 29, dairy 7 cows, farmer 50
Gard, Walter G., (Black) r 28, dairy 5 cows, farmer for Miles Shores of Towanda, 68
Garland, William, (Myersburg) off r 6, farmer, leases of Daniel Mehan of Harrisburg, 74
Geiger, Fred W., (Towanda) r 44, roofer
Geiger, J. Valentine, (Towanda) r 44, gunsmith, owns 7 acres
Gerould, Mahlon C., (Towanda) ticket clerk E Towanda station, h 102 Main, Towanda
Gorsline, Abel L., (Wickizer) r 10, farmer 60
Gorsline, Pomeroy, (Wickizer) r 10, dairy 11 cows, farmer 100
Green, Francis H., (Myersburg) r 19-1/2, farmer
Green, Frank J., (Myersburg) off r 19-1/2, farmer 70
Green, Harry L., (Towanda) r 48, carpenter, emp L V R R
Green, Henry, (Towanda) r 48, carpenter, emp L V R R
Green, J. Sylvester, (Myersburg) r 19-1/2, farmer on shares for F. J. Green, 4
Green, Lester D., r 42, carpenter
Green, William S., r 42, carpenter and farmer 5
Grimes, Patrick J., (Mercur) r 12, dairy 9 cows, 10 sheep, farmer 145
Groover, Oscar, r 20, farm laborer
Haaze, Henry W., (Towanda) r 47, carriage painter
Haley, John, r 41 cor 32, farm laborer
Hankinson, Alfred L., off r 35, dairy 8 cows, apiarist 10 colonies, farmer 65
Hannon, Thomas J., (Towanda) r 47, laborer
Harbst, Daniel P., (Towanda) off r 47, farmer, leases of J. Ochs, 47
Hardenstein, Joseph, r 37, laborer L V R R
Hardick, J. Wesley, (Wickizer) r 9, carpenter
Harlow, Stephen B., (Apex) r 1, dairy 12 cows and farmer 140
Hayes, Daniel, (Apex) r 2, dairy 9 cows and farmer 110
Heath, Charles, (Mercur) r 15, mail carrier from Mercur to Wysox
Heath, Darius, (Mercur) r 15, laborer
Heath, David M., (Mercur) r 12, apiarist 12 colonies, farmer 6
Heath, Francis B., (Mercur) r 15, farm laborer
Heath, James W., (Mercur) r 15, farmer 47
Heath, Joshua J., (Mercur) r 12, farm laborer
Heath, Walter M., (Wickizer) r 10, farmer on shares for P. Gorsline 100
Henley, Elliott J., (Towanda) r 47, emp toy factory
Hess, C. Irvin, (Towanda) r 49, emp chair factory
Hess, Isaac H., (Towanda) laborer L V R R
Hettich, George, (Towanda) r 49
Hinds, Adolf H., (Mercur) r 11, dairy 15 cows, apiarist 8 colonies, dealer in Jersey cattle and Chester white swine and farmer 130
Hinds, J. Edward, (Mercur) r 11, farmer
Hirst, Edwin D., r 45, real estate
Hoaglin, Orlando, (Myersburg) r 6, dairy 10 cows, 25 sheep and farmer 100
Hoffman, William M., (Apex) r 23-1/2, prop Hotel Wesauk
Hollis, Merton T., clerk for Smith & Waldo, h over store
Holmes, John, (Towanda) r 47, (Holmes & Passage, Towanda) farmer 84
Homet, George S., r 37, dealer in horses and cattle, farm in Wyalusing 115
Homet, Sara W. Mrs., r 37, farmer 112
Hoover, John, (Towanda) r 47, farm laborer
Hopkins, Charles H., r 40, farm laborer
Hotel Wesauk, (Apex) r 23-1/2, William M. Hoffman prop
Howe, Jonathan, (Myersburg) r 20, carpenter
Hurley, Robert, off r 35, dairy 6 cows and farmer 68
Hygiene Milk Co. of Wilkes-Barre, Pa, r 39, Arthur Eastabrook manager
Jakway, Charles S., (Wickizer) r 11, dairy 7 cows, farmer, leases of Moore estate 79
Johnson, James, (Towanda) r 47, farmer 4
Kast, Barney, (Towanda) off r 44, farm laborer
Keating, J. Frank, (Towanda) r 43, prop East Side Hotel
Kelly, Catherine, (Towanda) r 43
King, George, (Apex) r 3, dairy 9 cows, 14 sheep, farmer 120
King, Mary, (Apex) r 3, widow Gabriel, farmer 75
King, Morgan L., (Apex) r 3, farmer for Mrs. Mary, 75
King, William H., r 42, dairy 12 cows and farmer 120
Kinly, Alvin, (Myersburg) r 34
Kintner, William M., r 45, farmer
LaBarre, Morris, (Towanda) r 47
Lafy, George R., (Towanda) r 43, laborer L V R R, farm 13
Lamphere, Daniel M., (Myersburg) r 7, farmer 30
Lanning, Benjamin, (Towanda) r 48
Layton, Arthur, r 23, farm laborer
Lenox, William, (Towanda) off r 47, farmer 4
Lenox, William J., (Towanda) off r 47, laborer
Lent, Abel K., r 24, dairy 10 cows, apiarist 12 colonies and farmer 100
Lent, Albert, (Apex) r 25, dairy 9 cows, 25 sheep, farmer 125
Lewis, Ann A., r 37 cor 34, widow William
Lewis, Burton W., r 21, town clerk, justice of the peace and general merchant, h r 37
Lewis, Elmer, (Towanda) off r 43, painter
Lloyd, Almond J., (Mercur) r 17, dairy 10 cows and farmer 100
Lloyd, Charles H., mail clerk on L V R R, bds Bartlett House
Lockabee, Ann E., (Towanda) r 43, widow John
Lockabee, James N. Jr., (Towanda off r 43, laborer
Lynch, Martin H., (Towanda) r 49, emp L V freight house
MacDougall, Alexander B., (Mercur) r 15 cor 11, blacksmith 100
Madill, Thomas F., r 37, physician and surgeon
Madill, William L., r 37, agent
Mallory, Harvey, r 42, farmer on shares for Mrs. Sally Morgan
Maloney, John, r 38, stone mason and farmer 20
Mann, Orrin, (Towanda) off r 43, laborer
Martin, Abraham, r 39, wagon maker, h off r 37
Martin, Charles R., r 40, carpenter
Martin, Isaac, (Myersburg) r 7
Martin, James, (Myersburg) off r 7, farm laborer
Martin, Reed, r 34, laborer L V R R
Martin, Theodore, r 34, laborer
Martin, Theodore, off r 37, laborer
McCabe, Harrison R., (Towanda) r 42, dairy 10 cows, farmer for J. B. Allen of Towanda 60
McCarty, Dennis, (Myersburg) off r 6, farmer 96
McKenna, Hugh, (Myersburg) r 21, farmer
Meehan, John, r 45 cor 40, farm laborer
Methodist Episcopal Church, r 20, Rev. Newton Barnes pastor
Miller, Allen, r 19, dairy 10 cows, apiarist 7 colonies, farmer, leases of John Hinds 80
Miller, George, r 45, emp coal yard
Montgomery, John K., (Towanda) r 47-1/2, farmer on shares for John Holmes 54
Moore, James, (Apex) r 3, farm laborer
Moore, Melvin B., r 38, locomotive engineer, also thresher and hay presser
Morgan, Sally, widow James L., farmer 100
Mosher, Orville W., (Myersburg) r 7
Moshier, Jane Mrs., r 30
Murphy, Dennis, (Myersburg) r 6, dairy 10 cows, apiarist 10 colonies and farmer 105
Murphy, Edward J., (Towanda) r 48, moulder
Myersburg Creamery, (Myersburg) r 21, Archie A. Campbell mgr
Nichols, Lavern N., (Myersburg) r 19-1/2, dairy 5 cows, 25 sheep
Nobles, Mary O., (Towanda) r 44 cor 47, widow Henry W., dairy 16 cows and farmer 130
O'Connor Richard, (Mercur) r 16, laborer
Osborn, Stephen, r 30, dairy 14 cows and farmer 127
Ott, Aaron, (Towanda) r 49, gardener
Ott, Diantha, r 45, widow George, farmer 4
Overton, O. S., r 45, agt for Paul Billings & Co. of Tunkhannock, Pa, shippers of hay, straw, grain and potatoes
Owen, Edwin G., r 41, gardener and truckster, tobacco grower 3-1/2, dairy 12 cows, farmer 70  and in Sheshequin farm 65
Parks, Henrietta A., (Wickizer) r 9, widow Harry
Parks, Henry M., (Wickizer) off r 9, farmer with Silas for Harry Parks estate 300
Parks, Mahlon W., (Towanda) r 44, market gardener 37
Parks, Oscar N., (Allis Hollow) r 13, farmer 150
Parks, Perry W., (Towanda) r 44, music teacher
Parks, Silas, (Wickizer) r 9, dairy 6 cows, farmer with Henry for Harry Parks estate 300
Passmore, Clarence W., r 38, farm laborer
Peck, George S., (Towanda) r 49
Peet, George N., r 39, general blacksmithing, h r 45
Pierce, George C., (Myersburg) r 7, laborer
Pierce, Sarah J., r 45
Pierce, William A., (Myersburg) r 7
Pierce, Wilson W., (Myersburg) r 7, gardener
Piollet, John C., r 45 cor 40, propr with Louis, Piollet Milk Station Creamery, occupied at present by Hygiene Milk Co; also propr portable saw mill, threshing machine and hay press, cattle dealer, dairy 75 cows, tobacco grower 20 and farmer 1000.
Piollet, Louis, r 40, junction 37 and 38, propr with John C., Piollet Milk Station Creamery, occupied at present by Hygiene Milk Co; also propr saw mill on r 26; dairy 75 registered Shorthorn Durham cows, tobacco grower 20 and farmer 1000.
Pipher, Calvin D., (Allis Hollow) r 13, farmer 120
Pipher, Gilbert P., r 19, farmer 60
Pipher, Lewis, (Mercur) r 10, farmer 40
Platt, Anson, (Towanda) r 47, farmer 4
Platt, Erwin, (Myersburg) r 9, apiarist 25 colonies and farmer 64
Platt, Merton, (Towanda) r 47, laborer
Post, Bradley J., (Myersburg) r 21, postmaster and general merchant
Post, Charles K., r 29, telegraph operator
Post, John R., r 30, dairy 12 cows and farmer 107
Post, John W., r 30, farm laborer
Post, Lawson E., (Black) r 28 cor 27, butcher
Post, Maria E., (Apex) r 29, widow Victor E.
Presbyterian Church, Rev. David Davis pastor
Preston, Demphster E., (Towanda) r 47, farmer on shares for J. P. Kirby 85
Reed, Charles, r 45, physician and surgeon
Reynolds, Ezra E., (Towanda) r 48, farm laborer
Reynolds, George F., (Myersburg) r 7, farmer 75
Reynolds, William S., (Myersburg) r 7, dairy 4 cows, 25 sheep, and farmer 100
Ridgway, Benjamin I., r 45, collector, constable and farmer 3
Ridgway, Celinda H., widow Joseph P., owns 3 acres
Rippeth, George W., r 29, farmer 10
Robinson, Celestia H. Mrs., (Wickizer) r 10, farm 28
Robinson, Chauncey, (Towanda) r 48, emp Frost's factory
Robinson, Elbert E., (Wickizer) r 10, dairy 5 cows, farmer for the Harry Parks estate 28, and on shares for B. E. Whitney 20
Rockwell, Darwin, (Mercur) r 11, farmer on shares for J. D. Trumbull 200
Ross, Catherine, (Towanda) r 49, widow Burton
Ross, Charles B., (Towanda) r 48, carpenter
Ross, Ranslaer, (Towanda) r 47
Rowe, Walter V., r 40, dealer in general merchandise and shipper of and dealer in farm produce
Russell, Levi T., (Myersburg) off r 7, sawyer
Scanlon, Edward M., (Towanda) r 43, moulder
Scanlon, John, (Towanda) r 43, flagman L V R R
Scanlon, Winifred, (Towanda) r 48, widow Martin
Schmieg, Joseph, (Towanda) off r 47, emp toy factory
Schmieg, Julius, (Towanda) off r 47, emp Frost's factory
Schoonover, Dennis M., (Towanda) r 48, laborer
Schoonover, Isaac, off r 33, farmer
Schultz, Charles L., (Apex) r 23, farm laborer
Schultz, James, r 42, farmer 26
Schultz, Robert, (Towanda) r 44, mason
Scott, James J., (Myersburg) r 22, emp Tracy's shoe factory in Towanda
Searles, Irving W., (Towanda) r 47, carpenter
Seebick, John A., (Towanda) r 47-1/2, blacksmith on r 7
Seymour, Charles, r 37, farm laborer
Seymour, Eugene, r 37, farm laborer
Seymour, John J., (Myersburg) r 21
Shelton, George H., (Towanda) r 48, hosiery manufacturer
Shelton, James, (Towanda) r 48, peddler
Shelton, James Jr., (Towanda) r 48, bicycle repairer
Sherman, John G., r 42, farmer on shares for W. H. King 120
Shiner, James W., (Towanda) r 47-1/2, harnessmaker and farmer
Shiner, Marie E. Mrs., (Towanda) r 47-1/2, farmer 43
Shoemaker, Jesse W., (Towanda) r 49, engineer Dayton's mill
Shores, Bird, r 28, farmer for U. C. Shores 77
Shores, Darwin C., (Black) r 28, butcher and farmer 8
Shores, Henry, r 31, farm laborer
Shores, Huston D., r 28, dairy 10 cows and farmer 57
Shores, James M., (Towanda) r 27, butcher and farmer 12
Shores, Miller R., off r 39, laborer L V R R
Shores, Urbin C., r 28, dairy 12 cows and farmer 77
Sill, George, (Myersburg) r 21, carpenter and farmer 30, also leases of Frank Patterson of Towanda 75
Sill, William M., (Myersburg) r 7, dairy 8 cows, 28 sheep, farmer 50, and on shares for George Conklin 175
Simons, Charles, (Myersburg) off r 19-1/2, dairy 5 cows, farmer 80
Smith, Charles O., r 20, farm laborer
Smith, Fred G., (Smith & Waldo) postmaster
Smith, George B., (Myersburg) r 7, carpenter and wagonmaker
Smith & Waldo, (F G S and E A W) general merchants.  See adv page 688.
Snyder, Henry, (Towanda) off r 44, farm laborer
Spencer, Henry C., r 23, dairy 9 cows and farmer 155
Spencer, Mary J., r 32, widow Elijah C.
Squires, George H., (Towanda) r 48, emp toy factory
Squires, Warren, (Myersburg) r 22, laborer
Stephens, Henrietta, (Mercur) r 15 cor 11, widow William H., postmaster and grocer, farm in Standing Stone 70
Stephens, Ida E. Mrs., (Wickizer) r 10, dairy 5 cows, farm 42
Stephens, Ira E., (Wickizer) r 10, traveling agent
Steriger, Peter H., (Towanda) r 47, laborer
Stevens, Louise K., (Towanda) off r 43
Strickland, Charles B., (Towanda) r 47 n 47-1/2, dairy 15 cows, apiarist 15 colonies, farmer 120 and on r 31 farm 66
Strickland, Ella L., (Towanda) r 47-1/2, farmer 60
Sturdevant, A. Quimby, (Towanda) r 47, laborer
Sullivan, Daniel R., (Myersburg) r 6, school teacher
Sullivan, Edward, (Mercur off r 19-1/2, farmer 40
Sullivan, Patrick, (Myersburg) r 6, farmer for Richard Bustin 125
Sullivan, Stephen, r 39, prop Bartlett hotel
Thetga, Horace B., r 19, supervisor, school director, dairy 11 cows and farmer 147
Thompson, Adin M., (Towanda) r 49, emp Tracy's factory
Thorpe, Amanda C., (Towanda) r 47, widow Burton B.
Trumbull, John D., (Mercur) r 11, dairy 15 cows and farmer 200
Tuttle, Henry, r 45, farmer, leases of H. J. Madill of Towanda 50
Tuttle, Judson H., (Towanda) r 44 cor 48, emp Frost's factory
Van Gorder, Chauncey R., (Towanda) r 47, emp L V R R
Van Gorder, Emily, (Towanda) r 47, widow Thaddeus
Van Gorder, John H., (Towanda) laborer
Vanness, Charles B., r 45, laborer L V R R
Vanness, Fred W., (Towanda) r 49, carpenter and grocer on r 48
Vanness, Mahlon P. (Mercur) r 10, farmer 100
Vanness, Porter, (Myersburg) r 19-1/2, farmer 60
Van Sice, Edward R., (Wickizer) r 10, farmer on shares for A. L. Gorsline 60
Vargason, John W., (Myersburg) r 19-1/2, farm laborer
Varjason, Frank, r 28, farmer
Verjason, David I, r 27, farmer
Vincent, George W., r 45, farmer 30
Vosburg, Homer B., off r 45, farm laborer
Vosburg, Isaac L., r 45, farmer on shares for E. R. Bishop 20
Vosburg, Jay W., off r 45, farm laborer
Vosburg, Stephen J., off r 45, farm laborer
Vought, Lewis G., (Towanda) off r 29, dairy 7 cows and farmer 50
Walker, Lorenzo G., (Towanda) r 44, farm laborer
Ward, Charles, r 32, farm laborer
Ward, Clarence, r 40, farm laborer
Ward, Elmer, r 40, farm laborer
Ward, George, r 26, farm laborer
Ward, J. Leonard, r 33, farm laborer
Ward, Leonard, r 33, farm laborer
Ward, Orlando, r 26, farmer
Watson, John S., (Towanda) r 47
Webb, A. Jackson, r 41 cor 32, farmer 22 and in Sheshequin 200
Webb, Andrew, (Apex) r 4, farm laborer
Webb, Bradford C., (Apex) r 1, farmer with H. S. on shares for S. B. Harlow 140 and in Sheshequin farm 80
Webb, Harlow S., (Apex) r 4, farmer with B. C. on shares for S. B. Harlow 140
Webb, Job M., (Apex) r 4, farmer 80
Webb, Philip C., (Myersburg) r 6, dairy 5 cows and farmer 50
Westbrook, Lewis, r 40, blacksmith
White, Fred C., r 32, farmer for Norman 149
White, Norman, r 32, dairy 17 cows and farmer 149
Whitney, A. Dorrance, (Myersburg) r 7, farmer 106, also owns one-fourth of the Alvin Whitney estate 35
Whitney, Bertrand E. (Wickizer) r 10, apiarist 30 colonies and farmer 60
Whitney, Celinda H., (Myersburg) r 7, widow Elliott, dairy 5 cows and farmer 75
Whitney, Charles C., (Myersburg) r 8, farmer 63
Whitney, Ellen C., (Myersburg) r 7, farmer 100, also owns one-fourth of the Alvin Whitney estate 35
Wilcox, Francis E., (Towanda) off r 43, laborer
Wilcox, Samuel G., (Towanda) r 47, farmer 12
Wilcox, Sherman L., (Towanda) off r 43, laborer
Williams, Robert H., (Towanda) r 44 cor 47, lawyer
Williams, Wallace B., r 45, station agent L V R R, U. S. Express agent, operator W. U. Telegraph Co.
Wilson, Charles, (Myersburg) off r 7
Wood, Charles L., (Mercur) r 15, dairy 10 cows, farmer 45 and for Mrs. Mary S. 55
Wood, Henry, (Mercur) r 17, dairy 8 cows and farmer 86
Wood, Mary S., (Mercur) r 15, widow George, farm 55
Wood, Norman L., (Mercur) r 15, farm laborer
Woodburn, Charles L., r 19, farmer for John Piollet 562
Worden, Lemuel P., (Myersburg) r 6, laborer
Worden, Peter, (Myersburg) r 6, laborer
Wright, Elmer, (Myersburg), grist mill
Wertenberg, Charles, r 41, huckster and farmer 7, also leases of Lewis 5
Wurtenberg, George, r 45, market gardener, leases of Mrs. Diantha Ott 2-1/2
Wurtenberg, Henry, r 41, market gardener 10
Wurtenberg, Louis, r 45, blacksmith, farmer 30
Wurtenberg, William, r 41, photographer
Wysox Coal Yard, r 37, S. B. Eilenberger propr, Frank A. Eilenberger mgr
Wysox Creamery, off r 45, Charley L. Ennes mgr
York, Amos M., r 35, farm laborer
York, Simeon A., r 35, dairy 6 cows and farmer 80

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