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Photo of Alba Building taken 
by Joyce M. Tice 
31 OCTOBER 1999

1907 Bradford County Directory

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty Shumway


Directory of Bradford County, Pa.


Directory is arranged as follows: 1st. name of individual or firm; 2nd, post office address in parenthesis, if different from the name of the town; 3rd, the figures following the letter r indicate the number of the road on which the party resides and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work; where no road number is given, the party is supposed to reside in the village; 4th, business or occupation; 5th, figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicate the number of acres owned or leased.

Abbreviations: Adv., advertisement; asst., assistant; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bldg, building; cor., corner; Co., company; do., ditto; E., east; h., house; ins., insurance; pres., president; R. R., railroad; Ry., railway; S., south; W., west; com. trav., commercial traveler; emp., employee.

[Incorporated February, 1864]
Charles Kiff, Assistant.
Post office address, Alba.
[For explanation, etc., see page 15.]

Andrus, Judson, Canton, painter
Andrus, Mrs. Mary, h and lot, Railroad
Baker, John, shoemaker, h and lot, Canton
Bates, Luman, farmer, Railroad
Beardsley, David, carpenter, h and lot, Railroad
BECKER, J. D., merchant, Granville
BECKER & PACKARD, general merchants
Becker, W. H., rfd carrier, Granville
Blair, Ellen, bds M. S. Blair, Troy
Blair, John, laborer, bds M. S. Blair, Troy
Blair, M. S., Pastor Church of Christ, Troy
Blair, Walter, bds M. S. Blair, Troy
Boland, Mary B., widow Thomas, Granville
Boland, Thomas, laborer, Granville, 1 acre
Case, Andrew B., farmer 50, dairy, Granville
Church Baptist, Granville, Rev. Stillman Martin, pastor
Church of Christ, Troy, Rev. M. S. Blair, pastor
Clarke, Edwin, farmer 32, school director, Railroad
Clarke, Leland, rfd carrier route 70, Granville
Clarke, Mrs. M., bds Edwin Clarke, Railroad
Clarke, Zera, laborer, bds Edwin Clarke, Railroad
Close, Delia, bds Geo. Lee, Granville
Cooper, S. S., feed dealer, owns farm Canton twp., school director, Granville
Cosper & McWilliams, Coal Dealers
Cowles, Erick, painter, bds E. V. Cowles, Railroad
Cowles, E. V., laborer, h and lot, Railroad
Cruise, John, laborer, h and lot, Railroad
Fitch, D. D., butcher, Railroad
Foss, G. Bruster, farmer, school director, h and lot, Railroad
Foss, Nancy, widow George H., bds Bruster Foss, Railroad
Freeman, G. P., farmer, rents A. Packard, owns farm 180, Troy Township
Freeman, Myrtle, bds G. P. Freeman, Troy
Greenleaf, Milton P., laborer, h and lot, Willow
HARTMAN, THOMAS, barber, Canton
Harlon, T. B., wagon maker, Railroad
Hoagland, James, telegraph operator N. C. R. R. Co., Granville
Holcomb, Mathew K., farmer 39, Willow
Hooker, O. William, painter and paper hanger, Railroad
Jones, J. Burroughs, laborer,  h and lot, Troy
Kiff, Charles, farmer R. W. Brooks, farm, assessor, Willow
Keenon, James, laborer, Granville
Knights, Sarah, h and lot, Troy
KNIGHTS, WALTER, farmer 72, dairy, Troy
Lee, George, tax collector, h and lot, Granville
Leonard, Sumner, laborer, Armenia
Loughhead, Esther, Railroad, bds T. B. Harlon
Lossee, Mrs. Letha, employed John Mandeville, Troy
Mandeville, John M., Prop’r Union Hotel, Troy
Martin, Stillman, Pastor Baptist Church, Canton
McIlwain, Earl, laborer, bds Charles Kiff, Willow
MILLER BROTHERS, Prop’s. Alba Steam Mill, lumber, etc.
MILLER, CARROLL E., lumber dealer, h and lot, Railroad
MILLER, FRANK W., lumber dealer, h and lot, Granville
Murray, Horace, laborer, Railroad
Packard, Archie E., merchant, h and lot, Granville
PACKARD, ARDELL, blacksmith, h and lot, Troy
Packard, Claude, laborer, bds J. D. Becker, Granville
Packard, Martin L., farmer 75, diary, justice of the peace, school director, Granville
Packard, W. A., farmer, Troy, owns farm Armenia Mountain
PACKARD, WINFIELD S., commercial traveler,  Granville
Palmer, Mell J., blacksmith, Railroad
Pierce, Albert A., laborer, h and lot, Willow
Pierce, Wellington, laborer, bds Albert A. Pierce, Willow
Randall, James W., butter-maker, h and lot, Willow
REYNOLDS, JAMES S., wagon maker, Granville
Reynolds, N. M., laborer, Canton
Reynolds, Walter N., merchant, Wilson & Reynolds, Willow
Shurman, Mrs. Ruth, Willow
Sims, Frank, farmer 12, Granville
Telephone Pay Station, Bell, Wilson & Reynolds
Union Hotel, owned by John Hallinan, Prop’r, J. Mandeville
Wilson, Addison D., merchant, postmaster, agent N. C. R. R. Co., Willow
WILSON, C. S., farmer 25, Railroad
Wilson, Edward S., carpenter, bds V. M. Wilson, Willow
Wilson & Reynolds, general merchants
Wilson, V. M., justice of peace, h and lot, Willow
WILSON, V. M., Jr., banker, bds V. M. Wilson
Young, Lovina, widow Oscar F., dealer in groceries, 2 houses and lots, Canton

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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