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1907 Bradford County Directory
Canton Borough

Transcribed and Submitted by Patty DECKER Shumway
Postcard from Betty Lamont Collection

1907 Canton Borough

(Incorporated May 10, 1864)

R.M. Manley, Walter H. Brooks, Assistants

Post Office, Canton

Abbott, Nelson, First, invalid, bds Lucinda Parkhurst

Adams, Asa, h S. Center

Adams, Edward, h S. Minnequa Ave., shoemaker, bds Paul B.

Adams, John, h S. Minnequa Ave., teamster, bds Paul B. Adams

Adams, Paul Benjamin, h 25 S. Minnequa Ave., blacksmith

Adams, Stephen, S. Minnequa Ave., blacksmith, bds Paul B. Adams

Allen, Floyd A., h 42 E. Union, painter

Allen, Walker, h N. Center, barber, Lewis block

Allen, Wallace, bds 42 E. Union, agent Westinghouse Electric Co.

Ameigh, Frank W., h W. Union, agent Atlantic Refining Co.

Anderson, Fanny W., h 1 Tioga, owner with H.E. Griffin, Canton Shoe Store

Andrews, Forrest E., h 107 Tioga, clerk, Lindley & Ronan

Andrews, George E., h 107 Troy, telegraph operator

Andrews, E.L., h 107 Troy, laborer

Andrus, Clara, h 15 S. Minnequa Ave.

Andrus, Merrill, h 41 Troy, teamster

Andrus, Ralph, h cor Main and Minnequa Ave., emp. Swayze Adv. Co.

Andrus, Samuel D., h 75 Main, emp. Dr. J.W. Parsons

Annable, Anna, h S. side road to lake

Arbuckle, Zane, 42 Second, supt. bridges P.B. & E.R.R., bds Byron Crawford

Armstrong, Mrs. William, h 6 S. Washington

Ayers, Allen M., h N. Center, emp. P.B. & E.R.R., Ex. P.M.

Ayers, Augusta, h cor Center and Union

Ayers, Bernard, h 53 Main, teamster

Bacon, Florence L., bds 51 Center

Bacon, W.V., Ronan P.J., & Co., department store, wholesale dealers in dairy and creamery butter

Bacon, Wilson V., h 51 Center, merchant, Bacon, Ronan & Co.

Bailey, Edwin J., 46-48 Troy, Canton Marble and Granite Works

Bailey, Orris F., hotel clerk, Packard House

Bank, First National of Canton, 4 Main, L.T. McFadden cashier

Barnes, Eugene T., h 61 N. Center, traveling salesman

Barnes, Edith C., E. Union, teacher, bds Mrs. Catherine Barns, Canton Township

Barrow, Merton L., bds 22 Lycoming, jeweler and watchmaker

Baxter, Frank M., h 70 Center, laborer

Beals, Addison, h 17 Sullivan, wagon maker

Beals, Addison E., bds 17 Sullivan, teamster

Beals, William H., bds 17 Sullivan, teamster

Beardsley, Norton, h 9 Center, emp. P.B & E.R.R.

Becker, Miller, h 142 Troy, miller

Belmar Manufacturing Company, Manufacturers of clothes hangers, L.M. Marble Pres.

Benedict, Bingham, h 75 N. Center, farmer

Benedict, E.C., h 3 Union, house painter

Benedict, Henry J., h Elm, bookkeeper

Benedict, Josephine, Elm, stenographer P.B. & E.R.R., bds Henry J. Benedict

Benedict, Nellie, Elm, bds Henry J. Benedict

Benedict, S.S., Elm, emp. Swayze Adv. Co.

Berry, Eva, 75 ½ N. Center

Biddle, Almeron D., h 74 N. Center, painter

Biddle, Arthur, h W. Union, emp. H. Crawford

Biddle, Bly, h Lycoming, rfd carrier 71

Biddle, Claude F., h 76 N. Center, merchant, (Bacon, Ronan & Co.) Main

Biddle, Fidello, h S. Main, invalid

Black, Charles E., h 12 Washington, liveryman

Black, Frank, bds 12 Washington, teamster

Black, Nelly, bds 12 Minnequa Ave.

Black, William, h 12 Minnequa Ave., blacksmith

Blakeman, Jay, h W Union, emp. Couch factory

Boice, Daniel, h Lycoming, laborer

Bowman, Emmet J., h Lycoming, teamster

Brady, Rev. C.A., h 15 Washington, pastor Disciple Church

Brague, Archie, h Second, traveling salesman

Brague, I. Morris, h Second, house painter

Brainard, Mary E., h 8 Washington

Braine, Arthur B., h cor S. Main and Carlton, com. traveler

Brann, James H., h Troy, grocer

Brann, James H. Sr., bds Troy, retired

Brann, John H., h Lycoming, mail carrier, Canton to Liberty

Brann, John F., h 71 Main, butcher, shop 22 Main

Brann, Michael J., h Troy, merchant

Brann, Thomas M., h Washington, general dealer

Brooks, Lee, h 105 E. Union, attorney-at-law, Notary Public, office Main

Brooks, Perry C., h Troy, invalid

Brooks, Ralph W., h cor Main and Minnequa Ave., physician, office Lewis block

Brooks, Walter H., bds 105 E. Union, insurance agent

Brown, Calvin M., h Main, farmer

Brown, Charles C., h S. Minnequa Ave., emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co.

Brown, Edward W., bds Main, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co.

Brown, Rufus G., h S. Minnequa Ave., invalid

Bruce, Harry P., h First, Martins Machine Shop

Bull, George S., h 15 Minnequa Ave., bakery, store Main

Bullock, Charles E., h 68 S. Main, attorney-at-law, Notary Public, school director

Bullock, Mrs. Harriet E., h 39 Troy

Bullock, Howard C., h 13 Troy, dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry and Columbia graphophones

Bunyan, Andrew, h 7 Washington, street commissioner

Bunyan, Jeanette, bds 7 Washington, teacher

Bunyan, Daniel, h 3 E. Union, clerk N.C. Ry

Bunyan, Elizabeth, bds 7 Washington, clerk

Burke, James, bds 94 Troy, clerk

Burke, Thomas S., bds 94 Troy, merchant, T. Burke & Co.

Burke, T. & Co., successors to Burke, Thomas & Co., (general merchants)

Burke, Timothy, h 94 Troy, merchant, T. Burke & Co.

Burrows, H.A., h 25 Main, second floor, barber

Burt, Almeron, h 85 N. Center, stone cutter

Burr, Almond, h Troy, emp. Couch factory

Bush, Flora, E. Union, maid, bds Mrs. Fanny G. Vansyckle

Bush, L.M., h E. Union

Bush, William H., bds 45 E. Union, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co.

Butler, Jerry B., h 10 Washington, Justice of Peace

Campbell, Clarence M., 132 Troy

Campbell, Fred Clarence, bds 132 Troy, laborer

Campbell, George J., bds S. Main, laborer

Campbell, John E., h 132 Troy, laborer

Canton Carriage Works, R.J. Dunbar, prop. mfg. and dealers in wagons, carriages, etc.

Canton Couch Company, Edw. Hallett, Pres., I.C. Heritage, mgr.

Canton House, C.D. Ernest, prop.

Canton Public Library, John A. Innes, Pres., Charles E. Bulluck, vice-pres., L.T. McFadden, sec’y, P.J. Ronan, treas., Sadie L. Parsons, librarian

Canton Sentinel, Charles D. Derrah, editor and prop.

Canton Shoe Store, H.E. Griffin, mgr.

Canton World, Harry W. Whitman, editor and prop.

Carl, Robert, h Troy, railroad employee

Carman, Mrs. G.W., h 50 Center, boarding house

Case, Louise, h 38 Minnequa Ave.

Cease, Alexander H., h Troy, teamster

Cease, Charles L., h Second, blacksmith

Cease, Nelson P., h S. Center, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Cease, Willard, h W. Union, laborer, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Chamberlain, George, h 58 Troy, harness maker

Channell, Frank J., h Main, clerk

Christensen, J.A., h Tioga, principal Canton schools

Church Baptist, N. side Main, Rev. J.E. Hunsberger, pastor

Church Catholic, cor. Union and Washington, Rev. M.T. Shields, priest

Church Disciple, cor. Troy and Union, Rev. C.A. Brady, pastor

Church Methodist Episcopal, cor. Union and Center, Rev. Harry B. Reddick, pastor

Church Presbyterian, 19 Center, Rev. G.W. Renwick, pastor

Citizens Water Co., office 10 Main, Lee Brooks, supt.

Clander, Elmira, bds cor Union and Minnequa Ave., domestic

Clark, G. Fred, bds Packer House, manufacturer

Clark, H. Lee, h W. Union, mgr., Canton Illuminating Co., school director, sec. and treas. Canton Couch Co.

Clark, Sidney, h S. Main, farmer

Clayton, William H., h 28 Troy, dealer house furnishing goods, tinware, etc.

Cleveland, Eloise, bds 18 Tioga, student

Cleveland, Emerson J., h 18 Tioga, attorney-at-law, Justice of Peace, office Sullivan

Cleveland, Florence, bds Tioga, student

Cleveland, James E., h 26 Minnequa Ave., physician, notary public

Close, Milton N., h 28 Sullivan, blacksmith

Coburn, Charles H., h 61 Minnequa Ave., contractor and builder

Collins, Allen, h lower mountain road, sawyer for Coons

Collins, James, h McIntosh Alley, laborer

Collins & Stull, furniture and undertaking

Collins, William H., h Center, undertaker, 30 Main

Colwell, Mrs. Fannie, h 25 Center

Coons, Mrs. Fanny, bds 10 Washington

Coons, Frances, h E. Union

Coons, Giles M., h 121 Troy, manufacturer lumber

Coons, Howard, bds 121 Troy, mill hand

Crandall, Collin, bds 24 S. Main, carpenter

Crandall, James A., h 24 S. Main, mechanic

Craven, Harry J., h Lycoming, printer, Canton Sentinel

Craven, J.C., h 20 Minnequa Ave., clerk, Washington, D.C.

Craven, Thomas H., h Lycoming, invalid

Crawford, Byron H., h 12 Second, miller

Crawford, Charles, h 24 Main, miller

Crawford, Hugh, h 24 Main, manufacturer

Crawford H. & Son, manufacturers lumber, and grist mill, 36 Main

Crawford, James, h 24 Main

Crawford, J.W., h S. Center, miller

Creighton, George, h Sullivan, emp. Harness factory

Crippen, Julius, h 15 Washington, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Crist, Floyd, h lower mountain road, mill hand, bds Allen Collins

Crooks, Sarah, h Troy

Crow, Mrs. Mary, h Carson

Dann, A.E., h 57 Center, physician, office Troy St.

Darling, W. Burton, h Lycoming, house painter

Darling, Harry, h E. Union, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co.

Dartt, Achsah E., h 33 Center

Davis, Charles, h W. Union, janitor Lewis block, mfg. Davis Velvet Cream, antiseptic optimus toilet powders

Davidson, Blythe J., h 113 Troy, druggist and stationer, cor. Lycoming

Davidson, W.T., bds Packard House, physician and surgeon, office Main, school director

Deboeser, William, h McIntosh Alley, cigar maker

Decker, Elmeo, h Sullivan, blacksmith

Delmot, Rensallaer F., h Lycoming, clergyman

Derrah, Charles D., h 17 Minnequa Ave., editor and publisher Canton Sentinel, office Center, school director

Dickerson, William S., h Sullivan, teamster

Doll, George H., h Main, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Donovan, Charles H., Main, commercial traveler

Dorman, Raymond O., Main, dentist, office cor. Lycoming and Sullivan

Drake, Homer B., h 52 Center, liveryman, Hotal Packard

Drake, Rebecca, h 305 N. Center

Dunbar, Effa May, bds cor. Minnequa Ave. and Tioga, bookkeeper

Dunbar, Minnie, bds cor Minnequa Ave. and Tioga

Dunbar, Roswell J., h cor Minnequa Ave. and Tioga, prop. Canton Carriage Works, Sullivan

Dwyer, Charles S., h cor Minnequa Ave and Tioga, physician, Main

Ernest, Charles D., prop. Canton House, Troy

Falkner, Calvin, h Lycoming, emp. Gleckner Factory

Felix, George W., h Main, cigar maker

Fellows, David, h 11 Minnequa Ave., carpenter

Fellows, Martin, h 10 Minnequa Ave., school janitor

Fellows, Myron, h 34 Minnequa Ave.

Fellows, Edna, bds 11 Minnequa Ave., teacher

Fenner, Orrin, h Troy

Fenton, John S., bds 53 Main, emp. State Fish Hatchery

Ferguson, Charles, bds 18 Minnequa Ave., student

Ferguson, John L., h 18 Minnequa Ave., farmer

Field, Evelyn, bds 21 Troy

Field, Helen, bds 21 Troy

Field, O.L., h 21 Troy, restaurant

Fitch, Margaret, h Minnequa Ave.

Fitzpatrick, D.N., h 39 W. Union, dealer in boots, shoes, rubbers; agt. Ralston Health Men’s $4, Ultra Ladies’, $3.50, 27 Troy

Fletcher, G.G., h McIntosh Alley, farmer

Fletcher, Kay, bds McIntosh Alley, teamster

Fletcher, Seeley, h McIntosh Alley, teamster

Foss, Mrs. Elizabeth, h E. Union, millinery and fancy goods

Foss, William M., h cor. Main and Minnequa Ave., emp. Swayze Adv. Co.

Foster, Mortimer F., h Main, dealer in farm tools

Fowler, Mrs. Addie, h 68 Lycoming

Fox, William, bds Canton House

Furman, Alfred W., Center, rfd carrier, bds Earl A. Furman

Furman, Anson, h Troy, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Furman, Earl A., h Center, rfd carrier

G.A.R. Ingham Post No. 91, Ira V. Williams, commander

Gates, Harry, cor Center and Tioga

Gates, Matilda F., h First

Gates, Sarah, bds First, teacher

Gleason, Elizabeth, widow LeRoy, h Minnequa Ave.

Gleason, Mabel, Minnequa Ave., bds Elizabeth Gleason

Gleckner, William W., h W. Union, harness manufacturer

Gleckner, William Jr., h 68 Lycoming, harness manufacturer

Gleckner, W.W. & Sons Co., mfg harness and harness specialties

Goldstine, J.P., h Center, clothing store, boots, shoes, etc., Main

Gorman, Margaret, bds 39 N. Center

Gosline, Ann E., bds 8 Washington

Goss, Bruce, h S. Washington, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co.

Granteer, Charles E., h Troy, clerk N.C. Ry. Co.

Granteer, John, h 162 Troy, carpenter

Gray, Andrew, bds 12 Lycoming, farmer

Gray, Charles F., h 1 S. Main, commercial traveler Pittsburg Rubber Co., 913-915 Pittsburg, Pa., rubber goods of every kind

Gray, Sarah, h 12 Lycoming

Green, Charles E., h Troy, mason and plasterer

Green, John, bds 3 Washington, emp. Couch factory

Green, Mrs. Mary, h Main

Green, Thomas S., h S. Minnequa, dealer farm implements, etc.

Gregory, Myron, h S. Washington, gardener

Griffin, Alice, bds 56 S. Main

Griffin, Harry E., h 56 S. Main, merchant, mgr. Canton Shoe Store

Griffin, Mrs. Marcella, Sullivan

Griswold, Austin S., h 313 Center, plasterer and mason

Griswold, Delia, h 14 Washington

Griswold, Floyd, bds 14 Washington, clerk Bacon & Ronan

Griswold, Hellena, bds 14 Washington

Hackett, Augustus P., h Troy, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Hackett, Edward, h Minnequa Ave., emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Hackett, Fred, h 62 Center, emp. Couch factory

Hall, Ernest, Lycoming, laborer, bds Thomas R. Hall

Hall, Fred, h Center, commercial traveler

Hall, John P., h Lycoming, gunsmith

Hall, Thomas R., Lycoming, gunsmith

Hall, Walter, Lycoming, laborer, bds Thomas R. Hall

Hallett, Edward M., h Minnequa Ave., bookkeeper Couch Co.

Hallett, Edward N., h Troy, commercial traveler, pres. Couch Co.

Harding, Curtis M., h 81 N. Center, commercial traveler

Harris, David, bds 10 Washington, retired

Hartranft, Mrs. Iza, h Sullivan

Harvey, C.L., h Main, liveryman, restaurant

Havens, Edgar B., h Center, printer Swayze factory

Hawkins, Robert, h 16 Center, emp. Dr. W.T. Davison

Hazleton, Ida Dartt, bds 33 Center

Hedgeland, Goldie, h Troy

Heim, William H., h Troy, photographer

Hemmingway, Harry, bds S. Minnequa Ave., plasterer

Hemmingway, Joseph R., h S. Minnequa Ave., plasterer

Hendelman, H.S., h Canton, merchant cor. Main and Sullivan

Heritage, I.C., h W. Union, mgr. Couch factory

Hickey, Aileen, bds 25 S. Center, clerk postoffice

Hickey, Bridget, h 25 S. Center

Hickey, Margaret, h S. Minnequa Ave.

Hickey, Mary D., bds 25 S. Center, stenographer

Hickok, Solon J., h W. Union, farmer

Hickok, Thaddeus S., h Center, attorney-at-law, office Main

Hill, Henry H., h Troy, farmer

Hill, T.L., h lower mountain road, music store, Troy

Holcomb, Fred, h Troy, emp. Swayze Mfg. Co.

Holford, E.D., h Union, laborer

Hollis, Horace R., h Center, emp. Couch factory

Hollis, Tracy O., h 16 Washington, invalid

Holmes, Charles, Center, pensioner, bds T.S. Hickok

Hooper, Ann, bds 105 E. Union

Hooper, William, h Washington, emp. Couch factory

Hopkins, Mrs. Emma, h Minnequa Ave., emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Hopkins, John, bds 34 S. Main

Hopkins, Melville, h cor. Second and Minnequa Ave., emp. J.W. Tripp & Son

Hopkins, William K., h S. Main, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Hopkins, Zelroy, h cor. Second and Minnequa Ave., emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Horton, John, h 64 Center, shoemaker

Horrigan, Nellie, h Union

Hotel, Canton House, C.D. Ernest, prop.

Hotel Packard, Benjamin F. Loop, prop.

Hotel Park, James U. McKay, prop.

Howe, Adah, bds 5 Washington, clerk Bacon & Ronan

Howe, James H., 5 Washington, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Hunsberger, Rev. John E., h Main, pastor Baptist church

Hurley, Ellen, h Second

Hurley, John, Second, woodsman, bds Ellen Hurley

Hurley, Mary, Second, emp. R.B. Smith, tailor, bds Ellen Hurley

Hurley, Thomas, h E. Union, insurance agent

Hurley, William, h Lycoming, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co.

Hutchins, Philip, bds Packard House, emp. P.B. & E.R.R.

Ingerick, Lewis, Center, bds Mrs. Minnie Ingerick

Ingerick, Mrs. Minnie, h Center

Innes, Charles A., h 38 Center, bank clerk

Innes, Colin A., h 53 Center, farmer

Innes, Daniel, h 30 S. Main, pres. First Nat. bank

Innes, Edna Ann, bds 30 S. Main, student

Innes, Edward, bds 30 S. Main, student

Innes, Floyd A., h Troy, merchant, Innes & Mitchell

Innes, Fred W., bds 53 Center, emp. P.B. & E.R.R.

Innes, John A., h 7 Tioga, lumber dealer

Innes, John A. Jr., bds 7 Tioga, student

Innes, Maud A., bds 53 Center

Innes & Mitchell, general merchandise

Innes, Theodore, h 45 Main, emp. P.B. & E.R.R.

Inscho, Frank B., bds 6 Washington, laborer

Inscho, Minnie, bds 6 Washington

Inscho, Obediah J., h 6 Washington, laborer

I.O.O.F. Canton Lodge, No. 321, J.E. Rockwell, sec.

Jenkins, Clark, h cor. Second and Minnequa Ave., emp. May’s livery

Jenkins, Mrs. Jane, h Troy

Jennings, Edwin A., h 54 Center

Jewell, Samuel H., h E. Union, dealer in coal and ice

Johnson, David W., h S. Main, farmer

Johnson, Emery L., farmer

Johnson, Dr. F.H., h Main, dentist office over residence

Johnson, John, h W. Union, emp. Couch factory

Jones, Edward C., h 14 Center, ticket agent N.C. Ry.

Jones, Guy, bds Troy, emp. Couch factory

Jones, Lucinda, h Troy

Jones, William, h 54 Troy, drayman

Keeney, Charles G., h 72 Troy, dentist, office Main

Keltz, Daniel, Union, laborer, bds Edw. Halford

Kendall, Mrs. Melissa, h 12 Minnequa Ave.

Kendall,Sylvenus, h 115 Troy, retired

Ketchum, George, bds 149 Troy, clerk

Ketchum, Martin, h 149 Troy, plumber and machinist

Kilborn, Mrs. Mary, bds 85 N. Center

Kinch, Mrs. Clara, h S. Main

King, Frances, bds 122 Troy, dressmaker

King, Fred, h Carlton St., emp Daniel Innes

King, John M., h Center, emp. Swayze Adv. Co.

King, John, h Park Cemetery Alley, emp. Couch factory

King, Mrs. Kate, h S. Minnequa Ave., dressmaker

King, Katie, bds Center, domestic

King, Lucy, bds 122 Troy, dressmaker

King, Mrs. Mary A., bds 122 Troy

King, Sevellon, h 122 Troy, laborer

Kingsland, John C., h 107 Troy, mgr. Guaranty Med. Co., Dr. L.E. Manley, pres., mfg. Manley’s Croup Ointment and Kingsland’s veterinary remedies

Kniffin, James, h Troy, laborer

Kniffin, Lynn E., h Second, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Krise, Gustavus A., h 39 E. Union, wholesale dealer in coal, insurance, assessor

Landon, Arthur W., h 41 Lycoming, dealer, pianos and organs

Landon, Dora, bds 65 N. Center

Landon, Fred L., bds 65 N. Center, laborer

Landon, Hiram, bds 74 Main, laborer

Landon, Jeanette, bds 20 Lycoming, seamstress

Landon, Leander, h 65 N. Center, retired carpenter

Landon, Merton, h 74 Main, invalid

Landon, Newton, h 20 Lycoming, retired

Leach, John, bds 18 Minnequa Ave., commercial traveler

Leavitt, Emeline, widow Walter, 58 Main

Leishman, John B., h 79 Center, barber

Leonard, M.C., h 102 Troy, blacksmith

Leonard, Leon, bds 102 Troy, drug clerk

Leonard, Charles M., bds 102 Troy, emp. Telephone Co.

Lewis, Emma M., widow M. Perry, h 30 E. Union, owner Lewis block

Lewis, William S., h 28 Center, physician and surgeon

Lewis, Z.F. Lycoming, clerk N.C. Ry. Co., bds Lucy Patterson

Lindley, Earl S., h 13 Minnequa Ave., hardware merchant (Lindley & Ronan), school director

Lindley, Manning, h 8 Center, emp. P. B. & E. R. R. Co.

Lindley, (Earl S.) and RONAN, (Thomas H.) hardware merchants, steam and hot air heating, store 28 1/2 Main

Loomis, Myron G., h Main, farmer

Loop, E.B., prop’r Hotel Packard, 15 Main

Lovejoy, Leonidus, h Minnequa Ave., emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Lyle, George, h Troy, laborer, bds Mary Hedgeland

Lyman, John P., h 24-26 E. Union, insurance

Lyon, Lewis D., h 43 Troy, laborer

Lyon, Stanley W., h 43 Troy, grocer

Manderville, Charles, h 153 Troy, machinist

Manderville, Eugene, h 34 W. Union, emp. Canton Couch Co.

Manley, Anna S., bds 10 Minnequa Ave., clerk

Manley, Carlton W., h 57 N. Center, clerk J.O. Whitman

Manley, Mrs. Elizabeth, h 11 Minnequa Ave.

Manley, Jervis R., h Sullivan, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Manley, L.E., physician and surgeon, office and residence cor Center and Union

Manley, Percy, h Minnequa Ave.

Manley, R.M., h 10 Minnequa Ave., handles Minnequa water

Manley, Ulysses, h 9 Minnequa Ave., drayman

Manville, Mrs. Millie, Troy

Marble, Lewis M., h 30 E. Union, prop’r Belmar Mfg. Co.

Martin, Charlotte, bds 31 E. Union, student M.S.N.S.

Martin, Lewis A., h 31 E. Union, machinist

Martin, Quincy, bds 31 E. Union, student

Mason, Charles H., h 119 Troy, retired

Mason, James G. h 38 E. Union, invalid

Mason, Joseph B., h Sullivan, cigar maker, plant over Preston store

Mason, Matilda M., h 119 Troy

Mason, William H., h Clinton, rfd carrier

Masonic Commandery No. 64, Carlton W. Manley, secretary

Masonic Canton Lodge No. 415 F.& A.M., W.H. Collins sec’y

May, Frank, h Troy, liveryman

McBride, Henry C., h 106 Minnequa, laborer

McCarthy, Michael, h Second, laborer

McCauslin, Chas. P., bds Packard House, Eng. P.B. & E.R.R.

McDonald, Mary J., h S. Center, domestic

McDonald, Samuel, bds 11 S. Center, lumberman

McFadden, L.T., h Tioga, cashier First National Bank

McKay, James U., prop'r Park Hotel, 59 Troy

McNeal, Mrs. Lovina, h W. Union

McNeal, Ray, W. Union, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co., bds Mrs. Lovina

McNeal, William, W. Union, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co., bds Mrs. Lovina

McNett, Harry, h Washington, mail clerk N.C. Ry.

Metcalf, Millard F., bds cor Center and Corson, emp. P.B. & E.R.R.

Miller, Coleman, h W. Union, farmer

Minard, C.A., h 146 Troy

Minard, Edwin J., h 146 Troy, invalid

Minard, Mrs. Sophia, bds 146 Washington

Mitchell, James, h 91 Troy, machinist

Mitchell & Taber, McIntosh Alley, foundry

Mitchell, William L., h 42 Main, merchant (Innes & Mitchell) fancy groceries

Mix, Chester A., h 30 Troy, butcher

Mix, Mrs. Hattie, h Washington

Mix, Hugh W., h Carlton, butcher

Mix, Lynn, h 106 Troy, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co.

Montanye, Nathan M., h cor Main & Washington, dealer

Moody, Lewis H., h 15 Washington, clerk Preston Bros.

Morgan, Henry, h 43 W. Union, laborer

Morse, Mrs. Laura, h 108 Troy

Myer, E. Reed, bds 66 ½ Main, retired

Nailen, Catherine, bds 76 Lycoming, dressmaker

Nailen, John, h 76 Lycoming, emp. Sheldon Mfg. Co.

Nailen, Mary, bds 76 Lycoming

Nash, Charles, h 8 S. Minnequa Ave., painter

Newman, Edwin, h 313 N. Center, telegraph operator

Newman, Ellen, h 28 Lycoming

Newman, G. Ernest, h 91 Troy, druggist, bookseller and stationer

Newman, Glenn, bds 313 N. Center, emp. Swayze factory

Newman, Jay, bds 28 Lycoming, house painter, paperhanger

Newman, Walter S., h 13 Center, retired

Nickerson, Chet, bds 130 Troy, laborer

Nickerson, Homer, h 130 Troy, laborer

Nickerson, Truman, bds 130 Troy, laborer

O’Donnell, George, h 45 Center, stone and brick mason

Ogden, Edwin A., h Center, agent agricultural implemants

Osborne, Emily M., h 48 Center, domestic

Osborne, Rose A., 48 Center, dressmaker

Osborne, Waterman, h 48 Center, teamster

Owen, Adelaide, h S. Washington

Owen, David, h 14 Sullivan, laborer

Owen, Electa, h 5 Minnequa Ave.

Owen, Frank A., h 19 Tioga, clerk T. Burke & Son

Owen, Herrick T., h 19 Tioga, bank clerk, bds Frank E. Owen

Owens, Elizabeth, S. Washington, bds Mary Owens

Owens, Mary, h S. Washington

Packard, George, h 24 Center, baker

Packard, John A., h 103 Troy

Packard, Murray, h 101 Troy

Packard, William F., h Main, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Page, Anson, h Minnequa Ave., emp. Sheldon factory

Palm, A.H., h 98 Main, auditor, emp. P.B. & E.R.R.

Parkhurst, Mrs. Lucinda, First, domestic

Parsons, Charles, h 29 Carson, mechanic

Parsons, H.B., h 29 Carson, retired

Parsons, James W., h 70 Main, physician, office I.O.O.F. block

Patterson, George, h 115 Troy, carpenter

Patterson, Mrs. Lucy, h Lycoming, milliner and ladies’ furnishings, 1 Main

Pearson, Charles, bds W. Union, emp. Canton Couch Co.

Perry, Charles W., h 86 Main, laborer

Perry, Harry, bds 86 Main, teamster

Perry, Mary E., h 6 S. Washington

Peterson, Napoleon B., h 24 Minnequa Ave., barber, painter, paperhanger, Troy and Lycoming

Peterson, Victor, bds Union, emp. Canton Couch Co.

Phinney, Allen M., h Union, house painter

Phinney, Emmett L., Union, emp. H. Crawford, bds Allen M. Phinney

Pierce, Merton, h McIntosh Alley

Pierce, Theodore, bds Packard House, hardware merchant

Porter, Mrs. Lucinda, h S. Main

Porter, William N., h Second, emp. H. Crawford

Powers, Mrs. Ellen, h Main

Powers, Jeptha, h Upper Mountain Road, track hand N.C. Ry.

Powers, Mrs. John, h 118 Troy

Powers, Thomas, h 3 Carson, track boss N.C. Ry.

Preston, Albert, Sullivan, student, bds M.C. Preston

Preston Bros., (John J. & M.C.) 10 Sullivan, general merchandise

Preston, Demster, h Minnequa Ave., teamster for H. Crawford

Preston, John J., h Lycoming, merchant, (Preston Bros.) Sullivan

Preston, Lewis, Sullivan, student, bds M. C. Preston

Preston, Michael C., h Sullivan, merchant, (Preston Bros.) school director

Putnam, Arthur H., h Troy, rfd carrier route 74

Randall, Aaron W., h Carlton, emp. Sheldon factory

Rathgen, G., h S. Washington, bookkeeper

Reddick, Rev. Harry B., h 5 Union, pastor M.E. Church

Reedy, Patrick, h S. Center, butcher, emp. J.F. Brann

Reynolds, Frank, bds Main, porter, emp. Packard House

Rhinebold, F.H., h 73 Lycoming, emp. Belmar Mfg. Co.

Rice, Grace, h 31 Lycoming, bookkeeper, W.W. Gleckner & Sons

Rice, Walter, h 64 Lycoming, emp. Belmar factory

Richard, Homer, h W. Union, carpenter

Riggs, Mrs. Mary, h 21 Tioga

Riley, George B., h 108 E. Union, miller

Roberts, Newton, h 88 Center, emp. Sheldon factory

Rockwell, Christine W., h 146 Troy

Rockwell, Eli P., h Main, constable

Rockwell, Elisha, h 15 S. Minnequa Ave., carpenter

Rockwell, Elmer, bds 15 S. Minnequa Ave., clerk

Rockwell, Harriett, bds 15 Minnequa Ave., emp. Belmar factory

Rockwell, Helen, bds 15 Minnequa Ave., emp. Belmar factory

Rockwell, Homer, h 140 Troy, merchant miller

Rockwell, John C., bds 146 Troy, teacher

Rockwell, John E., h 22 S. Main, wool carder, tax collector

Rockwell, Mabel, bds Lower Mountain Road

Rockwell, Robert E., h 125 Troy, laborer

Rogers, Fred, Center, emp. Gleckner factory, bds Edwin Ogden

Rollison, Mrs. Margaret, h 37 E. Union

Ronan, Frank A., bds 43 E. Union

Ronan, Patrick J., h 6 Carson, merchant, Bacon, Ronan & Co.

Ronan, Thomas H., h 43 E. Union, merchant, (Lindley & Ronan) hardware and plumbing, Main

Ronk, Frank, h 26 S. Center, teamster

Root, L.F., h 49 Center, dealer in farm implements, wagons, harness

Ross, Harry, bds 22 Lycoming, butcher

Ross, Lischer, h 22 Lycoming, dealer, handles only finest grade of meats, agent for "Sealshipt Oysters"

Randell, Addie, bds 80 Main, dressmaker

Randall, Nettie, bds 80 Main, teacher

Randall, Sarah, h 80 Main

Rundell, Charles, h S. Washington, invalid

Rundell, D. Wilmot, h 23 Carson, stone mason

Rundell, Ernest, h Troy St. alley, stone mason

Rundell, Fay, h 40 E. Union, emp. Coon planing mill

Rundell, Frank, h 16 Troy, barber

Russell, George, h S. Main, emp. Belmar factory

Rutter, Florence, 15 Main, domestic, Packard House

Rutter, Helen, 15 Main, domestic, Packard House

Ryan, Mrs. Bridget, 24 Second, domestic

Ryan, Michael, 24 Center, laborer P.B. & E.R.R.

Sawyer, Frank A., h 104 Troy, emp. Swayze Co.

Scudder, Thomas B., h 42 Minnequa Ave., retired

Schwanecke, H.A., bds Packard Hotel, vice pres. P.B. & E.R.R.

Sechrist (W.C.) & Hickok (T.S.), attorneys-at-law

Sechrist, William C., h 17 Lycoming, attorney-at-law

Shannon, D.E., merchant, dry goods, residence in twp.

Shepard, Edith, E. Union, bds Francis Coons, P.O. clerk

Shepard, Jane, E. Union, bds Francis Coons, emp. Gleckners Harness Co.

Shepard, Mrs. Margaret, E. Union, bds Francis Coons

Sherman, Edward, h First, harness maker, emp. L.F. Root

Shields, Rev. M.T., priest St. Michaels church, residence Troy boro

Shipman, Charles R., h 28 E. Union, carpenter

Shoemaker, Porter, bds 21 Troy, emp. Bakery

Simpson, Florence, h cor Main and Minnequa Ave., seamstress

Smith, Edgar, h S. Main, bds Ellen Powers

Smith, George, h Sullivan, emp. Sheldon factory

Smith, Perry, h Second, emp. Gleckner factory

Smith, Mrs. O.T., h 10 Center

Smith, Ralph B., h 24 Center, merchant tailor, 7 Main

Smith, Roy, h Sullivan, printer, Canton World

Smith, Russell, 9 Second, emp. Belmar factory

Smith, Verne, h Sullivan, emp. Dunbar wagon shop

Smith, Walter, h 10 Center, invalid, bds Mrs. O.T. Smith

Smith, Warren, bds Second and Minnequa Ave., woodsman

Snyder, Nicholas J., h 3 Washington, sexton cemetery

Sparks, Mrs. Eliza, h Upper Mountain Road

Sparks, Frank, bds Upper Mountain Road, track hand N.C. Ry.

Sparks, Nathan, bds Upper Mountain Road, track hand N.C. Ry.

Spaulding, Philip, h 70 N. Center, clerk, bds L.L. Stone

Spencer, Earl, W. Union, painter, bds Lloyd Allen

Spencer, Edwin, h Tioga, stone mason

Spencer, Henry H., h W. Union, contractor

Steers, Minnie, h 126 Troy, emp. cigar factory

Steers, Nettie, bds 126 Troy, emp. cigar factory

Stevens, M.M., h 7 Center, practical horse shoer

Stone (J.W.) and Brooks (Lee), attorneys-at-law, 10 Main

Stone, Harry C., h Lycoming, emp. harness factory, bds Calvin Faulkner

Stone (Judson W.) and Brooks (Lee), attorneys-at-law, 10 Main

Stone, Lincoln L., h 70 N. Center, jeweler, 23 Main

Stroup, Viola, bds 28 Lycoming

Struble, John, h Second, emp. Belmar factory

Stull, Asa H., h Sullivan, prop’r Stull’s livery

Stull, Emma, h 33 W. Union, bds Mrs. Nettie Stull

Stull, Frank, h 104 E. Union, undertaker, furniture dealer

Stull, Levi, h Sullivan, liveryman

Stull, Mrs. Nettie, h 33 W. Union

Swayze Advertising Co., 95 Troy, mfg. Waterproof Adv. Signs, Novelties, Fans, etc.

Swayze, Alden, h cor Center and Tioga, commercial traveler, Pres. Swayze Adv. Co.

Swayze, Bessie, bds cor Center and Tioga, student

Taber, Lillian A., widow Cyrus, h S. Main

Taber, Mary, S. Main, clerk H. Hendelman, bds Lillian Taber

Taber, Mrs. Jane, h 30 Minnequa Ave.

Taber, Mott B., 30 Minnequa Ave., machinist, Taber & Mitchell

Taylor, Robert E., 22 Lycoming, veterinary surgeon, bds L. Ross

Taylor, Mrs. Samantha, 104 E. Union, bds Frank Stull

Teague, Edna P., bds Washington, stenographer, emp. Cleveland Agency

Terry, Charles, h Pond Hill road, emp. Sheldon factory

Terry, George M., h S. Main, carpenter

Terry, Lill W., h Pond Hill road, emp. Sheldon factory

Teeters, Chauncey L., h 16 Washington, bookkeeper, emp. H. Crawford

Thomas, Delos H., bds 81 Troy, clerk

Thomas, E.H., h 81 Troy, retired merchant

Thomas, Henry, h N. Center, traveling salesman

Thomas, Lynn G., h 16 Minnequa Ave. postmaster

Tillotson, Denton, h Lower Mountain Road, mill hand

Tillotson, Lewis E., h Troy, bartender, Park Hotel

Tracy, Margaret, Washington, bds Jackson Waters

Tripp, Deville G., h 28 ½ Center, grocer, 7 Troy

Tripp, F.H., h 11 Center, commercial traveler

Tripp, W.J., h 26 Center, grocer etc., 7 Troy

Tripp, W.J. & Co., 7 Troy, dealers, groceries and crockery

Trout, Milton M., h Main, emp. Balmar factory

Turner, Mrs. Juliett, h 15 Tioga, housekeeper

Tyler, Evaline, h 108 Troy

Ullman, J.G., h cor Troy and Union, 1st Asst. Eng. P.B. & E.R.R.

Umphrey, Amelia, Center, bds Rebecca Drake

Utley, Fred A., h Lycoming, dentist, Lewis block

Utter, Edward O., h S. Center, laborer

VanDyke, Oscar D., h 18 Minnequa Ave., mgr. Odee Creamery, LeRoy

VanDyke, Mrs. Sarah, h 64 ½ Main

VanSyckle, Fanny G., widow Ernest A., h 29 E. Union

Village Improvement Society, Mrs. Daniel Innes president

Vogle, William, h Lower Mountain Road, laborer

Walter, A. Jackson, h 9 W. Washington, dentist, 7 Troy

Walter, Harry G., h 13 Washington, supt. H. Sheldon Manufacturing Co.

Wakeley, James, bds Packard House, emp. H. Sheldon Mfg. Co.

Ward, Mrs. Clare E., h 79 N. Center

Ward, Orlo P., bds W. Union, couch maker

Watts, Bly, h Pond Hill road, emp. Belmar factory

Watts, Deliva, h cor Main and Carlton

Watts, Floyd, h Sullivan, laborer

Watts, T.W., general merchant, 78 Troy, sole agent Pride of Canton tobacco

Wenrick, Rev. G.W., h 19 N. Center, pastor Presbyterian church

Werline, Charles H., bds 18 Lycoming, liveryman

Werline, David R., h 18 Lycoming, liveryman

Wert, Peter, h 39 Lycoming, teamster

Westgate’s Millinery Parlors, Main, Ora B. Westgate prop’r

Westgate, O.B., h Tioga, retired

Westgate, Ora B, h 82 Main, milliner

Wheatley, William, h 76 Main, farmer

Wheeler, H.E., h 54 Center, prop’r bowling alley 11 Troy

Whitman, Charles L., h 10 Center, veteran

Whitman, Mrs. Cordelia, h 49 Center

Whitman, Harry M., h 12 Center, editor Canton World, bds W.W. Whitman

Whitman, John H., bds 12 Center, telegraph operator

Whitman, J. Oscar, h 29 Center, stationer and druggist, Troy

Whitman, W.W., h 12 Center, druggist, Main

Wilber, Emery, h Lower Mountain Road, teamster

Wilcox, Emerson, h cor Main and Minnequa Ave., com. trav.

Wilcox, Henry, h Sullivan, teamster

Wilcox, Katherine, cor Union and Center, bds Mrs. Dartt

Wilcox, Samuel, h E. Union, invalid

Wilhelm, Jay, h Troy, emp. harness factory

Wilhelm, John, h Troy, laborer

Wilhelm, Lemuel, Troy, laborer, bds John Wilhelm

Williams, Mrs. Alvira, h Sullivan

Williams, Charles B., h Sullivan, contractor and builder

Williams, Ed A., h 66 Troy, electrician

Williams, Emma, widow Ansel D., h cor Tioga and Center

Williams, Galen L., h 4 S. Minnequa Ave. laborer

Williams, Jefferson, h S. Minnequa Ave., emp. Sheldon factory

Williams, John, h Sullivan, emp. H. Crawford

Williams, Thomas J., h Minnequa Ave., retired

Williams, Mrs. Viola, h Sullivan

Wilson, Allen M., h 157 Troy, foundryman

Wilson, Eugene, h 20 Center, blacksmith

Wilson, Manning, bds 20 Center, teamster

Wilson, Marie, bds 157 Troy, stenographer

Wilson, Mrs. Susan M., 8 Minnequa Ave.

Worden, Burton, h Carlton, plumber

Worden, Charles B., h Carlton, emp. Sheldon factory

Wright, Mrs. Anna, h 2 Carlton

Wright, Fred S., h 103 Union, teamster

Wright, Lodecia, bds 103 Union

Wynne, John, h Center, emp. Sheldon factory

Wynne, Patrick, h Center, emp. Sheldon factory

Young, Phillip A., h E. Main, plumber, emp. Pierce hardware

Young, Ruth, E. Main, bds Phillip Young

Young, William, h Carson, emp. Sheldon factory

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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