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Articles of Agreement 1806
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This is a transcription of the Articles of Agreement bt Ives et al and Israel Bulkley, Tioga Township, Tioga County, PA by Jane Webb
Article of Agreement

Timothy Ives et. al. (including Richard Mitchell) with Israel Bulkley

signed at Delmar, Tioga County, Pennsylvania – April 10, 1806 – Recorded Book 7 Pg 50

Article of Agreement
Timothy Ives et. al.
Israel Bulkley
Delmar Aprill 10th 1806
Artical of Agrement to confarm an agrement maid by the parteys and agreead apon in September the 4 – 1802 Witneseth that we the partey of the first part of this artical being the partey of the second part of a sartin artical Which 
Jesey Locey Stephen Locy Joseph Kelsey and Henry Streeter and the partey of the first part Baring date September 4th 1802 this is to sartify that we the partey of the first part do agree firmley by these presants Which is to say Timothy Ives Titus Ives John Ives and Richard Mitchell of the first part do agree to take in Israel Buckley of the Second part an equal Partnor with us to share the equal fifth part of all the Lands that we the party of the first are intiteld to by virtue of the Setelment wrights of Jesey Locey Stephen Locey Joseph Kelsey and Henry Stretor an in prosesion [sic] of on Crooked Creek and further the sd Isrell Buckley of the Second part is to have his equal part of all expences that shall or may arise in Securing a title of the above described Lands and the parteys which is to say both parteys do consider themselves as tenonts in comon and the party of the first of this artical are to mak to Isrell Buckley a dead of the Equal fifth part of the one half of the above mentond Lands in virtue whereof we have hereunto set oure hands and seals in presants of

Eddy Howland
Julius Seelye

Timothy Ives (Seal)
Titus Ives (Seal)
John Ives (Seal)
Richard Mitchell (Seal)
Israel Buckley (Seal)

Tioga County Ss (Seal) Be it rembered that on the first day of July AD one thousand eight hundred and twenty six before the subscriber one of the Justice of the peace in and for said County personally appeard Eddy Howland one of the subscribing witnesses who after being duly affirmed according to Law saith that the within written agreement was executed in his presence and witnessed by himself & Julius Seelye Witness my hand and Seal the day and year aforesaid Archd Knox JP witness dont recollect of Richard Mitchell being present at the time the others signed said agreement A Knox JP

Submitted to Tri-Counties Site by Jane Webb - November 2001