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Will & Probate of Sylvester Knapp 1872
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This is a transcription of the "Will & Probate File of Sylvester Knapp of Tioga, Tioga County, NY by Sandra Castle
The People of the State of New York

To Amelia Phelps and Esther A. Forrest severally residing at Manitowoc, State of Wisconsin. William Kress, James Kress and Harry Kress severally residing at Wellsboro, Tioga County, State of Pennsylvania, Sarah Chubbuck and Caroline Colburn severally residing at Cazanovia, Muskegon County, State of Michigan. Antoinette Guernsey, residing at he the city of Elmira Chuming County, State of New Your. Sylvester Knapp Jr. residing at Smithboro, Tiogo County, State of New Youk and Charlotte Smith whose place of residence is unknown

The________heirs and next of kin of Sylvester Knapp-----late o the town of Tioga in the county of Tioga in the State of New Your deceased, Send Greeting

WHEREAS, L. Burr Pearsall-----------of the town of Nichols in the county of Tioga has lately applied to the County Judge of the County of Tioga, to have a certain instrument in writing, bearing date the 25th day of April A.D. 1872 relating_____________to both Real and Personal Estate, duly proved as the Last Will and Testament of ___________Sylvester Knapp late of the town of Tioga in said County of Tioga, deceased.

THEREFORE, You and each of you are cited and required personally to be and appear before our said County Judge, at his office in the village of Owego on the 10th day of March 1873, at Ten o’clock in the fore noon of that day, then and there to attend to the Probate of said Last Will and Testament.

( ) In Testimony Whereof, We have caused the seal of the

( SEAL ) Surrogate Court of said County to be hereunto affixed.

( ) Witness, Charles A.. Clark County Judge of said County, at

Owego in said County, this 15th day of January A.D. 1873.

Charles A. Clark, Surrogate of Tioga County, N.Y.

Transcribed Sandra Castle 12-25-2001

Date of Probate Mar 10, 1873. BK E p. 343

Issue of testamentary. Bk A, p. 353

Inventory Filed May 9, 1873

To the Surrogate of the County of Tioga:
 The Petition of S Burr Pearsall, one of the Executors benefactors named in the own of Nicholl in the county of Tioga respectfully showeth:
 That Sylvester Knapp late of the Town of Tioga in the said County of Tioga….deceased, died in the said Town of Tioga on or about the 25 day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy two being at that time an inhabitant of the County of Tioga., that he died leaving a Last Will and Testament, which is now produced in the Surrogate, which bears date the 25th day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy two and by which said Last Will and Testament the said decreased nominated and appointed L. Burr Pearsall and Ada A. Knapp executed thereof; that the said deceased died possessed of Real and personal estate in the said County of Tioga, the aggregate value of which will not exceed the sum of $5000 and that the following named persons are all the heirs at law and next of kin of the said deceased, and their respective ages and places of residence are as follows, viz:  Mrs Amelia Phelps, daughter of deceased, & Esther A. Forrest a grandchild of Deceased, residing in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, William Kress, James Kress & Harry Kress, grandchildren of deceased residing in Wellsboro,  Tioga Co., Pa. The mother of said grandchildren being Eliza Knapp daughter of said testator and her being now deceased.  Mrs. Sarah Chubback & Caroline Colburn daughter of deceased  residing at Casnovia, Muskegon County, Michigan , and Antoinette Gurnsey Daughter of deceased residing in Elmira, NY.  Sylvester Knapp  son of deceased residing at  Smithboro, Tioga Co., NY
 Mrs. Charlotte Smith a Daughter of deceased whose residence is unknown, supposed to be in some of the Western State.
 The deceased left no widow and that all of said ?? of Him & heirs at law are of full age, except James and Harry Kress who your petitioner believes to be minors.

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