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1905 Deed - Shirner & Canfield of Wells
Transcribed by Lorie Canfield Ellsion
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 This is a deed from Francis L. Shirner and Emma E. Canfield to William M. Shirner. I do not have the deed book number. Page numbers are 236-240.

Francis L. Shirner, et ux

Emma E. Canfield


William M. Shirner

This indentured made the 20th day of December in the year one thousand nine hundred and five.

Between Francis L. Shirner and Grace M. his wife of Wells Township Bradford County, PA and Emma E. Canfield of Elmira, New York all surviving heirs of Sarah Shirner deceased, late of Wells Township, Bradford County, PA all being parties of the first part and William M. Shirner of Wells Township, Bradford County, state of Pennsylvania of the second part.

Witnesseth that the said parities of the first part in consideration of the sum of Four Hundred Dollars and other lands this day conveyed to Emma Canfield ($400) lawful money of the United States, paid by the parties of the second part doth hereby remise release and forever quit-claim unto the said party of the second part his heirs and assigns forever all that tract or parcel in

Township of Wells

County of Bradford and state of Pennsylvania bounded and described as follows:

Beginning at a post in front Alexander Johnson’s house thence North 86 degrees West 32 perches to a post and stone in Henry Johnson’s line, thence nearly East 80 perches to a stake and stones, thence North 83 perches to a stake and stone thence North 67 degrees West 52 perches to place of beginning, calculated to contain 34 acres and 72 perches be same more or less.

Being same land conveyed by Harriet Johnson to Sarah Shirner by deed recorded in Book no. 101 page 399. Reserving there from the following described piece of parcel of land:org. Beginning at the Southeast at the lands conveyed to Sarah Shirner by William G. Grubham thence North 8 ½ degrees East 15 ¼ ch to highway thence along the highway South 59 ¾ East 1 3/ ch thence South 6 ¼ degrees East 44 ch thence 29 degrees East 4 ch thence South 12 ¾ West 7 ¼ ch thence North 85 ¾ degrees West 4 5/8 ch to place of beginning supposed to contain 5 acres and 9.94 ch be same more or less.

The same having this day been deed to Emma E. Canfield by William and Francis L. Shirner.

Also the following tract in

Wells Township

Bounded and described as follows org: Beginning at Northwest corner of lot number 2 described on a map made by H.P. Benton for F.A. Webb thence South 88 degrees East 10 ch 72 L thence South 5 degrees West 223 ch 33 L thence North 87 degrees West 10 ch 72 L thence North 5 degrees east 23 ch 32 L to place of beginning containing 25 acres more or less. It being same tract deed Olive Johnson to Sarah Shirner recorded in Book 101 page 397.

Together with appurtenances and the estate and rights of the said parties of the first part in and to said premises.

To have and to hold the above granted bargained and described premises unto the said part of the second part his heirs and assigns forever.

In witness whereof the said parties of the first part have here unto sit their hands and seals the day and year first above written.

In presence of Francis L. Shirner (L.S.)

Grace M. Shirner (L.S.)

Emma E. Canfield

State of Pennsylvania

County of Bradford

On this twenith day of December in the year one thousand nine hundred and five before me the subscriber personally appeared Francis L. Shirner, Grace M. Shirner his wife and Emma E, Canfield to me personally known to be the same person described in and who executed the forgone instrument and they acknowledged to me that they executed the same.

Witness my hand and official seal

Asa Wilcox

Justice of the Peace

Official seal My commission expires the first

Monday of May 1906

Recorded January 12, 1906

Chas. P. Dewey-Recorder

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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