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The Betsey BROWN "Berry" "Backus" Estate

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Subj: Betsey BROWN "Berry" "Backus" Estate

Date: 05/11/2000 9:16:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: KRCH2

To: JoyceTice

Betsey BROWN "Backus", was married twice, first to Joseph BERRY and second to John BACKUS. She is the daughter of David BROWN and Catherine AVERY. She never had any children and died without a will, so her estate was divided among her living nieces and nephews and one living sister. During the administration of her estate, two nephews and a niece died. Their share of the estate went to their sons and daughters. Too see the a list of individuals entitled to a share, scroll down to section which says HANDWRITTEN LIST OF HEIRS AND RESIDENCES. For the final list of individuals scroll down to Schedule D of the Final Settlement at the end.

Document retrieval: By Ken Chapman.

Transcribed: By Sharon Jones.



To the County Judge of the County of Tompkins:

The petition of David H Brown a Nephew of Betsey Backus deceased

Respectfully Represents, That the said Betsey Backus deceased, died a natural death on or about the _____ day of October in the year 1867 in the town of Groton in the County of Tompkins, without having left a last will and testament, as far as your petitioner has been able to discover, or has heard, knows, or believes. That at, or immediately previous to her death, the said deceased was an inhabitant of the County of Tompkins; by means of which your petitioner has been informed and believes the County Judge of said county of Tompknis, has sole and exclusive power to grant letters of administration of the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased.

That the said deceased has left Annah Guyld a sister and Mrs Orin Sanders a niece of West Halifax, Windham County, Vermont; Noble Kennedy, Avery Kennedy & Mordica Kennedy nephews of Stony Fork, Tioga County, Pennsylvania; Comfort Kennedy a niece of Sylvania, Bradford County, Penn.; Chester Kennedy, Hosea Kennedy nephews of Troy, Pennsylvania, Samuel Kennedy a nephew of Roseville, Tioga Co, Penn; Sally Gore a niece of Sheshequin, Bradford County, Penn; Margery Guyld a niece of Leona, Bradford County, Penn; Antis Fanning a niece of the same place. Anis Ritch a niece and LeabyWolf niece of Columbia X Roads, Bradford County, Penn; Demas Parkhurst a nephew of the same place; David Brown a nephew of Cuyuga, New York, Cynthia Faucett a niece of Wellsville, Allegany County, New York; Reuben Brown a nephew of Addison, Steuben County, New York; Elihu Brown a nephew of Woodhull, Steuben County, New York; Frank Brown a nephew of Springfield, Bradford County, Penn., Obadiah Williams and Chester Williams nephews of Alba, Bradford County, Penn.; Angeline Curtis a niece of of Capact, St Clair County, Michigan; Philander Williams & Edwin Williams nephews of Springville, Linn County, Iowa; Richerson Williams a nephew Star township, Hocking County, Ohio; Charles Williams and Joseph Williams nephews of Wellsboro, Penn. Ralph Brown a nephew of Baraboo County, Wisconsin; Abigail Sherman a niece of Columbia X Roads, Bradford County, Penn; Emeline Morton, Susan Morton, Lydia E Williams, Betsey M Bills, nieces of Groton, New York; Ruel Brown a nephew of Athens, Calhoun County, Michigan, Asa Brown a nephew residence not known; Margaret Ormsby a niece of Vinto, Bento County, Iowa; David H Brown a nephew your petitieoner of Groton, New York, Sally Kennedy a deceased sister of intestate left several children whose names & residence your petitioner has been unable to ascertain - her surviving, being all the kindred and heirs, or legal representatives, of the said deceased, who are entitled to interest in her estate, with their places of residence, as far as can be ascertained by your petitioner. That all the goods, chattlels, credits, personal estate and effects, of which said deceased died possessed, owned, or was entitled to, do not exceed in value the sum of one thousand dollars.

That your petitioner is desirous that administration should be duly granted upon the estate of the said deceased.

Your petitioner therefore prays that letter of administration of the goods, chattels and credits, of the said deceased may be granted to him the petitioner.

And your petitioner will ever pray, &c.

Dated this 27th day of April 1868

D. H. Brown

Tompkins County, ss: David H Brown

the above petitioner being duly sworn says that the matters set forth in the preceeding petition are true to the best of his knowledge, information and belief.

Sworn this 27th day of April 1868 before me D H Brown

Sidney Hopkins, Justice of the Peace

State of New York, County of Tompkins, ss:

I, David H Brown do swear and declare that I well, honestly and faithfully discharge the duty of administer of the estate of Betsey Backus deceased, according to law.

Subscribed and sworn this 27th day of

April A. D. 1868 before me D H Brown

Sidney Hopkins Justice of the Peace


In the matter of the Administration of the goods, chattels and credits of Betsey Backus Deceased.

The People of the State of New York - To David H Brown

Whereas, Betsey Backus late of the town of Groton in the County of Tompkins in the State of New York, deceased, as is alleged, died intestate; having, while living, and at the time of his death, goods, chattels and credits, within this State, and you being entitled thereto; and having first taken and subscribed an oath faithfully and honestly to discharge the duties of such Administrator according to law; and having with your sureties, executed a Bond to us, for the faithful performance of those duties; which oath and Bond are duly filed in the Surrogate's Office of our said County of Tompkins we do by these presents, Depute, Constitute and appoint you Administrator of all and singular the goods, chattels and credits, which were of the said Betsey Backus deceased; and do hereby grant unto you, the said David H Brown full power, by these presents, to fully Administer upon his Personal Estate, and to do and perform all duties and acts relating thereto, which by the laws of this State are required of Administrators appointed by the Surrogate, and the performance of which in the administration of the goods, chattels and credits aforesaid, may be necessary for the due, faithful, and proper administration thereof.

In Testimony Whereof, We have caused the seal of our said Surrogate to be hereunto affixed.

Witness M Van Valkenburgh County Judge of the said County, at Ithaca this First day of July 1868.

M. Van. Valkenburgh County Judge


1 Children of Thomas Canedy

Thomas Canedy Hartwellville Vermont

Milo " " "

Joseph " Northfield Minn

Jane Woodard Roaring Creek Wisconsin

Philura Hasen Deerfield Wisconsin

Adin Canedy Friendsville Ill

Catherin Duncan Granby Mass

Polly Sanders (crossed out, probably deceased before Betsey Backus and not entitled to share of the estate)

Ransford Canedy North Adams Mass

Betsey Shearer Friendsville, Ill 10

2 Caterine Canedy (crossed out, same as above)

Avery Kennedy Stony Fork Tioga Co Pa

Noble " " " "

Mordica " " " "

Mrs Elanson Smith State Road " " (crossed out, same as above)

Chester Kennedy Troy Pa

Mrs George Wolf Columbia X Roads Pa

Mrs Ritch " "

Samuel Kennedy Roseville Bradford Co Pa (This is an error in the original - Roseville in in Rutland Township, Tioga County - JMT)

Comfort " Sylvania " "

Hosea " Leona " "

Mrs Margerie Guild Leona Brad. Co Pa

Mrs David Fanning " " "

Mrs Polly Gore Sheshequin " " 12

3 Avery Brown

Ralph Brown

Mrs Seth Sherman Columbia X Roads Pa

4 Adin Brown

Demas Parkhurst Springfield Brad Co Pa

Frank Brown " " "

David " Cayuga Bridge Ny

Cynthia Faucet Wellsville Ny

Reuben Brown Woodhull "

Ellihu " Adison " 6

5 Polly Williams

Obediah Williams Alba Brad Co Pa

Chester " " " "

Joseph " Wellsboro Tioga Co "

Charles " Oil City "

Philander " Springville Linn Co Iow

Edwin " " " "

Richardson " Starr township Hocking Co O

Angeline Curtis Cofact St Clair Co Mich 8

6 David Browns children

Asa Brown unknown

Ruel " Athens Calhoun Co, Mich

Joseph " Groton Ny

David H Brown " "

Emeline Morton " "

Susan " " "

Lydia E Williams " "

Margaret Ormsby Vinton Binton Co Iowa

Betsey M Bills Groton Ny

7 Annah Guild West Halifax Ver


Tompkins County, Surrogate's Court

In the matter of the accounting of David H Brown Administrator of Betsey Backus


I David H Brown of the town of Groton in Tompkins County, do render the following account of my proceedings as the administrator of the estate of Betsey Backus deceased, for final settlement.

On the 1st day of July in the year 1868 Letters of administration of the said Betsey Backus late of the town of Groton deceased, were issued to him.

On the 21st day of Oct A. D. 1868 I caused an inventory of the personal estate of the deceased to be filed in this office, which personal estate therein set forth amounts by appraisment by the appraisers duly appointed, to $993.05.

SCHEDULE A., hereto annexed, contains a statement of all the property contained in said inventory, sold by me at public sale, with the prices and manner of sale; which sales were fairly made by me at the best prices that could then be had, with due diligence, as I then believed. It also contains a statement of all the debts due the said estate and mentioned in said inventory, which have been collected, and also of all interest for moneys received by me for which I am legally accountable.

SCHEDULE B., hereto annexed, contains a statement of all debts of the Estate paid by me.

SCHEDULE C., hereto annexed, contains a statement of all moneys paid by me for funeral and other necessary expenses for said estate, together with the reasons and objects of such expenditure.

On or about the 19th day of Jany in the year 1870 caused a notice for claimants to present their claims against said estate to me within the period fixed by law, and at a certain place therein specified, to be published in a newspaper, according to law, for six months, pursuant to an order of the Surrogate of Tompkins County, to which order, notice and due proof of publication, herewith filed, I refers as part of this account.

SCHEDULE D., hereto annexed, contains the names of all persons entitled, as widow, legatee or next of kin of the deceased, to a share of the estate, with their places of residence, degree of relationship, to the best of his knowledge, information and belief.

SCHEDULE G., hereto annexed, contains a statement of all other facts affecting adminstration of said estate, rights and those of others interested therein.


Amount of Inventory .....................................................$

" of increase as shown by exhibit A .............................


Amount of loss on sales as per shcedule B ................$

" debts not collected as per Do .....................................

" schedule C ..................................................................

" schedule D ..................................................................

" schedule E ..................................................................

Leaving a balance of ....................................................$

to be distributed to those entitled thereto.

The said schedules, which are severally signed by ________ are part of this account

Tompkins County, Surrogate's Court

In the matter of the accounting of Betsey Backus

TOMPKINS COUNTY, ss: Davis H Brown of the town of Groton in Tompkins County, being duly sworn, he say that the charges made in the foregoing account of proceedings and schedules annexed, for moneys paid by me to creditors, legatees and next of kin, and for necessary expenses, are correct, that I have been charged therein all the interest for moneys received by me and embraced in said account for which I am legally accountable; that the moneys stated in said account as collected were all that was collectable, according to the best of my knowledge, information and belief, on the debts stated in such account, at the time of this settlement thereof; that the allowances in said account for the decrease in the value of any assets, and the charges therein for the incease in such value, are correctly made; and that I do not know of any error in said account, or any thing omitted therefrom, which may in anywise prejudice the rights of any party interested in said estate. And deponent further say that the sums under twenty dollars charged in the said account for which no vouchers or other evidences of payment are produced or for which may not be able to produce vouchers or other evidences of payment, have actually been paid and disbursed by as charged.

David H Brown

Sworn this 19th day of Jany 1871 before me,

M. Van Valkenburgh


Schedule A

Moneys received

1 Bureau 9.00

Sheets 9.01 pillow cases $3.70 table cloths 2.00 14.71

Stand 1.00 old dresses .55 spread .45 old cloak .50 2.50

Bowl .08 shawl .88 wash bowl .36 1.32

Silk shawl 1.00 bed cord .30 1.30

Thr shawll .80 spectacles .26 mirror 1.38 2.44

Bed .30 chest & drawer 1.00 kettle 1.30 2.60

Table 5.00 2 bed steads .75 do 1.00 6.75

Trunk 3.75 box 1.00 bushel of rags .25 5.00

Chairs 3.00 Feth bed 12.80 dig .69 16.49

Bed quilts comforables & c 15.58 15.58

Set old dishes 1.65 Teaspoons 4.00 5.65

Umbrella 1.06 chest & contents .50 1.56

Set knives & forks .50 chest & contents 1.40 1.90

Dresses 4.00 woolen sheets 2.56 6.56

Parasol .65 sacet .50 carpet 6.35 7.50

Stove & pipe 1.00 2 spinng wheels 1.55 2.55

Cash 44.90

Morton note 355.42

Note against Buell Berry 136.27

Beardsley note 342.00



Interest to be added 60.00



Schdule B

Debts of the Estate paid

Paid Bewel Berry's account 212.91

" Dr John Goodyear 24.32

" William Morton a/e 9.16

" Charles Williams 26.75

" for Examiner & c 4.25



Schedule C

Funeral expanses and expenses of settling the estate

Dec 7, 1868 Expenses to Ithaca 2.50

" going to Ithaca to take administration 3.00

" Expenses of Letters " 7.50

" Justice fees .75

" dig grave 2.00

" making sh 2.00

" Grave stones 38.00

" for counsel 5.00

" Funeral 42.80

" For auction 5.00

Jany 1st 1870 " To Ithaca at Hotel .50

" for postage 1.00

" Sidney Hopkins .50

" 19 " " To Ithaca living & c 4.40

" For advertising for claims 6.50

May 9 " " To Ithaca 4.25

Nov 21 " " " 4.75

Jany 19 1871 " " 3.90

Postage on citations 2.46

The Argus printing notice & c 10.32

The Groton Journal " " 4.50

" Postage 1.00

Expenses of account 20.00






Schedule D

Contains the names of those entitled to share in the surplus

(These are the children of brother David Brown)

David H Brown nephew Groton New York 9.24

Joseph Brown nephew " " "

Susan Morton niece " " "

Lydia E Williams niece " " "

Betsey A Bills niece " " "

Children of Emeline Morton who was a niece

David B Morton " " 1.54

Miles " " " "

Harry " " " "

George " " " "

Porter " " " "

Horace Morton son of Emeline Morton deceased also died since the death of the intestate leaving two children to wit:

Alice Morton " " .77

Adin " " " .77

Margaret Ormsby niece Vinton Benton Co Iowa 9.24

Reuel Brown nephew Athens Calhoun Co Mich 9.24

(These are the children of sister Sally Kennedy)

Tho Kennedy nephew Hartwellville VT 8.21

Milo " " " " "

Joseph " " Northfield Minn "

Jane Woodard niece Roaring Creek Wis "

Philura Hazen niece Deerfield Wis 8.21

Adin Kennedy nephew Friendsvill Ill 8.21

Catharin Dunham niece Granby Mass 8.21

Ransford Kennedy nephew North Adams 8.21

Betsey Shearer niece Friendsvill Ill 8.21

(These are the children of sister Catharin Kennedy)

Avery Kennedy a nephew has died since the death of intestate leaving 13 children

Philura Phillips .31 Delmar Tioga PA

Mary Plumley .31 " "

Avery Kennedy .31 " "

Alvah " .31 " "

Samuel " .31 " "

Stephen F " .31 " "

Olive Francis .31 " "

Russell Kennedy .31 " "

William " .31 " "

Lydia Francis .31 " "

Hosea Kennedy .31 " "

Letitia " .31 " "

Jane " .31 " "

Axey " his widow 2.04 " "

Noble Kennedy a nephew of the intestate died after the said Betsey Backus leaving 7 children vis:

Alexander Kennedy .58 Delmar Tioga Co, PA

Elias " .58 " " "

George " .58 " " "

Thomas M " .58 " " "

Lutitia Boyce .58 Springfield PA

Dimis Ashley .58 Delmar "

Margaret Jane Wilson .58 " "

Betsey Kennedy his widow 2.04 " "

Mordicai Kennedy nephew 6.14 Stony Fork PA

Chester " " 6.14 Troy PA

Mrs George Wolfe niece 6.14 Columbia Cross Roads PA

Annis Ritch niece 6.14 " " "

Samuel Kennedy nephew 6.14 Roseville "

Comfort " " 6.14 Sylvania PA

Hosea " " 6.14 Springfield PA

Margery Guild niece 6.14 " "

Antis Fanning a niece died since the death of the intestate leaving her survivors, her husband and the following named children

David Fanning husband 2.04 Springfield PA

Malvina Smith .82 " "

Amanda Leonard .82 " "

Ira Fanning .82 " "

Melvin " .82 " "

" .82 " "

Sally Gore niece 6.14

(These are the children of brother Avery Brown)

Ralph Brown nephew 36.95 Baraboo Sauck Co Wis

Catherine Sherman niece 36.95 Columbia Cross Roads PA

(These are the children of brother Adin Brown)

Demmis Parkhurst niece 12.31 Springfield PA

Frank Brown nephew 12.31 " "

David Brown nephew 12.31 Cayuga NY

Cynthia Faucett niece 12.31 Wellsville "

Reuben Brown nephew 12.31 Woodhull "

Ellihu " " 12.31 Addison "

(These are the children of sister Polly Williams)

Obediah Williams nephew 9.24 Alba PA

Chester " " 9.24 " "

Joseph " " 9.24 Wellsborugh "

Charles " " 9.24 Oil City PA

Philander " " 9.24 Springville Iowa

Edwin " " 9.24 " "

Richardson " " 9.24 Starr township Ohio

Angeline Curtis niece 9.24 Copact Mich

Anna Guild a sister West Halifax 73.91 Vt

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