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Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008 
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I am just putting this little note from Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd here so I don't lose it. I had asked for info on the Bingham Estate lands and need to do more research but have not gotten to it. Anyway, if I leave this out here, I won't lose it and maybe it will inspire someone else to do a little research for me. Joyce M. Tice

Subj: Bingham lands

Date: 97-06-22 10:27:44 EDT

From: (Donna M White){Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd}


Dear Joyce, a couple items for you. Newspapers on file at Green Free Library Wellsboro. The Tioga Eagle dated Mar 27th 1839... Settlers meeting on Bingham Lands The tioga Eagle dated aug 26,1840/...To settlers of wild land (Richmond and charleston twps) to any settler who will go on the land and make a settlement and clear the land in the course of four years... 30 acres and make a road to it,, a deed of 50 acres each or $1.50 per acre and will sell in lots of 100 acres to other persons at $3.00. Apply to Thomas Stowell, Manchester Mills, Shippen Twp Tioga co Pa., by William Dodge.

Note:- Manchester Mills was Gaines area.

The tioga Eagle dated Jan 20,1853 Notice... Grain will be received from settlers on lands belonging to the estate of William Bingham deceased in payments of their contracts delivered at Wellsborough after 1st Dec at the following rates...

Wheat $1.00 per bushel

oates .37 1/2 per bushel

Corn .62 1/2 per bushel

buckwheat .45 per bushel dated Nov 5th 1852 W.B. Clymer....

The Wellsboro Advertiser dated Feb 4th 1853 A sketch of the history of the late William Bingham and his title to the lands, commonly called the Bingham Estate (a long article.

Joyce, George Williams, Atty. has the building known as the Bingham office... and lots of information on the Bingham Lands... an other source is the deed books shows in chronological order the selling of the lands of the Bingham Estate.

Advertisements were placed in Williamsport, Harrisburg and Philadelphia papers and I imagine the Baltimore papers since so many settlers from Maryland... Please let me know if you receive this. Love Rhoda.