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The John & Simon Dalton Deed

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Subj:  Re: Re- Cranmer Family posting
Date: 9/19/99 8:45:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Rod Dalton)

Good morning Joyce

Here is a little bit of information about my Dalton's in Wysox.

Rod Dalton, Ogden Utah

From the History of the Dalton Family in Wysox, Bradford Co Pennsylvania,
By Rodney Dalton

The two Dalton's in the Deed below are the sons of John Dalton Sr. who settled in Bradford County after moving there from Luzerne County.

"Sometime around 1807 John Dalton was given a War grant of land in Wysox Township in upper Luzerne Co. Pa., later changed to Bradford Co. in 1812.
John and his growing family settled on a stream named The Little Wysox, above the Schultz place. He called his farm, "Dalton Hollow". The Little
Wysox creek drains into the Susquehauna River. The name Wysox is from the Indian word "Wysauking". The town was first called New Baltimore, then named
Strong and Hogaboon's before finally being named Wysox. The township of Wysox had and area of not more than fifteen square miles. The Wysox creek
flows through the town, receiving the principal affluent at Myersburg, which is the outlet of the lake on Pond Hill. Farther to the north is the Little
Wysox Creek"

Deed Book No. 15- Pages 476 & 477.


"This indenture made the 7th, day of October A.D. 1835 Between John Dolton Jr. & Simon C. Dolton of the Township of Wysox, County of Bradford and the
State of Pennsylvania of the one part and Zenas Thomas of the Borough of Towanda and State aforesaid of the other part. Whereas that the said John
Dolton Jr. & Simon C. Dolton for and in the consideration of the sum of four hundred and sixty dollars to them in hand paid, the receipt whereof is
hereby acknowledged, haft granted, bargained and sold, aliened and confirmed and by their present, do grant, bargain and sell, alien and confirm unto the
said Zenas Thomas, his heirs and assigns forever all that piece of parcel of land lying and situated in the Township of Wysox, being a purchased from
Stephen Furgasan who purchased thru Joesph Atwood from Shephard & Dorrance , formerly in Claverack Township bounded as follows. Beginning at Hickory
sapling, adjoining lands of Samuel Coolbaugh & running as a division line between him said Samuel and the said John & Simon Dolton in the division of
two and a half lots in Shephard & Dorrance running North 59-3/4 degrees East two hundred and forty one rods to Chestnut sapling, hence North 31 degrees
West eighty rods to a Pitch Pine corner, hence South 59-3/4 degrees West two hundred and forty one rods to the corner, half division of lot no.142 hence
south 31 degrees East eighty  rods to the  place of beginning, being one forth of lot no.142, one half of lot no. 143 & one half of lot no. 144
running one hundred seventy three rods near and on the water of the Little Wysox Creek, saving and excepting the undisclosed third part of said lot
which is left by the said John & Simon Dolton for the widow of Henry Dolton, deceased, for the use of their children to be taken off the North West side
of said lot adjoining Harry Morgan and John Atwood and along their line except the saw mill & privileges of the flowing of waters & mill yard which
is loosely conveyed to the said Zenas Thomas being our separate right. The one half only owned with Harry Morgan- The two thirds wherefore of said lot
adjoining Samuel Coolbaugh's line together with the one half of the saw mill as before mentioned is hereby granted by the said John & Simon C. Dolton to
the said Zenas Thomas and his heirs assigns for all the described track of land on the two thirds for such rights as belongs to Shephard & Dorrance and
the said Zenas Thomas to discharge the lien of the Commonwealth except the dollars which we have paid to Samuel Coolbaugh towards the patenting fee
which said Thomas is entitled to count to his use & to and for the only use on behalf of the said Zenas Thomas, and his heirs assigns forever and the
said John Dolton Jr. & Simon C. Dolton with warrant by these presents by order we have herewith sit our hand and seals this day before the presence
of Harry Morgan, JP."

John Dolton Jr.    (seal)

Simon C. Dolton  (seal)

Personally came before me, one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said County - John Dolton Jr. & Simon C. Dolton and acknowledged the above and
foregoing tabulation to be their free act & deed and desire the same be recorded as such- witness my hand & seal this 7th, October 1835.
Harry Morgan JP   (seal)
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