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Sept. 1834

Garner Carpenter’s Estate Admons Sale 

 William Keeler and Joseph C. Powell Administrators of all of the Estate of Garner Carpenter deceased was read stating that said intestate died in the month of Feb 1834. Seized of a certain tract of Land being Lots Nos 28. 29. 30 + 44 situated formerly in Claverach one of the Seventeen Townships in the county of Luzerne, now Towanda township Bradford County being a tract conveyed by Patent deed from the Commonwealth to the intestate bearing the date the ninth day of April 1832 and bounded as follows: Beginning at a post from by lot No 15. North fifty nine degrees East two hundred and thirty two degrees from (fences?) to a post North thirty one degrees West fifty six perches (?) to a white oak. Thence by lot Nos, 13, 8 & 14. North fifty nine degrees east one hundred and two perches (probably paces) to a birch. Thence down the Susquehanna river south sixty seven and a half degrees east one hundred and sixty five perches and five tenths to a post. Thence by Lot No. 18 South fifty-nine degrees west one hundred thirty-nine perches and seven tenths to a white pine South thirty-one degrees East sixty-five perches to a post. Then by lots Nos. 22, 23 & 24. North thirty-one degrees west one hundred forty one perches to the place of Beginning-out of which tract of land Elisha Carpenter and Abial Foster are entitled to what they have respectively clamed and held the use & occupation of and what has included in the patent by an agreement with the said Elisha & Abial and the intestate to save expense and which the said intestate was to deed to the said Elisha & Foster agreably to their respective claims prior to the date of the patent. Elisha’s land contained about 44 acres and an Island commonly called Horton Island lying in the Susquenna River Just above the mouth of Sugar Creek and adjoining land on the east side of the river by John Lyons & Abel Newell and on the personal estate of said intestate is insufficient for the payment order that the said real estate may be sold on so much (though?) as may be necessary for the payment of the debts of the said intestate belonging to the said Elisha Carpenter & A. Foster. Wherefore the court upon due proof and consideration had in the premises do order that the said Administration proceed to sell the premises (aforeaise ?) with the exceptions (aforeaise?) that given according to law - - and that they make report of their proceedings herein to the next stated orphans court after such sale- Bond (Felice?) Advertise for sale on Monday 8 Dec 1834 at Courthouse in Towanda at 3 o’clock P.M. And now to wit Dec 12 1834 the said Administrators report that after due and legal notice given in pursuance of the above order, the exposed the above named real estate to sale for public (two words) and said premises were sold as follows:

A piece of parcel of land formerly (owned and ?) by Ozias Bingham and being part of Nos. 28 & 29 and 30 and containing 88 acres and 140 perches to Thomas Elliott for the sum of two hundred and (?) dollars. He being the highest and best bidder. Also one other tract of land situated adjoining the aforementioned tract sold to Thomas Elliott and being part of lots 27, 28, 29 and 30 containing 44 acres 70 perches and being formerly owned and occupied by said Carpenter and sold to Zenas Thomas for the sum for three hundred and thirty five dollars. He being the highest and best bidder and the best price bidder for the same. The one other tract or Lot of unimproved land situated adjoining 75 acres more or less sold to Zenas Thomas for the sum of one hundred and seventy one dollars. He being the highest and best bidder.

Also are Island in the Susquehanna River containing 56 acres of 128 perches formerly known as the Horton Island being the first Island above the mouth of Sugar Creek and sold to David Horton for the sum of six hundred and sixty seven dollars. He being the highest and best bidder. Wherefore the court upon (two words) in consideration have in the premises do order the said report to be confirmed and that the sales of the said real estate as aforesaid made be and remain firm and stable forever. 

I had to guess at some words, especially Peaches. I wanted to make it Paces, but it looked more like peaches, so peaches it is. Maybe he grew peaches, I surely do not know! I also was confused as to why this was issued. Did he die without a will? What is the reference to Orphan's Court? I have been told by the clerk of courts this is all there is. Thanks for your interest. Rebecca Thomas Seehusen, ggggrandaughter of Maria Carpenter & Zenas Thomas and gggggrandaughter of Garner Carpenter (Maria Carpenter, daughter of Garner, married Zenas.)
I just went to the Wills section and saw the Garner Carpenter Estate 1834. I am sure that it has been pointed out that a Perch is a rod or pole in measurement and is 5 1/2 yards. I ran into that when looking into our land transfers. Fay TILLER Morgan

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