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The  Jeptha Prouty Probate

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Died at his home in South Wayne (Collins) Wisconsin, January 31st, 1891 of heart disease, Jeptha Prouty, aged 78 years two months and 15 days. The deceased was born in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, November 16th, 1812, and came to Stephenson county, locating near Christian Hollow. He was the father of 14 children all of whom, except two who died since maturity, with the aged widow are left to mourn. The remains were laid at rest in the Rockwell cemetery, two and one half miles south of South Wayne, Rev. Koch officiating. Mr and Mrs J. I. Neff of Freeport, and Daniel Prouty, of Pennsylvania, were present.

State of Wisconsin

In Probate,

Lafayette County Court,

In the matter of the estate of Jeptha Prouty, deceased


Lafayette county, ss. P.H. Conley being duly sworn on oath deposes and says: I was attorney for Jeptha Prouty, deceased, in his lifetime. I began settling his estate, as attorney soon after January 31st, 1891. On the death of L. D. Prouty, the administrator, I closed up his accounts, and became attorney for James Hoskin, the administrator de bonis non of said estate, and am still acting in that capacity.

During my employment as above, I have met or had direct correspondence with all the heirs of Jeptha Prouty except the Neff family, and have now in my possession letters and documents from all the heirs or their representatives except the said Neff family.

That Jeptha Prouty died January 31st, 1891, in Lafayette County, Wisconsin. His heirs at the time of his death were Silvia J. Prouty, his widow; Julia A. Boyce, a daughter; J. N. Prouty, a son; Chester W. Prouty, a son; T. J. Prouty, a son; Erreta D. Neff, a daughter; Elijah Prouty, a son; Lydia J. Pierce, a daughter; John R. Prouty, a son; Nelson Y. Prouty, a son; and L.D. Prouty, a son, all of full age, and under no disability; also the children of Hiram W. Prouty, a son, who predeceased said Jeptha Prouty, leaving seven Children, viz. Jeptha E., John L., and Lewis, over the age of twenty-one years, and Mary, Hiram, Sylvia J., and Chester, minors.

That said Hiram W. Prouty was the only Child of Jeptha Prouty, deceased, who predeceased him.

That since the death of said Jeptha Prouty, on January 31st, 1891, his son L. D. Prouty died February 17th, 1892; Erretta D. Neff, a daughter, died March 28th, 1891; Nelson Y. Prouty, a son, died June 21st, 1893.

That the names and residences of the heirs of Jeptha Prouty, deceased, at the present time are as follows: Silvia J. Prouty, the widow, at Grover, Pennsylvania; James N. Prouty, Humboldt, Iowa; Julia A. Boyce, Grover, Pennsylvania; Thomas J. Prouty, Emmetsburg, Iowa; John R. Prouty and Elijah Prouty alias J. E. Prouty, Ritzville Washington; Lydia J. Pierce, Iowa Falls, Iowa; Chester W. Prouty, Seattle, Washington; all, the widow, sons and daughters of said deceased, and of full age and under no disability.

That the children of said son, Hiram W., who predeceased deceased, reside near, and their post office address is, Emmetsburg, Iowa, and are named and aged as follows: J. E., J. L., Lewis, and Mary E., over the age of twenty-one years. J. J. born September 6, 1875; S. J. born February 3, 1878; and Chester A. born August 17, 1880.

That Nelson Y. Prouty, who died as above, was at the time of his death unmarried, and left no issue, and did on March 21, 1893 convey all his interest in the estate of his father to J. N. Prouty, of Humboldt, Iowa, who is now the owner of said interest.

That L. D. Prouty, who died as above, left him surviving Sarah C. Prouty, his widow, and three minor children: Ada M., Arthur l., And Albert L. That on March 21, 1891 said L. D. Prouty made his will wherein and whereby he bequeathed all his property of every kind, name and nature to his wife, Sarah C., and that said will was duly admitted to probate on the 5th day of October, 1892 by the District Court of Hamilton County, Iowa, and said widow is now his sole heir. That said Sarah C. Prouty lives near, and gets her mail at Williams, Iowa. That Erretta D. Neff died as above, leaving her surviving her husband, Joseph Neff, and three children: William Neff, Virginia Cullen, and Elizabeth Walters, all of full age. That their last known address was Ruthven, Iowa. That the only minors interested in said estate are the children of said Hiram W. Prouty, Emmetsburg, Iowa, and affiant does not know whether they are under guardianship or not.

P. H. Conley

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 16th day of January, A. D. 1895.

E. F. Conley

Notary Public in and for

Lafayette Co., Wis.